LCB Ep. 308 - Top 5 Things In Malls, Paul Blart Mall Cop Review, Ryan Phillippe Interview, and The Mandalorian Episode 3 Reaction


I'm not. I'm dominant around fifty and beyond me. You can get me out of this message off your sh might pay. You can't handle the truth. Maybe not maybe fuck yourself security out kid. One dot day of what we've got here is saying yes. Just well we're going. We don't need roads your heart. What might scare barstool so freeway. Jeff ken jack travel mall episode. We're talking about balls. We're talking about paul mall. Cop does if we just had a false start. We did a little peak behind the curtain. We went thirty seconds into it and jeff was on the wrong. Mike and i know when to bring it up. But i'd jump on the first word honestly i can. My brain doesn't work that quickly soda trivia and then somebody said it like after it was always like mike was kinda fucked might mean should is told me in the first ten seconds but you guys caught it more than enough time every now and then one of us will get them plugged them usually just in the middle of the episodes. Fix it right in the beginning. It's okay to just do art. Nothing like a good heart when you're might just completely plugs. Yes orpheum paul mall cop. We're going to review make from david fincher. But yet he he released in theaters. We didn't realize it comes on december. Fifth ken jack. You'd mentioned freaky. Something freaky eh. The vince vince. Vaughn movie of hearing very good things about that. So far vince. Vaughn catherine that. That's not that's not even streaming at all so are we asked her suggestions. And i saw paul lorentz. That seems perfect for us right now. There's a local talk about paul board very happy we watch it. I've watched in a long time. There's a we. We recently did observe and report. And there's a lot of similarities between observant report and palmar mall cop however they're both very different movies very different. We do observe and report. I guess we did. We did right if we we all watched it. Yeah well they did. The memory intertwining for me when i was watching paul It it brought back a lot of memories from observing report. Ms very disorienting experience. I also forgot to take my anxiety meds for two days Also i think that also like went into to Before we started the pod. Like i got off my whole master's lore a leg. I love going in and just like looking at the arbitrary rules about the masters green jacket greenjackets. The most fascinating thing for me is you've you play your whole career. Finally win this green jacket right and they put it on. You got it. That's just the property of augusta national. Still i'm sorry dustin johnson. That's not your kid. I can get over that with cups or whatever it's not like it's a wearable thing you know. Like a piece of clothing is so possessive or such a possession. Heavy thing take it back. I feel like if you yeah no. I think they're just. They're just in contribute to give degree degree like warren buffett probably has a green jacket definitely has a green jacket because they give the green jackets to all the members of augusta national. They're just very protective around when they wear him the bohemian grove. Type ship. now get together where the green jacket and plan world domination. Can't tell you dustin. Johnson maybe get to keep that for a year balloon. Come back next year. They they keep that storage locker. Whatever the the saudi prince orbs said that she all the guys from augusta just going around harnessing their green jacket energy did they have like a special night. In september when all the members of augusta get together just porky pig with their green jackets just greenjackets with the dresser with nothing on bottom of here. Here's a members. Warren buffett pete cores. Bill gates roger. Goodell pat haden lou. Holtz peyton manning jack nicholas milwaukee. Why haven't put jack nicholas on vicki. Wynn you're my dad. no shit. are you a member if you win. i think actually there's fine print on that one may condoleeza rice us a fairly historic one They didn't want women in the thing for a long time Until two thousand seven. Yeah yeah yeah hootie johnson talking beforehand Bunch of famous deceased once passed away. Jack welch t boone pickens Yes And then we'll play freak. I know like steph. Curry is played their bunchin. I've i've been. I've been one time it is. It's it's is majestic you take the turn off the road and you see the fucking hooters all like the regular strip mall things. Then you turn into this wooded area and you go right down magnolia lane and there you are. You're at augusta. It's it's crazy that that's what i've heard though this disorienting though when only just drive me down the street and there's like a rallies or check i guess is the checkers because it's in the south you pass by like a dollar general and you take a left hand turn in series lake. You've arrived at augusta national and you're there you're there now remember. Maybe checkers were near me. Maybe you're right. You're right on friday. I honestly have no clue. It's i spent a lot of my life. Like in indiana in also kentucky which is like the indiana kentucky border is kind of like the rally's checkers line so i get mixed up yum augusta on google maps. To if you do want to look at it is brown typically augusta his brown. There's a lot of very interesting things with augusta. it's a fascinating place. I'm surprised they didn't block it out from satellite like they do with all the military installation. That's you know. I would agree dr the dark the dark sites they just they just. It's a black hole and google satellite. It is rather surprising that it's seems like a very augusta thing to do to to block it out a big deal. It was in like pga tour. What year was it that they finally put augusta national in it. That was fucking insane that that's that's still almost unthinkable. They allow that to happen. I i didn't really get it at the time because at the time i'm like yeah it should be there. It's a major. Why witness in the game. But knowing what i know now about like how How your they are with their brand. It makes a lotta sense. It's a images on negotiator. You'd think you think the restraint of chick-fil-a not selling on on sundays. Something else. Just imagine like augusta looking all the money they could be making by selling lake fucking. Peter millar pullovers marked up to one hundred and seventy five dollars on an online store. And just just making gobs of money and they're so protective of their brand new Nope we know. You want the masters merchandise because buddy either got by for four hundred dollars on a grey market site or you gotta come here no between yeah i mean just to have all that cash on the table and then to just be like some worth it. We're already rich. We'll give fuck that's the point. There is a bonefish grill across. Outback steakhouse which that's tiger woods. Just like just winning last year. God damn i need some bang bang. Shrimp oh yeah really really need the chocolate thunder from down under a greg norman. Posted up back What else what else has happened now. Again okay so also so. Overall cup best of shopping malls strap. That's going to be a contentious draft. I am a little worried about losing some pics here. We all interviewed. Ryan phillippe bay. Why probably said his name wrong. A ten thousand times that that was very interview revealed something at the end that i i didn't expect way. Okay wait so the only thing. I think we need to mention is okay. I have the ps fired. And say how can you tell the folks how the ps five is the. Ps five along awaited drop. I got it. Thank god because i just hit the right order time on amazon. I really enjoy it. Call duty zombies. And i got valhalla assessments creepy. How is the only other game i got. I'm very bummed with it so far because it feels like almost entirely intro. You play the two. Ps four yeah feels like they went backwards. Feels like an entirely different game from odyssey. Which is insane to me considering a feel like most response to odyssey at least the combat system and inventory system like mostly positive. Now yeah lately. I think odyssey was shit on on first because it got rid of a lot of the stuff. Assassins people like from assassin's creed but the the world was so big. It was still fun to explore. The people got over it. What has happened in the meantime is the best. Assassins creed game has been made. It's called gosta sushila and that that has just. I think completely shattered my experience. I'm enjoying mahala. But at the same time i'm like i'm thinking about ghosted sushi. Mo like the stealth more enjoyable there. the combat system was more enjoyable. They're basically was like an assassin's creed game Anything else i don't think so. Let's do to address a quick. Let's talk about mandalorian before again to news because mandalorian was was fucking awesome. Did you watch a trill now. I'm watching you can spoil it forming out or i mean we're not going to spoil it. I don't care. I've literally don't care if he spoiler though i don't think i don't think it'll mean anything to you. You're you know you a fan of the animated show the will but did did the Giancarlo did his character comeback. Now the thing with the duck none is there was a bigger. But it's from the animated show so sorry if that's a spoiled people listening to the truth and that was it who who is. Who is the actor or actress. He's not going to go into it. I'm not going well it. We're just we're to be giving people. Monday's utah mondays to watch this shit about it. And that yeah. Once star wars puts up. They put up that boba fett picture on monday afternoon. That's it i. I like how they're just kind of taking control of they're doing that accepts. Oh brought to you by roman most guys as we know tried different ways to last longer but but thinking about paul mall cop doesn't always work poboy cup to we will talk about the sequel by the way i just let you know we're gonna have to discuss the sequel just a little bit. The folks enrolling online. Men's health company are changing the game with roman. Swipe a secret a longer lasting sex roman sweitzer clinically proven to last longer in bed. They're affected easy to use and fast active. But they don't require a prescription when we can shift swipes you in a discreet unmarked packaging and east back at a small enough to hide in your wallet forever. You need it. The super user take out of the packet. Swipe it on let it dry. And you're good to go that it's it roman dot com slash lights and get your first month through his five bucks a monthly plan. That's get roman dot com slash lights. So children watch mandalorian so we don't talk much about no need to But you can watch recap video on youtube myself. Can jack robbie fox. He did a good breakdown. It is a Easter egg heavy show episode But also one of the most bad ass star wars things. We've i think we've ever seen it was so fucking cool day. They just they just rushed it then. Big reveal the big big over veal. Big reveal won't mean anything if you're not a big fan of the animated series but also doesn't derail and if you don't you just gotta go okay active character characters but the action in this and the music. It's just they fucking killed. It was at a at a big smile. Watch now this is awesome. This is fun. This store should be right here too. Good fucking time. I'm just i'm watching. The sequel to jurassic world right now and they just got to the part where the big old brought a source gets lit up and man. They're sitting there crying. All the doors close ever been more obsessed with a single scene of a movie than you are with that bo. You mentioned that seen so many times torture porn versus this is no joke at least lease bare minimum like the tenth time you brought that up on the fucking say just crying gets involved in lava. Sorry bryce dallas. Howard actually directed the episode. That's right right there. And then the beginning is a complete lodge to apollo thirteen which we did not realize or they do a holy walk. Shot for shot. No the the razor chris crashing to earth just like the the whatever is the pod polo twelve the apollo twelve. What is that. What's the land landed. Lunar module no. It's it's the landing cops. I don't know louis. I'm going capsule that sounds close Gender will yeah wondering nineteen eighty-four might hit hbo. max might after a december release according to bloomberg. There's once again reports. That warner bros considering an unexpected. H max debut for one of four so go to movies and then be released them be released in On hbo max. Soon after I i look. I still don't know it'll happen like at this point. They've waited why not wait. But this'll be the first major domino. This would be a domino. Like this would force the hand many places to release movies and while i do want to see these things in theaters were also getting to a point where i just kinda of to see two movies. I'm starting to lose my My don't he did not see movies. We can go near new york city now open. They are some jersey But i think for the most part a lot of people in just avoiding theaters. So yeah. I'm i'm i'm on the fence now. I i used to say how. I'll wait now. I don't know if i want to wait much longer. I kinda wanna see this shit or yeah. Yeah of course I just don't know how makes any sense for the studio unless they're they're thinking. I don't know that it's going to lead to significant amount of people signing up for. Hbo max or whatever our the cut gets distributed there but it seems like this is something that it almost like these big tentpole movies in the dc universe. It just be better off holding off into twenty twenty one until they get a better idea with the landscapes like but as a consumer is a watcher. It's it's gets a win for us on. Give a shit about the studios. I mean not really like when. I mean they're going to be okay. Debate the big studios are going to be okay. I should say like i know. There's this small independent ones. That are hurting right now. But like you know the the the major ones are going to be fine so if they release it now write it off. I think it's good for the consumers ultimately it's it's you know whatever happens with the theaters is going to happen and obviously they're in trouble but Whether or not it comes out now and twenty twenty one. I don't know how much of a difference ultimately makes. Yeah i think a consumer reality want the content right but at the same time like like that could lead to. Let's see further down the line because they re stone this and didn't make any money back. They can't find another movie. That maybe would have been good. You know it's like an opportunity. 