"Big Band Files" Salute to the Singers (HR 1)


Welcome to the big band files with doug miles here at twelve. Eighty w. t. m. y. Very special edition a salute to the singers of the great american songbook. Let's begin say only Boom say lover birds. He wouldn't you billie in me. Lick this guy hanging rauma. Free wouldn't do a a kid your he didn't penny k. It's fun just as phony as it can be blooded wouldn't In any case its own bay were just does audiences wouldn't be a Would service oldie acid day via may the law all your relation and may all of you come may each they. No no may a weeks. And the though be sentenced a day may staw you own goo andy williams right there the song. He's saying the close each of his variety show. Now we're back in the nineteen sixties and seventies pretty to and may each day and fraser right before that the good young singers keeping the american popular standards alive with an oldie but a goodie paper moon. Here on twelve eighty. Wgm why this is doug miles on the big band. Files are special salute to singers. Here's another one of the younger singers out there today. She's been a guest on the program. Here's an hampton callaway loot feeling fence alone. Everything so the long day with the spellers can do a. That's too if you're a scott. Just go away. John Blues uh Hill Won't scott just who song. God is all over the world so here it is that old black magic black magic heads unit spare that oh black magic that you we down came all to end. Take the elevator stops to like. What can i hear that play burning. Skua excuse put out to buy. Say i've been bad knee created and maybe don down. I go who speak the. Come to that through my. What do i do not keeps by level me hub. Wanted to and call back Daniels doing his big hit old. Black magic ann hampton callaway right before that from her tribute cd to sarah vaughan. She was on with us to talk about it not too long ago in a mellow tone. Here at twelve eighty. Wtn maya's doug miles and a big band files are special salute to singers singers. Keeping the american popular standard alive. Here's mr be right now. It isn't fair john. Oh route isn't who boy. Those games a basis view to me. Can you make me just a student. oh give me line. Lots of land under storage guys. 'bout no sense me and let me ride to the open country own me. You may be by myself in the evening and listen to america of the cotton gene and may off you. Please stay news mistrial mile saddle onto need the western sky on us. Knee wander over yonder allies To the the west command and gaze at the moon who's my sensors and hand look at harbors stay fences dole fans me And and star guys own me that new by the country oh man led me be by myself in the evening breeze and this into the cotton send me off forever. Stupid vance me. Just turn me loose let me straddle my satellite the western sky. My kyw news. Let me wander over yonder. Till i see the mountains rise. I want you to last command. Engaged book can't dances. Oh poor don't you. I came to town remember back way. Back hundred seventy three. Nancy sinatra gave me my first break a showroom and then life kept going on and on and we just we did cut up and just life and where does it what happened. Where did it go. All this stuff. Letter said wrote a great that tells a story about that. I'm back here in las vegas and i don't know where all that time went but we're here. And as a great son everybody can relate to the where has the time all gone to have done. Have the thing we want to well. We'll catch up some other time. This is just token too. Many words was still on spoke. Oh well we'll catch up some other time just when the fun is starting come the time for party. But let's speak for what we have to come. There's so much more embracing still to be don time raise. Oh well we'll catch up some other time just wasn't a fun is starting comes the party. You let speak glass for what we have saw two So much barham embracing still to be done but tyra him is racing. Oh well we'll catch up some other. Cia The performance bob end or son. Who's really tearing up out in las vegas with his salute to frank sinatra. Laurie portrays frank in a Setting with a big thirty two piece band in the old tradition of the sands hotel. And that's him in his own voice with a pretty tune called some other time bing crosby right before that. Don't fence me in and billy eckstein mr be starting at all off with. It isn't fair here. At twelve eighty w. y. Welcome back to the big files with dog miles slitting the singers tonight. Here's another good one. Here's bob crosby. Sing to me whom you sang dancing. The lights solo. And let me whisper doron while you saying to me. Yeah brand joyal when the day cares. Forgotten i'm close to you and you say off a hand in hand we walk a little and it's moral is A new saying to me a june the hand-in-hand in hand we walk colo. And it's tomorrow is better when you say to Men men with lofty. Strive for go others play at smaller games. He simpler so Ladder brand too is to Us live Will build a home on top. You shine he a new cottage to can fit and we'll be squeezed to call folks that live on Own some we maybe thing or we will make change. Who and we'll be. We used to live will call of metal grand view. That seems to old and look at school and we said look uh just tweet darby and joe who used to check and a the folks who liked to be what they always been called Like a new lincoln with all of this class. I like marci knee and undergrad. I'm gonna start living you. The best is good enough for me. Like to eat lobster directly from i see bullfights in sunny spain eleven the best is boon for home off. Grew wait another day out honest. Let's get we're gonna go. Trout ling will visit up. Tyler's a bonus start living. You wait and see best me you and me. Let's get started only are gonna go and have a visit a palace you're gonna buy dot com you. Just wait and see quinn arrest about fest. There's our friend deena martin right there doing nothing but the best from her latest cd. Destination moon david allen. Singer the folks who live on the hill and starting it. Off with bobby darin sitting on top of the world here at twelve eighty w. m. y. Doug miles big band files tonight. Special salute to the singers keeping the american popular standard alive. Here's dennis bono. And that's all Is you oh. I want to How this feeling. Gus grow them. Wherever saw a become more about you more were new so go and you imagine mark you go rhino lou Blew more heart Love the more i see you go. I know one Saw him do is three who night through with I still dream ever he thing I have seen some into and spree mobile twenty four hours a day. They be spent in sweden contends dream way win sky's gray when skies herbal mourn noon. I do home. They threw is. Are you view when skies when skies new the whole the three. Who is It's very clear you. Our love is to not for ever. The movies that know may just be Seeing his and in time the also my love is a two get a long long mc rumble raw made only made of clay Too long a is make role term. It they're only made of to. It used a it can only be the first lady of saw right. There ella fitzgerald with gershwin's our love is here to stay. Doris day right before that. All i do is dream of you and decay in. Demand will followed frank sinatra with the tommy dorsey band the more. I see you here on our big band files salute to singers Twelve eighty wt m. y. The home of the best music ever made. Here's any gourmet. I wanna be around the when somebody breaks your Body twice in small a sun body else may true like you used to do with me. He who that misery see. How does when she race of business. Let's see if that puzzle so that was just sweet lot et when somebody break sir when she breaks your heart sweet but they would never out of the room were never been threatened. Things go oh man. Without a saw oo field of deserted now man is born no good the song. I got fat trouble. And you know jordan will roll I'll get along as long as my song. it's straw. ooh the rain of all. And i'll never know makes the grass of no no Got my troubles and woes again. I saw straw and the day. Our of you last night i thought of you thought of you unto the morning who and i couldn't sleep and i couldn't leave last. Nah i wanted you last night. I wanted you wanted and with all my mind that he had come to me that you'd come to me last night. Darling arlene i can live without you. Longley sullenly when you out of side. I'll wait for you to nine. I'll wait for you and wait for you long to hold you tie. Bring your love to bring your love to me to nine Don my i can you live without you. I'm lonely you lonely. When you out of i'll wait for you. I'll wait for and way and long to bring your love to me. Bring your love to me Jerry southern wrapping up our first hour of the big band files salute to singers. I thought of you. Jack jones right before that without a song old. Tommy dorsey band chestnut gourmet starting us off with. I wanna be around. We'll have more great music in our second hour of our big band files salute to singers coming up next here at twelve eighty w tm wise. They with us.

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