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Today's episode is brought to you by radio public radio public is a free app on Android where you can check out a ton of great podcasts, including our own and support them. Just by listening to them on their find out more by clicking link in the description below. And you know, what that means? It's time to start another episode of disconnected cast what's going on here. Welcome back everyone. That was probably a super generic. Sally intro. I don't know why did that. Okay. Anyway, let's get let's get fucking real. Then. John anything about this week? I know I got nothing business second podcast. And Ryan got nothing will I know. I said last week I would be recording on Friday announced move to next Friday, but at a discount so thanks for that. Vince Naser, check them out at the fuzz wizards on Instagram. There you go. I was sick the other day that was kind of lame. But where we are allergies are terrible thing. And you know, that's what you come here to hear about our allergies and whatnot that great gaming news. But other than that. No pretty straightforward. We slow to work a little bit of gaming finally beat Hillary see their way. Yeah. Good. Good frustrating. Yeah. Imagine. Anything else? That's it. I played about five minutes of assess said nothing, and then I go on Plato, five minutes, assassin's, creed or origin. I ran out of time. Greg had to work a lot. So. Yeah, Greg I'll tell you about assassin's creed has been on the up and up ever since origin and Odyssey's fantastic. Like finally fixed the flaws of they had not a perfect game. But it's a Dan grade series. I mean, I've always thought it's it's fine. But they're really nailing. The fact that they've got two good games back to back. Finally. Yeah. I liked it. I like it. I'm gonna say I'm happy with where it would be solves going in general, you know, absolutely four-car five grade. And it seems to be the era of redemption finally Capcom is crushing it right now. They're doing everything, right. Finally crap convert last thing was not a big fan of a lot of the moves. They were calls they were making. But now that DMC five is amazing resident evil to remake was great Mazar hundred world one of one of the best selling Capcom. Franchise's all time entry entries to a franchise of all time easily. The biggest monster hunter franchise sale of all time. It crush all these expectations in using especially for one of the first ones pushed in the states. It's huge in Japan. Always but very Nishi in the states. But now everyone got in on that Muslim the world on PS four. So is great Capcom. Does knows what they're doing agree? It'd be soft seems to be finding their footing. But you know, who's not finding their footing though, who's this team. Really? So steam, you know, we we like the gaming we, you know, we we do like to stay my PC game much, but due respect to the platform and stuff like that. How the mighty did. Exactly. But how the mighty have fallen because lately what's been happening as late as they had the green steam greenlight for a while. And so they would approve what games go on there. You can you can submit your game and get it on there. He gets approved. The gotta gotta really lax about that. I don't know if it's laziness there's something turtles have changed or whatever. But they decided to go ahead and change the format of that. But the problem is all these really crappy not just crappy but bad games about them. You really bad one of the biggest controversial things. This is what's really hurting steam right now and could totally just destroy this platform corporation. I didn't think was going to ever be touchable for time and time to come is the fact that they let a game rape day. Go ahead and get on there and believe has been rectified, but the fact that that would even wasn't good PR. Let's put it that way. And the game is as you would sue and the big issue there being the fact that games like, hey, treds, always been. You know, there's always been a separation of severity in what's considered inappropriate violence and sexual nature kind of always being uneven in terms of treatment. But in this sense, like not not the greatest thing to have on their hatred is one thing, but we've had postal before then, you know, killing floor, we've always had violent video games. But nothing that outright Lee. Advocates for right. You can't really discuss this topic without getting like start treading into some sort of territory or saying things that are taken out of context or you can walk into the right thing. So we'll kind of leave it there. But what I will say, though, is the fact that that the game exists like that out there and was on a platform like steam is absolutely. Unprofessional oversight to the most extreme caliber it really is definitely crossing some kind of line. You know? Yeah. I wild the fact that that's even thing is insane. I'm amazed. I gotta prove that's well. Right. So it makes you wonder if everything's automated, or if someone has just lost their mind one good thing that came up this week is Google announced its own gaming platform, the Google stadia. Did you hear anything about that? At all. I did not please Doug old so Google Sadia rather than an actual physical console is going to be a gaming streaming platform. So you can play on your computer, then you can switch to your phone. And then you can switch to, you know, you're smart TV, or whatever or what have you and you'll be able to play your games, you're going to have a library very much like steam. But rather