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Why Hello, it's your old pal Sarah Silverman and I, have a podcast called the Sarah Silverman podcast. I could have been more creative with the title, but you never go who did you see last week tonight now you say did you catch John Oliver? So yeah, I'm a dreamer but I'm a realist I talk about all kinds of stuff from politics to breakfast cereal and everything in between what are their leg three to four things in between. I'm. Super Smart I'm. Super Dumb. I have strong opinions which I might change completely tomorrow you're not always gonNA agree with me but. I don't know. I'm doing the best they can with what I've been given if you don't like it. Gives me more. Many men. Can we start. My. Punch. Obviously obvious. A for sure Senate going to set a here on them black BELTINCI chicken heads. I think you'd be surprised I think you'd be surprised mckinney Fight Club bike club bike club kids got a piece on them. Cutie Pies I. Still got it. Baby lift your she'll, and now from the on studios in Playa Vista California. Is, the moment you've been waiting for the final and the kid is coming at you. and. We're not live at does make sense. And we're not live. And now it's the fodder and the kid. My. Live. We live dog. Oh You I. Say Live we're recording. Back. Hey Come Back We. We fucking. A. BPM m. p. b. m.'s are in the house y'all know what it stands for. Big Beautiful men. Yeah. Because you know there was you know when we last spoke about it, there's so much different shit that popped up bisexual sexual things the BB. was by central Boise. Booty mountain her big Buddhi man is. Sexy on Buddhi man, he is A. Big Booty Man. Oh No booty people say that you had a little to show. You saw. Now for the listeners Yangtze Cat in studio today because. showtimes here, testing everybody and because the shoot all the smoke. So they're run a tight operation today and everybody in here out to get tested and they did blood. So even if you have the antibodies, you would test positive and cat has the antibody she must have. Got It when we all got it and identifies as symptomatic. But because she tested positive, they won't let her in the building was you took the second test? Yes. They did the swab which will tell you right away if you currently have co nothing antibodies but they can't get those results back in time until tomorrow. Cat died but. You gave him this whole hose. Long Story Short. Cat died. Reduction. Do with the horse with the little horses. Why are we gonNA. Hands we don't ever have to bring that up again. Subject? You had a great great weekend. Yeah they tested you. Did they say they have to test coming in or what? You're good. Now going to do it now you're gonNA test positive. For antibodies, which is going to be like what the fuck. Naming sense once the election's over all this bullshits can be put aside. Another molecule which I can't. Wait. Kind, of messed up. Almost The team is no hair sexists episode. I got this Euro. Yeah. I'll take your. Goddamn. We're GONNA get. COVID. chapelle yellow and who hasn't had it here you're GonNa Cova. And Florida in Florida. Say how was Tampa Tampa was good. All. Right. I think it was like I think Carol would or something like that. I can't side sweaters size what. What Site splinters an. Boy Do. Not stayed in my room lighting venture out no by myself. I mean. It's so spread out to where it's like to like I don't know I would have to like take an uber. Yeah. Take an uber to some shit. Really. which by the way the map yeah. Say. So, when lakes townhouses curl, would it? It's like getting Karaoke working lakes. By the way that owner Brian. Thompson did time is a G. He's I right on like he don't play around with nothing like you know like there's some clubs where you go to and like people are talking in the club nightmare scared. You're scared to do anything about. Not Him he's right on. Talking too much. He'll tell 'em Tom. Him He watches district. No he just did it. Oh, he's. He's. He's. He's. Dude Yeah Dude. He's like. You like six, five, six, six. People for these. He's from Akron. He played basketball. He's. He's older than, yeah, they used to piling. Not like too much older like Yeah Lebron was I think he was a senior Lebron was freshman or something like that watch Lebron Lebron. Lebron's much as I did. How did you know you don't know this guy store I know this you know. If he's the manager of a comedy club. He's loving his life right now he'll and I'm sure he's killing I'm just saying he played as much basketball Lebron. Man. Akron Ohio off saying I don't want to say anything. All. Expired He coming up too loud. Say Anything. Other Bras. Hecklers. No because he he was pretty damn quick. Actually there was one. It was actually Sunday night the last show talk that's all I was talking about. I said I was talking about something about Michael Jackson. In r.i.p and this girl This guy was like do the moonwalk drunk dude up front I was like my your I was like okay cool. Respect. You know what I mean usually like if they shot once I don't really like I was just go cool respect and that his gophers I do it pussy. Oh. Shit. Straight up. You know to hurt her mazel she went pants a relationship. Read my gosh she said you pussy and the crab was I had an argument in car and then she. I. Think he left her there did the oh Gee I was she hot or she like? like a mullet. I'll. Bet. Yes. Regular white get really. Yeah. It up into it no, you didn't get his face turn. Down still, so bad she. Told told the San Jose make. Him a drink like one of the little pussy drinks I said I said I added onto. Grad. You guys like. The little drinks. Put. Pineapple. Sex on the beach or something like that. I went there do she was so aggressive about it. With decent hotel. Yeah, it was Nice Hotel one of them Hilton how did she say like was great like? Pussy. You Got Right now. Well. I must stepfather. Calm down town aggressive. The weirdest shit ever I don't see any point she was she was having a good time. She was really drunk Okapi that she was really weird doing your our since you've been doing like fifteen twenty minutes. But it was. You know it was actually like good I did a lot better than I actually talk because I was like. I barely started my first first headlining GIG was. Back in October of last year twenty, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, nineteen. So I've just started like getting these headlining dates. The first GIG was in Indianapolis Minneapolis Yeah Yeah Yep. So that was my first one. Yeah House a comedy and then you know I think in February. Like my last like headlining gave was somewhere in Reno. I. Did this Casino Gig and then then everything after that just started dropping. Started dropping Cova came in yeah, and then so I yeah, have done forty five in a minute but like I was going through. My Room and it worked out well, I'll say, oh, fuck. Yeah back at this and actually. It was great. It was great. I had a I had a good time. You know and it's not as crazy as people are thinking it is Florida. Yeah. What do you mean meaning like because they lifted everything like full? No not curfew this. capacity for ship everyone was matched up like. The line yeah. They're sitting down in the club with mass gone. Yeah. People not everybody but like a lot of people were massed up. That's me. I've seen a crowd massed up. Yeah it was it like everybody I'd say probably. Twenty percents. Yeah. Twenty percent of the crowd was massive like you go. You walk around that tent Laura where I was. You know and everyone was pretty messed. Yeah. Because I got off the plane and I was okay, I'm in the airport you know it was got masks on here because airport requires yeah and then I got in my uber of course, Uber Masks and they started going around even more. You've got to be a free for all although it's going to be free for all I. Mean The new the media portrays that like Florida's you I was talking to I was talking to the locals there like the the cats I like open for me and they were saying they're like, do they go to certain places in Florida? In like film that the beach and then they go. That's all the Florida you know what I mean they're like. Go. Ask but they're not. They're not locked here. North Korea. No, they're not locked. No. No, they could go out. Yeah. Like I could walk outside my hotel that she was tight. That's. How far ago I, went to the parking lot. I was like Damn. To it around and Shit you don't WanNa do. Yes I believe I can Malik. US. Call Yourself La Fan, boy you. Know you have no dodgers gear on. Disease Dr. Seamen dodgers. What are you talking about I'm listen. Dodgers blue. Listen. Listen. That is okay Turquoise. Fina, bottles. Correct. Okay. Well, let's shot out to will smith shot out to bellinger. We did it also game away? Did I watched it? We did it Listen. We came back one. Yeah. Came back. We came back from three one. I works were going off last night. Almost, got. One off and I let off too late normalcy of semi fire but look. LA's Ryder died dodgers there. Will Smith Arizona. Actually we have a lot of dodgers fan seger. A little bit like the Yankees and Red Sox fans here where everywhere everywhere this This is a cody now Kayla. Celebration when he hit I, don't understand that before you press michler. Okay. Before you press that it was a celebration. The. Best Player on the team. He's well Sega sacred say. Best. MVP. MVP. Last year look. So I WANNA ask you a question you are you having in baseball I like baseball? Okay. Don't watch all the games I watched the playoffs I'm to say now let me ask you this again. Okay I'm I'm one games count I was watching a game