Foxworth Friday: Analytics aesthetically changing the NBA, and more Kwame Brown!


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Wherever you get your podcast rate us review gives five stars. You only give us four stars. I'm inclined to believe you are hater. It is worth friday dominic foxworth into house and he has developed a new appreciation for stevie. Wonder thanks good for his as a man. Some i know people. Maybe they come here for sports spread out. I don't think they do on friday. They know they're gonna get a lot of stuff but grew up knowing. Stevie wonder was a musical genius and i appreciate it stevie wonder when he wasn't popping like that when i was coming up at pop everybody was hard and starts to like. That's what i was listening to. But like i always knew stevie wonder good after listening to you guys wednesday you in spencer talk about stevie i decided to go down rabbit hole in which first thing i learned was. Tv's name is not stephen which i didn't know and then i decided to go listen to all the songs that i like but one grabbed me and it was as and i'm listening to this on apple. They like scroll the lyrics along. So i'm listening to as an arena lyrics and i started well up before i even got into the first morris. This is the most beautiful ever heard it before like into me. Felt like after you watch jordan play and you're like oh there's a higher level that no-one stevie steamy has exposed me to love. I didn't know that i could. I wanted to go hug my wife immediately. After i got to i hook man right. I feel as got a second life. Was it the best man ashes. Like i feel like a second like there because looks like it was a single right like a dope dope song on the second disc of a really really really long album and then the best man came around and in that brought him back in then do like i say man said he could love you till eight times. Eight times. Eight is four level you until the day we are no more. I'm telling you man if me and my wife at dinner and stevie wonder come up with his instruments in sing that first verse to us. I could say the sexist chauvinist thing is like yes. We can take my wife what i was thinking. Actually i will go on a date with stevie if. Hey i'll be loving you all as i argue. That verse earned him a date. This is beautiful. But i'm just talking about that right up to the first courts as around the sun the earth revolves in the rosebud nose to bloom in early. May just as he knows loves curious. You'll your routes your mind that i'll be loving you. Here's the thing that's on the same album knocks me off my feet. He's got to level is got to level of the same record to level I don't know you guys did this show already. So i'm sorry to make the people have bill problem with it. And he's thought hollered at to eat like. This is what i wonder if this tv's bio but he gets to the puerta the ear where he started highland like wait a minute. She'd like not going for you. Know what i'm saying badges that lasts versus. I don't think you heard what i just said you. You win it. We all know who founding travel you as he was born in another time place. I grew up a hipaa. Like i remember in. I remember like breaking down lyrics in hip hop songs and then each song will have two or three lines. That i would say to my friend like did you hear that we break it down that you figured out a month later that it's like triple entendre. This is like way back before the internet and rattling genius. It actually took you some africa. Figure that out yes. There is not a line in as that. I can read in not laugh every single line and this is one of those lives where i would be in the car on the way to school with my friends in the backseat. While my brothers driving like did you see where he said until the dolphins flies in the parent lives in the sea. All ways. it cooks lives in the see. What sitting here thinking about that. He followed that up with until we dream of life and life becomes a dream. I'm always and that's not even s before you get to eight times eight times. Eight is a dog until the earth just for the sun denies itself right until the day. The earth started right to left which doesn't make a lot of sense but whatever. No matter don't makes this money jones that's fair. that's fair. I wanna do the hollered. Part just altogether. Because it's the only thing i can do this. We all know some. Tom lives hates. Troubles can make you wish you were born at another time and place but you can bet your life tom that in twice. It's double that. God knew exactly where he had wanted you to be placed. So make sure when you say you're in it but not of it. You're not helping to make this earth of place sometimes called hail change your words in the truth the change that truth into love and maybe our children grandchildren and great grandchildren will tell. I'll be loving you. Did you hear me before. So that is so incredibly beautiful. In maybe like bomani your rider. I am a writer. And i think that also adds to it. The value of it is like knowing how difficult it is to express something so powerfully while also rhyming like that to me is what makes it even more incredible if anyone is listening to this orbs anyone is not moving thinking. I wish they would get to sports. Pause the podcasts and try to write two lines drawn that a timer for thirty minutes. Set up thirty hours smoke. Do whatever you gotta do hip tap into whatever creative juices you have brought to sit there and give yourself thirty minutes and try your best to write something as beautiful as any one of these lines and you come back and be like oh. My bad tried to express how much you love someone. Whoever in your life that you love your dog. I don't care who it is. Try to find a way to express how much you love them. That is more powerful