Rhodium radio knows Adam. Gase Rhodium radio in the city of will mean to. Mauch doctors very little and I got little. Sop is now with us down with the Dow with us. Arabian he's down with. Sony is down with us. Banks is down. You know down with us. J. Boys Down with his paid the Dow with my boy accu down with a like the mentioned broadcom son from the road Monday drain the swamp Lake and by the way. What then you weigh you down with it. Is the muscle not welcome back everybody to rotting away episode? Forty four. We're almost at forty five. Wednesday will be at forty five. But I've ever special guest but before we get two point five we've got a complete episode before Before I introduced my next two guests are GONNA make The rhody mix tape documentary since many of you guys are on lockdown and refused to go outside cool. No PROBLEM OF WE'RE GONNA come up with a pointing coupon for the Rhodium mixed a documentary. Coming on April first. Okay so You get a discount if you guys Punching the coupon code of the documentary Three hours long once again. It's money well spent three hours of west coast hip hop history. Which I like to say that it is the Prequel district Outta Compton director by me. Filmed by John Motherfucking Elkins K. Other than that we are all a major media platforms of IHEART. Whatever and if you don't find us on all platforms let us know to make sure we put him on that but we pretty much got. Everything covered I WANNA give a shout out to Markle Rodriguez for sending me these ceramic artifacts. Okay I've had them for a while. I haven't put them on a table. He actually gave them to me because central to me because he wanted me to put him on the table and I think they're actually pretty cool. One of them is actually like a whistle. But I really don't WanNa blow it because I don't want to start no shit so anyways other than that but all of you guys. That are home. Stay home stay safe. Cool stock up on water and don't fight over toilet paper okay. L. Other than that Youtube tone invasion Documentary and without further ADO. Please allow me to introduce my very first guest west coast. Geli welcome to Rhodium radio. Thank you for having here. How you doing man you good. Yemo is man. Even when you've got to be good. Oh how about the driver Weird Shit Rainey's way in my life occurs. You can say whatever the hell you WanNa Shimon for a year. Rainey's man and I don't even like driving. Miss Daisy on. Nash is probably why I was a little bit. I used to be earlier but I'm cool. Are you arrange up a guy do or do you hate shit? I forgot the rain but not audit not like constantly like Ms Cool. When you WANNA chill inside know see I'm GonNa do. I like to be upside. I love the son of the heat. I don't like the rain. The Rain I know we needed and people always preached amid. The rain is good. The Rain Is is the Koji night. I don't give a shit I don't like you. I'll I'll I'll I like it because it'd be cool? I hot I'm sweaty month ally so I'd be sweating. Shirley sweaty light amber. I just got out the shower. You should be cut up man you gotta six pack. Tell Ya now. You've got to start working on that a little note. I ain't got no pay no. It's like a slow a gallon. You feeling me like I'm just trying to get lowered to like you know some smaller really good gotta work instead of healthy saying anything good on TV other than the negative watch. I don't watch a TV. I do but it's like sports was forced off. Fuck them she's over with TV number like all. It is just want you to right now. The united saying like thebenz. You WanNa believe me out cool like I'm just I'm lazy. I'm writing music do music. You know all this free time. You know as you mentioned sports. What kind of sports are you? A big Fan of teams Lakers cowboys. Dodgers Kings Shit. Everything except for the cow cow Alpha with the Ramsey for me no disrespect and I never did like the raiders. Will the writers my dad the thing about my family is my dad's a rams fan? My brother is a cowboys fan. My other brothers. The Cheese Fan mazarines film a cowboys fan. So all divided in Davison toxin them houses. That will work out man. So today's Sunday. How'd you we could be going so far so good or yeah I mean same thing I do and I guess like sick in your house not really being able to do shit like I skated the other day but you know it was like a rain a little bit. Katie rollerblades right now hailing skateboarding walker. Okay I I don't know I mean no disrespect to the rollerblades and shit like that but not I was now on that okay or a bunny when people say quarantine. It's such a big ass word. You know you. You know what I imagine. The new says stay home. Stay quarantined I imagine a big ass wife government room. Where you're by yourself. Only one like you can tell if his light or dark. The door has one window. You're pounding on bring my food. That's what I think you like. This exactly all quarantine means to stay home. Yeah okay so yeah. That's it people think quarantine means you die. Don't say how you feel me like I feel like I feel you and do what you gotTa do. Always stay healthy. I'm not disrespecting. Anybody likes to like feel like they need to do what they need to do that. Shit at the same time you know if God God you guys you guys to God's Plug Right. Asthma Play Doh. So let's jump right into Speaking about music of growing up what type of music would you say was played at home? I'm not saying yeah. Yeah not me. Shit like Hobson play all these. I'm talking about like Oh these. He's you know he's og so like he was on emojis. Tough and mom's on the Modi's plus Denton and you know you being the Honda. Cb SCHOOL DANCE. Like poofy haired. Yeah saying When they used to wear them. You know Football player pads back in the day. Okay like their shoulder pad days. You've with straight hair years stuff like that. All these like my population. Aratu like everything positives and everything to be honest with you I everything into Merrill and just last whatever you want to Manley you know maybe when it was like family gatherings is like every weekend oldies defending mode. Sound fucking Shit. I can't even tell you. It's so many different artists. I'm like man you know it's funny. I asked that question but I never really apply to myself. Let me tell you what I mean. I always ask people what kind of music to grow up with but I wonder if somebody would ask my kids. Would they say because I played everything from led Zeppelin? Allison St. Zeppelin the doors. Black Sabbath. Like if you're talking about like busy you asked me what I what I played was to be honest sandwich. I music you'd be talking about a man that's in my blood that's like lifestyle so yes now. I because I've listened to everything growing up and my kids were here everything. Rugby reggae whether it be here pot whether it'd be Spanish and sometimes he'd been Gospel Music because I used to love the way this guy's got down onto Oregon. That's the thing about eleven music. The instrumentals that go into all this shit so so so now wh- where were you born? Where were you raised? I was raised in Gardena California harbor area. Yeah I guess that's because Dr Dena California that'll work man that'll work. Call it what you like. But it's still part of the harbor area. The worst thing. Is that where you went to school now? Into School Man Beach my parents linked up with some people that will allow me to address you something that'll hustle to gaming and things but you know plainy sports growing up. Yeah Football Basketball Baseball. I was really fucking baseball. You what would you better at football baseball basketball. I was nice. I basketball young Airbus Fat. I was like fact case of what I was. Still Nice with it then I got to high school on my Danny's kids like Dan shape on my full but I don't really I just got to be some people up on the line or run attacks. I'm cool with football. You Know I love asteroid fooball those in mind sports. My son played a lot of football growing up but I oh in. He likes baseball basketball. But I always tell kids that are playing football. Play basketball as well because most great quarterbacks in the NFL and it's a lot of a lot of folks basketball basketball footwork. And it was saying she do ballet saying dude. That's what football players you should do back. In the day they used to that it can get that for like. I don't know that but I'll take your word to do ballet. Why CAN'T Football as he's not word. I never heard that one about to either. So you just brought revelation to the world. And he he. Did you look at documentaries? He said that and I hope I hope I didn't. I hope I made that up the documentary dirty year me. I'll go I don't care what restraint on a high school. What was your first job was in high school when I was working Bay Club I still worthy to claiming that they want me to say their name but they said Jim. I've been working there for a minute. I work in a personnel. Play headlight. Three jobs for me all right. And why is that you just always about the Hustle Award? Daddy money don't come you know. I can't go to the trees start snapping a ten. I got I got one. Yeah well then you get to see During break down. Yeah but yeah I need like money man. You know what I'm saying because money helps me do what I gotta do. That May CDs stickers and you know saying studio time in beads and ran and the list goes on rent goes. Y- you got to pay for everything and it's real three. Okay now. Let me ask you this question. Who would you say as a youngster? Inspired you or motivated chew encourage you to start writing as a youngster. When I was when I was young we like what was some of the music they use it. You know like I said I listened to before it actually really got into right right like that. I was in a punk band for love. It no shares. Because I I went to school by the beaches you feel me and so I grew up to be able to see different aspects of life you. Dm Soon that. I never thought I'd be able to see but I liked it so I enjoyed being a skater. Punk rock rock nonsense. I'm listening led Zeppelin the doors. Black flag misfit. Delay SCREENINGS CRA. Clear Revival Everybody by the United States Circle Jerks Geisen. Roses like list goes on listeners. Every day every day I was listening as she. And because there's a point where I style in Iraq 'cause like when I was in Elementary School Middle School. It was known limit days. It was like death row days in all every time. My parents don't give a fuck about me having them sees but when I tell them bitches in school they'd be taking him. Would you listen to this at the amount? So why you care. Let me they would take it out to go get that shit again. But like but that was like real amuses me for some reason I kind of feel music died off as some point where it just wasn't relatable to me at that. Moment Philip saying where when Ryan role was as how has lived in my life and how like I said music is in just something I listen to you. It's like a lifestyle to there's gotta be something that I can feel myself and lead to weight gut to yeah works. So what was the first records that you were listening to as a youngster same shit? Every was Kiwi. Listen to you. It's like you know. Nwea bow mckeever Robbie on like some A LOT OF SOUTH. She like no limit. Shit hot boys cash money shit like if you listen to my flow is kind of New York's Jj Shit like A lot of New York. She liked to be honest issue. West Coast is just. You know everybody likes you. Know Autographs New Warren G. Quick Mac. Ten Is Q. I assume the list goes on coast. Everybody if you had a name possibly top three West Coast artists that you call game Mixed Chemistry I`Ma put nipsy up there because nipsy like I'm I was in era of Nici for me like since two thousand nine issues like when I really started making music and doing she liked that so I just kinda like followed how he would do she independently because that's all I had his grind and how you would do she though he was really success. Won't and it's good to see that which makes me believe that. Now I I you know as possible but anyway. Nancy's top because I just love his work at the and I love how he does makes you. You don't have to listen to him. Okay yeah same. And what was the question again so nipsy and you have more artists three your favorite west coast if you will partisan fuck man. That's co I was like I mean to to apply because I just love the fact that he's a rebel would a cause.'