S2 E7: Green Eggs and Scams


Lavar Burton and I'm back with another season of my podcast. Lavar Burton reads. I'm reading stories by the best and brightest writing minds out care authors like Neil gaiman and can lou in K. Jemison and you get to experience a whole story thirty to forty five minutes so join join me for Lavar. Burton reads subscribed today. Just tap the picture on your screen or search Lavar Burton and asked me to your favorites previously on the dream Because enough SCIENC- words the people who don't know anything about quantum mechanics will assume that must be some science behind which ignores so much basic rudimentary biology and in quite basic quantum mechanics. The it's ludicrous. And you have people tricks because they assume that like an. MRI machine is quantum mechanics mechanics. Concentrate and uses quantum mechanics so there must be something in these oil. The old shoes is going to mechanics when there isn't there's just nothing there. It's just a lie We can't talk about wellness without talking about this one lady and her inspirational waller than you'll ever be lifestyle warning she's edgy. One of her friends is a rapper. She's fought the law and the law won and she swears the Fuck Outta Shit. Yes Ladies and gentlemen. I'm talking about the daughter of Blythe Danner and goddaughter of Steven Spielberg Gwyneth. Paltrow who has risen from the opposite of obscurity to become the host of her very own brand new streaming television program the GOOP lab. So what happens in a workshop. Everyone gets off. Aw Fuck are you doing you try to do. It gives ideas that may seem out there or too scary scary ready to go out in the field and make a rock. It's just another day at the office. I A- access to them. Oh Wow it's unregulated Chevy scare here one time I'm one life. How can we really have milked the shit out of this before before launching her website goop in two thousand eight? Paul was a wealthy actress and a mother married to a wealthy Rockstar. In the early days of Goop it was mostly a blog and not and yet the Amazon of wellness. It's become and one of the early features on that. Blog was a day in the life sort of thing. Gwen of described the genesis at this idea quote and one of our readers emailed goop about finding a good balance between having a career and being a mom which got me thinking about the other extremely busy working mothers I know and what their day's as might be like. I asked some friends how they do. The mothers special everything all at once and quote when it published a diary about how how she does it all and it's maybe one of the most unrelatable things I've ever read starting with how her toddler wakes up after eight. AM quote I. I went up to rouse the little man from slumber and he quite happily got up and crawled into my arms. Got Downstairs and I made him a quick breakfast of eggs and toast followed by a spoonful. All of lemon flavored flax oil that I try to remember to give him every morning then she takes the kids to school and when all was well. I dodged off as fast as possible possible but was still late to my nine. AM workout did dance. Aerobics for forty five minutes. Then all of the butlers and the like rushed upstairs to have a shower our doing my post workout stretch while the conditioner was doing. Its magic on my hair to combine activities slash. Save Time Okay so her nine nine. Am Jim appointment nine. Am that she was worried about being late for was in her house. Got It very helpful for busy working. MOMS out out there with close out her day by putting the kids down to bed but not before quote the kids indulge in a super sugary cupcake before bed. But I don't feel too you bad because they had a brown rice. STIR FRY for dinner with a baked sweet potato on the side. It's all about balance exclamation point. This is the unattainable aspirational aspirational talk. That launched a thousand influencers and a collection of wellness products sold on Goop. That run the gamut from silly a candle that says it smells like when let's for Jonah. Hopefully only while it's burning and not you know like right after you blow it out to more dubious items like a sixty six dollar jade egg that claim mm to balance hormones and regulate menstrual cycles. If you shove it up your who. Ha- here's Gwyneth pitching the Jada egg on Jimmy Kimmel in two thousand sixteen. The day is is an ancient Chinese practice where women insert the jade egg in their lady. Part right and to help tone the pelvic floor. How does it help do that? I don't know I need to start. You've never been on this website before have you. Yeah did you sell the lot of. We'd sell tons of them and they're women who are really good at practicing this and they say that it's good for for balancing hormones and all kinds of amazing benefit. Yeah Yeah and the best part of it is going to be up in the corner. It says item is non-return the jade egg wasn't an isn't the only thing worth your side. I on their website. Enough sketchy claims have been made on Goop to inspire academic academic research into the company. One study comes from a team at the University of Florida. My name is Amanda. She does. I am a health communication scholar at University of Florida. And you