Week In Review: Follow The Money, Two Month Tax Holiday?


This is radio boston. i'm donna during. Hey it's friday so you knew that means. It's time for a week in review. And today we follow the money from the push over a newton to ban gun sales and gun shops to governor baker big ideas suspend sales taxes for all of august and september with tax revenues. Coming in at a much higher than expected rate. we think that two month reprieve from the sales tax. A six percent cut for all intents and purposes on all items it would typically be taxed at that rate is both affordable and the thing to do to support our people and our small businesses but many democratic leaders on beacon hill and elsewhere are saying. Hey let's use that money. In other ways. For example state. Senator eric lesser speaking to nbc. Ten boston right now to me feels more about scoring headlines that could do for fixing the t to to what that could do for hiring more teachers. The battle for money also takes center stage in the city of boston. Acting maher janey. My budget includes three point. Two billion dollar capital planned. It is the largest in our city's history. I believe that now is the time to invest in boston. But the city council which includes three people running against jaime panned. The mayor's plans here. City councilor lydia edwards dealing from the racial recognize a reckoning that we've had dealing with this his stomach racism and concerns of the boston police department. If we look back on this moment that this budget meet that moment it does. It does not and we are going to start there in the money in the politics one. Eight hundred four two three eight two five five. That's one eight hundred four to three talk to join the conversation. Don't let your eyes cross or turn the dial just because we're talking about budget budgets. This is money. there are billions on the line. These fights effect when communities and individuals get services and relief. They need. where do you think that power should lie. Do you wanna see kim genie's budget go through or should the boston city council have more say that's just the start. The conversation one eight hundred four two three eight two five five joining us this week for the week in review charlie chippy. Oh a senior fellow. At the pioneer institute and principal of chippy oh strategies and a new we can review voice. Marie francis rivera president of the massachusetts budget and policy center. Charlie welcome back to you. Thanks good to be here. And marie francis welcome to weaken review. Thank you for having me on excited. All right let's do this and There's no better indication of a return to normal than when the news we talk about is politics and fights over money and you tour just the people to talk about it. So let's start most locally here in boston just around down for the listeners. To things happening. I the city council and acting mayor janey attempting change to the budgeting process to give the council more power over the money. A boston globe editorial board Their editorial board actually calling that out today as an end run around the city charter in a quote unquote grab for power. So now the council is also pushing back on acting near kim genie's current budget proposal. Three point seven six billion dollars. One voice andrea campbell is who's running against janey says no so our counselors michelle wu and in usa siber- george also seemed to be pushing back. The vote is on the thirtieth of june. Not guaranteed lots going on there. Just general reactions. Charlie just my first reaction is that i would avoid any kind of large structural change in the way the state of the way. The city does budgeting In the midst of a budget debate in which a third. Or i'm sorry. A quarter of the of the council is running for mayor. That just doesn't seem to me to be a real good A real good recipe for certain long term Thoughtful reforms and race does hangover. All of this. Mary francis i understand. You're personally supporting councilor wu from air so we just wanna be clear about this. Is this fight between the council members in the acting mayor is it about politics is at about money. What do you think it's actually about so. This conversation is pretty long standing during the racial reckoning. That happened this was ongoing active conversation about who has power to make budget decisions to have input into budgets whether they be on the city level of their state level. So i think these conversations are really important to have in power should be shared and this is the people's money so More folks people in leadership should have access to to input into my decisions on on budgets so to the two of you in the news reporting about this tension around the budgets. Lots keeps coming up about complaints from the other city councillors about poor communication from the acting mayor. That doesn't sound like it's about money charlie. Well if that's what really what it is and i mean. I don't know that that may well be true. And if it is true they certainly They certainly have reason to be concerned about that. And they should Advocate make it clear that they expect more and better communication It's just. I guess i would say that. I really don't have the deep insight into that enough to know whether that is kind of a political ploy or if that is actually the kicks so murray francis what are the fault lines in this budget where where are the tension substantively in this budget. Sure so it's a tension. That from what i understand has been happening for a while. Which is one it's around. You know the police budgets and that's something that not only the city council earns but they're responding to calls from their constituents that are worried about growing police budgets and that are also worried about under investments in housing and other social services. So charlie They acting mayor has said that her budget reduces police over time Several city council members have pushed back and said reform needs to go deeper than that. Interestingly the acting mayor actually voted against mayor walsh's budget last year. And you do wonder i mean. The