Interview With Rudy Giuliani & 2020 Election Special (Ep 1377)


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host Dan Bongino this the most explosive interview show we've done yet. I am not kidding I'm not overselling. So, we've had three guests on the show. It's the first time we've done that I've got former mayor, Rudy Giuliani about one hundred thing I've got a Robert Haley from the Trafalgar polling group and Steve Cortez from the trump campaign folks just a quick preview what you're going to see on this show. I. Robert Haley just blew my mind some of the stuff he's talking about about state polling national polling dope. Let me just leave it at this. Don't believe anything you've heard about this election until you've listened to Mr Haley I from this Trafalgar Group that nailed the polling in two, thousand, sixteen and everybody else screwed it up second we have former mayor Rudy Giuliani He brings up something about the Chinese government and what they were really up to with the Biden's that I have to tell you I had to stop and ask him twice Paula Getting I. had to do I. Say I missed it. It's stunning. Really, buying in hunter blackmail material all you gotta listen to that and finally Steve Cortez closing out the game out of the bullpen from the trump campaign. Absolutely hammering in about a fifteen minute interview. We did exactly what the trump campaign is going to do why they're going to win and how the get out the vote is going I'm really proud of this show ladies and gentlemen we have some sponsors who paid for they're happy to be here. Thank you for joining US really appreciate it. 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Ended in a cataclysmic disaster when Donald trump wants surprising anyone everyone everyone Robert Hailey. Thank you very much for joining us. We really appreciate it. Let me start off asking this question since you seem to have your head on your shoulders when it comes to polling. Is this hidden trump phenomenon. The quote mainstream pollsters out there seem to tell US president trump's GONNA lose this thing by double digits. Thanks Don. Yes. It is absolutely for real. It. It's hard for me to believe that they could go through two thousand sixteen and have learned nothing. But they got you know they huddled up together and decided, oh, they didn't wait properly for education or some nonsense. They cannot acknowledge that there are people who don't share their beliefs it. It's frustrating but it's entertaining to because the idea that every single person that you talked to on the phone is telling the truth. And there's just Nothing could be further from reality people were being shamed for their opinions before being dachshund were being attacked I mean of course, there's this phenomenon. So it's silly to me that they don't acknowledge it and it's greater this time than it was before, and that's why you see a lot of polling groups that are now using my neighbor question. Yes, it was us it brought the. Neighbor question of National Prominence Bill Neighbor Question Thousand Sixteen. You will see our nine but people are using it and that showing a great difference between those who say they are you know the number four Biden and those who say the neighbors of trump because that's part of identifying the hidden vote and it is clearly there and they just they don't want admit it's there. So. This neighbor question was that the difference in two thousand sixteen why the Trafalgar Group you guys nailed it over there and were were your predictions were pretty much on target and everyone else was so off. Was it because of this? What is your neighbor? GonNa do question was at the differentiator between you and other polling outfits which were way off. It was part of it. There's kind of four factor. Really. One we we we when we were doing the primaries we noticed that our digital collection or automated collection methods were showing how our numbers for trump. So we decided to do a little test and we watched it and sure enough trump was more aligned with the ones that were more enormous digital than they were with the law calls. So we Kinda came up with a theory that the Socialists our ability effect was in play in twenty sixteen. So we we added the neighbor question, but we also noticed there are a lot of people who are voting who hadn't voted in a very long time. We're here anecdotes about people who can't use the machines and stuff like that. So we we did a lot of research and the summer and found we came up with a list of factors that might lead somebody to participate in the election that hadn't participated quite some time. Those were Kennedy's low propensity voters. So we added those into our sample. and. Then add to that the fact that we believe in short questionnaire. I think it's unrealistic in this modern world that you're GONNA call somebody and ask them twenty thirty questions on Thursday night at seven o'clock I mean. Can answer that you either got to care too much on the left too much on the right are you just bored and none of those representatives have average people? So of course, they're very short less than three minutes to answer the poll and we also believe in large sample size. You'll never see a sample of state with under a thousand people and so all those factors together help us minimize the social desire ability effect, but we can't eliminated but the minimum of it is why I think we're so different from everyone else this year. We're talking to Robert Haley from the Trafalgar Group again. One of the few polling outlets that was on target in two thousand sixteen when everyone else blew it. Robert. I'd like your opinion on something Iran in two, thousand, sixteen I ran for Congress in Florida district nineteen. So I'm pretty intimately familiar with the politics of Florida. And I noticed an interesting phenomenon when you're a candidate for office Republican primary, which I was you get a walk list to go knock on doors and of course, the walk list of Dourson knock on his only Republicans, it's a Republican primary you're going to waste your time knocking on Democrat doors again, vote Republican primary and I saw this weird thing I beyond the walk listen I'd be down these blocks in Cape Coral and Naples and elsewhere And I I pass these homes that had trump signs in the lawn and yet they weren't on my list. So I called my campaign manager is happening every day. I'd say Maria you miss this person on the list she said no, I, didn't. Date is accurate. They don't vote. So I would go in and knock on the doors once in a while we had some time to kill and I'd say Sir Ma'am noticed you had a trump signed, but you don't show up as. A voter on our list here and they'd say, yeah, I haven't voted in years or decades. This is my first time. Basically I love Donald trump or some some derivative of that, and it led me to believe before the election that he was going to win. Florida huge because all these people who had voted while we're trump. Did that play into some of the polling Miss Absence when he's sixteen. Absolutely and that's what I was talking about low propensity voters and you know it is it is literally one of those things were you know we've isolated? We've been doing studies on these in different states even this year and you know we've looked at and we've got a group between. Nineteen, Ninety, two and twenty sixteen registered At any point up until the September deadline for the twenty ten. General election so that you know the kind of the tea party wave and we look at people who just voted once. And quite often that wants is twenty sixteen and we think there are a lot of were coming back. So we built that in our models in twenty six. When we did it because we saw voting in the primary and I mean literally, they were just voters who hadn't voted in forever. So yes, it's absolutely playing. Then it will play again this year you're GonNa see people that you just didn't even know were still out there and it could possibly participate and not being called or the doors are being knocked and not getting mail and they're just low information and low propensity voters but they do like energy by trump and they're coming out to vote for him. Yeah I saw that throughout the entire election cycle and I still have my podcast from the night before the election in two thousand sixteen and I said on the show I don't like predictions but I said he's GonNa Win Florida. There's no way I mean I'm on the ground I saw this kind of brewing. Regarding these polls, we're seeing now some of them which are all over the place that are not from your group that Trafalgar Group way like I said, you are one of the few people I follow religiously on social media because you you're just a very sober analyst of what's going on and I think you're going to be spot on twenty, twenty two. In Two thousand twenty as well. But are some of these polls out there from some of these again, air quotes, mainstream outlets are they dramatically oversampling? Democrats because some of the sampling models for Democrats don't seem to marry up to what the turnout models in two, thousand, sixteen were and. I why would you do that I mean if you're a polling company selling your product? No sensible business reason to embarrass yourself. Is there a reason they're not? They make could be oversampling Democrats are they anticipating some huge blue wave? What am I missing here. Well. Let's start with simple question. How many polling firms for major national outlets got fired after two thousand sixteen. We spend all