than needing X type of console to use it you can just play. Wherever you go in the demo that they showed at GDP twenty and nineteen was someone using it on a computer, and then having to go, and then just picking up their phone and continue the game as they walk out the door, absolutely seamless and transitional like that and a lot of people have I thought okay because stadiums probably some sort of Google play store thing you'd be angry birds on your phone, your, tablet, whatever which they can already do that though, this is legitimate gaining. They showed a demo of assassin's creed odyssey and do attornal doing this like. Imagine you're at home playing do maternal on your computer. And you gotta go to your doctor's appointment, you could mean the waiting for about an hour. So you just continue with Google stadia on your phone and to start doing that like that seems so future that like, I don't we all the tech can be their, you know, PlayStation has launched their apperently where you can play on iphones not out on Android yet. So we all know replace station stands on that battlefield of. They have it where you can remote play your PS four games on your iphone. Now. That's cool. So that's there. And so this is like taking that idea to the next level. Because while they're doing stream your PS four to your phone. This is straight up playing the game on multiple platforms at your leisure. And your convenience says the especially that it's a seamless transition between the two my question is you know, what what's the graphical quality will what's the? The frame rate is going to be like the game play overall. So whatever the whatever can handle at least that's what the Representative from Google saying. So in this sense to give a tangible example, you have a PC that can run four K gaming than fine. What it'll be on your PC. It's going to run in four K HDR's PS. So let's say you're running do maternal on that. Then you go to your phone. The Samsung galaxy note nine what I'm using for example, can run up to two K HDR so assumingly they do that. You're not lose. You're losing Bill. But it's still really good though to K is still higher than your average to video HD video anything like that. So I mean in theory, supposes what they're proposing. Very good is what is basically not much of a day not dropping from four K to four ADP. You're actually still in the HD realm, which is impressive. If they could really pull that officers. It's all good. And obviously up to your hardware, your, computer, tablet, or your phone can handle it. You're just SOL there. But very interesting idea. What this at a lot of people are pointing up where the XBox platform will stand now because with stadia being one way and place, they so's you have place console like PlayStation floor on one end. And then you have something like Google stayed in the other end where you have a streaming platform in a physical console platform. Now eating up both ends of the spectrum. Where experts always this kind of like weird mix of the two because XBox does have a lot of streaming options between PC and your XBox? And so on and so forth. They kind of start to slowly get lost in the third even more. And it's very curious to see where they stand shortly hereafter because now they have this out of nowhere Pedder. And so they have that they they also showed off the stadia controller, and it looks interesting. Not the prettiest controller kind of just the it almost. Looks like what you'd expect? If someone says draw me a generic control like like drave video game controller it kind of looks like that, it's fine. It's not. It's no dream caster Duke, but it's it's not the prettiest once the that's it was dumb. Sick placement. More XBox, PlayStation. Well, you know, what let me for the sake of this for all of you listening. I'm going to leak it down below, but for John Rocca collection just gonna pull up a picture real quick on the old PC, and I wanted to show him real quick. And that's so let me it's not. It's not bad is not exactly very simplistic gets the job done for something. You can use on your phone and your computer and everything else. And you're just flying that around seamlessly realistically. Like, no, no problem there. I would say I think that I'm streaming bluetooth connectivity for the phone. I would've. Yeah. Exactly. It looks like it as well. As just needs to be standard issue in the new PS four next. One control. There's also the case. So I would assume that would be the case in there too. I'm on board with it's a pretty cool idea. Very very interesting proposition. I'm very very interested in that my my question when are they going to really scar? Well, you know, it's coming. Oh. Yeah. Jokes been around. It's actually true. And it is coming. And you know, what I don't mind. I'll get it. Gets mcginn. I own copies of skydiving. It's it's a lot. Yeah. But it's fun. Out this past week, as well was the apex legend season-best, we talked about it last time. And boy, do we have on our faces from all that information. We did. So we were all right for the most part, but also super wrong and other aspects. And so here's the clear details at the moment. The it looks like from how I understood the legends and the season passer not going to be tied together. Exactly. You gotta still by legend doesn't characters for those who are not in the Novi PEX. And then of course, he's invested diseases pass will contain cosmetics and other luxury items like that it will not about the game. Of course that will be available for and this is the thing. I love