Philip Rivers, Carson Palmer, and the shocking retirement of Andrew Luck


Welcome to to the peter king podcast of very very busy podcast this week. We're going to obsess. A little bit on andrew lucked my guest. This week are going to be carson palmer who had quite a lot of pain in his n._f._l. Career before he retired he can go through the mind of andrew luck as luck doc made this decision this painful decision obviously to retire. We'll also talk to stephen holder from the athletic. He covers is the colts and covers them. Well has written a couple of really good pieces on the luck retirement then we'll go back into the n._f._l. Large i'm going to take you into do one of the fun times on my training camp trip. We'll have philip rivers when i did a quasi live podcast with fans in costa costa mesa california at chargers training camp in august and then finally we'll do five minutes with writer greg bell of the news tribune out in the seattle area greg will give us five minutes on all things seahawks but first. Let's just give you two quick quick thoughts on the retirement of andrew luck. I've known andrew luck since the scouting combine of two thousand twelve. I never met him before. He came out out in the draft but my memories of him are vivid and they are. They're they're probably different different than most member most people's memories of luck. I'd say i've had fifteen conversations with andrew luck in my life and every conversation has included had at least thirty seconds on books. What's the book that you've read that recently that you like what you know he would say what have you read. We'd also talk about beer. He's a big big craft beer guy. He once told me hey listen. If you haven't been to daredevil yet you gotta go to daredevil so that afternoon <hes> <hes> <hes> my training camp crew went to the daredevils brewing company in near the speedway in indianapolis and it was very very good but one of those stories about books. I think tell i think tells a good story about injure look. I gave him a couple early years ago. A book called win. Breath becomes air. It's a book about a stanford neurosurgeon named paul collahuasi who wrote his his memoir while he was dying and his wife lucy kalaniiki basically finished the book and after his death the book was released. It became a new york times times bestseller and i was struck by the fact that someone in-depth could have such an inspiring message to those he left behind on the planet planet so i read the book my wife right at first she gave it to me. I read the book i just i was so inspired by it. I thought it was great and i said when i go to colts holtkamp. I'm going to give it to you andrew luck and i did he did know about it hadn't heard about it and a week or so later he finishes the book and says this what an incredible book this is and he had this thing called the andrew luck book club he loved reading obviously and he basically had lucy kalafi the on the podcast for the andrew book club and it was a she was so thrilled about it because she said of all the interviews views i've done this is like the coolest one because we had season tickets to stanford football. They lived out there and he she. She told me that paul would have just absolutely love this. I called her the other day after andrew luck's decision and she said you know i don't really know what would've been more of a thrill for me getting a great review in the new york times or by the andrew luck book club so there's that he just his love of i'm reading. He's just had so many things in his life that are that were so big to him and so important to him in reading was one of them the everything he is dealing with pain by my calculation probably forty two of the past forty seven months. Luck was either rehabbing from an injury preparing for surgery surgery or in pain trying to play through an injury and i take him totally at his word. I don't think there's anything deep dark or nefarious about this at all. He was tired of being sore. There's nothing weird about this. There's nothing terrible and i think if you were twenty nine years old had ninety seven million dollars in the bank or whatever absurd amount of money andrew luck has was recently married and and was expecting you're in. We're expecting your first child. I think you would probably start to understand why andrew lucked doc believed that plus all of his outside interests. That's probably when you would believe that he andrew luck could make a decision like this and not look back willie return. Turn no idea i just i don't have any idea if i had to guess i would say no. Andrew luck has so many other things in his life. He's fascinated by his an architecture architecture major at one of the great universities in the world stanford but i don't have any idea but just in case that he does us. I think the colts would be interested but as i wrote on monday chris ballard is going to do what's best for the franchise and if jacoby percent plays he's great this year i think he would be inclined to try to keep jacoby perset and make him the long-term starter there and if not they'll probably draft one <hes> <hes> but i want to get to my guests before too long before i do. I want to give you three four little pieces of advice in the next week or so. I've got a podcast coming up next wednesday. I'm going to call it the n._f._l. Preview spectacular and i'm going to have freddie kitchens. The coach of the cleveland browns juju smith schuster the very news worthy news making wide receiver of the pittsburgh steelers and drew brees the record-setting record-breaking quarterback of the new orleans orleans saints who's got a lot to say about life and football. I think you're going to absolutely love these. <hes> these bits next week these interviews next week these conversations that i did on my training camp tour but also got three other things to tell about number. One training camp show n._b._c. sports network the n._b._c. sports staff has done a fabulous job culling down basically three weeks of information that i had out on the trail and it's appearing in two parts currently on n._b._c. sports network august thirty one on saturday today it will appear at eleven eleven thirty pm back to back to back to back half hour episodes and on monday labor day. It's going to be on on ten and ten thirty a._m. On labor day <hes> the peter king training camp tour coming right into your living room. Also this week a really good interview that i'm looking forward to hearing mike florio and n._f._l. Vice president of officiating our river on will talk walk and i'm really looking forward to that because florio's not afraid of putting anybody on his grill and i think that will drop on wednesday they afternoon. I believe be shirtless into that on. Mike florio's p._f. T- p._m. Podcast also chris simms unbuttoned podcast. This week has the a._f._c. n._f._c. over under win totals and i'm sure i only disagree with chris about twenty seven of those but he'll make his arguments for them and i'm looking forward to listening to that as well and now my conversation with carson palmer remember thinking back to his especially especially in two thousand fifteen season i believe when pro football focus so i've got a lot of respect for you know great at him as the best quarterback in a game name for his outstanding season in arizona but i didn't want to necessarily talk about how wonderful carson palmer the quarterback was was. Even though i know we'd love to hear that i just really wanted to talk about <hes> what a quarterback goes through and in order to play football how much he actually goes through in order to play the game and so carson palmer basically in his career in cincinnati oakland and arizona. I'll just give you a short discussion of his is injuries. In two thousand four miss time with a sprained knee in on the last play of his two thousand five season a playoff game in pittsburgh. His knee got caved in by a nose tackle kimo von hoffman of the steelers he suffered a tornadoes torn m._c. l. and torn meniscus on that play and semi miraculously. He was ready to play at the start of the next season. <hes> he broke his nose and suffered a partially torn elbow ligament in two thousand eight causing him to miss more time he retorted