Cool FAB-Racing Round 6: Sunday Part 1


<music> of course the lexus golden opportunities sales event is about exceptional offers but it's also about the luxury of versatility with space for the unexpected did and the freedom of a summer day all coming together for you at the perfect moment. Don't miss your perfect moment to experience. Exceptional offers offers on a full line of lexus utility vehicles now until september third experience amazing at your lexus dealer. Base is bracing teach mini bikes championship official partner series to be. It's a big i'm lou so i'm here with bill easter campbell one of the raiders and in many g._p. Seventy billy how you feeling good and test we can't hear wilton melt very good a semi local tracks practice law so you still local track had the deal up from the circuit our own <hes> so you know really well. All you feel confident. You may be able to pick up a loose of race when apparently in the dryer sessions dollars the only one in the fifties on not very good ties yes so there's blood of rain this weekend. So fi people says celebrity those in this weekend trying get behind a lot of people see how much they grip they have an an just push on sir fail no lost let us start at thirteenth in all of the races in my second and two of those head mushy affiliate could have won those races seconds thaddeus would've won all of them. I think so. Do you feel it could be the weekend the final picabo have you got family here that we can't support the on <hes> down in my bra and how much will that help you going into this became kyle fairly as anyone else that you would like to say hello to the lessening weekend <hes> one five hundred and claim r._i. Hi bill campbell. Thank you very much for the chat and have a good weekend so i'm here what a._c. Through reading champion mason foster mason. How do you feel like you're going so far here. At wilton melt think is gonna. I mean we've had the pace bought. Today doesn't really matter because it's going to be wet the rest side he bought. It doesn't matter zac conditions. Would you prefer would you prefer to be where this weekend which appear to be dry dry because i i've won those two this track in case horrendous yeah jar so you're not just racing and forty pros also racing an l._l._c. forty elites it. Has it been doubling. You're there on the racetrack. Let's that's you're so far <hes> last year but not on the boy side so it hasn't been much of a difference but just like adapt into the power sets off of welfare which one do you prefer racing the most <hes> <hes> <hes> because has more power and they spit more fun as well so you're leading the championship and the pros and you being embroiled golden <hes> fantastic trump show battle johnny and nails before tilles. Some is your season so far us us post. It's been really good. 'cause i call now say on way. Secondly side is where i am. I think is going really well. <hes> correct no. You've been coming through the ranks. Joining ghana says one of your rivals. How much do you enjoy racing against. I guess for the championship and when i really enjoy because always got someone to be someone to try and push on all is well eight flight gate so you could potentially when the forty pro championship less weekend ward automotive taking the championship this weekend or just winning a couple of morelos la bottles. I guess joni s._n._l. See fourteen <hes>. I think by woods foods de morelos pows. Johnny goes <hes> in the price of gold quite a big gap. The need to worry as much <hes> and now sees just want to outland rice wins. There's a love affair between yourself and johnny lost lost him. Let's just talk us through what happened in that situation. I basically went up being soy. Sony hate me. It fell off fish friends last gift to hear as anyone you would like to say hello to ahead of this weekend here at welton melt <hes> hello to all my family of course and lie all oh my friends to watch that's great to hear a couple of things we like to ask you as anything else that you will be paying for the rest of twenty thousand nine grace in me <hes> italian championship <hes> with elena so yeah those baked setting over here which is just like to talk through it so basically that fi is <hes> andy wedenesday. He's made <hes> we're gonna raise in <hes> fallen from european championships on. How do you feel like that's going to go. I feel is can go very well. Saying the bikes really good <hes> stable side could type so you've got plenty going on in two thousand nine hundred wat- volley between two hundred twenty i think many ep fifty and seventeen seventy so that'll be a season on the many breaks we'll mason. Thanks very much for talking to us and this weekend and for the rest of two thousand nine hundred by the sex of the two thousand and nine thousand nine call fab racing british mini bike championships we're joined once again by broadway coming back to you ah call fab just as he feels it so we'll come back to this low elevation than you're used to with it benefits. You might championship. It's nice that she has nice to come back. Toasted soviet grassroots have wa wa. I we've roger as as a young kid and it's nice to see the the upcoming kids. During war washed i do and hopefully end up where i am now but it's <hes> it's not just just relax galway from from all the business of a bisbee weekend and just signed the pack van have a bit of fun and enjoy roydon so how does it feel to come back saw then the same level of sco vetting danny ken whereas come through compassionate with yours and the bishop by championship. What does it mean saw aw come back here from this is as nice relaxing commodity above more fun racing but obviously coming up for that generation. It must have been a pretty impressive zing today. Yeah it's nice. It's nice to see the championships. They were guy <hes> roger vow and rope to do a good job gardening and hopefully gain some more upcoming kids like much scott and light dino flea <hes> into world stage so it's nice to come back in enjoy roydon and have fun on the box where i died and we're all all stike aside from by using this weekend for view is he might not know i'll go at one forty like <hes> attendance wheels a katya <hes> i eighty five with twelve inch wheels and a suzuki one to five which <hes> was a ride pop into sort of semi rice by <hes> i go on oprah. Uh and this is on isn't it. Yes my is wind. Eli silly thing to us but as we've heard you over the last year running around him and it just going down every stray so i think he's just bored. I think that's what it is. It's a little bit slow than you have a block so i tend to entertain myself a little bit and it's just fun to to mess about vega. You heard it here first ladies gentlemen brad vase and saint himself by pressing the horn. Oh you learn something new every day so yeah so it's great to opposite combine to this level have a bit more coming fundraising selling join your career in so national international racing zuko a couple of weeks ago as well as the b._s. Beta season. Yes i love it <hes>. I won't be doing if i didn't love. It is <hes> the minutes. It's a tough tough of of racing. It happens but <hes> no. I still still enjoy and i i'd love going going to rice in. I love the challenge and <hes> <hes> i got to win. We much willingness this season but <hes> i still enjoy gone out there. Yeah it's nice to come back here and relax expert. It makes me more motivated to go back and and fight again and get good results. The next round at kabul was last season he hoping for a a similar thing yeah oversee with with white seasons guy and why we're not going to be aiming for for too hard. The minute is <hes> is going to be a difficult thing. We just stay calm and just chip away sesimbra session and hopefully improve the package. We got <hes> if we can walk away with two top sixes and improve the package then happy without considering the the opposition you've got it must be a good feeling to fight against some of the greatest riders in in the sports at the moment in b._s._p.'s the loveliest just now i now isn't it. Yes i mean the levels high and <hes> and the box are really good. The news cassie coming in this season. We knew that was going to be a a weapon of a bike and the <hes> improves the package crawl and is just we seem to be on the back for a little bit <hes> but the packages improving round-by-round not as quick as what we want to but it s loudly so hopefully we've we've <hes> we can do some improvements for for kudrow park after tomorrow tomorrow tested and ready for the the next weekend and of course looking to twenty two thousand nine hundred and social i canossa z. came many people especially the aerodynamic package now on the front of that g kassian b._s._p.'s out something that's zeki looking for an even. Is something your involved in developing finished year if i'm honest i don't think any other manufacturing the u._k. Will be doing any of of the wings. <hes> i think is more more jakarta because they seem to to build a race bike. <hes> tested the race spike and then indicate is largely input on a ride whereas suzuki honda duty officer they build a road bike and tiny interracial pike and and that's why we're on the back for a little bit why are on the back for a little bit because we have to to combat right back into rice pot whereas if gore a rice bought the sitting there ready to and do you think that's the approach to racing in e._s._p._n. World superbike can turn pieces like that is what is that ended is a road bike. <hes> do you have just put a lot of time money into to make an erase bike and gone outlandish destroying everyone on the field but yeah of c- suzuki and honda garage game a little bit to try and to try and stay with that put <hes> yeah it is what is a roadblock ended and looking twenty. He's twenty. What are your plans at the moment still looking to keep out great affiliation mizuki or maybe something even bigger on the horizon for you admit i'm not show <hes> we're gonna go around around. I'm not so looking into into twenty twenty one concentrated within a minute and an improved the package <hes>. I think there's a potential there with sukey not just embarrassed bay but maybe world championship at some point. We're good links with suzuki. Japan gatow ital- lost two years so <hes> xueping quite good to me so we're we're just stuff to see what these next few around tau and and make a decision what we're gonna do and you mentioned going to japan to do this ezekiel eight hours what coming from a saw sprint races perspective. What is he like going into that much longer distance more aw hardcore events. I it's difficult is <hes> is definitely easy. The to be honest link for the race isn't the issue <hes> <hes> the heat and humidity when you're out they you're you're just riding around in full full can about thirty five degrees and humidity's eighty ninety percent so that's that's. The difference taught me royden for now. It doesn't bother me as such the rice in u._k. Or any half and hour but it's just the heat and humidity the the it really takes a toll on you bought in seat in the house when when myself told me dun dun back to that stint so would within our on our and our for for eight hours aw is just trying to get the fluids food in and keeping your energy level up. I don't think that must be difficult because you you in told me with the highest place to a combination so that's quite a feat in itself to finish eighth yeah. It was difficult. <hes> we went out to try and get into top five <hes> <hes> we knew it was going to be difficult of endurance race in a lot of it's luck <hes> that allows lakhdar here. We have so much shares. There's one of them and we we knew what we knew. Roughly about where we're going to finish before we started the race <hes> and we've just waiting to see if anyone else identified who is just going to be consistent assistant and finish the race but while eighth-place innova side hours so many entries a great resort but looking to the rest of the season then you mentioned you're going testing malu pop tomorrow. Which is the sunday here. Call for those e might not know but for the rest of the season look voice cowbell part. But what else are you looking looking looking forward to going to the rest of the season especially as popular as many riders yeah. No definitely i'm looking. I'm looking forward to casual we go. I <hes> free our test nights. It's on <hes> on the size of five tonight. We're tests time so that's quite important to us. We need to to get up to speed and hopefully improve the package a little bit more on a thursday which they distinguished head for for the rest of the weekend and to be honest. I'm looking forward to the rest of the year i think i think we found out after thurston. <hes> we had to sit down and i'm really looked at what was going on and we're making improvements ready for the rest of the sa looking for sound quite confident. I think we can make a big big big. Step for the for the rest of the yeah. I'm looking forward to well best. Look for the rest of the season hopes back on the podium facing. Thank you very much racing the facial e._s._p._n. Policy her as a landowner road told you hello and welcome to kill racing british many championship twenty nineteen. I'm lee hawkins and alongside me as ever as donmar this weekend the walton mel ferrer number six and daventry fantastic rishon circe. That's loved by all the raiders. We're gonna be alive all day with eighteen macy's he's from all nine classes on you can catch his life on facebook kill fabricating and of course on motor sport radio if you can't catch his can catch us on twitter i._q. Fabric and on our new to handle a motor sport radio on twitter as well and youtube and for the second weekend running. We're also an motorsport t._v. V. so hello and welcome to your chin for the first ascertain. Hopefully you're gonna join us all day. Fardon eighteen fantastic races and yesterday we had one of those don. What was the biggest packet of yesterday's action for yourself. Well a fantastic said macy's all of our classes for jason's action mini tv seventies yesterday the phone day that'll be the final two vases of this morning and this afternoon hoping full schedule in just a few moments time but they they sunny petite teammates knew michael from belva bailey's to come again his maiden win here as we come up just to the table in front of us and it we'll be the a._c. Forty pros heading out onto second in just a few moments time as the woman's are now over to play out so a._c._c. pros where we are. I astray on this morning the team oh teams their second on this weekend's bill to classes anymore may spectacular action to come from them and by the genius l._l._c. elites and the senior mini motos the fifties will follow them followed by the extremes you hundreds then is the mini f on sidecars finally but by no means least it will be the pros you work and then many g._p. Seventies and well one of the many great affiliations here cool up on the votes emoto g._p. Well as the official torrent series to british ship by championship speaking super high temperature blame. We just had a great interview with spoke to him last night a few interesting insights into his the reason he comes racing here at cool way. We started out. Here's career learning as a young divider also few hints about a twin seventeen. Dan twins twenty eight year but he mentioned he cassie laura i didn't he you're the one conducting the interview so you get the pleasure all trying to decode what he was trying to say an interview yesterday but there was there was a couple of drops of what could be the