about it. You can either use your in game currency or real money to go ahead and get this stuff. I just love that. I think every true that's a true free to play game. There. It really is. You put in the work, and you earn it or you just buy it. But it won't make you any better at the game. That's how it should be exactly these season pass will be running you a whole nine hundred fifty eight apex coins or nine fifty. US dollars not bad at all not driving the book and each each. We'll be running you about twelve thousand legend tokens, would you also earn in game two characters different currency or eight dollars and fifty cents US dollars. So not bad at all in. Honestly, that's the kind of money that anyone can comfortably dropped and should drop on his game. Because apex legends is fantastic. And they should you should definitely do that. Because I've been with the type of thing where it's they it's such a nice format because they don't ask for much, and they give you so much. Then you feel almost at least I feel guilty paying Silvy will sometimes for such a great, but games is service being the way, it is where this is going to be like a long running thing, and you will end up paying good money overall in the end, I still think it's fair though as long as they continue deliver that content because as long as you can look at it in the sense of your delivering games. And it's like you're getting a new game every three months every six months every year, depending on how often they update it as long as you feel like you're getting that ten twenty thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety hundred two hundred dollars as long as you felt like in the run of time you've gotten that much value out of it. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. It's almost like doing a payment plan on your names, you wanna play resident evil remake. To now while put down ten dollars today. Pay me, another ten dollars a month. So on so forth. You can see it that way. And it's really fair. I think if you do that way. No, it's not asking too much on their part. You know, exactly. So that's another good one on there. Speaking of legends. We have over watched the teast, then you hero just dropped this past week on servers live on everything I believe so he is considered a support character despite having offense of capabilities. What did you think about him? I haven't played him. But what did you think about him in the trailer? They haven't had a chance to either. But I think it's great. I think he's a great addition. I think he'd balances out all the DPS buffs we've been getting over the past few seasons, we really needed offensive character. And he seems like a very strong addition to the game. I like his his old minute Mars is ultra whatever. And he's he seems like a good foil to those who wanna play seventy six but also want a bit more of a support character. Right. I it's almost like he's a more like seventy six, obviously has very awesome healing deal that he drops down. And this is one of those things where if you want to be more focused on healing. But not lose all your -fensive capabilities. He's a it's another good additional hero. I think to the game to try to add yet another place. I'll and as long as overarching continue to adult he's different places because everyone plays games very differently from single player games to multiplayer games. Everyone does have a very particular style. And with that being the case, I think that adding all these different heroes that are similar to others. But so different from others or takes a little bit of Calvin. Call and be from different characters is a great way to keep people interested and they've been doing a pretty decent job at keeping the. Balance all doing this. That's such a hard task people to understand is what people about him balance against balancings a big deal. But it's not the easiest thing to do. Really isn't scale would what are there twenty six or seven characters though? Yeah. Yeah. It's it's it's getting up there. So I mean, good on them. I think this is a great addition without having played him. You know, I wouldn't run them as a solo. He'll right. Maybe Param with a good Zan or more. But I I like. I'd like to play them. Yeah. I'm very excited to try them because I do like play support more of a tank guy, but I do like support as well. And of course, I would like I do like BPS. I'm very good. I mean, hit scan characters I haven't which is a shame because everyone wants to do six men TBS teams. And that's the whole nightmare itself. Whatever Dante's Japanese voice, actor forget his name supplies. The sees me on just keep calling him that, but he talked about how director Hideaki pseudo actually once he heard the response of the of DMC wanted to withdraw from the gate like almost quit the team basically because of how he felt he disappointed fans by releasing that game and so on and so forth. Now mechanically the game was okay, just play. It's just very it's not what people expected or they're gonna go story wise and aesthetically, it's not great. It's a bad kind of edgy versus the good DMC. Which is really interesting how you can separate the types of edginess that way, but. I still think that it's a little sad to know that he felt that he let down people hope let's get to know the work that series. So you can really see I feel DMC wasn't necessary game to make even though I didn't like it. Because I think it what made the MC five that much better as they felt that this is redemption time they had to make it up. And I think