'cause i just i don't i feel like no matter. What kind of the losers in the situation as a consumer. So i i guess they do whatever the guy do. I'm with jeff. I just wanna fuck and see movies at this point versus starved for content or watch maranhao. We're watching cobbler to review public. Because no goddamn moves are coming out so tallboy me. Yeah the kevin. James super throw a people. Were probably yelling there. I'm sure there are there are other. You're looking pole shit right. I think you'll know we're saying to yet. A somebody like our perspective is kind of tainted by the fact that we rely on these temples to face over on podcast. That's a big part of. It is big comic book movies as talking about the big the big releases like for those listening. They double over on any small thing that we do in this pod. I mean that's just is what it is. That's just that's just what it it's the cycle how people consume like you consume the high hype then you consume the actual product and you consume the podcast and the talking about it afterwards. Then repeated just consumer goods to read other media But i mean there's there's obviously stuff that that is down the pipe in his obviously stuff still being released. I just wonder because you my perspective is is through the lens of like talking about it on a podcast which is obviously in the minority of americans right now. Now the you know majority though everyone's going to have a podcast in the next five we are the silent minority of white male podcasters and you will hear our voice the I'm like i'm. I'm wondering if like you know your average person sitting around just saying like damn really really wanna watch a new movie right now. I bet a lot of people are but to the extent to where You know they're willing to go out theater versus willing on hbo. Max i don't know but that's that's up for the theater The guest studios to decide. We always talk about it. But it's always worth like revisiting it because it kind of it kind of feels like it's different conversation every month with with lake. Just the timeline on on what know now and of course like With over the last couple of weeks with the potential in the hope of the back seen around the corner. Even though it's probably gonna take longer into the year to be widely distributed in all that stuff at least there seems like there's some sort of Like cloud clearance for theatres. Hopefully in in clearance for for this business. So i don't know it's It's tough at this point. I think that's the only thing you can say. It's because i get both sides of needing theaters and needing a student make the money. But also your veteran start stockpiling. All this shit and it's gonna only hurt them to not release them. It's going to catch up with them. You'd imagine you're going to have to do it. Just there's going to need to be one big domino nine imagine. This is a good candidate for. I said domino. So well. I think the other thing was like consumer behaviors is I mean if you look at the distribution patterns of how often people go to the movies. I guess i i would guess like your average person goes to the movies. Maybe once a month like i'm being generous a and that's kind of what the big temples rely upon. I'm just saying your average person right so like dump a whole bunch of one time. You know you're not really guaranteeing that people are going to show up the same way they would have in the past And then of course you've got the virus out there too. So yeah. I mean if you hold onto them in Throw them all out there. There's no guarantee that even if everybody was vaccinated like there'd be enough interest or changing consumer behavior for them to want to go see a bunch of movies if they released like. Let's say five big blockbusters in one month. You're just competing for a piece of pie. In that scenario. I think now will say but my my thing is Hbo max released to pay fifty bucks for it. The you know what i what what was. What was the movie. We paid a lot of money for a lawn. Muan was the big the big that one kinda just faded into the abyss and disney sit on their earnings call. They were very pleased with its performance. Maybe maybe no new. Maybe maybe they were pleased with this. Prepare putting a fortnight. If you're in important nine if you buy buy something in the store you get like three free months at disney plus fucking good bargain damn Moving on though. so let's just alongs begin a dc. Going to be in suicide squad to confirmed by james gone people send you could playing king shark upright right. That would make complete sense. Now be bombed visit him. He's worked with him to in guardians. Because right he was in guardians to or just to two and he was confirmed to going appear in in gardens three so i like that combination. I like him ending up in suicide squad. He's the perfect type of older actor to appear in the sort of movie. It's almost like now. I wouldn't say expendable territory but seemed like an old familiar face like that in the movie like this even if it is just voice and mercy king shark i love that i love that james gunn. He's got he's got a good voice to like. We have folks. We love the way slow. Sly stallone talks But he was like christopher. Walken is good voice. But if you put. Christopher walken is king shark. You'll is that shark doing the the christopher walken voice with an irish accent two years whereas slight sti- sly stallone is just like you're gonna like that slide stallone but i'm also buying a shark would talk like that. Yeah exactly matches up right yeah. I think he's perfect. I think is perfect for him. Still want him in to live action roles because he's he's an he's relentlessly beefy. For his age he is. He works at those videos. Someone instagram yeah him at the gym with that just leather skin built up body. The road shoulders pop down a little bit looks. Great i'm pro- i'm pro gear. The safeway view late in maybe late night like gear gear. But maybe just like if you're getting the h. g. h. or the testosterone treatments that you can afford it. You're you're at the go. Go forward. And absolutely i mean. I don't know if stories like some sort of agency each whatever's safe because there's obviously hollywood has a tool whatever. They're doing to mail like that whenever he's taking. You know what i mean something. That doesn't like shrink. Your heart to fourth this is. It's just an air filter me give me that shit. Uh-huh see i hope he's king shark. That'd be fucking w rat he. I'll be bundled finished with him. At this point space force for nude for season two net flicks i tweeted. Ll why some people said they liked it. I know a lot of people who've been in the military really like it because they say it's a it's a rare like very accurate depiction of kind of behind the scenes like intricate. Little things and i told her spec. That's pretty cool. It's comedy it's subjective. You like to. But i i. I was kinda surprised kind of surprised to got renewed But i guess netflix's has that has that endless bag so they can kind of do what they want. It was not not for me. He was not for me a lot of people. i think. a lot of people. I mean steve carell may maybe maybe couldn't open up a movie with him now. But i certainly think that people would get into committing their their evening time to watching a show with him if they see him on the streaming service show. Morning show is also coming back for season down. That's right that show the spent an unbelievable amount of money though they just the signed on. What's his name right. The guy from the from the patriot. Show what's hassan something. Some persona nausea scientists ten. I think to be the new person in the new league not lead the new antagonistic. Yeah i guess he is. He is going to be in it. Sure i'll watch that show again. That's see that's funny. Because i didn't like i can relate to. That was about a job that i had. I also hate wash. That show for because billy crude up by. No one's really good so we should on apple but apparently there's a show called ted lasso. Oh it's amazing. It's based off of the old. When nbc got the premier league and they were trying to hype up the premier league. Agean snake is play the character ted lasso in commercials and then years later. They just turned into a show. But apparently it's a very good show. So you i get the morning show from the standpoint that apple. Tv is like they just. They need that content because they don't have anything else but the of to give credit credit's due. Apparently ted lasts very good. I will watch it at some point But i i didn't want to shit on apple. Tv completely when there's a good show out there say big t since the best shows every he's not the reason i didn't believe in because is is a fascinating person if you don't know who big tears if you're gonna barstool fan it's we don't have enough time to explain that one But i i kind of question. I was like i don't know what can this really good like. How much can you. it's a commercial. It's like it was based off a fucking commercial but it'd be james's today is pretty funny and then people also said it's. It's very i want to say the either lcd. Twitter user already user said something like it's a very not twenty twenty show super positive and funny and that's it like it's just it's it's a breath of fresh air amongst like the the kind of stuff that we get now. Everybody needs to touch on something social. Yeah everyone who says it that they've loved it so you're another one. I need to probably watch a jay jason. Today kiss a livia wild now gone. That was surprising. This has been celeb- this has been celebrity order. The we know when was that. I don't know it's it's on the if don't follow the account. There's an account on. Instagram called the dumas. I believe which is it's pretty popular and they post a lot of now. They post a lot of blind items in what they call the t. hustle on the teeth. I don't know how much of it's real but this is real. I don't like sipping first celebrity couples. Because i think it's a little weird but like was a couple. Were thought they were cool. They're both very cool. People and i enjoy the fact that they were together. It seems sort of deal with blunt kaczynski. So that that kinda sucks damn yeah. Well shout shout to Bring home a jason. Sorry about your relationship. Your shows good quickly in that a just bring that one home. The last bit before another ad. Read chris pratt going to be in store love and thunder up for that at the end game day. Disappointment in their chemistry is so fucking good like it was only for a little bit really endgame in a little bit in orbit. Man their chemistry so awesome. I can't wait to see them. Screening gather again and with pure taika dialogue. Which is going to be great. I'm thor love and thunder. I'm very very and also we do have wandered engines coming in january. Now we do is officially one year content. I think being good for them. How immoral made the two most powerful people beings in the marvel universe. The most boring is still beyond me. Yes some decorative qualities doing really teased it a big time. I do not think that was the show. They wanted to kick off the marvel series with however i will say people like that one. That'll be a good sign because that one is definitely the riskiest. The kinda wacky This episode also brought to you in part by american giant american giant More important than ever to support our local communities and businesses. And that's why it's a great time. Start supporting the men and women making stuff in this country. Timely buying clothes that are made here and guess what folks ninety five percent of all clothing was made the us back in nine thousand six hundred three percent now. With american giant guests hotter percent usa based supply chain and fantastic closer. He comfortable With worship factories workers and communities at every step. It's not the but it makes for a better sweatshirt and better for people and planet Sweatshirts in an unreal stuff. They're awesome the jacket is like so explain. 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Wears down the close fifty percent off when you enter code lights at american dash giant dot com David fincher speaking of four year exclusive. Netflix deal four hundred feet a lot of opinions over these last few days he did. He just went like opinion. Fart bobby far out all opinions. But we're format and interviews or the tweet him it's about joker should say about. He got super fucking miss. Miss his kotra super misrepresented. The joker joker. Well here's the headline. He's the headline. Is what i think. Taught phillips hates the mentally afford. It was david. Fincher says joaquin phoenix jokers. Betrayal of the mentally ill And and what. He said his quote was we. Read the exact quote I don't think anyone would have looked at that material and thought. Yeah let's take characters played by robert deniro who also joker in conflict them than trap him in a betrayal of the mentally. Ill in trotted out for like a billion dollars He's he's saying that. The film was about the betrayal of the mentally ill but he was quoted in all the headlines as say like the movie itself is a betrayal. Like it's a. He got a fairly. What was the marvel quote. Because i think the more he wasn't being he wasn't being negative on it. I thought that was like he was the editor. I found that straight like like i get it. Click baiting that's headlines. That's the juicy headline but that was such a. It's such an odd way to to misrepresent what he said. Our i was kind of surprised by that was the thing he said because he said something like an indirect thing about moral boy. Like you can't get something made if it's not like you can't sell lunchboxes about it or something like that. Yeah i could see that. We're selling these days. Did david lunchboxes But i know what you're saying. He was saying well. We say sometimes even though we will have carbon copies and oscar bait fair right. He's not wrong. Yeah well what what those playoff of is like. Obviously there's a. There's a large amount of people online. Who are very very Defensive of comic book movies Like the whole scorsese thing about you. Know the the comic book movies like inskeep was right for the most part of. That's the ford coppola to. Yeah i mean look i. I love the comic book movies. Like i don't know like a lot of whom i two are you with a scorsese says like i just. They're different thing right. Like it's i don't know for me. It's like the comic book movies. There's there's a lot of criticism that they're very enjoyable. But i think if you don't have any criticism for the comic book movies like just in terms of the content Like even simultaneously while you enjoy them because you are allowed to hold conflicting opinions in your head like as an adult like. It's okay to do that. But like i think if you watch those in you'll see the reaction the way people discuss them in like you kinda just or like as kind of fucking stupid like that's where i land the store love and thunder but also i know that lake. There's a lot of like fucking online that when anybody like criticizes them. They're like well All defended to the death. Or whatever. And i think that the whole should that spectacle around. It's the stuff i could do without. Yeah i think a lot of people when they read the headline or whatever. They immediately think. Wise person shitting on something i love. It doesn't affect them at all. But i think people on whatever into this the spectrum here land on as far as like regards with comic movies and blockbusters and all that it's it's important to take a step back and be recognized if your comic book movie fan like what they are the machine behind them and the same thing in the other side where you shouldn't act better than comic movie fans right like people can enjoy things for what they are. Yeah it's a. It's a two pronged thing i think there's i think both sides are at fault for blowing it up do something. That's pretty fucking annoying. Well in in in. There's just been this leak in. I think