yesterday with my pops recited og. Watching the celebrations. Now they're celebration, the NBA, Brecca? Homeownership homerun they dropped the bad loved that. But when they come back to the Dugout, they do the celebrations at UK handshakes day wasn't hair say these guys was doing nut bumps now they did it I promise. You you you A celebration they re. Located his shoulder and that's why he just he spent on them, and after that, he'll spin for the next thing is now my soda. Cam. You squinting screens yeah. Oh but he but then but then he came back he kind of he got an. Be This, okay. Can Pop back in he popped up he poplar he. He probably did. How do you do that? Do that. Hurts. Yeah. So type in La dodgers nut celebration last night. And why she is like the guy who's tied it up it was like a four three three. Really did watch the watch the game and it was three three. The guy comes to the dugout he his homeboy do this boom boom and they do this they twist the nuts and gives each other meals. Maybe it's a cup check thing. It's cup to cut. They weren't cups and baseball do there Oh oh but they kept doing a cup check I mean, still they still that's another still touch an ugly. world series, you want Wisconsin. Guess. So I got you're gonNA find. All about. If you gotTA. Go to Youtube and type in a one guy do it. All teams. When I was in Florida. race yeah. That's what they call them. They took their homerun celebration championship or onto the next level were playing the dodger there. This year we're going to maybe the year. Yes. Sir. What is he going five times that we went to the world series over five in the last five days should win this. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA win it this you. Find it it's all about the cody bellinger. That's why that was. That was a pivotal play by the way. He's he he he hit a home run. Yeah. But he struggles during the postseason but then soon as the announcer said, Yo, he's struggling. I hope he get it together home homerun. Well. Sometimes you need a little bit of that hate. To give you a little boost. Well speaking of Hey. Did you watch the boxing masters weekend? Yeah. You hated it. I loved it all Lopez. Not, no you didn't call Lopez you didn't call Lopez. Posted the people. Don't. Put a grand on Lopez. You did. You did why? Because he won the fight what I didn't think grand on it but you're like, how did you know five Jeez on Ortega? He was underdog to. USC. He wanted well damn. Lopez I just liked that he's he's younger like he's a beast I. Liked that he uh Oh there we go. One they hit nuts. Yeah. But they do that though only. Thing and I was told us a nut book. That's an old town the. Nuts. they hit I think Lopez just he's the real deal man Loma cheng-kuo two year layoff. His last fight was in grade less round book gives camp. Feeling it. Put, young gun he almost lizzy almost got stopped at the end you almost lost it. Yeah. Because one judge has at one thousand, nine, hundred eleven. Letterman really let him. She should begin I was about to say fire her immediately. I had my girl asked me because she loves boxing. She's like, what do you think? I bet on it and I hope Lopez once he might have won by a one round depends I score the second he lost the last four four and then he won the twelfth, but it will stop until almost I didn't he showed me a lot. That's why I was like give it the real deal he's a real deal. Three years old twenty, three years old called. He called Devon he the email email paper champion. That's so funny. Email paper she had his seven, five, seven five. That's exactly how I look at one nineteen. The one night explains that's what it says in this video. I don't know. I'm going to. Fast. Forward. Seven views. Seven. To. Your. And a lot of Shitty podcasts I must say as bad podcast podcasters and people do this. They'd be like breaking new that they'll. BE GIVES INSIDE INFO. Cook Bay and again you. got. To you got congratulations. Now you know what? I know judge in the history of the sport has ever. podcast and explained the scoring. Yeah they don't. They don't have to just bite. that. that. That that's probably the problem with boxing bombing rips heard while we have IBM's nine thousand years old. As Five I can see eight four. Or some five by us. This was seventy five miles tenth eleventh close in the Twelfth Round. Fight though refi lots along affects you drop a five Jeez on Artega. That's my boy. That's a lot of the homie though. He was a big underdog. New felt it. I'm super bias told I'm below the belt McKay but bed I bet Chinda give me a fucking hundred dollars of my money at Chin. New Right here Hala Jala Jala Jala. Honey. But Get it off your chest. Yes. So five GS why not? He's such a big. He said why not? Just. You better find you one five. Five gs one eighty century something right one, eighty, four, hundred, I think. Eighty, four, hundred That's that's that's that's. That's a lot. Gosh. Well, how much money you dropped on on up to the people that podcast listen Abedin Dmz I know you wait until your cash JEKYLL. The five, thousand, one, thousand, five, hundred. Damn plus one seventy. My boy comes this off a website. Yeah Street bit. Wow I. Hope I. Yeah. And then I think the other one to. Took Took Lopez Plus Three Twenty Five Grand when three, thousand, two, hundred, five, hundred. Two hundred and fifty. You just racking up money this weekend get none of that for the underdogs. That's crazy. Oh. Tell you our boy got cut. When I boys Justin he got his girl was phone this weekend. Girl that's the thing. Here's calling him on. Let me tell you his his him getting caught cheating had me and my girl, my Queen six-figure Queen or and we. Ended Him, right? Yeah. Well, here's the thing. So I to see I got a text from Justin early in the morning. Here's I we got a problem what time. Seven thirty seven when he said, we've got a problem. Saturday more. This is new day of the fight. Right. Here let me tell you right now. Just Elliott. It was bad six, forty five. Am You know? We. Got An we got problems. He goes. Angles their name went through my phone. I said Damn. not today he said Bro she saw all the freaky videos I got with chicks. This, I want to see justice. wrote. It. Automated. Free. It. was on her phone and she went through a seaweed do it but this is why I say. To myself what he was like all the freaky videos with the chicks I said were they bad. Bad. Girls back and he says man I'm sick I was okay. Well, cool. Well, I told you to be faithful. He's shut up. I'm doing damage control right now who she's she's. Going in on, he calls me now with my queen me and my queen or. She thinks she's taking me shopping. So no problem with a girl, the grove is open. Jumpsuit there you like it. It's cool. Thank you season. Yeah you can go. Season Hala what thank you brisk brisket. Time for Breast Cancer Care Company. So he calls on Speaker, he is I man what's up I'm like what's up? He was man what you doing I'm like, what are you doing? He's what do you WanNa? Do He was I man? Right, now I'm tired I'm I should've never cheated I'm my bro get off my phone. She Go. And also I Japan speak. Well because I tell my queen everything letting them know this is not too much. Let's take. This. It too much to is. Argument the places she goes, she's like stop stop you being insisted if your friend has like the Justin do you WanNa come on come over for dinner? That's nice. Oh. Hell. No. Because now he bring that back energy I'm like well just I'm pretty sure Exactly. So I. Say Pretty Sure Justin got plans he goes out he he goes. To a shit. So he comes over and in they're talking and he was like Yo Listen Jesse why are you cheating on? He's like on a road I'm the girls asking him questions Oh, he was like she was like she goes well, he knows not to do that. He was like well Mallaig. No 'cause you look he he you make six figures. Of course, he be his head on straight. Ahead only for you and only with me for the money. So a little bit but yeah but a little bit. Yeah I'm uranium. You've been living glamorous life. On six figures in. Fact every podcast. A lot of one. Let's Loa because I. was more excited about his five thousand bit the you saying six figures right now. All the time. On The money. Well, how long did I Got Blessed Stimulus checks I got blessed with a contract so just get that out the way. Respected. So she goes Mallaig, you not only me for the money. I'm a front adjuster is now a lot of girls often right? So I go. Yeah percent unfaithful. All right. I'm not only what you 'cause you. You know for the money and she was like, yeah, we'll just any doesn't go now you know and then. So. Be. Serious, are you only with me for the money? Cook. Just. Try To do what? He's trying to get an a roommate. down. Right now. So then we argue and here's like I'm GonNa go ahead and leave and I'm like wait wait is left. He left and I'm like you mother saw this whole this weekend I'm like, Oh don't let just cheetan like if you were awarded him in your head in your head, you were awarded him for cheating right so stop that girl leave him. Yes, she left. This'll she's the big girls you know she. What? MOM So. This is. Probably watched podcast she he probably be good. Will if he send it glistening women that show good listen to anything. Old the newly on here but she he probably her old stuff they sent. Here's another day just like they just make it fun. He sat right now and I'm sad to now me and my queen was Oregon the whole weekend because. We get 'em like Bela Energy. Energy. Energy. What do you mean? Just looking you know just I want to be there for a friend, but he made the mistake. I wrote. Down Calm Down Monday Loose