Merriam Webster's word of the day for February fourth. Today's word is S- kumble spelled spelled S. C. U. M. B. E. S- kumble is a verb that means to make something such as color or painting less brilliant by covering within coat note of OPEC or semi opaque color applied with a nearly dry brush. It can also mean to apply a color in this manner or to soften on the lines or colours of a drawing by rubbing lightly. Here's the word used in a sentence from the Boston Globe by Cate mcquaid in an accomplished artists hands. Oil paint is fluid. It can be scuttled or glazed. It's more versatile medium than tempera. The history of the words Gumbel is blurry but the word is thought to be related to the verb scum and obsolete form of Skim meaning to pass lightly over scuffling as I perfected attended by artists such as Titian involves passing dry opaque coats of oil paint over a tinted background to create subtle tones and shadows. Although although the painting technique dates to the sixteenth century. Use Of the Word Stumble is only known to have begun in the late. Eighteenth Century the related down form soon soon followed with your word of the day. I'm Peter Sokolow ski visit Marian Webster Dot Com today for definitions wordplay and trending word look ups and.

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