a._c._l. In two thousand fourteen gene with cardinals ending his season and in two thousand seventeen suffered a broken arm in a game with the cardinals and in early in two thousand eighteen he retired and so today we find carson palmer living his new life his very non quarterback life in idaho and carson. I really appreciate you joining me on the on the podcast eater love love <hes> look catching up with you any chance i get and really appreciate you have me on so when you heard that andrew luck retired the other night you you probably were stunned like everybody else was but tell me your first reaction just just shocking and was obviously stunned like like like the world was <hes> but i totally understand it. I mean i've been <hes> close to where he is <hes> as far as being in in that <hes> rehab paint cycle that he talked about but i wasn't in it <hes> for as long of chunks of time as he was <hes> <hes> <hes> and and and again it's shocking people can't believe it. They can't believe the money he's he's turning down. <hes> you know the the the prowess on on the n._f._l. Football field that he's walking away from that <hes> but he dominated i mean he he he was one of the most dominant quarterbacks <hes> of my generation ration- play <hes> and you don't look at his statistics and say that i being appear of his look at the teams he played on the talent he had around him and look at him as such a dominant player <hes> especially early on in his career <hes> the the first three years of him <hes> him going into the playoffs and taking his team to the playoffs with the talent that he had the talent he was playing against <hes>. It's it was really amazing to watch you can do that. He also was sacked. I was looking at you know looking at why on saturday when i when i saw that he was retiring he was sacked one hundred times in his first three seasons from twenty twelve twenty fourteen. He was sacked forty one times thirty two times twenty seven times and i remember it. It's funny because i remember watching cut ups and watching him play and studying his game. He wasn't just taking saxon. He was getting pummeled. They were awful upfront. He was taking shots from every direction. He was having free hitters. Come i met him in the pocket with nowhere to go and getting just physically slammed into the ground and getting his face smashed in. I mean it will it wasn't they weren't they weren't tic tac exacts. He was getting smoked every game every week and i think that is why you know. The twenty twelve thirteen fourteen seasons is why we're seeing him retire twenty nineteen but that that early pounding each took took its toll and had a huge effect on him. Can you identify identify and maybe talk a little bit about how the rehab process and playing in pain. How much of your career would you say what percentage of your career did. You take the field on sunday and not feel one hundred percent <hes> i would probably say sixty percent of my fifteen years. <hes> you know there was always something anthony whether it be you know something little like torn cartilage in your ribs where every time you just kinda took one of those shots you know your whole body almost went and <hes> <noise> two little ankle sprains shoulder a._c. Sprains and your shoulder elbow issue you know there's always something at every position and quarterback <hes> who deals with the least amount of of issues offensive and defensive linemen. I don't think i ever really feeling one hundred percent. Especially you know after you go through three or four weeks of training camp week one. You should feel great. You just don't your beat up your sore. You're tired <hes> and and you're mentally tired just because you know you you have sixteen more games plus the postseason coming of potential injuries and mix and bruises <hes> but playing with pain and being in that pain is it's just part of the deal and and you learn that from the first time you put pads on and and start playing and peewee pop warner football that you're never never really gonna feel one hundred percent but i i think the the issue for him <hes> i it's. I think he's holding back a little bit. <hes> i think knowing the little bit i do and knowing andrew <hes> just a little bit i i i remember going from rehab <hes> and re rehab every day. I remember just you feel guilt from your teammates. 'cause it's it's different from the fan's perspective as a player. You're i'm not worried about what the fans are thinking about your injuries or what ownership necessarily as or the people that were up stu upstairs facilities. It's it's hard when when you're andrew luck and you were the face of the franchise your face stanford university you're the face of the indianapolis colts. You're the guy that everybody knows knows hey. We you know we go as he goes in and everybody on your team looks at you. In a certain late everybody in your team looks at you a little bit differently than every other position in in that locker room and i think that guilt and the shame and in no way should he ever felt deal or shame for being injured but that's natural when you're when you're so used to being the franchise quarterback the face of the franchise. It's impossible not to feel that guilt. It's impossible. People not to feel that shame of man. I can't believe andrew's not not able to play this week. You know i can't believe he's still hurt they in no way is that that <hes> guilt or shame warranted but i'm sure that's what he felt. I know i felt it and i had days you know i had one year a blew my knee out midway midway point. We were nine in one the number one seed and then i've seen arizona i think it was twenty fourteen and my my a._c._l. My a._c._l. Pot and and my she she was over and and it was going on i r but i just remember walking through the locker room every day coming to work every day after that injury and just just just you can't help it but you feel like everybody's looking at you like oh man he's hurt here we go and and that guilt and that shame i know andrew felted a- and and <hes> he i'm sure he wouldn't admit it and he's talking about other things but that that deal in shame from your teammates is <hes> the most pain that that he felt aside from the shoulder and and the ankle all the different things he had going on when you can't be out there perform with with your fellow teammates <hes> and your the guy that's taken up twenty two percent of the salary cap and the guy that's on every you know at around around town and commercial you know all those things that come with being andrew luck and knowing the way that he was revered by his teammates and knowing the way that he loved his teammates. It's <hes> i i think that was one of the most difficult things for him to cope with all the game. He missed the entire season a twenty seventeen that he missed <hes>. I think that weighed heavy on his heart. It really sounds like that's a great elucidation of what he must be feeling and i wondered a lot a lot of people thought in the colts even as i wrote that chris ballard and frank reich appealed to him just go on. I r with the designation to return. You'll be out for half half the season. If you're good you'll come back if not hey you just stay on i r and he was so fed up with feeling like crab ah that he said i just can't do it. I have to get away and i honestly think carson that some of this was done honestly sleep for his own mental health. He was just so tired of feeling sore and in pain and he just he just couldn't wouldn't go through it anymore and i wonder when you when you take all this into account like retiring two weeks before the start of the season man and that is that's a heavy thing to do but i take it you. You sound like you understand it. I completely do and as as to you saying he had the option to go on. I r and and and get right. I think andrew probably heard that from <hes> from prison from franken said absolutely not that's the worst case scenario i i don't want to go on i r and be here every day and like i said you walk through the facility cillian every in and you just feel like there's is on you. <hes> and andrew probably looked at that and said i'm not gonna. I'm not gonna go on. I r and walk through here injured stand stay on the sidelines and a t shirt and