get lose. Yeah. You can really lose. You should've seen Chapelle Lips. Oh, come on. How The watery first of all has Matt Barnes Is Rolling A. He. Ask Him, ask him. To Join. Your mouth is watering. This. Cool. OFF I. Guess hopes to. And say good it down. legit joint told you. Smoke. Doug. If Matt Barnes Joint, you take it. For Weak Kings. Yeah. I would i. See I only do it like. It has to be the last thing I do before I go to sleep. At night. Just fight to me I feel like you judge don't. Do Math if that's what you WANNA do. We bullet we all saw. The podcast. into. These show up on to. Say he said I wouldn't recommend doing this before the pop. Then I got you met how they smoke so much weed back there. Get high just chilling watching them impact. Yeah, exactly. I. Was getting a little buzz a little bit. I was in love when still boys those guys. Yeah. Is it when? Get food they treat me like Shit. Food. Senators. Launch. Everyone. There's all the empl-. Showtime employees. Catering aggregating Kobe. Kobe tested me. Myself. At home over test. But I think. I'm good. Talk. talked the Mike by Yourself. Kobe. Combat Nineteen. Because? I'm going on my first vacation a longest. They mourn and you haven't been there yet though right ever. Yellowstone inspired me. You would ahead you had last time buddy going to accept you. Oh, big time maybe like a cowboy whatever no. I. Mean you probably have a good time yeah. I love when something like inspires me to go somewhere. That's how it was like grunge really fired me to Seattle. And then doesn't know Isa's make you want to get a Manchester I really WANNA go she. Share so real. Should. Do. I. Hope they greet me La's. This is always as cool enough where you could reach out to him and meet up or now how are they that big of a? Bam That like I don't drink. Big. In the States It's like I'm like a rarity all around being a black. Hit they've made though last I hit the last record was. Oh. Eight. So it's been hot sector but yeah, they broke. Their brothers, they fistful their. House was a fist fight, but there's blood brothers broke up. Oh Yeah. They. Talk Talk Somewhat. You'RE GONNA PICK ONE Pick, one can handle both was four of them, right? Those two I'm hoping to bring oasis back together Oh, you can do you. Can do that. If we go to Manchester at your mission, that's my mission to bring back together I always thought Oh. Oh how `Bout Boise's on the fucking schedule. Oh. Yes. He'll do other potatoes. I love potatoes don't. Forget. Missile. Mom. Skip, told potatoes, you eat that. Way. Has Brown's a catch-up hash or potatoes mass mashed potatoes. Roasted, potatoes, you French fries, yeah. Yeah you. Thought you about that. No. Catch up on some weird shit. We're not I. Haven't been boys I'm excited because I before I booked Isaac. I've never been to boys on what the crowds like there and reach out there Kreischer Joshua and. They're like dude great. Calming Town do really all I do so yeah. Just like these I mean when I was in Tampa, it was just like great comedy Townie Championship would it I love Tampa that's city in Florida for sure. Is it? Safe, it's my favorite. I'm. Miami Guy, I've never been to Miami I've only been like. This metropolitan area of Miami, got some bad. That's what I'm saying that you. Do it again. KOKUBO MIAMI AD be. Sammy. Ladies Miami you Latin Hadi's May it's a weird scene down there. It is all you got to. Tell you what I wish when you would go on you should I know yet six-figure Queen fucked check this out. Okay. Go on married at first sight for me I WANNA friend gone made for at first sight. What is that Oh that show on so good I bought all ten seasons on Amazon this. Season the season nine's on Netflix Netflix. And there's there's like four couples on that and then now's like season I was the other season. So I googled it it's all Amazon. It is my favorite ship Binge Watch a show how It. Sad over. I. WAS DILL PRESS WHEN Ship depressed when yellowstone end so I got married. Ended well season four come out to next year gotTA. Say. I. Caught Up. All season was over I'm like. Do now yeah. Yeah. You start watching Bates Motel I finished by house manner. Do you guys work with them like the scary show on Netflix? They I told you seventeen. Times. Scared. I'm going to start watching I fuck people told me to watch. It's pretty good made at first sight though there's this there's. The girls divergence she's pretty hot to see the WHO you're talking about that. Urge. Brush his teeth. SPOIL SPOILER IF YOU'RE WATCHING A. Nine three to one. So out of those couples to stay together yeah of them one of them really Oh, is only gonNA make it far right makes it. They actually have a baby the the second one in he was cheating on her the whole time. Of. The. Second to last one in right there for you count from right to left the black couple years she's a virgin he is a big Dick and he decided to move on and then. You. There's eleven seasons it's eleven. and. It's great. Does he? Always four couples while the this season ten in Washington's five couples but I didn't realize it. There's a sexist burt therapist on their. Puts couples together. She's always sitting down dance. She's kind of pretty they showed her walk in the meeting room alls I got. Can Google that she has an Can more than google the sex is online. Service six, it's all I want because at first sight therapists doctor Dr Renewed. Dog. Bodied up for days across, she's hiding them hush puppies and she signed that you get this. Let's say cup. These she's. Lola me I, knew it was a white dude. Wait. You knew that yeah I got a weird vibe from her really keep saying y'all all the time I was like, oh, she probably from the south you and what's wrong with saying y'all. She says it all the time. Yao Boys Call Up. God. Thing. Mt Its Shiite us she hides. She's she's a professor I was about to say that. Yeah. But on season ten, there's this. I. Wish you hook up with this girl she's She's A. Well. We'll just get justice. FIT The profile. She's a scientist from John Hopkins. Come on. Hey I liked justin as much as. We all know what's going on other. You. Know it's out. Because I loved. I just. We all just. Doesn't with. Me On the cover. That's heard the see the second couple in on the right dog. Dog What is she? She's black. She's black dog she's. Black. Latest for John, Hopkins Beast and they showed her instagram on the show like. My girl goes do you think she's Pretty Yeah. You're. Just come out of cash she. She didn't the dude they didn't think married Mary. Absolute three but they got married cornball. Don't look. Don't spoil his. Head. But me and my girl bet and who's GonNa stay together dude. Dude. Now. Okay. Well, on the show Doug. Well. Justin go on the show. Hollow someone else for sure. But. Again he doesn't fit the profile Taylor duck into. Okay. Let's see. She's fucking scientists at John Hopkins she got a lot of money. She's smart like and but they probably over this dude, what is? He a cornball together and more she goes. He listens he goes he goes Oh, what do they get married and then they? Are, finding she was watching MCS Taylor and he's like whatever I'm James he was what he knew. She was I'm a I'm a scientist John Hopkins which anybody else by God Dan and she was also I do like some like modeling like on the face of beer company like alcohol sales because she was what he goes. Same thing I'm like Damn dudes the scientists she he goes I do pr for Beer company I'm like you just. Do Do, skip the whole fucking warm core or. Believe. In the aided do she's Not. GonNa make it. Kind of. John Hopkins scientists thing and just say Oh, appear we do the same thing yeah. You, find it I. Think. So let's see Taylor. Yep, we'll go to the good picture of Gen. We did all of us. Feel. Me The LAKER. Dude I'm telling him out. To go to the. Scientists. As. Well she can up arena. Yep She and check this bigger. Beka. The. On Britney, you hit us with the beak the. Yeah so But she's already taken by the light skinned got. I see no pictures of them. So that gives me the sunshine that was his fifth. He's available here. Can't post I. Bet you. They can't because they're on seizing twelve now this season ten. season. Is that him right him Brian didn't know the video video. He's not him. Cousin let's her cousin cousin Oh this just in Oh. You Campos about the show. Over he was saying, he's saying it already happened you. It's all over it's not like bachelor that goes on. You don't know the results like if I want to find out bachelor and Bachelorette seen cornball seems overproduce look under science in a little way she hugged up with a Goddamn I knew she. That hurt? Her. One of my favorite people in the whole entire world twinning favourite had. Come on look at that love Massoni knows she don't even. Looking at video. Let's say the video. Come on. Come on house the good kind. How'd you come out? Come out with I like my Dick. And then the next month came in. All that negative. Our own. Mark. Scientists so I love when he have better friends who is the other? Look at that definitely not smarter. That is true. That is true. Well, you know that you don't know she's a superhero. You don't know that Girls Nas, Modern Nine my pitch you mallet is let's. Be me off. Break up we no. Way In my. Home. Wife. The one we're here at the pool. Last. We get off as. A. Bit who go to. My God. Scientists who. She's Bee's from X. men but following. Four farm see this. Right here you can't you can't talk to your girl. You, see. By talk about my. Love My. I'm sure all our girls are great compared to the fucking rocket scientists. Easy though you don't know. Girl Love Your Queen Love, your love is tight. Gangster