wrote a study. I did along Research Team. We analyzed all of the articles that were published under the health. Tab of the Gupta. Say so she has a section called wellness and then under that there's like health specifically So we looked at all the articles that have been published from the founding of the site up to the time of our analysis which was in the fall of two thousand seventeen. How many articles was that? Two hundred and sixty five articles. Total all had been published But as we reviewed them we ended up taking out sixty-five event either due to they weren't relevant and there was a couple about relationships or or things like book reviews so we wanted to specifically look at the health advice that she was giving so we ended up with two hundred. And how did you come up with this idea. Ironically from another podcast it was a bone which has a physician and her husband talk about different medical all claims and they did a bonus episode and they happened to talk about the Jake. PALTROW had been selling and talking about how it's really bad for you and it can give you toxic shock syndrome. But she's still selling it and it's sixty dollars and I thought that was ridiculous so I wanted to look at all of the other things that she was saying. We did the analysis structure at the matic analysis. Where you kind of look at? What are the messages that are coming forth and all of these articles what are the patterns but we also did another other study where we compared the articles to this criteria from health news review? It looks at all the different claims. And like what's the quality of evidence. What are the types of experts hurts that they have on there are they? Just use long touring. What are they using their evidence and those sorts of things? What does disease mongering? So that would be when you are creating creating or exaggerating prevalence of a disease. This is from an article on food. Intolerance okay the articles caused define the Diet. Hi it she says. A shortlist of symptoms that could point to food intolerance includes stomach pain reflux ear infections. Frequent illness red cheeks ECZEMA joint pain frequent diarrhea and constipation asthma temper tantrum. Fuzzy thinking fatigue headaches failure to thrive excessive gas ask sleep disturbances so anybody is going to have. At least one of those I have a failure to thrive so and then the talk about your thesis and the big question that you had in this study you know. There's a theory of social interaction. Para social relationships certified as relationships between media users and media figures that resemble typical social relationships. Even though there's no social interaction happening the users viewing the celebrity as a friend. They're viewing it like they would be a regular social relationship and in order to maintain or enhance that connection they will adopt celebrities values beliefs or behaviors to try and make them feel closer to them. And there's a lot of studies that show that it does have an impact on health behaviors specifically typically with Magic Johnson when he went public about his HIV diagnosis it change the way people thought. HIV and it changed the way people perceived the risk of contracting attracting HIV for heterosexuals with Angelina Jolie when she published her op-ed in May of two thousand thirteen about getting a preventative mastectomy he there was a twofold increase in referrals for breast cancer testing from May to October that year comparison to that period and this year. I think it's a bigger issue now than ever because I looked at this another paper with Irie within the context of sports and the way that we have access to these figures lives social media is so differential when all of these original studies are being done in. These ideas are being developed. That I can't even imagine how much more potent it is. Now that you can have complete access to this person's life and be like you really really know that and it's not like a mental disorder. It's just a regular human behavior behavior. Yeah definitely there was something. They noticed that first they were like Oh this must only be in people who are lonely or people who have deficiencies in their actual social interactions. But that's not true at all it's all of it can happen to anybody and it happens a fictional characters as well we talking. uh-huh oh my gosh. I'm GonNa comment on your podcast. Yeah it started one of the first studies about it. It was looking at how people related to characters in the television program in Israel and like the way that they view these characters as their friends because they reminded them of their your friends and so that's when they first started to sing it so it it really does have an impact on health behaviors specifically. So that's how I decided to look at it because I wanted to see what she was saying. And and if people who paid attention to her and listen to her and had a relationship with her in their mind it might affect some of their health behavior. AMANDAS team found that to be true. You know Duh. When Guan says she does something we do it but more interesting to me was another part of our study? A more nefarious finding so group is a contextual commerce brand