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NPR News: 01-18-2020 1AM ET


Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Nora Raum Secretary. State Mike pompeo is speaking out about a central figure in the impeachment process former former. US Ambassador Maria von Vich. He says he had not heard that event which was under versus Valence. This after a series of text messages came to light suggesting suggesting trump supporters had spied on her last spring before she was recalled to Washington. NPR's Michelle Kellerman reports secretary. Pompeo says he's never met live. Parnasse the indicted associate of trump's. Private lawyer Rudy Giuliani Parnasse gave lawmakers many documents including text messages with a Republican activists. Robert Bert Hyde. Who suggested he was monitoring Ianovich is movements in conservative radio? Interviews Pompeo says to the best of his recollection. He had not heard of that before this week. The F. B. I. has searched hides house in Connecticut and Ukraine has opened an investigation. Ivanovich was ousted last year and told the return earned because of security concerns. She says she was the target of a disinformation campaign. Led by Giuliani Michele Kelemen. NPR News. The State Department space X is set to test critical safety systems. Saturday of its spacecraft designed to carry humans to the International Space Station from member the station W. M. F. E. Brendan Byrne reports. The Crew Dragon Test Capsule. We'll launch on a falcon nine rocket from Kennedy Space Center. If all goes according to plan eighty four seconds after liftoff the UNCROWNED capsule activate its launch abort system engines on the capsule will fire pushing the capsule away from the bottom portion of the rocket. It's is one of the final certification tests for space x before launching humans on a mission to the space station. The goal of the test is to prove the crew dragon. Safety Systems will work in the unlikely. Weekly event of an emergency during launch spacex completed a successful unpiloted mission of the crew dragon to the station last year for NPR news. I'm Brendan Byrne for teachers at a Los Angeles Area Elementary School Sued Delta Airlines Friday because a plane preparing for an emergency landing dumped fuel on their school all Tuesday attorney. Gloria allred said her clients could feel the fuel on their closed their flesh their eyes and their skin. They immediately rush their students indoors doors and they did their best to decontaminate the children who were screaming and crying even though the teachers news were also contaminated and in pain from the toxic fumes and the fuel. They assisted the children I. The plane landed safely safely at Los Angeles International Airport it had dumped about fifteen thousand gallons of fuel in order to reach a safe landing. Weight officials say nearly early sixty school children and teachers were exposed. No one was taken to the hospital this is NPR news from Washington. Federal authorities halted all flights in and out of O'hare Airport in Chicago for hours Friday night because of a winter storm. A winter. Weather Advisory is in effect in fact the Chicago area through early Saturday three. US airports will start screening travellers from Wuhan China for symptoms related to a virus. That's it's caused an outbreak of pneumonia there scientists with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Say they're taking the outbreak seriously. But the risk to the American public doc is low. NPR's Pingpong reports the screenings will happen at JFK in New York Sfo in San Francisco and lax in Los Angeles. These three international national airports received direct and indirect flights from Wuhan. Travelers will be checked for fever and interviewed for a new Monja like symptoms. The new corona virus discovered in the central trainees city earlier. This month is believed to have caused a viral pneumonia and at least forty five people to have died. Three cases have been confirmed so far outside of China to to in Thailand and one in Japan the CDC expects cases to appear in the US given the high volume of traffic from Han Ping Pong NPR news. The the White House has announced the names of president. Trump's legal team for the Senate impeachment trial it will be led by White House counsel Baloney and trump's private attorney Nj Secolo they'll be joined by prominent lawyer Alan Dershowitz and by Kenneth Starr who was the independent counsel in the bill. Clinton impeachment the house impeach the president last month charging abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. I'm Nora Raum N._P._R.. News in Washington.

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