Caught Offside: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger... PSG


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Caught off side with and JJ. Benny. That is until. Towards. Offside from the Upper West side of Manhattan and for gun Ling. JJ Danny on Champions League Wednesday. What's up, brother? How are you? Doing great right now water result. What a game. I was glad to have the distraction of Champions League football to take away from the hammer blow of losing Deccan rice from the Irish midfield. I know, but you started talking to me about that months ago. When you can't I know it sucks like American fans, experienced it with Jonathan Gonzales, but they didn't Declan Rice's of totally different calibre. And also he played three times for the senior team. Yeah. But like there has been a part of you that has felt this coming for a while short. This was not just like a sucker punch out of nowhere. No. And to bring it back to Spurs of Eric Dyer was better. Jordan Henderson was better than I will never worry about. This would be a natural roadblock for Decky and he would play for Ireland. So blame everyone else. It's everyone else's fault. I know how you operate indirectly and blaming you. What a show what a show. It's it's probably too much. Yeah. I know for considering the fact that there's only four matches really the discussing of those four were only really gonna talk about a couple well three I would say for the most part, but we've got the mail bag as well. We've got the red cards mount of the match the mail mailbag actually required thought. I know we were given a question that like questions. Yeah. I know three questions actually God. There's no end in sight to the number of questions that we thought about but we're going to start with the Champions League. You heard it there at the open of the podcast Huron ming-sun scoring the open opening goal for Spurs that put them up one nil. They added to more later on huge too huge goals later on to extend the. The victory margin to three goals three nil over Borussia Dortmund. Look, I don't have to sit here and say how big this is how important this is obviously this is a massive win for a Tottenham side that needed it. You know, we can I'll say this to me. It's not over yet. Bruce Dorfman going back home like there's they can win three nil. And then if it gets the extra time who knows, but that's not even really what I'm thinking about today, if you're taught them fan, this is you had to be so nervous going in because you know. Okay. Borussia Dortmund are missing a couple of key members of their back line and even when at full strength. It's a back line for Dortmund as we saw against verte Bremen as we saw over the weekend when they coughed up three nil lead, you know, even at full strength. It's a back line that has weaknesses that can be gotten to. But if you're Tottenham you kept thinking, that's great. But we don't have Cain. We don't have deli alley. Are we going or we're going to be able to pick through them? Or are. We just not going to be on our own heels all game long fending off. Attempt after attempt after ten from Russia Dorman and the first half was like that Tottenham were fending off Dortmund Pulitzer in the first fifteen minutes. I thought was excellent drew the quick yellowcard on surgery a force one fourth into an awful giveaway and pure six finishing was maybe a little better from what was tough angle, it might have been one. No Bruce Dortmund early on. And that could have changed everything. But it was Jaden Sancho on the right hand side, attacking Totten's that gave you the most amount of worry. Yeah. And I think anybody who watched Belgium versus Japan in the World Cup and solver tongue in a wide defensive position. Now, I know he was playing as a wingback for Spurs in this game. But you had out of Arale on that side, and you advertizing, and you had Sancho gonna both of them on what was happening in the first half was clearly this was not just a defensive tactic clearly potch wanted for tongue to get off the field. And what was happening? He was doing that. But he wasn't getting back and you had Sancho cruising through the center causing all sorts of. Problems on looking not to get a free kick in a very dangerous position when he was fouled by soco, mice Assocham in was a clear phone, and it caused all sorts of problems, and you thought well the first tweak that will happen in the second half will be that potch will rethink they idea of Vertongen as a wingback or as a wide player in both the attacking and defensive sense. But he didn't really do that. I'm what happened was you saw the Spurs midfield. Get more of a grip and begin to kind of shut down Delaney shutdown Vissel make it tougher them to play the ball and get the ball through to to Sancho, impugn a sake. And then all of a sudden, you silver tongue in with lots of time on the left hand side are maybe not lots of time, but certainly getting into positions, and he was quite devastating both from an assist on a goal scoring point himself in terms of his assist. I I mean, I've loved him for a long time. He's a great player. That's an element of his game. That I didn't know he was really capable of. Don't really see that. It's worth noting that came from aggressive pressing from Spurs. You know, they they grouped up. They didn't allow Dortmund to come out in that instance. And they force the turnover on a wonderful ball swung in which phones. Sun in the center who I mean, it was a brilliant finish really brilliant finish. But I'm going to pray spot Schettino for sticking with that sticking with what he intended from the first minute and not wavering based on what Sancho did in the first half. And I'm going to give the praise to me because we call this on the last podcast. I told you in the what to watch for that for some reason. Bush Dortmund were inviting crosses into the box and not defending them. They were okay. With allowing you to have the ball in white areas. This is from Steph and boats, go of ESPN NFC who's been a regular on this podcast the last. Seven goals. Dortmund conceited were from crosses and set pieces. It might even be more worrying considering UCF fibers generally wants opponents to revert to cross because in theory. It's unlikely to concede from across are less likely to conceive from across only problem is this. This theory is currently not working out from because you do have to defend the cross all three of Tottenham goals today were on cross one of which from corner kick. Right. The last one for your rent, which let's look at while Paci Tinos done there to get players into white positions who put in the cross for the I Don for the tangle of Tongans goal. I don't remember. Now. I'd have to look it up. Okay. Well, it doesn't matter. But the point being that the cross is coming from left and right now, I thought Arman kind of backed off into the bit in the second half. Look to sit deeper didn't really work for them. But Spurs were excellent. While Paci no talks about the changes from the first half of the second half. And he's not specific. But he says. In the dressing room at halftime. They pulled out a a an impromptu video session. Yeah. And they went back and reshow did the team. Basically what reminding them what their game plan was originally intended to be before this started. And they came out in the second half. They scored within minutes. Right. And they, you know for they I'd say they were fortunate to have gotten to half time with it being nil nil. I thought Dortmund were the better side through the first four minutes to save from Laurie. Some I'm trying to go through the save. Now, the Pulitzer chance tight angle good save with the knees Beyeler east. And there was that the header which didn't have enough pace on it was half block force to make a good say forced to make a good save. They had that slaloming run where I can't. I was it's a socal our oria. Can't remember who was tied up in knots by Sancho a doorman dominated the first half. But I never. They had a COPA chances. But no, no, it wasn't wasn't an unreasonable. Halftime score. No, no, you're right. And in fairness to Tottenham they had their chances to Lucas more early on had a volley the kind of whizzed by the far post. But if you want to say Dorman could easily have been one open half to probably the better team on the balance of play. And so for Tottenham to make whatever the adjustments were that they made whether that be for tongue and playing more of a role in the attack is usually that's Danny road. Hang on. I don't think that changed. The point was they were getting the ball up to him in the second half. And I think they were pressing a little bit more in key areas to get turnovers to win possession and then get the ball at the box. Well, whatever the changes were they worked for Tottenham and they put three past Dortmund in the second half. And they do it without Cain without daily. Both of whom they may have back for the return leg to Germany. I mean, this was this was kind of the dream scenario for them and to have been able to do it to been able to have attacked like that. Without there to argue with her two best attacking player. Well, you know, what I can't say that anymore because son is as good, right? He certainly past deli alley and even Kane I saw stat today that son has scored more goals against Borussia Dortmund than any other club, which is