Hour 2: How Deep Can They Go?


Terrance Crawford defeated Amir Khan Saturday to retain the WBO welterweight title cropper kept his title con wasn't able to continue after being hit with a low blow in the sixth round. Now, everyone is hoping that Crawford takes on undefeated aero, spins junior in his next fight. You hear both fighters are in the top five of ESPN's pound for pound rankings and potential matchup between the two fighters would be an absolute must watch of it. Welcome back to I take. We're coming to you live above the river deck appear seventeen brought to you by chase. Now. Stephen if we got this mega fight Crawford, and Spence who do you think should be favored? You know? Y'all. Remember Magic Johnson years ago when he was at the Julio, Cesar Chavez versus personnel Whitaker fightback. And and he was asked to pick between the two magic was like Cornell these that. But knows my boy, but says it's a bad, man. But pronouncement board. I can't I can't that's how homos feel about this. Now, we'll say this narrow Spence is a natural well to wait. I think he's bigger and stronger, and because of that he deserves to be the favorite my hesitancy and my loan as outside of the greatness of Crawford is the fact that. I thought he should have been able to take a smaller Mikey Garcia any didn't. So you couldn't take out Mikey Garcia. I don't think you take out Crawford, which we go come out to a box of match, and I consider Crawford superior boxer. But Matt as the pickup, I'm a role with spits for the moment. I'm gonna roll with spent for the moment decision. It's to him again, and partly that's because what we saw Spence do against Mike Garcia. We already saw Spence. Go over seas to fight kell brook in front of a huge hostile crowd and Cal Brooke very good fighter. Giving some some rough moments and Spence came through. And he uses his athletic ability to physically punish his opponent. He applies his skills and his power aggressively. We've seen him do all that stuff but against Mike who's an excellent boxer. But from a smaller week class. We saw Spence fight a technically perfect fight southpaw jab in defense using his reach and. Size. Mike, you couldn't touch them Spence pitched a shutout. I was actually very impressed and thought he went from Crawford opponent who's the best available opponent to about fifty fifty in the end. I take Crawford. You bring up personnel Whitaker. Stephen. And that's partly. Why Crawford is not only switch hitter. The best since Marvin Hagler or maybe Mickey Mantle can fight orthodox or south pole. He not only has boxing skills defense and speed, but punching power head and body both hands forward backward side to side. This guy is a fighter. But in addition to all that is one of the meanest little suckers, you oversee in a boxing ring. He has a stair like Sonny liston, Stephen. He's a bully like that. But he's really with character. So so let into a guy like that who wants to punish you who who is who as the meanness of Crawford. I believe in this fight that will be difference. And I like Crawford, and it's a tough call. But I like. Crawford. First of all first of all try to short your answers when it comes to box because I'm coming to you to ask you more. What gets you ain't give me enough time to ask the question. You talk about Cal Brooklyn England. I didn't see aerospace have trouble with Cal Brooklyn England. But I will ask you this. When you talk about aerospace, and what you love technically, it didn't bother you that Mikey Garcia survived does twelve rounds. When you consider what Crawford with bring to the table, which I think would be elevated above whatever might be the break. I think he spent would have been even more impressive had he stopped Mikey leap. But Mikey after about six rounds. He dared to be good on that night moving up to challenge, Spence, but he didn't dare to be great after about six round, Spence convinced Mikey. He couldn't win. Mikey was no longer fighting to win. But when you have a highly skilled fighter looking to survive, the back half of the fight tough to take them out. Mike is a great. Fighter. He got a great welterweight. God to see that. Because you're saying he was trying to survive 'cause it win. That's different. I got it. I got it. We got you got a bye margin. And you hate it. You got Spence? You got Crawford soreness. All right. Let's go everybody. I'm molly. Karen? You listening to the first take podcast. I love that Dollar Shave Club has everything I need to look feel and smell my very very best. When I love even more is the fact that I never have to go to a store have you covered head to toe for your hair for skin for your face. You name it they haven't. 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Combining home and auto with state farm gets you great coverage for less combining nineties and being with state farm radio as gets you. This champ covered for. John. For more coverage. Visit state bonds. Game four between the Sixers and the nets in Brooklyn got little hate it on Saturday. Jared dozen Jimmy Butler were jetted in the third quarter. After Dudley shove Joel Embiid and players from both teams had be separated by the officials and bead not holding back punches though in his post-game comments. Office. And when you know upon us on again trying to do stuff that as get us out of the game. I thought a situation I just gotta stick on. Then be mature of if money's worth a little bit more on that push push him that day. I mean, he didn't phone down. If anything I fell down. But it's a certain thing for the league to have to look at that. Like, I say Joan be second the league and flagrant fouls. He just got Feiger one almost hitting the guy. I mean, if it would have been if he was sold in a little bit more falling down that was a crucible laughing about it. No fine. Got him works. Anything? I should have got him worse and bead calling Dudley. Nobody as part of the whole fo fallout from the incident. Nets GM Sean marks was suspended one game and fined twenty five thousand dollars because he entered the official's locker room after the nets lost now Dudley and Butler were both