one of the worst things i felt like has happened. The last ten years is it. Feels like there's only one conversation that's allowed to go on at once Lately just just there's been this consolidation in a lot of it was like a lot of it was like you know through that funnel of online and just like you think about twitter. It's like a message board. The days like i grew up posting on message. Boards like you had to go seek out the message board. You want in your with a lot of like minded individuals in like the others drama in those communities and twitter is like what if we just take everybody from all these message boards and just fucking put them together and so what that has done is like i think a lot of the focus in like the coverage of reactions stuff is very heavily based on twitter reaction. Because that's an easy thing to do like you. All you have to do is look at twitter and then be a buzzfeed like people were fucking going crazy about this. On twitter in post to tweets. And you'd to tweets and it's still factually correct but in general. I still feel like there's like this this like there's only allowed to be one big thing i want. So it's joker or it's game of thrones going on just one thing that dominates the the culture i think. That's the unfortunate thing like even though enjoy comic book movies. It kind of feels like you know it's it's time for star. Wars baby was put down everything. And all we can really focus on is like star wars and terms and like a lot of that is not just the movie itself but the way the media is lay machine. Yeah yeah it's like okay. Well daisy wrigley's on jimmy kimmel and You know all you know like this and you all these ads and they just a blitz of advertising is on chiquita bananas and all this stuff. So i i like yeah like i think. There's a lot of criticism for comic book movies and probably going back to like what venture had to say. I still enjoy them. But like i'm also allowed to think that like i know like league net nefer society like it's probably minimal but i do think lake will recover from this and the way we talk about it and we'll move on to something else but like it does seem like everything's really consolidated. Just be like one narrowly focused conversation. Right gets the fucking gets. The clicks no different than what we fucking talk about it. We're just as much part of that problem. Is it's fun to it like it's fun to it's funded argue like that's that's why people love the internet like people fucking loved argue at the end of the day. That's why people do it. It's it's like you want to argue a somebody in that. That's that's like most of the internet like that's what it thrives on thrives on arguing and that's that's why like you can hire somebody like you know anybody from columbia journalism school and get them to write like a five thousand word article on while why the beetle sucked ass. And the point isn't that the beatles sucked is that like you know people are going to go nuts for that for one day anyway. i'm not like new observations. I'm just old. Maybe thing about fincher i think is a key. Didn't he just say complain but he noted that like he can't make my mind hunter season three. Because it's so expensive and netflix won't make it considering there's not enough people watching it was at the full reason you think you're i think you're right but i'm not totally sure like he. I remember when they said he basically more or less said right. He's like. I'm not making mindhunter season. Three it costs a lot of money and none of people are watching it. And that shows an exclusive netflix. Show so i don't know if he is re signing with them to do more stuff that may be a better price range or what but that was a little surprised anyway just because of that one reason alone but in fact i would assume that someone. That's more of an artistic filmmaker like fincher wouldn't be about conglomerate netflix's even though that could be totally wrong assumption. I'm i understand. I know people like mind. Hunter i noticed people thought pretty good. I'm happy century. Make it's fucking movies to our break to on break. Yeah no it's always interesting. Discussion gets clicks in. You know the thing is is like ma'am. I'm sure you guys are like bank. Jeff competitive type. You gotta be pretty competitive. I am not too competitive. Kim jong. You don't seem like do that competitive but like you know you're making like you know if you're a filmmaker actor whatever like you're probably pretty type a. Especially if you're a director in your competitive and if you have a netflix contract you knew you gotta be looking at like the shit that's on netflix. Like auntie. Donna's big ole house of fun australian thing or dash and lilly or The unicorn or whatever. I don't know if that's a netflix. Show but like you gotta be looking at it in. If you're david venture you're like they would really. They would rather sink money into another cartoon about a depressed tiger that smokes desire rooms. Then like my good good ash show. Like nah i think i would pay attention dad and probably complain. Yeah complain the manager again. I don't know how he operates and he thinks the two best shows on tv every the kaminsky method. Yeah prodigal son to say well. here's another. here's another director talking about things. Home director Christopher columbus said her voted director home alone. Reboot is an insult to american American cinema cinema said the reboots are just silly to me when i read about something called stoned alone. Though one with right reynolds they are going to do with ryan. It was at home alone movie stone. I thought to myself this is just an insult to the art of cinema making a comedy musical. No matter what film making my goals to treat it with the same respect that if i was making the godfather is not the gotha yet to treat it with the kind of respect in this idea of remaking things that already exist in are working. Well watch the original. Forget about it. It just never going to be as good. I i mean like i i look. I completely agree with that. I agree that a hundred percent. I think most people listening to podcasts would agree with it. at the same time you also understand why these remakes are made and it's not because it's not because they can't think like more original things to do is is the fact that they make money they have that built in slits slits hold on a second to christopher columbus. He's gonna pull our. You pulled the results. You get the receipts. He's directing the christmas chronicles two. That's he made fucking pixels like. Let's i know pixels original idea. Let's not pretend pixels was for the love of the fucking game mike. Let's i know it's not exactly the same but like yeah like let's Again home alone. One of my favorite movies saying with home alone to bobby very soon. I thought i mean like let's made rent. He directed rent a. Let's i hear there's a level of like all right chill. The fuck out. Bribery wants them. He wants to make stone her parody of home alone. Like come on. it's made home on. Where was he during that point. Yeah so i get what i'm saying. I think i kind of word. What a pickup on. Christopher columbus here is and i feel this way and i feel like i've said it on the podcast before anything. That is john hughes related or is touched. John hughes simply cannot be remade it just it just cannot be done they were. They were of the time there were so well done in. They're done in a way. That only john hughes could do in pull off with that sort of Just make it work that way and so the first bueller breakfast club and lot. You know all that stuff. So i kind of get that sense but also i feel like ryan reynolds is changing enough on this to like kind of not you know. It's not really even a remake. It's like just hormones. Like a piece of america american history. Now you know. It's a piece of our pop culture so like you're nodding to that almost so i don't know i don't know are falling eight different thing too because the no the the homeowner remake they were talking about making was gonna have ellie kemper rob delaney and archie. The kid from jo jo What do you call. Joe rabbit the the the funny kit friend and that is like an awesome cast. I love that. And i think it was not even going to be taking place around or least it wasn't supposed to be this while back. It wasn't supposed to be even revolving around the macau Mcallister family also again. I don't understand why he would shit his pants about bad when there's been four other home loans. That were moss three other hormones. That were incredibly bad. Well okay. i'll tell you what he's mad about this. So i mean like this is. This is deep cinematic history but so in two thousand one marilyn. Manson approached john hewson. Christopher columbus to make a movie called dome along loosen. You gotta you gotta finance the surgery. I'm having if we're going to make this fellow's gotta get one brother shilla short some cash lever does it to ribs. I i get what he's saying. And i i don't i get what he's saying but i mean i don't i don't know i don't know if i don't i don't know if one this is the this is the one to be going crazy about home. Five it was on watch. They've been alone for watch bad like where were you during this point i just kind of. I'm sorry jeff good. No i just think this it's parody. I get what you're saying but like to you've been you've been associate was like a lot of movies. That are kind of. Jad for the money like i don't i don't know just weird weird to me. That's very few people that you can actively say like have not only restate that they're very few people that you can speak on the sanctity of cinema In like listen to them and kind of be like yeah. I totally on board. Like scorsese like we were talking about like one of those people. He's definitely made a very mainstream movies. Solos releases but he's been doing it for so long as such a high level. You kind of kind of go along with that. Whereas chris columbus says up and downs but he hasn't he hasn't been completely original the whole time right. I don't know he's he's beaten scorsese's s tear like you can't even see your tier removed from this my friend from this conversation. Yeah it. it's it's like it's like it's like no trying to parallel with like football commentary. Right getting he's getting. Chris collins worth talking about like how well like Decay metcalf did something. it's like. Yeah you know when. I was a receiver chris. He's doing he's doing commentary on I on my brain's broke could deandra. Yeah i'm i'm just gonna i'm gonna i got this. I got this. Get out of jail card. And i'm just going to do for this whole analogy to the cardinals by the way are edible. Are intern tyler judgment. Also the intern for anus a new untold story. Good friends kaepernick of new pot and a dozen he is a big arizona cardinals fan. He's fired up useful. Fall you producer on that pod. Yes for you. You got your on show. Let's do it. It's basically it's basically clip show very heard their thing for next week. It's a tears felt loud funny next thing last thing. I i don't know i off. These discussions ever even mildly interesting. We bring this thing up. But i love putting this in the rundown five nine at freddie's will be delayed due to the games complicated story. That's was google five pretty is. Their story is still in active development but delayed due to figuring out how to adapt story. That probably means you should make the movie see. This probably is a good sign. Don't do it. I mean that's kind of the same thing. You kind of. Feel like the hasbro mattel. Cinematic universe is run into. He's got this brand name. Recognition people know people know gi. Joe the hard parts actually like adapting that into something that's actually watchable. And maybe there's a story in five nights. At freddy's there's probably something there. I was just always the of the understanding that it's basically like playing creepy pasta So i'll know i don't care. The story is a big challenge. Is the big challenge. You know five nine. If freddie should have been been easier because there are books. There's a lot of lauren. storytelling for video game. i think it has more storytelling in almost any other. But still the story goes down so many rabbit holes and goes down so many different directions. It's big choosing which park tell the first time out of the gate and how to tell been tricky. Sounds like you should make it sort of sounds like you're whiff and i got more from the quote here. He goes like when we started writing this. In december twenty nineteen we we spent about a month on it and we had two nights at freddy's but we got about august twenty twenty and due to covid production. Everything we only got two three nights at freddy's will be two to right up to four nights at freddy's by the end of the year so We just don't know if we're going to get to five takes another body off. I thought it was funny. I think that's i still think i. I think it's better than me. Trying to draw comparison. Chris collins worth earlier now dad. That was just a miss for news. Acid for new episode. Brought you in part by armor. Lock our data. Privacy is constantly being threatened. Folks sleet films hacked servers. Lost or stolen. Drives your valuable media files legal documents titles etc all being stolen getting into the wrong hands. People want to know that their content their valuables on their computer protected more now than ever and g. technologies armor lock encrypted envy emmy solid state. Drive is fantastic. 