odd because he hasn't played in the same league as them for years, but he did come from Germany. I think he's got nine goals against them. Now in twelve matches against them to be honest with you, I would put his record against Dortmund aside and say right now, I would fear him. If I was any opposition. He is he's he's wonderful declaring them he has. And it's the the amazing thing is he's been playing so well, and yet you don't hear the coin to rumors about him quite being transferred that you would hear about other players, which is so curious to me and a wonder a wonder why that might be. Be. It can't be an attitude thing it campy a skill thing. You know, the was in the past of you of players from from Asian countries that was a view. Well, you know, they're they're technically good. But they're they're not rule Boston. There was a lot of kind of mischaracterization 's you can't play any of them to. No, no. And I would have thought some of those characterizations would have gone out the window. You know, we've seen other players come over from Asia and succeed in you know, Ji-Sung park for United. We've we've seen it like, but I can't expand. Then why he's not more. We'll ton them. Remember him in Patino son with they were not on the same page, and it seemed like he had fallen out of favor and not this past summer, but the summer before and it seemed like Tottenham were maybe thinking about selling him. But then he kind of fell in line with what Pocchettino wanted and his career has been totally rejuvenated. Maybe the fact that you know. Now, he's forced his way into the the first eleven like there's no chance that he's not starting for Tottenham matter who's healthier who's heard. It doesn't matter you play him at all costs. But that wasn't always the case. He was you know, in some there were times when he was a super sub. He got who who would come in when Cain was hurt. Maybe maybe maybe it took a while for people to kind of get over the perception of him not being a you know, a regular starting player. I think if you're looking to poach anyone from Spurs right now at in in this moment, he be probably topped the list, maybe, but you're right. You don't hear much about it, and that can all change very quickly. But by the way, I'm referring to when I was growing up they the the view of Asian players by by I suppose, the proper football. And then in Ingram was like, oh, they're technically good. But you know, they're not they're not that strong. They're not that physical. Are they capable of playing in the English? I mean, yes is the answer. The thing for Tottenham like we said they score three without their full attack. But it's the. Fact that they held Dortmund two zero that clean sheet is so vital for Spurs. When I saw the team sheet, and I saw names like oria who's played a lot in Europe. But still just makes me nervous. I can't help it when he's out there. It's just I don't feel the same sense of calm. Not that trippy has been amazing by any stretch of the imagination. But Orioles has these moments you feel like he's due for to concede. A penalty is due for a bad giveaway. Then I see one fourth back there who you know. He had how many he was good. He emerged. But like how many weeks in a row was he conceding penalties or near penalties. You know? And as good as Evanston Sanchez Sanchez has been as a young player. He's had moments to where you were. He reminds you that he's still a very young player. I thought those guys with the exception of fourth and that giveaway by I thought those guys came to play. I thought they were good especially in the second half. When they didn't really have to do quite as much although Dortmund were pushing on for the equality, but I think as much as the three goals the fact that Dortmund leaves Wembley without any away goals. Into the second leg. I it's I got to applaud Tottenham defending because that was not something that I think I would have anticipated coming in Hakeem Ian data on on the second and third goals defensively. Just how you can't be a professional footballer and be that out of position in academies case wrong site of her tongue and on the gold and Diablo macking literally almost touching. Well, not almost was twitching your into how did he end up? You've got to be goal site. It's like the first thing you learn. It was absolute schoolboy stuff. Yeah. So props the Spurs? What do you think? Do you think they is this enough is three nil heading back to Germany enough? I think it's enough. I mean, I would never discount the if you talking about special nights at Anfield special nights at Old Trafford in your you can apply that to Dortmund as well. And and they will be there will be a rallying cry and they will be fairly pump. But I think three nil should be an, AVI. So curie. This how Tottenham decide to play it like will that be one where they just go out there and play whatever their game plan was heading into today. Do they just go with that again? Or does everything changed as it become just more of a let's pack it in. I honestly I can't see Spurs plan like that. But they have done that when they play, you know, I'd have to think when they've done it in the past. Did they did they do that at a little bit away insure in last season? No, I don't think. So I'd have to go back and think about I'm trying to remember matches against city if you're saying like more of like a counter attacking style, which we've seen them do that, this Hyun assay pack, the midfield. And and when you win the ball clean this spring from deep with counterattacking football with with your with your pace, pacey players, more and sawn. Yes. But I I don't know kinda foreshadowing a topic that we're going to get into when we get to the Manchester. United PS g match kind of mentioned that same topic here. Tottenham right now on the fringes of title chase in England. Meanwhile. Russia Dorfman looked to be the class of Germany so far the wobble in recent games. Yeah. Knocked out the German Cup. But so far this season. They've been the best team in Germany. Do we should that be read into the Tottenham can beat the best team in Germany, three nil? Does that say anything about the boondocks league or the Premier Li you don't think so? Okay. I really don't. Okay. Well, then that should be your answer later on when we talk about another team. Okay. I will say you can't be trusted. We go from Wembley to answer damn JJ where row Madrid get by. Thanks to Marco Asensio. And this winter severe his cop case is one of the class. The go-to sex kicks grouchy with just over three minutes to those of the pool. The bill. Yeah. I XE dominated dot game. I mean. If you look at from from the angle, you want to look at they were they were really rather good and via joined the parody much to the chagrin of I exam Saddam, by the way, the investigation into virus? When people noted that we haven't used the Amsterdam police drop in a longtime, and they won't they wanted you to do it. Well, thanks for telling me. Sorry. I forgot where would I even begin to look for that? I'm stood on police. All right. Well, you talk for a little bit. All right. So it was interesting because there is this muscle memory that we attach to Real Madrid where they can be dominated in the Champions League game or not play particularly. Well, and yet there is only one person who is going gonna come out on the side of this and it's Real Madrid. It's it's incredible. Now. Disclaimer Muslim memory has been honed under the Dan over the last few seasons in on your watch them. And you're just not that impressed like away at Munich last season. And yet they will come out on the right side of the drawl on that seemed to be another one of those games. Although I will say right at the end Dahlberg chance. He had a real chance to keep X firmly in the tie. And I don't know he he fluffed his lines. Really? I don't know what happened. But he fed over rather than get contact on the bolt. What did you make of the VAR decision? Because I I don't know how that might have changed things. But God what a huge moment would have been for. I asked to have gotten. Honestly, I didn't see the game. I've only seen some replays of of the virus in. I have I've noticed on at one way or the other. I thought the gold was legitimate. That was my instinct to now I watched it a couple of times. And I thought the goal was the general the Real Madrid crew. I just biased against anon-. No saying that. I've all you have no idea Twitter's just saw knowing particularly I have a few access to growing with people. Oh, really? Yeah. Nothing about how you shelter me from things get involved in conversations, we listened to the podcast, and then tell me that Maya. Opinion is because I'm either Liverpool finer your opinion is because you're it. It has nothing to do with enough for me at has everything to do with. All right. Yeah. The look the VAR decision these these matches only kind of just ended. So you're right. I haven't had a chance to really read much about it for me when I saw it. I thought it was I thought it was a goal. But they I guess the VAR crew determined that do some Todd was judged to be offside. I don't know. I I would have to look at it again when I initially was looking at it. I thought that they were saying there might have been some interference for with Courtois because he kind of battered into somebody for X. I couldn't even tell who it was. Well, listen, I