day and you're not gonNA find a name. So there's not really a punishment for getting it wrong. And especially when you start to why are they wrong? Are they wrong? Because they are trying to create an are they agenda driven? And purpose was to get the election right but was to convince people of a certain outcome and help move the electorate. So you have to figure out what their motivation is. Yes. They're absolutely under sampling a certain people and their argument is well, twenty twenty is gonNa look a lot more like twenty, eighteen, twenty, sixteen well, all five Soviet. But even if you do that and that's what we do we take some of the extremes from twenty eighteen still build them into the model and anticipate probably it turned out they didn't even happen. That is more beneficial. The Democrats in Biden just to be extra careful that we're not giving. We're not giving them a fair shake. But if you go is what the numbers say then you can change turn up model to say what you want them to say. It especially if you're not worried about being accurate I, mean we put exactly what our percentages are in every one of our polls the geographic ethnic age, and all that we we can demonstrate that we're we're balancing them correctly but I think there's a lot of that going on, but it's about trying to drive an agenda. Much, more than it is trying to be accurate because there's no punishment for failure. That's that's that's a really terrific point that I hadn't considered. Right nobody has been fired now listen I'm a partisan you're not. You're upholster again I'm an opinion guy and pretend to be a journalist. But what are the things that does worry me being an non-objective subjective conservative here is roughly a three million or so Obama voters did not show up to vote for Hillary and twenty sixteen obviously Obama. Was Exciting candidate for the Democrats not for me but for the Democrats, Hillary didn't generate that kind of excitement. Is there a possibility that these three million or millions plus of Obama voters show up again and Causa real turnout? For. Trump. It's possible that the a lot of Obama voters turn out but let's remember who makes up the Obama coalition. Obama was a rejection of an establishment like it or not even coming from the Republican perspective. There was a rejection of. The. Republican running Congress and having having the President for eight years in a row so. We've seen lots of people who are. certainly Clinton Bush. And then Obama and trump voters I mean there are people who move back and forth between there are a lot of similarities between Obama and trump boats especially in the battleground state, you hear it all the time people who just wanted something other I mean they wanted to kind of throw a monkey wrench the system they thought Obama was that monkey wrench they all saw trump was that monkey wrench made it necessarily get what they wanted out of Obama but they certainly didn't think Hillary was a solution. Interesting read something similar in the Wall Street Journal op-ed the other day. Yeah that's fascinating point. We're GONNA. Take a quick break. We're talking to Robert Gailey from the Trafalgar Group. An excellent excellent polling outfit will be right back on the other side of this break. All right thanks for your patience. Here we have another sponsor for the show today a friends at express VPN sponsor of the show. 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Welcoming back Robert Haley from the Trafalgar Group time polling, the election and twenty twenty coming up very shortly folks I'm Robert if you don't mind, I'd like to go state by state and I'm going to do all fifty states obviously. But just a few that are areas of concern for me and others who listen to my show and just Kinda. Give a general trend what you think how it could turn out. Pennsylvania obviously a critical state to the initial election twenty sixteen to President trump. Estate notably called Fool's gold by Republicans for years you've thought they could win it. And never worked out. We hadn't wanted I think since George H W Bush No Republican in a long time president trump did he wanted by a sliver? How does Pennsylvania look now because again, other polling outlets are predicting a up to double digit loss for President Trump in Pennsylvania, which doesn't sound right from my operatives that I'm hearing on the ground. Yes absolutely I think Pennsylvania is a state that trump can win now I I will I will give the same caveat that I've given numerous media outlets Pennsylvania, and Mama on is state that is most likely that if trump wins, he will still lose voter fraud. It is famous for voter fraud I always get along hate on the from Philly on twitter I can't figure out more because I'm a cowboys fan or more because talk about voter fraud but either way they don't like very much. But the fact is It has a history of it and especially I said it in the National Review article that came out Monday morning and sure enough by Monday afternoon meals a court ruling the backed up what I said I? Think that It's a state that he definitely can't win expecting to win it does he win it by enough that he can clips voter fraud I don't know. Yeah That's a good I've heard about that before as well. I, haven't run in Maryland as well. We always had a big problem with fraud and Baltimore City and other as well even in an election where I ran for Congress. Moving on. So Wisconsin I again, a number of friends on the ground in Wisconsin said, you can't drive through the swing counties anywhere Wisconsin without being overwhelmed by Donald. Trump sides. Listening I get it. Signs are in a pure indicator of WHO's going to win or lose Beta will roar cat signs as well in Texas. But he over performed. He did very well even though he lost. Wisconsin how does that look for you? Right now, another state president trump won but again, mainstream pollsters are saying he's behind by a few points then. We have We have a sliver. And the. And again, one of the things that we say we can minimize social our ability. Exists even in our polls. My Gut is that he's probably going to. It's going to be very close but he has an excellent chance of winning Wisconsin I will tell you with a believe the solid trump voter I think there's a lot of them out there and so my math is usually for every sign. You see there's probably three more voters that don't live in that House that if we're trump the don't have a sign in their yard. Yeah well, we're talking about some swing states here. Again, I don't want to go through all of them generous with your time already but the one, St that worries me the most given the margin president trump won by his Michigan another state Republicans have had trouble with for eons president trump pulled out surprisingly on election night but one by less than a point. Michigan seems to worry me that's the one st where people are on the ground listeners elsewhere telling me they think we could be in a little bit of trouble in Michigan. Now, he can lose Michigan still win if he holds the rest of his, but how are you feeling about Michigan? What are your numbers look like over there? I feel a little better but Michigan than I do, Wisconsin. One I think the strength of. It is a very power I mean when you look around the other states. In Michigan, trump has a very strong US Senate candidate who I think is going to probably even out ice trump in the votes but. But John James puts forth a narrative that is hard to define trump and the way he's been defined with someone like John James the next ballot next race on the ballot and I think John James Lifting lifting him up also think that that the best thing trump has going in Michigan besides John James Is Gretchen. Whitmer. she is universally disliked and especially because of her crazy code rules mean stuff that didn't even make sense and we see a lot of pushback on that we do see a good deal of hidden vote Michigan but I expect that Michigan State. We have him up in Michigan I think he will win Mitch. Put me at ease. They're a little bit see. That's why we have experts like you on the show and I'm not a pollster, which is why we need you. Great Point about John. James, though he is a fantastic candidate I believe he'll be presidential timber one day. We'll see a lot of him if he pulls this out over Peters, that'll be a huge huge win. Let's do one more swing state I. Feel Pretty Good About Ohio. So we'll leave that out but my home state of Florida again. I A single subject designs in my personal opinion don't mean much I'd rather hear yours but. Down, here in Florida I live in a swing county and Martin County, which is pretty much fifty fifty. We've been represented by Democrats and Republicans in Congress here. I see trump signs everywhere. I've seen trump rallies trump sine waves. My Wife's truncates right? Trump parades trump sky parades I mean I'm not kidding it's everywhere I have seen nothing for by there's a guy down my block bind son as fence. That's it. It's only Biden inside I've seen anywhere and I'm going to swing county I feel just pretty good about it opinion wise. What are your numbers telling you about Florida the greatest swing state of all. We have thought for weeks that Florida is a trump victory. I think trump will exceed what he did in twenty sixteen. I think he will exceed what governor scientists did I think it is going to be a significant win. There and it's going to be a little less hotly contested. The people realize the the the enthusiasm we see in the Hispanic