meaning that the editorial sections and these sales section are are merged which kind of puts it in a journalistic Gray Area Jessica. Alba's honest company brand is conjectural commerce and right the stewardess and sexual commerce but I think the fact that this is happening in the health round is bad so this isn't a hundred and seventy three of the two hundred articles you looked at Fifty five percent or send them directly to an item for sale mile and I think it would be if he did it today. I think it would be even higher because the period that we were looking at was before there was a group store as well. Duke has done a bit of a redesign recently. And we'll talk about why in a bit. They were forced to but there are many avenues. You can take to find in both information and products by. You could click on the shop tab. Of course or you could click on the health tab or wellness or detox and find articles articles tagged read and shop essentially taking you back to the online store whether you want to go there or not. Fasting is very trendy right now and it's been written about along goop if you're into fasting. Just don't eat or whatever or go on go on. Its website read about the benefits of fasting and various articles. And and before. You close the TAB. Don't forget to buy a five day. Fasting Mimicking Kit. They're selling to quote. Take the burden out of fasting for only two hundred and forty nine dollars for less than a week's worth of not actually food for one person and the ones that didn't link to a specific articles. You know they might talk about a specific sauna that Gwyneth was going to in New York or a specific type of reflexologist or Reiki healer. Or something that would come talk about their services in the article. So even if it's not linking directly to a good product it's directing you to some things product placement. Yes I used to be a beauty blogger and We got into some health stuff on different blogs I worked at the hairpin and Jessie Belle and we were morally orally and ethically obligated to put advert Oriel content. Anything he did linked to a product. We had to headline it as such like a needed. A very distinct disclaimer. We would get advertisers though would say we really want you to like look get our skin cream or whatever and we'd say great. We're broke this month. I can do it but it's going to have this word on top of it that says advertisement written by Jane. This is an ad. Don't get it twisted. That doesn't happen on goop well. It's it's really strange. Because that is there some of the articles so she has a partnership with Tropicana et one point And they do a bunch of recipes. She has another one Tropicana. Hannah like picture of health of sugar added concentrated your old orange juice okay. So she yeah and she had another one with bare minerals as well but the ones that are connected to her site. I mean she really doesn't talk about it. There's a series of articles when she first launched her brand of vitamins So the prepregnancy detox vitamins. The the high school jeans where it's supposed to snap your metabolism back to high school when she first launched she got different articles series where she talked about them and then it didn't really say it was was an abbot at the end. I think it was kind of clear that like this is designed to lead you to the vitamins in addition to disease mongering in addition to trying signed cast as wide a net of possible of symptoms in the hopes that they'll land on one that resonate with and you'll think. Oh my gosh I have. You know. I've seen bar or I have adrenal fatigue which are two diseases they they did major issues on they also tried to make you doubt conventional medicine. Listen so this is an article about the rise of chronic lyme and what to do about it and group says. I don't blame doctors that they don't have the time to spend enough time with patients shoots and treat them properly but this is the face of medicine today. It's a checklist system. That creates a game of ping-pong. Tell me your symptoms and throwbacks in medicine and it's getting worse and worse. Does this remind you of anything. Remember a few episodes ago when we were talking about hospital. Births versus home births. The Home Earth proponents argued that doctors are on a clock. And they'll put you on that clock enforce you by the nature of their business because it is a business to make decisions. That aren't good for your health. But are good for their bottom line and the doctor we talked to essentially said what in the world. That's not what doctors are for. GOOP is muddling around in that same argument and stands to make maybe a lot more more money than your doctor. Would by selling you something that your doctor wouldn't so who's lying. Who's got the agenda? So then they push a lot of alternative treatments all these these are kind of internet connected with each other. So there's an interview that gwen escape that was published on the health site. That said you know there might not be board certified physician Doing Double Blind Studies. He's they can lay out their results in the same way. The empirical evidence is anecdotal for the stuff. They're talking about. But you'll have people who are really