find this stuff hugely tedious. I'm not gonna lie. Yeah. So if you want you can toddle over to a to either ROY Smith or GATT Marcotte Twitter away, a ROY says if that's interference. Maybe if that's being ruled out for offside. An example of the mission creep that'll make vire nonsense and further evidence that the offside rule as it is. Currently employed is insane. Which is my view a guide Marcatti it's both he's off site, but he doesn't touch the ball. So the only question is whether he's interfering and the ref felty was in fact brackets, and this is what we'll find out slash if we get VAR slash ref. Odio Betty saw interference pluses only question was whether he was off site. It's one of the most difficult calls to make in this sport the player who is off side, but not a part of the play and the referee then has to determine if in some way, he is interfered with the goalkeeper or gotten in his line of sight or anything like that. I I really think that that's about as difficult to call as there is in soccer, Rory. Are we talking touted being off from Taghi Fico's header question, Mark because that is not a clear and obvious offside, and I'd say genuine he shouldn't be off site at all there's a cigarette. Paper in it. The offsite is relevant to what happened gab Rory. Are you making the philosophical argument against off site, which Rory is making constantly and I agree with him. I think you know that clear and obvious does not apply objective decisions like offsite. But he if he's off by millimeter, he's off we can agree or disagree with the vire regulations. But that's what they are. God is right. He's right. I'm bored even reading I think we need to review what what off-site is never mind via for second. But the whole idea of site needs to be dealt with where did the daylight rule? So they get wiped away daylight worked for me. Now, we're talking about pirates of body parts and chest. Well that probably all change when instant replay became a thing like in the nineteen fifties. And sixties, you know, it was like that stuff didn't matter. But now, you can you know, with HD cameras like you can see like if a guy is off by a blade of grass like ultimately that rule was instituted. So you could avoid guys cherry picking. That's what that's exactly what timing was fun. It's that's not what it is. What? No. It's the rule book to be rewritten. It's become this monster. Yeah. This crazy thing that's impossible to to referee, even when we have videos. You're right. We don't know. It's it's extremely difficult. Not to take away from the fact though that Real Madrid do wind up winning this game. And how big that is for them. Would their surge that they're making right now in the league? And they kinda now continue that momentum into Europe. I know I I look at them. And I still like even if they're not clicking on all cylinders, even if I XE might have been the better team. You're right. They always seem to find a way especially in the Champions League that they've now kind of made like their this is their thing when you had the the kind of success that they've had over the past few seasons. It's almost hard not to still look at them as favorites. Did someone asked me today? The are they still in the bunch of favorites? Yeah. They are because who has really distanced themselves from the rest of the pack. I've all season long. I've wanted to say Barcelona, but the way they've been sputtering domestically. We'll have to wait and see if that carries over into their European form knows it may not but like Real Madrid had every bit the chance that whoever you want to say is your clear favor right now Real Madrid right there with whoever that team is in my mind their ability to just grind these results out in a Cup. Competition is huge. They haven't lot. So far. They have not lost out on your salary on what a good few days. It's been for them in terms of what they did against medical a no, no a very tricky away tie with with I exempted. I'm you. Couldn't find the police. No. I couldn't believe a I'm sorry. I should've teed it up earlier. Yeah. You have you can look in the mirror by name, by the way, the police didn't do much about the techno music and the fireworks. That were. Oh, you mean this? What was happening outside of Real Madrid's team hotel at three in the morning in Amsterdam. What about the people who live in answer, Dan who just happened to live near that hotel? How do you like are they conflicted here? I'm sure there. I expands so, yeah, they're probably like enjoying the sentiment of this. But they also want to sleep presumably they're all getting up for work. You've never been to. I'm stood. I'm of you. Oh know what work? I wouldn't assume that everyone's getting them for work. That's all shinning city JJ is a function in city, and it functions on on certain certain chemicals, helping you know, America runs on Dunkin. It was a Wednesday. Again. This is dumb nine ever have been rules are different there. I like it was a full on your show lie was trying to sleep. When all of a sudden, I heard the firecrackers, but I was okay with it. Because of course, they were going after the Real Madrid fence who we don't like are the Real Madrid team who don't like Steve McClaren. Yeah. I'm Steve McClaren Amsterdam. It was okay. I had my hash pipe. Yeah. That was an incredible scene. If if you haven't had the chance go online and just Google like round Madrid hotel and see this display going on outside from the I X fan base. Everyone is like amazed by it. But there's so many fan bases in Turkey. Who are like, I'm sure I'm sure yes. Surround the drill two one victors over. I XE earlier today, we're gonna take a very quick break. When we come back on the other side, we're going to look at Tuesday's results. Manchester United and PS g also Roma and Porto. We've got to watch. Also, we have the new Seoul Shire, watch JJ. I'm very excited. I so pumped I have not heard it. Good. Well, it's going to be great stuff. Don't go anywhere. Let's consider the secret life of the innermost nesting doll living most of her life in the duck inside the other nesting Dole's. She has plenty of time to think if we could Saturday, she has no brain, however, when in the most nesting dole, his gyco, not only saves people money, but also has been providing great service over seventy. Five years. She thinks it's obvious. You should switch because. Yes. Switching to gyco is a no brainer. Piteously ina. Most nesting Dollond her lot in life. Oh, they that. It rugs. In the back cave kit. Pepe. Lovely play here. But. Three Maria pie. Club. Superb a word that could probably be used describe PSD's entire performance throughout the night. Specifically in the second half to nil is the final they smack Manchester. United back down to earth, the era of good feelings is no more J. Oh, the honeymoon's over. Although let's be fair. They look this shouldn't be a major blot on the copybook of Oleg or sold share. They encountered a team that you know, beating Fulham a Craven Cottage, you know, ev- even even playing Spurs who they know very well. Nothing prepares you for for the way PS gee, played on some of the skills available to some of their players variety. Baba martinez. This is a tactical masterclass on and off the field from stop Thomas to chill and Bs g they were excellent. They looks put simply Man United haven't come across opposition like this sense, Oregon or socio took charge now they really haven't. And so many people were so wrong about PS g heading into this match from a couple of different perspectives from the one perspective of no one really knows. How good they are or aren't because all we have to really judge them off of is what they do in late on. And they could go unbeaten for an entire season and beat everyone seven nil. And we still wouldn't know what that means. And the other reason we can't judge them as okay? So that's what they that's how we feel about them in league us. So we can judge them and what they do in European competition. But even that has been tricky because last year they lost name neymar for. An important match of significance in when put when push comes to shove in the big games. They haven't had Namur both. Also, another thing that happens is we have taken aboard. And I will say I will admit it. And I'm sure you will too. We look at league on on. We think we don't first of all we don't watch it regularly enough. That's just a fast for yourself a dip into note. They're responsible to we accept that. Good players quality players a quality manager. Simply can't opposite gear when it comes to your because they're playing against inferior opposition. That might be true. In some cases, we've often said about bear Munich when they were romping deboned us they and then they come up against someone in the Champions League. And fall quite considerable distance short. I wonder is not always the case we should challenge that view last night because that was a brilliant performance. Well, the thing that's unfortunate. I texted you during this game that you know, when the Champions League kind of goes away like it goes on its break between the group stage or the knockout stage or even during the Champions League. When PS G is playing an opponent that were not necessarily as interested in. We know they're going to win green comp. Like, we forget like we know how great name are is because we've seen so much of an we see so much