#211 - Summer Exhibition


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People out there who look forward to Pacific days in the week few to get happy for you to become happy for you to be in a happy mood. It's now Friday so wipe that turned out upside down smile, the right way round, right? Upside down to. Yeah. What turned upside down and enjoy your day Friday Moses Friday. The sun is shining slightly right now in the morning, it's not as over cost as it was previously. Bnp sure wherever will turn. But even if it does, don't worry about it, and make the most of your day, you'd be looking for this day, the whole week. Don't waste it because that's usually the most annoying thing about people that have that kind of way in for the day to change thing. When did they comes around, you usually end up wasting in and up kind of wallowing in your own self pity complaining about this? And that whatever may be if you're looking for today, don't waste it. Go out there have some fun. I dunno to gallery. Oh, you know, it's happening actually isn't it a little the RA summer exhibition? Right. Kademi that's out today doesn't sound to the end of the summer really base for the most part. I saw those a Bank. See piece of that everyone's going crazy about. So I recommend you checked out of the isn't it, right? The summer exhibition summer exhibition to RA. Pushes us RA some exhibition in pretty show is. Yeah. It's the exhibitions is gonna be on at the moment. So if you're looking for somebody to do all your bit. You know your bit stumped. Flummoxed don't know what to do. You're not on board. What they stay Norwich is annoying. I have. No other frantic a lot with stop being a baby. Pick up your breaches and get out there and see this thing here is called the let me get up here scream. You to check out is to some exhibition. Is this lovely stuff here that the some exhibition of nineteen role had omitted the arts temp of June to the twelfth thinks about twenty equipping for the most part? I'm following last year's Recco break into the fiftieth division our celebration of art integrative continues in two thousand nineteen run without interruption since nineteen. Wow. Since seventeen sixty nine the summer submission is the world's largest open submission art show. I remember these really cool BBC documentaries about the people that did submit in. The pieces of for some exhibition so many interesting cool people from all different walks of life. I love how they vote for the action pieces that go up little. They put little marks on it back of them. It's really quick, the process insistence Comey flag them up in front of people, and they kind of pasta around, I should like video up here, and we'll just quick check it. But it's really cool best continue reading, this bub-bubba prints, and paintings film photography sculpture architecture, works and more by leading artists roller cat. Amis where cadets and household names as well as new emerging artists dishes. Acclaim Bush painter John McFadden RA takes mental from grace impera who coordinated two hundred fifty one some exhibition of a one thousand five hundred works on display. Highlights include animal, fumed, Miron JR. Central whole world for autism. Polly Morgan, Charles Avery Bank. See ma- Colin hold onto sister, Jane and Louis Wilson Tracy Yemen. Jimmy della Frank bowl Antony Gormley so many amazing people James Tyrrell's, go piece in there, too interested with that. Is going to look like in there because of usually massive in it cool to see what that looks like let me get. Let me get that video oppression. Really cool video that kind of shows how they approval the submission remember seeing on a BBC age which they still have it. Let me see if they have it just the RA summer edition. Right. X was an entry into requirements can get up here RA summer exhibition selection president selection process in the state is got it should have no sexual Pacific here that works out pretty well. Come on my mom. My, my islands of hope is not too long thickly skunk for yet two minutes as quickly. What's that one? The scope just this, this is how they do a the, the selection of the piece of ago some exhibition. The summer seditionists selected is on the screen because because listening, something sufficient selected by a panel. Roy, Royal academics. Each is practicing autism or an architect during the field, which is completely different than, like, you know, the Grammy's will that sort of shit, and it's people that aren't even involved in the us, all do anything crazy for themselves choosing, what the best album is probably story for another day, but has continued. What she does. Fantastic team of helpers combined with humbles number two. It goes on ten in the morning. But not think forty particular on. Beijing tool everyday. Defend. Title hanging committee, June some confidence. A bigger world of our aunt somehow what would what we been feeding is very, very happy when something just grabs our attention. Even for a few seconds we don't need minutes to pump weaken organised collection consciousness can say a few seconds visibly. Something if he doesn't appeal jewel of this, they'll be enough people who does a to my face different sunalliance. But I think generally speaking, we will no-go something's good of its time. Judge before on, on quantum Printext editions. But just the sky in this is so. Judge full, I'm a speed with which you have to look and make the decision is mind-boggling. So you'll be. Sneeze? Really? 'cause you went against us. If you normalize just just fine on things he do he don't these have a pretty cool way of judging things. So they have the judges in down on the line. I'm in Chas side by side. Then you have the group of than have older. Outlooks stocked up into shows behind him or neutral, quite big shows, then have a row assistance in front of the positive outlooks among. So then I'm assuming because there's a lot of them sitting on the line. They can all individually pick which one they think is good minute. I'm assuming the, the baskets down from there, so they have not gotten initial pick where they go and choose one. Then they kind of pick down from there. Those separate all the judges and still agreed to pick it up, again, the beach evening, terribly Thailand realize looking at that they tell how tiring get much different visual stimulation three thousand a works today. It's mitt mindful, bleed basing huge guys us, meaning they knew misprint submission this year, which may be to do that those pieces, wreath on Nove Freud myself, Oprah makers on the panelists on, I think, maybe eligible the very aware we've seen huge huge amounts of prince. Greg good, Princess dot Oxy, Vinnie gratifying to have such a good strong Netflix exciting when it comes to laying out the galleries high heels anyway, that's basically, what somebody sufficient is really cool. I'm happens every summer in, in London's refugees around your bullet in you wanna do something on a Friday is going. Out drink kidding burying your face in warm, alcoholic beverages in the middle of London. Why don't you buy ticket Goto the kademi and enjoy some nice bit of all, and even that you can go across the river case of a cocktail? Go to one of those natural wine BAAs, our put up all of London or maybe a nice tap restaurant. Whatever may be. But kind of mix up a little bit. You know, usually will do the same sort of thing, every Friday, go for night out, you know, end up picking up some indiscriminate amount of, you know, which shit, and