The Ocho: Ezekiel Elliott officially a non-report for training camp


What a world welcome to another episode of the Ocho presented you in partnership as always with espy nations blogging the boys dot com my name arduous show you know me of course from B._T.? Be and from right here as you're humble host on the OCHO happy Friday it is Friday July twenty six two thousand and nineteen and there's a lot to discuss all man. There's a lot to talk about. I'm exhausted honestly. It's been quite the Friday recording this kind of. I don't know what qualifies mid afternoon afternoon or late afternoon like. I know people say that like I'm taking a mid afternoon nap. It's about three thirty one recording this just really kinda behind the curtain. So Cowboy State of the Union address was on Friday and we learned a lot what we we have a big thing big sort of elephant in the room subjects and have a lot to get to some housekeeping. If you want to call it that this is the last day before I leave for Oxnard California on on Saturday find out what the E._S._p._N.. San Antonio crew. We're going to be there for a week in the Miller lite beach house. It's going to be awesome and really hoping you come along for the journey there follow me on twitter at our Joe. I'm also on the INSTAGRAM. Seeing a lot of you. Follow me over. Were there appreciate it same name Arjo one word R._J.. H._O._a. on the Graham and the twitter sphere if you want to kind of come along with us as we make our way westward for cowboys training camp we should be there for a lot of fun obviously the and a lot of hysteria but it's going to be Jason Nixon Rob Thompson from the bullets which you can hear every day on E._S._p._N.. San Antonio from four to seven P._M.. Central Time and myself and James Pleasure who was the producer for the blitz but my co host on Saturday mornings for the appropriately named Saturday morning hangover you can listen to us fifty A._M.. Ninety four or five F._M.. Locally at E._S._P._N.. Essay Dot Com if you're somewhere else and you want to hear US remember four to seven P._M.. Central Time we will have a Saturday morning hangover on the twenty seven th which is a day we leave and that the data coming back the day there were coming back. I've already forgotten. I think it's August third. We're doing it from the E._S._p._N.. Los Angeles studio so that will be a lot of fun. We'll talk that up as well and you'll hear all of their voices throughout the week here on the blog on the boys podcast feed we're going to share. Awesome stuff. It's going to be great. You'll probably hear me and pledge interviewing somebody from time to time but don't freak out if you if you here welcome back to E._S._p._N.. Santana things like that just I didn't want you to freak out. I look out for you you look for me. That's how we roll and we'll bring you obviously everything we can. In terms of various cowboys that we get a chance to interview we'll do facebook lives so go like E._s._p._N.. San Antonio on facebook we'll see if periscope is an option but there will be tons of podcasts. I'm actually subscribe to the podcast feed and and make sure you give us a rating register if you if you get a chance I promised we would kind of go into the routine that we experience out in Oxnard but before we do we obviously have to talk about the big deal on Friday. Ezekiel Elliott did not show up to the cowboys conditioning tests in Oxnard and that was at twelve P._M.. Central Time Ten A._M.. Pacific time which is where the cowboys are they run. You know running drill things like that. He was not there and if our exchange slater reported and that kind of already got people buzzing because Zeke obviously was not on the team plane but everybody figured he could get there on his own. It's not a big deal etc and so all day Friday was kind of this waiting game. What's going to happen what or Jerry Jones and Steven Jones and Jason Garrett going to say during the State of the Union address and I want WanNa be clear because maybe there's a chance you're a new cowboys fan and you don't know what that is every year during their first press conference and Oxnard California which is where they've trained the last year's obviously wherever they hold training camp that is the state of the Union address? That's the first Israel press conference of the season for the cowboys and typically we learn a lot typically we get lots of nuggets and thoughts that the cowboys are having with regard to various players. It was there for example that we learned that Damian Wilson had been shot in the eye with a paintball things things like that but this year it was basically all about Ezekiel Elliott he was not there. Jerry Jones was asked right away. If Zeke was considered a hold out if he was considered late what what's going on because the term lay in the term I'm not at Camp can be sort of loosely defined by N._F._l.. Teams but Jerry Jones was clear. He said yeah he's late. He's not here. He's officially a non report and it's a big deal. I mean it's a big deals at the end of the world now but it's a big deal. It's obvious that Zeke Doc. Is You know wanting the new contract and doing what he can to get that message across but all throughout the press conference my takeaway was that the cowboys are kind of cool with this and I don't mean that they're down to their pumped but if you get a chance go watch douse copies dot com habit their social properties as well the the impression I got was that the cowboys understand the business side of this and they're obviously expecting to understand the business because that's that's what this is. The cowboys have contract extensions to get. Get to with regards to Zeke to Dak Prescott Mark Cooper to Byron Jones and they obviously know how difficult that's going to be and so it didn't seem at all like Steven Jones or Jerry Jones or Jason Garrett were spooked or shook or even remotely nervous nervous about