next year potentially something with wings really white goes up too much or maybe not so it may be. It's just one of those ones where you just tries to drop the hands justice or a leads journalists enlist the actual action is going on. So what did you deduct from them to dance as you were the one conducting it well. There's no what i think i'm dead deducting it always asking questions but hey listen yourself his of full interview. I think there's a lot of potential there with suzuki not just in bisbee but maybe wo- championship at at some point obviously we've had good links with suzuki japan during the last two years so <hes> suzuki being good to me so we'll just have to see what these next few rounds and towel and make a decision what we're gonna do well decisions to me made for two thousand twenty well could still be to the play for next weekend next round of the balanced which roy term ship. We looked at the next race. His hair will to mail in daventry. The <music> son is out on the a._c. Forty pros and out onto the circuit for the green flag. This is the first race or sunday morning lame hodgson's as championship leader the number eighteenth on the yellow bike mason four-star his leading them overweight phone pull possession mason. Oh mason the first championship leaders down on the opening lobster went to see that he can win the championship today book crossing it back in his shoes crashed into their but incident on the green flop. They're done both riders up and getting by on see the bites i i'm not sure he's not second line formation in a few moments but looks like one of the vitus hasn't hasn't been able to get the pike restarted. Mason foster carries on for the rest of the great lamb. Yes so as i said mason foster can champ today. If your scores forty two points more thank closest rival if in sparks who will be third on today but in between them will be clayton edmonds on the front row and for possession today will be samuel months on seventy to bake ahead of henry mccartney on bacon number thirty one charlie hunting. I woke offset spot undergrad on sex bake am blake wilson making his debut and a c forty pros on the one wake will be in seventh ahead of fenway to it looks goldfields and nathan gregg marshall will be renting at the top ten for this fourteen raider raider a._c. Fourteen and eleven will be the fifty and of holy hottest ahead of max wetting on a number ten what degraded will go off thirteen sports on number number nineteen bake. I'm running at the rate is for starts off the a._c. Forty pro race numb risk number two of the weekend number one today as jacob stevenson so fourteen minded in this race. It was samuel months in the other rider who collided mason foster into christmas. Turn three they did get restarted so samuel set to join us. Raise the one and two on the screen if joining us on the visual video screen thank you very much for joining us invasion and band on radio on motorsport radio on the cool five racing websites and on my t._v. Thank joining us live coverage of around six as of the two thousand and nineteen cool bracing british many fight championship but divide is ready and raring to go they look tools led lights startling marshall happy everyone's position and with the wind starting to pick up a little heavy wilton elvis sons outs the waves rise and we already for the race starts thoughts race to the forty years is about to get underway looking towards start lying around and at once again a good good start from the front row mason foster nor making a particularly good sawn these been overtaken already going into turn to nana great star for mason foster looks to be ethan eighth and sparks. You made the best of it leading race heading towards christmas corner tournament three the first hairpin out of nine laps this nine base eaten spouse folks lead second for mason foster has managed to get into this way side by side with that and stimulants and into four place up with clayton edmonds take to make a decent storm once again made through the first half a lot cleanly slim so certainly a better starts from the number it to sixty two but we say that mason foster looking survivors left side thank heaven overtake coming into the chicane for the first time left right into a tight tights section of final few corners on they start mason foster remains in second place but right over the back of the sixty two he has indeed thankfully the opening lap has been a lot cleaner than the green flag was mason foster looking up there and say of spots turns one and two but not making the move stack gesture purporting up to turn number three christmas corner as possible in the base is going forward and he does appreciate spots. This is the battle for the championship. At mason mason foster wednesday ethan sparks has to finish this eight the top fie to stop any chance for mason foster champ here today so so far so good for sparks the thing just that but foster is going fourteenth when and the a._c. forty pro race so far this year after catching of recipes one done and it's definitely a gap up sparks frontal lobe away on the flight back to turn number ten on suck. It looks like exclusive back and ever so slightly. It's coming up the pressure know from the number. You're all mccartney. Mccarthy's men agree start all start off the gretz hamilton county mentioned. He's a great song not a great run man wilting o'hanlon's season using that confidence gain in the initial season in the sea rookies together that pace but it's for the moment is mason foster fuller by ethan been spas facing emmons is in place for for months and fifth mccartney wary tim wilson six and seven hundred foot brady and scofield with marshall well howard stevenson and max weber rounding out the full team strong-minded in this session to not complete seventy go further down the order is taken to the grass whilst they're trying to take your mail type ratto wardi brady just pushy in blake wilson onto the grass blake wilson avenue baptism tessema fire. That's became is usually competing in asia for rookies but that's we can pause because he wants to move up to the manatee becky's next season by needs to get three runs at the the very least under his belt before. He does that between twenty so he's just gaining. Some knowledge of these bags are up at faster compared to the rookies on these raiders can be a little bit more aggressive and there's classes. Well sean has aggression. They're pushing blake wilson offer as a coma reigns to complete lop number so there's going to be sex lobster meaning off all of this race and mason forces at the top of the field as it has seen so far this weekend. It's all one point four seconds so sparks edmonds her pushing each other alone indefinitely stole catch the championship leader for the moment. There's still turned to it as well. We've six times to go but it is also developing between once again. Muslim off-season samuel munson m. henry mcconaughey. That's for fourth and fifth. They were very close over the line on the last. Stop just one tenth of a second they go so used to fighting with each other last season full but taito months and eventually managed to succeed and mason foster riding away with the battle onscreen now if joined with his own individual radio streets between munson mccartney mckearney black white yellow and black leathers munson with a lot more leads to his machine and he's led this with wheels in four places. Tell him being the gop extending on allowed to two tenths of a second on on these very small acing reports probably bikes. It's got to be had heading towards christmas. Cohen attorney number three two riders flick rights left right again heading up towards the second half and the great overtaking spot for several writers over the course of yesterday's race is just finding that time though henry mccarty fighting away with the munson burner as nickname think miss eighty four flights salmon's seventy two through two long left-handed cohen's very tricky elements of this second hemi mccartney only had the momentum had the strength do not pull all the seki yesterday just being held off play by samuel months and bats by over four place mason foster. I i miss raised two point nine seconds ahead identified on enjoy your attention to the battle for eighth position brady. Just ahead of scofield only hottest is also in the mex- marshall awesome and wilson all the battle for a project at the moment so we'll keep an eye on that one before they're in the field and it looks like the closing the gap to charlie hunting for the seventy six better. There was a move nearly christmas coroner mccartney looking up the flag once again they take very different lanes are munson stuff takes expects whipping lane royal mccartney takes takes her and tries to get run out of the corners using all the campaign more from muncie up towards the double standard goal month's installed just in front as a couple back lines between them but needs many mortars those baked bean absolutely nothing because they're so small fucking back to the polling stone the backstreet the third to last coroner these raiders you could definitely see individual streaming have very different characteristics on the bake muncie sweeping corners mccartney tries to square off to get the power during the streets and it's a come across star facially against three lobster meaning. That's the bothell on drugs. I'm well. They pass. Who's who's not held by the fights. Yesterday was very windy here. The will to mel circuit today. It's a little more passive sonar getting not slipstream effect during down either the straight survey really try and make a move as not stopping mccartney though side-by-side as christmas once again on my right hand side trying to fall on samuel uh-huh munson tonight affect at the moment two and a half laps to go and the perez still fighting tooth and nail biting rice over the concrete curbing very bouncy especially on these small bites you can easily make a mistake just by going to the curb for smidgen too long as once again a very much deeper line now more under say owned by an hammy mcmillan. He's a thirty one nine. The number thirty one can fail that the opportunity as starting to come the opportunities coming for mason some foster leader gain on that lasts up to eighty eight writer emphatically leading this race ahead of these spots clayton place but still munson in holds on ahead of makoni masterpass show for fourth and fifth to go now in a sci-fi side heading up towards christmas as mckearney might make the movie looks at the inside. I'd come off the brace quick enough though he's got the pace but he hasn't koi got the track position to make the move they under tight. He's been for some lap so mckearney looking at the inside turnham. The number five is while the second half and he wants a lot cheaper onto the entrance of the corner. He gets along on the accident. I guess pushing the momentum through through turn them a five. The second happened to no effect they are still for. I'm pat but we've got about an open costco with this racy. Go first delays sparks seconds edmonds said fourth and fifth months ahead on mccartney the final as starting now though mason pasta as your race leader he's often running the championship uh-huh gun i fortieth one and two thousand nine hundred thousand eight hundred forty four season food the right and the left i rate again and a commanding leads and just remember he the race after an incident on the green flag lap but thankfully and he'll be standing has a championship lead over second possession if this box and the race and and of course and the championship only a few more corners to go for the number eight on the yellow bake and of course best young man here only nine years old and anna's moved up as year and skill so he's definitely students credentials on retract and and the academic sector as well so you'll begin to take this one back to skill so rain the last is to corners up to the final one on the brakes nice and easy comes to cost facially sees the checkered flag mason foster fourteen over possible seventeen so so far and one thousand nine hundred and eighth and sparks kinton. Nothing about your champion comes across the late in the second button who will be fourth just behind edmonds who comes in and the thought crossed our. I won't be munson are well. It'd be mckearney looks like it was months in just a tenth of a second ahead of henry mccartney for fourth and fifth breath. Devon is a great battle entire race done well like right once the line between months and a mckearney just eighty one thousands of a second heading over the only but mason foster than eight go is crushing early in this race. Only warm-up lab did take part and took the win once again eight and soi while second had a clayton edmund munson as we just mentioned just finishing ahead of me mccown charlie hudson put out the top sakes within and women's he won't make brady eighty. Lou scofield and blake wilson mountain top ten followed by gregg marshall poli highest jacob stevenson max. How is he just coming to take the tank is like no so fourteen riders in this race. Take the race victories mason pokes their heads back to the panic to the applause and a few high five in the pilot once again and a great starts to this today's racing round six of the two thousand nineteen coupon bracing sink british mini bike championships way the official partner savings to the b._s. paid and on the voice amato chief he many of these young writers. We hope to save in the likes likes to the british thailand cup even heading into the d._s._p. Well to provide own over the world. Many of these will look to find success in the a._f._c. Come but as we now turn our attention to the second base for this morning the second race of the weekend for the pay by fourteen and motor team writers they thunder their way i out onto say kate is quit and lamb. Hudgens has called the order so we have a british superbike racer but today broadway she'd be going frock from pole position in the win for me is number one yesterday and he's leading the championship leader jimmy king bake one forty class so he began off second undergrowth john petites on the big one hundred thirteen yesterday will be on second just ahead of the zito of bearing hick row petito bottled his brother all all the way through for third place yesterday will be starting fifth ahead of the sixty seven off callum wide road in jackson goes off seventh on the fourth row regrets on number seven ahead eight of henry juice and possession bake fifty five the number eleven of kevin greta will be named on the festival of the running at the top ten for start august rates will be jack zach andrews on the one one four machine timing closure multi team championship team championship yesterday and he's nearly not over well howarth. There's no sure that we can by twenty eight points on the three. He'll be going off eleventh on gret head of daniel gilbert and twelve alison connect will be thirteen. I'm looking for something for our stuff. Neil concerns and fourteenth on the feedback an event billy renting the top fifteen on three six nine on rule number eight ben o'keefe and sexiest on the sixty four ahead of sean what he'll be going from seventeenth. How does he know keith on the sexy to in eighteen twenty campana name teeth at of greg pump running at top twenty wayne t physical near the head of mark bradley beal key for ending the runners and writers a hey all of the big one forty multi-race number two twenty three g you to start just if i quit bryant way which is mentioned was racing here yesterday. He's going somebody punk today. Full