Yup come. Is All relative? I know you such a Jaguar. She made to. Surveys of the shut the fuck up. Really. I can just tell this nice I I on his girl pay. Never seen it. On. The YSL She has she has beautiful friends. Yes. She does baddies hanging out with batteries typically. Let's. Cue Friends. CanNot like a lot of people that means no does yours I'm sally but she has ugly friends right? She's the hot one the group. Yeah I. Mean We all know in year But. I. Know I. Know It's acting here. You got out of here. Almost as she toll to, she's tall she looks made a first right for you to. Put those. Don't you go on that show though it say you single chin. Would you go on that show for site know why? Because I don't I wouldn't want to do like a reality show. At dating reality show. Here's the thing. It is the dating reality show but the thing is you have three experts like the top in the world. They go guiding do that sixty, five, thousand people sign up for this six, five thousand people that go through what you're looking for what you like and they figure out the best match and then boom if I was still single, maybe you'd be up for. Yeah. Me No. Reality, show kind of it just messes up your European. Let's say there's no camera exit out the reality just A. Miss of the what the show three yes. The best in the world go hey I'm telling you this is your person. Should be match I would like to know right now to if I could talk to them with my current girlfriend. I would do that. That'd be fun. That'd be fun I. Know if you're wasting goddamn time. Filming. Almond. Young. I don't WANNA waste wasting thirty three me yeah. forty-three I wouldn't on. Here's apart you went on this date year when like two years ago how'd ago Well, my girlfriend kept calling me at the time, but it was cool I messed up I messed up with his older chick and mature women love younger guys he he had this one older all my. You come over here. I. Got Older I A guy. You just tell you. Gabriel. Das- US Salisbury Hill. Older chick she typed. Shanghai? Mom All my guy listen I sent her like she saved me this droopy. Her breasts. She negga pitch over and shows the pill. All doubts? Meka? Winger. She's like sixty. Year but she Home Aways Rene dig over here. A critical by CERTA. Pictures back up with like like pigs. Yeah. She taught me how to be here. Got Out of here. She's a bag lady yeah. Okay better. To. Have, a little pride. CD. Takes team where we had to go on day three o'clock because she gets sleepiest six also had roommates room all forgot about that. I go over there I go over there and Plotted Grammar South. What. was like. You don't have to do this. Why were? dotcom he yeah you were in a dark dark our gauges. Oh Yeah. No sixty eight. You got me. Here. And that's how she doesn't. She typed typed it like that he is. She's she didn't put here. She looks sixty. Kind. Sheep Sixteen page. No interface. No but a Lotta. Yes. Yeah. Her body. Body. We as sex it was weird seeing. That far. Oh, I thought I thought we discussed IT G unit. Tell me you are a jack of all trade. The whole lot on discriminate but again, I was going through some big shot but but. Everything she was. I don't care. You wouldn't hit older woman known on a sixty. Sixty eight, she had her body was just sixty eight. Yes. Like sixty avenues years old. I feel like this is a legal black don't. Look like her mind. Give you saw her walking down the street young picture. We can show you. Know. Show me we won't show the fans. Do Sixty eight a you know it's funny. We're going to draw a line. He was we were swingers one night you the diner swingers. One night. He was bragging meals. You have been talking to this man he says, shoddy. Scotty. Shoddy and these shows me sixty sixty, Tam? Doc. I understand you're looking for some like Cougar to pay your bills. Room. You'll see invited me over. Vitamin. C. Vitamin. Her. Grandchildren. You can't live with to you. Say That Yes, you said. This is. Insane to media. He'd better hey jude with the J. spot do shoot or shoot. So this lady. She's Saying. I've you. Respite. Angle this this is the best pitcher I hear, but you can just tell, Holland. Her with the grandkids. Kobe district Kobe. Is this video heart look. Here's a video. On saying. She has a bird date on air this six. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. After you. Techs I was like. Cracking. Texas Bro. Funny is real deal like because he was he was sitting here. With his shirt off I was like, what are you? What are you doing? I. Hear. Sixty. Eight you let me know now. Also the little. Explicit. leloir not. Nipple was hanging. Thank you don't no now take it back. I'm not hitting any everything out here. I'm hitting bad ones now and she came I met her at a comedy show and she was like she was still. Long. Jan.. Does not look sixty. Argue that every bit of forty five though, yeah that's what I'm say. You won't be able to sell. Idea yeah and. It was like she was a young man that's actually. Larry Sas Gosh how long were you guys like just? Like that long was it and I it was like two months but it took me a while to get in their parents. What are we waiting on like? A roommates that's why so remember okay. Okay. So she's like times. Only. GOING HERE I was. Put. Time time. I said, well, what are you? What are you what to do? Young. Better. Than I do. Yes. She's okay. So I'll ask you. Man, what's your name and? What's your name is actually she's from the south by the wall. She had some game. She has some gang she's like, oh I love. Pick me up. I. Listen I want I'm gonNA take you out. That's what she got me but ended up paying for the date but we went to we went to this place called simply wholesome on the. and was a slow sent. Okay. Okay. And we with BOB IN S like A. Mature Black Restaurants so I'm the youngest one miss by far by force but. Like band plan. And she was like. Well, tell me a little. Bit about yourself and I was like listen, I don't know. I. WanNa woman like her age but I'm thinking like she liked thirty five five. Thirty five. Okay. Okay. Well, I. Guess he's in his twenties. Young would have been like she has to be at least mid. Forties. Okay. Just guessing but she had makeup on and made her look younger. Okay. Okay. So you saw yeah, that's what I'm saying she bad. Yeah for birth but she She, she sprung it on me and she was like, how old you? Won't twenty I was twenty six at the time she was like. Man How do you know how do you and she was like flippy that number backwards and add like southeast at five or something like that I mean you know I'm not good at math so I was like. One else. Know. Sweetie. Flip that back. Actually, I was hold on. And multiply. Shit. What are you doing a new math the old map Matthew. And she was like she kept saying human I'm I'm in my sixties Dan that's not an hour crazy I was like, Whoa, she's a role in the sixties. On Lawson teaching come here to pursue acting didn't work out now she was over here. She's works at a law firm but she I, think she got fired at the time but she collecting like a citizens whatever that chest citizens, the seniors seeing senior citizens that checks when you retire. But see may that's all I heard. Better for land. It's. Way Six. CPS. GotTa understand that the waiter. Shoe single. She had like a Rolodex a young dude. No, she was single. She had what I think. She wasn't getting lay because he had like this crazy roommate. Now a roommate was like this old white woman. Fight he's so they had to bearable apartment and. Yeah, it will. So I knew this I know department, they have mothballs in. The. Middle Mobile's on the white days life would like the roaches that ran. For the office. I'm sorry his mouth is with the. Loss I'm sorry. I saw but they had an open and she was like excuse me. A roommate is my roommate is nasty. Also, you got a roommate she said, don't worry about that. Don't worry about. Those I saw that. You don't have that stink smell. Yeah exactly. How. Did you guys just like? I was like she found somebody or something it was she found. Europe. I look. I. Look Look Look I SORTA got she finds hit me. Thursday, what did say? Yeah, this Thursday she says, Hey, I'm not relationship how you saw them year but that was it was it was I mean but sexy older woman I would not like I would not advertise. It was so wet like she was a whole we sold our young fellows like hold on wait wait. Let's stop. Let's stop for a minute. We took like four breaks and she was okay who is she just kept saying who just stays? As August. Breath hold on just started and you. CAST black. Cats polio. Laugh. Levine. Because he is. An. Older women, they do shoot man I got a hand job from. Both. Testified newly came as speaker to man it was at the Viper Room. The Room on Sunday We Watch. Band. Back my drinking days and what happens. Hand. I was GONNA see this Bank Eagles of death metal charts out the eagles of death metal old lady. She was even she looked like she'd been hanging sunset for a minute. Yeah. Yeah Yeah. Radio. We're sitting there waiting for the headlining band to come on and he goes to death metal and. We're standing there and she she looks at me and she goes you're hot and here's the thing she was with her boyfriend. Yeah Okay and she would she was like it isn't he? He's so hot and I was okay. Lady you what keep going Oh. And then her boyfriend was like I'm going to get a drink. He goes get some get them some drinks you include it. Not me I already have I have my fucking what I have a fucking PBR. Past blue. River shout out and. He leaves, and then she just grabbed my my crotch area and I was like Holy Shit. What are you doing? She's I just so hot and I was like, okay you gotta