than any one of these lines. Ed can you also play an instrument right like that thing about the overland with him imprison. Everything else is one thing that you can go out here right this right. Okay cool but you also out here play instruments endure this. I am simply not good at that many things and guys. I think i'm good at a lot. You and me both. I went to the best business school in the country and are playing the best football league in the country and i worked at the best sports network in the country. Like i think. I have great at a lot of things but man. I can't do this if lunch from table and pencil is not an instrument. I can't play what extent of my instant retaliated novice spencer like dude i sit there. I am just perpetually amazed at how many things spencer has an encyclopedic knowledge of by is before the story of. I don't any like how do you forget about knowing the place. I remember it like how. How do all these dates. That's feel talking to you. That's high praise of you to say that about spencer. Because that's talking to you. Is i can bring up any music genre. Any artists bring up any sport from decades before we were both born. And you'll have something on it. I'll get spencer on that. I always say. And i mean this. My relationship with spencer is like what america could be stopped trip. Yeah you know what. I'm saying like that is the full on way that i feel about this up here in under shirt but all the bearded everything and he's just like yeah. Let's get it to the keys of the stevie music right. Let's talk about all these scientific. That have happened while also wildly enjoy. Just what we do commercials support for this. Podcast is provided by better hill as mental health awareness throughout june. The right time is proud to join the calls. A decent to their struggle with relationships are having difficulty sleeping or difficulty meeting your goals. If you're feeling anxious to stress better help counselors can listen and help better help will assess your needs and match you with your own license profession. You can start communicating getting under forty eight hours. It's not a crisis. Lot not self health. It is professional counseling done securely online services available for clients worldwide. You can schedule weekly video phone or even live chat session. Better help committed to their matches so they make an easy and free to chains counselors if needed. It's more affordable than traditional off. Line counseling and financial aid is available so many people have been using better health with their recruiting additional counselors in all fifty states our listeners. Ten percent off their first month of online therapy at better help dot com slash on. That's better h. E. l. p. e. dot com slash beaumont. Best thing by sports at all the analytics guys is. I'm like do you actually enjoy what we're watching by. What's the square root or this apartment. That's how it winds up coming across. You and i have been doing this long enough. That i think sometimes our minds are melting. Because i started thinking the same. I learned all the excel stuff. And all this spreadsheet finance stuff. I can do all that stuff. And when i first started into sports like i thought it was cool but i can do all this stuff and it is cool that i can do all that stuff and i would lead with that my chest out like you know what i know all this stuff i could make my own models and then i realize people do finance because they wanna make money not because they enjoy it and i realized that i was not having fun with the sport and you can see it happening. The hall of fame ceremony ambassador was a good example. Good reminder of how diverse the game of basketball used to be you an. I'm hesitant to make too much criticism. Because i don't understand basketball as deeply as i understand football but i know when i turned it on. I'm more board. But today's game. Which i know sounds ridiculous because it's so much talent at the high end. I'm not bored by it. But i'm more boy by the style of play now than i was when i was coming up so peep game on. I don't know if you're familiar with kirk goldsberry books for all all all. yeah yeah. He does great statistical analysis. But he's really good at is putting out like these frequency charts. Great visually capitalizes. What's going on couple of days ago. He put out a frequency chart about were made. Shots were taken in the nba. This year. the only spots on the floor were enough. Shots were made in order to like be visible on this chart around the three point line and from like the bottom of the circle to the rim straight in the middle that's phallic nature also which it was it was everybody's taking the same shot down and you know what that means. Time to change the rules right right like anytime you reach a steady state and everybody is doing the same thing that means. It is time to change. Either in a we'll table the situation with his one guy so dominant. We need to widen the lane or whatever it is or you reach a point where i think basketball got in toward the nineties. Which was everything can move toward the state up with three guys on this side of the floor one guy post one guy in isolation on the wing and that's how we're now going to play basketball and then once everybody played like that got boring we add to shake it up in. This has to be shaken up like that. Lebron steph gate that we saw on wednesday night right that i will idea my best watchman. I'm old i was i was i was just four points and i didn't close my eyes but obviously i close my eyes right. Came down to was yeoman. He's doing a cold and doing incredible things to watch optimizing this for success. I get it but it's not fun. It's not enjoyable. The story line. I think is part of what's lost. Their which is the