#792 Strength in Weakness (2 Corinthians 10:10)


For they say his letters are weighty and strong but his bodily presence is weak and his speech of no account pre the word with David Platt is a resource from Radical Dot Second Corinthians chapter ten verse ten and what people in Corinth said about Paulie apostle their description of him for they say his letters are waiting and strong but his bodily presence is weak and his speech of no account I think of Paul like the greatest missionary to my knowledge ever lived proclaiming the Gospel writing so much the New Testament I think of right and good to realize that you are weak but Jesus is a week I feel so tim with my faith like there's so many ways where we might be prone to think I can't here's like Paul I'm talking about being a parent or a student or a single hance speak and God says I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall speak God would be I just think praise God you used a week man whose speech was of no account as one of the great where we are weak Jesus is strong that's all picture when I read this in Second Corinthians ten a strength in Moses weakness so with Moses so with Paul and so with you do you ever feel you can't be the follower of Christ that you want to be like sharing the Gospel you ever feel just I can't do it I feel so this missionaries who's ever lived and that's not the first time got his done this like you'd think about Moses Moses says God don't send me I see do this where we might be prone to think we are weak and if so I want to encourage you that's actually like you can't do or God is calling you to do I'm not even talking about like big world changing missions adventure early they didn't think he was this stout guy and his speech of no account like basically they said dude can't preach like preach pretty well but people in San Corinthians ten ten are saying his letters are waiting strong but his bodily presence is weak so uh when I when I read this verse I am so struck by what I think about Paul The apostle style guy and this incredible preacher bide he was used mightily by God why because or husband or wife just just that station God's called you to in life or do you ever feel like show your power in our weakness today in every way in Jesus name we pray Amen is strong and you don't have the wisdom to parent those teenagers or kids like anything about head ways but Jesus in you is strong and you can trust in him in every situation you find yourself in and every station you find yourself in for my wife and I just laying there in bed last night like crying out for help in parenting like we felt really weak and yet we're a pretty style dude and pretty strong and all kinds of ways like traveling and all these kinds of places and I picture him as somebody who could preach crying out because we know Jesus strong and I want you to know that today based on Second Corinthians ten ten you are weak in so many different in life in everything God has called you to do trust that when you are weak he is strong God we Moses had it all figured out and Paul all figured out but I'm reminded over and over again that's not the case you have chosen to use week men and women to show your and yet Paul was mighty with the Gospel so get the picture here Paul apparently was not a you and along with other brothers and sisters right now we're coming for you say we are weak we can't do it we can't do what you've called us to do we can't live out this Christian life you've called us to live out we can't be all the you've called us to be and yet we praise you that you've not called us to do or be strength to display your greatest glory in history of the world through week men and women so God I lay myself down before can you give strength to every person listening to this in my own life to be who you've called us to be to do all that you've called us to do and we pray that you would raise you for this truth for this reality that we see all over your word Nana can fast I'm prone to miss this I'm prone to think these things on our own we praise you for your promise to be strength and our weakness so we are confessing our weakness right now before you and we are trusting in yours drink got.

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