some testing with the bill basis zeki team ahead ahead of next weekend's round of the british superbike championship at cadwell park so jay king starts on the front all by himself. He's looking left looking right. He's feeling you bet lonely on the front very probably looking for a mate to start up with him but he certainly not going to be thinking about by the time lords come but the marshalls having gone through the all. Let's make sure everyone's happy with the order. Dividers look towards the red light starting lights. Hey for the second of the weekend for the pit by one full she might teams always come on. Let's go off again. Is it good stuff. Jamie king everyone's fighting for second and third place as they make their way through turns one and two for the first time left in might heading towards christmas christmas corner torchwood. Everyone's made it through the first few corners safely what we like to have but christmas survey tights white hundred happening really threat the the nato as a few writers go watch just looking for everyone potent track space in order to make a few positions opening up. It's a full team brace according to <hes> schedule so he fourteen laps of racing action to come. Jamie king made the best of it. I made a great start. Everyone else just filtering three simon clouds in the mix in the military team. He's leading the military in class moment but it'd be despots. Troy mixes with the payback on fourteen riders as well side by side side for the place at the moment could even be for second place. It's as they make their way through the final few corners whitten jackson mitchell stable callum wybrow white brow fighting harper the petite full so brilliantly yesterday in a good bottle. Jamie king no leads race ahead of the first of the petit's and well the rest of the orders. We believe the number zero eight vita in second place so king rope jumper neat interplay had account wybrow having mature five minutes. There's been some great stars. Furthering the field israel henry as you said go from eighth on the on roll petit he started going up so some of the raiders they're getting awfully invaded and challenging jamie king as raw petite finishing just ahead of join and yesterday's these race and challenging. You're seriously and race leader for the moment so jamie king doesn't have his closest rival jumps up here. That's became harvey. Clark messing rained institutue. Some sort of ten coaches over the past couple of weeks on. Hopefully we'll be back for rangers at seven on eight by gives a king i definit- i gives cavs king a chance and the championship extent but maybe not as much as you'd like as you go rob petite all over the way their age of christmas corner goes rob and he got join closing donors wilson the law slob there. We hide ropati setting the fastest lap of the race at fifty four point four three five ten so join. I'm jamie kings back and forth between the top three further back then the mall teams maximum and with a pet bank one forty class us so you got some of them are doing a great job and neil konare to as leading cerkizi for the milk air. Dan overtaken there by bennie hit on the zero so he's made up a possession on the motor team race leader at the moment done wisely they moto team. It's been a few successes for neil this season simon coming clouds and second in class of honesty connected in third but that's been out with a key pit by saying in in amongst the many scenes beginning bottled up heading over there star finish line once again three months completes eleven go jamie king wet the fastest lap on that last stop at fifty four point zero seven six very appropriate for the number six by just seven tenths of a second ahead of pretty jumpy is one point one seconds behind one point nine seconds behind race leader meanwhile this possible we've mentioned in-cabin grit and well and truly start cain with bernie hooked for seventh and eighth then making their way through the second half and and see the too fast lifetime as you go eighty we square the coolness of us the sidewalls off the ties and the buys really thrown around to try and make a better momentum out of the left and into the right side-by-side benny hook as oh might as left hand side up inside the game left might couldn't make the mistake on that particular moment is about timing moves whites especially heading into the final corner. Bernie humphrey made the move. I made the move stick through the final. Quantum late dive the insight clint apex beautifully. It must be sad and makes the position jaime. King is now point five nine one ahead of potato in eight by so has actually started to close throws in just a little jamie king known to be consistently i and said he can't be leaving. The main desalinization is right but john petite. We've gotta keep an eye on its own set in the slop all the race a fifty four zero one five so he's one point five seconds behind the race leader on jamie king just edging away from role aw is falling back into the clutches always brother john petites on the one hundred these to give us an almighty battle and yesterday's race number one well we get to see again and and once again we have john petit clues in daniel leaders who sex tenths of a second foster the rope on a previous sloppy to look up very quickly to get ahead of rob through christmas going to go over to the left back to the ray well. He bill any of rob. Don't the hairpin is a little bit too far back at the moment but is getting ever closer taking those tayo lanes more than rope as roy messing apex is ever so slightly and this is getting join an opportunity to lane up the number eight of raw food left onto the gold. There's backmarker marcus just in front of jaime king and that is a great run over their fourth last corner from a jumper teed up to the chicane. Go third alaska on a bath movement there as the biomarkers markers. Jamie king looks like it's been held up ever so slightly rob randy seitz agree opportunistic move to cut back marker and between himself john and it's really important you have to use the other vendors in this race to your advantage can make there's no blue flags in this category so as they make way you gotta be anytime you move to absolute perfection. Jamie kings been held mouse is one point five seconds well petite jumping now with the francoist none of that last night we must mention but a few moments ago is not much quick. Put the light my coordinator for the fall two years a fifty two point six when all challenging not at the moment is a fifty four point one five so a couple of seconds off the taste displayed by max cook head twelve months ago eight lots to go six completed. It's a long race so many and jill around the circus sir king c._p._t. She three callum wipe out in full that of hemming juice then it's bernie hooking in jackson kevin britain in my side for second place iceberg petite pricing away jumpy does make it through so replication as you mentioned aim of what was going on in yesterday's racing he made it through the final corner streaming amy of inside through a massive probably already making a helpful machine as they headed up the christmas corner moved there from john petite to use the advantage of the power of as baker ponente mckiernan pivoting past raw petites and to the phenom and it looks like a stomping down on the throttle pedal and throttle the pedal of the smoke coming out of robes bake through the the hairpin. No ship has gone to heaven. Actually we'll have to keep an eye on that but the battle for farce better komo spoke again. They're coming from the back of properties bake. John petit going away from rob at the moment so maybe that essential role job so far back as challenging jamie tangas early on industrious these two straight machine so to have a bit of blue bluish colored oil smile. It's not uncommon to have wakeman. Thank you and especially in this kind of temperature spent fifteen sixteen degrees and temperature around. I've been running for the warning so he made his point by the pay seem to be there though fifty four nine petra fifty four five six three nine so they asked close up but john proceeds got up challenge. I always know quarters. Jamie king and it's being called tipped workers. He threw up inside. It's three white going into the second half and making way past a few other riders in this rights outs on say writers left and saw it onto the concrete curbing royal bouncy stuff this spent on his bikes a bit more than say these smaller machines on the fourteenth but still up in a rough ride out nonetheless unless passing a few of the military team reuters just they own military team signed me counties now ahead of neil connect or pass on i once again leading leading the motor team and concern connect- tony campana running third in clause place and jamie king three point three three seconds ahead now so not being challenged with five hundred a few writers including number five ninety alison connecticut who is running full in motor team vince bailey rainy behind they are running fifteen and sixteen on the fourth and fifth in the murder team class break also nazi far behind them as well. Yes there's a lot of great battles going on the field as you mentioned don. I motor team given us. Some great action is well not too far ahead of neil career as it's a battle. We've got to keep an eye out on gre- battle there and the motor team class in seven close with a main championship rival well howarth. This weekend is picking up some fourteen points for the championship pinch chef but fence. It looks like he's putting pressure on the number five of ouster as come across off <unk>. Jamie can possibly just a lot of them so let's make give vince bill opportunity opportunity to pacify off kinnaird. We look over his shoulder sees king laughing and up towards customers corner of the goal. Well billy make a move on house acquired knowing jamie king commanding at the moment four point two seconds. I hate all the john petite shaking off his brother of rob so two point two seconds coveting those to spare cash and maybe this morning we've seen i started taking a toll on rob bake or maybe just getting caught by the bag markers but wasn't three and a half flops remaining looks like jamie. Ken will once again be extending his championship. We own has we to the twenty nine hundred pet bake one forty championship. He's wanted in the past you finish that can last season but he could be looking to wrestle latch hampshire back from the rest of his competitors. I mean the absolute world to him him and if he wants to make that championship once again plenty hooked oh this is about so fake from seven in jackson running in sacred both number seven shane buddy ready help on the number zero machine won't six place to put the number saving into position seven jackson and hook it down the street site by bennie hook writes divide is inside troy the guy right around the outside into the chicane turn to it but does go royce money outside. The white hannity goes left and goes rights. He's on minus lefthand. Side com ain't in the mood sake geico scotland momentum. It just didn't have the <unk> position. Running rights over the edge of the curb was an jackson seven over the weta my curb onto the concrete ivanova and again at turn them until you don't wanna be extended to much especially when race control can see you worked out of the window and i really think danny's track services it so far bunny hooks take into consideration. He's just desperate to make a move into the second. Chicane has the time all the space to do it though and he's got to go up and a half to go now fame apps for them to sort it out and jamie king county still leading this to go. I don't know overbearing wanted to running as raider brace if a major on his back and maybe on saito some of those feelings you may have any teeth of course but as you approach the milton coroner who tried to scare off the corner up there and say it's all of in jackson the number seven just in front of them do a yet just yet come to cost are facing the go to las you. Meaning four wore those to the battle for second and seventh very much alive pirating after number two. Let's team doesn't use much of their tracks. Officers wants to render seko's pick nick well. It'd be later on the brakes. Then jackson oi won't jackson defensive and to christmas corner ron's lover wait till next. Well pick switchback not doing it just yet through hand. I don't know what's coming off. What in eastland is they're. All jackson kissed seeing things but that looked like the best blog. Maybe he's got some tatum niece leaders on well. It'd be interesting. I think if i was coming off his knees showing just how hard he's pushing jamie pangs pushing even harder on the last lap of the race jamie king missile awesome to six rider heading three. We believe the second chicane <hes> the moment a second nathi happens all the way around and they slap mistakes. Go just harmful to go joe yet another victory in it'd be a great moment for jamie king harvick large as in here. Jimmy ken poyton then backstreet towards the third to last is corner the seventy-six. They're all yellow bake bath. Moving their form has baked one four t but nothing they'll alongside till the risley the moment towards the pronouncement corner final corner the right honda across the starfish line comes jamie king the seventy six sets up thirty times in the air to extend on wednesday number to the pet make one fourteen. We're waiting for the number. One hundred off john petite shaken role to come across. They know eight point six seconds further back comes jump and raw potato just holding thing off callum wybrow. We believe for possession. Yes he does bottom of the boarding possession goes rob petite calloway will be next up and forth and then the fifty five of henry images a fantastic rate their form at the fifty five comes across layton and sport there but jimmy king kassy's the number seventy six played in front of his aac and you better do that because it's a great bakkies rating camera there for years innovative well done it to jimmy king and of course a cameraman and the camera people there as well well a grave vase phone jamie king the winner of the second payback one forty and moto team race of the weekend thumbs up with a couple of hours around him celebrating in true style for massembe's sake right prior to that hands up into the air as he crossed over the line just so delighted themselves for another victory here as wilson mel. Oh buds jamie. King is your race winner. Joan petites with the fastest lap fifty three point seven five. I was second had potatoes cowboy henry mc juice <music> your top five had bernie hook dick gephardt's of being jackson in the end simon clouds one motor team by six seconds ahead of neo uh-huh connect and kevin brittany national top ten with daniel gilbert show but not tony campana then honestly can add top fifteen hours nice to finish third in class for the most teams championship the follow-up vince bailey and correct pam harrison o'keefe did finish in the end. I had a gary a cave wichita taught mine team. They were the only finishes in this race. We have no broadway no jack andrews knife phrases or no mark tritely so no one thousand nine hundred who finished. You've seen them all out back later but thanks for joining us. This is live coverage all six of the two thousand and nineteen cool five racing british in many bike championships. Thanks for joining us on the motor. Sport radio website spoke radio on cool vibe racing's platforms as well and of course all motorsport dot tv. Thanks jonas hoping join the action. If