that it's kind of good to know that he cares that much notice a pre sheet the play DMC. I didn't have to be an issue with it felt that they kind of cut the narrative though, too early how much DMC did you play prior to that? And I'm just curious all of it including two which I actually enjoyed. I know people hate that game. Hey, one is still my favorite. But I didn't hate to. I played halfway through four and had to quit because of school got in the way. Right. And when I came back to it for already last gen so I didn't feel like picking that up again because I'm spoiled for graphics, but I played a little bit of DMC not all the way through because I did get kind of tired of the repetitiveness and the over edginess. But it's not as terrible as people think, you know, you can say, bad taste or whatever. But it's not a bad game. Is it a bad DMC game big? Yeah. It's kind of a bad DMC game. But it's not a bad game overall. So I'm happy with the decision to really. Re reignite the narrative, you know. Yeah. Absolutely. In kinda go. All right. Let's try that again musically. What happened? There was good. Because it's a great story. You know, everyone loves the Dante Virgil dichotomy so good. And then, of course, in the euro has great as well. So it's just it's it's it's a great is a great franchise in great disease return to form because I would say that like many others. I feel like DMC five may be the greatest entry into the series so far. It's absolutely. Fantastic. It is the inclusion of Kylo Ren. So moving up there. No, I didn't know slick transition that time so they're just going to hop into the Texan segment. So this was one that really hit home to me because I was really sad about this. And it's still sad to know that things are turning around for it is that final fantasy fifteen which they did announced they were discontinuing support for which really sucks because as you tomato before he left the company was really like he did a great job. This is one of those redemption stories again, where he was like, hey, look, I know that you know, we really took us forever to get this out. But how about this in the season pass? We're going to give you like tons and tons of deal see like big amounts of content, and they were going to have going like they had so many different stuff. You know, they had the different alternate campaigns for the prequel stories for the main characters they added the online play where you could play as a separate team and go through the narrative again as your own characters with up to three other friends online. Ended a lot of cool stuff like that. But then when he announces leaving the company, that's when all of a sudden square was just like, oh, yeah. By the way, supports over four, which really sucks because at the rate they were going we're talking about thirty plus probably pieces of true, real big content. All the way in twenty twenty. I mean, he was gonna make this game one of the most massive massively supported games. And it's just really a shame that it ended the way did they did say that art in which is still coming out soon is going to be the final piece of DLC. And then that's it. I mean, but it was really great. You got they plan to see everything you got to see the main narrative is knocked distant the original game. Then you got to see what each of his boys went through in the prequel stuff. Then you were going to get us through the story from the. Vision of of Luna, whatever the the main girl, and then of course, episode Arden, you get to see it through the eyes of one of the baggage they were making it. So you could play the game and see it forever respective plays. Everyone's different styles narratives, and there was just such a cool thing they were doing with it. You know, like recall, it's a disappointing to hear that. It's not gonna go on. Yeah. I mean, you have people who are haters their dislike, of course, they're just like. Pay for all that. But me, I don't mind paying for getting something for this is the thing. That's like that's just the state of the industry. I can't fix the entire industry, but I can enjoy when it's good with what we got the basaltic content releases is a nice touch. Absolutely another disappointing thing continuing that trend in the conversation because it just really is that sense. And this is another one where I need it in the way that like I'm disappointed personally as a fan level is that the brand new game from the studio makes the games, which everyone who knows me knows how much I love those games ever since. I two best friends played that game back in twenty thirteen at is firstly because a four back then I've just been a fan of the franchise ever since China pummeled through many of them as I can. And they've been getting the older games remade and released on PS four which makes it convenient and really good on that sense. But they had a brand new spinoff game, which does take place in the world. But it was a separate spinoff was project judge, and it's. An awesome looking game clearly the style game. But with more emphasis on your main character doing martial arts, you do play as like a cop or detective, or whatever, and you go through the streets of come Rocho, where you're like most of the events take place in your kind of on the cop side of things now, and you're going after any characters, whereas I know that you get to see for the main like, you know, you're not going after like anything like that. But I, but it you can tell tell it takes place in that a world and everything, and it looks really great. They