with Brazil, and when he's Barcelona, but Imbaba like we're still kind of just getting to know him like we got to know him, obviously with Monaco, and we saw what he did for France this summer at the World Cup, but even on PS G sometimes he gets lost in the whole Cavani. Neymar like, they have so many good players up front that sometimes your mind like may skip over and bought they so now with just having been him with neymar out with Cavani out and Imbaba is the centerpiece. Like, it's a shame that we almost forget sometimes how unbelievable this guy is. And how out of this world he projects today would say that you may forget Manchester both sides does not forget, remember the performance. He put in the Eddie hod two seasons ago where he just ripped through them. Absolutely rip through them for monocle. Yeah. I know Manchester, the red site has seen what he can do his pace is absolutely frightening, and obviously he's got incredible technique. So you're adding quick feet and this incredible technique to that blistering pace how he ghosted between the two defenders. No now, it's interesting because you said fought on him bap, a, and then you just you wrote about I don't know if you really meant unnecessary nary as but I wanna take you open that did did IMB. His performance kind of cast a light on neymar at PS g and questioned whether they even need him he surplus to requirements I think it's reasonable to have seen if they have every intention of keeping embody for the long haul like if he's not gonna get wooed away by Real Madrid or Barcelona or somebody like that like if he's going to be a PS g player moving forward. Then why is name like you don't need neymar? There are other areas on PS g the probably need more addressing than that position. As long as embody. And let's say even Cavani are gonna be playing for that team. I mean, they spent what a quarter of a billion dollars on name are like that's necessary. When you have this guy on when you have this coach who's got this team, tactically working to certain plant. I just say this having a focused angry Anghel de Maria on an Imbaba in that cling to form I'm are Kenya. Less able to shut down that United midfield on a variety. Able to do the same was far more important name are would not have. I've brought that much to the part. In fact, can I put a hypothetical though for you dot bowl when it's played through two d Maria for the second goal. Dot centre dot cross. He puts in as good as the ruined by Bob. A was it was brilliant. It's still a brilliant bowl. Yes. Can I ask you a question? What percentage if that bowl is going to neymar instead of de Maria? What percentage chance is it that gets ends open the box at mbappe his feet or that name are takes an extra touched either. Go inside our do something himself. What would you say? I'd say it's fifty fifty at best. You're probably right. You're right. Feels a little note unfair to Nome as maybe he scores in some other way that guys aren't Caitlyn. Dighton of the fact that he's let's not. So they'll say, he's not good. Look that's not what I'm saying. But in a way performance like like last night, where the was a rigid tactical plan that needed to be adhered to to stop Manchester. United's most creative player in Paula pag when they needed to do certain things, I feel that a team without neymar is more likely to stick to that plan. Now, look what he did to Liverpool away from home. So that he's he's brilliant. There's one of the best players in the what I thought they I thought they didn't miss him last night at all. And I think that for for to chill to be able to come in and set that midfield like it was Harir manage impact, but that's still a very good midfield arson Vangere at halftime saw the way this game was going if you thought that it was a fairly even first half. And you you were okay to say that Vangere soul of this game was going to go what body size on my did is they look polka. Kenya's in man-to-man marking. And when price my head the ball Doxa came in behind poobah. And that's where the chances were created behind the metering of Manchester United and in fairness with a bit more patience. Like, you said Piscine had good opportunities. But we're not patient enough to give the finder bowl and the bit more attention not to be offside Visger between up they might regret that. Because I think McCain see a different Man United in the second half. We didn't know now I will say that losing lingered and Marcial was huge because you're replacing them with Sanchez a motto who don't have the pace to trouble in behind and so can Penn bay and the other fullback were able to get forward and not worry about what was going in behind them. That was a big big change in the game. Put even you think about it after pogs biscuits by compound in the first half. It's pretty much as good a chance as United carved out after that. I I honestly tall PSG were very comfortable. I thought so too United had one chance on target and correct me if I'm wrong was at the Marcus rash. One early on from like an insane angle where I will still not even sure if he was shooting or passing I think that was the one that was carving in and boof on just passionate running the polls just to be safe via. That's not a chance. Now, I didn't think so either. I mean, this was this was even though the first half of it was a little bit more fifty fifty. I thought him Bob as chance in the first half that he put wide hit the side-netting on Conroy like vendor said getting in behind the defence. You know? I thought that was a better chance PS g every they were every bit as good as that to nil scoreline suggests and they were probably even better than that. Mark Ogden agrees with you on this. He said, but for the saves of Deva, hey, you know, would have lost by a heavier margin. But this was still there are you ready for this? This is still their heaviest European defeat at Old Trafford prior to this United and not being beaten by more than one goal. Home in over sixty saw that night. I could not believe it. I couldn't believe that either. I guess it just speaks to how great they are in that Bill on these nights. Yeah. Looking at it. I guess from the the Manchester United side of things we'll talk about social in a sec. But before we do that you mentioned Alexis Sanchez before we could probably one day if we wanted to just do an entire segment on him. Yeah. And what has what has happened here that has caused this guy in such a short amount of time to have gone from what he was at arsenal. To now what he's been reduced to at Manchester United where he is just a complete non factor. A he strikes fear into no-one when he comes on the pitch now for United. He's lost pace. He's lost form. I remember two seasons ago. Mean you talking about him at arsenal and worrying about the constant almost dizzying schedule of football. He had to play around the world be tournaments. He. Rarely had summers off not many breaks. So I I made this point on Twitter that we constantly referenced this someone's that we had this summer off like our because he wasn't as World Cup. Okay. Right. But that was the summer re crossed the threshold of thirty. Maybe it's too late. I don't know. It's been such a sharp drop. There's a lot of arsenal fans will tell you. He was on the wane at arsenal. And they put it down to him him wanting to leave. Yeah. But maybe it was more than that. Maybe there's a physical issue going on here. Maybe a mental one. You could be right. The other things that stood out to me for United. I think one of the signs where you can really tell that PS g were not only bossing the game. But were I think really getting under the skin of United obviously PA picking up the second yellow card on? I thought a challenge that was deserving of a second yellow card. I don't think there's really much that he could argue about that I feel for him because he's going back to his hometown of Paris for the second leg and won't be able to take part in a match where his team will desperately need him. And. Then actually young like he's just one of those guys. Where look I I suppose if you're a United fan you've like having a guy like him that maybe he's an irritant. But like you're on a yellow card already. And now you're gonna shove and healthy Maria in into the stands basically in just kind of a selfish act. Like, what are you trying to prove in that moment, you're trying to let the Marino. Look, I'm here. You're not gonna you know. Well, yes, he's trying to do. But maybe don't do that. When you're already on a yellow forget, he is a targeted mine. He is the elder statesmen on that United defense don't that site on PSE, we're beginning to probe and focused on that site. Andrew, he if you're United fine. You look at actually young you see the new contractor the extension of the contract that that he's been given that he signed. And you think this shows us that we as good as the results have been under Otago's soldier this shows where the club is at and what we have to fix. He's thirty three thirty four year old converted winger playing fullback in. Champions league. They're still limited side. And there is as good as it's been. You're right. There's a ceiling to what they're going to be able to achieve all that money. That's being spent I think. Yeah. And look, I don't know is this over. I mean us all the numbers tell you that it like I said there without PA. And also