this is the first time you've ever seen amazing race and we have hair cool five racing. Hopefully enjoying it gracie so you comments. Please leave a comment below on whichever platform your own. Let us know your supposing this weekend easing of all the racing action this weekend so fast also thanks join areas my name's d'amato me as liam liam just before we get underway with the junior elsie forty seconds the weekend must get the grid fly in just a moment. It was a great race. It was indeed the peg one forties living up to the expectation of some brilliant racing but as the junior l. c. forty elites are making a we rent the green flag lap honest being gone fair so far less we kind of stuck in three s when yesterday key will be going off off pole position ahead all the number seventy two of samuel munson. Mason foster picked up his fourteenth dress went and the a._c. Forty cruise alien today. We'll be going ahead of the two of josh balanced our reporting possession yesterday. The sixty six of rony hottest or will be going on rule number three ahead of the one four sex of clinton edmonds. The one hundred of camden sill will be seventh undergrads on rule number four. It's sparks number. Sixty two is enough eighth ahead head of henry mccartney and baked number thirty one charlie huntingford. We'll be renting the uptake on the grads for today's action on the seventy six bake ahead of feminine way waititi on baked number eleven hold on bank number fifteen. We'll be in twelve. Hey of gregg marshall on vacant number nineteen what degree on big number nineteen eight we'll be in fourteenth and renting the runners and writers for the start of the junior as forty elite class over the sixty seven of jacob stevenson another great fun minus ernest. We got one minute. He's just a bounce ahead onto the seika that just see the vice of the screen could be just as mentioned that nurse go. There is a definite gap on the four position so just want us to lay so essentially can have to start my survey back in the field after everyone everyone else has passed but we are ready to go for the race dividers. Look towards the red lines. One on the grid that we joined the racist is ready vice. I sown and it goes out another great song from both from another great star from samuel munson as well getting there an incident makes but so far good stuff and johnny ghana's into the top mason foster within the mixes while everyone heading. It's christmas kona for the first time hi. I'm samuel months of making a good start so dead makes him foster as a great start any on today clinton edmonds into fourth possession looked like joe sponsor dads. That's got away from the pet lane. He's running at the number. Two disastrous start there from the putting possession risk possession yesterday and of course the trump should leader and many cheap effective theft butts. We know he's got the p._c. Can make through the fields but clinton edmunds and roni has challenging each other for fourth and fifth possession in the early stages all flop number one sewer district nicole penultimate kornel by wade there from edmonds. John house had for both of them fatal corner that go running out his enter for possession. Hey all they've won. Four secs off clinton. Come across star facialists depletes lot number. One is gonna ask for months in mason foster on eight and third head of ronnie hottest clear tonight and and and just ahead of camden mccartney charlie hunnam an eighth ahead of holy hottest water gritty rounding out the top ten ahead of greg marshall jacobs jacob stevenson fenway thirty eight of josh binstock started compelling on the sparks and festive sexy too big wobble for some samuel months and coming amount of the final corner to corner tries put down switch to eddie big wobble from the front did carry on was the invited mason foster needed to close. He's up voice onto the back in the number seventy two looking towards the inside at the final few conus left and right into the horseshoe tools final porno onto northbound for seven months and on this occasion second and third for seventy two and the fifty seven and johnny gone off and away with it three point two seconds is the guy between gene the leader in second place samuel munson once again coming under pressure from mason. I mentioned a moment tillich in place. An edmonds closing into this battle is going to be another four way. Scrapper second-place much as we had yesterday also teammates as charlie hunting ahead of hemi mccartney. That's for seventh and eighth position musician so charlie the number seventy six right up into seventh place. Keep an eye on the number sixty six of rory hottest closed down the gap for the put but in possession battle and forced possession on all black bag the number sixty six as caught up right behind mason foster foster getting powder out of there the the final corner on towards the bags and towards the penultimate cornyn the goal look at the battle for the visual viewers mason forced. Are there just a great run all the power our don towards turn number one the go to move it goes foster. Kanye didn't nearly gain. These news waves cleaner from munson. That's hottest and opportunity reporting a turn number two up towards christmas corner the top end of the circuit go the tate's here pen right honda these embroiled in a battle candidates alot pleaded edmonds on one four six to start catching them up a little bit slow at the moment by these four three battle all the way down toward the bottom end of the circuit gives a one four six edmunds and opportunity to close the gap mason enforcers just sizing up the opposition at the moment second place in the championship he needs to try and stop joining us from winning a championship chop chop as early as possible the eighth behind the seventy-two the sexy sex on the back of eight eighth. You can just feel this battle barbecuing away under the surface then it's a real catamounts game and the moment months clearly not not strong through the final few cohen landfall. We've got five hot sigo. John s now now six seconds six three seconds ahead of samuel. Munson mountains managed to break the tie or mason foster just a little bit heading. It's turns on the committee. Humidity flaked by over left to right on down the final cohn at and we're not quite sure what's what's happened there but as we carry on with the race by salah moment johnny gonesse as your race leader is going to be looked at but johnny gone fifty seven is leading this race at the moment some months since i'm in second place ahead of mason foster so since they still had of eighty-eight mason i guess a great went out to the two. I've halftime is heading up the inside the chicane and take over the move will confirm that in just a moment time gone down with another fastest lap at fifty four point four zero nine as that's as mice patients well but made them foster is now through on samuel moons wants and he was working on a working on it working out there and he's just got three but once again he comes munson side up to the happen. Christmas corner couldn't open his is present that stays in place running harris in fourth bonnie. Harris is probably enjoying this with a big old smile thinking if i can watch this what's going on here. I it could potentially make your move in alaska so we don't know if long amount of science guy in this now named we've had five three and a half lots to go. You'll jolting up like christmas. Either misinformed intersex samuel munson third but roney hottest looks like he's dropping back from top to at the moment and there's battle maybe mason forcing their the joss filling the gap to samuel months and it looks like a second between munson potus come across starfish plainer three lobster meaning all junior forty elite race foster setting a best lap of the race a five point four north dropping months in russia. He's got great drive live coming off turn up the hill towards christmas corner deteriorate honda here pen just before the fuck it left definite lanes from munson on foster foster making more swooping and open but greer run there for months don't towards the goal normally on the brakes enough munson as jostle over earlier on the brick mason foster foster it is very confident on his brakes and there's a bit more aggression and has stale as you head to break ins on but you can see the main forces bake is just moving around a letter by absorbing orbiting the bumps maybe quite as much as lake to sunny stiffer fight depending on the vital style and comfort they do to be able to really push the bike how they you feel west little softer when i can make tiny adjustments through the corners heading into turn number find the second happened great fight going on a nickel further down the field between gene johnny huntingford henry mccartney was evolved in the bustle earlier one but only hamas getting involved with fighting for ninth and tenth through the second. All that i've done is on onto the back straight via. A hundred flake is flat-out. You've gotta have a great run. Heading into the chicane left invite into the whole she the race leader johnny gone john s still fighting a nine point eight seconds now ahead mason foster samuel munson instead dropping back just a little bit over the line now only highways best. It's been wealthy not still had whereas he the fifteen eleven nine and ten positions through when up towards christmas corner side by side. Just outs can quite make the time when you go to any sit in step stream one not to go now. They won last lap to go for johnny gone esther. Take another victim e in junior a._c. Fourteen eight with the fastest lap of fifty four point four zero nine nine is delayed are heading through christmas corner now. Joining garner is very much on lap record pace. That's a whole race. Loan opened up a ten point four second advantage over mason foster and say the fifty-seven on has weighed to've we've victory number fourteen over the twenty thousand nine hundred and season commandingly ruined the walter mel circuit race number two of the weekend. They've got another race. A little bit later on today. Takes takes his hand off his handlebar. Just relax lots about maybe don't rely too much because you never know what can happen in the last two corners but joining garnishes showing his town showing us credentials waving into the fans waving to the credit reports a final turn across the star. Furnish lane comes johnny going as victory number. Fourteen jobs is baked with delays on the fifty seven kevin rader ten seconds clear of the battle percentage who will be months in foster the a._t._s. or the seventy-two across the come mason foster just won't off the seventy-two of monson and just behind them as rodney highest enforce sports and clayton edmonds comes across late on the one four sex to renovate the top five. Well couldn't quite money's not tense. I got to the very end but knowing point nine six one seconds johnny go ahead of mason prostate. Maybe complaining that can you just taking his hands off the bike. Maybe live with their cramp pushing hard for the duration of the last race mason. I i and samuel moments in dead can play the podium liam in second and third rony harrison netherlands as she mentioned coming soon in sick base ahead of charlie hunting for the seventh eighth timing mcconaughey the vessel for nine hundred ten still fighting just over the line where holly harrison and warranty taking ninth and tenth is basically gregg marshall came home in eleventh with take it seems in june twelfth thirteenth white brady they finish with full has competed and three laps respectively after a few moments especially roy brady <hes> just punished that did we did think race with eating spots but not sure they are tapping and holding hands high fiving as they make their way back into the plea themselves and it's great to have commodity hey in the copa products with families and friends rivals on track but friends they land as a great net community here in the racing paddock a family atmosphere where very warm atmosphere and everyone gets on so well so hello hello and welcome to everyone is just in the first team ever seen some killed five ricin. Hopefully you're enjoying it wherever you are f you're on the fab racing single website of course on the motor sports really websites across our social media's as well we could be emphatic kill fabric and on motor sports radio on twitter. We're at kill fabric and our brand twitter handle at motorsport meteo and for the second weekend running where motor sport tv so hello and welcome to yourself at your children for the first team this as the raw tomato g._p. and the partnership to the s._b._a. C._d.'s gives like an a share of your social media and comment below wolf and let us know how much you're enjoying the racing action this weekend. Grace action is still to come here and found six of two thousand nineteen cool vibe raising british sunni points championships. This senior mini motos of about to head out on circuit is all the teams and riders already on raring to go head off up next race but just a quick reminder off the remaining schedule for the second senate races. We've got these senior minnie minosos race to just about come out onto the circuit. They will be followed by the mini g._p. Fifties and the extreme two hundred the mini ephron sidecars and a._c. Forty cookies no long off the may seventeen will be the last race of race to with another fantastic over a._c._c. Come this afternoon but senior minimization true to they would they're heading out owns a second now. It's nine base in prospects but lamb holiday lineup on the grid regard. Tom apparently hick on zito. Bake will be leaning up on potentially in the heads of today's racing action heads off a former championship leader the number five of matz barking and second possession gra tomes williams first baron hick all the way and yesterday's race will be starting from thirds ahead off the fourth of josh barkin ambrose will be on beck number twenty one and he'll be feth undergrad rule number three andy weeden number seven starting from possession. Seven hundred foot is next up and seven or bake forty seven ahead of creek asha on the eighty-one bake cressey yeoman's on eighty-five will be starting from ninth and rounding out the top ten for start off the senior. Many mortals reasonable to will be the thirty six of correct goosey. Neil scanners next up an eleven spot on baked number thirteen ahead jess lucas on the one sex machine the runners writers for the start tall for the senior number two the thirteen gret raider the rich the thirteen starting strong greta will be the ones that seven of aston well. That's will be the one is the minus four this race be showing a few grid positions. You can't tell you by see that's and ladies but where are the maybe one or two extra additions to this great when all quite sure so we'll bring you all of that racing action over the course of the week humvees to for this any military grady's on the visual radio stream. Thanks for joining us on that. Thank joining us in audio as well. Hope enjoy the action. We'll <hes> all information to best describe. The fever own circuit dividers looked to also at light surveys to for the taste nice is about to get underway headlights on the ground. Now is a good start for matt burke in off the front. Viper bernie hook gets it through gets into the lead heading eating into the first two corners left and right. It's a pretty show sprint into the first corners who's ranks it is so difficult to try and make it through but they won't make it very plain leaf the very start of this race richard ames