we're going to show up our nose, or drink, some dumb beverages to get that for one evening, go out, get some culture, enjoy yourself or maybe not maybe, maybe like see the Muslim you can't tell me what to do. I'll do what I what went on when I please fan of grownup do as you. Please by think much since quite cool. But anyway, regardless that's on at the moment until when. Ch are some exhibition is on from the eight the tenth of June until the twelfth of August. Plenty of time V to squeeze that bad. Boy, in anyway, let's get onto some topics things I wanted to speak about things, our my mind and then we're gonna keep on mobile did was on here. So number one, what? Oh, number one, she up there. I've been doing I just came back from Jim actually, I went to Jimmy morning later on the gopher run, and then later on this evening, I'm heading off to get Barry for the weekend stints. Right. I'm gonna go visit some friends, which is going to be interesting because the first time I went to Paris. No, I went to Paris a free four times. And I didn't really enjoy it. Then I went the, the most recent time I went to go see Virgil Ebola's latest X. No is first exhibition in Paris. I think for can bring up of why vogue runway. This is my kind of first introduction to the whole Paris life. Right. Get up on hand as if he's got exhibitions because I remember trying to win ago, went to go see right? So the six all the exhibitions here went to go see the one with the yellow screams, the men wish menswear show in Paris. Right. So I went three or four times, never really enjoyed it out the free four times a win. I think for those times with my parents, so, you know, go into satelite pirates with your parents can get the old really quickly Beshir that kind of Adria kinda wanted to your all my own man. Other one be hitting mom and dad nego that kind of weird rebellious shit going on your head. But other time, you know, you kind of get over it. But then you like you know what maybe parishes is that my kind of sit you know, it's quite similar to London kind of a guard until how it's laid out, nobody has more. Like the central London is a small a small densely populated cosmopolitan city similar to London respect. So you kind of get bitten, it's not that big of a deal. But then I went back for this, right? I'm gonna push the screen, I went back to CD off white show. Full two thousand sixteen men's chests. When I went to go see while member screened this the one where in towards the end. So I went to go see this. When I was in Paris, and death. When everything changed for me obviously helps that when I was going to Paris good for work. So I feel that gave a little bit more of a different. So she right. I was happy too much. I was much more of a happier mood. I felt like I was involved in the industry for once I went from being a consumer to somehow being a participant in culture, I was meeting up with Rivera's buyers. I was good to show rooms, I was meeting up with various coach figures in the scene and stuff. They're just moving and shaking. And then luckily as able to get a no CPAs able to go and see the show. I think CO had to be standing on the side. You know, but most everyone else was sitting down kind of a clear view of the motives, coming down the runway and it was for the off, white for winter two thousand sixteen show from Burj level. Again, really cool man to go see the show really cold to go. See everybody. I'm used to seeing in the scene and stuff like that. And just in jobs will be poverty, because I'm sure for most of us fashion people out there or people are like watching runway shows, it's one fifty stuff from runway is nothing to see that kind of stuff in real life. So I went a soda show. And after after after I saw the show I didn't went to go to I went to a couple of the parties of few of them. I went to an after party that I think who, who food off the point, it might have been acronym. The gush from Akron, my free off the pipe few others. I went to quite a few of the party's hanged around the host Mitchell thing, sorcery, stop people. I saw how that kind of game goes through a little bit personable. So. Funny. And in general ended up walking around the entire city for the most part hanging out with some randoms. And I just really felt the vibe of it. We ended up doing some ball hoping going to random restaurants random balls. I ended up going to sickly or wine place, the certain kind of calf I know the standards originally, see Paris inside the street like with great little outdoor patio drinking wine cigarettes. I don't even smoke and just absorbed myself had a book in my hand reading the same page for a one hour and a half. I absolutely love the fell of the city a kind of got what everyone was talking about. And again, reminded me, a little bit of this Bevere, cringe example, by reminded me, a little bit of the movie with a clever in ways in Paris was it, cooled, midnight Paris, at midnight in Paris, or something movie, quote, mitt night in Paris's it, quote midnight in Paris. Yeah. Midnight, paris. You remember that's the movie for most. His name Woody Allen at club Evans in it. Amazing movie. I remember watching this back in the day had so many call literacy, lit literary, literary references lows, a co offers mentioned those a cool books. I added to my wishlist, I ended up buying a time. Yeah, just the mazing Woody Allen movie for the most part. And that again, gave and that kind of made me remember that movie when I went there, I was like, oh, this is why I've was another Paris is amazing seat to cover just peruse. And you know, get lost in and just enjoy yourself and coming absorb. Byron that's going around, so, yeah, I really enjoyed it. So now I'm going second time. And I'm hoping it's going to be the same. We're going to stay with some friends kind of get to know them. A little bit better was going to be just over the weekend. We're going to basically have the whole side ahead of Sunday's around. We can arrive there later this evening and Friday. So we probably don't do anything probably end up just drink kit. And having a little child and his Friday, Saturday, and Sunday wind up going walking around in comeback on Monday morning. So little quick trip in between things because everybody been abroad this whole year. We won't be abroad again. Probably then you have been doing this game to kind of get. So I go to the ballot Pacific go to kind on one weekend. That's gonna come up Ray soon. But I'm not going to do any kind of beach holidays. Only think so, you know, those trip in between it's kind of move things around is going to be very, very well received on my infamous par man. I'm doing this weekend. Hope you guys are gonna have fun. Anyway, let's move on some topics get into some topics I wanted to speak about this afternoon this morning. Whatever time is wherever you walk number one. We got the Stefan, jonoski, the absolute legend the legend of Nike SP at a guy that kind of changed what it meant to have what happened with him. Seven ski, the legend goes that he had an what have yet, like a yet his own shoe. You've really stuck to his guns end up designing his own shoe from the ground up, and then in uptaking, a portion of the sales, but then will selling so well. And I didn't want to continue paying invest push themselves. And then he he made them pay up other close to four million or something ship. You got paid something dumb, like four million dollars or something. And then now the desperate have been of absorbed into the