Craig Bierko and Beverly D'Angelo


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Who has starred in films and hit tv shows and broadway and broadway productions he starred in the broadway production the music man guys indulge edge. Well i company dal shall not matilda the musical and little miss sunshine you bold. So seen them on the spoke screen in shows like murphy brown alley. Mcbeal mad about you. Both the legal damages sex in the city unreal the good wipe and blue blood and on the big screen and alone kisco by scary movie for for your consideration and three stooges fear and loathing in las vegas and cinderella man. He's old soap arguably the world's biggest fan of the monkeys and the only man in america to own a richard kind doll daily de ngelo. I'm exhausted though. I can't. I can't go to this day and thank you good night. Can i deny yet. Closer to the mic. If get your head in it if you can on the mike out say hit for the fifth time heavily as an emmy nominated actress in singapore and wreck on tour known to everyone for all her work in well-respected television programs such as freeze. Your family. guide cougar town. Mom entourage and tv movies like landscape and a streetcar named desire. And of course the simpsons has country singer leur laura lean Early lumpkin seen are a dungeon jump. Motion pictures coding hair. Coal miner's daughter every which way but loose american history x high spirit and as elon glorious wall in five films and the beloved national lampoon vacation series. She's old so a one time. Hannah bob beira animator and the winner of the country music association award for album of the year and former miss ponderosa state. Please welcome back to the show the lovely and down the crate. Vieira the ass. You shouldn't have added me into that. Wants to keep adding a syllable. To burke is amazing. Because it's got syllables as it is. It's a be air discovered another number between nine and ten. Am i believe in it. I beverly and i came up with this idea. Circle back we'll circle with. I just wanna get it outlets enhanced idea. I don't think so but let's give the second half of her credits out and then decided that they're really there needed to be a number between six and seven where it was nine and ten of nine and ten. Yeah what did. What did we name the number. I think that was your idea. But i said what if we discovered a number between nine and ten like a mathematical and approved. And you came up with the number. Quinn was quit. Quit quit or something like that. Yeah there was five. I like it was it was cure. T. q. idt years of game. One two three four five six seven eight nine ten. Here's gilbert. he's we see that reminds me. I don't know what made me think of this before. Can actual cable tv and you turn the dial of your tv if you managed to balance it between two stations. Yes you get like some weird thing you'd get yanni's days always and you go. What the hell is that or them. You could get a bosom. no never. You're liking i got it was arguably arguably of them okay. You did anybody when they were child. Have a television set but had a remote control which was really a squeeze ball tube and you could change the channels by squeezing the little tubes and a puff of air and change the channel. I never in my childhood most of my adulthood. Had i mean when i remember when i first got a remote control like being in the future exactly the once. They were the size of like a small car and they had like the big big like a column of metal. You had to really put your elbow into click the channel over or remember the early. Vcr's that had like a giant you know like pia no keys. I remember you. I got pay cable that they sent you. That wired box that had two rows of buttons on a dial on the left. Yes you had to do. A top row of buttons and a bottom row of buttons. Anybody remember that cable vision early. Do you remember. I think it was called a robust size. Yes and yeah and it was just like these girls and liautaud zoom in on their in their i say did roguish is news nothing. No why nobody's saying okay. Now get in. They were just like an hour of jerkov were they pretty were they played per year. Totally hot look and mazal types in in leotards and they'd be zooming in they'd be doing the squats for us. Yeah and men on their ashes and crotches yet and it was fun. And we do you. Remember. 'cause i don't think they have it anymore. But there was manhattan cable. You had to go in and take like a night class. yeah beverly. I don't know if you remember this. But richard sampson. Who's a friend of ours. Whose very funny. Probably the funniest attorney at the new york times. We're kind of inherent is what kind of an attorney is he trademark attorney very very funny guy one of the funniest people. I've are you still in touch with him. I don't care. No no no i am i am. He's a great guy. He's a terrific terrific. I could don't him since college but anyway we came up with an idea. We thought because we had nothing to do so we thought let's do a talk. Show on manhattan cable. One of us will host that we had decided one of us will be the ed mcmahon and every week beverly would be the guest until the same store last august. Shoot it every week and that your responses telling us a lot of the stuff is conceptual. You'll laugh at dinner and then the actual reality of of some you know some guy behind the camera going to do the same story forever. The robin byrd show. Yes yes that was a new york phenomenon that was gynecological. And then i remember when alan goldstein was on he be like ninety nine percent commercials for massage. Fallers thing he come on for like a second and then go back to the edge. Now gentlemen yes no no go ahead go ahead i was gonna say and usually i'll go and usually he would interview a porn star right. Yeah yeah more or less. I stars that he chose distasteful. Yes they were not. They weren't the you know if you're gonna go to the trouble. Yeah get a fine. Someone who looks remotely like barbara eden from a distance mark one legged creatures looked like they had a wing clipped off. And it's like a. He used this show for his own personal complaints. Like i said. Sid diana and i waited for my roast beef and then they brought me a corn beef. So fuck