you gotTa Man. Yeah I forgot to fund. You Man Yeah. You know what I mean. She's a holiday thing I am I was like I'm GonNa Guess. I'm forty nine and I was like you don't look forty nine does she lived a little bit older. Issues I. You know. Looks. Yes. Sort of like that. Yes. But she wasn't. Fat But. She but like that long hair like just that and. He comes back she puts her hand and takes hanaway finding the band comes on. When the band stars claiming she just fucking. And just started. Jack off while you're watson the van while we're watching husband you let her do it. Yeah. You. Not. Terry crews. Lawsuit Hand. These guys she started going and this is what made me made a stop. All right. You didn't finish. No. I stopped I stopped early because. When her boyfriend came back, he was like dancing on her and then he started figuring it so I was like. Well. How As Real was it software wisdom? Now they was pretty they were wrong. They're they're pretty rugby and yeah, it was. It was all. Yeah. Well, her name was. Dirty. Lease at Stop Them Oh. Yeah. How can you believe? That name. I was. Twenty six at the time twenty six. Twenty six birthday went down to the Viper Room. A bad birthday it'll Jacko. All says in your little band old don't give care not just. How did you cut off with your old timer? told. You sound like her. How? Did you break this alternative. Fairly she keep one me back how you how you. You. Initially spell you all the way. She's a high. Too Old. To be. Type Out we cut it off how do we cut it all I don't know I just I just like I said. She just kept having sex wasn't there and then she liked was she kept Wanna going dates and then like in public we went on like four or five dates and I tell you what in public with with your conversation with your car taste she talked about like the old times. He saw. Timing you. Know, she was like she really she kept talking about her. She I have to age and she your mom listening on her heyday she's killing killing to never stops not as she watch a lot of reality TV. So we talked about that and I talked about like, what would you guys relate about Austin do some shit she was more like therapist like into to her about like what I was going through. Try to like well, she back in my day, would we used to have and she just go in China relate to. Converse conversations great. She's been through some shit. But she's she says she's enjoying life. She sure is man say, yes, she doesn't work but the roommate situation trip me out. Of A bummer sixty it with the roommate. Yeah. Not Making the best life choices. Are Are. What like it is duck sixty eight with a roomy. Room. A high rain is in. La. I DO SIXTY S. Keep it down my roommate. As had to have. Specter chain data sixty, eight year old no, I can't. But then honestly. Pitcher. If she wanted to hook up. Yes, she looks But. You could just tell her features at night trying to make it a joke right? I swear to God I wouldn't over there late night and she was giving me for lay. She'll the Shannon I. I. I'm looking at sixty s she do it s. here's my thing. She's she. I'm trying to make jokes but she probably saw she's by seeing a lot of Dick so she's Bad with it or maybe she's so. It's not hurt thing it was it was known between what she felt she. Wasn't to stay Eddie Monster or just bad at it. She fell. Asleep. Oh. I'm trying to make a joke. Shit Oh shit I mean she? Is that what you say you? Should. Be Making a joke. Look down like. She was dozing. Wouldn't could you tell like like your teddy when he was sixty eight? Yeah. Because I want to see you this pitcher by deleted don't know. Show me everything. Wow citizens I was like. She seemed like. She Nasty. When he wouldn't even prepare before he's just like. You see like. If were single been so fun man. Daughters. Not. All Buddha you guys in. Rove's at t AETNA. Great. Rain down the road and you see. Only. Risk, y'all. Come on down here. Talking that shit on your on your show. was that so it's all of microphone. Johnny. Me Boy Sign Jon Carson. Van Dyke. I listen. Go Home Masculine. Friends go home masculine. Majdi. That sounds like the life. Come on now baby. I respect her all. Job. Man I mean. I'll say back around, we have fun though we have fun and I. Really my mom thought my mom called me sick. In your mom yeah. No. Yeah. Told you how your mind, your mom young. Yeah. She she looks very young. I'll show you my mom is. see. Almost. Say. Mas Bane. I. M, my washy shows well. She. My Mom's data where you hooked up sixty eight year old bad thinks probably now he knows dad have that relationship. We can talk about stuff like that year we have like you know he he talked about my six-figure Queen and he was like man you such a Beta I was like well, there's. Such a Beta. Me and my devil don't talk about stuff like that. Yeah. No no I remember one time I had this girlfriend. We tried doing long distance and he came out here and she was in Miami goes where's blind went? Oh, she's in Miami us. Oh. How's that going? We're doing good. Oh. You don't think she's not. He never talks a US. You don't think she's not fucking other dudes out there do. I don't think goes of course she is Brendan I, think really He's right. POPs always right. Yeah, he's. Young. DUMB ASS I was like, what are you talking about? That's why that's why you own your own super pretty. Damn. Number well, yeah. She she com was forty years younger than that. Maybe. You sick. Here she's like you sick. You Dad though you desperately damn she six asics good. Who Monday is. Nice show now, just tell them she my momma come in. You know your son is a Nath es piracy and I'm like you know because I do wanted to do initially I call my mom by the take. Oh Man. Oh, many May. Sold issue dated yeah. I don't think I've ever dated anyone older. Older. What's the oldest you've hooked up with? Not always twenties. I. Didn't really do a lot of. Cougar stuff. There's some news that just fucking off some some. That's the thing. Used to be my thing, let's take a little break from the shenanigans with the boys the fighter and the kids listen. The holiday season is hair holiday. Shoppers are buying more stuff online than ever before if you're an online seller and you're struggling to keep up get your shit together with ship station with your selling online getting a massive amount of orders out quickly can be tough man that's why we choose ship. Station. 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TV DOT COM size fighter there are no contracts and cancel anytime you want try it out go to Fubo TV DOT COM slash fighter fit for your first month and the free trial that's F. B. O. TV DOT COM slash fighter. I I. I told you boys. Weird segue. The viewers are Hobie. Your I went this weekend. Check out is the PUMPKIN passive. Calabasas if I was single. Dude I'm telling you look like fucking spring break in that. I'm sorry hooters their I'm with my kid. He's everywhere. Single MOMS up in that bitch trumping out the right Pumpkin. Youngest. He needs on. Talking with George put them on Kito are already. See them the arms got two of them. To. Know. He'll be one in November. He got a handful. Boy Go go with your queen your girl we went through culver city. It was popular. In calabasas Craig I gotta stay away. We was hunted house thing. Oh. We went to that knows the universal universities. I don't think they're doing this year, right? Nah, probably not. I I don't like being scared and I just got pissed. And she she was kind of upset that I was pissed off walking around. Here it is. I'm making the fucking scary. Keeps scaring me. They can't touch you though, but they don't you base. It is still scared my problem with. Was, haunted nights at university. So so GimMe. I'd rather pay premium where I can just roll in no line. Yeah, knowing. Busy yeah but it's fun. It's fun because you walk around and you wait for rise but they also scare you. You also see people you meet you. It's always great to go with a group. I think it's it's on a ranch and go back. I'll show you when I went to. Tina's Allaster Jackal Lonzo's has it was a ranch. So keep going down I. Don't think Lopez Sounds Real. Really Real. Really freaking giving yelp reviews to Pumpkin Patch I want What. You type in Calabasas. Right outside. Combat. Now that's. More north it's pass Calabasas. Hills Santa Clarita. No that's too far. We went drive the way valley. Click on that number six one. Man I don't know. Ranch out there those dope type in beautiful women pumpkin patches. For you ARANSAS set and. You should go to it though. What do you do at a Pumpkin Patch? Is. A good time but they have stuff there too like this one has has. had cows had go sheep's had big ASS BURR EMU birds. There's good food there. You had you sell me on this. Lopez Not Lopez that's such a Mexican name. It wasn't a Lopez thing a shout out to team FEMA Lopez but his. That's the one you went to. Brennan. I don't think so I'll hit images Lopez. Let me take my girl I'm GONNA. Guess this Lopez. Looks like that's where you know I would have remembered. Lopez. Those pictures. Are they do Christmas. Tree Shit to dome come on now. Thousand and I way what is that click on yeah. What does that? Dogs other it's just a dog sleeping. Looks. Like flies all them. Yeah. Looks like toto. From the wizard of Oz. Yeah I just got the. Bless you underwood it's called. Lopez under Lopez under family farm. got. Ridiculousness they may be tested like a mother fucker. How was that? How was ever is my favorite man? I wanted to bring you guys with me, but they don't love gas. Rough here. That's wrong. We do have robin the power series. We that number one cry don't cry for rob. He does it right man