community, the especially the Cuban, and Venezuelan community. I mean I've seen some of this this the graffiti with like comparing Biden. And Harris Castro and two of Shahbaz into Maduro. It's just amazing. They're so much energy. And you know when you look at a state is very dependent on tourism they've enjoyed the trump economy when the tourism was was going in and far didn't get hit like a lot of the other states did with Kobe as far as shutdown in their economy trump has brought new energy to the space program is consolidated a greater portion of the Jewish vote than he republican ever has all the pointing the right direction for trump in Florida. I think he's even doing well with the northern Florida Orlando Area Puerto Rican vote, which is substantial. Again talking to a bunch of Friends of mine who live up there. Let's talk about some states that could be potential flips in both direction both directions. Excuse me is there any possibility of trump picking up states? He lost notably New Mexico New Hampshire and then specifically main to and Nebraska to where they break up the electoral vote. It within the state any possibility of trump winning those areas you might have lost in the last election. While, believe he did win main second end Nebraska. That backwards. Yeah. I'm sorry my fault I had that those were more for Biden. I'm sorry New Mexico, and New Hampshire for trump forgive me by fault any possibility in flipping those No word. I would tell you the two places I think trump has the best chance to surprise people and we're going to be pulling these and the next ten days. Are Nevada and. MINNESOTA. I think those two states Nevada especially, Nevada really was a state. It was very tight last time any comes down. There's a lot of support with the Hospital Hospitality Union for Hillary but you know those hospitality, Union folks, they're good hardworking folks and man they really liked that trump economy and they don't like shutdowns because they don't get to go to work when their shutdowns and You Know Biden threatening more shutdowns where we kind of sends a chill down some of them kind of bucking some of that union leadership and then add to the unprecedented number. Trump seems to be getting across the board with Hispanics I. Keep Your Eyes on Nevada and Minnesota is ground. Zero for all this glamour being chaos and. I feel like there's there's GonNa be a big loud voice of people from across. MINNESOTA. Including Saint Paul saying we are not Minneapolis. Yeah I have a friend of mine. A former major league baseball player lives in Minnesota. Now said that there's again trump trump energy everywhere over there. On the inverse there any possibility of Biden flipping trump won like we said. Main to. What about Arizona? Any possibility of Biden maybe making a play there. Yeah I definitely going to work hard and Arizona Arizona's going to be tight North Carolina's GonNa be tight Wisconsin's GonNa tight those are all what I think. Biden has an excellent chance there's I think he has excellent chance of you know a along with Not He's coordinate with them but along with some people who WanNa steal some votes in Pennsylvania I think that represents a possibility. Yeah. Those are states that I think could go the other way but. I really don't see much of that happening. I think that the probably Wisconsin is the one I'm probably most worried about but I'd put North Carolina's a close second. Interesting. My father. I didn't get to north. Carolina. Couple more quick questions for you've been generous time talking to Robert Kelly from the Trafalgar polling group a fantastic group follow these guys on social media. They're really really terrific. Any chance some of these Senate candidates that are struggling and some of these polls benefit from trump turn out. I mean, you have tillerson North Carolina Ernst in Iowa Cory Gardner who appears to be in a significant amount of trouble in Colorado any chance they get a bump from trump or is it the other way around like you said? Michigan. where Trump may get a bump from John James. Well, I I think that I think would james and trump are mutually beneficial in Michigan for each other. But I think that what we've seen in the past is trump's gonNA have some coattails. This is a guy who has coattails and I really. I expect that we're going to see a little bit of a trump wave and it could be as much as four or five. percent that we see jump we look at kind of what that way was four years ago. These polls are tighter than they were for years ago even with the mainstream if you look at RSVP. And that's really the only average you ought to be looking at anything else is has an agenda but I think if you look at those, you'll see their tighter now. Waves, it could be four five points and you know if it's you know four, five, six points, you're gonNA start seeing things like Colorado getting competitive a competitive enough and cory. Gardner to get there you're gonNA see Mick Sally be of to get there. You'RE GONNA see Tillis getting their easily. You're going to see in a note for earth I mean it's really possible and that Minnesota Senate race I think you could see Magic Bayer to. If I if that way, this big is I think it really could be yeah, that would be huge. That's obviously a six-year seat to big trouble for the Democrats trying to get a majority back in the Senate just a couple more questions for you. The question I get most of all when I told people I was going to have you on the show. They were very excited and I got a couple of emails and social media requests for this one, I get this all the time. Is there a possibility president trump sets a record for republican with the black vote anywhere from say ten to fifteen maybe even higher percent of the black vote which would be historic at least in modern times. Well. Let me address this as I did Pennsylvania. Okay. Yes I think he got a lot of like vote last time. But. If you're relying on the mainstream media and their exit polls to determine which black voters voted for him, what numbers are, let's let's think about this a second. If, you're not gonNa tell the truth on the phone. When you're confronted with some kid with a laptop or a an APP patter clipboard you're going to tell the truth to them is like but was understated last time he will do it least at least fifty percent real if not higher. Wow we see that across the board in these battleground states right now we seem as high as twenty and some of them. But will you ever know? Because if you depend on the mainstream media and they're flawed exit polls, the same exit polls that said Hillary was going to win and had them dancing in the control rooms at six o'clock and before they started crying at about nine o'clock then you're never gonNA. Know it. So yes, going to extremely well, will you know it will not if you depend on exit That's that's a wonderful point. I was on the air with a different outlet on election night and you're right by six or seven pm they were celebrate they were they were cracking crystal. President Clinton. At two o'clock and. It was over they call Pennsylvania. Yeah. It was hilarious. You're right. It. So obvious. Now. We're agreeing with each other over Joe is just so obvious that people are lying. Exit polls wouldn't be wrong if everybody was telling the truth why they cannot accept it I, do not understand. Yeah, that's a great point if you're not willing to tell someone on the phone because of. Social Stigma supporting trump you certainly not gonna tell anyone in person with a with an IPAD. That's a great point. A last question. I'll let you go again we're talking to Robert Haley from the Trafalgar Group again can't say in strong enough terms can't recommend. Them on social media. Please check them out Robert as well as the Trafalgar Group. They're terrific. So I'm following the early numbers. This show is being recorded air of about a week a week and a half before the election. And I'm noticing that the Democrats typically well in early voting Republicans many states tend to show up on game day with corona virus who knows where that's going to go but they typically need a really big lead the Democrats in early voting going into. Election Day to win. A quick example I've been following as North Carolina state you brought up before where Hillary was ahead in early voting roughly fifteen or sixteen points and still lost the. State. Now Joe. Biden's ahead now by fourteen points two points less than Hillary. So are the Democrats missing their early voting targets that is a good sign for Republicans. Well I think. The comparison with two thousand, sixteen is strong one and consider that they're having even more turn out this time. So they really ought to be running these margins up, but they're not and I. You know the only thing. So yes, I think the early voting is not working the way that the Democrats would want it to work but I think that we need to be very wary or something else. Whenever one party has a lot to gain by nobody showing up on election day. It can be a very scary a few days. And that ethic is my greatest worry for the strength of this entire democracy of Shenanigans that will happen exaggerations of what's going on corona virus leading up to the election You know possible fear of retribution for those who vote in the polls, but they would be every incentive if they wanted to play dirty to try to affect turnout. Especially without they had an advantage if very few people voted on. Election Day. So you're saying that. You really caught my attention. You're saying it may. Garner a sense of desperation with the the side that's not hitting their numbers is that what you're going with? Agree. Having run myself. Imagine that yeah. Right. I mean if Democrats think, Hey, we don't even have the advantage. We did last time this time. Election Day voting is GonNa you know it's going to do as an. I mean. Who knows I mean? It worries me you start thinking about Antifa and and all kinds of shenanigans and you know. For you know what? We got a few polling places that were burned down Bob and all that kind of stuff leading up the day before and people get nervous. And I, think I think that's the way really bad things happen for this country is if everybody can get a fair shot vote. And absolutely guards what side you're on you ought to be for having their shop no amen to that. I'm in full agreement there voter suppression is. Immoral unethical not the hallmark of a of a constitutional republic like ours I'd rather lose than cheat. There's. I agree with you a hundred percent. Robert. You've been incredibly generous with your time. Thank you very much Again, you did not disappoint one bit I watched you on the Sean Hannity show the other day you were spectacular and you did not disappoint. Thank you so much. We appreciate your time. A big fattier of yours for a long time and it's an honor to be here takes Rub. 