shorts <hes> can collect you know collector check that that's exactly what he probably wanted. <hes> believed you know he. He's he's a competitor. He loves the game <hes> he wants to play the game for him to go back on like he was in twenty seventeen and just sit on the sidelines sidelines and watch is probably the worst case scenario for him to have been what do you say to people especially in indianapolis who were really angry with andrew luck for doing this at age twenty nine when the team has basically been built around him and built for him i i understand the frustration and disappointment <hes> andrews a guy that is revered and was revered before this in in indy and loved and people name their dogs and their kids after an had his home and away jersey for their children to wear to school i mean he he he was a superstar in a small town but that is the right of the fan to be frustrated me we we as fans i i look at the at the league now from fan standpoint standpoint the cardinals <hes> you're allowed to be so into it and emotional about it and frustrated with it <hes> and those those same fans fans that are frustrated and boot and all of that will will look back at some point and go man we we got to see andrew play and i got to take my son and my daughter to go see andrew. Did you play them on on sundays. We sat around as a family and watched andrew place so i mean that'll all come full circle and and then in with such a great fan base like like the colts have that'll come back around the the enjoyment and <hes> the appreciation for what he did but fans are allowed to be madness short-term. It's two weeks before the season <hes> i i get it and and two andrew's credit i give my i take my hat off to him. He he knew he was in a bad spot. <hes> he knew he was in a bad spot mentally and physically and he could have definitely taken the i. r. and collected a year salary and sat back and watched <hes> <hes> but i really think the mature thing for him to do is really take a step back to get out of there to take himself out of that situation because it's the best thing for the team virtue kobe to take over and be the starter and be indies future which i really think he jacoby is a great player. I think he's gonna blow people people <hes> away this year in the expectations that people have on him now when they look back and and and go man you know i think they can make it to the playoffs he he can have a great year. I think would fans look back and go man. You know this really gave jacoby. <hes> the keys the keys to the car the andrew stepping away dan walking away gives jacoby in that team the best chance to move forward post andrew luck era and annapolis whereas if andrew is there everyday rehabbing and everything it's almost like he's the sword of damocles over the franchise's head and over jacoby set's head you know oh well andrew comes back winning andrew comes back and now everybody knows hey here's our guy percent is our guy totally and and and more more importantly for jacoby to go out and have the year in the season he needs to have. He doesn't need to answer questions well. This is actually andrew's team. You know i'm just here doing the best. No this is kobe team. Now and jacoby can take ownership and jacoby doesn't need to feel like i don't wanna step on andrews you know andrew's got the long term term quarterback or the long term contract. I don't step on his toes now. Jacoby is free jacoby can go and play and take over and lead and talk and stand up in front of the team and say things when you need to without having to worry well you know i don't wanna make make it look like i'm trying to take over andrew's job because this is answers job still this is completely wheatley freeing to that organization for this season for the twenty nineteen season. Jacoby can put you know. Jacoby is the starter. Jacoby is the future jacoby toby <hes> can really just let himself go and and take over that team in that organization dino andrew luck well well or at all and if you talked to him since this happened i have not and i know andrew <hes> just from playing against them and hanging out a handful of times <hes> but i know a lot of people that know him well <hes> and andrews one of the few guys everything you hear about andrew is spot on <hes>. I know that from from guys i know well and spend a bunch of time with him. There's very few guys in the n._f._l. Is you know peter that everything you hear about him is true all the good stuff if you hear about him is true that you don't hear anything bad about andrew and until now which is just absurd to me and it's driving me nuts hearing criticism <hes> but just andrews one of those guys that everything here is spot on is a goofy murdy really nice guy has a ton of interest and loves mrs teammates and would do anything and again i mean this is so difficult <hes> for him because of his teammates i and and and no doubt he has a soft spot a soft spot in his heart for the fan base but this is really difficult not being able to be there with his teammates with all the excitement after the twenty a._t._c. eighteen season but the season that they had the success they had building upon that and the excitement in that locker this this this has been extremely difficult on him from his teammates standpoint. He absolutely feels like i'm sure that he's letting his teammates down in some somehow some way even even though he's physically unable to perform <hes> it's it's eaten outing. It's eating at him from the inside and showing <hes> you know that he if he would've stuck around and be in the facility every day and sitting in meetings it would have just eaten at him like it did in two thousand seventeen when he had the shoulder injury and didn't suit up and didn't play it all oh she's finished with this. So you're the first pick in the draft in two thousand and three andrew the first pick in the draft in two thousand twelve both pac ten quarterbacks both come in with the weight of great expectations. Your career lasts longer than his but you both our guys with multiple interest in life and i wonder if you had any piece of advice for him about life after football. What would it be well. I'm i'm definitely still going through that. <hes> i can only comment on my experiences and i've i've had a chance i was so fortunate and blessed to play for fifteen years years and i'm in a spot now where i'm just trying to see deal flow and and looking at many different opportunities from you know from broadcasting and and football consulting to <hes> all kinds of different things in the business world and and investment world so <hes> my advice uses is to kind of just take it slow like i have. I've i've just been trying to see deal flow and look opportunities and not jump into anything that i didn't didn't truly want to do like i wanted to do football i. I'm not currently in a position to do anything that i don't have to do. If i don't really really really really wanna do it. I was so fortunate to do something. I really really really wanted to do which was football for so long <hes> that i'm not jumping into anything too quickly <hes> trying to learn as much as i can and absorb as much as i can and that's what's so exciting for andrews is he's not all football. He's not all about football all he loved and all he learned he. He's a very well rounded individual. He has a chance to sit back. I take any chance i have. I have to take a meeting had taken it 'cause. I might learn something from it. I might gain something from it. I might end up going wow this is. This is a lot cooler than i thought it was and then dig into it and dig into it and and see if it's something i truly want to and andrew got that opportunity and obviously going to stanford <hes> the connections in the network network that he has through stanford connections. <hes> you know i it could be something really interesting in in architecture because that's his background but he has a chance to sit back concede deal flow and take meetings and meet people and learn about different <hes> different businesses or different opportunities and really find something that that he wants wants to do and he can take his time he can find something that he can be as passionate about <hes> as passionate about football