also fined Philly after all over has a commanding three one lead in that series. Stephen, how far do you think a healthy? Embiid can take the Sixers in this postseason. I think a healthy Joel Embiid can take the Sixers as far as the conference finals. That's my personal belief because I think they'd have shot against Toronto Toronto's going against an Orlando. Magic team this guy young athletes don't really know how to play as well as they will. They've got a lot of improved. They're going to be vastly improved team in the years to come. I like what they're doing in Orlando put they're clearly young. And then not ready yet. When I look at Toronto, obviously, a wildland looks absolutely big time deserves our respect and PASCAL Siaka is my is my most improved player of the year eases special, dude, but I still see them bona Rable when you talk about healthy Joel and be who has a bit healthy who missed game three. And Obama the way still is average twenty five and thirteen in this series. Joel Embiid is big time. We need to recognize that the comments about Jared Dudley. Some people are taking back by. Or whatever I'm not is to heat a competition. I don't mind them talking as long as they don't engage if fisticuffs even though I think the Jared Dudley is somebody to be respecting he's been in leaf over thirteen years. He's been a contributor. He hasn't been a star by any stretch of imagination. But he's not a scrub and some of the things that he said is quite frankly on point. But in the end, he is no Joel Embiid. Most people are not and I look at more. So the vulnerability of the Eastern Conference, which I think is relatively wide open and then a wide open Eastern Conference. When you've got somebody like Embiid, healthy not injured, but healthy of Embi wha healthy. And you don't have to worry about him missing gains. And he can average at least thirty five thirty three to thirty five minutes a game. Oh year that do can carry this particular team to the conference finals well by healthy. It's Joel Embiid healthy. We're not pretending. He's another guy. I mean, the reason he was third picking the drafters Inge. Concerns? He's still yet to play even seventy games in a season and the way that manifest itself in the playoffs is not just missing game. It's games. It's he'll never be able to get himself into the kind of playoff shape, but he clearly wants to be into these very willing defender as a lot of pride in his defense and plays when he's on the floor practically MVP level, but the difference is that the injuries hold them back in preparation for the game too. We can't pretend all the sudden he's perfectly healthy player when we see healthy. We mean, he can play in all the games that's not gonna be enough to overcome the Sixers lack of depth against the Toronto team who couldn't get it done last year, not just because LeBron was in their heads. But because their best player demar derozen wasn't good enough to be the best player on the team that got past LeBron James Leonard, his cO letters teams already. He's already been on a team where he was the finals MVP because of the defense he played on the Brian James also as the number one option on offense, and he is on a really good. And deep team you mentioned Siaka Baca can still play. You know, you talk about Kyle Larry van Vliet can play. They have just guy after guy on that team. You who do you want to guard, you know, not just NB Bogue on right? He can he can score to how about Mark assault. Does that do it for you? They got they just got a lot of depth on that Toronto team. They have a system that works, and they have a lead player of best player who is capable because we've already seen of being the best player in championship team in even with a healthy MB Dan getting past the the raptors. Well, first of all couple of things number one. Nobody's pretending Joel and be healthy. He missed game three. It was a question as to whether or not he was going to play a game for before they played. I'm just answering the question of what a healthy and be can do. That's number one number two where we talk about the Toronto Raptors, I'm not talking about their personnel. I'm talking about what I see their personnel having done and the first round of this playoff series. They seem to rely heavily on a Kawai Siaka more. So than anything else. I don't think that would necessarily work against the Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers I think when you look at healthy in being which is not the case. But then you combine that with Tobias Harris eighteen points per game. Forty eight percent shooting a Jimmy Butler eighteen points per game. Forty seven percent shooting JJ Rettig eighteen points per game. Ben Simmons capable of a triple double at any given moment there are questions about their debt. But you look at the size the F lettuces them, the youth of the Philadelphia seventy six. I don't I think there were significant upgrades to the Orlando Magic. So when you see what Toronto is doing? I'm making the proclamation that I don't think that's Pacific strategy would work against these seventy Sixers in these player in these playoffs. The seventy Sixers still don't have a fully mature, Ben Simmons. They also have a huge defensive liability as I've been saying all along in JJ Rettig, that's actually one of their two achilles. Heels as much as if Ben Simmons had a jump shot. They be on beatable. He doesn't right now we're dealing with this version of which is still excellent redick's defenses killing them off the bench. They got nothing like I love TJ McConnell for fifteen eighteen minutes. But the defender walks away from him, he's no threat from the outside. And he's a little as you would say a relatively miniature guy. Right. So the lack of death on that team. Maybe if Simmons were already in his prime and bead was not missing any games in these playoffs. Maybe Stephen and. Even then maybe they could overcome this, very good and deep raptors team. But that's not the only the only the one that. Because see I don't disagree with if you breaking down and you're talking about these sixes because in beat is