Closing Bell Brief for Thursday, February 21st


Get exclusive insider access to Milan style and design with WSJ magazine and into Garay make private visits to galleries top restaurants and shops lake coamo and much more book this once in a lifetime trip at Indy. Gory dot com slash WSJ magazine or call six four six seven eight zero eight three eight three I'm Charlie Turner. In the newsroom of the Wall Street Journal stocks fell Thursday, pressured by some weak economic data in the US and Europe. The Dow Jones industrials fell one hundred three points to twenty five thousand eight fifty the NASDAQ lost twenty nine the S and P fell nine sales of existing homes fell for the third straight month in January. The national association of realtors said sales dropped one point two percent surprising many who had expected a rise. Some economists believe housing could rebound in the spring due to falling home prices and mortgage rates as well. As rising. Household incomes online immature. In company Pinterest has filed confidentially for an initial public offering joining a parade of tech companies seeking to list shares this year Pinterest reportedly plans to seek evaluation of twelve billion dollars. It follows a Wall Street Journal report Wednesday that ridesharing company lift plans to listed shares on the NASDAQ a federal judge Thursday imposed abroad gag order on Roger stone saying that his inflammatory social media posts posed a very real risk of inciting violence in a combative hearing judge. Amy Berman Jackson ordered stone the longtime Republican political consultant and confidante to President Trump to avoid any further comment about his pending criminal trial. It comes after stone posted a photo on Instagram of judge Jackson with what appeared to be crosshairs next to her head for more head to wsJcom or the WSJ app.

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