. Fuming that's how I feel I am mighty so to of course are people that like guide you into direction of of of being a solid person in in in character moral so I guess you know. Let's say snoop dot. Because that's not we'd and he'd be you know he said music and he does. He's a great person in life and helps if you will gimmie three east coast artist. That's easy Jay Jay Z. Top It's not easy 'cause I like Jada kiss a lot. He's ready to me. But that's the locks period but I like Jada a lot I mean if you go back in the day biggie of course just as swag but nice. There's a lot of east coast anybody from down south you mention. Oh Yeah I I mean I bug would back down for with You know the whole no limit for sure that cash money You know Jisi of course cheesy TI myself. South really is something that I did really focused a lot like because I always felt like my swag was always kinda like you know just kind of like you know how they sway beef here. It's like no disrespect like like if you from La you have people in your family against you. But I'm not that you do what I'm saying and my parents raised me to WanNa be anything like that. You heard me none nor my brothers and my brother got incarcerated for. She liked that you fool me at home. Use that she happened to be. You know what I mean. So it's like I never wanted to be that so I like you feeling but I like music that I'm a you know I'm entrepreneur. You hear what I'm saying so I like music. You know motivates me to get some or you know saying no and and you know what I'm saying but I still love that West Coast to the fullest. Because that's who I am you filming but it's just that just you know I I don't portray myself as like a gangster. I'm not a gangster saying so. I'm more like a motivated entrepreneur list. Get it don't never give up on nothing if you believe in your okay When do you recall when you first started writing in creating demos? How old were you ship? Probably like sixteen seventeen sixty seventy and just wrapping up instrumental time. Or He's back in the day was in it is mistake. Schieffer me make safe Go ON YOUTUBE. Riba instrumental that. I like like my first one was like two wasted Gucci Mun and that's when people will identify Chicago where before that like like I said I had bought this low setup for my room cost me like four hundred. I was a lot of money at the time. Should be true. What little set consists of that will fuck in? What is that Shit that Regan Hook up? All this shit turned a nods that tro tools. The Mike the mice stand on my laptop Pretty much everything you need to record the United States but I just me personally. I didn't really all I did was record double the Ad-lib I would lower than doubles lower. The AD libs. Just try to make it sound as good as positive third and things out like okay and I would make hombre. I had like three unbroken these tapes one one two and three around what year. If you remember you release your first mixed tape and how maybe like. Oh nine how? Many things that consists of thirteen fourteen sons. Now Hobbles the response when you gave those things away. That's made me right here. That's mainly WanNa keep doing that. She there's there's good we feel like the industry they're like like keep doing shit you know so. I was like okay. I had the setup you feel like I can still keep practicing and practicing so like I just read Bizarre del dating right in Spin Spin Spin. Just put out damn near fifty fucking mistakes on my soundcloud. I got like a lot of free music yakking. Listen to lead over a hundred filming a draw I EP in two dozen twelve okay so like like I said I was just making music just getting out there and people just got them like I would never get them you fucking suck or stop diminishes I oh shit like you kinda get by so they gave me my confidence. You know what I'm saying even if I did get a couple of those it's like well the sorry. Shis I'M GONNA keep doing this shit like you know it's funny because I posted those pliers on Youtube Story. Okay and it's not facebook and it's not instagram. Would the mozell. Shit talkers are it's on. It's on Youtube. That's where the all show up. That's one hundred percent because anybody could be anybody that could be a guy that called himself Bunche Hall or Dicker be fucking Diablo Diablo and no go on there and they'll talk show I like to call them that. These are the shit talking hours of the reason why they call them houses because was put who who who saw. All I do is just come in and says there's no who is West Coast. Gilly when they say you you just bring it on these people like you. Just whoever I feel you know disrespect I feel you. Yeah but if you see if I see me up there and I'm not gonNA call myself whoever I'M GONNA call myself west coast guilty because again like to you. It's like you ain't heard of me now. You're GonNa hear about me when I'm saying it's like that's not the negative is just like I'm GonNa let you know it's not who is knee. I'm typing I'm West Coast Geli. I'm GonNa let you know who I am because I told you you're going to hear me. You and the thing is you know. You Ain't gotTa jump on board now. But the thing is people started jumping on board you gonNA look and be like damn what's gone on in that cruise. You might want to jump on now and I'll be like come on because I told you I'm west coast getting. I told you that before going to be mad at you. You don't know me now. Nobody in my eyes and in any robbers. Is you better be somebody? Because if you don't in this game if not keep that shit pushing saint believing yourself you don't the image share with you a little story okay. What encouraged me to do. This was A. You probably heard me say this times. That's what this documentary documentary about that. We call documentary but a Japanese man. He's to sell at Cortina at the swap meets. The that's where it all started as well. We got Rhodium radio from from the Rhodium. Swami or open market. Or or what? Roy Moore designed okay. Now here's the thing about him. Not only did he support like artists that had record deals at the time but also support it a lot of independent artists. I took that mentality that he had and brought it to this podcast platform to give everybody an opportunity. Whether you have a major record deal or and you WANNA come on here or whether you're an independent artisan nobody's hurdle keep in mind everybody from NWEA too young MC two tone low to Melamine as all of these guys at one point where independent artists you how she's GonNa Start exactly but now the thing is that you have people that aren't patient exactly they want the NBA player. I don't want to see the college and I'm like a and I might that with basketball. I don't WanNa see college but Wanna see playing the NBA. I feel that but at the same time if under college plummeted we're like yeah sure. I'm number one draft. Pick next year filming. And now you're GonNa know who I am exactly and as you know like I can't be mad people who you're not. GonNa know me but the thing is how you GonNa know someone if you don't if you don't know gotta get you gotTa try and get to know something about them. Do your research listen to a song. Saying that's why it's called history your research that shit absolutely you gotta start somewhere and being as you're always gonNA have people critiquing that's buying it comes with the territory. I love it though because it's like You know I don't even get mad. They're critiquing like cool. I'm artists I'm going to do. I'm pretty sure why Picasso wasn't like Damn. You told me I'm going to do this. She mows. I wasn't like like if you artist. You know what you're going to be a artist saying that if he left some influence you it's like well now you now. You're doing what they want to say. You're not doing it for yourself. I do everything for myself at this music and like I said if you WanNa come along and you like it and we're going through the same thing and you understand we're talking about and we both you know is positively dealers go feel like hey. I'm sorry man maybe the next one you'll like if not that one on you know whether that's a good mindset to have you know When you first started releasing your first mix tape to triple Problem Moron. Coming up with a good rapper. Name will now because like before like I was guilty. Every on the bygone giddy. They used to come to your husband because you know I liked to give money in flake. Dicing Dushi Dushi like that but not man. I was always really so as I man guilty but then I will like people. Try to begin to kick to kill nine man. We can't have any more south west coast in front of it so when you do look it up. It's just West Coast Galley and I'm like. Yeah so this is what West Coast. I love it. I love it West Coast. I might be. I might not be a stereotypical west coast but I'm west coast to the day. I die saying okay. We'RE GONNA go ahead and take a break two minute break. We're GONNA come right back if you want a beer. I got some beer. If you want to make some shots we could take some shots but if you wanna go outside and take a smoking that too I want it. All that work for his son said. Here's what we're going to do. We'RE GONNA go ahead and take a little break and I want to talk about how you've met misfit and when you dropped your first. Ep coup or at everybody we'll be back with West Coast. GonNa take ten minute breaks so make sure to call call. Somebody take somebody paid. Somebody slapped a shootout somebody. West Coast is in the building. Okay again we're GONNA be coming out with a quarantine Cuban okay and I'm being sarcastic but we are going to come out with something We can get a discount order while your home doing nothing getting fat eating all the donkeys and drinking red bulls and looking like a blob. Okay getting shape workout be smart. Stay in school. We'll be back in ten minutes. We'll come back everybody. Rhodium radio episode. Forty four everybody for tuning in and chilling. What does a hope he has? Got Something to drink We have some chance or popcorn of defeat kicked up. You guys are quarantined up. Chilling watching Rhodium radio. Once again I got to plug it. In Brody MIC. Victory three hours a west coast hip hop. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee you money back. Guaranteed if you don't like Ajan el-kas we'll pay you back out of his pocket okay. So let's go ahead and continue with West Coast Geli motherfucking building. So I got you a little shy. Got You a Gordana without virus Hope you enjoy had a little. Puff PUFF OUTSIDE. You're feeling good. Am always been again about a work. Okay so now you dropped. If I'm correct a couple of mixed on your own now on your own which is burning these just giving them out yourself. Yeah I literally bought dislike by first of all. I burnt them. And then I bought this thing where you can press the Our cover on issue. And then whatever you had to make a CD feeling saying I you know I had this whole little processing diggers to put on it and all this other shit like I would do this shit for like hours in my room. Just one to like Okra saying just doing it by myself. Obviously the response was good. When which we're telling me. Yeah Okay Yeah Yeah now let me ask you was. The quality. Production was boo boo but the effort in the in the in the in the the they really going for was there. So that's what made it easier to listen to what I'm saying right right okay. Now so what again I will say. The response was good. People we give you feedback and you continued so Y- you never had a Another name before West Coast Keleaf. I'm Craig you said it was Gilly. Gilly got it the West Coast Year for already pretty much taken that name. Yeah now when you start getting into production who started producing your beats. I was that always you. You're reaching out to people. I don't eat I just get on from people. Okay like I like my. I Like I said my will actually. Nbc's off the mix tape shit. Stop that whole shit like I would get from people like I would assume are buying depending if I liked it or not. Okay but like I would just again from different producers. You know what I'm saying. I worked on my first EP with producer. We I think nine songs was shot up round. Mccabe it should. I think forgot his name but I know I don't WanNa get his government government name me so I it's been. It was so long ago. His into dozen slow lane for when we probably made it in my brain is not that great question. Because I don't know so you're going to teach me something here. Her you said I used to lease beats. Okay I take I take it sip on it wherever you want. Okay now when you use the least beats what exactly does that mean as I like rent to own or something so like. When you lease it beat you can pay from lighting. Whatever they want ten fifteen twenty thirty forty depending on the beat. Is You lease that Shit you get. I guess like if you read I bet you a lot of people. Don't read the shit that they sent him. That's why they get see later on. But if you read what they say you'll get like ten thousand streams ten thousand units earn. You only get limited shit before start to start paying dude all you filming are making an exclusive. What I'm saying so it's like you can't just blow up off this shit and have a million views on youtube or sell this and sell these and do shows and do shows in dude again shit from me. I'm saying ochre like just at least by the exclusive on saying that's not my you know what I'm saying I would have to buy you know. Can these same beat somebody leases to seventy thousand people if you wanted to? That's what I said. This is crazy. That's why would just give it to me. It was I. I was still makes tapes but it was beats that people wouldn't have heard if I'm saying because it's too many people out there. If they did I would feel. I'm not even