because they do six shows in a day they do three from nine to twelve lunch three more from three to six and then boom. and New Deal. They're doing five hundred more episodes Robbins all. Such a mass, all MTV Chanel West Coast and steal all steeler to me as the best fashion anybody steal. He's he. Won. Miss your girl to. Hell now, he doesn't fashion of. Does real good. Like him out now see we I see him all the time at a knockout on the boxing i. Don't like him. As A. Manager and somebody else's Michael Bay. Area wait what he's his manner that's Israel like really ridiculous. Just a Saiga he's Michael be joins manage thought they were best friends best recipes as manager. Really. Main job that's where makes his money St load don't look at the instagram comments are. Don't know. That's my boy now as my boy to Podesta. Hey before we look at these photos, I wore nineties today. You. Don't WanNa clap for these. Why are you, clapping? He he's management somebody else. that's main job manager as manager. Didn't know. So it's just imagine ridiculousness is your side Gig then boys making Ben. Ali, plan in TV. Is. The flagship of the show, Dalda love that show. It's like the that we try MTV ridiculous. What the hang their hat on. You know what? I'm saying it's like It's like tosh point for comedy central? Oh. God. That's what they're known for like Josh it go to like. Yes, he's great for. Whatever they want he can rask's. I remember he had a short Hollywood improv when it was open him. who else he did stand up? No, he produced a comedy show and it was whole manny bad. He left with a bad is one in a Bentley I was like some really. Good due to Great Guy Greg. Action L. to man. They. See Her at equinoxes Sheila she. Worked there in the Rob Rob's will my favorite people in the plan? Yeah. Let's get it. Yeah he's he's an og. AM The record for most recurring guests of all time. I did. Show, the most any guess. Oh. Wow. Well, congratulations. Yeah. Look at you rented a Hollow Jala Jala I love that I love that chucky donkeys I'll go to that one. Kim Jong. I don't think I did. Man. How. Are you just put in a group? Chat. There's this Chapelle Post Holler. You'll fuck that chip. What did I suppose they? He's somebody high chip. They said Fuck that shelly my. Old Lady they got. That shit was tell me about they're not talking to me about WHO's turns who commented on. Player Oh. You come to the show. They couldn't find a babysitter. He's coming back out here though man babies. People's that chip hot as. She and what did it feel like? What did it feel like? Because that's all you're throwing up and drink milk. Hot But. Like my boy Austin was a how you ate it the way I put him on a chewed and swallowed fast. Yeah. So you did that and got stuck in on me because like you know when you eat like a peanut butter and like. Yes stays what happened to me peanut butter. So it's Like I couldn't get it down the challenge although so hard tiktok dummies are doing is. Do out drinking. Yeah like the cinnamon challenge. Challenge you just you just try to swallow it. Oh, it's nope. Similar channels not spicy. Up this area. It is true. We get rid array of is. Here with. All them. Let's get this shit up out of here. We get that came from your girl, right? Yeah. My mom was like. Rallies I. Know She sees rally. By With the red vines do. Was this is just So. Let's fucking hot. What's your going to Haiti's? Yeah Stupor, the devil he makes me laugh. So fucking hard, right. That that man is just like so just. Just fires out to Louisiana Yeah like him. Back rectory over the music video he was doing your thing. Away Chapelle Yeah Yeah Yeah did you post a music video? No I just can't. Post media you don't even you don't even know why. I couldn't if I Get it. No, it wasn't. It wasn't coming to town and go. Hey Bro Cypress Video Senate. I was trying to get it from cat. Hit me up. I. It was it wasn't working she. Is Yeah. I'll email thinking download. Music video I know. Relation. Uses a wearing the same shirt. How talented is he do? I can't wait really these other things come out. The. Was Oh kind of. Your killed. Five nine right that song is. That Trudeau Open on on on big boy in the neighborhood. Yes. I even I even. hitter shirt said, Hey I'm skinny boy. I'm giving you all something to bike too soon he's doing a think boy song now Dan Rea. So talented. This, they're backward now we. Use about this. I told him I was doing this one time. Take One. Take you better get all your cameras. And the next day Oh fuck you. Have your own music video now nuts, right? No. I don't really like about me enough I wrote on girls meets A. House in worried you write that song which one. Girl. He said you ready to hold. On. I gotTA say scroll. Track. Sure. Well these are cats asset to you. Enough about. First. One is Vin. Diesel getting on Tiktok out even sending me these. Women. Others those kids I can't some soccer's in every video. He just chilling would some good looking kids man those kids? They must be famous doctors to be. Oh. Got It. He turned enough to. Cool I always got friends. We were talking about the whole time hold the. Page Dan Tiktok they probably rely Yo these love. These are. Talkers. And notice how he left his sherlock. Zimbabwe's boys ripped up they are. He's really route through. Paula VIN diesel pace. He ripped the hell now he's not not not right now he's not. He'll be. Want to semi somebody who sending me Vin. Diesel fat would a bit bear bells. Those before. Yeah that's not young. UPS and downs I know I'm a I'm on my. We've been down. Let's be real. We've been, but now you're. Trainer was I. He's you could get get this chisel chains center me. About me what do you say by me? He said Yes hello mark. Harley. What's name? Looking my man, he said, we could get like that. Hello Mark. What's up dog? He really said that how he's got are back. Well, let's do it marks the challenge together you WANNA weight loss challenge I'm for that right wait. Wait right now to do sixty. Six. Week. Now, fifty something your way for me so. He. Get. That out. I'm. Always Jersey to fifties. Timepiece friend who helped us up dime friend belong here. Exactly, just man I'm telling you do yeah. He said he said we he goes he goes much how much how much would lose them I'd like to drop thirty dollars I would like to get down to lie should. Probably, forty. To, fifty to twenty now out five nine to twenty to thirty. That's still. Fit. No he has. He's good enough five nine. What are you? Five Eleven? Eleven to thirty? What Nicotine I'm six five Thirty I love. Copy five eleven to thirty still thick no see a Lotta guys. Let's five eleven and they hate like go to work. Hiller he's like what's he can get us down to do a challenge. But he does it with all his fat friends easing. The. Room. Hill sprinting like. But I do every day he said we could get like I don't think so I wanted to take again. Love Him I love his positivity and I think we can I don't think so. We can remember fresh that. You don't think we can do that I think so. Yes it is. Yes it is raining. No cut you short cystic point we do not have. Tonight's get that way you think so. Not. Naturally. If you want to send some that Mexico hot sauce, you feel me and put it off Danes market. I think we could. Look at that what would? Be Some tear. We'd be out in the. Desert taking pictures like that. So next year, so you really want to do like a challenge. Would we start be but let me start advocation. Accents. So you want to start next Tuesday. The reason why we go on the road we've gotta be gotTa be good. I'm cool with that I won't do Ya. Wants to join. Every every lose. Again I want gain thirty. You don't think we could get one game thirty. That's not us not that we don't have not not. He's a beast look at him. Yeah. I liked it. I. Would Love to hear how he thinks. We're GONNA do it. You gotta eat a leaf fucking lettuce leaf. Every F. Leaf. That's how old woman body look what she does make it like a little leaf I don't know I just don't. I. Don't Know Dude. It'd be really tough. What like, yeah. No. That Dick root out like that. I wasn't even looking at. The V cut because I haven't had a minute since days we should. We should do a of. Logistics or whatever they stop drinking. The. Because you could. Not. Not Allowed yeah, you don't drink. I don't think barreling straight. You're good on that. All right beer you'll do mixed drinks never just. Do whiskey on the rocks. Your Fun Talk Your boy. Let's set it up. All right. We'll talk to. We'll do a weight loss challenge and we get him in here at the end but. You. GotTa. Dan Hundred Pounds I knew this fish I've ever seen in my life. I've never seen it. We used when I was three hundred pounds, we we use. Here. Do. Fantastic does it does it look like the? Man No. Missy Chan. Picture. This was my Sadie Hawkins Dance. Gosh. Let me see I'm trying to find as US quite a while ago. Funniest fucking picture. It yes worth it's worth the scroll. Much like do you look the same though chain like I could see myself sorta Yuki Yourself. Do. You. Don't know if I could find it now. So old. Antennas a Bassett's Grow I. Oh my girl didn't know you could sing and I play she messing until what did she did you? Choose I I played the handlebar and song she's like Chink in senior. Yes us that's not what I said. Where am I said the same thing I said God knows instagram. Singing genuine. As Ringo. Commercial. You did a commercial the song we'll get to that the minute. Nestle. That's not chain. That's a guy that big guy in rush hour three we Chris Tucker the. Radical. That's not shoot. What what do you signal? Females. Like Real. It doesn't look. Like Your. Own. Simple. Jack