power of the purse is always tied up in politics and it does always seem that this is one way to force others to change behavior so making big deal on this but at the same time is the really anything unusual going on marie-france assorted referenced already. This stuff happens. I would argue that. It is probably just Upper level of the degree and the intensity. Certainly i'm not naive enough to think that this stuff doesn't happen In every case. Now i think the police piece is his very interesting. You know. i've done some work around. That and i certainly come out and written you know very clearly that i think things like qualified immunity need to end But i'm just. I'm very interested to see what kind of reforms we see I had no problem with reducing the police budget. If we're also a adding in the necessary reforms and Reducing the the sort of large array of things that. The police are now responsible to do that. Probably our best done elsewhere. I don't think that just sort of taking a cleaver to the budget is is is the way to do it. And i think that if this reform is done right This could really be transformative and this could. This could really be a very positive thing for the city going forward. Okay in a minute. We're gonna turn our attention to a bunch of state budget issues and listeners. I'm gonna put the ask out to you now so that you can call in at one. Eight hundred four two three eight two five five eight hundred four to three talk. I'll ask you do you support. The governor's idea of a two month tax holiday and in the fight between the governor and the legislature on who should control federal relief money. Who do you wanna see. Allocating that money i recognize. I just jumped ahead for listeners. You know we gotta manage a lot of different moving parts here before we go to those subjects. Though charlie marie francis i do want to ask one other question. 'cause there's there's bridging the city of boston in the state there. Is this interesting potential battle between the boston public schools and the state so boston public schools has about four hundred thirty million in elementary and secondary school. Emergency relief called esser. That's funding coming from the federal government. State education commission jeff. Riley has threatened to freeze it in concerns over the turmoil in the boston public school committee. Here he is on tuesday. I am extremely concerned about what transpired on that school committee. They've lost four members this year. Two of whom are board chairs and the fact that there's nearly a half a billion dollars i think it's four hundred and thirty million dollars. That are coming. Esser funding Makes me nervous About what's happening in boston. And so we're going to wait and see and look at the stability in what happens with that board. So we had superintendent brennan conciliates kosciusko. The boston public schools on air yesterday. She pushed back on that a little also suggested and this was a little bit of news to us that they have other oversight. They're planning to put in place to make sure. That money is allocated your. She is working to put in an oversight office within the boston. Public schools so that we're good stewards of the funding and make sure that we hold ourselves accountable for the implementation monitoring of that funding. So this is that tension between oversight and speed in this case. Wait to get the federal funds until the oversight is kinda fixed in the boston public schools committee or allow other kinds of oversight and get that money out fast. Murray francis how do we think there's always a tension between oversight and speed. How do we think about it. In this case we absolutely should not be holding this funding back in a punitive way it from our students in our teachers and staff in schools. I think that. Just uncalled for This is money that needs to get into schools now. Schools need to update their systems. Are you know we students and teachers need funding now and because of some issues that have been going on on the school committee level. I do not think that funding should be held back from young people. Because of that charlie agree. No have a different view on that one. I'll tell you the boston. Public schools have an obscene amount of their resources tied up in court street and their their main office rather than in classrooms where it should be They had an audit just last all that That determine you know top to bottom you know managerial issues problems The public schools. Unfortunately like any large and Doesn't work to improve on. Its own and i think that it you know in a situation like this with this long history of underperforming schools and the the trend of the district wants again going in the wrong direction. I think you've gotta take every chance at every opportunity you have for some leverage to try to really Put some things in place that are really going to provide some long term improvement in this system. Okay always satisfying to get both sides of the coin. There's still more at the city level. But i want to go to the state now. So there's a lot going on about money in the state house and again it's a battle of wills and about who gets control this time it's between the legislature and the governor. I want to start with the state budgets listeners. You need to know three things to follow along with us here one. We will not have a budget in place for the new fiscal year at the beginning. And that's not unusual to or at least anymore to the governor has proposed a five point. Four billion dollar gap filler. Give him the ability to make some advanced payments to cities and towns and three the legislature is pushing back hard. Because what the governor's proposing would also give him control over about half of the five point. Two billion dollars in federal pandemic aid that has been allotted to the commonwealth. So i think sometimes people's eyes glaze over when we talk about numbers but billions of dollars. Here this fight between the governor and the legislature is a big deal. Murray francis isn't it yes it's a huge deal and like i said similar to city budgets. It's