not nearly one hundred percent. But what I'm saying to you is that the question that needs to be asked. If in bead were a hundred percent, do you think him in combo with the four or the starters would be able to offset? What you're saying about the Philadelphia seventy Sixers bench. I don't not yet. And I think they would because of the acquisition of not yet. Well, the I think if it'd be what healthy it would be enough now because to me to me a year from now, Colin at stain Toronto even more potent than they are right now right now, I think the voter, and I think that the federal that you talk about JJ Rettig is offset by Lowery and van Vliet Boule B two guys. I think he could defend you talked about a punchers chance. The raptors have punch. Hunters chance this year. You know, they don't have any of JJ wrecks on the team. They're three guys three and DUI and Danny green, even when he scores. No points. They win. You think Danny Green's not gonna have any good games? This postseason. Let's leave this here for this moment. The Sixers still have to deal with the nets. And for what it's worth, we should note this that the NBA came out. And it's last two minutes report and noted that Jared Allen was fouled at the end of the game. It could have impacted that last game between the Sixers on down. Joe L they need to take that they need to take back the suspension the show marks. That's right. That's right point. I don't know if you're allowed to go into the locker room after the game invoice that mmediately, but he was right. Is your his point was right? Sportscenter right now, I'm Victoria Arlen. Celtics sweep with the Pacers. Just their second postseason sweep and thirty four series. Larry Bird retired following the nineteen nineteen season. And for Boston four Gordon Hayward. It was a hometown affair the Vienna. Native came off the vengeance. Scored a team high twenty points. Celtics are now seven oh this season. When Hayward scores at least twenty points plots entire bench came up big Sunday shooting sixty nine percent from the field. Kyri Irving's teams are now sixteen and Owen first round games that he played him. He joined three Jabbar as the only two NBA players since nineteen Eighty-four to play at least ten first round games and not one. That's according to alive, and the Celtics await the winner of the pistons bucks series, which the bucks LeBron oh aimed for its night in Detroit. The walkie one two of its three meetings with Foshan this season teams were known for office during the season, but the Celtics shot just forty percent and their matchups with Milwaukee. But series should be close one. Outscored the Celtics by three point three points per game. Their lowest point differential against an Eastern Conference opponent. Now, let's toss it back to I take. So the Celtics make easy work of a Victor, Ola depot. Lewis Pacers Boston second round opponent will likely be the bucks who can close out the pistons tonight. Max, I heard you just a moment ago? We're talking about the raptors you said, something interesting. I think you said you gave him a punchers chance against the warriors tonight. I gotta ask you after what Boston is done are the Celtics best suited to take down the warriors from the east not best suited, although on paper when the season began. I thought probably they were if they got there, even though I like the raptors over them. I thought stylistically they have kyri leading them and other guys with upside who could match up well, and it's nothing against the Celtics. I still think that they can reach some version of their potential this playoffs. We're starting to see them gel nothing against the Celtics. And I ain't even take my rafters which might preseason pick. Ladies and gentlemen. Do you see what the freak is doing Milwaukee? Do you see the team they surrounded him with let me just run this down for you real quick because they try. For marriage, still not physically, right? So contin getting his minutes who is a bowler. Who's an athlete Bledsoe an athlete? I'm not even gonna talk about those two guys on this team is delic- excuse me this delicate Holzer surrounded the Greek freak with. Position by position brogden, assuming brogden health fifty forty ninety twenty points a game any plays defense. Steph curry with boogie on the court. There was something recently had a stroke had Stephen Steph curry his physical profiles brogden with boogie on the court meeting. He's not as good as normally is. But brogden is essentially Steph Korean on the brogden really really good, and he can shoot it stopped me when I get to a guy who can't shoot the lights out and play defense Middleton because that's the two if the freak is playing three marriage would be the four who's an underrated defender, and can obviously shoot and Lopez plays the five who can shoot the lights out for five six seven game hits him in a good clip, and can defend the rim. Where's the weakness? And if you need someone else to create off the dribble and get you penetration. And also defend I mentioned Bledsoe. It's and I think the freak is the best player in the game into the combo. It's nothing against. Stephen A. It's nothing against my pick. The rockets. It's here comes Milwaukee. They have the best chance at of any team in the east to beat the warriors. Well, what I think is important for viewers to recognize the fact that I'm not disagreeing with your breakdown of what Milwaukee brings to the table. My only issue is that just like you can sit up and say you need to see what heart and does and the playoffs. I need to see what Milwaukee doesn't a place as far as I'm concerned max, the Milwaukee Bucks had a first round. Bye Blake Griffin and play the first two games. And even though he played the third game. Let's not talk about the Detroit business. They're just not on the level of the Milwaukee Bucks right now. As far as I said, the Milwaukee Bucks had a bye and one could argue the same when it comes to the Boston Celtics because Indiana didn't have victim Ola depot who we wish a speedy recovery to after his achilles heel the knee injury, rather. But here's the reality of the