digital general SP lineup. He doesn't get them anymore, but he got kind of out of his contract, which was kind of insane for a skateboarder that time. So, you know, most people don't earn that kind of money unless you're like, you know, one of those Q skateboarders so for Genesee to earn that kind of, man of money, and it's never a time is amazing. But also species influence, you know, use those a period of time when everybody everybody under the sun was wearing seven Gino skis move. I tried to let him for a period of time. But unfortunately my legs my feet at a time were probably will be able to wear them now by the time of the super flat. I didn't really have much of an art show. My foot now because I've been training quite well. And I've been wearing a lot flat shoes train in Nike. Clones took in Seoul, I do. A lotta work that lifting in bear fee, Adele work do my back. Squats are Beth e to Phoenix own way. Do exercise. Mm ability works. I've got a nicely arch probably could wear them nowadays. But I remember just being really flimsy really thin. But if you listen to your story goes back to what he kind of wanted to shoot and they've got documentary here that kind of speaks about what he basically done on hype piece of mentioned here. Let me just pull this up who could check this out. Let me just put up a new window to make this easier to check up a lotta on here is documentary. Perceptual skill Mike speak tenth anniversary. Something isn't very soon. I had than having closer this I had probably a four. Insane. Equal full rage. Because they're like this doesn't look like Nike shoe. Really good stuttered his finger need him more sharply. What he wanted another? Give makes anything easy for anybody. It's so hid because he genuinely came from him. Good for him that he stuck to his guns crew put with ozone Nike in two thousand and six or seven or five year round. Stefan at the news was on fire. That what he was skating, like, Stefan style king was absolutely the switch master he's tell and lanky long flowing hair and he has a pension for wearing khloe closes. Well, and I mean this in the nicest way come like a wet new. You know, he's a very charming cut. Wow, look, how much older Paul Rodriguez looks when period the hockey legend the amount of sticky go back in the day for being one of the you know, I don't know you've probably one of the biggest probably on the biggest commercial scape was out of who's do you have a kid, the white kid name the kind of Justin Bieber? Looking dude super ripped but member p Rodman. He was huge beckon addicted Kidman. We should be embarrassed to say with him. But we loved payroll man. No, I did. Anyway. I love pyramid imp-. He is Eric it was to be like a professional skateboarder and he didn't. He wasn't really about with a mess life. He just went around competition smashing, those things winning them. Big cash prizes. Baggins sponsors, keeping it movement, absolute legend Paul Rodriguez. My big up him so much older. No cool. Doing really high level difficult tricks in look like he's half asleep. And everybody was just like we need to go up. He always had to three video parts of year for like five six year, period. He was such a hot commodity, we wanted to come up with the shoes quickly did work out that way. Moore signature shoes. You're the next one what was the emissions? It wasn't a one. Whipped tissue out of the bag. Any sort of look at it. Don't like bulging toes on shoes. No flato flato, what toes of athletes get in heaven aesthetic point of view. He added different agenda. I shoot my way. I said, I don't care. I don't have a shoot. Now, if you don't do it the way I want it still shoe doesn't matter to me. I wish knows more at Lisa dental, craven, vigils upbringing seen nowadays. I'm thinking, I'm thinking of the likes. Heroin press the virgin LA blow in Matthew Williams as an example, right? They don't skateboarders you those kind of maybe be during the rental both two and you'd from ambush and you're seeing a real difference. You see a real change in what the craves want to do with Nike shoes, and apparel instead of going out, then just rehashing Calloway wherever, I think they are very aware that number one, the probably declined to, they want to speak to, they don't necessarily sneak aheads, but they're going for the kind of fashion design, creative, aspiring, creative crowd who wants a bit different Tom sex Maziarz, whatever it wouldn't have been fun. If Tom sexists went and redesigned an Air Force One or change a Callaway, it wouldn't have been as more of an interesting project. But the fact that you went and kinda built a shoe from the ground up took the soul from SSB made a different upper different kinds of materials made a soul that kind of absorbs the and condemn odor. Gets a better looks. I think that's a new junction. We're seeing probably more maybe it's a indication of the. Nfidence craves have in their own work. Or maybe it's also a reflection of what the customer wants. Right. They're no longer back. Then Steph Jones could have easily go away with just doing a Colo ever blazer of a match coat low of a dunk low of dunk mid an anon- complain. Perfect nowadays that same level of attention with even greater appreciate now because things are just so rehash retro looking, but you have to give people that Matthew Williams drew heroine, Preston unit from ambush the girl from cactus plunk flea market. They're going for trying to reduce different. Introducing different models, upgrading in a different way, different kind of spectate looking for the easy, kind of low hanging for it takes courage to do, honestly. Jonoski crazily told us, this is not my shoes. I don't know how you came up with this. We thinking Gina both have different. I picked it up and looked at it that he threw it back at us. I love him. Brown's logged coast drawing pictures, define list, while current we went back and forth for really time to glove on, I think realizing this guy's not watching, what does he want again? His he was asked shoes to, to puffy as he skated. He couldn't feel. Stefan was very adamant about making shoes. It was paper, thin skate shoes at times that explain why has trouble women because my big cone bungee dribbled fee, just rubbing up against Phil, the grip tape rubbing against Matoto every flick every drag every pull was just walking breaking me. And of course with an aunt, as well, my flat full it just wasn't working that explains at the time at the design defect. But now hearing personality hearing speaks about things, and hearing what he wants to fill in shoes sense, wearing Kleenex box on your foot seizes type she tales feet stubbing code puffy, swayed potato. His her statement was shoes twist, the least amount of material via foot jump off. Big sit stairs, big, big grinding up. Big hands taking a lot of impact. So people were trying to find the indestructible shoe. But the only problem with industry people shoes, you wanna have a real close connection or have his, bulky heavy Hsun just came to this station. Clemson feet are to my state of more. You make good. The fun is really what helps gay. That's cool. More really was wanna feel the board scraping across foot anchors. I wanna shoot gonna make lifeless lead when my foot to once thing to make possibly to be great when you're making that shoot and he's selling your foot to bleed. Okay. I guess. Asia is start building thing. The trick was importing of very abusive sport on the shoe. So we needed crucial was both durable, as well as minimally some