important that we talk about who has power over decision. Making these are billions of dollars. Our state budget overall is about fifty billion dollars a year. The federal funding that's flexible. That's coming into the state that the legislature and the governor have been jockeying over who controls the purse strings of is five billion dollars. It's a lot of money what we've been saying. Is we believe that the legislature has the ability to run a process where there are public hearings. where constituents can reach out to their representatives to your voice where they'd like that money directed so that's where we stand in the back and forth of the governor's the legislature charlie that brings est. Sorry sorry murray francis charlie that brings us again to this question of speed versus oversight and i guess i am assuming that in fact the governor can move faster than the legislature to make allegations. Am i right and is that speed important right now. And is it worth the oversight tradeoff. i mean. we've heard you there. The difference is that there is certainly a difference in speed. And that's why. I mean i kind of like the governor's proposal on this where you know some of the money. He would have a control over so we can get it out right away for certain causes. That really needed immediate attention and the rest legislature Would have control over. I tell you i on this one. I fall back on recent experience and my own experience in state government. I'm thinking particularly of both. You know the romney and the patrick administrations look in the first term and a half of governor baker we've had a real Sort of rare moment of cooperation. Here where these were. These branches have worked together quite well and what i'm seeing You know more recently has been a real return to the sorta patrick romney kind of situation where you know the legislature ran the shell. They made it clear that they ran the show and they and They were going to go whatever to whatever ends. They needed to to enforce that. And i don't really think that i think more collaborative and more sort of mixed Power really serves people come off better all right so here is another place that that horn locking is going on. It's the governor's proposed two month. Sales tax holiday baker says we can afford it because of tax surplus is the legislature and other critics. Say not so fast. Mr. it's the wrong use of money. Just an example marina genie president of the massachusetts teacher association. Speaking to. wb. You are about the proposal. Our public schools are public. Colleges are roads. Bridges basic infrastructure has gone for decades without the investment. Now is not the time to say. Let's stop revenue sources and continue to delay those investments so murray francis before we even dive into the merits. We have just come through an economic crisis. How on earth is it that we are at a point where we're looking at surplus of tax collection such that there might be nine hundred million dollars play well. The baseline that we're operating from to get that surplus is actually chronic. Underfunding of childcare. Chronic underfunding of k twelve schools higher education etc our transit systems. So we're working from a baseline that's not adequate to meet the needs of our communities so therefore we have this surplus in. It's a real surplus. It's nine hundred million dollars Well for the proposal. That governor baker putting forth is nine hundred million dollars and we have to be strategic about how we utilize that funding and the proposal governor baker says. The people deserve a break. So let's give people a break with his two month. Sales tax holiday people deserve investments in their communities that are targeted and renamed to be visionary about how we use this money that that we have on end so charlie. I'm going to turn to you and ask you if you take the counter viewpoint. Which is that. The sales tax were there regressive in their collected from people. Why not give people back their money. That is the counterpoint is at your counterpoint. Or are you on the same pages. Murray francis on this. Well i would say kosher them refresh on this one than i am to the governor. I think that i could definitely. I could definitely see an argument for a slightly extended tax holiday this year given what taxpayers have been through but I would say you know. Maybe you go from a weekend two weeks or something like that. I certainly would not go to two months. I think that A generally speaking. I would agree that there are better ways to spend that money than to Give it give that much. We're talking about something in the area of nine hundred million dollars or something like that. If it goes to full two months. And i i think that's a little bit extravagant all right. I'm going to tease our next subject. By closing this conversation with an exchange between governor baker and nbc tens alison king this week when she was asking him about his proposal and a potential run for a third term tax revenue because of the people in massachusetts came over expectations. I think we should give some indication. You're running for third term. I view this as a as a policy that i think should be easy to adopt k. Didn't answer the question. We'll pick that up the break. Marie francis rivera charlie chippy. Oh stay tuned when we come back. We'll talk about the governor's race listeners. Eight hundred four two three eight two five five. I'm tc on a daring and this is radio. Boston's week in review still with us. Marie francis rivera president of the massachusetts budget and policy center and a new analyst to weaken review and charlie chipiona senior fellow at the pioneer institute and irregular for us. And you so we are gonna talk about the governor's race and it may be early but it is interesting already. Are you watching. Are you interested. And if not what would make you interested. What do you need to know to find this fascinating as we want. Do one eight hundred four two three eight two five five. That's one eight hundred four to three talk to join the conversation. Charlie are you paying attention. I mean we had to