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You might just send you our armlock just to see you can unlock and send it back. I'd love to send you a text now of one locking it All right ryan flip. We interviewed him talking about a bunch of things from ken. Jax instagram account. Which was he's a big fan of one of my favorite questions. It was hilarious. Utterly shocked and ashamed immediately. maybe even who We have in common commit a comedian that we we like in common. It was it was fun interview. We talked to him here. It is joined here today by ryan phillipi. How are you doing sir. Talking big sky new show debut on abc. But other than that. what's going on. How's everything things are. Good man obviously strange times for us all but you know even going even beginning the process of doing press during a time like this is so strange like you know setting up the lighting ring and like abc and oprah a webcam and become do it yourself so much less wardrobe and makeup and prep though to have to worry about. That has to be your. I certainly appreciate that. But here's the funny thing is. I used to like doing podcast because you didn't have to care about what you look like now. Everyone does a video component with their podcasts. So it's sort of become like a regular errands now. You we were were too shabby people to begin with. And we don't really use video as much so you don't have to worry about that with a look however you want good thoughts quick synopsis of the show for those who don't know we'll talk about it. Private detectives cassie dell and cody. Hoyt joined forces with cody's estranged wife. Ex-cop jenny hoi to search for two sisters who've been kidnapped by a truck driver on a remote highway in montana but when they discover that these are not the only girls who disappeared in the area. They must race against the clock. This stuff the killer before another woman is taken. You've been watching. Maybe i don't know whether you're watching anything on. Abc the bachelor election coverage seen commercials for the show and been popping up Throughout the abuse november seventeenth ten nine central. Abc let everyone now why they should dive into a and there's a little bumper on the commercial. I believed that. I know people. I think big little lies in as well. Yeah while you've got you know. It starts with david kelly who has an insane Career track record in this industry. The amount of shows he's done the people have loved for the last twenty. Five years is pretty ridiculous But yet they're pushing the show. So heavily i think not only because it's a good show but it's maybe they're only show because you know we were we were actually i think the first big production associated with a us entity like disney. Go back to work. So there's really not a lot of competition right now in. It's so funny in la. I'm on so many billboards bosses and it's like it. Feels like it's the only show on television or the only show that is about to debut. Because i think it kind of is in some ways. But it's it's it's a really cool project and it's based on a it's based on a series of books by an author named cj box. The this season follows one of the books in the series to call the highway and essentially is about an abduction of of these teenage girls did then reveals like a whole network. And so you see the beginnings of that pursued in this pilot and a thing. That's really cool about it is. I'm one of the few males in the show it's it's very female centric in the most Sort of progressive way. I mean you know kylie. Bunbury and catherine winnick's characters really emerged as they begin to work together as the focal points of the show but the cast is really excellent John carroll lynch and brian garrity. These actors are phenomenal book for them around award time with the whole pandemic thing. It's interesting getting to talk to you about this because we've talked call people who've done things but not done things to the complete level of like now you see it where we're like your expectations going back to work and going back on set with everything in place now. How how different was is there. Anything maybe people at home like we'll never know of not like the horrors of obviously. You're still getting the a tv show but there had to be some tricky things to get around. No i know. I know what you mean and you know i've got that personality. There's a aspect of me. That's a bit of a weirdo. Where when people are out of their comfort zone when things are up ended. I like to see how they're put back together. Thanks any sunday. There was no fear for me. You know my kids are fully grown for the most part and you know. I don't currently have a significant other. So in terms of me contaminating the people. I didn't have to worry about that. My health is pretty good order. And so i was an when when production started going back to work there. Were there still are actors. Were refusing to go because either they have an underlying condition they have you know their significant other does for me was i was like i wanna see how they try to pull this shit off. You know like one weird thing is and this is this is what complicates productions today. If you don't have a lot of money so we did because the disney abc There's a lot of big money entities involved with this but that also means they have to protect themselves extra these corporation of that size so they really had seventeen extra crew members dedicated just to kobe. Safety okay so you're having to pay an additional seventeen people on top of the rest of the crew everything else that goes into production and a lot of smaller productions can't sustain that you know when you look at independent film right now. You can't take on if you have a two million dollars but you can't take on seventeen extra salaries so we were. We weren't in that situation. This was very protected. They immediately put in this infrastructure. Would it would it did do. Was it eliminated the social aspect of of Of of making film and television. Because we were really they had zones so they're zone a. b. and c. and you couldn't fraternize with anyone outside of your song You know there was no communal lunch situation. We brought our our lunches im- boxes. You know you couldn't go to crap service and get a snack ordered you know it. Just it definitely put a distance between in for instance It made it very difficult to get to know the crew because they're in full p. b. e. now we as actors were tested. Everybody's tested every two or three days. But even the crew are regularly tested had to stay in full ppe. So there's some people that. I worked with on this whose faces i never really saw and i gotta tell you. That's one of the more bizarre things about it here. You know once you've got onto the practical actual said and you start going doing the material it then. It felt relatively normal but we were asked not to They wanted to create some. What of a bubble and so we work going out to dinners. We weren't getting together for drinks. Cast you know and so it was a very solitary experience a lot ways so so the first two sets of the show are directed by paul mcguigan. Nfl mispronouncing names. He can digitally plenty it. Perfect and so he actually adapted another detective. show something. I think a few people might have heard it before. Gold sherlock holmes sherlock did four episodes of that which is arguably out. Say one of the best detective shows period and definitely the best. Last decade is earning maybe vibes. We can expect from that show in big sky. Paul's really interesting. Because he's one of those directors approach is almost like an actor in regards to the malleability in the million component to it like he. I think he really he did. A movie called lucky number. Sloven yourself at a high octane. Action tarantino vibe. The last movie. I saw his the start on jamie bell and Benning is could not be more opposite a approach or or in material. and so. i don't know that you can imagine. Assume anything from sherlock holmes. But i know what i saw him. Shoot an looked absolutely beautiful and You know the other cool thing about having a setting like montana you know. It's not been overdone on on network television or on television in general so the you know the the giant the mountains in the in the enormous trees that a lot of people don't get to see on a daily basis really the the montana becomes a character in the show. I think the idea of there being these hidden spaces and it's not overly developed and things could be lurking and there's that natural elements. I think that all kind of heightens the bud. Reminded me actually. Don't see the commercials. Wind river said another desolate landscape. Or in this case. More right than it wasn't when river So you mentioned john caroline susan this junqueira lynch was he the zodiac killer. Yes absolutely right. Yeah i mean in my mind every. Watch that movie and mike. They're hinting towards the feel like they're they're trying to edge at the end of it. By saying yeah. Maybe wasn't though this poor guy. I think partially because of that movie and other things. He's done anytime he's seen in a project people were like he's back. He's it's like he's he's now got one of those faces that you couldn't be a sweeter man I guess now it's funny. How people will get sort of typecast to some extent. I mean it used to be way more defined typecasting the notion of where your career could end. But now it's like you know people pick up and they're like that guy just doesn't look right but i wasn't a villain. But he he got he got. Mcdonald's swiped from under him by michael key in wants to is just as rioters. I've never in positive. They're never in good situations. Wait was he ray kroc or no no. He was one of the mcdonald brothers brothers. Yeah okay all right right. He was crock. Yeah that's right that's right. Dan heart attack in. Its so what about some of your other work as well starting with cruel intentions and grow intentions. Obviously i think would a lot of people know after it is is the step sibling. Love and that is now. I don't know if you're aware of this step sibling. Pornography is quite popular. Do you deserve. Maybe some royalties for that. How would you collect those. I wonder on that that. Would that'd be a shakedown or a process that i don't think anybody wants to get involved with Man i you know. I love that movie. I love the fact that it still holds up that it still finds fans that still has a life you know they almost brought it back as a series as a zicree. You're so ago. And i've had some crazy things happen along the course of my career. You know but one of them. They put cruel intentions back in theaters a year ago right before the pandemic gore to celebrate the twentieth anniversary. I mean things like that. Don't happen very often i mean. How often do you see a movie. Get put back in theaters even for a limited run or whatever. Yeah so that that kind of makes you feel good. Because i know that when i was beginning of my career one of the things that i wanted to do have like a a seminal teen movie that held up in like you know because i watched pretty in pink and the breakfast club and things like that when i was young. And so i kinda wanted to have one feels like cruel intentions. It do that and if we can figure out a royalties plan for you though. We'll figure it out we can. Hey speaking of royalties. you know. Like i'll see these cruel intentions t shirts and various like reissued posters and and i see them all over the internet. Now see all. These people will tag me on instagram with their cruel intentions t shirts. I'm like with my face on it. But i don't see a dime of the lawyers out man. Maybe that's our next job will start working on that so we're gonna take up. We'll find all that money on the heels of veterans days. well bring up flags of our fathers. Because that's a very interesting when we love asking this question anyone who plays real people now. There's there's no plane. Mcdonald's ray kroc all that like that's playing real people. There's another level when you're playing a very historical insignificant event Obviously like world war two or any nerves kinda going into that and again like on. The heels of veterans day is a. It's such an important thing of portray not just well but in a respectful manner d. Did that like when you go into that. Has that ever crossed your mind. Like man like take a break breaking an even deeper level. I had the son of the man. I was playing. Wrote the book onset watching me do the heroic things. His father did in the moment i was doing them and there were times. I would look over in a scene where i was played a medic. I played david korman. And until i was having to address fake victim you know. Get my my fingers in the wound and all the sort of thing and at the end of a take i would look over. And there's the son of the man playing with tears in his eyes watching me plays father. I mean moments like that or it's are are so emotionally rewarding and you do take certain care and specific attention. When you know you're playing someone who actually existed and also doubly for me the fact that my entire family served in the military. My dad was in the navy during get on. Both my grandfathers fought in world. War two One of them on the grounded berlin. Donald brown bronze star military charities have been always a big part of my life in a place that i do spend some time working. And and so that was one of the most special projects of my entire life. first of all. I'm working on a hundred million dollar world war. Two film directed by clint eastwood produced by steven spielberg. We went we were in iceland with this group of great guys where we all bonded so tremendously and That was one of those where at the end of it and even after seeing it. I'm like you know kind of achieved what i set out to a teenager in delaware who came from very little. That was one of the most rewarding even though the film didn't perform that well commercially It's it's one. It's one of the ones i'm most proud of and certainly was if not the most special experience top top three five. You mentioned clint eastwood right now. He is ninety years old. He's still directing he's still acting. Is there anything. Maybe you learned about him with all working with them that Explain that level of drive that he has. I learned so much that the correlate to is drive. I mean he is the real deal oftentimes in this industry. You meet people when you're kind of disappointed. They don't live up to the expectations or whatever. Clint kind of as as a dude supersedes the expectations. There's so many little anecdotes that i could tell you. We all worked out at the same gym in iceland including clinton and he gets off the bench press machine. I think it was buried pepper. One of the actors gets in his spot regular was he could move the the rack. You know like this guy and this was when clinton is eight early eighties late. Seven is probably seventy nine. Eighty one something like that you know when we shot the flag raising at the top of mount suribachi. The morning of they had a helicopter there to ferry equipment from the bottom to the top and extensively to take clint up as well and we were going to shoot at the break of day and all the actors we had our our packs in our gear and our our fake weapons and whatever were heading up the mountain and your comes. Clint with a camera bag over his shoulder and he was like five. That i'm not taking the helicopter. I'm going to walk is just. He's late he's just that guy and you know he does abide by certain Physical exercise tenants. Like i think he eat salmon once a day. That's one of his things. Swimming is a big thing of his He exercises five days a week. When he's at home. I think he swims every day and i think salmon was. What's a big one for him. I remember that coming up. I love it you just any moment of that. He could be in salmon. it works. I guess you know the. I've worked with a couple of these guys. These these legends late in their career like robert altman as well. I did one of his last movies. And you know. I think there's a belief amongst these guys that that this industry keeps them young and keeps them alive in some regards if they quit working if they if they stop that. That's going to be there. And i get that feeling sometimes in and you know i mean you. You didn't see it with some musical acts like rolling stones or whatever you like how the l. these guys keep doing what they're doing but i think part of how is they're afraid what happens if they don't you know i mean like i mean granted. Bruce springsteen is on ninety bruce springsteen be sliding around fucking stage and performed for forever. It seems yeah. It blows my mind man. If you watch footage of mick jagger i mean even i saw him live five years ago or so it's like i don't think i have that capacity alert. Want to go down the list on on on some movies here. there's one i want to mention. We're talking big sky today to debuts. Abc november seventeenth crash. Yeah i don't think we've well we actually we have. We've talked to what. I don't think we've actually pose this question. Crash always around the oscars won three oscars brought up in this