this none of the previous thirty four teams to lose the first leg of a Champions League knockout match at home by two or more goals have gone on to progress to the next round that's from op too. So the history is clearly against them. It's twenty ten twenty eleven since Manchester. United worn nocco game in the Champions League. Is that right? Some of those seasons are capable it's quite misleading because the culprit of the more spent in the Europa league. But but that's telling you something to oh, sorry, one spent in the Europa league in moma's. They didn't qualify. So JJ ready for social watch that we can talk about Janice. Do. Okay, here you go. I feel like there's a budget directions. I can take this. So scare watch so sky. Oh, watch Solska gera- watch. On coincide. I gave the strip to a bunch of people around the office and gave them no help what the pronunciation was his name. Good law. That was what Salzgitter? I gave them absolutely no help whatsoever. You know, the guy Rodney who did our Tyrian Reeve of whom yet. I was going to ask him to do this one again. But my only instruction was just just read it as his please don't look anything up. He wouldn't do it. So he he comes back in and he's like gleeful in telling me all I looked it up. I know how to say it's on ready now, I said, did you even hear any of the words that I said when we talked about this like my only instruction was that. I don't want you to look it up. Didn't care. No respect did not want to be made a fool of on the air. And then he's like, oh, I'll fake it though. Because I can tell you how I would have said I said, no it's ruined. Now, you're out you're out. So there you have it. Rodney soul shar obviously coming into this match have been flying so high. I think it would be a little bit unfair for everyone to suddenly change their opinions based on like, we just said a limited Manchester United side losing to a PS g side that even without Cavani and neymar is still excellent. So I'm not gonna let this reshape my opinion. Like, I said, though, I haven't I'm still very much undecided on anything about him in terms of being named permanent manager let this all play out. No one has to make any decisions yet. Yeah. He's got Chelsea Komen and the FA Cup, and then he has Liverpool. Surely, they should be just as equal in consideration. As a PSE at home one other stat that I wanna give you before we move onto the final Champions League match. Excluding qualifiers gee-gee profound became the third keeper to achieve fifty clean sheets in the Champions League. How about that? Now. Obviously the sets up beautifully into a trivia question. Can you name the other two fifty clean sheets in the Champions League? Yeah. Eaker cassia Stephanie present because he's been there that long. Yeah. If you want I'll give you a big hint go on he's he's retired now, but his club or one of the clubs that he's known for were playing in this match. Pierce, Michael know, Edwin van der saw okay, there, you have it actually you gotta think of him when you think across United. I ex event is. Yeah. Yeah. So there you go United had back to PSE second leg down to nil last, but not least JJ Roma and Porto to one for as Roma. They were up to nil but Porto did get a potentially crucial away goal to give themselves some real hope heading into the second leg, I suppose. This is kind of the world's introduction to Nikoloz Neil yet who was packed of the deal to send ninety one to enter which feels like one of those Jaden Sancho deals where white are you giving up this kid, but I will say this. It was a poor. I touch on his first goal that actually set him up to scored because it kind of through defender off good finish in second. One was a tap in after Jacko hit the post. So look his life is changed forever. Because you know, what it's like an Italy. He scored two goals two crucial goals in the Champions League. Whether he's all that and a bag of chips. We don't know yet boil this is considered to be his breakout seasons. Zanny allows only nineteen years old. He's a teenage right, obviously. So this is a big big moment for. Yeah. Yeah. I don't mean to criticize his two goals on December. No, I'm just. I'm just you know, what I mean? But that Portugal really keeps it alive. They will be absolutely livid the Roma fans that that went in. So they're nervous or saying. Yeah. Probably I mean, it's it's not ways the link you're going away for the next leg not crazy to think poor token, west season, Roma haven't exactly been pulling pulling up trees and Syria disease. No, we've talked about how much of a roller coaster. It's been like we said just a couple of weeks ago. They lost seven one. But then they won three no over the weekend. Now, they went to one mid week. So maybe you know, we can we can wind on their behalf about giving up that away goal, but it is still win in the Champions League against the good opponent. So that's our look at the Champions League. JJ we move from that to what to watch for for the rope league the round of thirty two first leg Thursday, twelve fifty five but day Borisov and arsenal. I'm just gonna enjoy that for a second Thursday at three. Mamo and Chelsea which suddenly feels like a big game. Yeah. Iraq, not kidding though. Yeah. It is like every one of these games. Now feels like if it goes poorly. It could be the end from her te'o. Sorry on kids momma were in a European Cup. Final once against Nottingham Forest. Brian Clough's Nottingham Forest. Well, undermanaged by former Manchester City grid who Rossler the German who kept them up in the days when they used to go down and scored a lot of goals for city important goals. And then Thursday at three o'clock a match of that will be fantastic and of tremendous character. Celtic in Valencia will live a beautiful team in the possible wonderfully and fantastic plays for cooler today to make his comeback. Celtic like. I don't know. I like seeing them in European competition. I'm glad that they're still something about like, I don't know there's like romantic they are they were the first British team to claim the European Champions League or European culpas. It was then in nineteen sixty seven and they're synonymous with with it ever since also big nights and Lasco where we hear Scottish lungs. Yeah. Exactly. FA Cup fifth round Saturday, twelve thirty Newport county and Manchester City look out we told you that Newport county have been what is it been in their last five matches against clubs from a higher tier of English football at home for wins one draw that pitches a disaster Jonathan Smith took pictures Jonathan Smith of ESPN FC who just had on yet. He was he was at at the ground at Newport ground until pictures of the absolute look it's called Rodney parade on he took. Well, he says it's flat. But it's muddy on those ran promised ho. Yeah. This is. Is. I mean, the the moaning pep will do about this earth. If you are pep. How do you like they wanna win the FA Cup? Obviously, it's not their number one priority the league and the champions their squad has been off. They don't have to like too much about rotation. He's gotta sit guys in this game. Right. Key players need to be sat down particularly those with hamstring problems and groin is who have been fighting injuries. Most because that's going to get heavy. Yeah. Let's see Sunday eleven am dunk caster and Crystal Palace Palestine alive in this turnament on the road though at Doncaster. No, you seem to have stories about a lot of these Donna much to say about Doncaster to be honest with you and then Monday to thirty Chelsea and Manchester United if sorry is still there. This is obviously a hugely important match for him really set. Abramovich hasn't spoken to him. So now the silent treatment, though, sometimes unnerving and it suddenly becomes an important match. For social Manchester United as well coming off of his first defeat against PS g if he falls that up with a defeat against Chelsea who have been really wobbly and who United have passed in the league, then we know how fickle fans can be suddenly the tune set. You know, what soul shar this has been fun? But yeah, he's not scoring us forward. It's. Oh, yeah. Fans aren't like that. No, man. United fans will have quiet reservations about him getting the job. But there won't be any clean of like all of a backlash at at Old Trafford. They won't be like not enough for him. Can I I this was sent to me earlier today are from Berenson friend of mine, and yours he remember who came here. And while say are was USA Argentina, very nice guy. But I feel he's no no he's going in about direct. It's well, you can be the judge of that. So Anthony Marcel and Cristiano Renaldo it's a comparison because they've now both played or this is Marcie. I'll just played his hundred and four. Match for United right? This is a comparison of Marcial after one hundred and four matches and Rinaldo who after he had played one hundred and four matches for United. Let's see goals who would you guess scored more goals in there? I don't care. Tell me tell me tell me more see all thirty two goals. Rinaldo only twenty two assists Marcial, sixteen assists, Rinaldo, fourteen assists. Let's see minutes per goal or assist every hundred and forty five more y'all everyone ninety six for Rinaldo. Yeah. I don't know. We're not Rinaldo played as a winger in. But he's but he was such a goal score. And the maker by the end he was by the