here. Onto, Dan don't hurt chatty. We here looking for dunes out. Like Baghdad Double Dragon Right. Jade the marriage. Yeah we still talk. All your dime piece now. For now no. Loan now she she. She picked me back. Then I'll Sadie Hawkins. Oh yes, you. What would your shoes? That's the last Arab? Luther. You better believe. That's why you can't see hails. Gangster he robbed Angios. Slow dance did you sing back then no I at least I didn't know. Could you don't want to found out seeing? One pagers pagers, had you remember pagers? Text me. His number and go star nine, one, one I called like what are you doing, fuck? carry-ons. So it was I saying oh so pagers could do a greeting a lot of times would just sing something in the beginning and then I just remember hearing people you would they tried to call and hang up. So then they would before they had to go oh shit. So I kept hearing over and over and over again I'm like Oh shit I could actually sing. So let's start doing sing songs on Grow Ajay. Chains. That freaking let's get married to look. What of Heaven? Love joint come on man. Does that Casey and Joe to. How are you singing the Patriot Early College Days I. Thank you. I. Sing you sing status. So you wouldn't play the song like like vote to. Be, back. And Now, it actually just seemed like a Cappella you should do it again. Meet me at the altar. Let's get you a patriots. Pages. Him Yeah. Apart, I'll be. Happy you're. Now Just hang out. Watch them. What will the current bet yet Let's go here but he has a good pitcher pin. I'm glad to journey in that great. You I have not seen these out. So we'll read it together eleven year old boy busted for jacking. Right when when. The baby is. Okay Go. Well. Down we multiply. We don't die we. Yeah. Eleven stole a bus do. All these cops they'll do it again. Go Back Shit. Do it again, I need to see this Baton Rouge Louisiana. My city baby is made me. you. Scroll down. Down to see the picture. Oh. My. God You have to handcuff eleven year old. To come on man. You pick them, up pick him up. He probably call in his home as I was in school. He's like what you know she just on the school busing shit man I remember homeless gentleman in junior high man. But do you chart Jimmy drove friend our to they ran out again. He's a troublemaker. Yeah. Poor bunny. Ears old. Guarantee Louisiana your you I did a lot of crazy. Crazy shit odds are it's knocking animal farm but yeah, you're right. Okay. Shit in a bucket whatever the hell you never stole a car. A let's look at it. Can we talk about grow a little bit? Yeah. Growth Okay. You're Li- let's just talk about your situation adversity adversity book sitting the bus adversity is raining outside. Well, I was at work and you put it in it wouldn't you give it to your boss Nope I. Put my bosses cigarettes a math. That's what you did. And I'm going to say was I hit him with and Berge breeze creativity, right so a lot of people and the tradition in their darkness. Darkness chaos and confusion where you was confused and Shit Nina Bucket he was confused but that's the darkness and here's the light. The light is like you talk a light bulb is idea an idea was I'm better than this. So I'm a grow out of my best because I'm confused and I know something out there is better than. I WANNA preach all day, but this is the Goddamn lecture. Keys. Somebody. this rear resorting woods. Autism my so I, guess she's Getting so the okay wait what. My car I was filling up my car. She's filling her car. She Ain't bad. She not bet j bet me and she's good. Oh, about to say her loss easy on the eyes she works is video her Torkan as weekend we had we saw only fan you know is free. Serum instagram she marriage using best friends with the crashes than she fucked. One of them. I have no clue who she is. She's ever heard of my. Best friend and up fucking chloe's man then they kicked her out of the family. Squad shut. She has only fans account she wants into senior. Let singing. It's over here go to go to attack the attack attack attack tags attack. Let me see 'cause she probably deleted it was getting so many. she. Would say. what's the name? Towns his shut up the him, his mother passed away and he he's going through it. That's what they said that. That's how they got together. I guess her father passed away and they related. Great. So keeps growing. Love, is, Gangsta. Is that she and a girl group or something now famous Kylie was and then she fought with those pictures. Girl who knows? Some bullshit project let's see. Let's see. Pretty they necessary spots A. You WANNA give up. Some Dan. I don't think. She was working she's not a bad torture. She has Kylie same doctors and I think the guy does the Lord's work. Natural. Shoe, apparently was not good looking at all. Completely transformed I'll look it up this. Bro, really how do you not that lecture in your? Guinness. How do you not know? Clerk she's been under the knife more than Michael Jackson. You don't know that. Hologram highly did it together can also say also say she used to be bus city? She lost. Her Oh sh- to go to those with again let's go that one. jetsons girls go. Now. Want Chin. Picture of her ugly now. God Damn it. That's her. That's her y'all Justin's I think she'd better before. Her face, the she got everything done. Again how she got her. Own. There she is. Do here's my thing. You're telling me that it's she doesn't look way better now everyone wants to, hey, how could you go into? Because she went from that to this dime PS got herself a NBA basketball player Yep she has. Yeah let her live her life McGLADE. Subscribe to it out, subscribe to it if I had I'm mustache. Some of those only fans they charge way too much the twenty celebrity. Guarantee her is like forty dollars. For Forty though thank you one of my getting I can see oh my gosh boss city. Hall. Let me see. Let me see. Ugly not that ugly. FELLAS. By being here to what she was. She straight dime piece now. But why why not? Why wouldn't you do that? because. Not well if a doctor goes hey, for probably thirty Jeez I can like Kylie looks thirty Jeez I can make you hot s chick. Yeah. But a lot of people don't a lot of people have that money right? They do not get her ass done or anything like that. Right? You Got I knew that I knew that I'm really yes you probably get. That name that's thing is sitting clump shoeless things that. Serve plunk. Dom Berg back up and dump it. I'm what you? Got To help. Girl she she's now going back to your situation on why on why women like just do it up a lot of people of course wants to do, but we got to appreciate the women that goes to the gym dedicating their. You know again, nothing beats hard work exactly for a lot of money. And that's what she has and she got it done. How'd you get money? What's her thing that she makes money on her ties rest? As a grant and then like instagram you know who knows like fucking pry for price skinny and fuck in fashion over some. Shit. Oh really yeah. Well, she she. Hustled. Like she did it the see. You will be. On a way to make money she hustled got done and she NBA Danson. Call Oh. This guy say call. Sitting. Pretty bad though. Yeah, it's funny. How money what she doing, wrong nothing nothing enjoy. The younger audience girls like the bat impression though like. I. DuNNo. Get that. But like she has no. Listen. We always blame you know why do we have the blame her for that? I'm not blaming get yours girl you know what I mean. Like as far as impacting a younger audience like barely Manson got shit like that where they blamed him for shit that was going on the grandma shootings. Rappers for like why you gotta own it. It gives I duNno I. Guess. A little bit of the I, listen to all that crazy metal I'm not killing anybody. Yeah. We're saying people but I I don't know. Kylie Kylie it's tough because it's tough and it's not. She also inspires a lot of girls. You know girls are like man to my looks if I hustle right like I can make but it's just a it's just a newer hustle. That's all it is. I don't know much about any of these motherfuckers, but it sounds like it's just a nother hustle. It doesn't sound like doing anything like no, it's another Worley. No you're right. What? I don't want anyone to condemn those ladies on funding a new revenue a new way to create some revenue. Also, if you're going to be a role model like her, she can't be on she can't be on instagram promoting my you know like when the beef with Kylian in by the way they sunder and messed up how they did Jordan Woods that's Kinda messed up she fucked the sister's boyfriend. You can't have Tristan Guy. Well, she was drunk I. Know they were not drunk. She went over the multiple times him on our lab and a party like it's she fucked her best friend sister's boyfriend which just frowned upon what copy that did in God's. House I don't get. All right. Cool. I'm from my life. She kinda hot. You know what? I'm saying. Thompson case. And he's still with Khloe, they're gonNA have another. Kiss. You. Me Now. Him Komo This Kanye West going on Joe Rogan's podcast. Design the satin which I hope broken. Let's do I told wrong. Let let Connie design that set man it's one thing he knows he knows fashion and optics like let him design the set on a new set not for me. You know it's fucking it's all read but you know Bro set setup anyway. That's great. So said it's Friday right It's as this Friday. So we really worked they gate. Now you say Rogan is GonNa shut down crazy. Talk I think can you kind you get it shadow? If. He starts going on there ranting and talking nonsense there's no way rolling just going to sit back. Heel go all like like the way he went off on, sway your way on