had all sorts of investigation mechanics of that you can use and the combat system. Look great. But now the overseas shipment is going to be delayed because one of the main characters in the game. They use the lightness voice of a lot of these people was caught doing cocaine and at surface and Japan's laws on that are very strict. And because of that, they're basically they did this before in a previous game where they pretty much when they released it later on such overseas in. A different version. They totally redid that guy all the guys parked lightness. And the character totally changed the way they look just conned the guy out of the game. And now, it looks like they might do it with this one which means that the delay on this game which sets because it was actually going to be one of the first games by the studio. Now that the game finally has support and say actually cares now was gonna come out fairly soon after the Japanese one. But now it looks like it's going to be believed. We're really long time. They're gonna end up redoing rebuilding a lot of the stuff that had to do with this guy's parts. And it's really a shame by me. I know it's a big cultural difference in terms of how their culture sees this stuff where here in the states who are kinda like but over there. That's not that simple. That that's their brand. And this guy's doing illegal things. Exactly. The fact that it's not no so much a focus on the fact that they're doing cocaine. The fact that they're kind of doing something bad in general exactly, you know, whatever you want to do that's fine. But he's doing something to leave part of a bigger project. There has to be a sense of where niche with that is this person a major part of the game as one of the main the plager-, but he deal with them a lot. Okay. Which is why this is gonna be a long cared on rebuild project. Basically. That's a damn shame. Yeah. I know is really looking forward to that. But you know, more money in the pocket for now. Speaking about more money delays six which recently was released. Did you hear about the Gregson people have with that know, what's so delay is known ever since five at least to have tolerance of mount of DLC insane about my argument on that. Of course, is that you don't have to buy. It you really don't it doesn't make any better. It's all cosmetics. Optional of course. But it's still got a lot of attention. The first thing that got attention for delays. Because the fact that it I it looks like we're gonna cut out a lot of other over sexuality. But then when the game actually came out they actually just went in, and when to fold and a lot of people were kind of like felt deceived or were disappointed that was the case. But whatever I mean, honestly, that's what sets apart. I feel like the game. Whether or not you like that stuff if the game didn't have it. I don't feel it. It kind of Dan me for saying this. But it kind of feels like it's almost necessary because it's what makes the game standout. It's what made the gave notice. And honestly, if not it might have just been another fighting that would have fallen in the shadow of Tekken fighters, like king of fighters, absolutely certain blasberg countries. But I feel like those get kind of dusted aside as another fighter. Where's delay? That's the first time. I learned about jiggle physics, right? Yeah. You know, it's known for that kind of thing. And so what they ended up doing with that is the fact that they are selling their very first season pass and only one of several. Ninety nine dollars. Excuse me. Ninety nine dollars. These season-best all kuznetsov's for the different characters and incentive you the first of several and ninety nine dollars each one. That's already slated. There's gonna cost night in the civil. That's a soup. We don't know about that yet. But if it's anything like the past centuries, they probably likely will do that. And so this is where people, of course, take the financial breakdown to the game. The game itself is sixty dollars. Hundred and sixty five sixty five and then one hundred if you want all the the medic upgrades. Yeah. Really what what what what else are they planning with that? What are you promising me? Now, there should be stages and stuff I recall correctly, because in delay five that was the case, but majority costumes if not if they haven't announced that it's going to be just costumes. It's almost going to be just costumes. That's a little ridiculous. I have to admit for ninety nine dollars plus tax. I'm assuming right one hundred eight dollars for skins. Right. Exactly. So with that being the case, I would say that I can see both sides of the argument, I on the you don't have to buy it side. But I do understand people's concerns with making it a thing. Some people have one as far as to say that it's as if Koi Tecmo is taking advantage of their fan base knowing that these people will drop the dollar bills to buy this. Yeah. It. It's a little disheartening because it's one of those moments in gaming that that could set a benchmark for other companies that see if while the fan base bought into this for this game. What's stopping us from charging that much? What's what's stopping destiny? Three from charging two hundred dollars hundred fifty dollars for their next. Right. And it has a friend Hugh precedents for gaming companies to charge stuff on necessarily. You're right. It's all about trendsetting. Right. When something catches attention like this is catching attention other companies look out, and they don't see it in the moral standpoint. They