was in a completely different space and and <hes> i i this is not the last we're gonna hear from andrew luck. I mean there's no doubt about that. <hes> he will go on to do something special and something great and i i can't wait. I'm i i it was a fan of the way he played the game. I was a fan of an respected everything <hes> that he's been about and i can't wait to see what's next one carson palmer our citizens of idaho former n._f._l. Quarterback i really really appreciate you lending some common sense and some wisdom to what's been a quasi insane discussion over the last few days. Thank you anytime peter love catching up so happy to be joined by stephen even holder who along with his athletic the athletic brethren zach kiefer and bob kravitz have done a great job chronicling <hes> <hes> the news breaking and the aftermath of the andrew luck retirement stephen nine twenty eight pm saturday the adam schefter after tweet andrew luck is retiring. What was your reaction in. What was it like being in the press box just then well in full disclosure <hes> <hes> i wasn't watching the game because it was the fourth quarter of a preseason game and i'll tell you exactly what i was doing. I was watching miami in florida on my phone <laughter> okay because miami along so let's just put it all out there okay. Let's just put it it all out there. <hes> i have no idea what was going on in the colts game at that time because there wasn't gonna write about it. I was gonna find some other story that night. You know more relevant to <hes> the season at large origin and what have you just you know that's kind of what we do at the we're not obsessed with a preseason contests on saturday night so anyhow my colleague colleague as you mentioned bob kravitz he was sitting next to me. It's a game he looks down his computer and he lets out a certain four letter word and that's that's certainly got my attention attention and <hes> so we all saw the tweet and you know certainly we're in a day and age now where people do stupid things on social media so my my immediate reaction was this but of course i'm seeing the blue checkmark and i've got one of those. I'm like well that looks real and so we just had the process and it was <hes> i mean look we've all covered unexpected stories and big news but this one was so out of the blue that you you really had the process it and try to figure out if he did he get taxes israel. Could this be possible and then once. We realized something's really happening. We obviously mobilized and <hes> we were looking for for front office members. <hes> and i immediately went downstairs to the locker room. The game is just about over. We knew your mercy. I say would be in the vicinity and found him mercy and <hes> he was sort of hustled into the locker room with his security and he told us he talked to assume soon and had this sort of serious look on his face and then we knew all right sounds happening and it it got real really quickly this in a matter of moments <hes> everything everything went into overdrive and it was probably the craziest <hes> ninety minutes of my career without a doubt. What did you find. Let's let me go back in time a little bit because i'll obviously i'll tell you mike quick story on august fourth twenty days before this announcement announcement is made. I'm in camp and look bright eyed. Bushy tailed these happy. He's excited toll tells me there's no doubt he'd be ready to play opening earning day and obviously from that point on he got a little bit more discouraging news about his calf ankle and the fact was he just he you know he got in a little bit more pain. Even from what i hear and do do you take him basically at his word that this is something that maybe he was thinking about some but he certainly a ah was not thinking about it even at the start or even a week or so into training camp yeah i will say this. I have spend a lot of time with any luck over the years as have you and the one thing i would say is that if you know angeles and you you have experience dealing with him <hes> <hes> the the more you deal with people in this business you start to learn their level of credibility right and and especially the people you deal with on a regular basis and you know angeles getting i think accused of of dealing in deception here and i just don't see it at all. I think what he told you exactly the message sewage and and sort of the tone i had been hearing from him and what i take from that is that that's where his head was at. He was doing everything possible to get back into play <hes>. He spoke to us a couple of days before you were there. I remember the day you were camping and i remember we got much the same impression from him. <hes> the local beat writers. There's and at one of the things that i think we can take away from this. Was that look andrew luck while he was not in practice he was he was leading the first team offense and walk through every day every meeting. He was doing rehab for hours per day. Those are the actions sins of a man who intends to play football so nothing angela has done over the last several weeks. <hes> indicated he didn't want to do this. I think what happened is exactly what you said. Things changed in terms of injury. It wasn't improving and here so here he is faced with the prospect of now going through another prolonged rehabilitation process uncertainty all those things that beat him down in two thousand seventeen eighteen <hes> to the lowest point of his entire life. Okay i not his career the lowest point of his life and so the prospect of going through through that again i think was too much random luck and again. He played football for what he said. Which was the joy and these experiences sap app. That joy andrew wasn't there for the money he wasn't out there. It'd be famous. He e frankly hates being famous so when the joy left and wanna do it anymore. I understand expanded. I nodded all the way through his press conference. I found myself nodding repeatedly over and over and over because i understood and i saw him live this so i i get it d- like andrew lock. He's great he's. He is the most unique person i've ever covered. I think in twenty plus years of doing this <hes> i mean there's there's been a lot of individuals i covered who who were unique in their own way you know for good and bad had reasons but no i i love into as as a person because he's so genuine and i will tell you this. He appreciates everybody's role in an organization and whether fan or media or whatever i'll give you an example they they go to kansas city last <hes> last season playoff game they lose going away and you know listen i saw him. Come outta the locker room. He hugs nicole his now wife <hes> really emotional moment with his family and you know it had been in the motion season right. He comes back in that shoulder surgery agree. <hes> has all kinds of complications mrs two thousand seventeen and two thousand eighteen great season. They went nine out of ten. Get to the playoffs and then it comes to a crashing halt in an ugly loss so it's a really emotional moment so anyhow he does his press conference. He answered our questions and it gets done. He walked off the podium any proceeds to go down the align and shake the hand of every single beat writer in the room and tell us how much he appreciated how we treated him last year and i'll tell you that is a very small gesture but that is not something that is routine and angela. I think for the the magnitude of athlete he he is he. He never think <hes> let that go to his head. In any fashion any always always always was is <hes>. What was the same guy and that's something. I just really appreciate about him. <hes> you know it's really hard to do that. I think in today's day and age where you know celebrity celebrity is what it is but <hes> but into never got outside himself and i don't think he ever will you know i'm thinking very seriously of picking. The colts holds to win this division in part because i do think athletes love to have this feeling of <hes>. You're throwing dirt on us now so we'll see and i also think that they've got enough talent to maybe survived some shaky jacoby kobe games and i'm not sure he's going to be very shaky. I think he might be pretty good but