going to be better anyways. And that's just the competition in me but it's like I would rather have him here something they never heard on this guy's beater that guy's B. and B. O. That's it to them on the regional. Beat which it will be an original beat to them but it was being may say. It's not an exclusive famous now on itunes. Snot never surrender. You show me like those are all exclusively gotta pay big but you know you know because the reason why I asked is because in this rap game today I would hear people say why leaks that I never understood that role because back then. I'm talking about Eighty S and ninety S. You paid somebody to make a beat for you. You know you can still do that. Still paying for show but leasing because you know now you now you can go on the Internet now. Broadening they got catalogs you go to beat SARS amount even tried to put a plug. And we go there to simulate that and then they got thousands and thousands of beat people. That may be uploaded to that site. So you look whoever you like. Does that in third all this? She induced announced that people got catalogs. Whereas like you go to that site you can lease or you. Can you know? There's different types of things you can at least it would. Mp three or lease with the wave or you can get exclusive with the track out sandwich. Finish yours okay. Good a better understanding for the public to get a better understanding who might be old school like me and kind of understanding this new school gain most. What's the most you ever pay for stupid stupid bro? Yeah highlights who rags stupid shit but but it's not stupid this an investment because I swear to this day is GonNa be hit in. The song is called color. Your song is called big deal. It was in two thousand. Don't worry about it but that song is just the marketing growth. But Trust me I pay. I pay a lot for that. She from me I was like I probably could've got life. Bangers you feel me but I felt so good in the NFL. Like shit was your become. That's my beat and like it's everybody to the dad died that is always going to be played in the show because I paid too much money for that dean ago. Now what's the least you ever paid for AIDS? Sit like an exclusive exclusive? I mean if you listen. She's twenty five thirty nine twenty dollars twenty dollars delleri Tos. Well Shit here because you know why people got understand this. If you're going to see on a million beats and make no money like a someone wants on for thirty bucks while it's like when you go have you ever seen American pickers autumn hoarders. They got shit. That don't WanNa let it go but you have sixty okay here take. I don't really need. I got seventeen thousand these ones. It's like come on man. Why don't Hornsby which is going to be for this man for people to get on? Let me get on it like I'm GonNa pay you. I'm GONNA give you whatever you want. But don't because if he was appointed making shit and then she don't if you don't that means you don't love the game you just doing it for a hobby but if you're going to do for hobbies don't put that shit out there man because you messing up lying for someone who really loves to do this shit and is willing to sacrifice that thirty dollars to get three hundred thousand dollars of unlike. Yo We got it. You're hurting me. And now now. I'm working with him now. He he living but people don't understand why they don't like working with people feeling right you know a years ago. Do try to come up to try to tell me that you give me your beat between bucks and I said Dude you're broke jedi mind. Tricks are not going to work on. I'm not going to sell you. Beats for twenty five dollars and I think that's why the reason why I got out of the game because the cheapest Orissa debate is the truth but liquid level is though what will all the celebs it is saying. You hired ten than the do that sitting in his basement. That guy had no bread. Mommy give him no cheese he paying. I know job. This is his dream thirty dollars. Like what and I'm like. Yeah I kind of four of them. He's like Oh shit here. You go thank you you made money and I made song for like you know like this. As a win well it might be a win win for the new generation rappers but they don't realize the work that I put into it for an example after the. Let me just give you a quick example back. Then the two inch reel tape cost about one hundred twenty five bucks for fifty minutes long you about three songs on them. Then I gotTa do the beat on my ass. Twelve hundred then. I got a higher engineer studio time. They're not gonNA get a musician. All those people gotta get paid. I'm already possibly a thousand twelve hundred dollars in the hole. That's why I got a chart. Twenty five hundred. That was back in the day when you really had a a work to make a fucking beat you're saying fucking here make a B. and shit on the laptop in tune that bitch And it'd be cool dollar. Beats going but them dollar beats if you come right can make you a hundred thousand dollars and now to now to this kid that I got that beat for Twenty Bucks. Ninety appreciate now Makiko you. Now since you were solid him beside the bay his his five thousand instead of five. You won't find here. Five thousand Bro. I know you're GonNa Smash and we're going to double in so it's like it's helped people just help. Well I'm going to help get these will come back to people that help because unless you don't work with greedy people. I'M NOT GREEDY OUT. Pay IF PEOPLE WANT LIKE. I said I paid for two thousand. Eight hundred hundred seventy asked me the lease. That's I paid at least there's twenty five. I'M GONNA be mad at that. I like to be twenty five and have it. Thank you take it out of work. You know what I'm saying but I like I said I'll pay because I understand the grind artist myself. I have to pay a lot of money to get to step in that booth. Then spit you saying I gotta get the beat. Then I gotta get exclusive right then I gotta go to the studio pay for hourly time. Then I gotta pay for mixing mastering then I gotta pay for putting that sheet on whatever it is I gotta pay pay pay pay and I might get zero dollars out of that. She but you know what he loves music loud music so so tell me. When did you I mean Mitzvah Soda? Last year I six six or seven months ago. Yeah then my premium like and and yeah. He's midfield man like I'm a keep it real. He's talented like in this out. Something like you know. It's like on some real shit like so I fuck with him. You break time. I see the talent in Him. But it's just tremendous. It's not what your average would everything is average is bro. You're me. I know his limits and is stupid. And that's why like I'll be telling them rope. We all them beginning getting like and he my naive. Unlike you shut the fuck up but I had to do that because when I see something that I feel like someone has out my game for being annoying to tell you that you bro. You Got April. I just want you to really see like you. You just that's U-B-E-R. Oh well shoot. I'm going to tell you something okay. First Time I ever heard of you. It was just as a recent when that video came out that he did with misbehave What was it called a ball out that one right there in that one. I really really liked it because my boy alex was always talking about. You GotTa Get West Coast. You GotTa Get West Coast. Yeah he's on the come up he's on the cover of this guy believes and a lot of different artists but there's only there's only a few that he's really really pushed and one of them. Was You okay? You gotTA check him out he will send me Shit all day long. He beginning annoymous bug. But he blowing me obscenity shit but I loved the dude and then I came across that one with you and I love this shit right here and I'll tell you why I liked it because it was different and everybody in here knows me that I like different. You weren't ramping like I even asked you. Do you consider several rappers. I thought it was almost like rap singing top style gala. And you know and that's what set you not necessarily better than anybody but different from everybody and I like different. Yeah and With misfit on there I just thought it was a dope collab- as a man and it's not disrespect and it's not even about being. Cognizant always misfit bro if we gonNA beat Bro. It's like Kobe and Shaq Bro. Because we have is real real vision for real music. It's not just some like butter up. Let's let's just make us on. Knob road like we can really make some dope. You dig what I'm saying you're like because like I said. Bro Is is like the lane that he has. He has so many different lanes and I can drive in all of them lanes as I just. As them was easy you know saying when you can collaborate and have a good connection a studio and not you know no arguments no not everything is going to you straight. Bro. The all you can make good music but like I said I always tell him in like these. He got it he got now. Let me ask you something something that we were talking about during the break You being Chicano from the harbour area from the city of Gardena yes it. Okay that anybody ever. I guess what I ever even listening to your music but knowing your what you Gano ever say. Hey are you gonNa Rapper or confuse you with the repor? No no one ever confused with the rabbit because they would need if I were to show a rap. They wouldn't even know as me they'd be like are you black. This is way this sounds like a black person and not as me. I'm dumb grabbing. Like this. What you sound like. Yeah like what? You mean what does that? How DOES IT BLACK PRISONERS DOWN? I don't understand that rap but I don't like Giancana Radway to me but that's just I was you know I don't I don't hate on. You're saying that's that's that's just their lane. I'm not you know I don't want to be confused. Me Trying to take a lane that they already established. I'm just trying to do mean during your only that's it. You know it's funny. I'm glad you said that that people would say what that's you like. I would have thought you were black. If you will one percent people thought that you know what's funny because at one point one point because I'm not I'm not there now I can be a good really really good. Dj Cutting Scratching Nobody would've ever have said back then. Wow scratch like a black guy you know nobody would ever did. Say you use nice. You don't sweat bro so I just think. Sometimes when our people have talent they almost say two things Chicano rapper. Or you want to be black and honey. If you're talented us it. Flaunted works in auto saying we human down. If I'm like why am I gonNA say like yeah? I'm Hispanic a Mexican brow late but I'm a fucking human being. You heard him saying like I don't understand. How does a person talk? How does a person walk? How does this race talk? How does the like it were? Were you from Israeli. You from like you pick up with on your surroundings. You dig what I'm saying like if you a human being you're fucking human bean and no one got it like a Mexican can talk like a so called White Guy a white guy guitar like a Mexican. How how. What's the stereotype of that? Well how old. Ls was the Talk a Mexican right now. Bro Yon saying like just because I'm Mexican. Don't me and I had to be these things that you think. I gotta wear high socks with dicky's in flannel shirts and you know what I'm saying. No disrespect it. I'M NOT A GAME. Like and no disrespected You know nobody. But that's just not me and I don't want you to stereotype me as what you think. This person has to be found saying because there's no truth in it because at the end of the day we from where we from and we get it from our neighbors and our cousins and other. Everyone's fucking WANNA be. I'm keeping unreal. Everybody wants to be is just like how do you want to be Do you want to be a leader? You want to be a follower okay. An older you want to be. I'm a leader. That's right that's good. That's not who I am a leader because I'm trying to move you into the right way the reg into the right positive way saying. I don't want you to think you had to be stuck in this dicky's Courtesan when you when you can really be a fucking scientists a doctor. I mean you can be these things that Pew might say you can never be not your own brain use it. It's hard to because of the noise wrote. That's the hardest thing but the thing about it is like understand this man. If he can do it you can do it. How much how hard you want it though right. How hard do you want to work for it? we were also talking about during. Break Win. You really should I ep? What year was that? Two dozen like eleven two thousand eleven. And what was the name of the EP? Real music real with it may not know now that went under Gilead. Oh okay yeah okay. And what did you have about six seven songs probably nine okay? And who produce that. I forgot his name. But it's like it's s Esteban. Estimating more but he but that's expensive to hang on. What was the response of your first? Ep It was good. It was good. That's why I keep wrapping until my responses like Yo quit. I'm going to be like. Nah I ain't gonNA still but still like I said it's like keep grabbing like