make you pay attention today. But in general are you paying attention i am. I think this is fascinating. I'm not a. I'm not a good. I'm probably not a good person to poll on this because when it comes to politics i'm always paying attention. I'm an addict But i know so. Yeah i certainly am. I you know i think that considering how early it is This is this is certainly shaping up to be very interesting rich so and it got a little more interesting. This week mary francis with the entrance of state senator sonya chain diaz Three progressives already in the mix with her addition. What do you make of her candidacy. I'm also excited. This is a. I think it's great. So senator has done amazing things in the legislature. She has helped to birth. The student opportunity act of that's going to be investing one point five billion dollars into schools. So she has the track record listeners. Do you have a candidate. Do you wanna see people who haven't entered enter. Maybe more healy attorney general. Or maybe you're waiting to see if governor. Charlie baker is going to run for an unprecedented third term. Who's your candidate one. Eight hundred four two three eight two five five. That's one eight hundred four to three talk so we did some analysis yesterday. I wanna play a little sound for the two of you from the boston globe. Kimberly atkins store. She's a friend of the show talking about governors races in massachusetts yesterday. People in massachusetts like to elect a divided government in the state. I mean in my lifetime. There's only been two democratic governors in the state of massachusetts so being the most progressive democrat isn't necessarily gonna win you the primary let alone when you the final seat so we'll have to see who else jumps in. I'm keeping my eye on really To see if more healy jumps in which would really shake up the race so charlie. It is striking to think that in her lifetime. There have been two governors democratic asian. Say i i. I thought was okay. She's way too young. I really got it. Might be the truly. I started doing the math in my head and i was horrible. Anyway my degrasse go ahead. No so i appreciate the humor. And i do wonder though i mean we are such a liberal state and we do love us some republican governors. Do you think that you know past is prelude here. I don't know. I really don't know i would say there are two things that give me pause about that one thing. Is i think that you know one. One sort of obstacle for the governor. That people don't talk about very much is that he's dealing with his own party You know in his own party a group that has gone stark raving mad before is okay and i think they have the potential to create real problems for him. I wonder i don't know. I have no inside information. I wonder what is appetite to deal with. That is the only thing. I would say that You know makes makes me wonder i don. I don't know the answer. Is that i feel like in my you know many decades as just realized listening to kimberly Following this stuff I have never seen the political climate here move so far left so quickly as what we're seeing right now and now that could either obviously be harmful for him as more of a centrist centrist or It could be that you know the democrats You know sort of nominated whoever's the most liberal in that opens up a big lane for him very read for me. I'd say it's too early to really fit for me anyway to to know how i think that's going to play out listeners. Can republicans candidates still win the governorship in massachusetts one. Eight hundred four two three eight two five five. That's one eight hundred four to three talk. I wanna stay on the question of charlie baker for a minute murray francis and i'm gonna play you some more sound. I got a kick out of this yesterday mostly for the hesitation at first but then also for the answers when i asked both kimberly at can store of the boston globe and anthony brooks wbrc senior political reporter whether each of them thinks baker is going to run for a third term. Kimberly i'll go out on a limb. I think he's going to run. But i don't say that. With any kind of insider knowledge. I just have a gut feeling that. I can't imagine what else charlie baker would do. Frankly i would that. I mean in the trump a fide gop world. There aren't a lot of places for the charlie baker's to go if they wanna stay in politics and it seems that the best job he could possibly run for. Is the one that he already has some predictions there. Mary francis have the point that that charlie chip oh also just made which is this is a state. Gop that doesn't like their own governor. Who is one of the most popular governors in the country but who clearly do not feel. It seems that he stands for them anymore. So you i apologize mostly question but can he run as a republican again in the commonwealth. There's a lot to respond to here number one. Charlie baker could get a job in the private sector. So i mean. I think that there are possibilities for governor baker outside of his governorship and i think we're in a different entirely different context of having this campaign in this election where were coming off of an understanding of racial reckoning. Were coming off of kobe. Our state is extremely unequal. You know we're seeing parts of our state in really suffering so it you know the the label progressive to me doesn't feel like the right leibel or for some folks that are offering big solutions to the big problems that we have here in the state and one thing that i've observed with governor baker is that he hasn't proposed bake fresh bold solutions and people are really aching for those. So that's why we're paying so much attention to you. Know abandoning or senator. Sonia chain diaz or daniel. Allen is because they're coming out with this fresh bold voice not necessarily don't have to be couched as progressive. It's just fresh and bold. There are new ideas to address these big challenges that we have so mary. Frances i hear you charlie. I'm going to turn to you. Because also listening to murray francis it seems those were the criticisms of governor baker in the last race as well