like breakfast but that's all. That's going to okay I'm Connie. President United States juicy him trump man yeah. I saw only got it can shut up. I would bet my last dollar. Rogan to like. Let's say he starts out making his own dictionary and fucking psycho. It's up to you said. You. WanNa bet. No I get. Have you. been. Broken so you can call them out. What are you talking about? That's insane. There's no way rolling suck them spew off at some bullshit, but he's gone there about mental health and so I doubt he starts to Gotcha. Okay. I didn't know the optics on their for mental health hold up. What's this damn to Donald Trump retweeted fucking Tim Kenny shout. Tim. Those before. Pike is Joe Rogan offered to moderate a debate between JOE by real. Donald. Trump. It'd be four hours with no live audiences to candidates cameras in their vision of how to move this country forward. Who wants this trump said I do like? That I'm on social media. That's nuts as this recent, those early September. They're doing the presidential debate Thursday night. No. I can't wait I. Love You I. Love Him enough to their shit show. I know. Who you should watch it just because you're like what we talk about issues run for president, it's not August itself fantastic is. A The people people that voting is not very knowledgeable is like you don't give any information from it is vice president of job debate. If you WANNA learn like little more facts would be the way to go. Okay Before we move on also a guy was telling me and I won't say his name he like the first four years as a president that's not you trying to use going through the system but the last four years that's all that's that's you. That's you. That's what. He's doing a lot like when he first started his own bomb stuff exactly. He's just getting rid of he's on Tanglin that. So this last four years would be. All trump. So then we'll Joe Biden right. COME INTO OFFICE Untangle. What Try. Implementing his plans, but it takes a while to get. There was like Romeo told you that probably spot on you. Art Next One's this big rattlesnake they. Sent me. Oh. So incentives to find kid email look at this fucking sake. I notice in the bag. He'll see this massive rattlesnakes sticking his head out of the grass. That's Texas Arizona says South West. Texas. Rabbit still alive but bit realize. Yes naked actually bitten this rabbit was tracking it down the boy fick had been at this long and the girth unbelievable six foot long don't figure if if you watch here, you could see the snake actually looking for the rabbits head. Snakes will swallow their prey headfirst way all the hair and their limbs. Lay back and it's easier for them to. Go if you're the rabbit. Close you can see him actually dislocate his jaw that way he can swallow this rabbit hole we've all seen discovery. I, love. This. But the snake was finally able to swallow the rabbit. Now, it'd be the time to fuck with a snake while the other day resume the ranch I love I. Love One actually that. I can watch those videos gas rattler man. Do Terrorists Ross from Orlando Magic he says, we those videos all I love it. We go back and forth just sin Sin Dash should. Animal Shit I guess include jet. All right. Cool. I. Got You. I Steve is ours. But whatever. But I like the animals, animals animals eating? Yes. Cool. Other animals killing shit. Yup, sometimes. So graphic but they give you watch a line when they killed gazelle eat them asked I alive. So that's a that's a wild dogs. Hyenas. Advocates about a dumb due to mind no lines they talk about Dave they buy them here. Yeah. Yeah. They choke him out some senior where it's like a big water buffalo and they attack his ass and balls. Oh yes I've seen. I've. On. motherfucking show. Dan. Yes. Good Fortune Teachers. Metal. site. That's the fucking. That's my page like League Komodo Dragon eaten a show. Those are fucking ruthless year seeing that my boys king, your pain get bit by Komodo Dragon. Did, we watch that hair. He did he got bit by one. Thought. Graphic. Yeah since the. Sensitive do this face is gone? Yeah, that's. I. Think t route show me this video where the the one of the another gator home he rips the 'cause they twist or the. Federal Gate a role they twist in the one who's hanging on the face it was hanging onto the face and ripped at Mike was still kind of like the body was still moving. Yeah Scroll Down Jim with us. You Got Oh shit. Yeah. Seagull Eating A. Dead Mouse. Bird. Does. Read. All the time ever. Creatures. In their mean to men, you're seeing the birds those eagles are hawks. Goats the carrying. They'll drop might. Yeah. Yeah. What's going on there? That's a snake. But. It popped out of his chest. Effort. Still flying wait hold on the way this snake found a way. It's an eel that found a way out of his chest Hor. Stomach chest th th that's that's a that's a pivotal teaching lesson. Never give up never give up now he's GonNa fall. About Forty feet into the law. Survive you didn't give up he might smack the fuck. Well listen. Here's the thing you didn't take me alive. And then then the Bird Tina die to get. A hole in its stomach. What else the? Dean this one I saw I like the turtles escapes the Turtle Escapes. Why really he already at the moment he's already inside but check it out shell. You came by down and show. You know it was dope my my son teenage mutant Ninja Turtles. The move is on this pop. I'm like Oh Nighthawk, my language I learned a Lotta love. Down and tell them. Oh. Well, alligators soule's deserve it. You know what? Hitters I gone. Go ahead, go ahead and meet. Some bullshit anyway, go ahead and me master splinter. This was kind of cool to. Do what's right there. Oh my gosh. Oh. Yeah. Any great. This one's the scary wants his stomach from the horn that grew into his back into his face. Well, what was going on the horns? Grow slowly, but it grew into his face finally kill them. Yeah. The. The Circle of life. And I'm off the. Bottom, teeth of Brian's what else you got. Just found this guy is VIN diesel impersonator. Are you serious looks like there's some angles of some angles? WHOA That's not that's not really he's got some angles down some angles talk like you know that super dope if that's his. Doesn't like being a thing tries to not talk as much as possible. final. Him. If, he saw like following. He looks like. I know. You think it's going. On. Now Yeah. You're not let me see that real quick. This one yes sir. Let me see. Okay. That's About as. Close to Indy Yeah. Sometimes, that's all you got. There that's not. I know this guy who looks just like the go played in Wolverine and all. Hugh Jackman. He all he does side-by-side picks. He's an actor he's bag actor and all rosy gets he just gets he's filling. Oh, we made a career so maybe he's thinking. As a feelings salute to him for. Trying to remember. If, you try to manifest something. Awesome I just saw Sean to recently because I've seen her for a long time and she just looks frigging still. SIDEBURNS for the longest time Herve. Burston edges. Brushing, Shit. Strawberry Monday. Probably Chin I got a girl came doing I know but. He's body listen they will send like. So we'll talk about the kangaroo. Built girl like she's fine. She's bad. Commented on that picture some thug is like he'd be on you. Have you listen to this podcast. Stop. A fine girls, that's the celebrity. Face. Code Emoji I'm like Yo Yo me Fox down there we kill them. She killed like she she her globe is impeccable dame nellie now was. Really. Cute too. Yeah. She's kissing WHO's that man? Oh About human being better. Rapper. I like Him Yeah Can't play the music though. Maybe they're together. So it's just A. RULE PUT FIRE A shot be listed as main Holler me. A. Wing deal with. Six figures you understand genres. Eight physically. Seven Shit, eight figure Oh. There you go. She's bad as she's definitely been. That's COOL J. That the last one I think so. I cat gets back. Yeah Yeah. That's amazing cat. She'll be here, Wednesday. Okay. Cool. Wait. One more thing I got this here Neil degrasse Tyson saying there's going to be an asteroid that could hit the earth It's small but outright but the day before the election. Though because it's small enough where he talks a lot he does I. Remember we talked about him before on the show who doesn't you don't like her by not that I didn't like them. It's just seems like he's on here. No. No we did a current event like he's trying to chase cloud or something that's. It feels like. Yeah seems like it. Show modern family, bit of a starbucks. So he was on a modern family he'll do anything to get some fan really. Here's. Your scientists. Yeah he's famous scientists. That girl from John Hopkins also signed. I Love How you call beggars on. If you, WANNA smoke that joint now from Matt Barnes what? Later on tonight and about the Whole thing either. He'll you also mellanby current event will be Wednesday. I'M STILL Well, this will be in Phoenix November fifth through the Seventh Nashville November. Nineteenth Twenty first I will also have special guests at the Phoenix Show and special guests at the national show and then astonished. But Boise December fifth of the theater in Boise Idaho will be added. I think Wednesday or Thursday this Wednesday Thursday Boise get your mind. Right we sell to theater shows t fat concert tickets thick boy dot com for all the gear and got. Nothin'. Jake you me and Jay, or setting up a a website for me and we're having the to near me not the year me shirts by basketball. Off Shit. dravis from to. It matter. It's not available nobody. Toyota Jersey restocked. Golf. Club. Come all right we?

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