I'm GonNa keep doing it now when that drew up. How long was it that you drop something else i? That's the thing about it like people telling me I gotTa Stop Driving Things so Goddamn much just dropping dropping drops. Whatever song draw because we think this you make a lot of music you make a lot of music but you're putting our trash but what people don't understand people have a process of this for. I've been going through all these beasts for months months and I pick which ones I knew that I want to sought to each one of these days for months that can be sixteen songs. I wrote and two three months. It just happened to be took me three days to get that song or because I'm ready and prepared to go to the studio made this shit. Work you doing Sandra. So it's not it's not like I don't know it's like don't put now put out put a lot of music but put up a lot of that. You've been working on and been been putting pressure on real wisdom and she liked that he found saying like but music just like this like this like beep makers like bees let people rap on them saying because at the end of the day like we're all GonNa Benefit Man. Everyone benefits if you come together. He did say I believe that. If how if you're gonNA tell me to. Brands are better than one. Why can't fifteen thousand brains be better than warm? Yeah saying good brains depending there's always one run out but I can feel that but at the same time you know what I'm saying if we all work together it is what it is. Whatever wraps Econo- rap trap rap self Brat fucking workman let that should go work? Why not what do you got to lose? You don't let me ask you a question Do you do you write all your own lyrics of hell. Yeah that's what I pride myself. Okay now how do you feel the you look at an artist differently? If let's just say an artist without mentioning the name that you might have looked up to know then you find out about no hold on. I'M NOT GONNA mention donate any artist whether it be East Coast West Coast and you find out later on that. He had just had a bunch of goals riders. Honey what would you lose respect for that guy now? Because you got you gotta understand. Everyone has ghost riders in this game. You feel me you make a hit. You make a hit man. You made that song. I know some people respected me. Personally I'm not gonNA say like Man Basham and ship. That's like I don't do it. I don't do that. You could a worked. You feel me but I I respect the game. It depends on much respect the game you found saying I respect. I will never ever in my life have Agus right in my life. But if you have a you know everyone has gauche. Riders saying dray HAD GHOST RIDERS IN LIQUID. The chronic with that should do. Would you ever get offended if somebody walked up to you and said I wanNA right for you? I want to get in Phnom Good. Thanks Oda I'd be like non straight thank you but if you need help I can get you if you want like. I don't mind goes running for people. Okay Yeah saying that's an exercise though. Sweaters probably get paid more money than the artist if they get paid so get paid. I mean because I know jury had a bunch of course riders and a lot of those guys never got paid so ns a cash money thing cashman many cash money they cash when he was two hundred. They got some shake him blue face. And we'll also you're saying that they got the ship. Poppy and what are you gonNA pop? And what can people from you soon? What are you working? Outta Shit dropping just did it. Video earlier today with L. A. ICON ICON Koldo need never surrender. Ep's out right now. I'm Marty almost halfway down with my new EP. I Dunno to colleague it usually I just you know whenever comes in and how I feel do that but I got I got so much. Music is just like sometimes I gotta be like you know. How do I WANNA put it? Oh Jimmy 'cause now like like I said I always WANNA put music but now I'm out of time where I gotTA think about. Shit like that really because you know. I don't know because I like I say I want my shit to be appreciated. I mean like I need my shit to be appreciated like but it will be. You know. It's just a matter. Says it's all about when people want to hear somebody and they jump on. So you got an EP. All right now you can hear it or get it where everywhere platforms all platforms okay. What's Your Youtube? Page was what's called building and they can actually see that video to when I was talking about where you a misfit percent. Okay and you're working on something now. You say you're halfway done. Yeah Okay and are you going to be doing a lot more visuals as well? And that's mainly what I'm trying to do this year's visuals. I've got so much music that I need visuals. You now shows. Are you performing any where soon where people can see? I know we got Bush going on right now but That I am. I am trying to get your shows. One Hundred Percent Oakland united saying that should be hard to you know depending on what's going on but definitely I did. I did some earlier this month earlier. This year the yeah. I'm always trying to do martial arts bill. Let me ask you. This might be really question but I I asked him. Do you like performing I do. But I'd be happy as folk when it's over with because I'd be like damn man right. 'cause I'm so I'm GONNA TAP buggy like like I. I'm so like what's that word like. When you really are on yourself like I'm so just like at the end. Be fucking up and I hate that fucking up because I need what I really need to do. Is Really Start practicing? Because I'm like I getting pumped more right than where mom just out there. You heard do what I do if I know. What if a photo of free stuff? Not Dan understand what you know. They're not gonNA know the difference but I do need to start practicing more. I I love shows I love shows do you feel me I love shows. It's just you know I. It does feel good when it's over because it's like damn you know what I'm saying like did it young saying okay. Well at this time Erica. We come to the two of the initial not WanNa give anything else. You want the public to know. Go ahead and do it now sat out family. That's all my family Omaha. Me's show everybody here Show everybody does you know chasing their dreams. Start Down Yourself. Believe in yourself Don't listen to what people think. Now I'm saying just listen to your heart keep going for it shit. Love Your family and should be you to the fullest man. That's it you're saying everything. Positive belqas negative. Shit ain't gonNA get nowhere. Let's it a lot of work was called. Guilio be looking out for him You could reach them on his instagram. That's up on the screen. If I'm curricula us on Facebook as well and Youtube on once again you can get his music on all platforms so once again. Be Looking for new stuff. Go check out that video that he did with Minnesota on Youtube up the fuck dope genuine everything West Coast Gilead. I've congress because Google has everything. Just check it out. Check it out man this this all fuck with each other to like aw make moves with each other and no matter what you do any type of ravage just make music and make the best means that we can s it. That'll work okay. Everybody checks we're GONNA go ahead and go to break a Rhodium radio episode forty four. I'm about to go fixing your Mitchell. Probably take one a shadow to my next guest. You guys are GonNa WanNa tune in for my next guest call. Somebody takes nobody break a bottle where somebody fucking head and let them know that. Oh creeps into motherfucking building. Oh See Orange County city of Orange. Stand up or we back in ten minutes. Welcome back everybody till road and railway episode forty four and somebody asks why are the breaks so long see because that gives you a chance to take a crap commit some NACHOS MSCI LAVA? You know clap some cheeks something like that. You know what I'm saying but anyways I saw people commenting negative positive. Keep it. That's fucking hilarious. Seriously thank you for tuning in and once again. The Rhodium may take documentary. You won't be disappointed. I know somebody Palestinian again yes again. Okay Wha- what before I introduce my next let me say this? I've got so much love for Orange County for the city of Orange Okay and My next guest is somebody that is very very well known in the city of Orange. And I'm glad that I have them here. And the harbour area my neighborhood the city of women representing Orange County so without further. Ado please allow me to introduce. Oc Creep. I do my brother was good. Tony Hagedorn Bro. Well you know what I'm trying to hang in there because I already said it and I'm a party pooper. I hate the rain. The rain sucks drive over. Here really was awful. Did you go slow? Yeah the few times I hydroplaned you know. We had to hit the brakes a little bit president bill freeway so we spend shit no shit. That's what usually happens when you're drinking and driving my mind is alcohol is time. Okay okay. That'll work that'll work. So you know what boy was. Gilly was here and I asked him a couple of questions. As far as our good movies ladyman constantly watch movies. I'm a big movie buffs. Same here I'm watching about three or four movies a day of possible Last movie we watched was fantasy island. New version really. Yeah where's that apple actually out in the movies right now? Oh No. She went out to riverside a driving over their mission. A belief and we watch it was the new version of fantasy island. But it's more like horror movie now instead of like you know. Tattoo and Mr Rourke and all that Shit. They have old boy from Narcos who played. Kiki Camarena was it Ben. Yeah and he played Mr Rourke in that she was more like a horror movie type. You know what I mean fantasy. I doubt that's who placed to They don't have a tattoo in their heels. Yes some cheap. Basically she did the Tattoo the plane and the plane so as not the same. You know what I would say I would rent it but there's no more video stores. Yeah so I would have to wait till like either on a Netflix or the empire stick morph. Tv or something like that. So and you drive in. Yeah driving driving. Took it back? 'cause you know social distancing all that bullshit trump did you actually. We had one son or else. Yes let's pay like extra nine bucks. Don't you could save that money to buy a pizza. Yeah exactly that's dope has no hope you enjoyed the pizza. I remember one time. My brother 'cause I got five brothers. One of my brothers do three of us in the trunk and he drove in to the drive in by himself like if they were really going to leave. That it's perverted. This was going to the drive in by himself. Okay really what are you do by yourself homey so but anyways other than that you watch a Lotta TV? Yeah quite a bit of series. You know I stay upon everything pretty much stale pop culture are you one of the guys that stays up like laid fucking night watching TV. Yeah pretty much me too. Yeah one of those guys. I stay all night. Watching all kinds of shoot assignment was a trip about the fantasy island was As a kid you know we all knew Ricardo Montalban. Remember him the host of Of Fantasy Island yes right well as a Kid. My Dad got contract to paint a portrait for him really. Yeah so my dad did this portrait or regarding a month on my dad's professional artists. My my family is known for for being artists in Orange County Mongols known as the Godfather of Chicano Art and my dad. He got contract payment regarding Monday. One and You know got his autograph pictures with him stuff like that. So but for ball. Good three or four months are seen with regard on our and our living room all day long when my dad was paying ended up. You know when I was a kid it took us and I'm trying to remember what Parker was I was in elementary school. They took us to a field trip and I saw the gotTa go and tattooed. Were filming it where they used to film fantasy island okay. Yeah but But it's kind of a sad story to that little midget or the short people. What do they call them? doors or or whatever. I don't want you know but offend anybody. But yeah he killed himself or something like that. Yeah some some issues some chick. No his wife. It's always the chicks yeah took advantage with candidate arena other guth. Oh well and it's still going to collapse cheeks even at two two foot three so now. Sports Raiders Fan. Big Time Raiders Fan. Correal's matters David. We have many friends because this is this is a story. Everybody's like okay doing Raider Fan. My family originated from Oakland sold. My Dad grew up in Oakland. I got a lot of family in Oakland. Still so as a kid. You remember those machines where you put it in the quarters. Let me get the little helmet. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah my dad to run like three or four years old and we went to the Alpha Beta remember being Alpha Beta would put the coins in. I got the Little Lo- Helmet. And it was the raiders so like okay true about my dad's. Oh Yeah you know Oakland Raiders. I grew up in Oakland as a caveat. Did since then you know while. I sure it wasn't a cowboys Alma. And you just yeah. I know different twinstar knows what a really quick I. I hate to some repetitive. But if you could get a little bit closer to the yeah sure okay now family in Oakland. You still have family in open right now. Yeah their extended family at this point. They're like It's like my my GRANDPA's brother. Some family you know the reason why I asked is because I have friends that live north and eighteenth that like alley right now with a corona viruses like Lebanon and. I'm like no dude. It's cool here. So how is it over there? Have you kept in contact with them? I don't really have that much contact with them I have a cousin. I met barely for the first time that he his Section of families will wants from Oakland. Okay and but he talks like they have get togethers and stuff like that but they're like real extended salt. I kind of really talk to them that much right. Aren't you got a lot of Oakland? Raider Games I did in the past but not as many as I should have. But now that they're in Vegas. It's on now now now now. How does that sound Las Vegas readers? Well mean you know how does the first thing they are going to Las Vegas or some shit? You know what I mean. Yes well you know. We're we're quickly got vegas hanging. You go so good comeback That'll work so now. Grown up at home with your mother. You father you said. Your father was a great artist. If I'm correct yes now. What kind of music would he play a home there especially when he paints he was a big Beatles? Fan Really Straight John Lennon Beatles. Anything by them he was on now. My mother on the other hand she was sort of like She's a little bit younger. My Dash bought five years younger so she was more into like war. More to that kind of five. You know Those those lines right there and then I had cousins. That were older. Because my mother's family's real tight okay and She was real close with one of my cousins. Who Shoes about ten twelve years older than me and they weren't too funk at that time on that Arrow you knows it came up in the eighties. All I heard was the rick. James Zapped the Roger and all that through them. You know so I'd go with my family. I'm hearing Funk I go with my dad I'm hearing Classic Rock Beatles. John Lennon stuff like that. Okay now Spanish music You know what my grandparents my grandparents listen. Spanish music my grandfather from elite school love Mariachis. So that's basically Spanish musically. I've gone on all the time and that's the kind of spending music I like. Yeah it's been been romantic so anyways you see punk you ever go to hang. Og Mike's yeah been there quite a few times. I was supposed to go perform. I think in October. Some time back there but just didn't work out at that time so but you know we're constantly doing the funk fares we're always you know you know you know anything about Orange County Orange. County love spunk. Yes you know and you know Shaw Orange County people because you don't want thing I learned especially like when I was in jail. Is You got your youngsters from like. La County from Oxnard or stuff. Listen Y G LIZ LIZ trap. While you're at the officers from Orange County WanNA listen to nothing but funk. Yeah so it's like it's sort of a throwback you know what I mean that's why I think Orange County title of county and I and I love it. I love it because when I first started like you brought up when I went to the club and I was eleven years old my brother. That's all plane was funk so when I win to Jameis and it was another place. I think it was called the basement a long beach. No no no no. That was the bolt at the Toyota but it was wondering county. Georgetown curious would throw every once in a while and I think it was called the basement. But could you go down under? You had to go down and I saw girl that looked like maybe like they were teenagers early twenties jam into funk and I loved it because that's our generation but now you got the new generation being raised with our shit. Just got so fucking Toboso much. Love much respect for my boy Empty because he was a lot of the. I guess the Backpack Room Bogies title. And he's always invited me. Another another dotes bought that I recommend you go to once a month. A scam jam at the regent. Okay I've heard about a limitation them. You need to go. It's really worded the music itself. It's dope so now you you go to school or not counting your idea hi My parents got divorced when I was Real Young. At the age of five. So the courts. They're stupid man so one year they'll send me to school in. Orange next year. The semi school was Santa. Ana were mother live. I was constantly bouncing back between or school district as Santa Ana School district. So I did in elementary I did Cambridge elementary in orange one year and then Washington wildcats in Santa Ana the following year. Okay so it was. It was the trip dynamic. But that's why I know so many people I brought it constantly bounced back between Santa. An orange. Okay Okay and what high school I ended up going orange high school and then I ended up getting rolled out of there for inciting a riot and sent me to Richland High School. We wish that again. You got kicked out of there for what inciting a riot. How what what the hell is that all about like? Oh well basically it came down to a gun. Fight with this dude and He was some crip from Tustin or some and it became racial. Okay so you know we gotta fight later on One of my boys started joining off one of his boys so all the blacks basically went with the blacks the Mexicans the Mexicans and there was going to be this thing and I happen to walk into it coming to school early in the morning and I seen the situation I walk. I walked away from it and the teachers. What are you doing? You must have had something to do with it because I just got an fight with this guy. Rolling me out. Because they said all those groups Grouping up was I guess make right. Go off and house responsible for it since I'm the one that instigated the fight with the beginning so they get this guy out here and get this guy out of here so now. Let's go you play. These sports could UTAH. Dude man you're not putting because when people think of meds can deal take about short five foot tall dude bill on his fear you know but no. We're different shapes and sizes. Yeah come in all shapes and sizes. I grew up boxing As a professional boxer in the fifties our family basically all the cousins and sons and all that group boxing we would Enter tournaments box stuff like that south pole or no not conventional. Okay yeah you know. It's funny I'm right handed but I always fall South Pole. Hey that's Bruce Lee's methods bring your strongest handle. That tells me I was not jabs but that was back in the day. I'm an old man. Now Sam both but Yeah and then in high school I played football and stuff like that to play football for Washington Not Washington redskins back in the days as a kid so okay before we get back into music. Name me your to greatest. It could be current or in the past boxers boxers cell or Sanchez greatest probably Mexican boxer. Ever if you guys don't know don't know he was basically forecast to be better than Chavez ever was and then recent I gotta go with Mike Tyson. Okay Yeah I like my Buddy Roy. Jones Jr. said daddy he if you will. I want to choose the right. Pretty much immolated. His style from Salvador Sanchez. Yeah so bad now for me. I have to say Julia Sister Obvious Mike. Tyson does just me and I used to like well I still do. I'M NOT GOING TO JUMP OFF. The Bandwagon. Member Tony Barone. Oh Yeah love that dude. I thought it was the next. Come into holiest attach obvious pedal. He Lost Junior. Jones puck cow. And we're GONNA come up. Yeah I went on a lot of Kazakhs irs at that time. Yeah so now around. What age would you say you began to write or you begin to ramp? I I started doing basically like poetry in elementary school. I remember in fourth grade. They would teach us how to do poetry and stuff okay and one of the teachers pointed out you know a real good You know way of going about this poetry. You know you're pretty good at it you know. Keep it up so much of it back then. I was a kid so I remember as a kid that would give us creative writing assignments and I would go on out right like wraps out stuff like that and you know out here like you know a song. Whatever I sorta bite it little bit working into my creative writing and stuff like that. So that was the precursor to me eventually wrapping right there. Okay funding not being a weird way. But it's almost like it's a good weird that I interview a lot of people that tell me that how they started was through writing poetry and then it eventually lead up to two wrapping now going up into old see what rappers growing up. Did you listen to okay I go way back okay. I mean Shit I heard my first rap song eighty two so far back but the ones that stood out in my mind right off the top. Was that the one that I heard that made me one of eventually start. Wrapping was Chuck D public enemy. I heard that song of was at blackstone our chaos. I got a letter from the government. It said man when I heard his voice that after that I knew I had a gun. Mike eventually because he had a deep voice. He had a presence to him. And you know I just dug the whole fucking thing with him and how he was militant needles. Rocking the raiders. Had so I was like all right. This guy's coolest fog you know little that I know you know some of the political issues. He was talking about I. Just I really enjoyed the music. You know. That's a perfect example right there because I'm a huge public enemy Fan. You know I take it. Takes a minute takes a nation of millions to hold us back that to me. That's my favorite album. That's a great outing okay. And he had great Mike President. He spoke with authority. And that's what everybody if you will like caught him off guard like what the fuck it was like. He was breech rapid. Yeah you don't sound like Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. Or something with his delivery and all other than public enemy was there anybody else That might have stood out to you in two waves like on the west coast or on the east coast. You're not start off with like Choke D. and then a boogie down productions and all them and then eventually I started going off more to the west coast I gotta say artists that influenced me a lot. That I liked his way of wrapping was Cbo FROM SACRAMENTO. Okay have you ever heard of him with Like brother Lynch and X. rated and all those rappers from that era and he was a big I. I don't know for some reason. I liked him a lot. You sound a lot like Cuba. One point but It was gangster. You know hard and who I like. Sort of like strive to Aben. Every time I got in the Mike you know she to me. It's Kinda auto because not every when everybody talks about west coast rap the usually talk about the NWEA is t- The death roll. Nobody really mentioned the Galaxy Bowl. Yeah and you know the thing is is I mean we all know ended up as he? That's like a mandatory right. You know what I mean. Because that's where they got their influences from Zibo and all them you know what I mean. Obviously I mean who didn't influence or who didn't end up you an easy influence you know. So that's without a given. But then certain artists they started breaking off and you know they. They spoke to me a little bit better. You know what I mean. Okay okay now around what time I should ask you around. What year would you say you started possibly picking up the Mike Recording Demos or actually writing lyrics? Okay if I like for my city. The hip hop scene basically started in ninety four. My younger homeboy. Tokar did a hood song over forty beat called a two song called sideways. Okay it's on my youtube channel. But that's the first hood tape that ever dropped in my city in my town really. Yeah and I've been writing doing all that stuff to the up until that point I didn't know Mohammed was recording these tapes. He was a generation under me. Once I found out he recorded these tapes linked up and it was over with so as about ninety five ninety four ninety five that we started doing a little ghetto. Who Tapes and to me? That's important that's history right there because you said that in your neighborhood. He was the first. Yeah and what was your name again? His name was Coker Tokar. Okay much-loved much respect a talker so you pretty much look at him somewhat of pioneer if you will or releasing those to make so when when he released it will you already. His brand is homie. Did you print after you? Not being that we're generation different. He's a little bit younger than me. I knew him I kick it with him but not as much as I did then. I used to kick it with his older cousins. Hey did you hear my my cousin statement. I heard it a take him so I went to his house. Showed me all the gear. He had he had a new mark. Sampler hasn't turntables. We had a cheap little Take Dick and we grabbed the MIC. And we'd record instrumentals off. We use a sampler with SAM would and we'll get turntables on there and every Friday night would go would record new tapes for everybody initially One of the rappers. That was an our little crew was comedian George