you sit. Remember the imagine that the restaurant going. Y'all gonna kill you out gonna hold back at tall beverly. What's happening with your podcast. The last time we had you here on that doing it. I heard you had ten in the can different. I told you that story house between us show. We don knapp one house in hollywood. I'm exhausted after that. I just couldn't go on. This was going to be our thanksgiving show jumping thankful for. I've have to thank you to. Because when gilbert and i did the sixth anniversary show you very sweetly sent us a video and and toot meant to shock and surprise got allen there. How did you rope alll pacino for anybody. Who doesn't know which our referring to how did you. How did you talk him into. I was at his house. And i can't remember we were doing. I think we were. We were watching. I think we all wanted to see cats or something. Cats moved down. I money shot of al pacino's face watching cat shot due to take you hold on. It's going to take forever to find it. That's okay you can do it laughter so anyway. I think that that was it. I can't remember but it was some kind of a would wait a minute. Was it january. Twenty fifth though was the end of february. The twenty six factory mary lou. Yeah mr mayor no was supposed to be in that show to talk. We you know we. We're very good friends. We we actually don't tell anyone we very good friend. We spent a lot of you. And now i think that's admirable. It is it's great. He's the greatest. And he's the person i call for. It buys what happened guy. He's dare he actually said that to me. Once i used to go out with janine garoppolo yes that gene garoppolo and we saw him once and then and then he and i were performing on the same bill. You know this was me and my why didn't even say who. The straps are horrible storyteller. This is martin short short short. Because when you did what happens rice because you had said jiminy glick so lies make right after the music man. I did remember evening at the pops. The yeah that's what up to boston to do evening. I was on youtube. That yes yes. And right. After me was a martin short during his act and the only other time i had met him at. That point was with janine and so we were getting going up in the elevator. After the shows and i said gun show is like show. I said you know janine. I broke up. What happened shit. I thought that was really. He was just being funny. He's the funniest guy he's the funniest everybody's year we will return to gilbert godfrey amazing colossal pod cash but first a word from our sponsor. Ooh hey guys remember the days when you always ready to go wayne was that no. I think it was the late seventies scale. I think it was the fours he might have been the forties. Now you now you can increase your performance and get that extra confidence in bed guys. Listen up our old friends blue gill. That's blue light. The blue they bring you the first schule with the same. Fda approved active ingredient as see allison v viagra viagra right about those two never heard of him. Now take them anytime gil even on a full stomach and since they're chewable they worked twice as fast as a pill so you can be ready whenever an opportunity arises and i think if we we've established the fact that an opportunity does not arise. 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It was in the ended the day at groped shot. That was a group shot. It was at the end of the day and I remember the directors very uptight come on people people people because he had like wrangling cats to get everybody in that shot and They they did it once and it didn't shoot it again. There's some problem because it was actually a tough shot. Just on a technical level in there was movement until we froze. And i said the chevy bet you also the director could care less than is even and i sit to chevy I bet germ is is going to catch this. And he goes so action. Stop and i arranged that my hand would be there and he was okay. Fine rap. yeah we're done for the day. Great cut the and I didn't know whether he founded in the editing room. Or what. It was purposeful. And i i never thought it would be actually. But they don't have any choice. They only have one take and they direct the one. Nice move you had. Chevy chase was so great on your show on our podcast. Yeah i didn't hear that one. When did you do him. When did you do in chevy here. Yeah oh i'll send it to you Probably second year twenty fifteen. Well i love that. I m i don. I can't speak for you. But for for a white guy in the suburbs who grew up in in the seventies and eighties. I honestly don't think any of us would have the same personality. If it wasn't for chevy chase. I don't think it would be. It would be something slightly different. No i i Chevy chase was you know. Rows and rows and dr and bill. Murray bill murray to use a whole. There's there's about three or four guys that they didn't exist. I think i would just be empty. steve martin could be morton Andy coffman gilbert godfrey got to put in their gilbert in there. But yeah chevy had that persona you know of the kind of you know little fancy suburban smart guy you know. It was all new to me. I hadn't seen any of that anybody having you know. There's that theory that artists just that there's a certain amount of territory and people move in and out that territory you know. But i don't know like the the next brando. The next is an exact. But so who was chevy before chevy was jedi without have been george carlin before he became a hit. The well to save you guys feel the same way about like like bob. Hope i remember seeing bob hope for the first time i never got an. But we'll bob hope in the movies. Which was basically woody allen woody allen admits it and also when i was a kid. It was strange. It was a weird time. But i remember i remember bob. Hope in nineteen seventy four sitting behind a desk and resigning from show business. I couldn't tell richard. Nixon and bob hope apart like the same guy i. It's funny shows with the sketches. I don't like when he just sits and look talks in the camera. Gilbert dark. Do we have to send beverly the bob hope jack frost video lawn. Believable eight is beyond. It's unbelievable you think. Yeah it's it's like. What craig gwen. Through on those drugs