situation. The reason why I refuse to jump off the Boston Celtics bandwagon, and I refuse to designate another team better suited to compete with the warriors than anybody else in the Eastern Conference one of the things reasons why because what they did in the first round is what I. I've been waiting for from them all season long. You know, remember, I've been very public about my comments that you know, Boston's coach Brad Stevens made a huge mistake by just inserting. Gordon? Hayward into the starting at the beginning of the season that divided the team some degree anyone out of court played together in this possible to root against Gordon Hayward. But make no mistake about it. A lot of people will put up about Gordon Hayward wasn't ready. Everybody knew it, and he had no business doing that. Because it really said team in the wrong direction. Having said all of that, we've passports and now that's all gone that's water under the bridge. And what we're looking at the Boston Celtics squad right now what they're doing. Cari, Irvine twenty two percent from three Jason Tatum? Fifty three percent from three Gordon Hayward. Forty four percent from three Jalen Brown. Forty two point nine percent from three point range when we look at it from that perspective in the Morris. Thirty five percent from three point range a Boston Celtics team that. Heady perimeter shots put tick Yuli threes can compete with anybody in the Eastern Conference because they have the youth any athleticism and the closer inquiry Irvine when necessary to pull it off. And that is why I'm not jumping off the Boston Celtics band. Well, I'll tell you what as as bad as the first round of these play offs have been they've been boring Nola Braun obvious outcomes of the series. That's how good the second round is going to be you got four like titans in the east going at it. Now, even the Sixers who were kind of discounting you can't put it past them. I don't believe in them yet. But you can't put it passing. They have that kind of upside on their top talent. And even in the west of the get Golden State Houston. Do you know how epic the second round of the playoffs is about to be epic? The best second round in years. Just heard this from you. So I can do your rankings. You said with all due respect to your rockets, and you also put the raptors behind the buck. So you have the. Chance in the entire NBA being given to the Bucknell take down the rocket. No, I made the more years. I give the rockets the best shock. It's rockets. One rockets one in the east, it would be bucks one raptors to Celtics three and all of those follow the rockets in order after that you made the qualification of the east when you said the Celtics best chance to take on the warriors. You said in the east the Celtics behind the rockets and your pecking order as well. Correct. Correct. All right there, we have it. So max, you go rockets then box raptors, correct Celtics, and I don't give the six and everybody saying number one and then disagreement on the east. Okay. All right. We gotta guys who got rank. And now, we can hold you to it. Hey, it's Dan Patrick here to tell you about the Dan Patrick school. Sportscasting I've teamed up with poll sale university to create a sports casting bachelor's degree you work both on and behind the cameras and you build skills for the future of sports. So you can connect with audiences. No matter where they are or how they're to Ning in learn more about full sail. Universities, Dan, Patrick school sports sportscasting by going to full sail dot EDU slash, Dan. Patrick school. So the Philadelphia Flyers had decided to take down a statue of Kate. Smith a singer from the nineteen thirties due to the revelation of some lyrics discovered from songs back in that timeframe published back in the nineteen thirties. He's been singing or rather recording her version of God bless America has been playing at both Yankee Stadium and in Philadelphia at flyers games for some years. And as you heard me mentioned, the flyers also had a statue of Kate. Smith out in front of her studying that was at first covered up and now has been removed in the wake of the revelation of these lyrics from the nineteen thirties. Stephen aid. Is it fair to say this removal of the statute, the removal of the song? God bless America. Her version from the libraries of both of these teams is an overreaction. It's not an overreaction. She they needed to cover the statue. And as far as I'm concerned, you know, you shouldn't be playing her rendition of God bless America. It's not to sit up there and denigrate Hong whatever these lyrics were and the things that she was doing outside of that was in the nineteen thirties and nineteen forties. It was clearly a different time. But a highly sensitive highly sensitive time, especially back then as well. And I think what we need to recognize the fact that you know, what we can sit up. We could talk about how society has advanced and things are incredibly offensive as of now. But who's to say that it was not offensive back, then they were black people alive and and living back, then that will enduring far more racist things than we're subjected to at least overtly in this day and age, so when you take that into consideration, and you listen to the lyrics of some of our songs, and then you recognize the fact that this is her, and she is now associated with it would be one thing to have. Problem with the song. God bless America. Just because she sang it. It's another thing entirely when you're looking at the individual that singing that so on this plenty of people who sing that song their opinion, plenty of people who are capable of singing that song. Once it is revealed who she is. And you see some of the lyrics of some of the things that she has spewed in the past like, for example, this that's why darkies will born someone to pick the cotton and somewhat had to pick the corn someone had to slave and be able to thing when you are associated with lyrics like that. Then you're singing, God bless America. And we know who you are. It's anonymous with you a nets problem. Now, we didn't know who you are. And