highlights are as good as ever like. I'll watch a highlight show out. Scroll through twitter in lichen re tweet. All of the beautiful dunks passes and all that stuff. That's great but the story. Line that you get in football to give and take the matt so to speak in football you used to get in basketball and the clashing of styles you used to get in basketball and again. I'll preface this by. And maybe i'm just not as smart on basketball on football but it doesn't seem like you get that in football. Has this one thing. It seemed like the only sport that i don't want to call it analytics perf as much as maybe it's been improved by analytics because baseball is worse watch because yes like basketball is worse because of analytics like i don't watch enough soccer or enough hockey to get into that but football analytics push them in a direction of doing more interesting things and you can see that because football is so complex. There are many different ways to win. There is no optimal way. When you have lamar jackson having the best offense in the league in one year and then patrick mahomes the best offense in the league. One year you can see that these many different styles and then you can have henry down in the titans like they have an effective offense and you can see around the league that not. Everybody is doing the same thing. Even though the don't run shanahan descendant system is the most popular yemi tell you where also i think. Football's go swimming around. Because what i think is interesting about the shanahan system is while everybody is spread. His out kyle is kinda spreading it out but not really. They still coming out here. Run twenty one. Nobody's really out here running with two running backs one tight end a two wide receiver. Shanahan come out here and do it. So i know of one college coach. His grand master plan is is he wants to figure out how to run no-huddle affirmation football right because the idea is now that the linebackers have gotten so small and now that we are basically moved like three hundred fifty pound tackle outta here that the next step in the evolution of the game in terms excess is going to be exploiting the fact that these defense just aren't that big anymore and then hammering them but also maintaining the temple that squad scoring points in this day and time right like that's the thing about football because the can you kick my ass factor never goes away and football and so once you get to that fundamental place like that's gonna wind up being the change there and i'm wondering basketball if without changing the rules there's going to be some change that then creates the need or at least the desire for people to diversify the styles that they have because you know what basketball needs. When i was a kid there was room in the nba for guys. Who weren't good basketball. And i understand. It sounds counterintuitive. Wants to people who aren't good at basketball but those guys made things fun right. Like charles oakley is not skilled enough to play in the nba the day but the league was better for having charles oakley absolutely. It's shooting to is not just not good at basketball is like you can't play in his league if you can't shoot also you can't play in this league if you aren't quick latte early like i feel like that's on defense played off the floor and those guys are exceptional and other things but this just popped into my head now and it might be a crackpot theory but it feels to me like part of the reason why football feels like analytics isn't making it. Less interesting is because in football you are playing against the opponent. Yeah and these other sports you have opponents out there but it feels like you're playing against the game you're trying to optimize the rules in your favor. Were football is like no if we see somebody in a cover four. We're gonna try to run the ball. They're heavy cover to. We're going to try to run the ball. If they have a weak spot. Here we're gonna attack that in. Every opponent is different and basketball. Had some reason it feels like the opponent matters but so much of it and it feels like i'm denigrating. The intelligence that requires us like basketball. I understand that there are adjustments made to like pick and roll coverages and all that stuff throughout the course of the game but when you a three on one break they all look the same people go into the coyness like they all look the same. When you get a half court offense in a court situation is almost always eyeso- or high pick and roll at all looks the same you don't got. Nobody shooting sky hooks. I hate watching. People should discuss hooks without the kid. I saw lopez. Shoot when other day and i was like what in the hell is that but i would love for somebody to catch it on a block and do that old borne. Tim duncan wander off the glass. Nonsense they don't do that dead series. We have a whole generation that oh nothing about post moves right. I'm not even going to be in that guy right. But even forget about chemo. What kevin garnett heading credible post moves. Tim duncan had incredible polls moves. Joel embiid as good as he is and he is excellent he really hitting you within post moves and there's an art to that right now. I think maybe that's the thing that the nba has done. All these changes to give people to gain that they thought they wanted what has been lost as the artistry of like thinking about. This was the last time you saw somebody doing up under layup right because the game does a really allow for that anymore like the nature of what defense is and how you zone up and everything else. Those things are great right. Like the george gervin finger roll from like eight feet away from the basket stuff like that. There's no room for things that are just objectively beautiful. Unless you're like steph curry shooting from half court but we're at that place. This is the too much of a good thing problem though because like all the things that we're seeing the game i loved when i saw those things in the ninety s in the early two thousands. I love seeing them. Like i got a whole plate potato salad. Like i love potato salad on a plate with a bunch of other stuff i was not this guy normally am not this guy but i have to be honest. I'm less interested in the nba. While it is as talented as ever been. And i always kind of fall back on like entertainment. Properties are about stars like. I'll turn on a tv show. 