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2019 Cardinals Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Brian Finch


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The cardinals hall of fame is a celebration and that day a celebration of the organization and baseball in general enroll we live in this baseball crazed city of saint louis and it seems like it doesn't stop whether you're the off season or n._c.'s in people are always always talking about st louis cardinals baseball and so that's why the cardinals hall of fame in my mind is a combination of celebration and <hes> <hes> and looking at the history and the past and the future of what might be of those that could wear the red jacket welcome into scoops with danny mac dot com and and my visit with brian finch who heads up the cardinals hall of fame museum and also <hes> the gentleman that will really put on a great event saturday in saint louis always more cooper going in scott rowland jason isringhausen and a celebration of those three baseball famous coming back and those have been awarded awarded the red jacket coming back to celebrate with the fans what is a very special day in saint louis and that is the cardinals hall of fame for fans. I don't know i i wanted to do this. <hes> visit with brian. If you don't know what it's all about we'll get into that but also answer some just logistic questions about the day it is open to the public and <hes> if you wanna see these guys up close and if you wanna be a part of the celebration is he a role in they were your favorite players. You can be there and see their speech and see it up close. It's open to the public. It is free so we'll get into that with brian finch and also a little bit <hes> into the careers of these great players that'll be inducted acted into the saint louis cardinals hall of fame or coming to you from the lou fuse automotive studios and brilliant clarity. Thanks to lordos diamonds see their selection at lordos diamonds dot com lordos diamonds dot com men and women's jewelry all lordos and this is also presented by westport social so if you're looking for a spot to host your fantasy i see football draft. 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That'll be the class being inducted into the cardinals hall of fame this upcoming saturday and and brian you are to be commended and thanks for the time time the effort the sweat blood tears the passion that you put into the hall of fame and this day. It's going to be an incredible day well. We're excited about what's coming up and we're excited every year to celebrate our cardinals history and in in particular some of the greatest players <hes> that have been on the field here at busch stadium and really bush stadiums past. It's an eight day to <hes> you know we'll see the different generations not only fans come out but to see those generations on display through the plaques through the videos and of course the inductees <hes> that were celebrating with the red jackets and the legacies and the family members coming out. Do you have a favorite <hes> moment or speech or sentence word that has come out of one of these <hes> over the last five ears. You know what's interesting to me is always the unexpected the players that maybe didn't show the emotion on the field so much and then you see that emotion come out now whether it was willing to give a man a few words to have so many words in his induction speech in that same year the first year with edmunds <hes> to kind of get choked up in his speech each or to even have a player like joe torry come back in here is a player who is celebrated. He was an m._v._p. Played in a number of different franchises but he really is. That's talk baseball man in major league baseball. He's basically the number two so the commissioner of baseball and for him to include in his speech that for this moment to be considered a hall of famer and saint louis and now it's baseball royalty to him for everything he's accomplished in the game both on the filled an off the field. What a huge honor to us what it was show of respect to us so those are just a few of my favorites and i gotta be honest. I'm really looking forward did this. Year i started with the club in two thousand four to have our two living inductees with izzy and scott rolen going in rolling was one of my all time favorites i grew up smith fan and enrolling with the you know the second coming of that great defensive infielder and <hes> in between these two these guys as you know have some of the the the driest wits the sarcastic humor and and i think a lot of fun on induction day gimme <hes> the reactions of family members or a hall of famer order to after it's done they've made their speech. They've been through it which many of them are. I'm not gonna say many of them. All of them are nervous about what they wanna say. They don't want to forget anybody. I mean everybody. Nobody knows that and you want to be respectful. As you go along the way just wanna do it right so when it's all said and done the dust is settled <hes> what's the reaction reaction that you get that day from some of the hall of famers you know i think the thing we get more often than not is the feeling of getting that red jacket and and you know it's kind of like a wedding day explained that to these inductees as they're coming along and you know it takes several months to prepare for this and i tell them it's like getting ready for your wedding and you know all these jackets are custom tailored for them. They've you know the the worst kept secret. They've tried it on before it makes a little bit of time here but the thing that we hear the most it is. I finally get to keep it on. Don't make me take this off anymore. You know so that's really a neat moment that even if it's kind of a hot summer day here in saint louis <hes> for for them to be able to get that jacket handed to them by some other hall of famers <hes> you know it's a habit on stage it might be scorching outside but typically these guys want to keep that jacket on for a little a bit and <hes> where it to get across the street to the ballpark or whatever the case might be for fans that are listening in we should mention this is open and free to the public beginning <hes> early in in saturday saturday morning. I know you guys opened the doors early to the museum and you make sure that fans have a chance to get a seat. Get a standing position and take in the cardinals hall of fame. It is so let's talk about saturday. We've got some great things going on <hes> in addition to the induction ceremony. We'll get to that in just a minute on saturday at the cardinals museum. We've got our saturday signing series so one of our hall of famers ray lankford will be signing autographs from ten a._m. To twelve pm at the