resistant to the idea like it's better to be on five prescription corruption drugs than to maybe cut gluten out of your diet so kind of trying to say that we're pushing things that other people are not thinking of worthy of outside of the box and that's why you should buy are sixty sixty dollar Jada innovators and they're not part of the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Great they just ninety dollars custom vitamins. That are supposed to make Fit into your team from high school from high school by the cavalry cheese. They were very cute at the time. You couldn't pay me enough to put them back on so okay were there any other examples of yes. There was a lot of focus on eating clean being cleaned a a lot of recipes and things that they were selling that had to do with detox seeing they were selling these prepregnancy taxes so they said stuff. This is an article about the the importance of the prepregnancy detox They said the toxic load that we've built up prior to pregnancy can have an impact on our children. We also know from quote washout studies which look look at what happens with someone from conventional organic food that just in the span of a few days we can eliminate significant amounts of toxins from our bodies particularly herbicides and pesticides sides. We can do with our food and that's lower systemic toxic level. So I'm without this detox not only. Are you have all these herbicides and pesticides Patrick actress. But it's also going to harm your baby. Which I think is just another level of manipulation and that goes into one of the biggest things about group is that portrays as Paltrow? Is this ideal this decayed woman. WHO's focused on her health? WHO's all about helping other women? But at the same time they're posting all these articles rickles about anti-aging and different ways to help you with weight loss and it just kind of. It's such a contradictory message to me. That women should be taken care of themselves as long as what that also involves looking like one altro. Yeah we're the only ones that are listening to you because women are not listened to in the medical system but we're here for you and by the way Fat Yeah exactly. There's nothing more discerning than the site of love handles spilling over your pants or punch belly from Google article. So how can you have both of those things on your website or shaming women for getting these actions and not being able to he'd at the same time as you're trying to say that you're the only outlets there for them. You're the only people who care about them or listening to them. We're GONNA listen to you. Your doctors aren't listening. It also remember nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels except for this protein powder. I'm about to tell you. Can I tell you one more weight loss quote that I just love it. The Greenwich House was talking about herself. Here you know. Sometimes she'd signed the articles. GP's her versus the coupe team. But she says in January two thousand seven. I decided I'd had enough of my saddle bag in post pregnancy. Shar-pei like stomach Gwyneth paltrow. You're the one who can't get address address tailored for an awards show small enough to actually figure frame ever chamber either. I mean like whatever she looks like however she looks and we Paul Callan. Thank you for doing this this work. Actually it's really important so thank you that para social interaction theory that Amanda is studying. What's driving the success of all wellness? influencers answers like Courtney Kardashian. I know from my body like I need four to five days a week. Like of working out so right the second were doing doing gluten free dairy free which is so hard and make kids and Yolanda Hadid of the real housewives. You are what you eat. It's just a fact I also think that there's a mom we lead by example so I continue to do all my organic healthy stuff and Tom Brady of football breakfast breakfast. I eat smoothie most of the time like a really calorie dense nutrient dense smoothie some electrolytes and protein powder and Almond Malcolm milk hemp milk. Little Rice I smoke from time to time and the good jillions of other wellness influencers flooding. Your social media feeds these days. Move your body for thirty minutes. Evren seeing these people day when you move your body you literally change the chemical makeup inside your mind. You changed your anxiety but you have to choose to do. Ah Sweet is brought to you by Williamson Noma MMA. Everyone gets a book and I'll be doing signings. 