we just heard you singing the Saul. And you're a good luck charm for the Philadelphia Flyers as you had been for years, and you're synonymous with that song only that would be a different ballgame. But now the cats out of the bag. Everybody knows exactly who she is. Or who she was rather. Because she passed away in nineteen eighty six. Everybody knows what she's been synonymous with which wasn't flattering to the African American community. And as a result. I think that you need to dismiss remove yourself from that kind of sociation. So I have no problem with the Yankees the flyers or anybody else refusing the play that rendition any longer because to think about it when she singing, it is to think about the other things that we would rather not think about I don't think it's an overreaction, and I'm sensitive to this issue that nowadays, the PC culture run amok, especially people who are groups of people who've been marginalized but coming into the mainstream. We're looking at our history and saying, well, wait a minute. A lot of our traditions that people like just inertia, we've already we've always done them. And then they become sentimental to us. Also, we don't like all this stuff changing. But many groups were offended by a lot of the stuff that people find traditional and kind of warming to their heart because they're used to it now. And yet I am. Sensitive to this idea, especially with social media nowadays, you can unearth controversies in people's past and use that as a way to kind of erase them from our culture. So I get it. I get the sensiti sensitivity to it. This is not like Wagner the composer. Who is notorious racist anti Semite, not listening to his music that would be ridiculous, right because the music has intrinsic value and his views were not part of his work. Really? They were separate from that work or Lenny rife, install the director who made a triumph of the will about the Nazis. It was propaganda. And do we we don't need to celebrate the person in order to study the film and say, okay here is film technique or even at yet kind the great chess player who was also a notorious anti Semite, but had great chess games supposed to not study chess games. No. This is different. This is different because we are here playing her music. And in her catalog were songs, you know with terrible and racist messages. So it's not simply like well. We're going to throw out the baby with the bath water because she did some things in our personal life. We don't like or held some repugnant views. She put them out in her music and their many renditions of God bless America. That are great. Why do we need to play hers put titular Lii in a sport that wasn't integrated wasn't even integrated in nineteen forty seven. But at least they let one black dude play in nineteen forty seven. Jackie robinson. But was not wasn't more fully integrated until ten years after that in that sport. You wanna pick a specific rendition of a song by a notorious racist who put out racist music really need to do that. If we can change that tradition. If I may I just want to add a few facts and push on a question Kate Smith as you point out, Steven A published some clearly. And undebated ably racist songs, or at least one in the nineteen thirties the one you did reference. Stephen there's some question about what not that was satire because it was also sung by Paul Robinson. Who is a civil rights activists time went on. So that particular Paul Robeson, I'm sorry that particular ones there's some debate. There are some others that are there is not debate about and match you bring up other famous figures, we should just lease point these facts Kate Smith, I believe holds the record for most war bonds sold to the United States of America. She helped raise six hundred million dollars during World War Two to fight the Nazis. It would be eleven billion dollars in today's money. But here's what I have to push start with you, Stephen. We're holding a historical figure with nineteen thirties actions to modern day standards. I agree with you. They were offensive no matter what. And given the timeframe no matter the decade. However, this has no end the standards. So for example, the Philadelphia seventy Sixers have been Franklin featured in their logo. Ben Franklin was a slave owner. I think that we could all agree is more offensive even than singing racist lyrics. So should they remove Ben Franklin from their logo baseball self as you point out max and hockey itself, we're not integrated until well after Kate Smith should baseball and hockey play great pay greater penalties themselves. I I wanna know where and how you wash history. Well. Yeah. Let me answer. This question. Will I'm gonna give you perhaps one of the more, honest answers. You may not have heard from somebody in the answer is we just don't know. Because it it depends on the offended party. A lot of times. People wanna make you wanna have this standing and there's nothing against that. You wanted to like an umbrella policy for crying out loud. It's applicable to everybody. Well, guess what? You know, what if black folks find that to be highly offensive maybe back in the day? There was nothing that they could do about it at that particular moment in time. Maybe as recently as the seventies and eighties. There was nothing. They could do about it at that particular time, but somehow some way because of the heightened level of sensitivity that exist in today's society folks, finally able to do something about it. And absolutely took the opportunity to do just that there's an individual. I think he works for the New York Times by the names of Charles blow that was on the air just over the weekend. And he was talking about you know, what black people were alive back then too. And black people highly offended by certain things that may have transpired. You just couldn't find yourself in a position to do. Something about it. Because the side is a whole wasn't receptive to provoking change the way that it is now. So when you ask that question, there's no definitive answer comparing har- to a Ben Franklin like speak to an story about that. Which