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How The Issue Of Climate Change Is Shaping The Democratic Primaries


Climate change is an issue that democratic voters routinely say that they will vote on next year. Many polls show that it's second only to healthcare but today the democratic national national committee voted down a proposal to allow a presidential debate focused solely on climate change and last night washington governor jay inslee who was has basis entire presidential campaign on climate change dropped out of the race n._p._r. Political correspondent scott detro- is here with us in the studio to explain all of this. Hey scott also so so jay inslee he basically ran is the climate change candidate rain. He said he would focus on that more than anything else and now dropping out of the race. What is it five months before. The iowa caucuses focuses. Does it seem like that. Maybe climate is not going to be the defining campaign issue for democrats after all. I think it's actually the opposite and jay inslee. Ran is the climate candidate candidate but it turns out. There are several climate candidates. If you're a voter who's looking for someone who wants to overhaul the entire economy over the coming decades to transition to renewable energy massively cut down on greenhouse gas emission. You have your pick but oh aurore has a plan to do that. Elizabeth warren joe biden into a more moderate degree others. Many have put forward <unk> plans that would go far further than what the obama administration tried to do on this injury did have the most detailed plan. He did talk about this the most but that really didn't allow him to end up to a stand out on the front and you write most polls show that climate change is one of democratic voters top issues. This is something that this year democrats are regularly talking about voters are asking asking about. It's a topic in debates in the past. That hasn't been the case. This is often been an issue that ends up getting ignored during elections. You mentioned bernie sanders. He just rolled out a big. Get climate plan. How does his proposal compared to the other plans. We've seen i think it's fair to say. This is the most aggressive plan yet. <hes> most candidates have a plan to get the country to a carbon been neutral state by mid century <hes> even if greenhouse gas emissions are happening there offset elsewhere bernie sanders plan very aggressive. It is a sixteen trillion dollar plan to begin well. He wants on paper at least all electricity generation and transportation to be completely carbon-free by twenty thirty so think about that not replacing aaron dishes. It is certainly and it is beyond current technology for sure we're talking about replacing all natural gas coal power plants with renewable energy but also airplanes liens cars everything else we used to travel on that emits carbon dioxide being totally overhaul so that would fundamentally restructure society and be expensive offensive but sanders and a lot of experts say that is the type of change that is needed to avert the worst case scenario at this point so i don't get it with all of this focus on climate change we just mention at the democratic national committee decided they didn't want to hold a debate focused entirely on climate change. That's something jay inslee had called for repeatedly before he dropped out. Why do the d._n._c. Nc vote down this proposal. The dnc chairman tom perez has said that yes climate change is very important. One of the most important issues needs to be debated but he does not want to do a single single issue debate because he argues that opens the door to issue after issue and that he thinks candidates shouldn't spend all their time doing presidential debates and i'll just say i've gotten emails als in the last few days press releases urging debate on on challenges. Older americans are facing on campaign finance report reformed so the singular is board certainly coming in and he doesn't want to open the door even something that most democrats would say yeah it really is a top tier issue okay so there are twenty two democratic candidates left when all of us gets whittled down undo expect the eventual democratic nominee to make climate change a huge part of his or her general election message. I think so and again that would be a huge shift from in recent elections for years. The thinking was people vote on more pressing issues. A lot of democrats think that increasingly climate change is a pressing issue last month the hottest month month in the history of of recorded month's wildfires all sorts of extreme weather democrats feel like this will be voting issue this year and they're gonna talk about it and say we wanna do something. Most republicans simply ignore this issue n._p._r. Political correspondent scott detro- thanks scott sure thing.

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