cardinals hall of fame and museum. All you have to have is museum admission to get an autograph from langford. There is a limited number of autographed tickets. We try to accommodate as many people as possible but <hes> get in line early. We start handing out those autographed tickets again. It's a free ticket but you have to have museum admission to get one of those will hand those out as early as nine thirty and then that will extend from ten a._m. To twelve pm ballpark village opens at eleven o'clock so so if you want to get the the best <hes> standing room or the boost or the seating there you can do that starting at eleven a._m. Have your lunch there in ballpark village. In the induction ceremony the two thousand nineteen cardinals hall of fame induction ceremony featuring mort cooper jason isringhausen and scott rolen and of course our returning famous starts at three p._m. In the afternoon and of course course i'm talking to r._m._c. this year you. Dan have been a great emcee. <hes> this'll be the six year running that we had the induction ceremony and we're excited to have you there as well as our ownership and our other hall all of famers returning to welcome these new inductees this year yeah it's an honor and a privilege to do it and it's awesome to see the reactions of the individuals that are <hes> being honored that day <hes> which you know many times as you touched upon earlier it gets very emotional and so i'm gonna go <hes> player by player here. More cooper is unfortunately unfortunately not going to be with us but i know family members have contributed to his speech and and his time of being honoured on saturday yes now mort is deceased <hes>. His son is still alive but he's not in the best health himself more. It was the ace of the cardinals back in the nineteen forties. He's one of only three pitchers in franchise consistory to have won twenty games in three consecutive seasons. He did it in forty two forty three and forty four years for the for the teams. They weren't for our fans that aren't as <hes> <hes> familiar with those years. The cardinals went to the world series in forty two forty three forty four and they won one hundred games in each of those seasons as well. It's the best three year run of baseball in cardinals history hands down <hes> he really had some great performances in those world series in the season. So what a great pitcher oh by the way he was the nineteen forty two national league most valuable player so quite the accomplished pitcher and his place in the hall of fame is very deserving. Scott roland will jump to him. We look at him now. As one of the greatest all around third baseman you made so many great calls at third base he would you know kind of that. Ozzie smith player he would get two balls at other players wouldn't even attempt and then he would still make the play across the diamond a great offensive player as well think back to that two thousand four season <hes> part of the n._b._a. Three and and really in two thousand six he didn't win the world series m._v._p. Could've though that it may they have been a slip by curtis in that helped david exe line get that but role and ended the two thousand six season with a ten game hitting streak and actually <hes> i think he led the team in batting average and slugging percentage in that two thousand six world series so he was a huge <hes> cog in the machine of that. Oh six world series championship <hes> a great player for us for so many years there and busch stadium twos all time third baseman as voted on by the fans and then jason isringhausen as i mentioned <hes> <hes> there are guys that clearly it means a lot but when you're from brighton illinois in you you grew up cheering for the club and now you're gonna wear that red jacket every opening day and going to the hall of fame not to say it means more but man. It's awfully special well. He's made it very clear how meaningful this will be for him and let's just say this all time saves leader charles journals history anytime you're the all time something in cardinals history that's incredibly important and incredibly significant two hundred seventeen saves of the cardinals closer <hes> <hes> ranks third all time in strikeouts cardinals reliever and you know really just the dominant presence at the end of the game <hes> particularly those years for a mo- to throw oh five i mean he was at just force at the end of the game are ran into some injury issues from you know oh six though eight but he still got the job done there and <hes> it will be a lot of fun with izzy enroll in as i mentioned they got that sharp with there and <hes> sure we're going to have some some jabs some jokes and they might be jabbing at one another. I'm so while i'm curious about is he. I i know you said that you've talked to the players. You've got them fitted for the jackets in and told them a little bit about what today's going to be like. What are those conversations if if you can i don't want to pry too much but one of those conversations been like with izzy you know it's been a lot of fun with the two of them actually <hes> they have a few dares between each other <hes> some of the speeches i say there. Is you know maybe a little friendly wage. Reopen honor bank so to speak. Maybe linked the spe- maybe who might talk about this this or that or whatever the case might be <hes> i will mention this as well at the museum the cardinals museum on friday. We're going to have both of them together. Doing our flashback back friday interview series for a half hour interview so we're going to get him. <hes> in our little setting together with the seating is limited but it's also free to attend so come join us four o'clock on friday the afternoon and we'll have some fun there. Maybe we'll get them. <hes> kind of have a little fun with each other before they get on stage saturday. <hes> you know dressed up in the red blazers and how about the major league hall of famers and post <hes> cardinal hall of famers who will be there on a saturday that you know that for sure will be in attendance well. We're still working through some of those those folks but i can definitely tell you that ozzy will be in attendance ozzie smith and our managers whitey herzog tony larussa and we've confirmed that vince coleman ray lankford mike shannon jim edmonds ted simmons chris carpenter and tim carver will be joining them as well and we're we're still waiting for <hes> some of our other hall of famers to get back to us and hoping that they'll be here as well best place for fans to find out more information about this fans can always go to our website at cardinals dot com slash h. o. f. for hall of fame so again cardinals dot com slash h. o. f. thank you brian my pleasure hair. 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