end he was but not early on. So he was an out and a winger he would take people on and deliver into the box. Although sometimes he didn't deliver quickly enough much to the chagrin of Reuven Nesta say early on. But like one hundred and four matches is that's like the last third of that is that still early on players tenure. With a club. How many how many games overall than all of us? But I looked at that. And I was like, wow, Marciel has ten more goals than Rinaldo through a hundred and four matches with the United. That's surprising to me. But you know, I forgot who I was dealing with here. You have an answer for everything. I'm saying, I'm I'm defending Renaldo in terms of where he started out for United. He started out white in a white position. All right, Dan. I thought it was a great text message you, and I we shared in mutual of it. But JJ is smarter. He's six years at United. He left in two thousand nine. No, I'm not I'm not that shocked by that. Don't forget how many games in a league season. Yeah. I I'm aware. Right. So he had his first season or he was a teenager when he came into the team. No. That's what was Marcial. Yeah. But Marcie out today nature when he came into the more of an advanced striking forward position plays out. One biz more forward than off whatever. I don't care does the spring this on me. How dare you? So that's what this is about. It's not about the knows. It's the fact I haven't you haven't hounded digested. Yeah. And think about it properly. But from from my vantage point here, I think it's a positional thing as much as anything. You have a mailbag. Do you not I do-, although you just be seem to be introducing random male willy nilly. Osceola soccer pot on Twitter caught off size ESPN on the Instagram machine. Coughs ipod gmaiLcom, Tim Coppell, not Ted Koppel disappointing. Hey, Andrew JJ. I wanted to say that I love your podcast. Thank you, Ted. I just finished my fifth season as the assistant coach at Missouri Baptist university. And it was quite a drive to our school your podcasts each week make that drive much more enjoyable keep up the good work question from the teams outside the top six and the prime who would be in each of your combined. Eleven's? Do you think that the team that you come up with would crack the top six? I'll give you mine. I I've gone with a three four one two formation. Oh god. Foresee did really Patricio and goal of Wolverhampton Wanderers Lascelles Newcastle. United Duffy of Brighton and Hove Albion. Maguire of the LeicesteR city's three hundred hives why Dr D a wolves rice of West Ham United treachery indeedy in midfield alongside him. And then we'll resign hassle. I had playing zag kind of as a wingback which is a dangerous game. He done that. No. But he's a white player. I did this in ten minutes at work. Okay. Brooks sitting in behind dare you of format sitting in behind Mitch on him in. And that is my team. I would just like to tell him Coppell that this is probably the most thought Ted cop ever put into Ted a mail bag question. I went with the more conventional four three three in net. I have casper Schmeichal feel good about that. In defense. My center has our Harry Maguire and James Tarkovsky and not want to have met Darty and Patrick van Arnhold my midfield. I also have David Brooks. Then I have Ruben Nevis and Philippa Anderson. I had a really hard time leaving off James, Madison and upfront. I have Callum Wilson whom I love Wilfried Zaha, and I'm sticking with old faithful Jamie Vardi, I can't believe also I don't have Charleston in the side. I really it's it says a lot about Everton tells you out of him. But it does say a lot about Everton that like, they're usually everyone's seven the reason the thing and like there's neither you and I had anyone from NY Janu. Anyone through their players. And I thought oh, I gotta say I like my team a lot even Pickford is not doing that. Great. I would out rod with this team. I like my team, but I'm asking indeed to do a lot of covering Ziya. Under don't think he's going to leave. My team could be in the top six that attacking line of Wilson Zahn Vardi come on. I think my team could to your team's joke. What do you have next? Not actually Robert Cordova. I remember when Andrew started using the model my American brain in a lot of football related norms. And now it's on your Twitter bio, so I want to use this opportunity to ask Andrew this question at the end of football matches. You will notice players and coaches going to their fans and doing an arms clapping over the head gesture for common in the English leagues. That's something. You don't see in the American League's when players just leave the court or field as soon as the game is over. So if Andrew could transfer this tradition to one of the NBA MLB our NFL, which one would you pick? And why and I think the general question. Is here. What would you transfer from American soccer kind of little cultural things from sorry from soccer to other American sports, like what what soccer traditions? I make. Okay. Well, here's one it's kind of Macab and dark. But that's where I go. I live up you know, what I really like in the Premier League when I see this. So like over here in the states if somebody passes away, and they wanna honor that person it's a it's a moment of silence. Yeah. I I sometimes like when you see they applaud rather than just have total. I I've seen both. But I kinda like the minutes applause. I think there's one uplifting about that. So what you're shipping across the ocean to bring the league is is applause in the way, we honor the dead day death applaud. Yeah. I think serious I kind of like that. But that's only a recent thing. I and I still see. Both. Sometimes they still do the moment of silence. But I don't know. That's something that I've I've kind of when I see that. I I don't know. I think it's nice, look, obviously, I I love the chanting and singing over the course of I think rather than go. Thank you on brew. And what that does for an atmosphere. I just think is is a maze. Ing go. Bob. Cal American sports would would benefit from that. I've also said repeatedly that I love the idea of an away section. Yeah. Now, it's harder to do in the United States because this country so big so it's a lot harder to and you also don't knock out of each other on a regular basis. I games while. Yeah. But like, I just you know, I do the eagles road trips. Like, if all you. You definitely have together. It would be amazing. That would add a lot yet high together in a stadium where games not outskirts of tunnels for his original question of applauding fans. Which league would I choose it for how about all of them? Okay. Cool. All right. Like why even pick? All right Jonathan cleric. Hi, boys. Just want to say I'd be tines day Email, and oh, so I came up with if you could take someone from the world of football out, Valentine's Day dinner, who would be mine woman, man or woman, they're taking a person out for dinner. Who would it be? You're asking me today. So son, son. Oh, yeah. Okay. Korean barbecue, be noise. Whatever he wants talion food, sir. Chinese don't care. Okay. I would take someone interesting. Gary Lineker out. Okay. A Roy Keane? But that's that my phone would go off. And then I'd get the stairs phone. Is that useful Aniston Anthony? S? Hello, Andrew JJ can someone. Explain Mike dean to me. Who is he and why is he become a meme? Also, what's more likely to happen? Spurs winning a trophy or the rap battle who burn love the podcast and take care of the rap battle will happen before the call off site Cup. We will come together, and we will wrap at each other than we will battle people really want this. I still can't dude James the anti has been opt. Right. We did it. Because a lotta footballers were doing wraps, right? Right. But that's over. Not. I don't wanna look Milner literally replied to someone in his tweets who replied to him with a with the slim, shady, what was it? What's the really dark one? Stan. Yeah. So he quoted him STAN lyrics because Milner didn't respond to his tweet Milner responded with STAN lyrics kind. It's the craze that sweeping the sport. Mike Deane is a referee who many people on the interwebs think is trying to insert himself into games either by his refereeing decisions or by the gestures. He makes so it was at the penalty for Manson against Chelsea where he literally did a John Travolta Saturday Night Fever point where he goes. Yeah. He's very like gregarious in in his way. Yeah. On we remember when the rule came in about the we're going to clamp down on grappling at set pieces. And who was the person who gave always he loves gave a penalty two weeks run on couldn't wait yet couldn't wait implemented. So that's him. Jack musso. I really enjoy listening to your podcast. Appreciate who you to enjoy talking about teams that American soccer fans aren't familiar with like Blackpool and leisure knighted. In England are US L teams here in the states. I was what do we have the right podcast. We do talk about the US allocation, we'll talk about it. And you when you talk about it, also when you talk about Blackpool. They were there ownership was a man of was that don't wind up. It was a red carrots segment, and I talk about leaves. I have one when I went to Edinburgh. Scotland I went to a match between Hibs and Aberdeen of the Scottish primarily despite having no time ties to either team and being ignorant