I am not I'm willing to concede that but the fact that Matt is is that the offending parties. In question are the ones that should be able to make that call if somebody said something offensive about the Jewish community, if they said something offensive about this llama community, if this is something offensive about the Catholic community, whatever like, we talk about Catholic priest from Tom, Tom, or whatever the case may be you know, what folks going to stand up and say the Catholics gonna stand up saying, let us judge the Jewish folks are gonna stand up and say, let us judge them. Do you know everybody it's all dependent on the one the offended Audie. This is folks of the mindset that this is a. Offensive. That is all that's needed. This is what I would say good with the bad. Will Joe attornal did a lot of great stuff? But after the dusky scandal statue has gotta come down. It's not that it obliterates the good. He did. It's that the good is weighed with the bed, and I would say that when it comes to George Washington. Benjamin Franklin we have to deal with like, it's not it's I don't think that they had raised from the history books or they're not honored for the many things they did. Because what does that mean? What does that mean deal with it? Because of the context of their time. We don't take down the statue statues of George Washington. Benjamin Franklin, however history is watching so for example, when it came to choose, and there was a war fought over it. Then the southern confederate generals should never have a statute anywhere in this country for their treason and for their fighting for slavery. They should be demonized in history and certainly never honor. Heard anywhere. That's not the case with Washington, frankly. Now, let's take let's extend this the Kate Smith the offended party at the time. African Americans had no say no voice had no ability to stop those kind of songs from being popular. But history is watching and Justice. She enjoyed great success and did many good things in her life. She is now paying because history has been watching and has her as has its I on her. She is now paying for it. So it's not a free ride forever simply because she got away with. But here's the thing. I think you're both actually advocating the same standard and Steven you put a fine point on it. You said basically when the offended party says, so even if the offended party comes decades later, and my point to you is this then nothing will survive nothing will survive because you go back. We'll hold on really quick. I can't stop right there. I have to go a little bit more. Nothing was hold on every civilization every society. Almost every individual will not survive test of futuristic, and modern standards you will wash away all of history, and as you point out all it takes day by the standard. You gave me as a Nuff people offended. Ben Franklin has got to come down. That's the way the minute. Wait. No. No, no, no will know will first of all understand the answer that I gave you was predicated on your question. If fed off of your question, that's number one, number two more importantly was dangerous about what you're saying. Will is that your own knitting the absence of an impact that both myself imacs alluded to as it pertained to the black community if somebody in this day and age took a certain position that supposedly was offensive, and we as a society with the advent of social media and beyond with the reach and the impact and the power to provoke change did nothing, then you're augument would be far more profound. Then it is when you bring up the nineteen twenties or the nineteen thirties. And you say that nothing was done about it. Max brought it up how there was a disenfranchised community relatively voiceless empowering and pretty much, you know, devoid of the ability to provoke change to that degree at that particular moment of time. I haven't had that folks that it won't change who's to say that folks the world's things around. Defended by their position live an answer. I have an answer for this will it's the perfect. The enemy of the good argument. I've heard this argument used as it relates to confederate generals. Of course, the treasonous traitors and the defenders and fighters for slavery or villains in history and should be so remembered as only as villains because the bad out is so momentous that it far outweighs anything any virtue virtue is now meaningless that is not the case with everyone. They can do bad things in the context of history, which at the time didn't seem so bad. I get that. But it's like the question the questioning was a line crossed. So for example, what you're arguing with Kate. Smith is was there line crossed? Yes. There was did people know better at the time. Sure. They did not everyone was putting out music like that not everyone was racist in the nineteen thirties. But apparently she was and she was playing to a racist audience. Now understand what you mean. And one day people will say, well, we're everyone vegetarians back. Then how dare we honor anyone from the era where they slaughtered in eight animals, and we'll say no, but back then no one I understand. But if eventually it comes to a day of reckoning, and you're still on the wrong side, then yes, you'll be so judged by his but his Franklin was not a confederate general his not only should history. Not be a race. It's an incredibly dangerous path to go about thinking it's virtuous to a race history. And let me just tell you the standard the two of you were telling me today, I'm talking about some recent vintage how are we on history? You could go back a decade a decade shift, the civil rights issue since shift the offended party, Steven if you start talking about gay rights, you will arrays history as recently as ten years history to real quick hold him to later Slater in saying those people must be what I'm saying is a race history. How how what are we doing to raise? History, but not playing Kate Smith, you were acting like she I understand what you're saying. The difference between a race and honor. I totally understand. But if you go down this path