the about the fact that excuse me Zeke hasn't shown up it just kind of felt like they were like yeah. I mean this is the way it is. He wants a new contract. We're trying to agree to something and you know. This is the next step and they were all pretty patient. They were all pretty calm and I think that's a good thing I mean. Stephen Jones spoke a lot. We've gotten to see that a lot over the last few years. He's clearly kind of running. The ship for the cowboys now as far as the front office management is concerned and it seems like Steven Jones has his idea as far as what Zeke Elliot and Index Prescott Amari Cooper Byron Jones for that matter need to be paid and it's a matter negotiating. It's a matter of talking it's a matter of back and forth and I thought one of the things that Steven said it was very interesting. He was asked if the fact that this is a running back has any sort of merits merits in the conversation and he said absolutely I mean you look at it. There's no question that the running back position has been devalued that it's not valued from a fiscal standpoint the way it used to be. We're seeing running backs. Get paid less and less or I should say not get paid more and more four in Todd Gurley of the Los Angeles Rams kind of set them back. I mean if we're being honest here. Todd Gurley is big time contract with the rams really set the position back because now the cowboys in this example are looking dude. Look what look could happen at Todd Gurley I mean do we don't want that to be us and unfortunately Zeke is looking at the cow percent yeah man look what happened to Todd Gurley. I don't want to be him and not have mine so I WANNA get paid now <hes> but unfortunately the cowboys are the ones that kind of control this. They're the ones they're the team so whatever's going to happen. It's going to happen as far as they want it to happen and so this is just a matter of waiting really and I know that's frustrating agitating. I know everybody wants harmony and peace and etc but it appears that Zeke Elliott's not going to be in Oxnard for cowboys training camp at least for the near future. I'M GONNA be out there for a week with E._S._p._N.. San Antonio like I mentioned we will fly back on August third. which by the way is a really busy sports day? That's the pro football hall of fame enshrinement ceremony and the women's National Team Kicks Off Their Victory Tour and incidentally in California the Rose Bowl so pretty cool and actually the Rose Bowl site of the last game that Emmett Smith played before his own holdout obviously after twenty seven thousand nine hundred season but this is just this is the way it's going to be and so we'll see if Zeke Elliott shows up August. August six that's something that a lot of people are sort of monitoring now if he wants to gain an accrued season maybe he does and maybe zeke wants to take this threat and I've said before that's a really aggressive word. Maybe he wants to take this threat. As far as it makes sense and august August six kind of seems to be the day that it makes sense to do it with but ultimately you know. I hate to be just like Mr Spin things positively and I know we talked about this on Thursday. This is probably good. I mean I don't mean I'm good. Let me be clear. There is good to be found in this situation because Zeke Elliot. I don't know if you know this takes up a lot of carries. He takes up a lot of snaps and so now you get a chance to really have some fun and play with Tony Pollard throughout training camp. You get a chance to really have some fun and play with various Jackson. He's worth bringing back. You get a chance to really have some fun and play around with Mike Weber I mean you know those are positive those are legitimately positive data points to glean from from this Ezekiel Elliot situation and so you know is this a desirable place for the couch to be in no but ultimately it is a good problem to have to pay so many guys because I'm injured drafting really well so we'll see what happens with Zeke but for now the whole doubt and I and that still feels like the wrong word us but hold out for lack of a better word is officially on Jerry Jones and Steven Jones and Jason Garrett also kind of touched on Dak Prescott Amari Cooper pending contracts basically saying yeah. We want to pay them but you know it's just a matter of negotiating. I thought it was interesting that Steven Jones said that Michael Thomas hold out in New Orleans doesn't impact the cowboys <hes> he did say to his credit. You'd have to ask them are if it impacts him to any degree but and again the cowboys were relatively common relatively chill throughout their state of the Union press conference really important point though I thought throughout the Presser was Jerry Jones was asked in on the subject of contracts about Jason Garrett's he said what do you got to see the season. When I was asked excuse me what do you got to see the season to bring it back in two thousand twenty in Jerry Jones kind of played around and said he couldn't hear the question and then played around again said he couldn't hear the question and chose chose not to answer so good for Iran could for Jerry Jones at that's a question that he's going to have to dodge all season? We saw how I've been down. That subject was a year ago after the Jaguars win that was talking he was going to extend him and then obviously he didn't and so we'll see what happens. Jerry Jones has touched on that subject through the State of the Union address before however clearly the choosing that to do so this year so again a fun state of the Union a little bit of a different one in terms of recent years but the best thing. About the state of the Union address for the cowboys is it means it is officially football season and so like I said I can't wait to get out to oxnard myself and if you're curious if you're not curious you already listened appreciate it. You