public opinion. That it didn't deserve it's it's best picture win curious. That ever bothered you. Does that ever rub you the wrong way a little bit. Well first of all. I never took it personally. Because it's an ensemble it's it's not. It's not like my movie. I didn't write and directed at cetera. And i understood the criticism. You know. I thought it was a little unfair. I think that you know there. Is this idea that was like there. Was this beautiful beautiful movie about a male love story and brokeback mountain at. That should be celebrated. You know i. I have a problem with the whole words thing to begin with. It's not i don't enjoy it. I don't really pay attention to it. I think it's such an odd thing to measure one type of entertainment versus another. I think it so much of that is subjective and when you try to force people into an opinion that feels agenda base to me which i have a problem with. It makes me laugh that like it was a best picture winner and it just gets shit on people but what i will say is there's also a massive faction of people that i've interacted with over the years who absolutely loved that. So it's been. It's used in high schools in sociology classes. It's you know it happened. Absolutely has its merits and people had an emotional experience with it. And so i understand that whole line of dialogue. But i you know. I don't necessarily agree with them. That doesn't really affect me. Your you have a co star on that. show someone. We'd love dearly. We've interviewed before who i think would fit well on big sky. Certain brennan frazier. Yeah i don't know if you've seen the picture of him you're see the picture on the cowboy hat and big sky perfectly just hours after the producers. I'll talk to mr kelly. He told us actually that he I think it was that specific fit that he got at like a like a side like a store on the side of the road in new mexico because he didn't have any end and you just flew back like this is what i'm doing dead place. You are very very much a massive philadelphia sports fan. There are matt very man. I actually my. It's hard road on people. He's a chargers fan. I'm a cleveland. Sports fan so i think we're in good company here. The chargers break your heart eight minutes. Negate every fucking night dude. It's horrible we we record our pods on sundays so obviously the recording of those is right up against typically a chargers game and last week when it was the thought they won for is in it. I like we were in our group. Chat where i was about to send the link. I'm like fifteen minutes. Give him. We'll give him some time to to get over that i remember in the days before fantasy football which i'm pretty into three teams and i'm pretty decent at it too but in the days before fantasy if the eagles were having a season when they were one four one i would really probably take a step back from my Fan hood of the nfl but now because of fantasy you stay engaged. Even your team sucks. So they they really did a number on us. Didn't they know they figured out how to keep us carrying about a jets patriots game in a season like this. You have to watch and then you gotta you know if your team stinks to turn off the halftime highlights. 'cause then you just get irritated with whatever you're seeing from a loss but you already fan there. A couple of eagles movies invincible with mark wahlberg and then maybe the most iconic the garbage picking field goal kicking philadelphia phenomenon with tony danza. If so i'll give you three options. New philadelphia eagles movie or rebuke. One of those two movies. What would your choice. I mean you're working with disney. Now you could like dick for meal in the in the nineteen eighties super bowl. Run the movie with. Yeah i wanna. I wanna i do a new one where i play Dick meal and and i'm coaching the super bowl team from the eighties. That's i like. I was actually give you a little bit. A little insider info. It was my idea to do the vince polly story as movie. And it was taken away from me by walmer from boston and that pisses me off extra. 'cause i was like i'm an area guy i wanted but anyway all worked together on shooter become friends with mitzvah polly now Sort of in his family. I know his son daughter pretty well and they're great people but yeah. I tried to make invincible before market. Well he is very tied to like the future. Tom brady story. I feel like i could play good ataman so i think he owes you at least a role in that. Yeah i think so although a little getting a little longer than to play football player. That's why i chose her meal for myself. Good imagined. Tom brady moving. Got to be part of the scene where they lose the eagles too. That'd be pretty. Yeah pretty good too that that super bowl i mean it's it's weird to say that's one of the highlights of your life but sorry i waited. I waited forty four years for that to happen. My little boy. Who at the time my son. Who's now seventeen. I guess three years though he was fourteen or whatever like and he's an eagles fan. I didn't force it on him. He just gravitated I was like dude. You're so spoiled you win by the time you're fourteen either way for forty four years for that. It was one of the most exciting things that i've ever been in florida. So actually be interesting fact for you something. You may not know but you actually follow me on instagram shit. Who are you on account called sharon. Lift me oh. I love that account. That's yours that's my job. It makes me laugh so so much. So that the curse the curse element is is so great I'm a huge beam guy. Like you know i try not to be too serious on on social media at all because i think it's it's shouldn't be is really serious but i'm involved in this group chat on instagram called the mean luminosity and it's like a lot of the best guys out there. Should had steve's in it and you know there's Tanks presented and a bunch of people and then there's a couple of famous guys i guess like myself and john mayer's in it and but yeah so like sometimes i'll get to see the memes cooking up in this group chat before their stowed upon the world and it's so fun rewarding and sometimes i will have an idea and i'm like my my pages in out all re post memes in my story has been on create them necessarily but if i have a funny idea for me i'll give it to that group and then i'll suddenly see it come out on one of their channels and i take a lot of pride from that. It's like a mean underworld going on. We don't even know about that. Yeah that's incredible. Yeah i mean. They're all in their. Let me see. I can find john. Mayer let accounts was very shocking. Woke up one day. And someone's gain who john mayer follows. Even as a i was i was very much not aware of that. And and he's got a great sense of humor and he really loves Memes to the very online guy. Yeah okay so. The people that are in here are dr gray. Fang gucci gameboy middle-class fancy nathaniel. Knows should steve. Sunnyside tank sinatra. It's legit two billion followers between. Yeah yeah and so. I'm a proud member of the meam. Aluminum wow incredible. Yeah the the share left me account is is is cursed and enough or every now and then it would have to get the for me. I can't like i can't the tick talks. Ken jack finds can't look at sometimes. I my sense of humor is dark and silly with the side of intelligence and so i the weird or something is my favorite comedy. Stuff is all all comedy of the biggest. Like tim heidecker fan. That's talking to the right people again to. I'm the biggest on cinema. I cook every episode at least three times. I'll put ever oscar specials. I'm having trouble a night. Where i can't sleep or a little depressed or whatever like i'm i'm slowly finding my way into their world is well like i was. I purdue i paid money to help. Produce the last oscar special no way yeah and i was there on set for the whole greg joker killing everybody i was. I was sitting there dude. That was one of the most surreal. And nobody's gonna care that we're talking about this because nobody knows about it. But it was a crowning bugging achievement. I well to tell you how much of a fan. I am on cinema. Whenever i go to las vegas we go to california. We spent two or three days in california and we drive and we make it a point to drive victorville to make sure to go through all the stops old town victorville yup. That's incredible. I did not. I mean that might have all the things mentioned today. Movie won an oscar on tv effect. Got to produce use the cinema oscar special. Well i recently was on tim. Duggan vicks podcasts office. Hours and we talked about it. We talked about the fact that i was there. I put up this this. You know a couple of thousand dollars to help produce it. And i'm like i asked him during the show i can. I say that i was a producer. Put it on your wikipedia in and he he to back in the philly he just did a. He started singing over the old action news the other day. One of my favorite things. I've seen that is the best news theme hands will ever exist. Oh my god man. Okay so i guess next. Next time we talk. This could be thirty minutes on average. I'm ready honestly. I would do that anytime. I would because first of all. I'm kind of afraid that they're not going to do anymore for a while. Because there's a big shake up at adult swim and they're they're like so. I might have to finance the next season known group. If you need any help let us know. Let us know we would absolutely love it. Wow that's incredible. I've made my day big sky. Abc november seventeenth. I'm sure it's five. Bags of popcorn. Worthy maybe bagger was a set of handcuffs. Thank you so much ryan. We appreciate it. We'll hold on. Don't care guys right. All right executive right i was. I was stunned when when he said he likes weird comedy in my head. I'm like i'll be kinda funny to you. Mentioned tim heidecker and that's the first name out of his mouth t. Tim heidecker the on cinema fan. I was like holy shit. The fact that he produced the oscar special that blew me away whenever an actor says that. I assume they're going to be a gallic weird comedy. You ever hear the office like throw. That showed it so funny. But like i agree with you when i when he said. It's like a name like tim. Heidecker being his his idea of comedy is like this. He gets us him our best friend now producing on cinema. I was even if he really takes that over like he says in the interview like please call i will. I will do anything. I'll fucking move the cameras with the quit. The podcast just work for a man You wanna talk about paul mall. Cop do so much. There's so much to talk about. There is there is no. They're deathly is. This is long of notes as i've ever taken for a movie i've two notes so you are going to have to carry this one. Can i connect. I come up with a really thought provoking questions. We gotta dig deep on this one. But i don't even mind my thought. Provoking question is dash nine. Eleven kevin. Okay let's let's get out of the way. I tried to get us to not chat about this and the group tro couldn't resist i. That's how i remember. I remember things about the movie. I had to say that you said the biggest thing. I totally forgot nine. Eleven kevin was in this steve residency. It's really so it's a really outdated comedy style that he's doing too. I gets felt that. But it's like the. He felt like the dollar tree. Joel mchale was doing the whole like joel. Mchale astle thousand nine now. That's but it's outdated now be movies. Outdated yeah but it's like it's like the joel mikhail from community like in two thousand nine or like even the kind of jomo kale persona that he had on the you know. They carried over in the community. And just that really biding funny asshole ish way like he tried to replicate that and it just didn't work because yet joel mchale but i feel like you don't really see that as much anymore. Homes are dated except for one scene. Where the guys says. I have a lot of stuff from amazon wishlist. As like what the fuck in two thousand nine some feet baby. Two thousand nine amazon getting a a widespread shopping reference. Let me get cool. You have a kitchenaid stand mixer in your wish list like everybody else everybody in the world. That isn't willing to bear in that three hundred dollars on a stand mixer. So jeff like okay. Let's see so for some reason if you don't know. Paul byrne mocha spoiler alert. A single suburban father played by kevin. James works a mall as a security guard to make ends meet and he takes a job very seriously. Even the most was colleagues and customers. Don't as approach. Paul gets his moment to shine when santa's little helper shut down the mall. Shut them all down to take hostages including his daughter and we will go into that scene because it is it's art. It's the scene which they take over the mall is is a is a work of art He realizes no one knows that place better than he doesn't. He mounts his trusty steed segue and goes to the rescue which by the way the entire movie. The entire premise of this movie and it getting made is that it is funny to see security guards on segues. Enzi the entire fucking premise of this movie. Was this ruin things from all security guards for the rest of eternity. 