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Ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire. Hey all I'm kristen and I'm caroline and aware back with some brand ran new episodes of unladylike the show that finds out what happens when women break the rules. This season we're talking scams sobriety egg freezing how to quench wench our thirst. y'All mentioned someone who I from a very young age had thought was hot. The hot at Fox and Disney's animated Russian Right Fox. y'All stay tuned. We're trapping a new episode and exciting personal facts every Tuesday. Don't miss a single one subscribed to unladylike now. Wherever you get your podcasts? So back to that Jada Egg. You might have heard about it in the news this past year because goop was sued sued for violating FCC regulations around deceptive advertising. Unless you have really really good scientific evidence you can't say a piece of rock can treat prevent or cure anything so goop was sued because of this woman. My name is Bonnie Patent. And I'm the Executive Director of truth in advertising or Tina Dot Org for short. And can you tell me a little bit about your work about what you guys do. Yes so we're a small nonprofit based out of Madison Connecticut and we worked out stop and prevent deceptive advertising and we do that in a variety of ways by edging catering consumers about it and and also by bringing legal actions to the attention of state and federal regulators to stop the deceptive marketing practices of companies. And and if you had a pie chart of like what sorts of businesses or industries you end up looking at due to the number of consumer complaints. You got what would that Pie Chart Chart Look like the largest segment of the Pie. Chart would probably be the wellness industry and within that You might see multi you level marketing. And they're also but yeah. Wellness is a huge area for us. Can we talk about the case. I think that's the one that most people have heard of you've for your day right and then did for your. Jj was like all kinds of stuff. I think right I mean we laugh about it but you know it. It really was preying on key. People with with really Gut wrenching issues and problems. You know saying that it could fix fix uterine prolapse. Oh my God Help with infertility things that you know just so much taking advantage edge of Of Women I mean that's what I thought of the first time. I heard that this thing was out there is like I got I hope. No one who's got a real terminal. Illness is doing this instead. Ed Rape but the the problem with Google. Although you know people like to talk about the Jada is we found fifty different products. That goop group was marketing. There were making illegal disease treatment. Claims right so it. It wasn't just that egg. It was oils in crystals still and clothing and beauty products. The best is stickers. What yes they had stickers that They they promoted promoted as having Certain health benefits so you guys brought the case to a California court. We didn't bring it to to a California court where we brought it was to a group of district attorney from different counties within California uh-huh and they took action against goop and Required them to pay one hundred forty five thousand dollars in civil penalties. He's and more importantly from our perspective was that they have to refrain from making any claims about the efficacy of facts of of any of its products unless they have competent and reliable scientific evidence to substantiate those claims. We're looking into a product that was sold on Gupta. The company called Moon Juice. I yes are you familiar. I'm familiar because I read an article. Would that take a look. Look at Alex Jones Info Wars Goop. And I think moon juice and the similarities between all their products amazing what are those similarities. Don't they basically emf award. And Google and moon juice are all selling selling the same product. It's just two different audiences so selling adapt agenda Toko trine. All's well of course. I know that sounds crazy easy. But it's true. Alex Jones the most seemingly royd raging of the alt-right conspiracy theorists. He who claimed that Sandy Hook was a hoax. Also oh cells attritional supplements containing some of the same ingredients as moon juice and gook products dried mushrooms and go gee berry and turmeric though to a different customer race. His product was not called beauty dust but caveman troop halio formula. That caveman stuff was taken off the market. When it was found to contain high levels of lead Alex Jones Gwyneth Paltrow Amanda Chantal? Bacon are far from alone. Just look at any Kardashians instagram. There's a lot of that going on with INSTAGRAM influencers instagram models and Tummy tea. And what does the other thing made do with the binding. Oh yes the waste trainer Laz training. Right and Tommy T do you guys have you looked into those Elliott. Yeah yes you know. Flat Lack Tummy. Tea is is really out there on instagram. And one thing we found is that they're using very young social media influencers young women under the age of twenty one under the age of eighteen athletes dancers to promote Mo- you know basically liquid ex lax and not only are they having these young influencers do it. But in many any instances they're deceptive ads because they don't tell the audience that the reason I'm promoting this laxative t is because I have a material connection to the company. So it's liquid ex LAX. Yes I I wondered what it was ever tried to dame ingredients is ex lack. Yikes but they don't say that of course no so. What's the most outrageous claim you've ever seen in in this world of wellness? Oh my goodness there are many products out there and especially supplements that are miracle. Oh pills and those are the ones. They're the craziest that not only can occur. HIV and cancer diabetes and Parkinson's concerns in Alzheimer's. But it will also get rid of your