williams getting involved in the mix as well as maternity ward of adam ambrose entreaty freising away in the pack a few riders artist taking having carpooled failings with our numbers written down nights so it will be a bit of a challenge they're doing for their frightening are nonetheless aerodynamically efficient cobbled. I'm told but making way through harmful complaints of this nine base good stop. My fucking definitely got grit start from second undergrad. I love better than yesterday's no job to just yet but as c. that reginald williams it's up to second place so it can pull throwing it out the window at he's chasing down yesterday's so these are race when our minds on the number five uphold these bernie hick on his leedle will be erased. Come face a lot but number one is complete and the history books rhetoric globes and second behind bernie hit my barking and possession ahead of salmon hunting humans on eighty five as infest. I i heard of the number twenty one adam ambrose andy whitman who's usually they cardboard cutouts as and seven hundred of craig asshole. Neil scanner needs and george parkin nair. Yesterday ended up retiring from the races in tenth ahead of aston dina's got great starts from the head of refugee and just look running edison the renison raiders but at the top of the field homes williamson's closed in the numbers e two of mud over bernie hick through the ponente mcchord tacoma yeah well we see a move from homes willing to enter the final corner noting yeah just sizing up dr. Oh wait there from vic go home. Smelling cost are facing all all of the bag nearly running on the grass goose bay and turn number one you want to be doing. It's not logged repay their polling number two towards christmas corner that go red kettles on the unsafe unsafe bernie hit radio says he will be very close quarters between these two nearly pumping and each other three christmas going through the left and to the right these so you can see governors of action towards end of risk done well. They're giving us a loan of greenwich nova stars in this race as well which owns with great momentum you mentioned he was going over the grass. He's known as to track him out. In the main form eight switch we were told by wonderful fight for two rounds. The guy and richard holmes williams two one two six so proud. It's beyond the pharmacy in front of the senior nemo ties bernie hoax the real challenge owners back homes williams always into the backyard so close to the pad and zero zero on the ones who saved through the final point of as a couple of machine links as they had over the line once again three and outs completed sixty is still quite a long way in this race to oh so fighting. This race can sometimes ending catastrophe which finish off another great heading towards christmas corner. He looks out the inside on bite his right white inside into the right time it happened. Pagot doesn't make such an attempt on this land. Maybe not quite close enough. Injury can happen now. He does make up the inside and richard ions williams twenty six date initially take the leap run right over the concrete curbing unless bernie back through again so it's nila let kakaza mouse game there was a writer that stops on the right hand side of the circuit the second of the left hand corners and see who that is the moment they make their way down about extract once again incidentally game hook homes williams one first and second grade a final t corners richard. I'm anthony hooked. I not getting each other and equals deserve reserve space as they make their way over the line once he gained four competing fire to go poke versus homes williams. I thought bernie hick was to get by booms was willing to run over the camp. I love to go but putting up once again to christmas corner that goal and they went as an effect the toll free of homes williams just as much as it did yesterday soon run out of that corner once again. I don't want to hear hooves. Williams say to put on the brakes. How's he done it. Yes yes but we'll get a switchback. He's done again again so great racing action between the two on the one to six hook versus homes williams who will be towards the four and a half lobster meaning the red baker versus the blog fadi contrasting styles and colors throng these typically giving us some of the best racing action. We've had this weekend done and the trouble with the payment. I mean you mentioned as diffamation styles that move they keep making the second half and it's when winter winds runs out onto white is right over the curbing not straight on three and little bit further down the order adam ambrose pricing. You're young man just behind on the weed and asshole involved with an eighty one fighting in that position they are for sixth seventh and eighth but the race lead is hooked williams wave phone go and has no so joining this relenting of the game goes homes williams will this piece of laps. Previously only slightly bernie hook runs over the cabinet again. It was at the insight into the first of the two time there's but he couldn't make crucially richard holmes williams has made it into the race lead heading onto the streets all all of a sudden the advantage as many times pantyhose so much more straight lines toke up right behind the bike and the number one and down goes hines is winning just huckster front leave the bike up and okay no problematic but unfortunately bernie hook is back soon all about hardware warszawa fail the gap three point five seconds now between hook and homes williams matt backing up to challenge the moment. He's only three point five seconds behind which is well saddam. Battle has been open mic just so much pressure on homes williams looking at the n._c._a._a. To may have just pushing to heart lost the fun based backup is pushing hard already and there's only a few seconds behind your wrist leader odd the moments but bottles gone farther afield the eighty five chris yeoman's ahead of the eighty-one creek casual creek eggs many more british champion from l. to those give up information led a next fresh champion looking eighty-five done. It's pouring down towards the bottom end here. Pen grip move there from the eighty-one off creek. I show crush god graced our spas. Slightly drawback is the lobster have progressed so i shall chasing down the number seven of andy weeden andy within his own many motorists the evil bikes which is racing in guarantee of the raiders here and the product so the man from leads mick and his own many motors from lights and and that's where we're at the last two weeks ago craig closing the gap to andy weeding permanent cross restore freshly to lobster meaning done. Who could it be bottle here. Whoa andy weeden. He made it through on the line into fifth place. Ambrose down to sake drank ashu confirmed the hanikra shame and it's a four way strapped for fifth place heading up towards christmas corner once again then seven of anti weed and enjoying another great run but right as ambrose also craig asshole like asshole on the inside of the number serving of any ways and makes warm place makes two places these are two faces trish yeoman's fight through not just one place he may hey to places so the truly side-by-side three with as part of what a great scrap for fifth and sixth place ambrose just ahead off. Oh gosh oh pa panty hooked onto the final this race four point five seconds ahead of richard williams. Williams is the fastest lap up but without the number one position on circuit yes bernie hook leading this race freddie gray rate here form the zito auburn hick on the red bake make looking for has double-race when all of the weekend pushed very hard by homes williamson and turn one percents of homes williams beatty hearts so much so they ended up going down a couple of laps butts porting there in the box trying to really gooseberries hick knows his own writ for victory number two. That's we can't antics past championship lead over the rest of the field corners to go down towards the final turn the right hand across the star facially and sees the check looks the shoulder check flyweights bernie hick packs of the race went just ahead of whom twelve on the last lap to close the gap then to four point one seconds after after crushing a couple obstacle finishes second mud barkin on the number five machine will become an across lane any moment to pick up third. He does so just ahead of simon hunting for its time hundred forty seven closing down in the five-match barking in the last couple of labs great respect there from a hick and homes williams govern each other. I've i have a handshake as the down towards the hairpin and it gives you wave goes baron hicks of yours get through barren hickory champs leader in fact to the camera well sunny giving thanks to all all of our viewers hair on various teams for bernie hook. The numbers air takes a win in the second scene in many militaries raise all of the weekend richard ames williams comes in second place my perkins third at assignment hundred one the we believe it's me ashton dean just invites you had a bit of trouble yesterday as well but there is in the place simon hundred in fourth ahead of craig finishing in fifth at the end of the head of christians with adam ambrose are neal skinner eighth and ninth followed by ricky goosey intent justly has finished in eleventh place in the end ahead of the game and just mentioned today's come back into the public ashton team in seventeenth place so another great run by violence that second zany military's race off weekend. They have one final race hair this week. Kind wish will be coming on later on this afternoon. We hope to have your head joined with us. That's cool up over six of the two thousand and nine thousand nine cool embracing british many find championships. We're live on most sports radio on the cool tab racing racing pages and or motorsport t._v. Thank you for joining us live at wilton mail in daventry so great actions so far. Thanks johnny i slam. It's been some great action this morning. What what are you thinking might happen later on this morning with an actor racy to come as hard to tell what's going to happen all day today today because as we've heard about the weather the kid be some rain on us. We end today may stay dry. The one may pick up like yesterday. Everything's all to play for. We can't call it here and that's what's so grab kill fabrice in an all classes a sought-after call and senior many motorists. The last race is being loving expectations of how good it usually brilliant gene so far this weekend so can't wait to see what the rest of the action has. I believe about what twelve races left today and of course many fifties trag new before the start of the race so on the way to might pay and the official partner series to the finance british superbike championship the mini g._p. Fifties had out onto into second now. Many young riders coming through this category into lights of the purchase talent cup butts liquid named points cover the top two and the championship and they're both starting the front row of the grid. Tom leader the number. Two of josh vanished will be going off pole position ahead of shamsher rival hottest crosby on the sexy name that machine kale fail pin yesterday's recent one. When are we on bake. Twenty-five starting from possession ahead of the forty three of ryan hitchcock the one four of salvin maine's even be going off road number three ahead of lucas brennan on bacon number twenty thomas gomez on number ninety eight will be seventh ahead of run hottest bacon number sexy sex jimmy parker beck number thirteen and nine sports roy number five ahead off the one three five of ben joseph running at the top ten all horner as an eleventh and a bike number seventy and believe we're just hearing the josh banister as not aggressive disaster there from your championship leader will be giving you more information. I am i bet jewish bannister and we're hearing the potentially championship leader. Josh vanished are broke his arm last night so no show will happen. There disasters there we are for the championship leaders. S caps crosby a great opportunity to take the champ. She'll be back but fingers crossed. We're looking at for you. Josh and fingers crossed to get back soon. Speedy recovery coveted for the number two well best and gets well for the josh be great to have you back to machine that i make starting grid full joshua punished a little bit easier very housing crosby's all on his own so eleven laps in prospects for this race and a few is just getting into the final positions nations on the grid marshalls ensuring that they are all settled into the correct positions but ran six of the two thousand nineteen gene cool bracing british many championships harassing crosby all on his own on the front row of the grid. He's not going to be thinking about live for too. Long as survivors look towards to start lights. Now the bulbs red light bulbs will come on and just as i can't events wise the coaches biting points now goes on ice now and it's a good song from crosby the second movie they made another great song car paint and mine hitchcock getting into the makes heading to returns one and see for the first time and well the number ninety nine. His legs are great writers out of the moment housing making a decent start from the front row filtering through so ryan hitchcock in the mix running in fourth place in the moment challenging for third-placed forty three forty four forty three ahead into third place over mounsey in fourth down the one four four machine anyway through the first of two long left-handed. Kony's you gotta throw the bikes about to get momentum in as good to see the ryen. Hedge coke is back on has normal looking forward to feedback confusing yesterday aboard roy brady's dayglo yellow bag so the number forty running as it comes through the penultimate corner trying to chase down the top two pain and say hottest and crows becomes a cost elaine lot number one as complete and asterix and on second ryan has coke and third ahead of the one four four off sullivan manzi twenty nine look as brennan festive ronnie hottest next bang joel and seventy eight of carter branded rounded jemmy parker next up ahead of all horner and tenth possession the number eight of alfie davidson and eleventh hottest and mckee and twelfth board on the sex to one big ahead of the one hundred of of communist look scofield fourteenth and aston din running runs on raiders and affecting sport on one three seven bucks k._o. Pain as closing losing up to the back of hottest crosby but ryan hatch kokin forty feedback is back and is proving that that's baked as what he really likes. I just closed up to the back of the top takes. A completely different lane through the third to last corn enter pin ultimate corner runs up wait and it means you just have to square the corner tastier than the other two three scraf off for the race leader believe thomas gomez after the technical problems at thomas had yesterday that number nine hundred machine nas out there the moment so hopes to tell us back out later on in the final race this weekend but i be paying headquarters. That's top three hit closing out to the back of the twenty five reuter in second place but it's followed by silver. The mountain lucas brown harris jolliffe brown park davidson are the top ten davidson just getting past ali horner a little bit further by side by side between the number thirty seven nicole brown and jimmy park so jimmy making some great moves have great pace vice over the curbing on the concrete just out to the second half and it's a very bumpy element the circuits he