Perez. I did a podcast of two or three times if I'm correct. Yeah I seen that Yes so he was one of our main rappers at first he wrapped he wrapped initially initially and then he was doing a lot of like wrapping for like go like hood part of his shit. Every hood will get up there and spit their rhymes wraps so he'd get up there. I'd get up there. We'd all get up there and rap and shit like that and then I think that gave him look to handle crowd. And then that's how we say. Wait into into the comedy here. Now when you went to that guy's house guest does younger guy who was doing the mix tape at the time. Were you already right him at the time? Like you pretty good at writing or were you just kinda still. This is what I WANNA do. So let me start experimenting here or did you already know what you're going to be called or what to write or whatnot already. Had a sense of what I wanted on. I had been writing already for two or three years. I I basically do my own production stuff like that at home with the little to tape deck that I had you know a record stop record. Stop record stuff so I had like a two minute loop right okay. It's odd record little stuff here and there and house riding you know. I didn't tell anybody basically back then but I do all that so You don't have that to myself. So eventually when I linked up with him I already knew what songs I wanted to sample already. What I wanted to write Saw I basically had an idea an idea? Yeah a would. It took he though on the other hand already had the experience of recording and all that so when I got in he was able to coach me. So there's a little bit smoother. Okay now the match the same question that I pretty much ask everybody. Did you like the way you sounded when you started messing around at home and you kept all that stuff to yourself when you were wrapping. Initially I did it okay. There was parts that I liked and then there are parts of Madison. Like a little kid about fifteen sixteen. That was granted you know but I knew I had a deep voice so like okay. I got it figured out how to work. You know how to how to be able to maximize the the sound of my voice at this point. You Know Okay and you all your lyrics for the most part I had a few homeys rights versus for me. I'm not above using a ghost rider of their. You know I'm confident in my skills. I know I can fuck in a rat bars around cats. So sometimes I've had people come to me like you know I got home and we had a beat up by underground camps and I shot it to him and I told Okay you give me a hook and verse in and we'll we'll do it up while he came back with everything he came back with. A verse came back with the Hook. He came back with my verse so I checked it out all right cool for. We'll go we'll drop. You know someone dropped it. Well that's good a good attitude about it. Because I remember I recorded the song for a female. She was a dope. Dopey and I will mention her name. She's not rabid anymore but I recorded the song for her and I told her. Why don't you write a verse is almost like there should be a guy you got? You two should be going back and forth here okay. She's okay all right his birth to you know so she wrote it. I called the guy up and I asked him now. This guy has never had anybody right for him or he never wrote or have it wrapped anybody lyrics and this dude had the bucket hardest time. It was just a pride. He just like dude these on my lyrics and I said I understand small versus Pearl. Yeah like sixteen bars. He probably had like four bars little pieces here and there but the product that he didn't WanNa do it so we didn't end up doing it and he was getting paid for it so I understand how some people don't want anybody to wipe or they're more shit by. I'm confident in my skills. You know what I mean. I got over a hundred songs already got different styles. I got different ways of delivering and stuff like that. So I'm confident someone comes up to me like you know. I got some rent for you. Got The sound dope you know. What if it's the head or it sounds good is wrong with it? There's road work so now the reason why I asked you about your voice because most people that I've asked them that have always told me. I don't like to sign a mobile studio. That's a majority of people. I mean a lot of times. I bring people in record for the first time. I don't like the way of sound see. Look me not a rapper. I get it. I understand it but at the same time I'm like. What do you mean? Do your rapper risk. But it's kind of like when I used to scratch. I scratch my buddies and I still would just see them. Just kind of bobbing their head. So I didn't like it because I don't think he will always that good at the time but I would like to take all your fucking held like all right. Well you can you be a little bit more specific. Do I need to shop? Everything's these cool. Yeah and then. They can't see it from outside looking in you know that's one of the things you know as an artist that you know. We're so critical ourselves because we see the mistakes and flaws. That else sees okay. So now you'll record and soon after you start releasing stuff to the public or your friends to the neighborhood or base it was. It was good stuff Problem that I had is I was in and out of jail. Okay so I would come out record a bunch of stuff. Gilgal back in jail down for a few months years. Whatever at a time and then come back out release a bunch of more stuff and then go back and so the streets. They held on to it tightly. Because it's a trip. I got you know guys that. Are you know they're teenagers? You know. They weren't even born when I recorded any of this shit and they still got the songs. These are still floating around you know and the underground and on the streets so it's a trip because you know. I recorded a bunch of this shit and I don't even got it you know. Sort of like a ludicrous hustle and flow. All you've got issue. I don't even have that tape. No more also you know the circumstances as they. Are you know maybe a dumb question but I want to ask you? What do you think it was man that kept you going back to jail You know that's a number of things Where we live event in my neighborhood. The cops were roll. Presses against us Our City is a nice city. The thing is we have one of the oldest water use in the country. Right there are water. Goes back to the late. Eighteen hundreds and developed round early nineteen twenties or so you got the sunkissed company that came in. Obviously it's orange. The crops were orange. They came in the House on the water. Basically formed rounded around this packing house right. So you got this nice city and Russell. I'll throw in in this little area so the cops they're coming they're constantly fucking with fucking with us and you know our older home these at the time they were into everything into streak politics all kinds of bullshit so they were dishonest and that was one of the things once. I got put on probation. They were looking for every excuse. The Hassle I was constantly. You know and I'm not GONNA lie. I was over there fucking around. You know you know doing stupid. Shit we all were. Yeah exactly you know. And I'm thankful wanting thankful is. That was the library because many of us have done so much dirt that we should have been took a long time ago. Brill Yeah I tell my kids and McMahon of got caught for half the shit. Fuck and I've done I won't be would it be thankful and grateful for that but listen. We're going to go in and take a ten minute break. We're GONNA come back on what you're working on. What can people expect when people see you? I know it's Kinda hard. 'cause we're going to this whole corona bullshit but you know what We'll get past it eventually and people will be able to get to see you support you in so we'll talk about that so anyways Once again everybody rolling episode forty four and we will be back in about ten minutes so if the person's saying why are we taking so long because we're about to go get some nachos about to go make some popcorn? What about to play musical chairs so be back in ten minutes call? Somebody Tech Symbolic slapshot. Somebody let them know that. Oc CREEP is into motherfucking building standard. We'll be back in ten minutes. Welcome back everybody to Ruin Radio Episode. Forty four and I'm here with my special gas creep from the OTC so once again seven one four. Stand up this Genre Beck into it. How you doing good good man? Good now I see. You GotTa shot there and people are saying. Why hasn't he taken it? I SIP on mine brawl in here. Here's where everybody where everybody right down the head so I'M GONNA SIP a mind. I've been this boy and I'm sipping on major and I got another modal coming but up all right now you'd be. Why didn't you ever take Got Wrap Lane if you will. Because I came in a different time when I started rapping. No no such thing as you're gonNA wrap wasn't that label Basically had a Lhasa Latinos rap or there was an old label is chicano rapper. That didn't come until like I think. Lakewood to thousands or some shit like that so I didn't see myself as that old label. You know. I'm gone out. I'll take now. I have no problem okay. I'M GONNA rapper. But you gotta understand. I come from a different era. Where there wasn't Notre Gunnell label rappers? Whether you're black Mexican Samoan whatever especially on the West Coast Yacht Tribe Kid Frost. We had a lot of artists. That weren't black you know so. We didn't look at ourselves as okay. I'm Mexican rapper. I'm this I'm just a rapper. Know I'm a rapper. That wraps you know being I'm Jay gone. Oh okay. That's that's secondary you know you know and I see the same thing when I started teaching. I was enabled us that she cannot teach you know there. There was a lot of dough Filipino. Dj's even back then. I knew a lot of them. I knew a Samoan deejays black. Dj's it was detained. Wasn't a color. Okay and I think rap shouldn't be color either. I don't think so. That's how originally was right. You know I remember you know You know hip hop having the fundamentals. The break dancing the Jane emceeing graffiti and all that you know you look at Beech Street you know you. GotTa Italian in that movie. You had a Puerto Rican blacks. You know so you know. I've been told you know one of the reasons why hip hop appeal to a lot of people is because it it's a it's a street culture. You know what I mean. A lot of people from the struggle can associate with so it doesn't matter where you're from but if you're in the struggle you can identify after after the one hundred percent a Lotta people always saw hip hop as a way out people that live in poverty. You know I remember. I saw interview where somebody asked. Dr Dre what did you do hip hop? And he said well too. I saw it up. Not only that I love the music and I love the culture but it was a out from where I lived and look what he's out there billionaire. You know what I'm thankful. I'm thankful that I had an opportunity to meet him before he was who he is. Now here you know I knew him before. And I'm thankful for that because one thing I can say about him that people always asking me. How was it? Dreary never saw me as a non black person in studio no matter of fact. He's asked me. What do you think about this? Track OF EAZY E. Was the same way you love these. You know one of my favorite artists exactly same here same here and I had to the honoring the pleasure to have those guys come to my house and REPCO hunt mix tapes at a matter of fact that does documentaries about. That's why I pushed hard. Because I need people to see a certain part of history that they may not know when people think of West Coast hip hop history hits dink. Nwea death row and maybe a little bit of to park. And that's where it stops. You know this is before all that well. Another thing I like and I appreciate about your movement is that you validate Russell being in hip hop from beginning. Because you know nowadays you get okay while black started. You know. It's just a black art form. You guys you guys but you know we've been here on the west coast since the beginning with with artists like you. Kid Frost. We had The boycott tribe. It just wasn't all blacks on the rise. Goes you know a lot of who gave these artists. Sales was Rosser. Yes so you know I mean we are big part of the hip hop community on the West Coast and you know regardless of what what anybody says you know. We're here and I think you in your presence in everything you've done validates the rest of us. Well thank you very much. You know percents I appreciate it but let me say this I will say it again. I said over and over today we are here especially here in California. We are hips. Economy US Chicano RASA HIP hop to Konami. So why would we said this? Why can't we be up there? Why are we always on the outskirts of hip? Hop Looking at these people performing and we're paying tickets binary payroll binder music and believe me. I have nothing against anybody you know. But why can't arrest? Be Headlining? The snoop yeah and that's how it should be. You know one of the one of the issues. I always see that you know. You'll see Rosser. Gave