look at it on the potential to make money standpoint. So quickly. You're right. That's actually true. That's very very valid point. It's like when apple got rid of the headphone, Jack, everyone else started imitating that even if a majority of people hate the fact that that's the case. But it's about following trends and getting in there, you know, there are reasons why they do that. But his thrills who. No, you don't. But you know, that that being the case that's very good point. It's that kind of thing where even if the overwhelming response is against it. The fact that once people realize that it can be thing and people can do it and people will still buy it that it doesn't stop people from trying to do that. So you're right. Very very true. It's a little insulting. So I'm saying a gamer. It's like really you're not wrong. You're not wrong. It kinda kinda is at that point. So you're absolutely you're you're got a very good point there. Next up on the docket plaguing. Kevin played plague Inc once along. Yeah. Or not not that long ago but away thinking to something no thinking of something else. Okay. Well is the one good you play. You know, you have the little like you're trying you're all playing together you're trying to stop from getting wiped out by place like different illnesses. You're trying you know that areas of like that you heard about it. I haven't played it. I won't play it. And she named the plague after mom did you hear about the new buff? That the game developers added though, what's up, so it's actually a DiBa. So they said that if x amount of people got on board with exiting than about the say that they would go ahead and into the game at it as a D buff for you to use against other people or deflectors of depending on have you utilized inflate ache. Now. Now, officially anti vaxxers are now Adiba you lose quicker because the plague will overtake you that much faster. Boy, can we hear about the backlash from that. Yeah. Definitely a ballsy move from anyone who's trying to sell something or that has the game at all. But I also did find it rather amusing with that was actually a thing that they went ahead. And did I think that that? That's that's sickness stance. And I support them for taking a stance of my own. That's kudos to you plugging. Yeah. I thought that was absolutely hilarious. I find that very amusing. We're gonna follow into our final topic this week's podcast final topic. And what we're going to get center. And this is again, what I want you the audience in the comments below or Email us, or whatever the case is do follow up with this. Because we wanted to know your take on this as well. We want that feedback. Just please do games that. Ask for second chance deserve them. They'll be more context of the second. When I get into these franchises that I'm questioning, and it's not only to these franchises. If you can think of another franchise that has done. This definitely bring it up and put it on there because there are ton of own. It's what gym from the gym position podcasts called people entering. Now. The it better now system, and that's one of the things that we kind of go into one of the first examples and one of the ones that I actually think is good. And in fact, all three of these are actually good games now, and this actually got to basically be semi related to anthem, which we're talking about the last podcast. I'm gonna come full circle into that. And kind of question on your thought of that is the first one is no man's sky. Oh, yeah. Of course, one of the things where the gay I came out, and it was totally disappointing. But not because the game itself sounded like a disappointing proposition. But the fact that the game didn't deliver anything that it had initially promised agree. Multiplayer was not there. A lot of the stuff that Timothy's to do is not there. A lot of the world was not there. There was just a lot of stuff though is missing for the game. Which is just not good. Unfortunately, it's one of those things where you got to don't promise it. Then it just keep it in your pocket and have it like, oh, this is going to be a future upgrade or of. This is gonna be in the first season pass just be transparent about it. Because it's very quick that people are going to realize that you're not delivering half the things. And when that's the case, it's not going to bode well for you in the end because you know, now, no men's got a lot of you are playing actually pretty good. Now, I'm going to jump on the devil's advocate side here and say I I didn't completely load. No scout. When I I played it actually put a lot of hours. Maybe like sixty seventy hours into the the original build. That's awesome. I just enjoyed the monotony of it the grinding just going to explore that that to me is fun. I like the ability to just go. Oh out on my own. And do what I want. There wasn't any concrete narrative to follow. Really? And I I had fun with it. Now, I think that we're it suffered is worth a lot of games suffer nowadays is that it was on that development deadline here, you promise all this. And it is going to come out. But because our publisher wants to put this out. Now, this is the date it needs to be released we need to get this. Now, that's where it it kind of attracted a lot of negative attention because they did deliver an incomplete project didn't did it. And then a lot of games do that now to be absolutely fair. Exactly EA being one of the more to Torius wants for that. What do you know what I meant anthem later? What about but we'll get to that. And I totally