goes to go to be confident in your writing style and with the bicep and all that to setup the bike for volley horn and also in the mix making their way voice through the chicane left and right at toy section of the second and it you knew of every taking moves out as the assembly hornet threes getting past carsoup also brown once again over the line starts another lab lots to go house crosby with the fastest fifty three point four nine zero three tenths of a second ahead of minehead pain also involved in basel a spin out just a little bit i so a breathing space a bit of time to really think about how the move could be you made but jimmy parker and alfie davidson fighting very closely on circuit at the moment only horner jose getting involved only having a having a bit of a sit-down himself nope sourcing and his pace for today's second race doesn't crosby's very close to record that said by josh twelve months ago a fifty two point name you setting a fifty fifty five point one at the moment yes it is as a lot quicker than today's pace a lot quicker than cities possibly with the the windonw helping the raiders are there on the circuit is a couple of cost are facially and once again fifty fees to attend off the lob record for hottest crosby the sixty nine ruling on advantage of six tenths of a second ahead of yes. Yes it is recent. One one are coping ryan hitchcock and third on forty three bake carter coming on excruciating pressure from the sex to one hottest mckee he but ryan hedge coke all over the back of kale pain for second and third different lanes from hedge coke a lullaby data goes through the double bull left honda flex it back rates getting these from one to the other very tough to second and third the yellow and black bake i hey all of the forty fi of ryan has called game very close to the back of campaign just in front of the penalty corner nearly talking the back of the twenty-five machine just in front. That's battle is raging on for second and third done and they're still not totally falling away from harrison. Crosby course based on the huskies fastest lap fifty three point zero zero closing up to pay. She mentioned turned three up at christmas corner. Wine head coach detroit to make anybody hasn't koi gonna try and position. He gets a good run out to the the left and right. Don't make some move up the inside the second half and so the number forty three opiate briefly. They touched turf between pain and hitchcock h._b._o. Was three for a second. Can they both run out onto the concrete curbing a little bit of a notch. Nothing really teach serious but counterpane marking his territory. I e claiming second place and brian hitchcock talk pulling away. Don't dropping back just a little bit. Maybe two point his time maybe to catch his breath by is really intense to right behind someone for so many lampur at the halfway stage of this race in frank all completed sixty five guy cosby is one point two seconds had campaign hitchcock romains mounsey still oh info hash code editor and the double left honda in front ever so slightly had to pick it back up me and that's why lost a couple of links to the number twenty twenty five off just in front but with the pacy highs he may be able to close it back donors all seven tenths off k._o. Pain at the moment to non massive advantage but further arthur during the field the number sixty one of key as optel him at the head of the thirty seven of carter brings the coach burn after get star has dropped further back then the field butts can dan he retaliates to the number sixty one of a bauble fromm the thirty-seven through the chicane section parroting to the hairpin puffing apex nicely by just dropping back ever so slightly from sexy one off hottest mckee's progressing through the field but keep an eye on the bottom for seconds heights. Let's coke has closed the gap back down to pay tail pin two tenths of a second one point four and one point seven expectedly behind your race leader hottest and crosby the twenty five just in front of the forty three so after that mistake ride gathered himself back together at got back to the greater and second possession roy has always buy patient game and i'm just thinking about his warning because innovation as long as it's one longest period of time. Give him but it's still a long period. You need to really think of focus your mind on how you're gonna. He's having hard for thing going into the chicane bassem for second place is carl paying. The bovine heads called through the confu last corners on our shot right now instead of final opponent. Thanks to start the three go towards b. As in the latest rise to gap has how's come down to the base leader though only briefly though is now one point eight seconds between caused me pain pain looking over his shoulder hits. Coke doesn't need peripheral vision side-by-side light up the inside at christmas corner has to back out of it. He wasn't quite close enough. You've got a great wide after one hundred tournaments through tight twisting complex up to the second hand. It went fine. Hitchcock is so confident he's got the speedy committee just gently liquor by karan without much effort where payne manhandling more but tile paints hi. It's got great straight line bekker's well so we'll speed versus corner speed age old challenge campaign moving to bike from after defending from hitchcock hate. Coca gain has the bike. He thinks he's joining for me but only trying to put pressure on making fear that he was going to be night but they've got a company. Avoid is in front of them just to make him so. That's just a little bit but using the <hes> the mind is in this race is a real problem because kyle pain is managed to put a gap between himself off of mine hitchcock waving. He's absolutely frustrated. They believe facts in this category of any cool categories so you don't your impetus. It's in your speed to get past everyone else harrison crosby often away with it call pain in sekine and now with three tenths gap voin hayes coke in third a lap and a half to go and i could spell the end the haycock challenge although he is starting to slow leaving by hennigan with anapa quarter together. They've got a few otherwise contain wits or isn't some coins. Leeann is not at all ryan has cokie. Do have the feeling that you could get ahead of kale pain. Q. the win with hodson crosby. The head of this field field heads called closing the gap during dramatically and the closing stages off the penultimate lap across stuff as laying the come last lop off the race now. How does in crosby the azure. The number sex efi stays on barring any mistake or any unlucky circumstances will take the lead again form. Josh josh bernstein for further back pain versus hedge coke heads coke only has a couple of more corners to go before it can make a move pointing towards the final hairpin ignoring just associate corners remaining k._o. Payne runs over the cap on say can that's hitchcock gray run through the double left hand noting just yet but you're risley three the left-hander honor onto the reporting during the bag street just being there one point four seconds covers the top three right hashtag has a great run towards the last going looks up the vehicles to tag the bill looks up donna what a move from the fortieth ryan heads go the pronouncing corner cardis and cost the sexy name taxis legs and the his hands ends up there finishes farce ryan has kalkin forty three with looking so happy with a second possession as stills on the last lap fest pumping in the hottest and crosby your wrist when a thumbs up to kale pain he'll be devastated finally after holding second possession that most of the race and fourth with sullivan elven mainly look ahead of ronnie hottest jimmy parker just holding off bain joel off on the number sexy sex bakes and of course alpha davidson number number eight finishes nate. I hate all horn so that she talked him down bus harrison cross piece so pleased with that win bouncing up really throwing his hands his agony hours he crossed the line happy to take a victory really really delighted with that one but the forty three to the very end of this race threat of after that she she could smell that was even just half many winfrey hand to go in the forty three well forty three and is buying but he's not on track so a great result for fine head coke. Look kyle pain happy with that. They're not as happy thousand crosby dilemma. Sixty noida is buzzing after that race win so crosby hitchcock pain. That's is your top three rebounds brown harris park at jeff davidson and horn and the top ten followed by house mckee cut kurzban and coming up with nukes cowfield aston dean rounding out the top fifteen they head back to the public high fives everywhere with the marshals with the funds with team members as well they are oh absolutely delighted business. Were that call pain. After the third place finish. Maybe <hes> the two winners butts. It's extreme two hundred dollars on tickets. In just a few moments time ram sakes of the two thousand nineteen cool fan bracing british many championships egypt's unwelcome fetisov. Your first team to the british and british many bakes championship. We've had five fantastic races so far this morning and you can hear in the background a extreme to hundreds porting the way out on to the circuit new. Hey they ninety four of penn trying to poppa willy nilly losing on pet exit but as extreme to hundreds make the way rain the green flag lap this this is how they look ellie. Penton will be starting on pole position for the start all the extreme two hundred number two. That's we came the number seventy six just the head of the one to six of wretched forms williams oskar penton the number nine hundred four finished second yesterday starting from start today broaddrick rodri- who was here yesterday won't be taking part today as we mentioned earlier on often mallory park for some british superbike tension that has basically scored so that leaves rosy rossi panam unfettered starting fourth on the roads on eighty-six ahead of the ten taylor loadings second and champion behind richard holmes williams mark edmondson happens on the one sex one but we starting in ahead of fake one four t star jamie kenya brandon peril starting has one hundred three's today on the one and for sex baked. We'll be starting nathan the great. He came out on top of an ethics crop with jamie king in yesterday's race number one. I'm reading the runners and writers for the start off the extreme two hundred as callum wipro on the number sixty seven so i divided as making your way once again to create the full six <hes> friend and powell the yellow powell. His nickname is getting into position along with the rest. All minus fourteen lap race is ahead of us for the second extreme two two hundred race of the weekend looking towards allies wants to gain they look up to the gantry. The wetli come on as they come in just a second. The tension builds will to mail is way over the way another racer good saw by richard. I'm williams making his way into a little bit briefly. For the first time <hes> fourteen side by side with any pensin getting involved <hes> one seven six machine and the great white lied yesterday ahead of time. Liam's asca pinson in third bossy panam dicky's genius super bowl championship and the e._s._p._n. He panicked has been doing well. They see maternity cool vibe this weekend hoping to achieve around to run out in two thousand nineteen campaign with cool proper any pinson just just ahead of wichita williams fresh off his grapevine any cine mo taste. We'll be looking for goodness jamie king coming through the back. All the failed struggling to get guess again through. Maybe it's like i should probably go buy continues on his way over the line one nine complete. It's pinson ahead of richard. Holmes williams rossi barnum instead oscar pinson into twelve among amines taylor lords and jamie came out that the moment ahead of whole tonight the cat broadway also seems to be no count wpro so the field still running out strong at the moment one seven one six just behind one seven six elliott penson henson on sex will be pulling evident vantage is opens up adversary slightly on the champ chablis richard holmes william's tractor boy <hes> she's known around that the risk paddock and a very tall man indeed so the bay or the two hundred six sitting has told frame very well the number ten a lot by farther by the taylor law outings second in the six hundred championship stuck up rape behind the one sex one of mark evans as the way through the final corner costs stuff actually the com- <hes> mark heavy stone holding fast possession. Hey all these warnings are hurting turn number two along the box streets taylor alone and sort of looking up there and say enter chris corner leland the brings can't he did yes he does push the one sex one by ways is the go through the tae hairpin christmas corner and as all ready built up a bit of a gap on the extreme two hundred bake well what attacks believe that by just taking it to right hand side sitting on the getting the move down and carrying on with race oh number ten all taylor loans moving up yet another position any pension horse half a second ahead of which is james williams richard. I'm another fight between divide is heading over the line. Now four of escapades fighting away with rossi finding is for the second lesson deposition they find on on the podium looking over his shoulder as they head towards christmas up the inside invite his right hand side is oscar painted on the inside makes a move competes running a little bit deeper toge- my goodness maye bounces over the gross plus sits on his talk for a second what a shame he made such great move on with deep to try and cooperate lost three desire suspects vitamins open. I tell you running running back over to the bike the bike maybe a more problems than divided. He'll join continuum in this race but i can't see that lasting very long indeed for the ninety four vita data any leading ahead of richard williams rossi find him up to third progress that never nice four my heart random oh thursday. It came across the tribe because that's something you never like to see. Just in case is scheduled right up but thankfully everyone was up in okay and no other answer that crash but elliot pinson the brother of oscar went a lap goal pearling away from redshirt homes williams and a commanding possession the black and yellow yellow leathers on the baking looking vaguely commanding there and the lead the almond fitting aggressive looking rating scale from elliot pinson puts his head right there it just shocks a bake from last two rates could unsettle the bank if you did about ellie talented enough news today for further back. This is a battle that we go yesterday between gene brandon perilous della peril on the jamie king saul i- sanctuary race for brandon peril and extremely hundreds of one four sex starting enriched number one hundred here today on showing that he's enjoying himself <hes> hey off the seventy six jamie king both very different writing styles brandon brandin payroll up and more smooth jamie king more aggressive charlie baker in a little bit more brian payroll so it's great to see the contract raining shells between these two on the walter melt circuits square as the corner of j does he just say flows out by with a real sweater which these pepboys linked to be able to throw it what about a bit more say than the delicate you might need for motor team more traditional freestyle bike but any pensin also getting the best with the fastest on that lost lost forty nine point seven eight