of the things out saying the nighttime sometimes are Nike can do anything. He said that rape deathly added temper tunnel, but it them site knew that they could make the shoe. Clean looks beautiful instantly adolescents there at the time they were trying to push knowledge is in all our studies research, relevant. There was a lot of very expensive looking technical. Choose multiple airbags. Come on time. Those revision. Outside of the shoe trysted looking mesh in rubber insofar. Shoe had none of that one at lowest possible. We work with the factory to get it so low that they said it was illegal producing it. Sign a bunch of radical illegally low. Our bosses brought all of office and the reaction was terrible aided under productivity of their that look, two hundred three hundred dollars in command, the seventy five dollars shoot using hydrogen technology loopholes. One of my first tasks was organizing the launch party for the shoot in Stefan, had this list of demands dancers jank snubs to be released upon his entrance on tap. Unbelievable. Assumed that he would tank they bought. So light that became a rare commodity not by strategy because of fear. Okay. Since examined at two women be really hard to get Trump around offing I got the first batch from him. But because working at ninety eight when they first released on pretty sure, and I remember trying to get pepper, slim seascapes, they'll be able to get them in a couple of y member, we have we got some as well, ninety four yet in a while, we had some into store, but we ended up having some they're really hard to come by, especially the standard black pair that will solve like navy. Looking, I remember that being super hot to get so that explains it wasn't even cheated. Just went really sure they were going to sell well, okay. Trying to get it done. But also making sure that Stefan was happy as well that pressure. Produce greatness, windy know that you had was Wednesday fund didn't give Shuba. The factor. Remake another sound hole west diplomacy for sample was like perfect. Yeah. I don't think. Started picking up the picking up and by the second year became bigger than thought third fourth year. We're like what's going on taking over the rest of business? It became massive. We will. These contracts. They're gonna mention me, personally small team that worked on. It was a shoe that we felt we wanted to wear MU the boarding community would gravitate towards it because it was so special, it was about the craft than the make of it, it was one of the shoes data soon as you lay your eyes on it notes home run. I can't really emphasize enough how important was for us to create our own unique shoot up until that point. Our biggest successes, vintage shooting. Would hit was shifted the paradigm, what shoot could look like. He was fun fighting for what he believed at Nike. They have a little bit you go shoes and stuff on shoe. While his with a day you go Mun listen. Learn for create is out this stick to your guns, no matter what people say the beginning, especially this think the point of the story would be not so much. Dick Joe guns in the hope that you're going to become differential ski at have a Nike shoe. You not really, especially the point of it the point of it. Is that if you get up to collaborate with a brand like Nike or get protein to corroborate with any saw brand abroad Uber? Highly respect your barrow sticking with your guns going with something that you think is going to work for you is your vision and dying that sold then going with what they think pressure to marketing team or the advisers, who'll mean well, but again, they don't have your vision, and then when, that's when that fails that's going to hurt, even more. And if it's seeds it's going to empty, 'cause really your idea, and most creatives, most true creatives they don't they know whether it's not they are there. They have there been baris- a claim as being lauded obese opponents really do this. So as to doubt down your sword go with your design. The go-to guy, and hopefully works out, hopefully, juicy you get you get nice still pay Pekka Abbott. All you end up going in going down in the Nike. Wool hall of fame, kind of thing that sounds fucking amazing. I didn't know that one of the tops, one of the top one hundred selling shoes. I wonder what one hundred setting she was. Oh, they might be some real couples listed. Imagine imagine air force ones that shit's going to be on there. Standard. But I wonder what the kind of real ones might be maybe something like Nike epic, m lie, adult things that ritual was terrible, maybe entering to one when the, the one hundred tops Shuzo anyway, another time. That's a, that's a video at the moment. I'm gonna Lincoln show this Nike based Epinal sqi today. Lee USA, fitness, celebrating the temp, and eventually of the shoe. So yeah, I'm sure it'd be having those activation around to probably to come celebrate. That is well, but who knew who knows probably checkout Lincoln shown, does of you that care Knicks on the list here. We have Nike AmEx, two thousand looser knock him X to seventy two thousand these one of my favorite kind of new Neo models have come out at the moment. Complain a lot on here. Sometimes about the prevalence of retro pushy from Nike love to kind of, you know, bang retro and not really make any new new models new shapes by the fact that this shoe kind of takes inspiration from some of the early ninety s kind of shoes that we will know in love from Nike, but also dates into modern looking kind of shoe again, really nice modal love the paneling on the upper a love to some kind of translucent of soul to translucent up here at a top chef mesh of flyer wire looks beautiful. I love the fact that most of the paneling now a Nike shoes has been is. It heat pressed. Whatever is seamless. There's no stitching on it for the most part. I love that side of it. So real minimal stitching on the upper must penalties have been kind of glued together, heap press to give. I love this big fab bubble at the bottom as well to seventy degrees if I was being picky out, said, wanted to be a little bit more bulbous five. Think I reason why they do. It is probably a civilised y you don't see AmEx ninety five with the journalists code don't JP mex- ninety five. Let me see if I can find a picture of them. Right. But there's a code JP, max money, five right into confined. The air max ninety five coal JP. Hope you someone's globe herald. You see how fat the bubbles off from back in the day, they don't make them fat anymore. I'm pretty sure there's something to do p you or whatever may be. Stood. J P. The old school ones had a really fat bubble. Michele find them think that's the one here but it only showed him too often. About the vintage. Yes. As you can see this. Is this even a woman's right? So I'll get the show up here. So as you can see what this kid's 'em Exon five issues, your smaller sizes, have the air bubble the front. But back in the day. The bubble on AmEx five these the bowed out as much as that back in the daily really fascinated Petroleo side is one of my pet peeves when it comes to the vapor mix when you look down on it because the bubble doesn't pop out it kind of tapers in. So it kind of looks like you know, really working on reminded front reminder of the back of a Nike shock that are like the shook kind of tempered out a little bit or Shumpert out. So the bit triangle from the backs of the could see them as you're walking down. So seven, it's like a trip less, or you know, the McQueen