can turn out the podcast here but if you are curious kind of how works our or what I experienced at least because I have been asset a few times here's the deal we will fly out tomorrow tomorrow for me. Maybe you're listening to this on Saturday morning and by the way I should mention we're going to plug in the podcast feed a segment from this added good morning hangover so if you see this in your podcast feed on Saturday you'll hear James Pleasure myself talking about the cowboys which is what we want to do but we'll fly out on Saturday tomorrow. We have a layover in Phoenix so maybe grabs chick-fil-a author who knows and we'll get to l._A._X.. And then it's a drive it's a draft from Los Angeles to Oxnard and typically. We've gotten there in the morning so it's the first year I'm going that. We're kind of arriving in the evening so we'll get there will probably go have dinner and we'll check back in our house. It's kind of an AIRBNB situation same house. We stayed in last year so same room for me. It's really nice no air conditioning because it is California so they do have a nice little box fan but <hes> but yeah and then so the standard protocol for every day the as far as practices concern. I know a lot of you that are listening have been oxnard yourself so you kind of get it but if you've never been in it's not obvious to you. The cowboys literally trained at a Marriott. It's like a courtyard Marriott and so you weave your way in when you arrive Avenue Park and you walk past all these buildings and they set up a small very very miniature version of super bowl radio row on the tennis courts there at the Marriott and you can kind of see that in the photos and stuff that's where Jason Gates Press S.. Confidence and stuff are so they said that up until we get set up and the morning walk through happens a little bit after we get there so you go out and that's a really strict practice. There's no attendance. There's no photos allow. There's no nothing it's just a walkthrough and afterwards sometimes the players will do some interviews so we'll try to grab those try to grab whoever we can and the way you grab it interviews you just walk up to a player and you say hey you got five minutes for me or two minutes or whatever and sometimes they say no sometimes they say yes so you kind of cross your fingers and hope that you can get who you can get and so after that Jason Garrett gives his daily press conference and he's asked him questions he talks about who won't practice or who will practice or who will be having a light practice later. You're on the afternoon that happens and at that point the sun is really kind of starting to make its way up to the top and while it is California the son is still a little bit unrelenting so you gotTa make sure to have proper care some sunscreen a hat. Hat Nice little sleeves if you need them. I'm not really asleep guy in the some of that's just me anyway and so then it's kind of lunchtime and you kind of figure some stuff out. We put our show together. You know figure out what's going to happen in years past. That's when the lucky whitehead thing happened happened and so it makes for an interesting couple of hours and then at about four o'clock local time is when people start to arrive and people start to show up and people start to gather for the practice itself and so my routine is all head out there maybe like thirty minutes before practice begins and I'll go take some photos and shoots and videos of the players arriving became which is really cool. They're walking out and sometimes they'll do choreographed. Entrances like Joe loonies really into that Dan skipper did a really great one a couple years ago and they come out and then it's practice time and they'll warm up. They'll divide into groups. I mean you've seen training camp practices before. Sometimes we'll get some eleven on eleven action. It'll be great and then that practice you can take photos and videos and everything you want and there are two practice fields so it really is kind of picking and choosing what you want to be got to set yourself up. You got to be smart about it. You've got to be strategic so it's always a fun process for me. I really enjoy it and then you know practice last about two hours and then after that is this is media time again same sort of process. The walkthrough guys are walking off the field. You walk up say hey man. You got five minutes for me. <hes> you know can you give me an interview. Whatever take your interview record it? Whatever the case may be and then <hes> in my case posted here on the podcast feed and in your trunk and that's the end of the day and the interesting thing is we're kind of done at about five thirty local time six o'clock? Maybe which is interesting because the blades like I mentioned ends at seven o'clock central time so it's a little bit earlier than we're used to so we'll head out. We'll grab dinner. Get back to the house. Put together plans for the next day so on and so forth something we we've. We've sort of started over the last at least as long as I've been going. Is We have a San Antonio night. Lots of the San Antonio media comes over to the House one night. We'll grow some steaks have some fun toxin awesome to winnow and and have a good time so hopefully that gives you a little bit of a sneak peek in terms of what I'm experiencing my time at oxnard going to have everything we can in the podcast via going to get lots of content on the site blog on the boys dot com so make sure are you don't miss a thing actually have a fantastic weekend and next time I talk to you well. You'll hear like I said the Saturday morning hangover segment but next time I talked to you as far whatever you get the point next time we talk. I'll be in Oxnard California have a go on my friends friends and we will assuming Yana friends as always go cowboys N._P._S. out.

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