#WOLARS REVIEW [feat. @iamfaithfulness]


This not only pigeon podcast for the star funding worldwide. Look at the international this neo. Few thoughts consigning down new yesterday. First of all starting from delano excited line of stotka sexy gave him the premier league new soccer back rights. And i feel like defensive line-up cedric new exciting in cudi has been like a profound allegedly included placement for antennae. Tenney and unelected was reading. So we don t lineup see was feet so for the line of i think thousand ten baton for my time because speaking with a winning team alexa shocking albany. Exciting to watch the past few weeks so will actually like rice in very light opt the forty s means wanting about for boys. That sometimes just stick your chances casino. Never knew way. And that's like my face that my major talking point like maybe veterans from the festival for tweet law have discussed this sad story of well. We're going to talk about four four. You know four for time and time to call and understand that. I'm not. I'm not going to going to the situation of was louise wrong or was in a row or was it was a moving goods goods that because i think wanting apart from even without introduction vera and like there's something called discretion but i don't understand why most times this reference this much of showers i knew horrid sa- changed the title game like something as important as red pronouncing change it out of the game so the fact that this rappers are always in the horry short change title to give me something that i will never understand from this english. It is poland hysteria. Some going. go into the fuck armageddon going to debate if cryp if capacities took it or not. Because if he starts we'll finish this podcast. So basically i feel like as not have no had no had no business sitting in the fifty fifth or for sorry close second as my hard new nor running no business no business get different things that they would have done biting something attack. These players have to also sit unto themselves. Because i really. I really don't had no business. And i mean i feel like that's that change title game so well w israel's right to low action type of game both physically and both like mental for this. Because they have been. Who invites differed for me. We're not doing again about your friend. Decision like that kind of also africa begin. The assad could win the fifty calls like is what is so shocking. Like in as much as and we single person alexa push agendas. I'm like it's so shocking. That even if fifty fifty calls as not as you can't count your fingers to how many fifty fifty calls the ask win then brought. Initially i thought was a good thing but it backfired because smith wrote became known. Existence couldn't keep the boats are feeds and we sat trying not long passes like i dunno it was just i see i feel like the show was unnecessary because as i bohm resent form nor i like this is strictly. This is to create professional office because you sent form and everything else going through. I don't think they are for people. Starting conseco risk alleged. Understand that this is. I don't know like chose is just like three one. I just in just in the moments. These are mistakes star. If we're not seeing is making okays in mobile not only like i was in costa per se but now looking in casinos next game. The has so much to worry about. I feel like. I don't know i feel like we are just really good lawn and this has come to hold on will so basically i just asked to step on them because you know what this don't understand i don't know but i feel like the official also team better. They should be better and this fisher trying to be punished for you know. This guy was good to be a point system that he claimed those points system in order to ensure that you get these like these mistakes examining my but lacks of janata. Didn't i demanded they keep making you know their in order to make to make decisions. I don't i don't really understand why page to mix culture but it's actually a point in aid basically initially by think think kudos last night. If look in that game that nine and we're able to you know stick to our guns. I feel like wanting agreeable to do or won't posterity look at not being able to defend as it seem about at the hustle. And how to do that is to get our one day down the demand to be every time but has look for us. Get together in a reindeer shot when they're shot of personnel. Yeah thank you. Have you been jaroslav foreign mix. You'll see you on top instagram and twitter at of ghana's mg. We don't owe feasible. Because well o'connor's angie all gone.

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