'cause i know there's gonna be a star in it about storylines about protagonists there so many great stars with diverse attitudes and images in the nba. There's so much great talent. But i have to be honest. Maybe because of the world winter taint is more competitive now. Like i watched less basketball like regular season basketball just for pure enjoyment now than i ever had in my life which seems absurd but also there's a level of what makes his engines. You right talking about protagonists and like the characters in the store one jesse terms of pure basketball we need to bring the mid rain gave back alphabrain. Number range game is very simple. Bring back the hard foul right the same way and i know why we can't do this in football. Just wanna be clear. I'm not a sociopath the same way. Football's more interesting with steve. Atwater out there d. Cleaton people over the middle basketball is more interesting with the hard. I look at steph. Like when he goes to the basket good going to the basket makes them shots dog. Somebody should've took his head. Clean off on a couple of steph curry into lane with zero fear. There should be fear about going into the light. It's funny because they kind of legislated out those players and football but the result of that is more guys catching the ball over the middle. We lose but like opens up more of the field in this dozen. I guess i see your point like why because then the mid range suddenly becomes a whole lot more efficient a into the basket and getting layup could cost you. A mid range gets a lot sexier when you can't shoot a three. I love fourteen foot right. We got hold. Generates that ain't got no mid range game because there's no use for the mid range game anymore. You know what i mean. We have those. That's one thing that. I think that we had the horror foul. We would bring back a lot of woods going on like i like washington play one on one basketball and i understand that people like we did need more ball movement like that was thing and it reached a place where you need more ball movement and like i was watching that game The game tempted. That crazy shot over shack in the playoffs. And the derek fisher. The crazy shot. We point four seconds left. The game was seventy two to seventy one. No i do not like at that point. I do not one games. That a seventy two to seventy one. I do not want them. However i was riveted by the gate. I remember how i when derek fisher shot. Remember me. I'm a homeboy is sitting in my apartment derm and when that shot went down how loud we screened because we could not believe that it was at all possible. That's better than games with double the score right like the idea that objectively people like points non on people like action. You know what i mean. People like i don't mean conflict in the most like courses but people like conflict people like that class. I do think that with all these games. We don't get them like. That's why these playoffs interesting. Watch lebron steph. Lebron hit that crazy shot at the end. Whatever it is. That's what we won't man like when this comes down to the end of the game we don't wall ball movement we won't vat guy and we won't that guy we want to see them. Go away absolutely three room. Shack is a classic as a play in game classic because of that moment. So i think you bring up. Interesting point about the drawbacks and i might be going overboard on how much i missed the game. Because you're right. There were things about the old game that were terrible which is why they changed the rules to make it a little better but finding some middle ground i feel like is where we wanna end up and i'm mad at myself about sometimes soon whereas like i wanna wanna watch these games this season. I watched the most basketball was diverse. Season lebron was in miami. I watch every single miami game from beginning to end and that was win. The league was kind of in this transition right and it also was because that story was so compelling. A lot of the nation turned on lebron james. I immediately became a lebron. James van. Because i felt like it was unjustified and i wanted to watch every game and i wanted him to destroy everybody in all this while we see like some diverse styles of play like i know that on the roy hibbert playoff matchup is one. That comes to mind as i wanted to times. That seems like it's from the nineties like idea that a relatively unskilled and you gotta be careful how you talk about basketball players now. 