forget a race. You'll continue to malign you'll continue to Vilnai's reason to figures that I would feel slightly certain that almost everybody table would hold in high esteem and wouldn't pass the standard of the decade trashing, and will my response to that would be you act like we are denigrating this woman called Har racist, wishing bad things upon the soul of this person. No saying is that these particular these particular lyrics in her songs with inappropriate ofensive they were racist. And she is not someone who needs to be honored in this day and age period that is stopping you're stopping there. Because again to go any further is to go far deeper than we're prepared to go on this particular show. You say excuse us. She don't need to be on it in two thousand nineteen by playing her rendition of God bless America. When we're talking about America, we aspire for a better day to age of better society as a whole that what she was depicting at that time. And I would say that even go back ten years will if it's an issue of gay rights say and it was not popular enough. It wasn't polling well enough. And so public figures were against gay rights. I know ten years ago at the time could see clearly what was right, and what was wrong, and there were many people like me, even if we were in the minority, and so if people feel differently about it now that I would say good for them for growing and shame on them for the position. They held ten years in to your point, then their statues there on a riff IX should come down as well. It depends. We didn't put a case. What are you saying? We'll let me that guy. Anyway. You're asking me and max will what are you suggesting should be done? Okay. I'm suggesting it's an absolute in Uttar fool's errand to go back through history decades. Someone who's been passed away for thirty years incidents, which occurred eight decades ago, and apply modern historical standards to something you can almost reach a century. I'm suggesting that your standard yours only requires a handful of people to be a little outrage to go back and tear statues down. And I'm telling you that by your standard, President Obama's statues would not stay in to today's standards when it comes to gay rights, Stephen. What are you talking? And. Oh, that's pretty damn easy for you to say because you're not defended party. It's real easy for the person or the group. That's not the offended party to take that position. Let me let me really going Willis latching on. It will always be offended party. Stephen argument to you will latch onto it doesn't appear to be people that look like you will will latching onto look will latching on points. I'm just talking just talking about my community compared to you. That's all I meant by that statement will your latching onto the point that that Stephen made you think the threshold is too low any offended party if they're outreach if they're indignant enough can change history that is not my contention. And it's not the point. I am here. Making what I'm saying is in the nineteen thirties. If people if someone was putting out racist lyrics. Everyone was racist. Not all white people racists, but many of them were they were told oftentimes how wrong-headed there they were. It's not as though they weren't aware of this. They made their choice and by the way, black people were horribly disenfranchised and alienated and marginalized and oppressed. And now to say, well, that's the way it was then and now even with the advantage of hindsight. Well, look, yes. There was all this injustice. And well, we just gotta go along with it. Now that we can never correct anything. We can never with the vantage point of history say you know, what that that was bad. You who supported that? That was bad that argument doesn't lie with there's no debate about the nature of the songs that Kate Smith sang, no one. He's here to excuse them. When we're talking about how we treat history, and the standards we apply that way Kate Smith will why they're plenty of renditions of God bless America. Ask the Yankees. Well, they got him involved. What happened in the first quarter and a half that that you didn't get around to doing in the last two and a half quarters next question. What happened that sorta verse the reverse the tone of this game? Thanks question. We played with the venture played on him. And how did it change when when he got going in the third quarter? So the question. Not sure. So for years head coach Steve Kerr was asked about this after his game. He said, I just feel that we have to be very careful as Lee fans love the game, the social dynamic fashion, the more than anything. They love the connection. They feel to the players. I think it's important for the players to understand that. It's a key dynamic to the league. I don't think this is a healthy dynamic for this league for any player. Any team any local media any national media. Stephen do you re with Steve Kerr on this. I completely agree with him. I think is incredibly unfortunate. How Russell Westbrook is acted. He somebody that I like and at my in respect and a lot of different ways. He's a superstar talent. There's no question about that. But he can be a bit abrasive towards folks at Thomson. Clearly, that's the case when it comes to bury travel columnist in Oklahoma City. It's just uncalled for and the reason why some call pause because there are no personal questions. Here. You're talking about basketball questions being asked now is history. Back in twenty fifteen. Russell westbrook. Looked him dead in the face in the media in the locker room in front of the media said I just don't like you. And what have you, and that was dating back to two thousand fifteen there have been times when Kevin Durant was a teammate of Russell Westbrook when he came into defensive Russell Westbrook, and quite frankly, he deserved it. Because on a few occasions, there may have been people that may have been a bit ultra critical of Russell Westbrook. But nevertheless, it's about. Basketball. And I think that one of the things one of the things that I try to say a few. I've tried to say amend plays over