nine still just actually a few tenths away your view on just away from the lap record having extreme two hundred forty nine point seventy set by charleena's seasons or forty nine point seven eight nine not too far away from us. All witch hunt blended second two point five like seconds away from device later. Rossi bynum had a taylor lawrence taylor still ahead on mine gabbing machine panel fighting in writing jamie king fifth or sixth and seventh with eddie. It's still in iced. Sir great right out there so far off convention all of this bryce. It seemed unfortunately so after that incident he's okay but the bike will need paid ever pair for the next later on after noon to draw your attention two thirds pau rosie perez fast slum all the race last time rains a fifty point four zero seven. He's laughing logo foster then richard holmes williams and the second session so closing the gap down three acres between second inserted it was four seconds at one point so but seven laps remaining kind glossy panam keep his tires and check longer than homes williams and close the gap dane for the battle for second and third that the final two possessions and race taylor lawrence auden's further down the field still off my for fourth and fifth possession so tila lawrence go paid fuel obstacle building gap but right you know mark evans is closing that gap ever so slightly aging closer and closer through the second half paying nassir very challenging parts of the cost a new default stop again from elliot pinson forty nine point seven eight nine so they are opposing in salah becker pace but pinson homes williams final bashar top three tate alone tomorrow cabins fall off closing in mark evans have bought the one six one gaining that confidence divide much closer to the bike of the machine. We got sixty eight laps. Please not nights survive along the tracks a lot of time to really work at their writing styles hillside adia pinson as join the one seven six which twenty four point three seconds behind now still going a little bit frost fifty point seven inches long time we'll see finding a fifty point five on the last caused by a couple of tenths northpoint enough to pose by this race for starting to really challenge show to eighteen low. It's four pice mccarron's in as cruising through the first two times. They called us diplomatic. The wheel from wheel tries to pull up just slightly slightly heading into the second of tennis blake's debut on certain pittsburgh any at pinson ellie pension is dropping the detainees sheets. I should've gone down somewhere and travel prepregnancy f we know what's happened but soon moved on that's just two point one seconds ahead over rossi burnham so rossi banner two point one seconds behind closing dane whom williams vets on lab so homes williams is going to become an under a lot of pressure from the eighty six raider taylor lauren's is known to third spot ahead of mark evans brandon peril as no pulling away from jimmy king on the seventy six big early penson on the rate bake and yellow and black leathers seems to still be dropping dana taming order not sure if he's still on the circuit they are these come off the baker some information in just a few moments time but once you find them you mentioned a moment ago he was my second quick on the previous. Latin limited williams aliens one point seven nine four as the gap fifty point seven per homes williams fifty point four from us. He found himself agitation still all the possible heading over the line once again behind putting some final had a taylor mark evans just a band of an engine revving in the background there so it could be a one liner of penson the elliott pinson writer beginning study. We're not sure what's happening without the woman three of any our whole running in seventh replace at the moment with did a fifty four point six on the lost saucer the ultimate pace in this race so far but it is mark harris is managed to make his way back three <music> on taylor loans away to the podium for the time being i'm more passionate is brandon payroll and j king fighting into the second hairpin <hes> the wheel turning white right over the concrete curbing goes jay king balancing the by buying around like he can anything else. He's it's really comfortable about our shaming campaigning for so long for sex pavel getting very confident indeed sure if there was a mistake lost from brian in peril because a couple of equipped seconds ahead of the seventy six or maybe he's destroy these tires on jamie king four liters closing costs star face lane income the cop is opened up a little bit more between the king and peril four tenths percent and there was two tenths quicker. That's lob but the rest of the leading with three laps to go one point three seconds between the two as a second game to allow remaining con bomb. I'm a catch homes williams eighty-six on one hundred twenty six a second between them. That's going to be the risk for the leads and of course by has been just aging closer and closer to the sex of homes williams lap on lap and the battle for festive stone over as jamie king stole over the back lack of the yellow peril and has one hundred baset here an extreme two hundred class still holding off their pay like one forty champs leader dan a lab and a half ago they went it is found a second one t six versus eighty six charleena's based ordinary pike which is running eighty six for this particular week and they had already been aligned once again. They are knows detail running rights over the cabin as richard holmes williams. He's just three tenths of a second ahead of all cpap them. At this point the can smell the blood smell the position on the inside at christmas corner. He's provided inside troy sky from nearly takes the pike of richard holmes williams the the eighty six as desperate for race victory here wilsonville things move inside corner number for the second call. Make fritz go off upscale. Though richard williams honoring pressure fourth bakes are moving. Both raiders appreciate extremely hard a few more corner cicle pirating down the bank street. This is possible that the last chance for bottom up it goes nolan enough on the brakes warms to corners to go can can watch corner. No lou he comes across the last night of saint. Louis is reading a watches from him. I leave holmes williams and the possession to win this race. The one to sex chomsky leader looks over shoulder goes by going well. He went down to the last corner. Wolf lays is up and he's okay that leaves mark evans to potential come across the lane and second or has been home. Go back up and to seccession and done extremely really dramatic stuff at the end of the extreme two hundred race well. This not quite being confirmed. Mark evans walls ahead. There's a wet flank. The red flags been cold. So was that a checkered flag. It was a red flag now. I it's interesting permeation to this race because if it's wet flag mexico to please let trump by which you mean bonham bonham would finish in second place whereas now he's finished at least eight four place. Mark evans came home seconds taylor taylor's third survey a bit tricky. They still means richard holmes. Williams is the winner of this race. No muss waltz at the moment is an austrian came into second ahead of taylor wants. We'll see is provisional was also caused wichita names provision limiting the winner had evans taylor lonesome fronton pebble that both i had to jamie king wasiyu band right at the very end of this right. He's pushing hard on the final cornick rob the power as smith to any loss day ray with a bike who made into the wall. The point date divided was okay choice. Get back into this race before any host was seven. I had any pension. He did not finish based. I only completed a lobster and must have come back into the pilot also pinson with that crash earlier on in this race walls and broadway on tomorrow. Take didn't finish or start that race so dramatic action. After thirteen laps of this race mitch williams well no disputes about his results he was waste but it's all being challenged for second place and even so any- pinson said nearly oh so close to the race record lat time the forty nine point seven eight nine is the first i am in that race. It was forty nine point seven one two as the track record we <hes> we'll get more information as it is in a few moments time but bet flank and to the extremes you hundreds race number two and that is the eighty six writer of rosie walking came back to the paddock say great see was he walking back to the product and that was the end in two hundred seconds as of the we can they will be back later on this softening for one final race to come here. It's cool five butts. We have a few more races still to come including the mini ephron sidecars in just a few moments time funded by the a._c. Forty rookies then it will be the mini. G._p.'s seventies into froylan is our second set of racist his today well one of ace john in just lots of different actually going on not just ignore that final now the moment would have so much action in not last race well. It's called extreme hundreds for a reason because actually extremely dramatic exciting what class as an all the way down to the final anal coroner. We didn't know higher that rates would be written. There was lots of changes elliot pinson. The race eventually retired for technical reason potentially think then homes williams williams was back in the lead of the race but lop lop rossi banham was just completely closing the gap don't towards a point pushing too hard in the final corner. It looks like he was up walking. We always getting a little bit of help from people but we've got a back thank you and a great job to all the marshalls and of course the organizers here at kiro fabrice in british many bags championship quick thinking in their parts a red flag and of course the marshals doing a fantastic job. Mickey should already is okay and medical teams just doing doing a fantastic job this weekend with without them and without us well so thank you as always aslam's has just about all of the family's all of the volunteers volunteers you come marshalling over the course of the week hands on race as lynch's couldn't drive acing without you. Guys go very big. Thank you order the hard work. They put put in over the course of the season this season an all seasons gone by but thank you for joining. This is live coverage of around six of the two thousand nineteen cool embracing british mini-bike championships where live on the motor sport radio websites on kufra racing and motorsport t._v. Thanks for joining us on any of close platforms on our visual radio stream even on our video stream great savvy guys with us. Please do keep getting in touch sending us. Your comments who you're supporting this weekend more. You'll will enjoy face in this weekend. Please do keep getting touch but liam jeans and a box wherever wilson male round six of the two hundred nineteen couvert embracing british championships racing the official being missonaries land on the road g._p. Motoo g._p. Is the official partner savy's to the pennies. British-supervised championship turned seventeen cool fan bracing british addition many championships. We've grades affiliations in this paddock. Many of our young artists going off to the bookies masquerading championship impeach a hobby clarity just three dollars well talent cop and junior cpas pulls. The dicky's genie seeps bull trump as even himself just in that last race. That was the next <hes> vita who is going into custody. Levine is coming into different different types of racing counseling great repercussion as well for future events obsolete. It's not just the practice town cup. Next season. In two hundred twenty is going to have many of these young raiders that you will be seeing and hearing today. They will be going up there. So the likes of james kick evan belford potentially walker. They'll be all up there and not just the breakdown cup so won't be going into lots of other championships championship summer going off to spain next year to compete and the tree motive force on this is great so that's championship racing british many base championship as agreed steppingstone on all of these young raiders and be interesting to see to the progressive say the next few years the careers well crib gushing one of the many any great things we have here are cool money riders including the likes of brad raid the mott twenty four the bill base zouqi pushy for trump shape team he as was racing with us yesterday and he was getting ready for the racing this weekend going to the mallory park say youtube at the testing before tableau pong next weekend the policy in the pong funds favorite circuits coming up up to the next round of the championship boot's speaking of funds favorites. The mini ephron psychosis had out on the circuit. They will be having a six lap race. Great eight racing. Yesterday lien on track for this category will the grid lineup jack walter second possession and the championship. They're number two will be going off <music> off from pole position nearly one riche acidy up an issue in the final admittance drop from first to second position and finish behind his championship rival. There matt williams williams off at twenty six. Tom mcwilliams of going from second possession. Bowl coulter's number twenty four and third ahead of the forty four of mac lee mark parker dr welby and fed spot on the two thousand machine on third row of the grid. Another quarters will be on the streets. There'll be three of them. Paul quotes our senior on the one to four four bake or be a sect possession ahead of jason and greenstreet on number ninty machine on rule number. Four join husker will be next up on one to seven machine and eighth ahead of adrian number seventy six. It's a couple's affair on the seventy six machines. We can't adrian hazards wife as the passenger which is nice to hear and and tanned possession renting at the runners on raiders and on screen at the moment for the viewers. We have a timeline on bacon number. Eleven all female milkjam all passenger on radar so it's great to see them back on circuit for is number two this weekend so as they out onto the circuit. It's great to have them with us. We spoke quite simon clouds yesterday about their efforts on my point. They said they enjoyed lead lost time outside. They're going to be going on for this kind of thing or any completed a couple of yesterday yesterday to finish the full as today but six laps ahead of the second minneapolis psycho vase off the weekend. Hopefully it's going to be another another crackhead like yesterday's race grazing in this category in twenty nine mcwilliams fighting at the front starting on pole position around six of the two thousand nineteen kufai bracing british many by championships. I saw passengers. Invite is look to wolf survived lights on now. Now there may be a great start from the back of the field by atriums and john hoskins fighting and now heading into turns wanted to for the first time on great styles mcwilliams leads this race where john walters in second place holte junior in the banks parka meg leave swiping side-by-side sorry for full heading into christmas corner turn three for the first time through three divide twenty six twenty four and two other the top off the field make williams making the best possible in the league of this race or do the reputation of the until yesterday with twenty four pull holds his junior getting evolved into makes a few squabbles and squirms from the machine learning in second place running rights onto the cost onto the curb for second