wrinkles. There are just many supplements out there in which people are pitching hitching them as literally being able to change your body at the cellular level right. We're hearing lately that the shift shift for a lot of these companies into beauty from the inside out and then they tack on some other claims about oxidative stress which hints at being able to cure cancer but that the primary claim is that. You'll look better which is very important to a lot of people out there right. The other thing that we see a lot of. That's very disheartening. Is You know if there wasn't enough. Pain and suffering in this world is makeup diseases rate like adrenal fatigue. That right but you know you now need to buy six different supplements to cure your adrenal fatigue. which doesn't isn't even a thing? What about detoxing right? I mean we actually have organs in our bodies that do great the jobs at at detoxing and I think when you look at studies out there and you listen to the healthcare professionals most of these detox products. Let's do much more harm than good. Yeah Canada I think a couple of days ago barred the sale of vaginal detox products. What are those? Oh yes you can. You can just go online and buy them. If you'd like you can go to goddess detox and get your herbal vaginal detox ingredient. I did go on GODDESS DETOX DOT ORG NOT DOT COM. which was the first thing about this site right? Got My hackles up and they sell a product called Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls which are suppositories that proclaimed to be an herbal alternative to a chemical solution to a problem. They don't define that will purge your vagina of dead skin cells mucus yeast and old blood. Clots that sounds sounds scary. Not only is it scary but it's really taking advantage of a susceptible populations you know one of the things they say. Is that add. It can detox you from an ex lover with no well. It's difficult to battle battle of faith based system. I feel like in the wellness world when people have faith in something making a reasonable argument against it. Just doesn't it works so much because they're like well I'm not looking at it that way and we should never discount the placebo effect right. It Weren it works well for some people and that's absolutely fine but at the same time there are studies out there that say that people that go the natural root for cancer treatments. You know are much more likely to die so I think there is a line. I'm not sure exactly where one wants to draw it but I think that when it comes to these illegal disease treatment claims it needs to be stopped we made the comparison between Paltrow's company Amanda Chantal Bacon Company and Alex Jones. Is there any thing that you have found around that. A lot of these folks who make these claims have in common personality trait wise like I've never been inspired myself to start a vitamin company that it claims to do all kinds of things. That can't do what. What kind of person wants to do that? Someone who wants to make a lot of money. Yeah Yeah I mean. Wellness sells better worse. It's cheap to make as a general matter and consumers are willing to spend a lot of money because because we don't want to die they don't WanNa die or they WANNA look beautiful. They don't want wrinkles. They don't want Alzheimer's they don't want gray hair. They WANNA WANNA be thin and we'll pay anything for that. So yes it's messed. Stop these products exist or don't work or work by some harmful mechanism. But the scariest part is that. They're being shoved in our faces all day. Long on our phones magazines magazines during interviews with some of the most famous most influential and highly respected people on the planet. And they're telling us that they're good for our health Next time on the dream I was attending church. Here in Wisconsin he then delicate church nondenominational church. Whatever and for some reason the pastors decided just start endorsed and local wellness center and within six months a lot of events that this church hosted the like Appointments Bridge Street definitely several Bible Studies but they would incorporate messages of how maybe one reason your unbalanced downland spiritually or maybe a reason why you feel unwell about God or about life just because almost out of balance Alan and you need to go to place to get a balance or get a chiropractic adjustment this is from the people and then I I walked out of the sanctuary? There were coupon referral coupon the dreamer production of little everywhere and stitcher written and reported by me me and Dan Gallucci editing by Peter Clowney and Tracey Samuelson producing viruses and Stephanie Kariuki. The dream is executive produced by me. Dan Gallucci Peter. CLOWNEY CLOWNEY and Chris. Bannon are mixing engineers. Are Casey Holford and Brendon Burns. Review and subscribe wherever you. Listen thank you and if you have a wellness experience variance good or bad that you'd like to share on our show. Please call seven one. Five six zero zero zero three two six. That's seven one five. Six hundred hundred zero three to six and leave us a voicemail. You may be featured on the program later this season

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