'cause they're just referred to as paul larks now Like this this had like the out. Okay i i don't does not. I don't like this movie. I gave it a twenty four hundred and my score. Won't be changing henry watson while this movie call me like what i'm saying cultural impact. It did impact. Because that's just what you say when you see muscular ceo paul blocked kind of of have made that reference on producer it. It's not like a world ending. Adam sandler movie but yeah it's it's statue the reference the I give it a fifteen hundred. It's an absolutely. It's an absolutely horrible movie. Don't get this. This is a terrible movie. I i don't the deer is just. It's horribly outdated. Not just from the sense that there's like a brook stone at the mall. I mean maybe there still brooks down. There's a t- von there okay. You know you're not gonna see a t. bone anymore but it also it also tries to do some things that it was a little late to the game on. The the the soundtrack is all dad. Rock which i love but just a bunch of classic rock songs one after the other but then they tried to do the whole. Dan like five years too late with the guy doing the karaoke. Like the we're looking do karaoke. It's just like that sort of stuff that feels like that Like the dying breath. And we've talked about it before like that that you know the zero. Zero's comedy just doesn't there's some like super bad but but typically it feels off now. And i part of it's because this movie is very mean spirited. It is very mean spirited movie in in non the funny way right. Because like i'm not i'm not. I'm not getting a moral panic about it. But the entire thing is premised off of kevin james bond character being a effect Loser and that's the whole thing. He's fat guy. He's a loser and he's door but he has a heart of gold And that's just not the that that you know feeling for a while like that sort of like okay. Let's pointing laugh at somebody like worked for a lot of people movies. But i i i. In some instances. I feel like we've moved beyond that. And that was the part that feeling. It aged the worst for me from that standpoint. Fat guy slender agree. I think it's funny. Thing is we all mandel affected ourselves into thinking that. Nfl it wasn't. It was a fake. And i think. I think the reason for that is because of observing report. Obviously absolutely different import has fair. Dallas festival observer. Report like if you remember. I think i said. I said privately to us before we were watching. I thought. And let's say the discussion on the scene. I don't want to talk about it yet. I thought there observing port when they took over when guerrillas. It was Ray liotta right The cup whatever we are when they took over the mall. I thought the skateboards and bmx tricks for that movie. So we wanted to report of my make up the fucking bmx. It's this movie very much. This this movie is like extreme sports. The movie but that was one of my first notes to. Here's the thing with paul large. This is that. He's just unbelievably pathetic. That's the joke. But it's not even like like a redeeming like no. He's there's no point in this movie where am i. Oh that's what a nice moment it. Just oh he's he's just pathetic the whole time but it was like charles said words. It's not even like a charming level of pathetic. It's just a oh you suck level pathetic. and it doesn't even really get redeemed in kuwait. Just oh he's he's utterly pathetic but also is smart enough to outwit all these these hijackers and i think the problem with that is that we've happy madison. I think they don't give a shit if you're not a good actor. They just they as long as you try really really hard. They don't care. And god bless kevin james because he fucking tries really hard and it's it is so evident in the physical acting like the drunk scene is so bad that dancing comfortable in this behind it. It's just it's so it's awkward in a bad way. You know what i mean. Yeah it's it's Awkward and a good way to meet. Meet the meet the fockers or media or whatever were that's just than the cringes the the the you know. That's that's the humor. The movie is the situation. He keeps getting himself in. But you know what they tried to go for here. I think look compared to like an appetite. Movie where i guess death rogin character and knocked off where he's a piece of shit at first but he as redeemable qualities in the has some level of ambition. That's there in the experience in the movie Used to place where he's a better person by the end of it and we don't really get that paul bore. That wasn't really the intention. The you know the joke was that. He's a noah an overweight guy can't make the the police force because he's hyper glycaemic. His daughter from a sham marriage that his wife left him. Four and women don't want to date him because he's a mock-up mean-spirited from that way like and not that that's overly mean but like that's the joke right and that's that's the premise of the movie. It's a fat guy a segue And i find kevin james to be i think. Have gyms fine have no problem with kevin james. He plays the show up very well. It's just over the talk. Show your king of queens. Great great schlub show does a great show. Logging king of queens. This is just like over the top while you're saying with having drinks and like The the treadmill game in the arcade Just didn't even try to make. They could have gone dance dance revolution. They didn't even try to make that fucking real game. I i have never seen a treadmill in arcade with real live footage corresponding to the events on the screen. Just absolutely not chance no chance it. It's just. I don't know how to explain it. It's like there's some. There's actually some moments when i watched this. I expected like maybe one or two left. There was a few more. Like i left it more than i thought i would. But i'm still like my greatest the say my my initial greeting was twenty to one hundred staying exactly there But i definitely will say. I is funnier than i remember it. Being in certain parts in that process do with i would say the supporting cast being pretty decent but and complementing Kevin james well but man. A lot of that is really tough. A lot of the movies very tough to rewatch the weirdest part to me though. Is them getting the dollar tree and a ferris game amaze yes this show glee and that's no offense to jayme amaze but she i mean she. She is very similar to an affairs character in the sense that she's a good person whereas again affairs is on affairs his character was not a good person but they kind of like served that same role to to Like interest or unattainable love interest. The funniest part of the entire movie is is win. The the fake security officer does is his turn and he's talking to jim as characters like surprised news like what's even more surprising is i'm the leader would fantastic exposition. I would be like actually. The first surprise was more surprising now if found out. You're the bad guy. I don't really care what your hierarchy is in the bad. guy hierarchies. Yeah they knew him but it is weird. Because did it like the premise was so stupid at time that everybody knew this was stupid. And i i kind of feel like this. Set the tone for the next decade of happy madison films Not that happy. Madison was making bangers to begin with. But like certainly this was going from the rob schneider movies of the hot chick or whatever to this seemed like a natural extension except like this premise was just with the hot chick was like fucking like. That's stupid to a level you can't comprehend. This is just so normally stupid that it's boring by the way. If you've never seen the sequel she divorces in like immediately as days and this means that that's the mean-spirited part just can't give his due to break and we're supposed to laugh at that and maybe you did laugh at that but that's just not that's not funny. He's a fat loser. That has no friends. Ugly he has a shitty job and he's he fulfils every stereotype of a security guard. You could ever want. Isn't that hilarious. Let's laugh at him. It'd be you might be saying. Maybe he's confident as job. he's not that either. Nope falls as backwards into winning. Know what what the the hardest. I laughed in. The movie was was nine eleven kevin. When he made him he just popped in when he said. You'll you okay. I laughed at that what i heard his voice and then he said they were talking about him being a pen sales and he goes. Yeah and i just want to camry spot a camera i get out. Now is a good wind delivery. Very funny i thought that was good. Otherwise i didn't laugh at anything else in this movie and i can't really also the the yet you had to love You wanna talk about fucking dollar store characters. But the biggest dollar store character in this entire fucking movie was the the knockoff mccormack cop. I thought that was fucking eric mccormack for a second. It took me like a triple there's more suspension of disbelief in this movie than any fucking star wars movie solely based on the inability of them to not catch him on their bmx equipment. Like they never catch them on their bikes or skateboards they can do par core from the third deck of a mall down to the bottom in three seconds. But they can't catch him while he's standing in front of him with a gun at one of the stores now look. I'm not asking this movie to like to recognize physics and everything. It's fucking paul block but that blew my mind. I don't remember that. I'm like man. He consistently gets away on. This segue always out running them. And let's say now. The most ridiculous part of the movie actually was the fact that the henchman were all extreme sports athletes. They did par core. Which with our core was the most obvious. If you know the movie was made in santa watch you would go okay. That was made in two thousand eight or two thousand nine parker. Like you know exactly what it was running around the healy's or something to that's what we're looking for here. Was that the highest risk to reward ratio of any heist and cinematic fucking. Why didn't they wait. It's like the The the south park burger king heist. Were they holding tire. Townhouses for burger king. We're going in armed. This advanced operation to maybe get seventy five dollars credit card numbers from this mall bank in them from all the got one hundred fifty. We go three hundred stores in this mall You hit these fifteen and get their their credit card away then we're on small laminated sheets of paper. Know yeah yeah he he he got he got him like stores to rob laminated at fucking kinko's and then laminated them and handing them out to his his fellow high stairs. Yeah but a ball to close the keys security guard. What was the point of being as your security guards. Just wait for them. They have a fucking chief of police on their payroll and they couldn't think of a better heist bad. Santa showed it right there just waiting for the wall. The clothes you had a guy on the inside and you were you. Were hold your shooting up. The you're firing guns in the mall. Two dozen the inside and again. Why go after the mall. So many better targets. I want you to go a need you to go empty out. The doors at arab stall Also found two hundred dollars. And i love how like the the big bad guy thing they did. Is the cops. Approach the rear of the mall and they let off one flashbang and they go. We got him and then they smashed all the security equipment is if they would just never return again. There's like they scared away for good. The entire back side of the mall was all clear. Now i did like this showdown the rain for implants the best. Yes did they actually show the rainforest cafe. Wouldn't they didn't have the rainforest cafe brandon. They're note did when they show explode or whatever on the outside from the point of view they show the big brand some pretty sure slim advertising actually filmed at the burlington mall in burlington massachusetts. Yay reinforce caffeine's not there anymore. We had a couple of people mentioned that brought back memories of other weathering force. Catheter jit okay. So yeah wild anchor stores. I'm kind of north and prior mark order role for him. Never been to a parliament. They what else. I watch it through the credits and there was an ending part. Which made me laugh. Or just says especial thanks to and then in big bold at the bottom. The city of boston which is very funny. Someone said paul having a daughter that he had sex at some point which perhaps the least believable part of his movie. Yeah s out after three strokes. Such a fucking loser. He's he is you are you. You could make a really good argument pound for pound. He's the most pathetic and be character of the twenty first century. That's a of pounds to oh would have made the movie like better if they would have made him like not pathetic in some ways. Like if he's unlikable he's in bonn likable. Everybody get control of your own life dog. Like at least. Seth rogan's characteristic like they were likable because the movie was supposed to be they were they were shitty and they didn't like this like you could tell. They wanted you to like him a little bit. But he's such an ass sucking on a jolly rancher always clapping cheeks so it doesn't pass out. Yeah he just he just a like. Where's the seth rogan character is a fucking horrible asshole right at home more. It's a good guy. He's just a soy soy often on them. The physical mastermind. All those losing all these slayings from twenty fifteen now that have learned in the last. He's it paul. D do duma ball. It's just so hopefully wanna read your segue. Yes dear jack paul. I bet you that exists somewhere. We could find one. I think that was the thing that was most shocking to me. I think you're right. It's just that he is just so fucking pathetic and just absolutely zero redemptive things whatsoever about him no no turn the him him just Slavering the fucking peanut butter all over the pie. Sloppy joe joe like they truly is. He's one of the most fetig movie characters i've ever seen talkin. Loser goes in the writing process of this movie. Or they're like okay. Mic so paul. He's garage door opens and out of the garage door. He comes where your helmet and segue looking like a total doofus riding on the segue and then they're in the room like yet man. He looks like a doofus there. That's a good scene. I'm not done yet on his writing. The when he's riding the segway this little karn terrier runs after him bites him in that. He runs over the dog in in heavily. Implies kills a dog until the dog yelps their best in the writing rooms like as a little much. Why did get scared by the dog. We will use on the segue looking at doofus. Do you remember. I don't remember if you reviewed this movie or just watched the trailer. I'm pretty sure reviewed it but there is like some chinese movie called like fart cops our fat cop or something like that buddies review that fat buddies fat buddies as it so i watched this movie again. It is like this reminds me of like a trailer for like one of those crappy like foreign buddy cop movies that we'd make fun of it for looking so bad. That's what paul is. It's a it's like that level of dumb humor where it's just they. They really had no expectations set for the audience whatsoever on believable. Pall mall cod. Unbelievable fucking paul. i just i do. I do love the your script. Your script amendment page page thirty three paul bar an imprint looking looking like a doofus like shit loser so paul blurt of he's in the mall and this heist is occurring in. He's in a makeshift for some reason. Not sure how. The arcade makes money. But they're games there and it's to the other nine su. So was he playing playing guitar hero. Baby like it's looking like a real denies in rock band is detroit rock city by kiss At least it's a song by the best. Kiss member paul stanley. We're going to give him that much they're just and then they. Bmx parker their way in the. Isn't that the bad guys in the beginning of the other guys right there. Par- bad guys that stole the diamonds or whatever the opening thing that Danny jump off of. Yeah there's kind of a in right. They should have gone further with like just being dated at the time and they had a scene where the the lady henchman talks about. What all their colored bracelets mean that moral panic like your children are wearing bracelets that symbolize Hand job in the back of camry. That's lime green or some other comments. I mean some people do like this movie They've always thought it was funny that the us bmx bikes skateboards and park core Said i know movies garbage but there is something about it that whenever it's on tv. I have to put it on. There's nothing really particularly funny about except for maybe paul's boss trying to come up with zingers. That was okay. I i think it's still enjoy 'cause i like malls and so i like being cinematic in that mall setting i. I did enjoy watching this again. I will say that for no reason of it being good but because i found new things to laugh and make fun of. It's weird because it's not in the territory of being so bad. It's good at all but i think it almost looks back to your original point of the being culturally impactful because watching it with the cultural impact. It's head viet means or whatever. Just it has the name notoriety behind so rewatching with that lens does make it slightly more enjoyable than the original time. Yeah no i in most people know who paul is exactly. Yeah she's alka. Yeah kevin james character. He's the fucking needs. The fucking mall cop. Paul blurt what he is. Palmer bar baby