American in general come on. I met some Aberdeen way fans who invited me for a round of drinks nice with the whole group in the process met Aberdeen, captain and manager who wanted to tank supporters for traveling overall an awesome time. I'm that sounds awesome. It is no most of my life with Rovers was lower league stuff. Yeah. But I would say over here. I went to see Miami f c versus the cosmos in Coney Island and on a baseball field when the cosmos played their two seasons ago in the no defunct an ESL and who was manager of Miami. F c it was out of Sandro Nesta, one of the critics the Tinyan centreback so weird was that while like, Raul and Marco, son. No, no day. They had retired to season before that. Okay. But what was weird was here's Nesta on a baseball field. On the boardwalk in Coney Island with like the Coney Island. It was so weird. There was like ferris wheels. Unlike attractions rolling behind him and here he is. It's like if I told them in the Champions League final in two thousand and five you're going that's going to be when you're first managerial job so weird. Very strange. Omar, you're gonna hit this. I actually hated the mail to Omar included be watching the game for over twenty. And in the last ten or so a lot of American fans have been coming out. Coming out as Tottenham fans. Mom, dad. Yes. Son. I like Spurs. Oh my God. How long has been going on? Why do you think that is is is that true? Wouldn't you want to choose a team with success? Well, I lost about the lamest. Yeah. It's about the narrow view of sport. Ever. I would say there are lots of Spurs finds in America's sends particularly since NBC started piping in so much. Good Spurs e-content. But why wouldn't you support Spurs is a better question? I mean, you're asking there's lots I I like, I love them. I I'm so happy that that is the club that I support and I felt that way even before this current wave of success. So I I don't know. I don't really Saddam quite I won't calming. With success? All right, fine. So like if everybody wants to be Manchester City fans have fun with that you're on you're not and you're boring and also Thomas I don't wanna go on a boat. But Tottenham is great history. An interesting football club for money, Omar be better Daniel Warwick, I was wondering if you've been following the story of Hekim at our Abby at all which had been huge a huge story over here in a stray Ilya will. Yeah. Thankfully that stories. Come to to a good end. He was in a Thai prison on an extradition warrant from Bahrain where he had been a basically convicted in upstate of crimes during the our spring in two thousand ten twenty eleven he fled to a stray Ilya to seek asylum. And he he he got that and had been arrested then and there was a real danger. He was going to be sent back to Iran and be he was going to be tortured. So there was a lot of work particularly in particularly in the. Australian soccer community to ensure that the trillion government interceded on his behalf and got him back to a stray area. So that is that was a scary story. We saw the hashtag save Akeem going round the internet on. It's it's really good at came to a good end. Yeah. I saw the video of him landing at the airport in Australia, and it was quite a scene. So yeah, definitely happy for a look at safe. And it's got to be one of those most really scary things to be involved in that in a foreign country trying to be deported to our extradite rather to another country where you along or call your home, and where you're in danger of being killed is that it for the mail back that is the mailbox. All right. Good stuff. We move on now to red card. I'm gonna go. I if you don't mind unafraid of this red card because it's going to come across. Here we go. My red card goes to supporters of the club Alvis in Spain. Oh, I'm reading now from the BBC JJ their website Alba's supporters held a mock funeral during their law legal win over Levante in protest at the match being switched to Monday night for live TV coverage large number fans. Also boycotted the kickoff entering the ground five minutes late a banner saying r I p football was held up as fans dressed in black carried a coffin into the stadium. All right. What's wrong? I just need you to help me here with this. Because to me this just feel so overly dramatic the death of football carrying a mock coffin around the ground. I don't wanna sound anti fan because that is what I am not a former player, I'm not a reporter. I am a fan. And those are the only people that I can relate to but of all the things to hate about modern sports. Why are nationally televised sporting events the catalyst for a mock funeral? I understand changing the date with short notice is a bad job by league, bingo, and I'm sure more can be done to combat that. But by the same token, like we only understand the commercialism is a part of sport. No, sorry fans are the crucial point of a football. I'm what's laying football. Andrew is. No, no. What's happening football is people have taken our sport from us and sold it back to us and told us that's the time Ugo basis what you do on your dancing to their Choon at protests. I understand that completely. We'll Everton say one thing though for all the Alvis supporters who were furious with date change. How many were quietly thrilled with it at home? Because now they could actually watch their team play. Like if they couldn't go to the game. If they couldn't get a ticket. They couldn't afford a ticket if they had a conflict, but like okay like a fan in the stadium is paramount. Absolutely. But like not every change. You're you're you're picking here. You're really picking. I think a protest like that reminds those who have captured the game for for commercial reasons dot just remember who's game this is. But like, so this is the thing the portray shin started putting plastered on teams jerseys. No, no, no. Well, whatever that's fine. But like, but this like make putting a game on national television. You're right. La Liga can do more. Like, I'm sure that. I I don't have in front of me when this was announced that this game was being changed from whatever it was supposed to. Be to a Monday night. What about the trialling funds to? Chan short notice. Yeah, I'm saying like more can be done. I'm sure from lollygag to provide more notice on wonder to Santa game until forget there's a larger context of this very league. That was ready to sell it soul to Florida or wherever that anywhere, really. That would take its money. This is a larger thing finds field is if they are being disenfranchised, and it's been a slow creep. I don't know this it just feel it just felt to me watching that that I I just couldn't understand it quite the way that they were ever Everton. So so sorry Everton away at Southampton. Last season was another one they changed the time to suit far eastern TV rights on. It's not like people in the fire. You shouldn't be able to watch. But to the life blood of the Premier League is fans in England. And they shed jewels were changed. I it means completely different commute leaving way earlier, forever and funds. Now Andrea can't allow it. You just can't allow the death of football. Don't that's the way it's heading a after the game as we know it is heading towards a juncture. I don't know how the game will look in ten years time. But it's going to be even. Dramatically different to what was no never mind twenty years ago. I hear every I can I can I preface by saying I knew I was going to come off sounding like a bad guy. Yeah. I did. I totally get that. But like, I just can I say something as well. We don't because of where we live. We don't travel. We don't go to games regularly. We're not in stands regularly. What do you mean? Because of where we live. We don't is that a we like you and me or is that a we like people in the United States. I see games all the time with packed stadiums. What are you talk? No, no. We don't go as as the support or in the ground. Andrea we are not regular supporters in the ground of soccer teams. We're just not on. We don't with. Sometimes we get kind of pulled away because we watched so much of it on TV. We've got pulled away from their experience and how vital they are. And how we must protect them. All right. I ask for your help. I feel like I crushed you. I ask for your help. I needed you to help me aside. Well, I mean you were. You're out of line, quite frankly. No passionate about this one -absolutely. All right. What's yours? I mean, I've I wanted to say all right mine is Mara Cardi this from Ben glad will ESPN AFC myrow at Cardi's future at Inter Milan has been cast in doubt after he refused to travel with the Syria club under trip to Rapid Vienna. After being stripped of club, captain say Accardi who has in the past linked with rail Madrid Man United has been involved in discussions over extending his country with the near at story beyond twenty twenty one. However, the Argentinians future in Milan is no one certain after Wednesday's events just after lunchtime internet via Twitter that goalkeeper Samir. Donovan has replaced. The twenty five year old is club captain shortly afterwards the squad list for Thursday night's Europa league clash in Austria was announced an Cardi's name did not feature upon arrival in Austria courts, Luciano spaghetti explained that he had included Accardi in squad. But the forward said he did not want to play the decision