behind among rapper or a blue face. Guys is horrible. And then they'll go and get a social media or Rossa's page on this guy. Sucks you suck. You can't rap but then you look at everything he likes the hell you know about here Bob. Exactly you know what I mean. And it's it's always are people that are trying to quit the put down and you know it should be the opposite if you're going to go and give juice to these other artists that ain't grass on the sub. Then you don't give us too. Don't say don't say Shit you don't let us do our thing. You know what I mean. It's understandable this. Is You know a lot of artists poked it up for a lot of us up shit. Granted that's understood but you know it filtered through it find some artists adult because there are some basketball could Mexican artists. That'll blow any risks out the water. You know it's funny on the story on my youtube page. Okay I post flyers one guy posted at one time not fucking hilarious seriously because he wrote your podcast straight fucking crash as what he put about me. I left and I'm GonNa tell you why I laughed because in order for you to comment you had to be a subscriber so you subscribe obviously paying attention. That she was funny Bro. Whenever puck and read I was in the biggest bullet solely now that she is. You know what I'm saying so I laugh about it so I encourage these people to leave comments with her negative or positive or whatever. It's all good. There's yeah get it off your fucking. Don't hold all of that in dump it on US okay. Well accepted funny but anyway so now would win. What style would you consider if somebody says you know what style of hip or you? Sam Gangster. Reprimand okay I'm going straight up. But the most Gangsta rappers is that I came up in an era. Where bars counted. You know where you know. You had your metaphors you had your. You know your structures. You had a lot of different. You know you focus on your on your lyrics. You just didn't rhyme two words you know you're trying to rhyme four five six different words at a time you know instead of just saying the same shit over and over so I understand we you know we get the Labor was against her you know. He's he's simple but you know. I really focused on my lyrics. Really focus on my flow and stuff like that so. I think that's what sets me apart from artists right. You know just you gotta go and pay attention. I gotTa Lot Deep Shit. You just got to go over there and actually take the time to listen to what the focusing on the listeners. Just stop fucking. Who is? We'll go fuck and listen. Yeah exactly and you know because you hear one song you might not like it. I got you know already some songs available. They could go listen to. I'm sure you're going to like one of the Libyan encourage rappers. Many rapper specially this new generation. The Real I want to encourage you is because of this just because a person is not feeling your ship. There's an audience for everything. Yeah for everything. Let's just say you're a west coast rapper but your shit is fucking big Europe. Guess what that's what your chips are at. That's where he's going to be at the trip is. I got a click out in the Netherlands Cats go by the name of Dave Drug and DJ crackhead. They got a straight west coast style but there from The Hague city in the Netherlands. These guys are straight European. And they're talking garden. I S S more like that. You know I mean they're they're from Europe and these guys you know they beats they CA- flow shots David Drucker. Dj crackhead check our music. We've got a song called double fire. Has That old school West Coast Vibe? You don't but these cats are from Europe. You know and you would never know that you know. I've talked to them on a live chat and they can't even speak English right and your 'em when they wrapped though they write perfect English. You probably won't be able to answer this on but why digit crackhead. I guess. Their little clique is called junk. Lifelike junkies or something like that. I guess I guess I represent something like street life out there some ship. I'm not sure but now when the drop your first single or EP. Or album okay. The first EP that like solidly dropped was two thousand. Eleven okay The circumstances behind that is I had equipment that I had built up all through the early two thousands and you know I have been performing at key club and a bunch of different venues all over the place We shot video had a group that was putting together a album that ended up falling through the cracks and it was just a lot of work so I got into the streets. Shit step away from music for a few years and getting rated and they ended up taking what why did you get raided suspected for shooting on the suspect and shooting down the cops came they raided my house? They locked me up. They did all kinds of shit. Well at that point. I had a lot of people telling me you know what the street shit man. Why don't you just focus on the music focus on the music so I have my boy sees you know? He's a producer of joints and stuff and one of my boys that are brought up originally and he produced the whole album for me. And he's just like you know. Knock this out. So we put out the revolver all EP and two thousand eleven two thousand twelve and That's basically what got back in the game. And that's when I decided I'm going to step away from St Shit. Yeah I'm GonNa just focus on music now. One thing that we can say to the youth that when you said right now I stepped away from the street. Is that a lot of that street. Shit in it isn't no disrespect to the neighborhood. But we're thinking about our lives. A lot of the stuff was a waste of time. It was it a big time. We serve because you look back at it and you know. I've sat in jail cell for years and months time. You know other than the fact that I'm the type of person that books and try to improve myself seen guys in there that are spending years doing shit with themselves and they get they get out and right back at the same. Yeah well what I did actually a couple of years ago was I cut off a lot of people that at least I thought were cool but I know there were potentially could give me a fucking trouble. I know if I have to in the fucking car. They'll have a fucking gun or can have a kilo in the fucking trunk. I had a cut all those people off. No hard feelings but like dude. I can't ride with you know more. Ca- I'll tell you what we get all were most likely you're gonNA say it in your shit and guess what we both go. I can't do that so you know what I had to cut up. Everybody off and I don't have home means that like I say I go hang out. We have a couple of I don't I don't you know my home is like my son. My brother my boy John. The PUCK and I'll give my boy. Alex that's pretty much it and we do it here. Yeah you take new circle. That's it absolutely do Like I said I got. I got a couple of friends that that name one hand fingers left over. But that's the way you gotta do it. If you want to stay in this business so now you know. Says you mentioned performing? Let me ask you this. You were first given the Mike. Go ahead. You're up next. Will you ever nervous? At first. I was but Being that I had boxing tournaments before. Okay I felt the pressure that you know not wanting to get beat up knocked out in front of your friends and Family I was. I was like okay. You know what I'm not GONNA get knocked out beat up so no matter what happens. I'm giving my best and you know it's GonNa be it's GonNa work out that'll work. That'll work and Europe forget lyrics all the time I just the thing is. I don't acknowledge it. Stop. I'll just keep keep it rolling most of the time. People don't even notice a lot of times especially if you go on ten or eleven o'clock people already fucked up just doing this. And you could be saying Blah Blah Blah. Yeah so you know what's funny because there's been times that I performed and DJ. And I fucked up. But then every bucket noticed. Yeah nobody knows because you know especially if you keep it going right right so now that EP drops Now we're talking about at the time hard copies wreck. I did drop hard copies for them. What was the response to that? I'm it was decent One of the things is in my neighborhood is that they pumped me up. No matter what okay you know what I mean so I got a built in fanbase already. That will support me one hundred percent and everything that I do so you know the response was good right off the top and you know I was able to get rid of. Cd's real quick and You know start spreading to other places stuff like that other cities okay. Did you have any features on that album other than the only feature had with my boy sees when produced it? You know what I would like to see now this is just me because I'm old school head okay. I would like to see rappers. Go back do albums when no features. Yeah JUST THEM O. Ku Twitter about a year year and a half ago. He said something that offended a lot of people he said on my first album. I think it was. I need a beat that album. He's had no features and I went double platinum. Yeah he said I wish people would go back to that bulk you people were blasting them. What are you trying to say would you? Why would that be offensive? There shouldn't be it shouldn't be no. It's rap you know what I'm saying so I wish people would go back to that. Only because I wanNA see how much weight at these rappers today can actually hold down on their own downed lyrically here because a lot of times these features just become marketing ploy. You know just okay. I got this guy's business. It's business and that's understandable but you know a lot of artists you know. How many artists can you see down long after song after song after song and you know you see some artists? They gotta have a feature on almost every song they do. You know and you know more than help. As far as is now hip hop here do you have a DJ? Had A few. Dj's really start off with DJ risk. He's older cat so now he's a little bit older. You don't come out on anything like that last. Dj's is medicine with was the only big big rob He's from pimple on records and then another DJ named Joey Ya'll okay Out of Westminster. Okay out of Westminster. Now you drop the EP. How soon after did you start working on your next release right away right away? He had I ended up dropping the next release because I was out on bail during this time so I was trying to crunch inasmuch materials. I could always every weekend for few years. I was just going and recording and everything could dropping singles so and then after the revolver out pedia dropped the MR keeping one hundred album which I just. I put everything into because I didn't know when my my my number was going to be called and I was going to go in off the bill. Now when you say I put everything into. We talked about. Lyrically money everything everything. I had. Time money lyrics everything. I just gave it all that I had 'cause you know I didn't understand what was going to get at that time. Just like you know what I'm Gonna I'M GONNA leave the people at one good join before I go okay. And what was the longest? You've been locked up for thirty months thirty months now. So what was your first EP? It was called The Revolver L. P. E. P. M. Sir. Do you remember all the names of your albums for most part of the EP a hockey. I remember most of them. Okay can you name? Yeah the revolver EP and the Mr Keeping one hundred eighty p Okay and then I can name all the songs too but Yeah pretty much not having so many. Do you remember the lyrics no no I? Don't I have to hear them a few times for me to Few Times I've gone it performed and I've had a wing you know what I mean. Yeah because I'd like some songs I'll just write up record in the next thing. We're performing them the next day or all totes. It's sort of tough because know I got so much shit I sometimes. I don't remember you know it's funny when I used to is to Choreograph high-seas shows so what I would do. I we have hype guy for a long time Guide I was seeing along with him. Or whatever and he would rebel. The research is kind of keep up with him so what I would do is I will do it instrumental because back then. We have debts or digital audio tapes. Okay and I to leave the Ad Libs. So if he didn't remember somebody whose lyrics he would hear the ad-lib pick up from there. Oh yeah yeah so. That's kind of like a hype man. Whatever pretty much Saint Louis along with him here so up because I know sometimes I did a couple of shows with a couple of words that I will. Dj for and they suffer some embarrassing moments instead of going along with the ad lived on their instrumentals that I did it for them. There was a fog. I forgot my lyrics and they will say dental and I'm like that else book. Headroom professional very unprofessional us and that's why I told him. Just listen to the even. If you gotta say you're having a good time listening to the Adelaide and then pick up from there. Yeah okay so now. Let me ask you this. What can people today expect from or creep? I gotTa Lotta Projects in the works. You know got a lot of videos. Got Lots of stuff. I stay