Monday 11/4/19 - World's Most Dangerous Bird


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Don't worry about it boys you're back this time we're not talking about high school kids and how they hung us out to dry so they were talking talking about I guess dangerous animals this conversation sparked like a couple days ago right yeah because Ed was at has this irrational fear I think is started by saying the sole the reason you don't want to go to Australia is because of the world infamous castleberry which is allegedly the most dangerous on the planet most second-largest the largest bird cousin to the ostrich why did how did it come up the why were we going to Australia. I don't know how well what came out because you were you rewrite log about how you wanted to get like weird things into the office and then say animals then we talked about an hour we'll be talking about a tiger and then I was like a non somehow I brought up how I'm deathly flee afraid of the castleberry like more afraid than anything else you like you're like but what I'm really is if like we could never get this bird and you would never go to Australia this bird its claws laws are so fucking sharp it could just puncture abdomen with these day-night never heard no and we should note that they said it was more related to the velociraptor than it was a Edberg so I don't know why you're trying to make frame like I'm like shirt for being absurd for being afraid of it but your sole reason to Nocco Australia's because you're worried about encountering good point across whatever you call it a crock castaway where the inner or second of the three toes is fitted with a long straight murderous nail which are vitiate an abdomen with ease with the ease but I'm saying that's like saying you know like you're never going to go in the ocean because a shark's in Africa worried about getting attacked by a lion in April Two Thousand Nineteen Florida Man Seventy five year old Florida man was murdered by his own castleberry it on his own property well that's what you get unprovoked attack which should be the law against people who bring Shit like that over here as pets are there should should be something right people lockup giant gators and the people who bring penalty is like just lock them up and throw them away or like sent him know Australia will you those people should be rounded up and sent to Australia then kind of go back in time a little bit because that's what they used to have people they're just sent them Austrailia see I like dad put them in like a hot and like if you like it so much you go live there with them if you're castleberry kills someone else do you get the murder charge I would assume so right you with think can you what is the value of having a castleberry is there any like milk I get I get for it looks like it has like I mean so it's Oh there's it's an exotic bird it's I mean it's like the look at it standpoint and I'm like because I know that's how people like birds birds 'cause it's like a big thing birds looking at them yeah that should honestly hold up in court did happen castaway killed someone and you just have it for the sole fact of of having it you're not getting any benefit hears like an asshole for having it you definitely should get the murder charge I agree the things are fucking huge and how I didn't know either owls are apparently dangerous well Danny was like we were talking like cuter I think we want to get an offer the office and I said we talking all for the office and Danny's no I I alluded to an episode of Joe Rogan no free ads you know he needs them but when Theo van was on and he was talking about how owls got this crazy good. Pr are how they're portrayed is like bookworm but in reality these are vicious creatures talons second if you let them know owls in the office I didn't know that I knew this about like raccoon eh because I don't like those things that night like I don't take the garbage on because you're not a raccoon guy no fuck no you are those things are fishes too I'm not not I'm not in our out on raccoons I wanna be clear like I just I'm very ambivalent to the presence of raccoon outside at any point in time nighttime daytime I'm so you're a possum guy I mean I'm actually completely unaware about all of this I don't think like you do it you don't think about the I don't have like a risk radar like you do see I think about that like I'm possum possum that video that went viral probably like I think it was like a year or in the summer they open that grill real and there was a possum sleeping in the one of the babies play the luggage was fucking nothing come on I mean to not go outside at night just because okay that's not what I said I I never said I didn't go outside saying I'm saying it prohibits when I throw the garbage out and not that's all I said is it would you you ever been in a dumpster I I shop when I was sixteen I worked at a nursing home and those fuckers rated the dumpster Talkin raccoons and they were mean dude so you're saying you won't take the garbage out at night that's a daytime activity I swear I won't I've got when I lived at home I've gotten many any argus by father what else are you irrationally afraid of I think that's what we gotta talk about it 'cause I I've never been to Africa too and I have a a fear of Cape Buffalo Duke Size Cape Buffalo they hold grudges for a long time they're just it's a tough animal take like if you get in the wrong ron crosshairs of an animal why people like to be cute they're like Oh hippopotami are actually way more gained a fuck your Hippopotami Cape Buffalo Cape Off Cape Buffalo will will literally go in and take a we'll fuck a crocodile what's the Mauka Crocodile Kate what's the what's The Cape Like K point like warn it's like South Africa like down there listen I'm not a geography guy you're really GonNa Cross up here I'm going to sound like an idiot but Cape Buffalo Oh shit other Guy Horn he looks me so they hold hold grudges saying they hold our souls poacher their stories like poachers like take down a calf unlike years later the same pack will spot the poacher and like kill the poacher surround or like they've done this with lions it's crazy Danny you're giving him shit about being afraid of a fucking Cape Buffalo that's ricks ways like a ton add we literally ways to thaw spots I'll go with you on this algorithm on this being free raccoons because I I'm afraid trade of like getting mauled by cutesy animal because it's like it's embarrassing like back two hours if you heard today I got about our like like an old Oh dude actually standards so that's why wouldn't WanNa be team raccoon either but it's all goes back to the fact that you're like we're not going Australia boys they have cassowaries I stand by that and I will always stand by that it might be a rational but those birds they just moved different their angle to the ball is different than anyone else yeah so like other any other birds that Kinda get up on your radar is a cassowaries standalone number one and then like number two through ten also unlike like an ACC team I mean anything in coming off from the from the air coming up for top you

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