place which is gonna give jaguars has a thought to go up the inside. She came which he does. He darts inside throws the inside into second place so not into second place. Make williams running running away with the lady strapping four four places bigly among pocket. I was well big williams latest right jonquil to second to january third with mar park okay fourth the number lifetime lane and pleasure to the old female minus heading over the line to compete. I there as well saying the state is getting away little eh blockbuster for second place but exit stage left there for poor quality jean what happened. They've stopped out on circuits shane that technical problem for them. It seems they looked at awesome. The machine and it's a shame they had such great one yesterday well two shell risk of attrition and the many f. one cart championship usually something's pick up a good result as long as you have good reliability on stay in the race but that's a shame for the number twenty four machine whose sean aloft promise in the last few rains challenging ellen james john walters and matt williams for race went especially last time eight at let's put the two thirty mark parka and especially for the moment obama moment from the forty fourth the mack lee who returns that's became here at wilton mel but the gap at the top off the field as two and a half seconds or last lap make william sets automation jamaica fifty nine point one the one jack quilters fifty eight point five nine eight to john. Walters seems to be struggling together with some of these take courses at the back of spend for the ninety machine the blog bake wow they've got avoid them. They're coming off turn number two makeovers well so number all sorts of issues coming out of turn at number two the jason greenstreet there well above bevere moment there as you head up toward christmas corner so fingers crossed that can recover and get themselves back into the race to the forty sex machine of one of the raiders by farther down of the tacos looking machine chasing the raider just in front so they've benefited from the ninety spending out turn number two well fantastic camelback died from an oncoming particular. Kona well-turned great shot dan for the noisy junior. I think as carrying on in this race after technical problem make williams having such issues one point seven seven seven seconds ahead of giant causes as an amateur. He's just setting the fastest fifty eight point six five six getting quite close to the backward hair for the minneapolis because they carry on all the big league instead i had him on park agent names and pull quarter senior once before they mentioned benefiting after that spin jason green streets and passenger three months ago we lost our halfway stage in this race giant passage it with a bit between the teeth closing up so you can make williams van joy but a good basing they mentioned in pre show yesterday had over to export radio and makes people t._v. To catch up on the stance what's of broadcasting we had a lot of interviews from writers in and around the product they mentioned they had a few issues without machine over the course of the season the having no issue with the pace but the humming coming issue chock full price because he's using exponentially another faucets not fifty eight point six zero six consistently fast just one thousandth the second underneath a second gap as as a bit of a slow moving full the light blame machine of the number forty six. That's the having to pay for them but they continue around the second right. Now is enjoying good. One the lead once again through the two left-handers brought the gossip dump must have been a bit of a mistake from jonquils passenger. They were a lot taser olympic. Were indeed. Maybe jack walters is running on a couple of ashes. That's thinking a little bit earlier on and the race struggling to come off some of the take corners. Maybe maybe it wasn't necessarily it's come back to face them again or maybe mcwilliams is just back off the case and no thought up too close for comfort john extended pace any and he does with a new fastest lap of the race fifty eight point five three five so the gap is back up to one point two seconds loss lop off the rhys mcwilliams and a commanding lead the number twenty six machine bud once again. John looks like he's closing the gap. I cup so as mcwilliams looking for a photo finish. Maybe they're struggling for pace. Maybe the tires tires of going becoming the hell towards the hairpin section of the sucker. The back end slaves ever so slowly but it was a very good draft indeed. Dan mike holding who talk you draft stale for the twenty six over matt williams can john walters get close enough in the last few a challenge as a tough ask but look at the dow closing ever say dan towards the back end of the circuit female carnesecca john walters laying up mack williams turns a two to go fail corner and towards the final turn. Who's going to run better. Cormac williams comes across lane jock wolters facetime with john wall. There's there's a cost our face laid. Wow what an amazing move from john walters on the tim machine to finish just ahead of mcwilliams pirating pass has chomped arrival on the finish their mek leave on forty four pack solve forty and possession that number sane and season on bank number forty four just hey mark parker a few pats on the back on full between cool says i'm williams and their passengers he was point zero zero point one three zero over the line a great roy out to the final corner for the number to south of poll jack is he won that race just ahead to make williams liam's in second place meekly third mark park was full ahead of jason green streets adrienne adams was six ahead of poor quarters senior in yet tummy lane and the passenger the number of the old female vining then in eight thousand poeple to junior without problem early on in race join husky. I believe not taking the start of this race but what a great finished i between cool his and make williams mick norcross expecting not one put running i._t. I take the car pushing. His holiday could getting a great result to take the win in the second minneapolis psycho all the weekend. They will have one more chance to show i. They're fantastic pace later on this afternoon. We're running. Two more races go the a._c. Forty cookies and the mini g. p. seventies not for the second sets of racist today the a._c. Forty look as just teams time but even begin to lunch off after that race so it'll be good to catch up a little bit sitdown because what a great fantastic morning we've had of action say far but the four cs will come out next exhale round six of the two thousand and nineteen cool fab racing british mini bike championships. Thank you for joining us on the most sports radio websites nights on t._v. And on the fan bracing websites points you get involved in the action getting give us a like anesthesia leaves coming here. You're supposed often misery turned west is opposing the next race coming out now the a._c._t. Rookies race to add onto second now and islam all jains within vikrant twenty two strong. That's filled as on the top of the championship leader all archie gifts starting from pole possession one point seven in seconds quicker than casey speedy and seconds and qualifying look fetch it picked up the race went in risk number three as let's lovie and start a hey eight of the seventy three off all sems joshua williams on big number seventeen with a fractured some very job there on number seventy eight machine ahead of the festive eighth of markowitz and sex sports number four seven sports fort william potus ahead of the three three three over brandon. It is archie o'brien bake number ninety one. I'm writing at the top ten runs into the stock august grad hoti pain thornton trevor was next up and eleventh big the number forty two wilson dolts twelve at arnie car number eight hundred thirteen max wilson come from go karting too. Many bakes in the last couple of raines has the best is the second weekend number thirty three match wilson and fourth sport ahead of firing johnson. Thank goodness to seventy billy lawrence's next up just to talk fifteen and sixteen spot feel extolling on bakes eighty-seven ahead of many rossi edgy cartoon bake forty six and eighteen austin johnson is next up and if callum maxwell is william baker number one choice still and twenty first ahead of bethany ashby making her debut this weekend so very strong grade or entrance the second mesa the weekend for the forty rookies providers on the front my look towards the lights. <hes> stirs everybody else. They're waiting with anticipation of this next. Racing using session will to mill around six championship. The vandalize come on now and i say the engines are waiting to get recently to get going now a good stop in the front row making your way through the first few corners is great. Stop by the number three. The void about gives you leads is raise heading up towards it's christmas corner for the first time new pitch it once again getting involved in the battle for second place was a fantastic classical. Look yes that. I said that going to be emulating again. In the the next eight lapping towns running a bit deep into the first time it happened for the first time just sizing where the grip here's the conditions are cooler than where they they were yesterday not quite time yesterday. The winds a lot further down as well so conditions are quite different and this is a difficult things try and learn writing in very different temperatures wind conditions but these bakes sews small the wind would buffered them run quite law so thankfully there when the inquirer today as you said dan and that means it won't begin such a strong headwind as hey turn someone's traits and turn them back till ones but are two gaps jamshed leader on the number three bake putting the final corner coming across. I started to complete lap number. One your championship leader as leading this race ahead of the number ninety six of look fetching casey speedy as is in third spot coming off second. I said it was thirst. Boys know anymore as always sems pony up to christmas corner on bass county. Make is knowing cancer cases being looked like he was about to lose start sport but putting up towards christmas corner minded you stole the there's some more raiders far back pushing each other through christmas corner so some great battles heading the field only simpson fourth markle wilt and fast and if joshua williams of brandon or it looks like raining outside so figures costs capstone arctic apps you or two of them. Don't look as well boss. I raise going down red flags welby coming out so every offenders cost. Everyone can get back to the pets. All okay started raining in this like tires this new graph atoll coming through the window of another raider down their push which is good to see these these these raiders won't have any grip and this led the way conditions here greenstock office archie guys went there and i look fetching second one then after that so these checking conditions catching all the raiders one of the raiders looks like they have an okay bevere abang so fingers crossed you can get back to the pets and restart this race so dan horrible conditions. No i have the ring coming down for this race well as you mentioned. They were saying to somebody and it goes. Most definitions is changed. Even further with a bit of rain coming down fairly horizontally is a simple straight down this track. Thank known as slippery mail in the wet because it's a highly usurped by bike testing anchor testing is causing going on here as well the love but in nine he's a very strong grip on power the cost but when it rains in this greasy emissions as you saw so many mighty struggle because the grip simply isn't there so if you is going to prepare their bikes for a wet session which would mean probably taking the tire pressures down a little bit and doing a few tweaks just offer a bit more grip butts. What's that adds to the challenges of rain comes on quite heavily. The winds pick up dramatically as well so it becomes a challenge of finding into this especially on that back straight when when the rain is washing your face comedy going okay there's not much spray out there at the moment but it can get more and more difficult but then looking out of one inside the commons you bunks looks dramatically drier than another but race control just filling in with what's going on at the moment. We'll had one that complete so so it could well be as we start. We're not quite sure at the moment but we are going for lunch now. Because of that flag so we'll we'll come back and rejoined the start of this race so we are going to have a change lunch break as it is so this race. We'll be postponed until after lunch and then with <hes>. We're gonna start at one thirty. Okay so what you're saying. We're starting wom- thirty after lunch for this second forty rookies race of the weekend that will follow the mini g. p. seventies as well so we're getting if an early lunch now restarting half past one so so it changed your schedule thanks to the vein which may dry up and be completely dry like he was misguided. Go or it could be even more ways but we'll get you more information on that as and when we can but we can be going to a sunny earlier lunch vaca- care at six of the two thousand nineteen are bracing british championships for those short the second race of the fourteen t- bookies with red flags due to a rain shower which meant a few years had a few moments falling off nothing too serious just to conditions proving more tricky rickie around the wilton mill circuit so we're gonna go for an early lunch by care six and we'll be back with you and around half past one for a restart aren't fully starts of the forty rookies secondments of the weekend that will follow the mini seventies and then the full set of three to come but as a confirmation then we are going for nearly lunch by kay wilson mill around six of the nineteen cool vibe racing british mini anybody championship due to a wet flank for a rain shower as we sell that land we're going to be going on now is drawing up in the sun's. Come out again. Well pillow get to go for an early lunch. Rano leather do what needs to do and becomes dry. Conditions office can remain wait. Let the let the clouds do what they need to the ring come down and if i can put a saux they want to try and then that's probably better thing having the half and half conditions always washed because you don't know what tires on and starts draining ends await then it could definitely be a worse condition because you may you may go down so so it's better to just go on and see what happens. Well thank you for joining us an early lunch. Break here around six hundred seventeen cool racing zing british many bike championships. Thank you for joining us on the most value website on sporty and on the call fab racing channels. We'll be back at around half past one for all the final two races from the second set of aces and the four sets of ray threes lows great action is still to come so thanks for joining us and we'll see very soon indeed things of course alexis golden opportunities sales event is about exceptional offers but it's also about the luxury of versatility with space for the unexpected and the freedom of a summer day all coming together for you at the perfect moment. Don't miss your perfect moment. Experience exceptional offers on a full line of lexus utility vehicles now until september third experience amazing at your lexus dealer.

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