'cause they will come and get you a a relatively unskilled offers a player like roy. Hibbert have the impact on a game that he did is something from the olden days. What was so wild about roy hibbert. I was actually thinking about him a little early tab with his staff. Because i wanted to make sure i got the years right roy. Hibbert was one of those impactful players in basketball in two thousand fourteen. He was irrelevant by two thousand sixteen and in two thousand sixteen roy. Hibbert was all of twenty nine years old prime. Yeah he mattered a lot. And then the whole game change in an suddenly roy. Hibbert did not matter because let me tell you the other thing about those who talk about how the basketball it could be awful. Did it could. But ironically we love all the guys that made the basketball right. We love those dudes that were covered in. Take cats out right. We love those guys that were banking. I don't know if it's because they were relatable. Whatever it is but we've made the basketball quote unquote better and it's possible that we made the nba quote unquote worse. I would also make two point two. I wish people hadn't convince all these boys when they were young that they were going to be stars because they all turn out to be kind of boring when they talk to the media. They're not all one hundred percent boring. But have you been keeping up with my man ant man. i'll yeah in minnesota. Yes he's incredible. I love everything about him just because like nobody bothered to tell him how he supposed to act as a star. Right that in houston. Don't mean fool fool. i will. Apple sat up there in the zone playing with his hair. Like this time by audible. You see my earrings. They they they asked him the other day exit interview. Ask eddie highlight the hieber this year. He was like a little all about book. It's the last time we had one of these. I'm looking around the league. It traffic last time that we had one of these. And i cannot think of it right. We have molded manicured these guys for so long. Like there's so many things about this has also happened in football with college but as the game has changed and as they made it about money all the way down to so many levels that we've made things boring in a number of ways because it had like talking about it with respect to all the college football transfer and him in in basketball too when guys leave and i'm like yeah because these guys have been going from school to school based on the jeff charges they were fourteen years old. They have no concept of loyalty to any of these institutions because they've never stayed at these institutions long. They are all just places to serve them. I don't blame the players necessarily for doing it. But it ain't better for the larger product. Might we all acknowledge that you would think that the social media aides and all that would encourage more personality we would see more individuality more uniqueness because they will recognize the value in it and coming off of the jordan era like everyone was all. You gotta be like mike. You gotta be mr corporate. Don't say anything wrong. And be the picture of perfection. But it seemed like we're in like an anti hero phase where like it would seem attractive in marketable to not be. That guy in lebron has taken that role steph has that role. Were they kind of do no wrong in the public eye. You would think that these guys will recognize the marketing potential of like not being that but the problem is they all think that they that i guess they all like man. I'm lebron some of y'all go be famous so if you're not gonna be famous before like i was thinking about this and also it doesn't help the these guys like so much more sophisticated now as they come up so we don't get stories like this so mike. Why is my my executive. Feed mike toll story about the year. The all star game was in cleveland. He told on my radio show and it was really this amazing. Nba level store. So the all star game was in cleveland and mike it cover the knicks for years in charles oakley is from cleveland and so he says charles oakley invited him and frankie ice to come to his house like people's house in cleveland and i think a limousine was involved right. I can't remember if frank. Mike drove their themselves in oak. Came by himself and limousine. But either way it's oak in a limousine in a purple suit. 'cause oh from cleveland right in a purple suit and he brings them to the house and course the way bike put. It was like we get their pay white. Sports writers like these oaths house and he says he gets in there and sweet. Potato pie was excellent. And everything else. And like i envisioned this house with plastic on the furniture and everything else but mike was just like how touched he was that i wanted to share this part of his life with these guys that he's seen all the time whenever guys the all star game is in the city where they from they all of a sudden now become the king and they went. Show everybody all the stuff but i remember hearing that story and the personality involve in all of it right. We ain't gonna see that now. Those kinds of stores part of it goes media doesn't get access in that same way not be in the guy complaining about that but you know this is something that gets brought up so we get to the playoffs now in you got teams that you like best or whatever like as much as i talked about kyri. I do appreciate the he exists. Because we ain't had to do like this in a while love them. I mean somebody that you can have a feeling about most of the guys like you can't have a feeling about him. And i i love man because i know i remember that dump that people were critical. Like i know that there's some people who don't like that and that gives me reason to care. The same thing with tyrod is like i know that people are going to be on one side and other kyri because the stuff that he's saying is not great is not something that you is not a warm bath like that thing is nice whole scorching hot. You're going to be either the one who likes to call it up on like this is not feeling it makes it. You brought up oakley's name a couple of times. I can hear oakley without thinking about my ten year old daughter which is a weird thing to think of so a is more athletic than most of the kids and our class earn her age in when she plays sports but she is like a first child is very much a pleaser and she's a sweetheart as he's kind and whenever she plays sports. I remember we playing