the years is that we could always ask you something else. We could always get into personal business and ask you incredibly uncomfortable questions that I absolutely positively. None of our business, you know, and what you have some reporters of who can do that. And the reality is that when you look at today's generation of players, you're this old tra- sensitive. It's unreal. It's like the more money they've gotten the more secure. They are the more sensitive that they've become a you can't tell them nothing. And it makes no sense. My attitude is any question about the sport. You play is in line. It's a basketball question. Anything about your personal life is none of our business. You don't have to answer that. But a question about the support of basketball should be something that you. You're obligated to answer. Russell Westbrook signed the largest contract and NBA history at the time for two hundred and five million dollars, the salary kicked in the she's thirty five million dollars this year part of that is because the NBA has been able to flourish and grow because of media's participation in covering the sport people have to know that that's the kind of thing. This Kerr was alluding to. And I really wish more people heard because in case like LeBron James was not playing in this postseason, whatever let's take a moment to give LeBron James a lot of credit highly scrutinized, always the after games answering questions and literally interest questions now, Paul Russell Westbrook has one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet in your life and Paul George saying next question off of basketball. That's how bad it's gotten got answer the question. It's a basketball question answer it now. I disagree. Stephen that that reporter can ask about the personal life. Like, hey, careful could because. Okay. If the reporter does that they're playing themselves. You know, exact Russell Westbrook doesn't like the way of certain reporter covers him or feels that that reporter is being unfair. I understand that. But long as not misquoting him. The reporter is can contextualized the writer can contextualize anyway, he wants and just can't control that. Right. But so I think west could do something like answer questions the way Popovich does. So you're kind of answering the question, but not really giving the guy anything, but I think he's playing himself when he's like next question because he's he's literally not living up to his job there too. What part of a basketball players jobs answer questions the press conference. So you can say stuff like when he said, it's a good question. I don't know actually you can get away with that answer where you say what was the turning point. We just continued to play hard or something like that. That's all okay. But if you say next question, you should probably be fine for that. Because he's asking a question about the game. And you're refusing to talk to that guy, which tells me of an issue with that reporter. And that's okay. There are ways you can do that. But you can't just sit there and say next question what there are ways you could do that. Absolutely. Right. But I'm just saying to you that you know, we live in an age right now. It's not just about what Steve Kerr said. And he was absolutely right. Max think about how invasive people can be if they really really wanted to if they had no class if they had no decorum if they just wanted to hate on you, and they were out to get you and the Khanna stuff in this day and age you could print and right and talk about when it comes about when it convenient. Question. And we couldn't say anything, right? All all. I'm saying is is that you want somebody that ask you about basketball because that's what you're doing. Now anything else? Okay. Get the hell away from me. But the more questions that you get to aunts about basketball, the less you'll ever have to about anything else. And that's jaunt. We're about to run out of time fellows, but I really wanna get you on this as well. Should I be worried here? Chacao boys fans be concerned about Zeki keep posted this picture on. He was von Miller day this weekend. And some are jumping on the conclusion Zeke like packed on some pounds this off season. Elliott's way has been a little bit of an issue in the past where you think Stephen as concerning. Absolutely not. I see no difference. He looks like he always looks. He always looks pudgy. You know, what an enormous head? Okay. And then he gets on the field. Any runs roughshod over everybody. The Los Angeles Rams except the Los Angeles Rams. Play on. Except that Gable. But Elliott doesn't look any different to meet any always looking. I don't see what everybody's complaining about. You. Always looks that way Zeki showing up pictures like he's four member of day last soul. Get out of here with you come on get into shape. No, listen about that. Dude is leap. But let me show you what you would prefer. You're running back to look like. Well, okay. Awesome. What are you? That's the cue show the pictures that we had planned. Okay. Well, anyway, what you could imagine you'd be seeing a picture of saquon Barkley, and he certainly doesn't look like Zeki. Let's take. So they get yours. I asked for this right here because I picture about running back comparisons. As well that that looks like somebody in shape to me that was looking comparison don't Zeke had more rushing this year to how how is the offense of line. Was it the best football? I forgot the worst you're scrambling. Now, I forgot you're slipping. Listen say already better Iki will ever be any don't even have an offensive. I know why man's shape. Just doesn't show up on the field. Just pictures on the field. Like this Vanity Fair shoot. I believe y'all will set me up like that. I didn't know they were meeting in the morning where these things are planned and apparently afterward. We'll goes back in for meeting to well, you we'll give me a picture of Zeke. Well, played, sir. And I said can I have a picture to all I need to stance? That's all. All right, fellas. That's it for us today.

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