give me your feeling about god the colts season now and how you think percent will do so. Let's back up a little bit before saturday night. If you'd have asked me about the colts else i would have told you certainly intellect is a very good player and i think he's there. They're keeping success but i also would have told you that it's not just the intellect because it was my opinion and it is my thing and this is the best team the colts have constructed since drafting in two thousand twelve and it's not close not close the the best thing the best defense the best skill positions especially when you factor in that that really deep tight end room <hes> certainly the coaching is is top notch. I mean frank reich. Is the real deal. This guy is a potentially an elite offensive coach. The offense wine okay might the best collection in the entire n._f._l. So this is this was going to be the best team which is one of the saddest components of this entire story actually sleet but be that as it may this jacoby percent up to actually come in here and have a very good opportunity for success. Look you can't underestimate the loss of intellect and the fact that the a._f._c. south in my opinion it could be the most competitive division in the n._f._l. I mean they had to play off teams last year. I think it's very possible they could do that again. In two thousand nineteen so this division is tough. It's gonna be <hes> it's going to be more difficult with with jacksonville thinking they have upgraded their quarterback situation right and and just other things going on and other developments in the division but but i i think the colts are going to have something to say about the outcome of the a._f._c. south and i also feel like kobe. This team has immense confidence in him. Jacoby perset set is a crow. Don't don't underestimate this kid. He has total confidence and he's the guy who puts in the work and they're going to be behind and remember now and look hasn't practiced at all with the starters this entire off season and training camp. Jacoby has taken every stinking and first team so he's ready. He's ready to go. This won't be a stephen. You also made the point. You also made the point in what you wrote. What about that. I read this morning that i had forgotten that. In two thousand seventeen percent was sacked more than any quarterback in football all and in two thousand eighteen you know the colts offensive line allowed the fewest sex in football so this is this is a unit that has been really really built up well by chris ballard and is going to give percent. I think a fighting chance yeah excuse me the chief of the colts is i think that offensive line as good as they were as a pass protection unit last year. The one step they need to take is in there is in the running game and i think if if they can do that if they can run the ball consistently the blueprint here is not hard right. I mean we've seen teams win with something less than in the elite quarterback it happens all the time right so so the key though is you you gotta do the other things you gotta run the ball. At least you always have to have some threat to run the ball right and i think they can do that. Marlin is a is an underrated player running back and then you've got on defense you gotta get to the quarterback and you gotta take the football away and they actually have have the ability to do those things just in houston i think for example of big addition they needed that their past west was very average last year but i think there are a defense that has the ability ability to take the ball away and they're. They're working on that even more this year. That's been a bigger point about the system so they can do those things now. Jacoby percent becomes look. I'm not saying you it has to be a game manager but but certainly that takes some of the heat also can and as you mentioned <hes> you cannot underestimate the impact of all the hits kobe bryant took and two thousand seventeen <hes> it doesn't take start seeing ghosts when you're getting hit that much so the type of quarterback he he was then i think he is going to be immensely different this year and just be much more competent in the pocket stephen holder. I really really appreciate you briefing me on everything. You're seeing in indianapolis. What you feel about this team going forward a great great education in the last fifteen minutes. Thanks so much peter thanks grab my pleasure and now a live podcast. I tape with philip rivers at chargers training camp in costa automates california. We're it's <hes> los angeles chargers training k._f._c. I almost did these sound. We're los angeles. Chargers is training camp on with philip rivers. We have a nice crowd of philip. Rivers fans here in orange county and philip. You had your annual contest with drew brees out on the field. You gotta explain what that contest means. How it started started and what exactly it is well. We are at training camp. The fans have been great. All <hes> all camp here jack hamman sports complex here in costa mesa so it's been a good camp. Ah a the the quarterback challenge the saints it kinda got started this now the third year drew in those guys have done it and you know they've put it on their instagram on their website and so we've always done it but just haven't really really publicizes hadn't hadn't done it to that degree so when he was coming out and said hey we got a quarterback challenge. So we started started a couple of years ago. Now it's kind of taken on a whole the old quarterback challenge that they used to do with the pro bowl. It's kind of it's kind of it is kinda. Throw back and everybody's involved aww both rooms from both teams and so tied up in one one so grudge match. You'll be tomorrow after walk through who want today. They got us today. We got him yesterday yesterday and the money's through your head they got us today. Drew hit wanted on his last. Throw to to win it so it was fun though philip. Let's talk a little bit about where you guys are right. Now i find it find it really interesting that you've got a lot of young guys on this team a lot of a lot of really good young players and yet you're really one of the most veteran are in teams in terms of the guys who you have to rely on all the time starting with you. What does this team look like to you in this training camp the i think you said yeah well i mean i it's young guys that are that are really good players and then you sprinkle in a key veterans in every position group. I'll leave somebody out. When you go around you think about adding a thomas davis had pouncey at center last year brandini bain and the interior line casey hayward's a veteran db and <hes> <hes> you know i could go on and on offensively keenan's to me a veteran player in his seventh eighth year melvin ingram so and then you throw in the young guys the derwin james joey bosa and and all those guys that are dependent all melvin gordon when we get him back and mike williams everybody's important. Those are the guys that that i know you're referring into and is a nice mix of young and old and it's i think we're in. We're in a window here to have that we have a chance and we know we know you gotta you gotta get in. I have a chance if starts arts in the division and all those things but we're in a nice little window here much like the window we were in in. Oh six oh nine where gave her a chance. Every year probably should have won one too and didn't but i think we're kind of in that in that window to make a run out of the game. What did you what are you remember about your feelings. When you walked off the feeling field in foxborough last january anyway i was it was it was about disappointed disappointed after every loss but i think in emotional i i was a little more emotional after that one because i really it it to get back in the postseason again and then as as well as we've played on the road and we want every game on the road all year. I thought we're gonna win whole deal last year. I thought that i thought last year was the year or and into losing the way we lost was just so you felt so dejected you know so because you know how long it is to get back to that point all another year and you're not guaranteed to get in so so it was tough but i