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USA check him out. Now to my my interview with former Mayor Rudy Giuliani Ladies and gentlemen this one. This one gets a little emotional at times. I really can't believe what? Biden did to his family and what the Chinese were really up to pay very close attention to interview with former mayor Rudy Giuliani check this out. I'm pleased to welcome back to the show former mayor of New York, city and lawyer to the President Rudy Giuliani mayor. Thank you so much for joining us. Again, your first episode one of our if not the most watched interview, we've ever done on the show so we appreciate you coming back. Thank you very much. Thank you so much then. You're. You've been you've been nothing less than heroic though Gosh. Thank you. Well, likewise, you exposing this disastrous information on the Biden crime family it's just been incredible. The man appears to be a national security threat right now running for President Mr. Mayor. I've been following this story on my show. You have been at the forefront of getting this information out there. We got some devastating new revelations in one of the ugliest scandals I've seen in a long time about. It's disturbing to even talk about potential inappropriate behavior with children on hundred. Biden. Computer I have not seen these photos you have you went to the police how bad is this stuff? I've got to be careful obviously how I describe it. It does involve minors. Sure. I let me read to you the way he hunter Biden describes. Because it will give you both sides of it and Then and then the problem. He wrote a wrote in September Twenty Third Twenty Eighteen To his father. He wrote the phone. She she meeting his sister-in-law had had a relationship lived in our home. She she told my therapist. That, I was sexually inappropriate with. Fourteen year old girl. When she says that I facetime naked with her And the reason I can't have her out to see me is because I'll walk around. Smoking crack telling Tom Girls on facetime. When she was pressed She said that I never said anything like that. But the bottom line is that I create an cause, a very unsafe environment for the kids. So. You have two versions right have. You have the therapist and the girl apparently saying. That he says time naked with her. And that he walked around naked in front of her smoking crack. Quoting to him when she was pressed. You don't know but he does admit that he created to his father a very unsafe environment for the kids. That's enough. And unsafe environment for the kids would require mandatory reporting. If I was a mandatory reporter as you were when you were police officer I was when I was the mayor US attorney. But it's worse than that. Really. There are three or four other texts. From family members about how dangerous the environment is for the kids. And then there are a whole group of photographs. It's very hard to describe. Let. Me about the adult ones, I. The adults photographs are. Pornography. Him involved in it. a lot of shots at him. Admiring his private parts. A lot of shots at him smoking crack Kinda like Weiner. Water Him Smoking crack. A lot of him smoking crack and having sex with one or two women. A kind of fetish thing that he does. So these are all over the computer. Also all over the computer are pictures. Of. Fourteen or fifteen year old girls. In. Seductive. Poses of different kinds. Some a normal some quite normal some are marginal and some are quite clear. And what is very clear So when we came across that Bernie Kerik and I will examine it, we've been over the text messages. I. I found this maybe three four days ago this text message about. Where he was walking around naked and she says no but. Unsafe environment and that's what motivated me to go and take a good look at the pictures. And I was shocked when I saw him. So a this is not my area of expertise in many ways. It's not even Burns, right? So we hold to very very, highly skilled former New York City detectives who did. Child. Endangerment. Cases. As a career. And I showed it to them and I said what am I obligations you? What do I have to do? And they said, well, actually since there's been given to the FBI. You don't have to do anything. But since the FBI has had it for almost a year. And from every other aspect of the case there seems to have been no action taken. ISSUE PROBABLY BE SAFE and reported to the local police. Close to Oakland places in Delaware, he owns delve, right. We thought the heck with it. You Know Bernie and I. Don't get afraid to. Right right. So I called the Delaware. Please I probably. Made him faint and I told them who I was and I told him I wanted to come and deliver. What I consider to be. The material that I had an obligation to deliver to them, and they had an obligation to investigate. So we went down there on. Monday morning. We brought with us. The illustration that we thought. Kind of laid this out we also brought the entire is if they wanted. And we showed it to them did along presentation they examined it. They asked for the hard drive. Service. And then. Basically assured us that they were going to know. It an investigator. and. Then we've learned the day later they sent it up to the AG of Delaware who's a politically elected official Democrat and ally of Senator. Biden's. And then she punted. To the FBI. So, think about that, right? Yeah. It made a circle. Pen with the FBI's ten months. Taking, no action. and. They send it back to the FBI but did have. Early. Yesterday was a week from the FBI. That the emails that we presented. The ones that Chris Wallace accused me of being unreliable. I'm not happy about that. He shouldn't be right you the I found to be accurate. Valid. Connected to an ongoing money laundering case that they have. Going on. And I have some knowledge of that. And then. The money laundering, it's. There are sized cases here. that. If I were US attorney I have this indictment. Serving the testimony works out the same way as. As the text messages and emails probably the indictment of Moss. And they're very serious cases. There we know some of them mean we know about. Ukraine. And we know that Hunter Biden. was paid the total mouth is. In excess of ten million dollars in Ukraine including some money wandered payments that haven't been counted I have the proof of that. I think I showed that once the The documents that goes from Ukraine. The money goes from Ukraine to. I feel Cyprus disguised as loans to fishing companies then it ends up. In, the Hunter Biden. John John Kerry Stepson Company. So. We get about ten to fourteen million dollars from Ukraine that comes to them. For no apparent reason because we now find out that hundred never showed up in Ukraine. So now we have to describe as a no show job. A no show job needs to be paid for something else. You can assume what that something else. Since Joe Biden. Acted. To ask the prosecutor dismissed. But remember, the prosecutor was not just investigating hundred. Prosecutor was investigating. A very. Dangerous. Organized Criminal Ukrainian Oligarch named My Cola. So ask. who had stolen five billion dollars and was an exile. He, he was hundred employees. He. was running Barisno correct Mr. Mayor. From. Yes from afar now now air. They also charisma didn't just this isn't just about one hundred by also Mr Mary covered on my show the other day they had also hired other Democrat can people politically connected Democrats you know David Archer connected to John. Kerry. The lighter guy? Who was John Kerry result chief-of-staff these. Guys knew what they were doing when they were hiring politically connected Democrats like Biden hundred. and. They also knew something that the. American media covers up and chose for. Sale. Joe has been for sale since she was a cheap little senator in Delaware and you could get them for thousand oaks I mean it was notorious Joe's brother James. was probably the most unethical in Washington constantly getting Biden in trouble. and. Buying would always get away with it by saying I don't know anything about my family's business. Figuring, you could say that I mean take corleones at once. And the other criminal guests to