that he was a mechanic not a visionary and that the commonwealth needed a visionary. Is there something different at stake. This time. I don't know that there's well that's a hard one to say what i would say is certainly he is a more of a mechanic than a visionary that is You know that that is certainly true. I think you know when it comes to generes it depends on what you think of the vision a yes. I mean that's really that's really what it's all about you know. Look i have my own views. I mean a lot of people. Think you know would call deval. Patrick visionary. I think that he probably was a visionary I was tearing my hair out over his mission. You know everybody's got a different view. That's why we live in a democracy. So so i think the question. You're right i mean. I don't think there's really any need. I mean it's it's it's usual version of short-term like when when we were talking about politics here to put labels on it but i think the ultimate decision is are the visions that they're selling One set the voters massachusetts are gonna want to buy. And i don't think we really know the answer to that yet we will. That's why we have elections okay so for the remainder of our time. I want focus on an issue that is playing out very locally but with huge national implications. And that's guns and towns in the commonwealth. Newton is the current center of the gun debate. They have new zoning which prevents a gun shop that wanted to open your the heart of one of their villages and it relegates any future shop proposals to a handful of remote locations in the city but there are some gun control advocates. Who want an all out ban on gun sellers instead now. The zoning committee recommends against it after hearing earlier this week and the city says that a band would quote would not withstand unquote. A legal challenge. Concerns are that such a challenge could actually create case law that might limit communities all around the country and their ability to restrict gun sellers so This idea of a ban goes to a vote of the whole newton city council on july twelfth. I wanna talk about that listeners. Do you have a position on gun sellers in your community. Should there be outright bans. Is it worth if you are against guns. Is it worth banning gun sellers if it could open up supreme court challenges and is it appropriate to try to ban gun sellers in a country that has the second amendment one. Eight hundred four two three eight two five five. That's one eight hundred four to three talk. Murray francis reactions to what's playing out newton. yes This is sticky. I meet what i want personally. A gun shop in my community. No and i hear what you're outlining. The tension of you know are we poking the the beast basically and you know at the end of the day. It's up to new residents in the city council. What they decide to do. And it's it's not just about the gun shop. It's about the conditions that create violence and communities and gun violence in communities so we oftentimes focus on this acute part of the conversation but it's also hurry investing in mental health services. What's the larger conversation that we also need to be having But yes sticky twenty. Let you jump in there. Yeah i would. I would. Personally i would say i have absolutely no problem with the community that chooses to Put a ban on gun shops within their borders. I have no problem with that at all. but i have to say you know as a as a political observer i you know i just don't get why when you have you know a sort of a almost a de facto ban now and you look at the makeup of this supreme court s mary. Francis said re francis said you know why you would poke this particular bear To to to to for for not much else other than to kind of make a statement I don't understand i. It just seems to me that You know under the this new zoning they can pretty much. Keep gun shops out You know it's You know this just in this supreme court's pretty far to the right. So i i and there's been there's been concerned about that. Even the giffords law center which is an foundation run by gabby giffords sent a letter to the city council urging them not to adopt the ban given the posture the current court. And i want to get to this defacto ban idea with a little bit of sound. So i'm gonna play two pieces sound. Here's laura tova him. A local gun control advocating co founder of the newton guns prevention speaking to us on radio boston earlier this week we have a very strong zoning ordinance in place that will accomplish our goals the ordinance is not just buffer zones there are many protections in the sense that make newton very inhospitable to gun stores and enacting a ban right now is just simply reckless so arguably the de facto this already a band through zoning but then here's newton city councillor emily norton about the lawsuit possibility also speaking with us this weekend radio boston. It's not that i'm thrilled at the idea of litigation. But i don't think we've protected ourselves now so if someone wants to sue us they can sue us. This is america. You can sue someone if you want. I don't really think we're at any more of a ban versus zoning limitation. That looks like a ban so marie francis the argument there and let me say that Emily norton has also argued. If you have a principal you move towards that principle. That's the argument. You know if if you really don't want gun shops if you want them banned than ban them and deal with it from a legal standpoint so so one defacto ban through regulation someone else saying stand up for what you believe in. We're going to get sued anyway. Is there any way. This doesn't wind up litigated up. The food chain murray francis. I just wanna give a disclaimer. I'm not an attorney. But you know i under i understand that. There is a lot of fear in communities. There have been increases of mass shootings police brutality so on and so forth. But you know if there's guidance especially you're saying from the giffords law center to say you know there are regulations in place to really limit The ability for shop to be in a community. Let's say you know. I would say you know. It's up to