think for our football team to win close games again in pittsburg kansas city when a playoff game we you know we got some things don on together that we had not done with this group so i think that's valuable experience for spoon ford. The mantra you live by is this latin phrase called new chevy chevy. Now i begin and it strikes me that you must have to think about that every year at this time yeah i do. I think about it every year this time when i think about it after terrible interception began again after touchdown you begin again and we use it at home you know as a dad our family tell her children that all all the time so how how do you how do you do with your family. What are you so. I just think it's one of those things whether it's you do good or bad on a test or you make a mistake or anything that goes goes on you begin again. You're always beginning again and you know i it's something struck me years ago and it was helpful to me because you always hear about finish but how about you start again and you're constantly doing that and really and everything for me and my faith in my parenting as a husband as a player. You're you're beginning again. Everything you do so when you look at right now the way the league is now. I was with pete carroll yesterday and he sixty seven. Tom brady's forty forty two year thirty seven. When i think about you i think about a guy if you want to easily could play for five more years what has happened to change change the the sort of the demographic in football that allows people like you to play for so much longer to allow. Tom brady to win a super bowl in his forty second year on the planet well. I think it's a combination of things i mean. I think it's speaking of tom. Brady drew brees that are both doing it in their forties. They're a unique guys. I mean they are two of the best of the best in their position of all time but i do think the game both rules help a little bit and i think you win and not are getting beat up. Yeah i think i think they protect us a little better. Obviously they did twenty years ago but and i think the game schematically with what's required at our position. It's almost almost more the neck up if you can if you can process quickly and be accurate with the ball and get it out of your hand to all these skill players that we have all around us then you can play for a long time and that's what those guys have proven to do it at the best very best and i think that's you know i think it's the league's go under they want you to be able to run on and throw and if you can't if you can do both then those are going to be the most dangerous you know. A guy like carson wentz comes to mind. You know those guys that can really run. Dan throw it but i still think it comes down to thirty eight candy convert third and sixth third and five from the pocket with guys like von miller and khalil mack and these guys rushing you matter how well you're on. They're gonna get you so you gotta be able to sit in the pocket. Make throw. We've talked about this a couple of times but i always i kind of admire how you don't sit there and wring your hands and say man. I haven't won a super bowl. You know you reminded of jim kelly after his fourth if a championship loss i said the pain must be pretty bad. I mean have you ever thought about doing something else or maybe not playing is at that frustrating he he goes. Are you crazy. I mean what else would i do that. I would have one tenth. The amount is fun. Is what i'm doing right now. So how do you sort of cope with all that and do you feel like maybe in a society of winning is the only thing that we overplay that yeah i think it can be it's really hard to explain and i i think it can be if you just read read me saying this. You'd say golly. Maybe he doesn't care but i think that <hes> i i hate losing bad as anyone and i love to compete and yes we want to. I still think about those games. No six and seven and nine and you know we. We let them get away but they don't make me miserable. I mean they really don't tell me once <hes> john ramsden while when i was this must be two thousand six or seven he said your whole happiness is based on whether you want a super bowl or non. I got a chance visual. He suggested letting everything pride on that. I mean i don't i don't really believer itself but i'm not gonna. If you're gonna live to fifty six exceed seventy hitters. Where's frustrating didn't get this and this and this done but but <hes> it's not. It's not going to be what you know. Eleven daban with philip rivers at chargers training camp phillip. I thought one of the coolest coolest things last year's when e._s._p._n. Had you miked up and it showed how angry you get on the field and yet you never swear you never her curse so i wanna ask you to two part question. When is the last time you cursed and secondly. Do you ever really want to curse well. I don't want to say this arrogantly. I can't remember the last time i can't. I can't say one hundred percents that i've never in my entire life but i just haven't i mean it's habit of just from early on is just it's just the way i've spoken and <hes> no i think i think i get as mad as i get what you can get your with what you hear is about it as about as what comes to mind as well as as as i am so i don't i don't ever think man. I wish i could be even more. I wish i could say something else. That's about it at the peak of my my anger. The peak of your peak <hes> <hes> to to other things i wonder so we were in miami dolphins training camp and i was talking to ryan fitzpatrick and he'd had a seventh child and i said to him i said. Do you think you'll ever catch philip. Rivers and here is his quote. He said i texted him and i told them i can't catch you if you keep having them so you know i wanna know. What is it like kevin kevin swiss family robinson around the around the rivers household. It's awesome. I don't feel catches or not because i don't know i don't know where we're going to end it. Is it possible you could go into double figures. L yeah just one just one away. We're just one away but yeah it's awesome. I really feel very thankful and blessed you know my oldest is seventeen now and the little ones five months old but it's seven girls and two boys always but it's it's <hes> it's awesome so there's never a dull moment at the house. That's for sure there's always a ball flying in the air or somebody on rollerblades or bicycle or something going on so there's a there's a lot of lot of a lot of a lot of joy in noise and log on on how did you decide you and your wife decide that you wanted to have not just the big family but a very big family thing we just we both want to be open both open whatever whatever god wanted for us and my mom was one of nine seven girls girls and two boys and my granddad her dad was one of nine seven girls and two boys so it's the third is the third generation of seven seven two two. I remember we found found out my my granddad on my mom's sides ninety one years old and i remember we found out you never know what ninety one right and and so i wanted to tell him hey we're. We're we're gonna have nine just like you and we're not called him. He said well you don't need to find out is i can guarantee. It's a girl is going to be seven to and it turned out turned out to be. Are you the type. That doesn't doesn't want to know now. I like to know oh you liked. I feel like i know him better. If i know if it's the burger i feel like i get to know him over that nine months a little better than just go on. We don't know yet we've done at both. Both i like to know what is what is it like around the philip rivers dinner table when you have perfect attendance and you got eleven people it's great we try to every wednesday and thursday night in the season we sit down and we try to sit down together and and it's awesome i mean i it's it's a little old school that i'm at the end of the table and i kinda i kinda kind of <hes> instigate conversations and single amount and let's see what happened in the day and hey it's sara's turn now and okay now you go and just just so it doesn't get too crazy and then it ends up kind of let it go haywire at the end and then clean up time is always fun. You know you got the table. You got the dishes and we