say twice. Say. Three times I. Don't know my family's business. And your family's businesses to shake people down for money. But I'm GonNa, put your jail. But. Said centered about ten John's. But because he's Joe Biden, it was left alone. So we have we have the Ukraine. And we have five witnesses sitting in the Ukraine that are ready to get on a plane and come here and testify under oath. That this was a bribe to Joe Biden? Not Having to do with hunter at all hunter was the Bagman. Hunter was the conduit. To make to hide the payment to to to to job. So, then the second one we have is Iraq. In Iraqis is appointed in center. Negotiate a status of Forces Agreement so that we're allowed to keep troops there. He fails miserably and doing. which leads to the death of a substantial number of people because our troops aren't there. Including people on the Who I and many other people represent. These are Iranian dissidents. Who sided with the United States and were killed that period time when we'd have protection for him because Joe Biden failed. But once again. Joe Biden failed like he did the Ukraine but the Biden family did really well his brother James. Who has little experience in housing as Hunter as an energy Becomes. Part of a one point five billion dollar housing redevelopment contract in Iraq. Just at a time that he becomes pointman. Now looks like he could have pulled out. Big money on million. Got One third of one point five, billion. It's hard to tell who the hidden partners were but he got a lot of money. And that money went to him not because he knows a damn thing about housing. went to him to pay off job. And once again, Joe Fails the United States. Now now. Now. We moved to Russia. where he gets three point, five, million from the archer does from the wife of the mayor of Moscow. Who is a very, very close associated Vladimir. Putin. It's really when you count the extra money that comes in which we've now found getting closer to four million dollars. But it looks to be the first payment. In a money laundering scheme that they're trying to set up. With rush. That has to be further investigated. Real explanation for this four million dollars from Russia. Now, that one got me really mad Dan because I spent two and a half years in the president spent four years defending against. Russian collusion. False. Charge Nair, the the hoax. Way To get anything from Russia. And thank God for at least four million dollars from Vladimir Putin. Yeah everything. They accused the trump team they did themselves. And there's no relation for this money so I can just no one for money. Going to the son. Of the vice president who can't do anything. I figure the explanation is, is to influence the vice president. And finally, we get the to China transactions. The one one that everyone knows about been talked about a lot. He flies his son to China. On Air Force to. He goes off to negotiate for the US to get them out of the island's dispute which of them. And to have them lower towers. We don't know what hundred eight days. Joe Fails, again. They don't go get out of the islands. In fact, in short period of time, they put more troops there. They don't lower the towers they raise the terrorist. The newspapers at time. For criticized Joe being such a failure and point out that the combination of Kerry. And Biden is much easier on China. Than Hillary. Clinton was. What the newspapers of the time don't know. Is that a private equity fund. That is owned by. Biden son? Kerry's Stepson. And why did he bolger's nephew? Got A, commitment of one point, five, billion dollars from China. The first one, billion tame was eight days of Joe taking him over. On Air Force to. Now, that's a partnership. With the government of China because the Bank of China is owned by China. So. So we have a rather lengthy period of time. A sitting vice president the Goshi hitting with China. Whose son. Was a partner with the Chinese Communist government. and. No one told us that. Obama never told us no one's filled. With American intelligence made a record of it if they didn't. They should all be. They can't be fighting there should be prosecuted really I mean this is What stunning Mr Mayor I could not have been. Made through the Secret Service selection process to protect the president with this kind of stuff on not even close I would probably be under investigation. And yet we have a man running for the white. House and his son and his family seemed to be involved in according to one of their business partners. This man who emerges week Lieutenant Buber, Lynn, Bob Alinsky Obolensky, free me from saint name wrong who was a business partner this who is he's not anonymous given his name who's now saying that Chinese understood Mr Mayor from the start this was not a return I operates and they are looking for a monetary return. It wasn't Belichick influence operation. But you know I have a different word for it, they would bribing. They were buying day. Okay. Then, Joe goes out of office. And he's rumored to be the leading Democratic candidate for president. And the Chinese who Are. They were making an investment. They were making an investment in buying Joe. They figured they could really jam them up. So the Biden family goes into a partnership. Three members of the by family. Joe James Sarah that brother, sister, sister-in-law, and hunter. With these two people Linski and Galley, ours. On one side on the side three Chinese communists won a very high level member. WHO's also? Chinese. High level intelligence operative name, Jesus in me. Is Operatives in America is a gentleman named Stanley Ho. And the other spy have working in America is Kevin Dom. They all join it apart. Here's the partnership. The Biden family is GONNA get ten billion dollars a year. And fifty percent of the profits. In order to make introductions. For C. E. S. C., which is a Chinese energy company, which is owned by the Chinese Congress. It may be. A bit of a French, an intelligence operation to me this looks more like. An intelligence operation to jam up the Biden's big time. So now when we get the when we get the hard drive. I start searching it. And behold I get the contract. I just told you. and. Then I go a little more into it and behind it is another piece of paper. WAS ANOTHER CONTRACT And the other contract has something else added to? That is the first one. And the numbers are a little different so you could come up with ten percent off. Ten percent. To Age for the Big Guy. So I'm sorry I'm cynical prosecutor. I knew right away that was Joe Biden Right. But of course I knew the New York Times would say. Oh absolutely, not not a big. He's not that big or or somebody's made it up with the Russians road now wasn't written in Russian, but if the Russian throat. So I said, we got corroborate this. So the first thing we did is we found the document in which they assigned the keys for the new office in which Biden will get. I can't even say this the binds were going to be in business with the Chinese. Communists. Match, Shane. So just as here's the keys we need. Key. Number. One Joe Biden. She number two Jill Biden. Number three James before him so. The big I guess the first key. So, that was the first indication was the big guy. then. We looked at more carefully and we see that in other references including social references. People writing to hunter his father as the big guy. Here's one just a social reference from a Felony Jeff Rodgers at about that time. Hunt see below big night and Licey I was not there but heard all about. The Big Guy. Made Them. Happy. The speaker that night was Vice President Joe Biden? Who spoke at the life sheet firewall? Clearly, that's nickname for job. And then we have now missed the but Linski. Who was she owes this company by the way Who has testified and submitted an affidavit under Os. That's a big guy was joe. Biden. That Joe Biden. Wasn't G. A participant in the money. That not only that. All that stuff about Joe Biden not knowing. About. Joe's foreign. I mean hunters foreign business which I think we just true the meetings. With the vice-president total crap. that. Hundred doesn't do a damn thing without talking to Joe. And that there's no doubt. That all over the years. Hunters, Ben Chicken, money back to Joe. And taking care of Joe's. Expenses. Which explains why Joe was never been anybody senator and his wife, a teacher has five. People have always wondered how he got the five longs. Don't take investment expert. Mr Mayor You said something they are pretty profound. I want to be sure the audience says it miss this. Is. Is there a possibility here just to reiterate this at this from the start? Was a Chinese operation to get dirt on the Biden's altogether knowing that he run for. I. Mean You said that I just WanNa be sure the audience understands me having some background than intelligence. That's that's that's perfectly possible that this could have been an up from the start and nothing to do with business and everything to do with dirtying up the Biden's. Two possibilities. The Chinese dumb and like to give away billions of dollars. For the Chinese are among other things very intelligent. They know what they're doing. And they figure it was a good investment in the vice president said, she had a lot of discretion over the Islands Taras? And he sold us out like crazy. I mean it was pathetic. America was sold out completely. If you lost your job to China somewhere in the mid part of twenty six changed sixteen every. Thank Joe Biden. The you lost your job Biden made one