spent Smith kind of pokes out to the site a little bit. They can see that. So I prefer I'd like if the bubble of the back of this ninety five from here was maybe the same so bogus nature as twenty seven, but again, that's just nitpicking over a really nice color tail green Akwa green blue very. Minta very fresh. Yes. Very, very nice model if any maybe the poll Toubon to call the poll top should be black. Maybe that should be another brighter color. Neil green or something. But yeah, really nice Calloway mesh on the inside. So for those guys that liked to have funky socks journey summer. This'll be a good shooter some actually worry per shorts, you can get him on black until Qalaway. What was really nice for much of. Air rift from back in the day that console Colorado free coal to Akwa Calloway, three masses. Well, yes, a really nice model of raw think again folder for the American place. I have about retro 's they really cool. Double AmEx, twenty sevens to 'em to seventies, the out to temper twelve lumped of really, they're gonna be gonna be out in time for some doesn't make much sense. Is it these are perfect? She for summer why out for now as a better. They the one that one, these are perfect shift. Some of these are sell really. Well if summertime surprise bringing them now while I guess you're gonna have to dead, so come into Nick summer or if you're in the states, you probably have a good summer forgotten, so yeah, they're going to be out September twelfth. The hype Ajay blue lagoon also said, data hype Ajay and blue lagoon job, July. Eighteenth vocab out. Say makes sense with electro green the one that's gonna black and yellow droppings. And that's why they September twelfth. Okay, it doesn't matter. So they're coming July eighteenth. So you only got another month and you compare to shoot a AmEx to seventy in free seasonal Calloway's. Check those out if you're that way, inclined Knicks on the list Tia. We have the Petr enjoyed f- pattern, Jordan seven, I think I mentioned previously, but this is another call away. That came out as well. Which looks pretty cool. That wasn't very understanding about the promotional items with this little piece cocoa by with his item with compare shoes. Amidror seeing the book from Pattaya with name are in it. I don't know what that connection is. Maybe they're just friends. The Pat crew note name, whatever much show what mention came from, but, you know, it's Mikey, it could come from anywhere, but I like this. I think preferred this Calloway to the one that's meant to be coming out. I'm not sure if this is a friend. And family colored say back in may. We saw Jones impacted calibrate on a creamy beige will turn if see of hanzel Yang preview of coming released dubbed, the, the what is that called the upper is made of light blue lever that light blue. Among logo teapot, his back officially state has yet to the Petra Jordan seven to this month for the website for two hundred dollars. Okay. Yeah, this call away. I preferred to the one that we see now. Gonna come out and beg the brownie or Calloway again. I would prefer it without the pats a logo on the mid. So. But again, I understand, parodying you know, they have to appeal to the kids to kids love what they do. So they want if the kids want if the kids want if the kids want to text on it, so they get tax amid so and for the most part, the upper pretty clean, like man doing parole in the most underrated Jordan's really. I think an anti connection people don't wear them enough. I remember my friend, Marcus used to wear these really, really well amazing back in the day, but people don't really drop these any more, but I really like the shipping, even the solo tree. Nice. I'm a big fan of these seven to alternative Colorado shirts. They're gonna come. This is like a Hong Kong mock-up, or something, or if they're legit or not. But actually preferred these to the ones are coming up recently, which these right these ones, I meant to come out in a couple of days or they're already is, like a brownie Calloway. So I prefer the previous to this person in my opinion on the. A again, S for you guys to make up have Jordan sevens out very, very soon. Check those out local Jordan retailer next on the list, tear. We have hip hop, millionaires who was to be a millionaire who wants to be a millionaire million so list from Forbes detailing the next batch of hip hop, hippos, next billionaire off the JJ. He's the confident so you know some of those guys catching up to do. And again, it's interesting breakdown in terms of all this money wealth in terms of the biggest axe most of it comes from outside of music, which again, goes to show just how fucked up the whole music industry is in terms of how you can make money in that industry. But again shows a direct template for kids coming up about what you have to do. If you wanna make the big bucks, neural excuses nowadays, just so much information, so much information and the good thing about these for five guys featured hit Kanye west petey Drake, Jay z. And Dr dre is that they all okay pie. Different lanes in hip-hopping. Yes, the year you probably only had one person lead in charge. One person is the one, one person kind of, you know, flying the flag one person will the endorsements, but nowadays, maybe with the advent of the internet, and may be would, I would say so much show, streaming say the internet is probably unlocked, more opportunities for these guys outside of music than anybody else, and oversleep with people now becoming a cultural of movement outside of music from taste to spectate to fashioned head to close is now they're not able to put their finger on different pieces of the pyrite. So people might listen to Drake by. They want to drink the drag the drink Drake drinks, what he goes out there might wanna go into nightclub. Aw. A shisha bar that he and his friends might frequent. So there's different evidence. He can kind of appeal to without directly being people being fans of his music, going to toss binds much really cool thing. So full of this kind of broken down to show Article V two. Now Lincoln, this guy for those guys listening, so. Doc. Tickle starts off with the title. Hip hop next billion averages to represent as maintained by codes, Zaka, mainly. So the spouse of saying following bracket on seventeen Jay z made a boat statement in the song about his lyrical prowess, future financial full tunes. He said the following I'm ready to go. Next up is a is the Billy show enough Forbes declared him hip first billionaire this month. The news, the attention of observers round the world lead, you to breakfast, Jaydee front achievement also because of what it meant I was looking for steps. JD entire life is a real blueprints, as hip pioneer five, Freddie longtime, host of the show, your MTV reps. He's one of the first examples of our lifetime of one who's truly achieved the American dream and business, of course, especially if you know, you know, he's humble beginnings on the mossy projects naturally JC tops, this year's ranking hippos richest stars, and he'll be expedited rep world, almost certainly, one of the below. So number five wealth in from what was have declared Drake as a combined with one hundred. Fifty million. The Fe to your grappa is young list by decade is quickly gaining ground. The hippo elder statement, Drake's fortune graffiti percent over the past year, Bruce holdings in the range of real estates. For me to say to Virginia black Blackwell, one of we want to try shafting idea review of