agree with you. I think I did put quite as much time to do it as did. But there was something about even just walking around in the land of his therapeutic. The visuals were not bad. I thought the idea was great now. I wish it was more than which is why when I got it initially, and I didn't play it much. I just shelved it for now. And I was just hope. Ping hoping. And then eventually they started dropping some big updates totally overhaul the game, and it was absolutely fantastic. And so in the last week. And in fact, this adjustment announced minutes six minutes after we finish recording the last five because somebody get on the last time was that they're finally going to drop the multiplayer for your next big expansion is going to drop a bunch of stuff, including multiplayer, which I absolutely stoked for. I cannot wait. Of course. Now, I gotta convince friends to buy this game. That didn't look that great at first. But it's it's exciting. I think it looks really not. I think that the game is really nice now. And I think that this is going to be awesome aspect something multiplayer that was problems with the beginning. Finally coming out. Hey, maybe it's better late than never know. Exactly. It's it's one of these things where your patients pays off if you decided to stick with the game. Exactly next one. Of course as war frame that game has changed a lots of came out. That's another one. And of course, it's being compared to anthem lot because anthem basically just copy and paste it I believe if I recall correctly, one of the members in that are involved directly with war frame, basically dropped I want to say it was a tweet. I wanna say that. I think they were advised that it was taking another staff member is actually. But please correct me if I was wrong about any of them fairly sure that that was the case. And basically in just took a jab at anthem that was basically saying, oh, I mean, you can cut our pace this off you can cut and paste their stuff if you want to that's fine. But I was in the verbatim quote. But that's basically what is inferring thought that that. She was pretty funny guy. Just the fact that that you just go. There is always amusing cutting pasting because we're frames a successful. That's true. And of course, again, we touched on a bit losses. I'm not gonna beat the dead horse again because that's not the name of this podcast. But the thing is the fact that at least warfare didn't charge you anything up front exact you. Yeah. The choice of pay as much money as you want. But they didn't charge anything upfront for anthem to be as incomplete as it is and asking for sixty dollars at the bat and let you know that there is going to be more to the ass for later. That's a bit much have them promised. A lot of the game warford was just hey guys here. We are. We're free to play. Yeah. We're thing. Tries detroit. Yeah. Exactly. And I did. And remember, I didn't just play three. Oh, really? Is a big man kept be away from it. Yeah. Luckily, I did too till after the fact played it. But it didn't I would have had the same result make to a lesser extent. But I like war Frank. I thought it was cool. I was playing other games at the time was playing Arkham night at the time. So I didn't dedicate myself to but one of my friends was playing at hardcore still plays to this day. Like is a diehard fan. But again, the more frame didn't promise you anything and them's over here. Trying to live all the next grade destiny, you know, basically. And that's the thing is the fact that it. Failed to hit the nail on the head hit anything good point there to swinging the fences in we're walking the exact opposite direction of the Fed's myth another game that did get better over time. And it got even more attention ever since it went free to play for the month on PlayStation. Plus was four honor four honor was another game. That was terrible it at first, but it gets pretty empty pretty United fucking tap on the shell. And you can hear the echo in there. It was just one of those things where took time to get up there. But now, it's it's great the marching fire expansion, and everything's added all his awesome stuff than you, the Chinese guild and stuff that are in there now and all these other warriors. I mean, it's a great game. It's awesome concept. You take these real fighting styles. It's not a dynasty, water yourself hack and slash like just button mashing do good. But you really have to think strategically you have to. In the block, you have your mid your low end, your high like guards and everything there's all sorts of different stuff in every class. Blake dif- completely different. You have your Vikings. Who are a lot more brawler than you had your samurai who were more a little more fragile if they got hit, but a good samurai player just wouldn't get hit. And they would be something more powerful on the offensive comeback. Like there were so many different ways that they did it just right in the end. But the problem is all of this stuff all these games that were talking about all this stuff. We're mentioning did go in that format of promise too much failed to deliver. But delivered it in the end. Exactly. I actually got on board from the get-go with four hundred nice. That's known hundred percent. I did buy a preowned copy get my money back. If if need be I got bored, which I did, but I was a fan of deadliest warrior back in the day. So this is this is what I was hoping for right something like ever played that game. It's not bad. But it's very deadliest warrior or deadliest. Okay. Yeah. It's it's