point five. Minutes discussing. Yes and then I think. They figured that's over, but they had to have another lover hold on this week man. So they came up with this deal and the idiot becomes a ten percent part, but it's worse than that Dan. There is one. A text message here that explains the whole thirty year. Racketeering Enterprise. This is a method of payment. Joe Is. The Big Guy, the boss Fam-. Hunter James Sarah possibly frank. Collect the money. They're the. Joe I, mean hundred explains now to his door because she's getting older and she may have to take on some of these I rotate on some of these responsibilities I mean Joe likes to keep the crime family in the crime family. I love you all. But I don't receive any respect. And that's fine. I guess. Works for you apparently. I. Hope You. All can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for thirty years. It's really hard. But don't worry unlike pop I'm won't make you give me half your show. That's incredible. For thirty years hundred has been given. By what he earns. Because Hunter has jobs that are fronts. To produce. BRIBE MONEY FOR JOE. This is a classic bag man situation. It's also very similar to the way Schweiker. At the beginning of a secret empire describes the Chinese for form of corruption. They don't pay the principal. They pay the trusted people around the principal, trusting the people around the principal to take care of them. To, make sure he gets the proper money at the right time and to make sure he wants nothing. That's the system they set up. and. It went on all throughout this and I I knew they were doing this two years ago I just couldn't prove but every little piece that I dot. When I saw this. I said. I can't believe you put it in writing winter. But all the circumstantial evidence leads to this. This is what's going on. This man by. Is it thoroughly corrupt? Even be and I think he's a very bad man and I'm going to tell you why is he batman because when you read all this, you realize that Hunter Biden is a very troubled young man. And hundred? Biden. Years ago. Should have been taken out of this dirty business. And he should have been putting some easy business where a drug addict yet the chance to rehabilitate. I know a bit about drug addiction I. Think you do too and the way in which you deal with drug addict you don't put them under stress. So this father has his son dealing with some of the worst criminals in the World Michael Izzo Chassis is an organized criminal and a kill. Elaine of good arena. Maybe a woman. She's got her sheriff notches on herbals. Ming is a member of Chinese organized crime. And during the course of their party, he ended up in the Yangtze River he's now at the bottom of the Ashley River if you WanNa find in. A number of people that this kid did business with. The number two guy in that partnership went to jail and the first person he asked what he went to jail the James Biden. And his own partner Devon Archer is going to jail so his father surrounding. This reminds me of the Mafia. There the mafia members who kept their kids in the business, and there were members who took went to all lanes to get their kids out of the business joe went to all lanes to keep his kid in the business and when you feel sorry for hundred being a drug addict. That's okay. You can feel sorry for hunter being a drug addict, but there's a reason that drug addiction was cured in the region wasn't cured as job died. Now that's a that's that's that's a great point I a sad point but a great one. Mr Mayor Nobody understands organized crime better the news just interesting on a on a side note I was watching. I don't know history channel whatever special on. The crime organized crime in New York City and you were probably forty percent of the episode how you came in there and really pioneered the use of Rico to dismantle these crime families which had run. New York for decades. So that was that was great that a great job back then but today I was covering on my show now by the time stairs a few days ago. How it seems like they knew about Biden's problems here. That is associations we're going to be troublesome potentially criminal and they covered it up I showed a time article in the Washington Post Article Back in two thousand fourteen. But when they were actually interested in this case before they knew Biden was going to run for president but one of the things I found interesting is a Wall Street Journal Article Barista the company Hunter Biden was working for. Headed by this corrupt crabs ski, they had some interesting partnerships, Mr Mayor, they partnered up with the Atlantic Council really polluted with deep state swamp rats who were Clinton donors and everything else and they also partnered with the trans-atlantic Election Commission on election integrity, which is a fascinating partnership with a company, like Burrito, with corruption allegations and who gives a pointed to this election integrity transatlantic commission after he leaves office to investigate foreign interference in election Joe Biden. Which is insane which says to me, they already knew this was going to come out and they were going to use election interference and Russian disinformation as a canard to keep people like you and others from looking into it. Well. Joe Biden. Made his confession of abroad in front of the Atlantic Council. In January of two, thousand, eighteen, he stood up with that famous you know Joe Torre Shaneco. Yeah. If he didn't fire the guy, he's going to be gone. But he's going to be gone in seven hours and then. Shangqiu several you're not the president and he said. Call on a phone call him. Language. Joe By. Doesn't have the you know watched act like that Joe Biden is a weak little man. That never took place that meeting. He incriminated himself with in front of the Atlantic Council. The thing that amazes me is he he admitted a straight out broad. He admitted I withheld a billion dollars unless you took official action that I require. That's the definition of bribery. Actually, they wanted to impeach president trump for. Impeach President Trump. But like buying become president because he actually did it. And the Atlantic Council sent there. And they yawned when he started. But. When the happen with President Trump. WE ENDED UP WITH A worldwide commotion until it was proved that it was not true. I mean from the very beginning, it was clear to me that this was a bribery case he admitted it. All you need is that tape the tape admits every department. Now we've got twenty pieces of evidence that prove it. We've got videotapes we have documents, we have checked messages, we have emails, we have direct witnesses about ten. This was a racketeering case should be prosecuted as Biden crime family, racketeering case. Racketeering just doesn't apply organized crime I prosecuted milken that way prosecute Boesky that way prosecuted. Wall Street. That way that's right and I prosecuted corrupt Congressman Commissioners Republican and Democrats that way. It's intended for long-term crimes associations. And this is a very long-term Crimes Association don't take my word for it take his word for thirty years. earned the money goes to the big guy. Splitting this guy is the public office old. Scratch defined as library unless we really have. Become so corrupt. That Democrats can do anything. They can be engaged in multi million dollar. Sales in the United States. Damage this does to our reputation. When our public officials act this way. In a place like Ukraine, we're trying to convince them to be more honest they laugh at China. Last us. We say China's corrupt and they got by right right you're right they buy. Expensive but we combine them. We had our own diplomats, Mr Mayor we I mean George Kent and others even even Amos hoax theme had warned a listen. This could be a serious problem. It's not like they didn't know and they just didn't care enough to do anything about it. They raised it as a conflict of interest. Whatever else they are they're intelligent that. You didn't know this was a bribe you should be working for the government. I mean if I had an assistant US attorney that look at this and couldn't figure it out with bribe I tell them to go right wills right. Mr You've been incredibly generous with your time. You have done Yeoman's work and exposing the second biggest scandal of all time after exposing the first biggest scandal of all time spy gate. Thank you so much for joining us on the show really resent you and I have to say Dan. Of all the people who have stayed with this from day one. Probably one of the one of the strongest one of the best one of the most articulate. And the one that really connects people. So I and the president you know the president appreciates it. And he doesn't appreciate it as a special favor. Appreciate your honesty and integrity. WHATEVER THEY WANNA say about Donald. Trump I've known him for thirty? Years. He's an honest man. He would never do this. I got. He's one hell of a father. He doesn't know all these facts yet. When I tell them all these fat. I almost didn't tell him because I thought. When he debater to me my rip his head off. There's nothing there's nothing there's nothing that bothers me more. Than parents that doesn't take care of their child that ruins their child because they're so narcissistic except career. And they want to be multi millionaires. Hunted by didn't have to be in this and if Joe Biden wanted to get his millions and millions and millions, there are twenty bag men around Washington would have gladly done it for them unfortunately. That's a great point and sad point but a good one. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani a great man used to work for you cleaned up my hometown New York City I wish you'd go back and clean it up again. So Gosh, we could use you back there. Thank you very much. Sir We appreciate your time. We'll talk to you. And God. Bless you and I'm praying for you know that. Thank you. 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There's no long term commitments or contracts just go to stamps dot com click on the microphone at the top of their homepage and type in Dan deion stamps, dot com, and her Dan by Click on the microphone at the top of the homepage stamps dot com never go to the post office again now to our final interview in the show proud of this one and proud Steve Cortez does a great job for the trump campaign check this out. All right part of my election special degrade Steve Cortes a man I am pleased to call a friend one of the strongest advocates for conservatism out there Steve Cortes welcome to the show my friend. Dan You're a great. American thanks for having me. Let's together with the audience. Make America great again, a listen man fingers across toes across legs or everything that can be crossed is cross. The alternative is disastrous. Love you on television Cable News and radio I really believe you are one of the strongest advocates for the President is growth agenda out there. It's why I wanted to have you on for our election special here. Let me get right to it. Listen obviously the media sucks I mean we can just get past that. Now we need to you know they're terrible but what are the things that really bothers me about them as they haven't nailed down yet Joe Biden on his cataclysmic middle-class tax bomb coming. He said Steve Repeatedly he's going to repeal the trump tax cuts. Now, anyone can go to the Internet and look up the trump tax cuts. It's not hard and you could see that the middle class got a huge tax cut. So if Biden's go to repeal them, doesn't that mean by default that Joe Biden is going to high taxes on the middle class. Right where you don't have to be a mathematician to follow that logic a lot right eighty, two percent of American people got a tax cut got tax. Because of the momentous 2017 tax cuts, and by the way, let's talk about just how effective those tax cuts have been twenty thousand nineteen. So those tax cuts were in two thousand seventeen didn't really start to take effect until twenty eighteen and really kicked in by twenty thousand nine, which was also the last full year that thank goodness we were free of China virus before we were invaded with this terrible virus and in Twenty nineteen what happened? Well, it was the best year in American history for workers literally now, my opinion, that's what the numbers tell us six point eight percent wage growth an all time record by a mile even. Better than that Dan for the deplorables for blue collar people, nine percent wage growth minorities did better than the average everyone did well, okay. Look we. We don't WanNa put people in the silos and only view that way by identity politics. Everyone did well the wealthy to the most modest earners but the point is this strivers the economic underdogs, the people who had languished so badly lagged behind during the slow growth years that Biden was in the White House those are the people of who leaked to the front because of those tax cuts and I don't want just brag about the past it's happening again right now for example to. Bore your audience with my data but I spent twenty five years on Wall Street. So I spent a lot of time watching the numbers and these numbers lately they are defying Wall Street expectations by the way to define all of the Scottish who thought that we could never get this much ground back this quickly, we know we still have work to do. There are still too many people who are out of work right now because of what the Chinese Communist Party did to the world, but we can also rightly celebrate the amazing economic progress right now in this country and it's particularly due to the open states, i. Call them the Liberty States places like Florida which has opened aggressively, and smartly an economy economy is absolutely humming. So because of this, for example, manufacturing wages just in September, most recent report, hit a new all-time high there up eleven percent so far average hourly earnings for production people not the managers production people in manufacturing that rate, and that's including the pandemic eleven percent so far in the trump presidency and and that rate is fifty percent better than the last four years of Obama Biden and I I say the last four years because I'm trying to be fair here and not Cherry picking penalize them for the Nine recession so. They won't be fair to you I that's very nice. You a noble man I, give them nothing I screw them tired of them but that's very generous. You're a more noble guy than me in that respect but Steve doesn't it infuriated listen my listeners here this every day on my show on my daily show this. The media drives me nuts but this one thing drives me crazy because it's such a simple question that you know I'll be fair from it at Biden could clear up right away. Biden could say, Hey, I'm not gonNA repeal the trump tax cuts because they are tax cuts for the middle class and I'm just GONNA high taxes on the rich with a new bill. You know why he won't say that because they'll have to acknowledge that the media that trump cut taxes for. The middle class that's why he won't answer Becua- that's what I want to pull my hair just ask them the damn question. So you're not going to repeal the taxes just say it right and the media look unfortunately they are all too willing to be complicit in Joe Biden's lies. Let's face it Joe. Biden. Started his entire campaign on a lie on the I think the most malicious lie in American public life, which is the fine people hopes the lie of Charlottesville the. That president trump praised violent bigots in Charlottesville when in fact he said the exact opposite he condemned them totally an explicit terms. So he has been spreading that lie with the media's assistance since the very beginning of his campaign. So unfortunately, if they're willing to spread that live that toxic lie is so divisive and untrue just totally proven untrue. Then of course, they're willing to also help him spa spread lies that probably aren't quite as bad regarding taxes. It's very clear unfortunately that we don't really have. A journalism very much in this country certainly, not in the legacy outlets we do in in platforms like yours but not in the legacy outlets, they're completely corrupted. They're completely on the tank for Joe Biden, and we see it nowhere of more exemplified unfortunately than their intent to completely ignore the biggest story of this entire campaign, which is, of course, the revelations about the Biden cartel selling us out to communist China. Oh we're going to get to that I got Rudy Giuliani on this show too so. You're on wheel. rockstars. Kid. You're right. You're prager you video about the the the hoax about the fine people hoax is amazing and if you have not seen, it just put in a search engine Steve Cortez prager you. Steve eviscerates this ridiculous lie with the actual transcript and footage. It's amazing Stephen Use it on my show you're right the media is horrible One of the other things you're a data guy I'm a data guy but really data doesn't resonate with and it's People's fault. They've got games to get to work to go to don't want to sit and go to portal's of data like we do what are the things I saw though that surpasses any kind of wonkery just really hit me hard the other day in the Wall Street Journal was this number. Under Donald Trump, we have seen the lowest level of black unemployment since World War Two forget about data. That's. Right. That's a powerful powerful piece of information there that really I hadn't even heard. I knew it was good. I didn't know was that good. Right, now it's incredible. In total, let me give you a similar number for Hispanics. I care a lot about this facts of. Panic before Donald Trump there was one month ever because of course, payroll reports come out every single there was one month ever in two thousand, six or Hispanic jobless rate was below five percent one ever under Donald, trump there have been twenty six of them. I, mean think about that. So the other forty four presidents stacked up one month under under five Percent Donald Trump twenty, six of them it's amazing what he's done for working class people whether they're white or brown or Black or purple. This is a president who rewards working class people and creates the conditions for them to thrive and succeed the economic strivers, the deplorables, and by the way to contrast that with Joe Biden again I think this is really important for us. We had here into the home stretch to contrast it with his record of economic failure. The Biden Obama years were great for the already successful because you had a lot of asset inflation. So if you already own a lot of. Real estate and a lot of stocks. These were salad days for you Obama and Biden. But but workers languished and to put a statistic on this only ten percent only the top ten percent of earners saw their net worth increase throughout those eight years ninety percent of Americans. Most of US folks saw their net worth decrease over the eight years and it was even worse for Black Americans. Blacks