basketball and whenever she knocks the girl down or something like that she'll stop and like try to help them up and be like super apologetic and like i'm not a sports like yellow us island. I make a point. Because i know i'm the only athlete over there. Mostly most one of very few black parents there. So i i'm silent whole game. I'll say good job girls. Something like that once or twice but that bothers me more than she was eight years ago in a basketball game she found a girl and the girls glasses broke interface daughter. Bladen in our noticed. I believe that happens because eight-year-olds on coordinated and so my daughter's like so abusively apologetic like mid game and an act of the game. She's like say. I showed her video of charles oakley and was like look. You're oak dog. Laura fine you lab so proud of you. i love it. And now when she plays soccer like daddy play like oakley. Today say never tells oakley but see knows if you score no goals. I don't care. I don't go there trying to hurt people so you're not quite old dog though he would try to hurt. People like don't feel bad for doing your best. Don't feel bad because somebody fell down after the game. You can tap the girl and like my bad. After the whistle was blown. But like you don't have to be great united score. No goals like. I'm not that day but what i do want is like effort and don't be apologetic especially for young girls in this is a whole nother. That's a life lesson. Yeah look no. You don't need to be backing down and bus pass. If you've got a bustling ask and say sorry. Later now. The nba does not have villains like. That's the thing there's room for villains. This is made better by villains. Like bob ryan used to make this point about referees where people like. Nobody paid to see the referee. Noble the referee is part of the show. Like for example. Bob ryan loves joey crawford because he misses the days where the refs had personality right. Like teddy valentine college. Basketball's like the only one that's really there like in terms of just having personality. It's okay to do that. And i think in a lot of ways especially with the nba whether they realized they doing it or not. You know college football and basketball did this because they always so worried about. Why folks you know what i'm saying like. Okay let's get the personality out his we're gonna make it but you don't even think about who these guys are. You could just come out here and you can enjoy basketball. The white folks enjoy disliking the ones of us that they dislike. You know what i'm saying. That's part of the program. They might not do it for the healthiest reasons. But everybody wants to have somebody out there to dislike. I told the basketball watched. The most basketball was lebron year. That was about race in my view. A black man showing agency in a way that black manhattan before maybe the way that he exited perfect but the vitriol that he received from fans was ridiculous. And i liked the lebron before. Then i rooted for lebron before then but that season i will real. I hadn't been a real sports fan. Because like sports with professional for me from the time i was about sixteen when i was all right. We got to get a scholarship. So i'd like sucked a lot of the fan. Who out of sport. That was the only time that i felt like. I touched like the fan moment because like i was passionate about america's billing felt like hero for that one season. Don't you know about mike tyson. Well if you bought the last dance gave you an incredible new. Look at michael jordan. Just wait for this new tyson. Documentary event scott mike tyson. The knockout title says it. All is incredible. Climb to the top and becoming well really the baddest man on the planet then do is hard crash very public crash to reinventing himself from the hangover with that tiger to his personal comeback. Today documentary features exclusive new interviews with everyone from skip bayless rosie res- michael spinks buster douglas and those who were right there with tyson across his journey today a famous interview with him. Robin gibbons and barbara walters and now here from mike tyson himself buckle up for mike tyson. The knockout documentary. Now this as we think about this and we come toward the end of our time. Don't you wish that we got the twenty twenty one kwame brown. When he was in the league he would've been a dominant. it would've bit as his sation. They just kept calling brown a bus and he came out here with har- files and post game interview they. I don't know if you saw. It is what i used about matt bahr. You ever tried to woo somebody as big as me. Barry barnes like the quami brown retort. Got my attention before the all the smoke podcast so when i heard the i heard quantity going after all of them outside and they must have went in on then i went back and listen in. Watch their show where they talked about. This was about something else. This wasn't about them. But it is about the though specifically matt bahr because his attacks on bars are so pointed. It also tells me. And i don't know that much about how matt barnes right but it does seem to me that matt barnes. Stephen jackson came up. This look different. And this is why i say that steve jackson said something like one time and they kept a move matt. Barnes keep getting these back and forth with kwami a uk wit like. He had the one where he got out and invited him to come. All the spoke at bronco via satellite did is the midst about you. I know you're her. I know you've heard that hurt. There's no winning against bobby brown at roy now whatsoever there is no video activated your hair trying to show that you look good. Life can't do supposed to be great. Used to be taken dudes girls. He also. This was maybe the funniest and it by the time you guys here. This probably guarded. Put out like eight more videos right. He said dad do jump the gate at a house that he paid for said your product got the key in your pocket but you were so into it that you joke the gate. Oh my chest by chest. I mean to talk about writing at the beginning of the show and steve is great. Writing like is quality coming off the dome with these. 