very simple simplistic, okay? You know, one of you has a shield the other one doesn't let it it's it was basically ghetto for honor. Exactly. But for it was fun. I it just it felt lacking. Right. Which is the motif of all these. So that puts us into the final round in section where again, we wanted to areas assaults on any of that. But especially this section, and I want to know your thoughts to of course, Jon that's why you're you're on here. Anthem anthem is now in this spot where it did with these other games did including the one that it ripped off. And now does it deserve that time to turn around? Does it deserve your sixty dollars and future support or than anthem already dropped the ball so hard that there's no way to pick it up again? What do you think about that? Because everyone knows my thoughts. All ready. What do you think about that having played it firsthand yet? And just going simply off the opinions of gamers a trust. I I kind of look at it as anthem dropped the ball. I don't know if they're going to be able to recover. I hope they do because it seems like I love violator. Yeah. I love by. I don't wanna see by over get get shelved and collapsed into something else. I really hope anthem can recover because it's a neat idea. It seems like it could have a lot of potentials a cool Sifi shooter Moba wrench mobile. I any. I don't know this John Moby fair to say, but you got the first part for sure. Okay. Yeah. Correct. Me weren't Brown. But I think at the moment and for the preceding future, it's they dropped the ball just because they promised so much. They said the price point too high. And in the case of for owner, you know, for owner delivered a little bit, but anthem doesn't seem to be delivering anything at all. I say that's fair. I think that there's so much nothing. And I think it's a shame because I do want to see by or succeed. But I just feel like this was just a bad call in all fronts in terms of the way, they did it. And one of the biggest disappointments is the fact that the compromise. Like, I believe I mentioned on the last podcast the year ago, when they basically said that people that play shooters don't care what story. So we're going to forgo our forte and compromise to get in on this this and the bandwagon is just the most awful thing. You could use a company I love you by Larry. But for me to have made a call like that where you chase the dollars over Bill Everett. What people expect of you is a shame, especially because you know, like. Like, Laura on the podcast was saying is that the game itself mechanically is fine. If they just made this a single player game with a good suit with a great story and find video mechanics. It would have been this could have been good game. It could have been. Yeah. Man. You know? So is one thing. But never compromise your vision for it. Absolutely. And that's the thing. So that's where it's going to stand. And I don't think it's going to recover. I think that I hope by where does, but I'm not gonna hold my breath for dragon age four, unfortunately, because I think this might have been this might be the nail in the coffin the best. The best for you by wear, but I would EA your boss, man. I don't see making out of this alive. But I hope you do and I'll fully forty by where a really really really really really really really hope. So because since they just announced that the producers a game in thrones are going to be doing nights of the Republic series, supposedly, I really really really hope that you guys pulled through because those are somebody was favored games of all time. Not go to public dragon age mass effect one to it's my child that right there shoot I'm playing KOTA right now. In fact, I hope you guys make a really really do. So without being said that pretty much ratchet it up let us know your thoughts on the idea of second chance for games. Do they deserve it? If they dropped the ball Sohar or do they deserve to be taught a lesson from one that actually just might be a permanent one for them. So they can better themselves in the future and not end up being a piece of shit like lift Lazinski anything going on with you later this week. John what's coming with you anything you a lot more work. I know is that it wasn't planning early. But I did actually start coder. I at least made my character. There. You got and counts myth taking we played it. So I'm gonna try and get in some hours on that. Least maybe thirty minutes a day because I love that game fantastic. Like was it route and forty by were and what your can our love the listeners find you at you can find me at disaster. -ment underscore music on Instagram keep them lookout gonna be releasing an EP by the end of the year. So yeah, thanks. You can find me at the handle ZD rocker altogether. And of course, you can find my other projects, that's invasion, entertainment dot com. Remember, if you do have any enquiries comments questions are follow up. You can Email us at disconnected cast mail at G nail dot com. Once again, that's disconnected cast mail at gmaiLcom, and let us know anything right there that you want us to maybe cover if you have any insider on it. Inside anything. Let us know you can reach us there. And until then we will catch you guys every Monday at eleven AM central standard time. Thank you ever corrected us on the fact that we did not put a time zone on the last one. We forget that everyone lives in other places and not just where we live and until we will catch you guys in the next episode. Good one.

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