the residents to really decide what they wanna do. But this policy you. Sometimes you have to make the choice that makes the most sense at the time so listeners wanna talk about. This phones are ringing. I'm gonna take a bunch so let's go to the phones. We've got donna in dorchester. Donna go ahead. I wouldn't say that. I'm a dorchester resident and in boston They don't really have gun shop. And if if you a lot of black people hispanics are now getting More gun licences. More than ever. And i that's important to know and we need to make it accessible for. Everyone and having gunshots allows people to do it safely. They're not registering their firearm. Somewhere else and then bringing them into the city. At least this way people know where they are who has And and Accessible to everyone and we and people need to be able to protect themselves. And i think that's the point of the second amendment and this is a way that people aren't buying them from illegally in boston and this and or other cities close to bus and i think having an accessible having on it is more sensible and and equitable taking it back from you there donna and before i go to the next call data in two thousand twenty did play out. Donna's point that we were seeing increased gun sales to people of color in the united states. We actually talked about that on air at one point last year. All right adam in marblehead. Adam go ahead. Hi if we agree that that access to guns is a dangerous public health issue that we can treat legislating the same way that we did. Unfortunately abortion is being treated abortions are right and people put restrictions on abortion in different states. So there's nothing different about us saying okay. Fine it's legal to purchase a firearm that these are the rules and restrictions that are required to access it. And so i thanks for that for you. Know city Taking point of view and make more typical that they choose. Thanks for that. Call adam and we will give the last word on this too nancy in copley square. Go ahead nancy. hello. I agree with donna. I think that working class decent citizens who pay taxes and what good need to have more access to guns People of color working class people of all colors is because the criminals. And the right wing. They have access to guns but we also need access as well. Thank you well nancy. Thanks for that perspective. So lots of different perspectives there. Murray francis and charlie and i suspect this is something. We're going to talk about more after the vote in july. Does either of you have a one sort of strong last word. You want on this before we moved to. Hobbs all i would say is i i. I'm no expert on this. But i have a lot of trouble seeing how you know. Having more gun shops leads to good things and marie francis anything less from you i agree i agree all right so with that i think it is time for hubs because it's summer we are headed into the weekend and i love those little stories that caught her attention this week. It's always nice to leave room for them at charlie. I'll have you go first. You gotta hubbub for us. Do mine was sort of unusual. Mine is is is very personal. I have to say that. I had a. I was making one of my many trips to trader. Joe's the other day and i hadn't encountered that i just can't get out of my mind a dignified. An elderly woman commented on the t. shirt and which just struck up a conversation and she started telling me about these amazing adventures. She had been through Talked about going to all three of the races. That are part of the triple crown in a single year Techy derby that free kness belmont. Just you know she if she talked about getting offend to go with her. She's telling me stories and she's got. The army's is flashing of someone who's in their twenties or like my kids. Eighteen and twenty you know and just full of adventure and excitement and i was astonished when she told me that she was ninety. Eight years old and then. She told me that he was looking for someone because she wanted to go and do the trip go to the triple crown races one more time and i gotta tell ya i this encounter just really made me stop and think about how it live in the choices. I make how i spend my time. And it's utter head. So i just wanted to share. Now that's a great shout out to her and a and a great shout to the adventures of older adults. And what they what they bring a and the fact that we don't have to quit her experiences at any point. I wanna slide sideways at the very last minute marie francis. That's right marie francis. You've got a hubbub. I think is about a young person. Yes that's great. I was gonna say the other end of the spectrum so mine. Exactly mine is a brian. Weeden just was elected as chairman of the mashpee noack tribal council and he's the youngest person ever serve. He's twenty eight years old. He has been really interested since he was very very young in serving as a leader in his community and again you finally is able to do at their age restrictions so he created a youth council before he could actually serve on The the tribal council and it's beautiful The watson wag nation it's one of the three surviving tribes of the weapon commission and this is beautiful to see black indigenous leaders tastic and it's great to learn about another leader in our community is what exactly all right so i actually gonna do. My hubbub a big hubbub after the booth. Thought you were going to get the whole week without having to deal with me there is. My vets kris siddiq from radio. Boston so much to talk about in sports so we are going to do that with credits with chris. Hey there chris. After the break. In the meantime marie francis rivera president of the massachusetts budget and policy center and charlie chippy. Oh a senior fellow at the pioneer institute and principle of chippy strategies. Thanks for review in the week with us. Thank you so much. This is great. Yeah great great to initiate marie-france francis loved it. It was wondering to have you all right. We'll be back with check the score after the break folks. This is radio boston.

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