'cause they're great there's this is quality comedic writing up. Here's a career in that. He also has a career in reputation management. He managed to flip the entire script on himself in a matter of a couple of hours. Yes because from now on. When you hear pommie brown's name you're not going to think what we thought before his first round bus now. You're browse dan. Do who aim for your nonsense. Like that is his new reputation. This point forward but what's also interesting is he is very clearly explicitly offering up some right wing politics here but wait. He's doing it. He's doing it while also offering some concise undeniably true points like when brought. It was just wrong. That right he knows he was talking about and he wisdom places like non on. I really here for you on now. But just about everything he said about matt bars like when you get to. The crux of it is like yeah dog. I kinda see what you say. He also is the kind of country that lycene folk he called matt. Barnes a lying little. Let me tell you something. Every single person. I know who uses that in were that i put out there. They all have one thing in common. They're dead not because somebody shot them but because they live to be eighty five and there was nowhere left to go by. What is going on here. But like here's how he says something. I'm like yeah kind of see where you're coming from here. It's masterful like it's not politically correct and all but like the content of it. I'm telling you. I feel like he's a writer. Well he got writers. 'cause this stuff off the dome like stevie freak out has i can on the microphone. Freestyle and as on a regular basis. Legitimate people need to understand about because i don't think people are saying country like if you know country black folk in particular. He fits eight that. I'm very familiar with right. Like all the color ism stuff that's in there and they know like that i'm like okay. I see what is but what you gotta understand about. Kwame brown kwami brown may sixty three million dollars in his nba career. And you know what he did when his nba career was over. He moved back to south georgia. You know what that means. I assure you that house in lot that it's all is painful. Promise you he didn't move back to south georgia. He never left. That tells me like self georgia followed him. Everywhere he went and he was like every off-season. I'm going some people living in the city that they played no i guarantee every season. He was back home every time he got a minute. He was back home and he took south georgia widow. And i'm telling you though this what people gotta understand once a country do got his land and pay and he's got the money he has literally not a care in. Were not one. What are you going to do to me. You quami scattered getting canceled. Qube can't live without instagram. Kwami gonna tell you exactly what he thinks at every moment because what you go into heat is gonna go back. I don't know does he. I mean that was a dumb question. Obviously he does. He has no need a grocery store as long as he can get. Electricity kwami can feed himself on his enormous lot. 'cause sixty million dollars anywhere in the country is nice sixty million dollars in south georgia. He good egypt as bricks. That's another thing about the nba. We don't talk enough about we. Got rep is up so we had no stories about them do is going broke in quite a long time. Yeah that's that's an old phenomenon. Yeah yeah these cats like what about the being molded. Since childhood is no the people who joe money are not allowing you to blow it up and they would like to get that money for quite a long time they would like to get that money consistently so you right though gamma quality brown a single thought for all these years and let me tell you what i think. He actually gets a bad rap. Kwame brown was a bust right. You know and i get his point. Nobody's a bus in the nba Relatively expectations of the number one pick he was disappointing average. Six points a game for his career. All have you ever looked at that draft who ever went number one unless it was powered a saul was going to be seen as a bust. That draft was awful. Awful i tell you like the best players in that draft were powder saul tony parker joe johnson gilbert arenas and there is a steep drop off after that steep jason richardson showing baddie as in that draft rodney white in their draft aisin's sizes jabber. Yeah but it took a while for that. It touches chandler. Hey going number one. We would talk about tyson chandler like we talk about kwami brian. That's fair eddy curry. Yeah like there was nobody in their draft to take He just happened to be the unlucky one to go first. And then he wound up on. That team with the lakers where it was colby and bulbs within just by definition makes him a bomb and then the lakers started getting good. You might have started. Thought about him a little different than he got sent to memphis in that trae situation expectations always matter more than we give credit for. 