palmar. Anything else on on paul balart. Pulse chartres hal. Yeah fucking roasted. Got his ass. You fucking god him yeah. I'm sure they didn't name the name. Blurt purpose to contact with other things like far or chartres her. You know any any other things. Fat people due to the eyes of hollywood which is like the word like. That's that's the thing that leg is mean-spirited is like the fat jokes is. I don't know. I just. I don't like him. I mean like. I think like in the fat bastard. The time i was fifteen. Like paul blurt being fat is not. It's not funny. And i'm not. I'm not being overly sensitive. I'm just. I'm not offended by it. I just there was a time where that played is funny. And i don't think of places funny anymore. And i don't think it's people being offended. I just think we've evolved beyond the point where we're like okay. You're writing characters fat. That's not inherently funny. A lot of people have weighed issues. Got at least. Just go a step beyond where. That's not the only point of emphasis for that character's characterization or whatever it's funny because fat brain goo brainwork good. We're a little bit beyond that just a little bit. Maybe maybe. I'm giving too much credit to hollywood. I don't know. I'm not trying to be sensitive about it but you know it's it is what it is. It's a relic sure aireed buried in the litterbox of time. What else anything else. this movie. what was I guess the the thing that bothered me the most about this movie was steve. Reynoso rented nine. Eleven cattleman kevin. Try and say his name. I just love the. I mean i don't. It's nine eleven kevin. I don't feel bad associating him with that at all entirely of his own doing. What was the restaurant chain. He's doing commercials for things right. Yeah yeah that's right. I that we talked about things and we. I cannot overstate the amount that seeing him make something. Feel two thousand and ten to me. I just yeah. It and i know he's been stuff since then and like i do think like he deserves another shot. Know what you said. You'd probably don't lie about it. But people made fun of him for it and like its move on so give him some grace or whatever but it still is kind of funny seeing him in this big of role in this movie. Where like i saw him pop up today in this big role like i'd be shocked if i saw him a small role. I wouldn't but like to be like this front and center in this movie which is straight up. Fx in two thousand nine type. Shit true. You get a lifetime contract. I'm sure with effects until the whole nine eleven thing came signed the deal buffalo wild wings. Book were pretty lenient strict. Don't lie about where you were on the morning of september eleventh two thousand and 'cause we had a very strict strict clause as as as long as there's no lies about where you were on the morning of september eleventh two thousand and one then you should be spokesperson for the next two decades. All you gotta do is not lie about where you were on the morning of sept day. Beautiful sky faithful. Tuesday morning sitting there. With the vein. Both teams to sweating profusely. We're good goes friend. He's twin towers. What a moron dude. And now he's doing movies with fucking what's it called. He did the avengers. A parody movie where it was yogurt played by shawn michaels steamer. He's fake batman man. Something or fart man or something. I swear to god. It was a farce adventures for some of justice. Or something right fuck. What was it The measuring like something like blade runner. It's like the void. Comp test detested prayers unless you like turtle. It's tuesday morning or tuesday morning to where we're tuesday morning you have failed. And he's just sitting there like fucking k. or ryan rank awesome. Just god dammit. Oh he was. The michaels is incredible master yoga and it was a jo-john adventures of justice farce wars. And i it was. It was incredible master yoga super-bat which was nine eleven. Kevin and simon. Rex played dark jokester and beavering and emperor purple guy. I feel like we should review that on yeah i. I don't think we would have reviewed that if we were living in the non covid nineteen time line but the time when it's been altered so much i i don't know what reviewing simon rex movie in twenty twenty. I i would love that. Actually we can do it. Why not fenders of justice not Anything else i think i. I think we're we're full. don't call. I tweeted out a picture of him with the words pathetic over his face loser. Damn here roasted our boy just to do the void. Calm me. i'm steve tuesday blue skies. Somebody replied saying take. That guy takes out tot and bobby kind of alike now pathetic. Guess sucks adler a loser. He i mean that's just that is like that's that is the problem with the movie. Alert stinks okay next up. We're do a draft. We're gonna be drafting best best mall thing. What did i put best of shopping malls draft. We're going to have to do a lottery. that's important here. Do you guys have a lot on your mind that you wanna make sure on your team you have. Some unique picks you think get a little a little primer before we get into this few right. I just regular ones mostly hunting. I get i get some things. I think them all real special all right. Well here we go. We'll set up the rain trill. Ken jack i was telling one of us that worked in more right. Yeah i did. My job was not in a mall. Okay here we go the mall. Gnc you just can't see this whatsoever. Here we go. Randomize audience myself ken jack and then trill rat. Here we go. Audience gets first pick good for them. Audience i and this is the one that they wanted the most easily this this won in a landslide. They wanted food court samples. that's so broad. I think that's strong. No i'll let them take. You can't just pick food court you know. Yeah but those words samples. I think the i picking things that make them all special. Okay yeah i mean don't be wrong. I'm definitely gonna pick probably five stores if a big stores. That's fine yeah Okay yeah that's that's a big one I'm gonna go with with pretzel store. So that's my number one. That's that's the thing i associate. most with. Malls pretzel stores the smell of pretzels fans wetzel pretzels or anti ends being high. Say that word pretzel. Factory philadelphia pretzel company. If you're a philadelphia person see. I'm going. I'm going pretzel. Stores a ken jack. You have your first pick around one. I'm going to want to win this. Vote so i'm going to pick spencer's Great most store you go in there. I would go in there. Every time i went to the mall never bought anything there once so much as once i bought runnings. They're never gotten ironic. T shirt never got a prank thing. Never got a beer. Bong never got dildo never got edible underwear never bought a single out from spencer's i've been in there. Upwards of fifty tops never once loved it. What did i buy there. I think about fake glasses or something. There and i think still cited dildo from transformers t shirt. I believe that was the weirdest selection of shit. I love spencer's spencer's was fucking absurd. They've yeah thinking about being a buyer for spencer's no you just fucking. They scrolling through twitter all day. Just trying to be like okay. Like what are people gonna like next trill. You have two picks in last week around one for around two sure. I'm in pick a a an over sized glass elevator in the center of the mall is one and a half stories. I never got to take one of those before. We're big mall elevator now. None of the malls in my hometown had elevators like that. There's a shitty elevators that no one was to take you. Just take escalators. I see a lot of the malls like their more. recent malls. try to replicate that old feeling by having the big escalator in the middle or the big elevator in the middle. And i never used to get on the elevator until i had a baby and had i started taking those. These are fascinating because they they obviously carry you between floors but like an go. A whole lot of distance right know but they always their structure. You have this little courtyard area. Maybe have a children's play area. You have your little like events thing out in front of it. I don't know. I would always seem in movies. But they were never in any of the malls in anywhere near where. I live among out there was i think greenacres might have had one. But that's like out towards the city's not the malls al-bass all my mall stuff on a couple malls But mainly the west farms mall for those listening in connecticut. The west farmers mall in the middle connecticut Used of a massive fountain and then like like a funnel pool in the middle. It took that out but it was next to a elevator The elevator in the lake. Line mall in austin cedar park area. Not that great but i. that's that's the elevator. I'll think of west farm mall all my picture based off the westfield bayshore mall and also a little bit of roussel field mall. I do like my in california for a while. I get to show up at the really fucking boozy malls in southern california like fashion island South coast plaza. Those are like the malls to go to a set of king of prussia and mall of america but i Yeah based off old full connecticut. Mall my my mall my platonic ideal of a mall. Woodfield mall in schaumburg illinois. Which sounds good. That's good with new. Without a doubt is the greatest american mall ever made now. It isn't the highest end mall. Rights you talking about like south coast plaza. Jeff is like super high and mo as all as all the stores ignore a park in dallas super high end Would field has a nordstrom and they have some nicer stores but they also have like the w woodfield at one point was the highest. Wasn't the biggest mall but it was the biggest mall by leasable square feet for retail. Did this mall. Sick is again. Oh my god this is all fucking moving stairways. Like harry potter something would feel. It's not like an escalator. No they're just they're catwalks and stuff. It's really very cool mall. I if you haven't seen it look look at pictures like would field from the seventies or whatever it's really this is awesome. I want to wish like this growing up. Oh as a pf. Changs right next to the entrance fucking for For my second pick. I'm gonna take in anchor store that You you wholeness be too complicated to explain. You know sometimes when you go to a mall. That's on the hill. And like you walk into an anchor store on like one level and then like you have to take the escalator down to get to the one down. That goes down the hill. Yeah we all know that that feeling for some direction you know. We can't put that a graphic. I'm gonna take i'm gonna take the weight machine outside of the gnc wasn't even outside the in the gnc. Well it's like they got rid of it. It's like an alley side doorway. Yeah it's like the gnc was like when you get people come into the store like dirty and they got rid of their as mother because they realized it wasn't doing shit now so dumb. Nobody was using it. Babe i gotta go jade. Cdc much the guy. The guy who only weighs himself at gnc can we. We have scale at home babe not the one year old handles. Gnc that's the body we'd do. That's body chester bmi. On that the same thing. Yeah my next one. I'm going to pick sarkouh japanese food so when they said free samples. That's why i was like the reason. I wanna pick sarkoui's because they always hand out little toothpick chicken teriyaki right out in front. It's fucking delicious. Would always it would be the dumbest fish because they with that every time and then just buy whatever the regular standard combination which just ninety pounds of rice and like ten pieces of chicken. And it's so greasy nasty but god damn was delicious so good. I love sarkouh. Haven't had in a long time. Though the nother ball. I liked the newport center mall in jersey city. They have popeye's and they frequently give out free samples of like half a tender from popeye's. That's wish mind that it's tough to beat that's our that's the vets. Go food court mall. Food court and newport senator city you gotta taco bell burger king of pop is a panda express mcdonalds right downstairs. The mets kind kind of everything chick-fil-a to that's tough to beat that kind of like that's as good as it gets mall food court. I'm going rainforest cafe half the rainforest cafe on all balls. Nice tweet tweet. Kennedy's quote the pathetic picture. Report said fucking loser stands out. They're not happy with us. I know some crazy. I've never been to a rainforest cafe not once in my life and they're not just in malls others exist. But the one i knew growing up was huge. Fucking deal was across this giant like wheel sculpture in the west arms. A big deal on that should open. It had the animal out front little pond. It was it was a. He was a huge thing. And then there's also I know there was one not in the chicago mob and there was wondering another all this small here in paul balart chicago one close. That was a big deal right the rainforest cafe. Oh yeah the the one that was by the sports authority. Nine dairy twenty five story authority but the rain forest cafe. If you're mohana rainforest cafe was fucking awesome. Audience back to back. Picks number two. They want the massage chairs in the mall. Yeah bedbugs central rose that nasa slot but generally our poise like i that i do think about malls when i think about shares that i've row threatening those are the two things happen to my mall. Just the guys sitting there eyebrow threading everybody with f. lie store yeah for your entertainment. Faa rules for so many reasons. I think number one overall is that there's not a section fox skip like. I was just thinking about today. Because onto target marshall's today and there's so many sections of that store like i just skip it overall because there's there's nothing i need. There are want their. That was not the case with fema. And i'm saying it as if it's gone. I don't even know if they're not are they gone gone for good. I don't even know. I think so because every single time i've seen in the last five years it's been like the going out of business hours. We're still going good fair for you. But the point is they had something like i would never skip a section any at all and if we owed browse every single inch of that store top to bottom by one thing maximum. But i love you could walk out of there with the lord of the rings. Box set bruce springsteen born to run vinyl funchal pop and of fidgets. Yup you clean up an f. Why exactly we're gonna take your so good dam by number three mitumba. Three fuck game stop. I'm going e. B gains electronic boutique that now that is video games to me like i had somebody actually yesterday. Who said like has has buying a game system. Always been this crazy. And i said i do. The last one was the. Ps four wasn't like this and the xbox one this this has been crazy getting a ps five and shit like that. it was very hard to get. Can't you may not like fucking bandit effect that you got yours really without stress. It's just the next effect could back in the day back in the day like the xbox three sixty game cube that shit talk to get and electronic boutique e b games. What was a nightmare. Going to games at midnight to get the new madden and then it became game. Stop and now. It's not as fun anymore. But i'm going electric boutique. I don't think i've ever been liens. You probably did. Because they all turned into game. Stop that makes they and there was. It used to be chunks boutique and they competed against badges. And then there was a great consolidation. Some point they decided they no longer needed to fucking video. Game stores in one mall western dieted downhill near me called plane trade knowing whether game store at a really ever seen a chain Ken jack you're number. Three round three pick really wanted netflix. On the turnaround. That sucks. fuck it. I think i'll just pick mall games. 