got plenty of helper so it gets done pretty eh finishing up with philip rivers phillip i <hes> i took a tour of your new stadium in los angeles this morning and and <hes> first of all it's big. It's like really big. The campus is monumentally big but the one thing i thought was really cool. I was in your locker room and there's a lightning bolt in there in the locker room and i wonder when you look at it and when you think about it this going to be a shared heard stadium and i'm assuming you're going to be playing next year but it's going to be a shared stadium. What do you think you guys have to do to make that stadium a real home field advantage for you. Well i think win win win and is the biggest thing and i think this year's big and that and we're not thinking about that as players but i do think that this year in this season will kind of help kick-start <hes> us being in that new stadium next year and i'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to this season. I you know that's as far away but i haven't been in it. I've seen the pictures of it and it looks unbelievable. So when that time comes will be fired up to be in there you have. Have you thought of idea world. How much longer do you think you'll play. I really honestly can say at this point. I think it's just i'm taking them one year at a time. I think that's just a prudent best thing to do mentally not to say all right. I got three laughed. I got four left thirty eight in december right thirty in december i think what do you feel alight great for next fired up. I know for that. I want to be in that new stadium next year but i think one year time i feel great physically. I really do feel great physically. I <hes> i'm i'm also a and maybe this is rare for a lot of guys. I am also not afraid of the next phase. I look forward to coaching my boys in high school and <hes> oldest. What is just a fifth grader so we got a little time but so i'm not. I'm excited about that part. It's not i don't know what i'm gonna do. When it's over i go shoot. I'll be on sidelines trying to get these fifteen eighteen year. Oh boy find a way to beat the team crosstown so i'm fired up for that part so that doesn't make me nervous about it but i just kind of taken one year. It's kind of interesting interesting. Have you followed what trent dilfer is doing yeah. He's a high school coach now in some yeah ramsey yeah yeah. That's really good would you. Do you think you would want to be a high school. Oh yeah i think i think at least my desires to be coaching the very next year that i'm not buying somewhere so gotta have a few years to the year or so before yeah before gunners a junior in high school. I gotta we gotta be in the mix. Do we have yeah. We're going to ask some in the crowd to ask three questions for you so go ahead. Can you just please say your name where you're from and then ask philip the question off florida fort lauderdale so since i moved here machar's name offended dolphins fan but getting mentioned bill <hes> any questions. You wish wish newcomer power this year impacts question is which newcomer which new charger is going to have the biggest impact on in your team all right. Thanks for the question day i. I don't know it's still early. A first draft. Pick jerry tillery is now in the mix and and he's shown on some some good flashes out here in training camp <hes> drew tranquil also from notre dame is is flying around in and around the ball. Those are young guys that i i popped into my mind when you when you ask but i think a newcomer that's an old comer is thomas davis from from carolina. He <hes> it's unbelievable. He's played linebacker now. Exists fifteenth season and he played linebacker fifteen years. He can still run. He still has a great passion. He's been great for the guys we already have a good strong leadership group <hes> defensively but he's really really brought brought it to another level and it's been great to have him have him be part of the squad over here. The question is if you weren't a charger. Where would you be right now. I don't know meaning another team. That's hard to say now after being in this long. I really don't think it do it anywhere very else. <hes> growing up in north alabama the titans weren't there yet when i was young they were still the houston oilers so the closest teams the falcons actually pulled for the steelers a little bit but i was more of a quarterback fan so i had marino marino and elway in montana and aikman farve and manning all those guys roll my wall growing up. I was more of n._f._l. Quarterback fan and a college football fan fan so that kind of answers your question can i can. I just interject one thing. I think maybe the other answer the question would be if that trade didn't quite work out the way it did <hes> i think he would have been drafted by pittsburgh so that would have been interesting but go ahead. Dump taylor were playing in the n._f._l. Regarding here fading that's the question is what is a good leadership lesson involving your faith that you've learned in playing in the n._f._l. Well i mean i. I don't know if this directly translates supposed to faith it does but i think i think the biggest thing i think is just how how in a leadership position how you handle adversity is has way more meaningful and critical than how you handle when things are going good. I've always thought you know you find out about your true teammates when it gets a little rough when things are going good right. Everybody's a good teammate. Everything's great. Everybody wants to work. Harder is fun locker room. What about when you throw an interception for a touchdown which i've done the plane attacks and you are you lose a game late and especially when you're in my position. You're gonna be touching the football again every week. They're gonna you don't want them to count on. It's how do you how do you handle that adversely. No they're watching it and the ability to and he comes over time. I can't say i'm an expert at it but it comes over time to where you go. You don't have to tell these is is you care. Sometimes you think hey i hope you'll know i really didn't wanna throw that and i really cared. I really sorry we lost no. They can see you do it. What did you do what you do on monday morning. On tuesday wednesday thursday just by the way you go in sometimes it means come out with energy on wednesday after you've blown a game on sunday and have some excitement heitmann here we go. Let's go and they go wait. A minute didn't he just causes the game oh but if he's fired up and we'll go to you know so i think but that comes over time because as a young player i remember <unk> thinking man just wanting to hide filling terrible for letting the guys down and you still feel bad but you know that you need to give them the okay to come on well. Let's go where everything's gonna be alright. I think i think that does apply in other parts of your life as well. We'll end on that philip rivers. Thanks so much and have a great season <music>. Oh and now my five minutes with a writer segment with greg bell of the news tribune in seattle. We're on the sidelines of seahawks practice and as you can probably hear yeah we're going to be competing with steven tyler aerosmith rick ross. I don't know who else everyone possible. Harold pleased the music loud here now watching practice here greg as you've done for many years and now you've got pete carroll blasting lasting the music throughout practice. You've got a d._j. Here how long does it take for your ears to recover post training camp about february very i feel like i'm getting older by the dad peter with the music. They all sound the same same bass tracks a._b. Rhyming pattern <hes> yeah steven tyler was a little respite last few minutes <hes> okay. Let's talk a little seahawks here so this strikes me as a fairly placid team. You know there's certainly a long time since marshawn. You know it's a long longtime. Since really you know some of the nettlesome things that happened at the end of legion of boom. No contract dispute with thomas described the overall. We're all tenor this camp greg. You're exactly right that is a calmer the two pillars the franchise now are bobby wagner and russell wilson to to all in guys pete carroll program