busy. Unfortunately there's corona virus in quarantine on his shit slowing down like I got a project Chris. Gun and ogsm trouble night out. Shot me a song. Him and his artists. Jay Jusuf shot me a song recording a video with the Brown minds right now. Okay I got a video. Te'o that's that's been our edited. I got a another video. Call this further. Jeez that's what the Dave drug out the Netherlands. And you know I just stay active. Stay busy with a lot of music. Did you bottom nine. I'll let me give it shot up to NATO this. Give me some of your table. That's right or good shit. We forgot to bring out poster that you brought yeah brought. You brought me a beautiful gift. Now let me ask you. This demand is all a question. How did you get old creep? Oh creep my hood is known as the Orange creepers after one of my boys named creeper that passed away so I basically shorted up from Orange Creeper to Oak Creek. Basically Ammash to him and it's also Owen the sea in. Oc Okay. So I thought that worked on both ends before that you've ever happened another wrapping Everybody's calling agent agent wiser. No basically you've heard of that that punk rock group Agent Orange there from from Orange County. Okay and There were a lot of people. It's been deadly like Agent Orange and stuff like that so they love agent. Oh everybody sort of gave that to me around with a little bit and then I can on creep sounds Dole decided to run with. I don't know I was goofy. I was thinking maybe a girl called the euro cree. Well nowadays everybody eight year old creep. You know okay okay. That'll work and now So do you have a release date for anything you know? What do the fact that all this shit's going on? I know a lot of things I can't I don't WanNa give anything to Saul it. You know as to one you know. Release dates and stuff. Okay got projects all these guys. I forgot I got a project weapon damage and a burn. Slow with them to. They've been waiting on me and you know it's been tough you know with you know to be able to schedule. You know everything with you. Know everything that's going on sir. I'm hoping soon within the next month or so and winter you said. He has some videos of editing right now. Yeah I got to realize and editing and right now this is for them. Jeez oh -til okay now You have anything maybe you might have recorded and still having the ball that you've never released. Maybe possibly one day release them. Oh I got a bunch of stuff I got tons of music can limit. This is just me and I'm asking for the public. Why have you never released? Because the game's changed instead of me trying to push put together an album and push together Tan songs twelve songs at a time just so a bunch of gems slip through the cracks. The game is basically all about singles. Nowadays you put one song with the visual and Bang that until the wheels fall off and then by the time that was dying then you have another one coming up another single another -nother visual bang that one and with every time we put out drop a single every time you drop the song you're building up your base every time you know you got a New Song. Come up every time. I dropped the song or visual. I gain at least about twenty thirty subscribers. So that's the way I'm looking at every I'm gonNA keep dropping every single one to keep building it up over and over and over and repeat the process. Because that's that's what's working for me right now. Really how dope on this new project that you're working on I don't know if I asked you. If you had any collaborations I think you might have mentioned a couple. Yeah you did yeah I got one. Ogsm trouble. I got one with Chris. Gun that's right I got a boy Ivan. Raise rare medium state. He's the mastermind behind everything that I do Got One with Epidemic Man With Dave Dru- got a lot of music with Brown lines. Got All now as far as production-wise who's doing other productive com I've got I've been raised production I got underground. Cameras was done so production for me. You got my boy may deals production for me That's about it right there. Right at the top okay. And why haven't you ever dabbled in Production Yourself? I did initially because back then. We didn't have anybody to go buy beach from. We didn't have social media ninety two thousand. I couldn't go online and just find somebody to buy a beach from so I'd have to go after put together my own beats and stuff like that and it took me. Basically though I wasn't able to ride two horses at one time out either able to produce and spend my time. I'm a perfectionist. So they're gonNA spend all my time producing a be all time writing song so I basically figured okay. You know I'm going to be able to get more done if I just focused on on the writing and other people produce so. I'm going to get an empty see though pretty soon. Just jump right back into it most definitely if I encourage you get into production. Okay get into production even if you take baby steps okay. Because a lot of times I know a lot of rappers. Don't WanNA get into production. Because they feel it takes away for the creativity of writing and I get it. I understand that but sometimes you don't WanNa wait on producer to make that one beat or whatnot a lot of times. Just get an a basic beat and say look dude. I'm not perfect but this is what I'm hearing in time. That up would not. I think like I never been adult keyboard player. Play Piano play. Certain notes replace certain pads. But I'm not a natural. Yeah so I would play certain things and I will tell the guy. This is what I'm hearing. Okay you're hearing this. That's what I want but I already had that jump ahead. I didn't go to my keyboard player. Just play some. Let me see if I hear something. I didn't do that. Also so I encourage you and I encourage other rappers. Start working on your production. Do not wait on a producer Nano producers going to like me saying this but do not wait on those guys so you know and pleasure your Europe. Your price could be a little bit cheaper. It is your idea. Yeah definitely so. Let me ask you is. I don't know if you ever come under new movies movies. Mouna Dude Man. You know what I'm saying and I think people would like you to a great part in this. Talk Him over here. Yeah well you know if anybody wants to cast me. I'm available now. I know they're your instagram. Has Been on here on a big screen. So that's what they can beat you. Do you have a facebook or anything where they can reach you other than Instagram Youtube? Okay Youtube. Ocr Three Three P. Again O. See our three three P. does so once again everybody He doesn't have a release date because of everything has been going on truly totally understandable Do you look forward to back up onstage performing again. Yeah do you know I was supposed to perform yesterday matter of fact but I saw that player. Yeah who who the people that you were supposed to perform with epidemic Burn slow and I believe kept by the name of still authentic and we're just going to take place in the city of Orange second base bar and grill. Okay and do you remember? Do you know what songs do do. Call -Til The Wicky Wild West I got a lot of west side. One five degree What else got unreal. I perform a lot of unreleased of to just to get people. Mix it up. Mix it up a little bit. You know not a work okay. Look well let me ask you this before. A week of shouts any other artists. That are out that eating adult Yeah hiked the Brown mine's a lot. Okay My Blake will do more for Let me see Homey rascal from Ali Boys is pretty dog. Vulgar on you know quick My Boy Ivan here producer. He's dope he's he's been taking rains in. Orange County I think Let me see I mentioned Brown lines. Yeah Brown minds epidemic and all them so basically you know that's why is the future at this point and I'll go now. Let me ask you this up today if you had to listen or give us a couple of names of artists that you listen to today any order that you listened to today Newer artists are. I like a guy by the name of a wax Rx. He's from the bay area. Never heard of them yeah. He's a bay area blood and he's a talion guy really. Yeah but this guy's pretty dull man. I I like his style you know. So He's Pretty Dope on Lucy further new artists Yeah I can't really say you already hinted to Blue Vase. Yeah yeah that's and then. That new song came out with issues not yet. I'm going to save that one for another show because that was disrespect knocking says period period. And I'll just leave it at that because I'm GonNa have my dwindled from Las Vegas come. We're GONNA talk about Music Offensive Terresa because a lot of that stuff. Is You know a? Let me say this that it isn't that we don't like the person we just not going to support that song. Yeah you know what I'm saying exactly so don't expect us to pay or go support you or support that Buchan Song. Yeah you know because it is offensive. Yeah and that's the thing to rouse needs a break and let it be known. We don't like that kind of Shit period period. Stop talking that Shit. Yeah exactly what? I'm thinking it's funny and if you're gonNA jump that bullshit going. Do some homework get into the artists that are. Novosel that are putting down instead of fucking putting them down really paying dues. Yeah exactly you know. We've got a lot of artists out there that are putting it down and you know people just want to norm because they're Mexican and that's bullshit period now any female represented that you listen to that our new today only one I seen was Was on the Hami Lighting. Jeez video was a short reporter Rita she I heard her before. I heard her on that song she got down on. That'll work you know what if you could recommend any emails to this show Let me know. Because I'm more lenient on females. Come into the show because I really want to shine spotlight especially on females on this on this show because I think throughout history females have been getting into the stick. Okay so I want to. Shed light on females. I mean I've interviewed a girl that had two songs. But you know what I wanted to shed light on them. You know if you've got twenty songs a hundred song I don't care for your email getting me. I want to bring you one here. You know who's won a dope girl listening to his Monique Ray I never. I never revealed her up. She's from Pomona and she. She reminds me like a Mexican version of Lady of rage. Really ashes pretty dull. Now that you you mentioned that. Okay well maybe you could save me her stuff. I don't know her personally. Shoot you some lakes. Okay that'll work now shelter. You give a moment. I got a few go. Take your time person ever raise. My boy sees a little bit closer bill homey mad. Oh Mall Boy Cisco from my boyfriend. Netherlands Hague city. Dave Drug Dita. Crackhead my boy little man. Gb Wicky Brown. Mines call two four Joe. Crow epidemic. Burn slow fantastic folk master last George Perez Idyllic Eddie. Dama forty-three cynic local Cynics cousin capone from Little Hood. Dj Big Rob Roy. Mr Homicide real most hated big Jay and night out for shooting. Adult Collab- trouble Chris Gun and DJ Bobby B. SUGAR-FREE DJ DJ. Bobby B. That's my mother fucking homeboy. At their home I love that. Dude Bro Bobby. If you're watching this you've got much love much respect here. You're welcome anytime you can come eat. Authorities would meet live on rory radio. I don't give a call me okay. So other than that Somebody said get me sunshine on here anyway but all right follow them to go. Get my shot up to a creep phone city of Orange City award said he wants. Thank you for coming through brother and you know what I really appreciate. Total been honour to interview. Thank you know a lot of people like to say. Oh who is that tune in and find out. It's all I'm going to say do your homework. What I pull somebody go through your home or don't expect me to post links and tell you who this person is. Go to your home regardless. He's coming on because he's somebody show low rows of show low show love okay. Don't hate congratulate him build us up. Yes seven one four in the motherfucking building and so was John motherfucking elkins okay. I want to thank my boy. John motherfucking okay for making all this possible. He this documentary. I directed it. He'll be coming out with his lotion. Soon has g-strings his high heels and his wigs. So for all your females coming out of quarantine you're gonNA need some weeks so other than that Once again my boy. Alex Ramona's Sandy Pants. Motherfucking building West Coast Gillies in the motherfucking building and forgotten anybody. My digi media cliffs My son scandalous countless and an author. My brother Ruben. Berta Day much lower much respect and happy birthday to your silly ass so other than that. We'll see you Wednesday. We got a west coast legend coming in on Wednesday his say photographer director producer. He'll be here Wednesday. Caller Fran takes a friend page a friend slapped shit out of a friend. As a matter of fact. Clap some cheeks for a friend. So See you hear Wednesday. Have a blessed my talk to you soon. God bless taste stay quarantined.

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