later, try everyone's liquor who doesn't have a liquor that group. Jay Z's got one drank Scott. One did. He's got one great as have one in communism, have tried these free liquors and video vet coming up very soon. The Virginia black his well as lucrative tore and near residency ex- ex- s nightclub in Las Vegas. Canoeist next two hundred four million, which is amazing considering where he's coming from the financial struggles that he was talking about Bubba. He took the show on the road in Coachella. Sunday service hooking Saux, despite the kings of the freemen debt beseeching mock bed for a million bound into funding future Deva's west makes his debut on these lists. Thanks to enough, another patron. Ada, switch Ludd western Nike ally counting on west wealth is almost entirely predicted unconcerned estimate of brand's value, as it continues to scale up, you could one day, Johnny. Sister-in-law hygienics, billionaire pedia, of course, Senator full million mama Mia. The questions I started my business career at age twelve he said, since then I've always understood that if I give the customer my best service and service differently wherever music drinking vodka out. Gary turn on my hard work, the artists puff daddy dips to number free on the list as into as industry trends way on some of his holdings and couldn't a cable network revolt. Of course, kind of stagnating a little bit and clever line shown, John Doe. Diddy has sold. Mistake of the letter, and the sizable piece bus, a wrote the main driver of his fortune, is growing again yet, especially the new flavors that have not a moment war. In a few people promote, I love the I love the influence these into is getting a lot of those Instagram models to kind of advertise on stuff like that drag Gill the India, love and a few other people doing adverse, I must've saw the ending IVA to for it. I like how he's kind of allowing the influences to do their own little piece of content to what crash rates toll. So that's pretty cool. Eventually Chrysler drinks, dowdy souls. He'd make some really good promotion. But he's only drink Tito's is tiers of Boko was Titas. I think he has Volkers heater, he tows wiser vocal focus so maybe can drink that if you met puff daddy was fucking. But the road, the main drivers fourteen. The blah number two got Dr dre hundred million. We know why what that's for any other things here he gets into school Bubba. And the number number one, Jay z with village Asia. Also, with the dreads and it doesn't it? Yeah. So I that's again, here's a list of people. And again, this is the new what they call it the mount Rushmore knit for hip hop, kids gills all around the world. So I guess if you're wanting to pursue your dreams and wanting to achieve higher things in life in reach for the stars without molecular. You have to look at these guys, look at blueprint, look what they're doing. And in general, I always say, especially people also advice and stuff. I think the best advice you can get from people is following their actions. See what they do not listen to what they say, for their actions in your way interpreted, how you like to apply in your endeavors and see where it takes you in the process is usually, the most enjoyable thing about anyway, the money in is awesome by some of these most of these guys on my money. Of course. You come from dire straits the money that aspect of not being broke again, it's going to be something gonna wrangling your head. But for the most part, once you reach that level of financial freedom is also become a game. The process found starting from one male and try to flip at the two Stein from one grandchild that the ten that's all a big game that they liked to do again again again. So again, day, John Paul's, and who knows maybe you could be on that list to who knows who bloody nose next. We have. I was reliable. You chip is now we have a label MP's okay after on this. I don't pay attention to politics. I tried to keep my nose out of those fans because I think sometimes have interest in politics issue, new young sometimes be a distraction, or your sometimes Pepsi detracting, from dealing with the finger, and you need to be dealt with. I would like to be what you valuable member of society a country. A member society. I'd like to be a good friend to my friends of good partner a good, brother. Good sign wherever may be so have many, many things I have to plug up in my own life before know. You know what you're trying to change the ills of the world. But sometimes in the protocol, spare she nowadays with the, you know, since Trump got elected states at the kind of blew out the war, and he kind of former conventions away used to kind of politeness, and, you know, the, the Corum and kind of elder statesman and kind of a row. You know, just relaxed nature of some leaders kind of got out the window. Now, the more uncouth, the more off the handle the more you speak from the heart. The more you go with your gut type of king has been praised. So if anything Trump is basically change critical landscape forever, and ever probably most than he's ever realized, and you would say why I picked it because this weird story of MP's not trying to be reliable. Especially the Taurean piece. I think maybe because in the UK to mostly unrelated for love young kids don't of the young people in the UK. Don't w identify with Tori's is usually used as a kind of a slur, or an insult people cheap and shit when they accuse your bigger, Tori. You have to look at someone Alfie days. He's been accused of that recently anyone comes from an affluent background accused of being a Tory, which is kind of the, the deepest cut you could give him some random on the internet. So the effort to kind of curtail and appear coal somebody's coming out and declaring. Or meeting the most wild things to become part of the kind of current zeitgeist conversation and none more so than this with clipped, I saw the other day again. I'm really late on this. So forgive me by only really of every day. It's good morning Britain with. Here's the other two lovely ladies. So the interviewing this Tori MP candidate called SM Varian finishing bottom of the list, whichever was a gleefully happy about show, why I think maybe nobody like her, but hit listened to the first thing that she says, when she's on the Great Britain. And then I'll play number number be explained why she went on said this. Right. Is happy of taking cocaine. No. Have you ever taken Brooks? I've said yesterday, I'd tried a blow pot Marano while than after all were not where I come from. It wasn't. What the fuck. Why does that pays guy going? Wooding breakfast shows that what's your mother shit, and, you know, regular, regular, people at home and admitting that they've done blow, but it's not blow. It was my wearing the U K. Do they could blow weed someone tells me what happens in K? Everyone knows blow sniff yet. You have to take a shit and give what's wrong with being a square. Now, they're trying to be reliable. They wanna be down with the kids. What next you're to say she had style fro. She did back in the day, Rilo tag. Of the team is going to tag up some random pub or restaurant somewhere in Kensington and get people to go take pictures of it and saying that she was in voting for fear back in the day. Like why the fuck is this? What's happening like so Pizarro? She goes motiva- motivation. How come? Lugo blows cocaine his nose in it back in the day. These guys are crazy, man. What the hell are they doing what the hell are they doing? And