to take. The captain's armband off Accardi was difficult and painful. Because we all know about his values belletti said at a news conference. It is a very hard to take. But is one that everybody within the club shared on one which was taken exclusively for the good of inter Mara was called up for Vienna. But he didn't want to come after launch informed the club that he didn't feel like coming with us. Obviously he was disappointed. But there are things going on which are disturbing him on the team. And here's the context of this the decision to scrap Accardi of the captaincy comes only days after his wife and agent Wanda Nara had caused irritation by complaining that are husband was not being given enough support by his teammates is not scored in the league since mid-december Arana Viet games without finding the back of the net. This is one of those things where I wanna get your opinion on this. With players in America. I wonder I know in the Lonzo ball case, it's very obvious intrusion by family upon another player's career constantly being in the media and commenting. I don't think there's anything irks me more like one Dinara may well be agent on an undisposed. And I know she plays that professional role in his life as well as a million role. But this is just you know, taking too. The media to discuss this just hurts Mara Cardi. You know, it's not helpful. Isn't there a point where it just won't work for your spouse? Be it man or female to be your agent as well or no if I can think of an example of that. Now, you see all the time people like athletes who their parents serve and like an agent role. And even then like, I remember it with Eric Lindros when he was with the flyer. There was issues with that. When his father was his agent. But yeah, I don't know if I can off the top of my head think of a situation where an athlete spouse, I come not also their agent, I'm not blaming her exclusively. But the fact she's in the media's well making comments. There was a player who's there was a player in the in the NFL Brent Grimes whose wife Mieko Grimes was not as agent, but she was very outspoken. And you know, she would she was just she was very willing to speak her mind. And I think he got cut from the dolphins. And I think I remember them saying that like she was part of like they're thinking in that that they just didn't need whatever the the outside aggravation that it may have caused. Yeah. But I I don't know if I can think of one exactly like lost the captaincy he should be in the position he's negotiating a contract extension. He's the captain of the club. Carries the face of that franchise. Oh, yeah. This is terrible. Very weird. Oh, let's see caught off sides man of the match gave my to Mekelle. Antonio. We talked about this West Ham. Supporters have been under the microscope lately, we spoke about Jacob Steinberg of the guardian how he kind of came out kind of really strongly came out against the mentality of some of his club's supporters, which we applauded now. It seems that a West Ham player in Antonio has followed suit he said that clubs should be docked points or forced to play behind closed doors of their fans are guilty of racial abusive games. Here's some what he had to say at on Sky Sports talking about racism in football. I'm gonna blame FA because I don't feel that shirt enough on once it happens stemming from coming in the Broadway with Donny rose when they will make an a monkey shots. It was a whole crowd at the team talking with have find if it's happening. It's not just one person. I feel the team should be also we'll cough because there's no I in team. That's the same. If it's doing to one person doing it to the team because they get in the way that they thinking maybe we can get away. But he also talked about how to combat racism in football. Finding individuals us nothing. It does nothing that one person. Okay. He gets Bentiu live to be on this. No one has a picture of his face. He can get back into the state you number two. If you affect that team. These friends loved that if you start affecting the team so that one fence like the fake, tune the team the friends their friends, he's friends all gonna turn on him. So if you start putting gays behind closed doors deducting points, then the problem is inside themselves race will never be stopped. But racing could be stopped in focus agents. Good for him to sell this, especially now with West Ham, his own club being kind of at the center of a lot of this. Yeah. I wonder I wonder what it work. Players speaking out monop- player, speaking out so much, but his idea of of docking points from clubs and and. I don't know. Matches have been played behind closed doors, and it still continues. It can only on or. No, it's not. It's not the it doesn't how solution, but it can only stuff like that can only help. I would think I mean, if if somebody, you know, if someone says something stands up and shouts something like, I I've got to believe right now people who are afraid of conflict who don't want to say anything don't wanna get involved. If they know that points are at stake like people like people shouting, racist abuse crowd will be shouted down by fans around them. I believe that one hundred percent if they if fans know that they're clubbing docked ten points is at stake. Yeah. At some of certainly some the football could can do supposed to get to the real root. Cause of why someone goes to a stadium on hers as Brooke abuse it someone. Yeah. That's what we got to get to my man of the match Marco variety. Here is Julian Orion on the BBC talking about the lifestyle of variety after his superb showing at Old Trafford on Tuesday for me variety because he was not fit because he was one hundred percent because you only played one game in the last month because last week he was partying until six AM in the morning for name ause birthday because he smokes because he drinks because he's out pretty much every evening of the week. And then comes out with a game like this tonight. I'll traffic I think is just insatiable. And if he had the the lifestyle of presented were not advice, but the work ethic of I don't know way would be in terms of world class fiddler's, but the ability has combined with the lifestyle the lifestyle he has at the moment and yet still being able to put our performance tonight. I think just incredible. Maybe if he had the lifestyle of Cristiano Renaldo he wouldn't be as good as he is. That's what. I said to you or he would be unstoppable. He's a great player hot. But did you find the same? I don't know. I really liked that to hear this about a professional in this era of marginal gains and measuring body fat and tracking players running and all that stuff. I don't know it. Yeah. Maybe I'd be curious. Visit did you? Maybe it's me thinking about days gone by. Well, there's something human about it. Yeah. That is endearing. Yeah. It is in Deering. But it's not like if you lose the could so easily be spun around into like today, it's a positive. Oh, this is so silly looking drunk, and now he's awesome. Like, yeah. But like, I don't know what happens when he has a bad game. Do you think it's a cultural thing in terms of France versus England. Do you think I don't know? I can only think of here think that we England English football at the after Vangere became so puritanical that remember was she says Neal had a cigarette in the shower. And then there was Jack Wilshere was pictured with a cigarette out. She think we became so pure tonic in the English game that I was stunned by the Jack Wilshere stuff stunned really shocked that a cigarette would cause such a controversy. Yeah. It did. He was suspended, right? Or was he find fi-? Find a think that's what like that's crazy to me. You know, I like I like to human element. I think guys when I hear that about Roddy. I think automatically of Alan Iverson. No. You told me I resume Woody was legendary partier, but he he would be out the night before a game playoff game. I wouldn't think varieties two in the playoff games. Enormous. And then he'd show up and he dropped thirty five. I remember before against the Pacers the playoffs in two thousand as possible he needed that. Needed it. No, I'm I would think not I think it was just a part of his lifestyle that he couldn't look there's a reason he stopped playing at a high level at age like what was a thirty five or so before maybe even younger than that. Like he probably could've kept playing, but he lived hard. So I it seems like Markova rotties kind of the cut from the same cloth. So interesting. Yeah. Well. There you go. It's going to be long. It is not a Premier League weekend as an FA Cup weekend. But we will be back next week with a discussion on all those matches. We'll see if Manchester City are able to survive Newport county, and that pitch at Rodney unpowered, Ammon, former Rovers player can they survive him the goal machine to you. I say take later, I'll see you take care. Listening to Kadhafi side sucker podcast. I can't believe it that Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Look here comes one point seven percent decrease in fixed overhead I know everybody. No, I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance. Gyco. Are you Bill? Projected increase in organic revenue. I believe that guy. Go could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.

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