'cause i would always go to mall game. Stop whenever i saw like there's one of the malls to work at. And i would just go their own like every other break and just look at used games that i was never gonna buy sitting there looking at like. This is like two thousand thirteen. I think and. I'm sitting there looking at nba two k. Nine like maybe my point like these players cool. I mean more game stops hit different owner. Why can't explain it and especially the the mall game stops that are located near the food court. I don't know why games this fucking wild is right across from the food stop. You're sitting there to sniff and teriyaki and subway breath smell or whatever. Just looking at a copy of any show arcade three on three in your silly ten dollars. It was sixty dollars like a fight two years ago. Trill two in a row around three first round four. Okay so this one's kind of conceptual okay of malls. Have you know the three spoke pattern. They have three wings or four wings. Wings of the central hub. I'm taking the concept of the shitty wing at the mall is every mall has a shitty went usually usually anchored historic serious. Yes anchored by And so you know you go down you know. You always like go see like that. But that's where the turnover happens right like in the good wings with like the nordstrom you know stores are going to stay. Finish line is going to be down there you under the shitty wing and they might have like a a a black golf like like many golf. Where like you know. A bigger store furniture store used to be there might be a polk amman store. Now there's something who knows as she gets wild over there and they swear the lighting's just a little darker and it's kind of going through a portal to bizarro mall But but i. I still like that feeling. Because that that shows the shows the competitiveness in the difficulty of the retail environment truly hard industry to be successful in. That reminds me only because you just mentioned this to nominate a worst pick. And it's the ninety nine cent store that would be near sears. Because if feel like every every shitty shitty wing like you're saying true hadn't had a dollar store near there and will be the worst storm in history like just all officers inherently not that great but it would be the worst one now. Here's here's here's the flipside of that my fourth pick. It's the parking. Lot of that sears. In the shitty wing during the holidays is the cheat code. everybody's going around parking at the good anchors. You want to get that primo parking. You go to that when you parking you go into the mall entrance and you're right there especially when it's cold outside that parking. Lots of the best one to park at take me. There's a. There's a theory that i'm working on today. That no matter what department story anchor department store you walk out of the iot rights zales no matter what no matter what you walk out of you say riles berg details out there right ken jack round four fixture. I'm gonna go with man. Everyone wanted to game. Stop that early. Someone heartbreaks. I'll go with yankee candle Only because i'm a big candle guy. And i love smelling candles. That's another story. Every time i go to in this accounts for even like the out. Say the one danke candle section within a bed bath and beyond or whatever you wanna call like out. Just sit there. And i'll go through smelling every single candle. Smell every single one of them not bimen then maybe by them and they go on amazon prime smell every single candle and it's delightful store soci- just sits there looking at me like. Do you need help you mentally okay and acknowledged smelling these scandals. I wanna see a mango candle. Might smell like in spoiler alert. they don't smell good. that's not smell. You'd want your home. You basically everyone just wants to get the scene three cents which are like all false sense. Yeah i'm not gonna pick it but the body shop in bath and body works and also up there as well. China low cream smell from bath and body works as always That'll fucking punching the face. That okay gotcha. My next one man. This is tough. This is what i'm not gonna take. But every malls got one of these that sheedy sports store. It's got like a generic name like sports heaven or sports usa. And then you can buy. That's where no matter. What city are you can buy every. Nfl team has represented there in some way shape or form like a stein. Cleveland browns stein a packers like lawn. The sort of my last take but minds a little bit different. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah i'm not thinking. You can get a lanyard for every college old jerseys like still like menzel browns jerseys up there mixed maybe of barreau or something in a two Yeah every every month got one of those all the most generic name possible Craig autograph would've would've what fuck. Cincinnati bengals credential helmet. Dares of this is. This is one of our toughest drafts. Because i have so many things i could pick. I'm going to go with. This might be controversial. I'm gonna go brooke stone stone over the sharper image. I always found. I always found brooke stone to be more intriguing because it was the more down to earth. Selections sharper image style always to futuristic like. It was good but trump is like. I don't know like it never don't always have like the little rock. Waterfalls in front has soothing. When you went in somebody go briggstone round four pick audience pick number four is the lids. I didn't like leads store. I feels uncomfortable. I don't like you get a good lids bigger lids for they have more of a selection that can be an enjoyable experience but most of them are pretty small. Yeah employees. I just want to look at this. Oversized green new york. Yankees hat and peace without being accosted by louis had never by lids competitor. Hat world yeah right yep it was at world yeah world yeah yet had world it was. The logo was a guy with the purple hat. Brilliant and the audience rounded out with With hot topic audience also had orange. Julius buckle the mall at christmas time and the disney store on their list i do. I did like the. I think buckle rebranded to but i did like the buckle when i was like twenty. That was the cutting edge. You referenced it once before on the pod. But i forget what for. The disney store was awesome. This dizzy store for me. I didn't have have on. I don't remember westwards online ahead. One but i remember most reciprocally because it was across from my grandparents in vero beach. Florida there. They're mall had one so you're always there on vacation anyway. Is it's spoiled. Go to the disney store. My last one coming down to three couple things. Sweet factory thought about sweet factory. Thought about waldenbooks Borders barnes and nobles with dominates the market. They're not borders anymore. But actually i'm going to go. Kb toys because nothing like a mall trip and you go to the toy store and kb toys was it was cool. It was yeah it was a kb toys and it's More more nefarious cruel cousin. The pet store the fucking puppy mill at the mall glass window. Yeah yeah there was very actually very socially acceptable. Twenty years ago and almost in every like mid tier mall net typically. Yeah as a society that we kinda world lake Wonder a wonder what's happening to those dogs when they don't sell can't so you almost got mine but in the same vein is yours to sports branded everything store. But it's a sports branded everything kiosk. So there's a lower select but you could buy. Almost anything sports branded. Maybe walk away with the giants branded pillow. Maybe walk away with jet slippers but you could also walk away with maybe like a a redskins panini press like you know you go walk away. They've just for some reason. They put a brand on literally anything you can think of like red solo cups with packers logo. Even though it's a long island mall makes no sense sense. But at this kiosk you could get it. That's awesome the one that i think has. Last the longest sports shula the spatula with the sports team. Yes spatulas earned. Saint chill has been sold. Well that's a great father's day gift. I would imagine that sells off the charts. Essentially a revolution sport. Sheila that's a good pick tro rounded out. It's when when a church moves into a former anchor that that's That that was the one of the more solid jokes. The righteous gemstones but It happens in. It's more you know use that. The buildings built use that space monster. Tough going to keep going under So i i like. I like mozilla any extras on your list. You wanna re like saw. Had the great american. Cookie was one of that. Bad mrs fields. That was rare though. 'cause you're to cook pretzels. Were easy to convince the convinced. The parents but that was tougher. Brooke stones sweet factory while the books filene's basement and everybody knew what that was a kid. The body shop mentioned bath and bath and body works with with usually the plaid awnings Always very vintage look dildo. Bear was always a big deal started opening up in malls Zales carlton's cards the hallmark store like the The the shoe stores the the footlockers and the foot actions in the champs in in all the stores but liked them when they were like smaller before. Like shoes really really took off But i was like always like you know when you had the catalogs right. You got the east bay catalog and then you want to see the shoe in person. Good feeling like it was fun. They changed their logo. But remember your mall was not among us you had With the black signed big yellow ladders an orange does payless shoe source They changed their logo by the that. Distinct logo painless kids as well. I still i still my favorite my favorite store. The mall is nordstrom. I think that. I just think in terms of like i mean they're they're they're higher price point but usually they tear them really walk to to fit in with the malls their so like you know the one. The one on the gives mile in chicago isn't merchandise the same as the one in Like what was it. The one in cincinnati or whatever at that mall starts with a k. but but they usually like you know there's the have hagley they offer something for like a lot of different price points but it's always like a pleasant experience go indoors nordstrom other ibar. Get a coffee like nordstrom. Now i i like nordstrom to. It's there they have a massive just men store in new york now and it opened up across from a store that has like actual good restaurants that the michelin star restaurant in there and the one at the arboretum austin is really nice to. If you're ever in austin though more pared down than the usual nordstrom Shot lord and taylor filene's jc penney staples jc penney jc penney. Bank bankrupt Dillard's tiller one yet. Dillard's is I don't know man. I haven't been in dillard's forever narrow one. Yeah i don't know. I only know what you know is kind of thing. We talk about malls but then thinking. I don't want shopping online for the most part so much as i like it like it's mostly just to go is mostly just to go around. See like wh what's being sold in kind of what the general status of the mall a kind of like a temperature surveying your lands. Well it it would. I think. I think it's fascinating to see where people are going or how the stores look and how they're doing try to get like a very anecdotal local gauge of you know cow how things are going in general. I bought something today. It's called helen nineties pop culture trivia game and. I think that we should do a quick run through. You've versus jeff. Put run through all right. I sent you guys a buzzing buzzing link in the check right here we go. I think drills it a wax me on this okay first question. Which store would you not find it a mall during the ninety s clair's hollister temple casuals straight through asks right. Wait what what is auster. No hollister's or in the nineties. I thought you were still reeling off the options i was he just buzzed in early. Hollister wasn't yeah abercrombie. I was like people like the scene. L guess we'll just do hollister what links these clues together. Kirsten larsen samantha parkinson. And molly mcintire babysitters. Jeff i'll give you hint They are their toys. What links these three clues. Together kirstin larsen samantha. Parkinson and molly mcintire. That sounds like american girl. That's correct okay. So man he got a clue what he waited. If you guys get. both of. What color was the iguana team in the game. Show legends of the hidden temple faulk. That's a great question that i don't know the answer to. I know i should know. I think it was purple. No give you guys both ahead on buzzy. True was kind of on the right track but he was too specific orange. It's a yes or talk. Really what was purple purple barracuda's there's a bonus question. What color was the pera. Team purple purple. That's rick purple. all right. what spreadable product did his luxuriance locks. I can't believe it's not butter asks right all right. It's a spelling bee. You have to spell joey. Buttafuoco long island legend b. u. t. t. a. f. You see nope phooko joe face be. Ut long island leader you may ask you. Oh see oh no you both at ut a few of way. Oh i missed your t. He's done. He's double teed yes he's wbz heat up It's me joey buttafuoco. Who won her first soap opera or want an emmy soap opera star after we nominated almost every year after next. And those shit Do you remember when he was on the roller coaster and get hit by the bird in the face. The been up to weird shit since his book cover days. You're kind of trivial cheat code. You'll eventually have to make your return. I i got very specific areas of expertise in trivia luckily is what basically the trivia at work in two right up your alley. We have a thing is like when the dozens tough because it's like named three four sports things that have happened and then Tougher to me than like a susan lucci picture of fabio like ultimate male guy hit by a bird faces covered in blood. And he's he's got these attractive young women just like are you you okay. That's a german accent by the way jeremiah's austin or something no difference. It's very um yellow. All right what was the name of niles. Never seen wife is la frazier. Drew my no because frasier niles no Give you some options. Okay lilith daphne marissa roz wasn't right. Yeah yeah i would assume a character lewis was was frazier's wife and cheers roz thing. I remember most from from frazier. Oh you haven't poked your wife in to own. No no that's it again. I don't know what the fuck later on the week But that's it for kenya. We'll do a bracket bell bracket offer. Ken jack and trilby. So we'll talk to you next to the bus of the folks team. I would deci don nolan. How dery real knowl- in nawaz he will reason be. This is leaning. i had three. That's in that way do need

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