again, if you're wondering where that come from, you wonder why people go Mooney bregman shirt and say that worry not seen those Odio answers for you, my dear friends audiences. So this other MP microbials, probably one of the most punch faces ever seen in my life, started this whole Faure around admitting what drugs you're taken because look what happened with him. This report from Sky News. Oh, good. Sights set on promising future. I can confirm that I will be lending forwards to be minister of this face. Does he have the most punctual faces? Popo. Edit is his that's getting attention such as. Mission comes right. Have mixed. Told the Daily Mail took drugs on several occasions with social again. I'm not sure where this come again. I haven't read the whole the whole piece of people give me look, if he gets out joint interview, they'll talk about, you know, the. That have drug use in London with young kids, maybe trying to talk about knife crime. Took it about gang culture and in somehow conversation. It came up, you know what could you do? What can you do? It was a message. You have kids sometime, maybe say, look, also drug use of lookout time my life. I don't know how she came about. But this bizarre for some of that looks the way he does write this square looking guy. Right. I'm not sure why now days being that. But again, I think it's the effects of Trump Trump is come in and been so Boombastic has been so successful. And his brand of brashness and abrasive sniff and saying what he wants and going off the cuff, even Burks John Bevere, doofus anyway, has really cranked up the levels of not giving a fuck it nece over the last couple of years, because of the success of Trump people have seen, you know, nowadays, people see the real you that really caring about the accounting firm. I will time for the they don't want that shit. They want someone on this speech when a har-, even if it is a bit contrived, even if it does. It's a bit away. Few whatever may be. They want. Someone is going to speak, honestly. So because of that is a piece of, like lots of drove whatever that what could we do? I know let's I did some blow back in the day, which was a blow. It was actually we'd if your stomach or less admit, I took a couple of bumps or whatever maybe it's just a bizarre thing to say. I love I say more than twenty years ago, you know, you have to get that time period out. You have to get that right tiebreakers. If you happened on a couple of months ago, you never never know they might open investigation. It was more than two decades. Look back and think I wish I haven't done that. Says who says back in the day when they did cook. They should never done it. Everyone says done coke says they enjoy, but all the ruins your life, so you have to stop at some point be never looked back and sale at one time, a life net wasn't ill super enjoyable. You loved it, but you have to break breaking it with you on a team things that you want to pursue your dreams, you know, you can't be on the fucking sniff every single day. It's not gonna really get far. Right. Or if. Take you so far. So you quit for the sake of your career process of your family, but it's not like giving up because there's yummy. It's definitely yummies definitely enjoyable. Meat on the public. They'll have different experiences in the road lives, making judgments on who they can take the country through y'all. If again, I don't know about politics, involvements politics. I'm not I'm not vote for somebody that's done a bit. Sniff drank something on smokes weed like last week of mind if your policies like what, what do you stand for? That's more. So as opposed for your past will do. I can't at my MP used to be a DJ back in the day or wet raising matters. Give a fuck. What you diff- my local community. What the fuck is this? Tended to an absolute shit show. Be maybe I'm late really me laugh man. Yeah. Blow, and we like blows blows cocaine. Oh, well, no. I come from what do you mean? Legend, absolute legend legend. Anyway lesson. What's next year Sonoma, boo should noble? Tourism and never another in never example of just how wacky is what has become influences around the world influences Pacific Lii in the in eastern Europe, near Ukraine are now flock into snow after the hit show on halio and trying to take shelties of the now deserted Chenobyl, again show. Why does what is happening might be because it's getting self is this is another example of just how demented, some people are social media. You know, just just for the sake of getting off your likes you're putting yourself at hums way, the levels of radiation and noble still super high looks on Greece and documentary, something people that have been there recently with the with the meter to go. Check it, and people are still go in there and having no real, no carrying that much. It's just like a bizarre to affairs. I what kind of self is this, right? It should know. Boy, this is over the selfie and behind a dilapidated caught has. Been burned out and left for women. And you're smiling. What does it have what, what is that? What's captured on that kind of pitcher in Sonoma below that call, no one's around where the other known as like what a difference? But anyways report from ABC says a photo Torres visit noble must be respect for the credit bureau show about new kids said. Says some people visiting the site in Ukraine what was was nuclear accident happening, not in six been taking pictures smiling. The power plant one person posted seven acre pitcher Craig museum said is wonderful that wave of people have been visiting really wonderful really. I don't really know why you visits that kind of thing, maybe similar to I go to outfit and stuff. It's a bit. It's a bit perverse a little bit macabre Lucia white when go dead, but she knowing the hotel sees that happened there. You know what I mean? Like again, maybe people love misery porn. That's probably the reason why it's a bit strange for me about blah, but he's out people to remember that the terrible tragedy occurred, there estimates of the number of people affected very hugely Chenobyl, forum says fewer than fifty people died of more than that, and eventually went to nine thousand deaths linked to disaster comfort complete yourselves with respect to those who suffered and sacrificed Craig Rowland Twitter. But look, his pictures of people taking pictures shit. It's working bizarre. Well, when world we live in. The movement. A number of companies run toes for the fares. Exclusion zone on Schnabel. Pri Pri previous the abandoned city that was built for sure. Double workers in families had a population of sixty thousand people before, but has been largely deserted ever since older sixty thousand tourists. Visit each year descriptions on spreads from Ukraine into roofs and covers an area more than twice the size of London while for the public ethic show that has reportedly been an increase in tourism in zone is landmarks now, feature in the background pictures on Instagram. Look, what people are doing this absolutely bizarre gal same naked. Here's a guy with a meter novel. Get one away. Some up the burned BUSTER, as we said the number of people who died as result radiation is disputed officially at a government of the, at the end of the show you what should I say about the people have died? But, you know, we notice more the foul at eight hundred hundred poll French number forms tested, that fewer fifty people died by also. But it also estimate that up to nine thousand people could eventually