saw on average a thirty percent reduction in their household net worth under the leadership. Of the first black president. So think about that while it was certainly a real symbolic victory for America to elect a black man and it was by the way for our country to prove that we are no longer a racist nation. That was quite an achievement. However, what did he do once given the levers of power and wants giving control policy? Unfortunately, all he did was delivered for credential elites on the coast ignoring workers including a lot of black and brown people to Steve another. Data point fact that really blew my mind without getting too wonky here is they just did one of these real simple poles hey, is your life better off now than it was four years ago that traditional question that everybody always celebrates if you're doing well and you get over fifty percent, we're in the middle of a pandemic president trump scored fifty four percent think about this the processes for a minute we're in the middle of one of the worst pandemics in modern history and it was so bad at the end of the Obama administration that even now fifty four percent of people like now I trust president trump more than the Obama Biden people. Right. It's really it's astounding and it shows you a couple of things. Number. One is what kind of strength we came into the pandemic with. So thank goodness right that this country was humming economically on all cylinders So while what has happened in the challenges that we faced have been terrible for this conference 'cause a lot of real misery out there particular economically health wise of course as well. But the good news is Donald. Trump had US coming into the storm. In such a position of strength that Americans still report even with the challenges of twenty twenty that the solid majority are better off than four years ago also to put that number in context I think this is important because they've been pulling on it. You know Reagan used that line largely to win as a challenger nine, thousand, nine, hundred, and so from nineteen eighty-four on Gallup has done this poll every election year and of sitting incumbent US presidents nobody's ever been north of. The high watermark previously was Bill Clinton in nineteen ninety six when the economy was really rocking and he got to fifty. So not only is this a terrific number and a terrific affirmation of president trump as the prosperity president but it's also a standout number contact compared to historical norms. Yeah. Yeah. No kidding man. Really it really is. It's stunning number we had Robert. K.. Leon. From the Trafalgar Group One of the few polling outlets that actually called 2016 everyone else of course was all over the map and wrong about now president trump. He thinks that president trump could get fifteen possibly more fifteen to twenty percent of the black vote, which would be a historic in modern times accomplishment by GOP, candidate are you guys feeling the love out there from the black community? I'll tell you I. Am I got a lot of listeners who happen to be Black Hispanic and I've never seen anything like this. Yeah, listen I I think blacks and Hispanics. Number one, they're tired of the Democratic Party taken for granted number two. This is not your parents or grandparents Democratic Party. So a lot of traditionally minded blacks and Hispanics and I'll speak for Hispanics. You know listen I think that we are generally a very conservative people politically religiously. And culturally, and so a lot of Democrats are a lot of Hispanics who used to vote democratic but have traditional minded values sort of traditional religious blue collar type values. They have found themselves effectively politically orphan by the twenty twenty Democratic Party as it lurches leftward and as it embraces of the terrible policies of the so-called squad I. Think the same thing is happening among a lot of black Americans. A lot of black men. One thing we're seeing an internal polling is black men are really starting to trend our way and I think it's it's primarily whether it's black metastatic than white men. Primarily, particularly younger ones it's the aspirational aspect of their life that they want to build wealth they want to make money they look at Donald trump is a man who did it himself in his private life and has now as a public servant creating the conditions for others to do it. You know and Look I. Don't put too much stock in celebrities but I do think that people like a fifty cent coming over and saying I don't want to be twenty seven. I think that resumes you know. Twenty seven said which was brilliant. He's like I don't want to be twenty-seven wealth and you know it's funny when the even Cardi B. who is endorsed Bernie Sanders. All kind of leftists nuts and says crazy stuff put out a video awhile ago when she actually looked at the Democrats tax plan I don't know you remember she was like, why am I giving you all my taxes, which is like I don't get it. How are you voting Donald Trump listen i. Just want to get two more quick things in. One of on this obvious disaster with hundred. Listen I get I've had addiction in my family. It's a horrible thing and I certainly don't mean to pile on but that's not an excuse. Steve. I mean. The man's father who he clearly was involved in a business relationship with according to people involved with them is running for president. These are fair questions. It appears right now to me, and this is not hyperbole that Joe. Biden is a national security risk to the United States. I mean you normal as common sense people after seeing this betty of information that have come out after ask themselves, what else do the communist Chinese who appear to have been in a business relationship with them have on the Biden family? This is serious stuff. Oh, it's. It's absolutely deadly serious. You're right and and you're also right you know there's a phrase that there's never one cockroach i. think that's probably true. Just what we know is so damn thing about what we potentially don't know and listen I really pushing on our campaign is trying to frame this as we're not really concerned with hundred. Okay. He has his issues. He has dealt with addiction like millions of Americans. He's lived largely a depraved life that matters to voters that's not relevant. He's not on the ballot Joe. Biden is the reality hunger. Biden was just a bag man. Okay. For the Biden Cartel, the head of the cartel is Joe Biden and what we now know we previously had been able to factually ascertain that Joe Biden had awareness of his sons nefarious corrupt business deals all over the world including with the two most dangerous enemies of the United States Russia and China, but we now know. because of this bombshell report from New York Post, and because of the surfacing and the effective public testimony of Bob Alinsky who I believe is really a Patriot and doing the honorable thing here he has come forward on the record as the CEO of the Sham Company that was set up to facilitate the gripped of the passage of many millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist. Party through a Chinese energy company directly to the Biden family. He has come forward to validate what already unnamed sources had already said, which is that Biden is the. Big Guy. He's the big guy in the e mails the explosive email stating that he gets a ten percent cut of this scam and this isn't your standard gripped Dan I think this is important point out. We're not talking about a Canadian Telecom Company who wants some influence for an se license Washington. DC. Okay. That would be bad enough. We're talking about the most dire enemy. Of the United States, the Chinese Communist Party and they were able to buy access and influence with the second most powerful man in the world who could potentially become the most powerful man. In the World Joe Biden is disqualified from being our commander in chief with just what we know right now Dan he would be unable to get a security clearance to even work at the lowest. In. The. or in. Your he would I I was a recruiter in the secret service. He disqualified immediately exit question I know you gotta run. We're talking to Steve Cortez spokesman for the trump campaign. Steve How's your out the vote going on listen to turn out this is a base election house turn out looking. Great because we've been investing in that as a campaign for months and actually four years. So the Biden campaign has a top down strategy. They raise tons of money from powerful interests which doesn't surprise me. Hollywood Wall Street oligarchs and they're spending it top down meaning they're spending a I'm rarely TV advertising. We are a bottom up movement of the deplorables out there we've. got. Grassroots enthusiasm like you can't believe others give one quick last example for the audience out there. I. Have yet to see a single biden flag and I've traveled a lot around this country I have to trump flags run of middle class homes behind pickup trucks going to work worksites behind luxury yachts I've seen trump flags everywhere. I have not yet. You Know Biden flag. No kidding I've seen him on planes, trains and automobiles Steve Cortez, you'd never disappoint again you really made our show. Terrific. Thank you for making a terrific closing argument why the trump prosperity agenda is the way forward you're the best buddy thanks for joining the show. We appreciate it. Thank you, Dan. God. Bless you. You just heard Dan Bongino.

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