'cause he wasn't a bad nba player. Now he was a disappointing player where he was drafted obviously but he was a fine. Nba player. He played a couple of years in college. Or if he came straight out and wet fifteen people would my own career better than a lot of the guys got drafted in front of so like. That's what you need to do. It was two things one jordan took him and enjoyed played with them. And you know all the problems that came with that but the other thing that it's easy to forget that call me braun. Was the first high school player to be drafted number. One overall. There are only three high. School players ever drafted one overall quality brown abroad. James dwight howard. Those are the only three that ever went number one overall a he was the first one anyway because there wasn't nobody else to take in draft. He is heading enough of these people in what he brought it. Charlemagne to god and dj envy. They had to go get brought into agile ye to hear the only person that's ever made me laugh. Call somebody a beta male like. That's the thing i'd be like. Oh you got to be out here laughing at stuff. That's countered what. i believe. what i'm about is just so funny. Why are you instant accent. But in this climate i think he is also one of these guys who's making the comedians and podcast hosts and celebrities complaining about over weakness. He's making ebola. He's managed to pull this off. He's doing all the things that you said. We can't do no more. He's doing it and people keep coming back to watch. It's just a higher degree of difficulty. And he's managed the thread that needle all this time. His best talent was not in play basketball. He is best talent wasn't comedy writing. I would watch. hbo special. That's brown now in no rehearse routine just kwami brown in front of an audience and i would pay the audience to individually hackel hill. So it he just go one by one a have some not. He keeps calling mad bars little boy. He is four years younger than bonds. Labar told you like cub day lanta brunswick nowhere near atlanta and i don't know if he lives in brunswick brunswick where he went to high school is four and a half hours away from atlanta bars. Like yeah we'll do a show. Atlanta come to atlanta doll. You gotta get you a map. Y'all trying to go to jacksonville. You might be able to get him to go down there. Y'all don't understand the cut. I steve steve understand the level of country. We deal with don barreds. You've got to let this go. This is a fight that you have no chance at winning. You are not prepared for this at all because you're not really mad at hill for whatever reason not easy is with you. He knows you'll spots. Maybe he has some history matt bars that were unaware of or maybe matt. Barnes has the best material for him to go after. But again if you watch that tape map bars like none of them are really going after him. A matt barnes doesn't do anything at all bars has got it is there. He just happened to be there in. Kwami was spraying wildly earth. But now he's zeroed in on one man and his onto to brown thirty eight years old at all did pay his references are not the you right is references over us at all activator air because again color is a big part of it. Kwami decided he did not come this on life to be taking no smack from nobody by rachel right. I'm not saying that's how we should see the world. I'm telling you that seems to be clear. Yeah that that is how he sees it gilbert. We're good right off the bat. I stephen a also very wise. We're good man you right defend yourself a good man. Moving on dos. Stephen has brought back to active. Nba superstars right kevin durant. I am not a bad you would as it beat. He's all brown. You'll we have been hard on you. Stephen they was right gril strategic decision. It also was a fair thing to do this. A smart man no matter what you believe about him yelling. Tv the man seems to know how to make the right moves at least in this situation. Well you there. You remember the infamous temecula night on twitter writing. I said something about it in a tweet and to make you do came back at me and i immediately turned into rinaldo ray. You must've have. Oh man no no. I don't want any of this. I am simply observing. And i find it to be funny. I got no we whatever it. Is you out here talking about. I don't want to give what about gilbert giving. It really got nothing to prove. He does all this stuff because he's just a weird sociopath when it comes to this but he has nothing to prove what i feel i identified. Is he feeling bar. Somebody that got something to prove it. S why he just twisted twisted animal pride and ego getting in the way because the obvious move is just be like you right kwami way no harm. I didn't consider how this must make you feel my bad. I'll be more conscious going forward. And that's like not only is that the rice t- thing to do as also like probably the right thing to do this and again i don't think they wrote them too bad but if you hurt somebody's feelings like that's what i would do i. I dunno clowning. Somebody here athlete or something Not that i can think of a time that we did it but when when that happens. It's my take offense. Even if i don't think it's that big a deal. Somebody takes offense and they come for me. I'm not a lot like what i'm a joke. Based on a podcast. I'm an adult with three children. I'm sorry bro i me. No hong moving along. Yes it all bad know ladies and gentlemen. Thanks so much joining us here on the right time. That's friday dominic foxworth. Check them out at undefeated dot com gabe s antonio latitude and we got our mandate presley now handling things behind the scenes. Thank you guys remember. Follow the right. Top rate us viewers ios pasta. Only give us. I'm inclined to believe you are hater. Which has a couple of days listen to ads and read. Yes you swept up. Don't be afraid to cry while you sit on the toilet. My wife just walked in about a thing to them. Then you've done. Thanks for for checking out the right time with bomani jones. Podcast you can listen or follow on the espn app or wherever you listen to podcasts. The right time with bomani jones.

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