guys drafted by them brought up guy the big rich contracts highest in the n._f._l. To their positions richard sherman has gone earl. Thomas has gone michael bennett has gone. The three most outspoken is against the regime after they got paid and got their rings and the tone is exactly different they are company is wagner in wilson and it's everybody's bought in and of course winning helps that the year that richard sherman and michael bennett popped off about pete carroll program getting old was the only year they missed the playoffs and then that's eight season so i'll everyone's back on board. It's absolutely russell wilson's team name and they decided that the two pillars financially and on the field are going to be wagner and wilson into two thousand twenty you know the way they're they're wide. Receivers have gone on over the last few years. It's interesting now to see tyler. Lockett is basically the franchise guy you know all their all their big receivers as you know that jimmy graham obviously doug baldwin at tight end and wide receiver so many of these guys are gone now. So how will this receiving being core be and how do you think lock it will <hes> we'll do basically is clear number one. He is peter is going to be the slot guy on third downs but as much as russell wilson knows lock it he knew baldwin better than as well as any quarterback wide receiver combo in the league third-down red zone. That's where he's gonna mess him. When it's third and six doug baldwin gave him seven yards even if everyone in the yard knew it was going to him <noise> even if he had double coverage even if the ball is thrown high. They don't have that anymore. Russell russell wilson doesn't have the innate sense of just head nodding to his slot receiver in the red zone and on third down to get the play done. It's gonna take a while for tyler lockett did he's. He's gonna still be outside and early downs so he's not just a slot guy. They still through it fewer times anybody in the league last year peters. They ran it more than anybody and that's because of their offensive line's pass pass protection issues. I think it's going to be the same thing this year if they get into situations where wilson's throwing thirty five forty times a game he's going to be on his back and they're gonna lose games because they still have to run the ball to set up the past k. Metcalf has been the star since they drafted in the pre draft. Physical freak has been everything that and more since they drafted him in the second traded up with new england get him peter he's a much more accomplished technical route runner than they thought at all messy which is bigger and faster than everybody at six four in two thousand nine and a four three forty we got here and he showed he can shop his feet can catch the ball away from his body with his hands. He can mix up his releases. On the line of scrimmage against cornerbacks veterans type stuff he credits jerry sullivan the seventy four year old guru of worked with larry fitzgerald. Yeah and others metcalf said if someone really honed his fundamental skills and pete carroll said metcalfe's even more special than they thought when they drafted how much how much does he play you've seen seen in the in recent n._f._l. History even very high first round picks very often struggle the first year or two because of the void behind behind tyler lockett. It's it's his ex wide. Receiver spot slips what angelou's i'd be very surprised. Decay mecca does not starting week one against cincinnati at at the split end well. It is really lock it in a bunch of guys yeah second that receiving core ron brown keenan reynolds david moore decay metcalf. That's why they drafted him to be the big tall down the field receiver. Pete carroll's always wanted. He tried to end it marshall last tried. Mike williams a few years ago. He hasn't then had consistent big x receiver to be opposite the little guys he said his goal this spring was to get bigger and faster wide receiver. That's why metcalfe's here. That's why they signed. A six. Five undrafted undrafted rookie jazz ferguson from question state of former l._s._u. Top recruit they wanna throw the ball down the field because they think russell wilson is uniquely accurate to do that but again if they don't have they don't establish the run to get the pass protection. He's not gonna throw down the field in the minute. We have left. Let's do thirty seconds on two other players. Ziggy ansah <hes> yeah was was signed basically with a hope and a prayer that he can provide the pass rush that they simply been lacking terribly and especially now with frank clark the biggest issue on the team backup pass rush to pass rush the passer league is you know and aunts is not even going to be on the field. Perhaps till the end of august. Maybe i september the shoulder. Surgery guaranteed plays opening. It's very pay ala carte contract where he draws bonuses for each week to guard the highlight term. It's an ala carte contract very good. I was happy. I wonder you're a writer is only about half of his contract. Money is in game bonuses so they're the seahawks are hedging against him not being ready for the start of the season but without him because they traded frank clark and made that decision vision give the almost twenty million to bobby wagner instead. It's catches. Marsh is the most accomplished veteran pass rusher. He's had five and a half sacks his career high. I see what the forty not nobody else on the team has had as many as that in a season so they are counting absolutely on ziggy ansah and a one year deal to be the pass rush. Guy jarran reed suspended the first six against domestic violence. They need someone like jarran reed to step up out of nowhere to have a saxon. They haven't yet yet. They don't rush pressure to quarterback the secondary. That's completely remade. He made is going to get burnt and they're not gonna make plows. All right. Greg will finish with this one of the most interesting players in the n._f._l. Is a guy who ninety eight percent of the people who are going to listen to this have never heard of his name is puna ford now and he is looking out here right now. He's about five live ten. Maybe five eleven about fifteen and everybody in this organization in this camp says don't look at his high. He's going to be one of the best nose tackles in the league. Tell me about puna ford and where this guy came from undrafted rookie from texas the only reason he wasn't drafted dictator's cousin his hike. He may be five ten. He's three thirty three twenty. Three thirty plays at big twelve player of the year is the last year at longhorns stops the run. That's that's why he's here and made the team but this in camp now he's getting pass rush down as well because growth in the defensive tackle peter three hundred twenty plus pounds. He runs signed assigned to sideline. He makes plays on screen passes. He's in on tight ends down the field. He's up motor guy who they can't keep off the field and it because it's going to be suspended the first six six games. Thune affords going to have a huge role this year on this team. He's a starting defensive tackle even ford's in there in practice. Everyone in texas says i told you about i i believe in c._n._n. Is he john schneider. Guy i mean who gets the credit his scouting staff southwest in texas that had an eye on him and one of those deals where hey we're not gonna draft. We're gonna sign you right after the draft. Please come with us. It's worked out splendidly friend. This team's always leading or up near the league and undrafted rookie free agents beautiful june affords the latest greatest one. You're going to see a lot of competes both playing time on rundowns an passing down last year. He was a platoon guy but he's earned more than that. Roll greg bell news tribune out here in seattle on the sidelines of seahawks training camp. We have battled the music and we have one one. Thank you benji. Is there my thanks to carson palmer. Stephen holder philip rivers greg bell. This was an action-packed impact fund podcast and be shirtless in next week would all freddie kitchens juju smith schuster and drew brees on my n._f._l. Season season preview spectacular.

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