die Greenpeace puts the figure as high as ninety. Three thousand was is there an piper of firearm, cancer, most of which were treated and killed will caused by contamination that should was right to wants people to remember mama Mia, look, people go in just of really freaky thing out stem cell thing when you come to ask, remember, you're on the site where women people killed respect their memory take pictures of that. Mooney memorial balance. The message blocks. They stand on a typical fuck on the side of kissing southside, people are weird, so bizarre, individual and social media. But I guess that's what kind of guests their rocks off. Can you do? But yeah, I guess be respectful, Matt, if you can maybe not, if this guy, you wanna smile sug guy, Sergei, whatever his name is on did mama Mia. Some people are just really wonder some human beings in your rarely wonder anyway. What's next this tier? Scientific intelligence. Yes. This is type of intelligence. I think I need to read a book about it. This one guy figures name Gardner, something speaks about intelligence, or the very levels of intelligence. And I wanna read it because of this story Pacific. So it's really funny reading it because of that. But this story about Kylie Jenner. Doing a hands may tell fem- party and it kind of really made me think that there are different levels of intelligence, because, as we all wet, Kylie Jenner is a billionaire. She's got very personable cosmetics line. Now. She's put out a skincare lines. You've got because his committee makeup anyways, you got skincare makeup. She also has endorsements with fresh Inova news kind of feature she's raking in the money. She's doing very, very well for. So there is a Paul has trimmed intelligent is able to some people dispute as h comes from a rich family. But I really I do think there is some talent in the ability of taking someone's money even if you are rich and turning it into more money, right? Because we know spending moneys easy to making it. So she's been able to do that. But recently shared a party for friends with a friend guest because for the premiere of season two hands may tell one of the best shows out at the moment, but also show that doesn't necessarily co for people to celebrate the protagonist in that respect. Right. It's not really sure to kind of like a game of fronts fan. We celebrate people in something triumphant about it. It really does talk about this real crazy disturbed future, where women are being suppressed and is actively being traded around the world, like cattle to repopulate the earth due to an outbreak. That's kind of caused famine around mccown around the world, with with coaches group have taken control, and follows the detail. This woman is kind of trying to fight back so essentially to really celebrate because, you know, that has made tell outfit represents repression, and but cudgeon friends have seen it as a form of liberation which is really interesting to say this. But this is a story from cosmopolitan says. Wondering how the cost of Hulu Mattel Philo back hijackers party? Great guys as a reminder, algal car, inexplicably, for a Handmaid's tale theme party for her best friend, starchy, and a love amount of Becca Sean Lyon, the party features show, signature, costumes, completely bullets and giddy at flags decor. Kijang even hired a bunch of random access to cost play as mafias and welcome guests mama Mia man. Imagine being a mum and doing that. What imagine? That's what I'm saying. The level of intelligence. I think what ching hundred tell 'cause I, I try to watch him tell with the brunette and she has anymore. It's too distressing. Right. Most gills find it difficult to what had may tell you have to go to. Twitter and for some feminists are really against Hammami tell it goes a bit too far. They don't like watching it again because such a good show. It does such a good show. It's a good way of portraying that kind of crazy bleak future for women at that was to happen, which it won't happen to cross. But you don't really watch that show and leave it empowered or feels if like you should outface somehow empower wing like, but it's where that someone out there the world you kind of see that show. My God, that was so cute. That's the first message in your head is so cute instead of taking some lessons from other shows depicted, and maybe play your life. You pick about how cute Alvis look which I don't really look that look quite harrowing. They have no personnel eaters this uniform. They have to have their heads down as armored guards will ever the place. Looking at them watching every move. Obviously the cost of amaze tells should probably expect to be about this event and during every interview they give and it's going down. It's going down with Bradley Whitford, the actor who plays come on the Lawrence was about kylie's part during an interview, CBS's says, I don't know, man, seems a bit tacky, which, of course, is, you know, that cost you is so kind of I and it's interesting. How is chained from initially symbol of oppression to now the show is moving ahead of symbol of this dance? So yeah, coach pie seem so of a dash. So of data all of significance core. Well, looks like the internet goes agrees. Take the tweets ranging from women's bodies police on a daily some states are trying to ban abortion, yet, Kylie for that high maize. Tell pie was a good idea again. I'm really interested to read a book. I forgot the name of it. It's on my list of books. I wanna read limited up here. The moments were checking out by evidence of seats. I really do think there is very levels of intelligence. Some people just have in different field rights. It's expo specific. Intelligence kind of thing. I'm not sure what it worries it confined it my wish list air in. Is garden something God enough. There we go year. How would gardener, I think is cooled five five future. Yet ago frames of mind theory of multiple intelligences is by how gotten I'm definitely gonna check that out because I think I think Kylie kind of falls into bracket. She's definitely not the most shop is touring. The bucks bucks, you know, doesn't make a bunch of money and make gals where the stuff that she says on, you know, essentially drag trends, whatever may be. But when it comes to social intelligence, whatever may be the shop is toward a book. So maybe she has maybe she was a leader in that respect. I'm gonna see beg wearing during Halloween by seventy strange. Avid aware, I think, in the long run anyway. That's an hour for trading in. It's been a pleasure talking to guys. I'll see you again next week because I'm off this weekend going to the old gate Bali suffer. You guys that here wish me luck safe travels at Milwaukee and yet as usual check on my link in the show notes below for my stuff. I'm DJ -ing. Think on the twenty ninth heath car in the free compasses. Doses check me death run ankle bump, and you'll find out on place away. Find events reservoirs. But yet free free compasses twenty minutes of, of June in Puffer puff Rebecca tap, east next week Friday, twenty first or check out that around, but until then take care guys. Again, very, very soon by an ad from dad. All right. Save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive. Right. Is this good? Where did you get this? I'm talking to you with the hair. Yeah. Where did you get this good stuff, solid? That's not veneer that solid stuff. Progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurance. 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