Ep. 524 - Trent365! - 48 Hrs After Bowen Therapy


Okay. Forty eight hours after my bone therapy treatment yesterday. I felt like I'd been hit by a bus today. I kind of feel like that bus has backed up over me and run over my foot. But I guess that's progress. So yesterday twenty four hours after the treatment after presenting with these shoes that were essentially symptoms of plant. She Itis pine in the ball of the foot the mine issues. I had yesterday was a lot of pain in around the knee in the Khafus specially and down on the bull of the foot again in the even the top of the foot very swollen very hot to touch very sorta touch today. Twenty four hours after that, so forty-eight hours after the treatment. And most of the pain has now moved down to the ankle the ankles swollen sorta touch the ball of the foot is still there. But the kaffirs seems to have been released pretty much which is interesting, and yeah, look, I'm doing the magnesium oils and the Epsom salt bounce and all that stuff. But to me, that's that's not the interesting. Interesting bit is how this bone therapy. Treatment has really released all the stuff and what she did. Apparently was the Soe's muscle, which is sort of part of the hip flakes in that area. That was one of the the big areas of concern she actually released the facial around that leading to that mainly through the stomach area. Which was interesting. But look, it's a really interesting thing this bone therapy. I'd never really heard much about it before. But having tried it. It's certainly unlocked something within and so I think anyone who's interested in treatments and healing should definitely go and check out bone therapy. It's apparently an OSCE car back in the seventies who actually came up with this technique, and as some people have pointed out it is a fairly gentle technique. It's kind of a rolling and a slight sort of flicking motion, but really mainly rolling motion. And it's a fairly gentle treatment. It doesn't actually really hurt a lot during the treatment most of the time until I get those real sensitive areas, which I can still feel today actually little bruised. But I tell you what once it those channels bloody hill or I will be back again tomorrow, thanks for tuning in. So. Yeah.

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