of air. It doesn't matter up to bob. Hope in this thing. I can't wait to see it. It's basically a jar connected to nerves spine and just the wattage is going. It's like i seriously thing. This was a war scissor avenge because he poked around on. How and this is like she's like he's a corpse. Relief can't wait to see and it's not bad enough that he's a corporate set that filming but they glue a little beer to Pointed at the hallway scare. Gotta see that is either. Yeah yeah it's beyond scary. But the way because it's the law beverly you. You've seen older groucho as performed by. Hey why did you do that. Television special With the with the brothers. It seemed like you guys were a little tired groucho. Why did you do it. Schuco newsrooms castle virgin material. And william buckley's show. That was interesting but it didn't seem to be your element. Why did you do that. Shoot and i heard a rumor where you bathing chinese people we you bathing entire chinese families it simple. Why would you do that. Mama sure friedman. We'll be a semi patrols partner. I and mitchell dookie. Mitchell drew greg. I got a question for you from a listener. Okay from dr eric z. Md medical deviant. That's wrong yet from dr. That's an mosh must be a really good doctor name like that. Can craig talk a little bit about his experience filming the immortal classic the day my kid went punk. I'd love to hear what it was like it. Also starred podcast guest bernie. Copello did not make a movie called the day. My kid went punk. Did you needed the money native. Let's listen chico. Needed the money we were out. Listen until the last for no. I remember the after school specials. Yeah sure well you know. They burned through the important subjects like kids on angel dust. Or i think my kid might be a homosexual. You know they'd have stuff like that. He's prejudiced my son. They'd have of the ish. Whatever the issue was well. They ran a little dry after about fifteen years and also the people who wrote them very very nice but a little out of touch so it was would've been around nineteen eighty nine and it was it was i think my son's into punk metric the day mike kit pump jay underwood great sweet actor or good. Every american wrestling spank knows exactly who that is. I don't i might end. I went in and i read. I think i'd been in hollywood for like eleven seconds. I went and i met and it was. It was like meeting like my parents friends. Nice people you went to their house. They were nice people and this is. Why would you like to do this. And i was like bernie. Copello will be my father cope. Hell i'd me and jay underwood just you know. It didn't make any sense. But i got to spend a couple of days with bernie coke fell and i was. I was remarkably restrained. Because all i wanted to do is just go. Schwa- schwa- talk. Of course. I mean who fought and he was really funny jack. And you're a you're a kid. When and when he went when get when he called gavin gavin by the way get gavin was incredibly. Also the one thing i wanted to ask is it just occurred to be recently. Was he played a character on a show homer. He played baked chicken on. How an hollywood on No hawaii five. O hawaii five o. He was his evil jerk pressure. Big chicken he played mostly heavies until then he play a lot of heavens. Yeah until i said yeah show and then and then he and so to get them away from the heavies they hire him as a comedy writer and his name is murray slaughter. Right right more. Like a was the only thing i could think of was murray's laughter visit that maybe it's that that's interesting. Murray is laughed. they canadians. Kill your kill like hi. This is avery dismembered dismantlement. I mean slaughter such strange and it never occurred to me. There's that guy. George ladder georgia's ladder ladder. Yes we add him onto. Who were you guys. Can i ask you well. And so basically it was that i had. I had a great time and remember the woman who owned the house. We were shooting dinner scene. Of course you start your year. Hope you're doing the right thing. Here's a guy who's been in a million tv shows. He's quietly trying to not be think of him as a hero but actually do the scene with him and the woman who owned the house was sitting in the living room. She came up to me. Because you're a very good at acting. That's sweet yeah at acting. I thought it was very very sweet. It was very nice. It was a tv movie. I saw the lifetime or hallmark. And i swear to you. It was about porn addiction. Oh really yeah some kids. I'm like teenager gets take it so it's so it's like an after school special. Yes yeah. I have a question for the group. That sit croft is calling me. Do you want him on. Hold on a second hold on a second. We had him. yes we love him. Thanks for stabbing my story in the tit. Hold on so go ahead. Sid calling you and your fucking will pick up messages you have to. I know sucre never saw her car. When i walk and went to now that he's been jim off a week later we right. That's a guess what you've just been on the amazing colossal gilbert godfrey. It's amazing colossal. Podcast with frank santo padre. And it's the best podcasts. There is. i'm doing zoom right now. And he's a name. But i used to sit. I'm someti- at work. I'm some guy. And i used to work with you at eastman's jim all the time. You were very nice and you would cost to us all the time Sit our love kellyanne. Hollywood my friend fucking fuck him fuck is he think he is giving it up and he bucket treats cock terrible. I interrupted you and then he hung up. He should get disease. That's my dear that said he's is my neighbor he show to beverley. I love this. Yeah they were like this sunshine bought exactly but they such a thing between. Did you not quite. We were just you. did this. Show said i see you gilbert and franker saying hi to you yes yes yes way are saying i mean but how do we do that. I've got an holding the phone up in you're on speaker on my landline and zoom. And also craig. Barikot is a genius actor. Said that he worked with you. Know i work with you know. No no no. I didn't work with you. Don't say of course. No no no no no. No no i work on. Do you remember. You used to work out every day. At eastman's jim. No no no no. No no no you mean. The podcast was fabulous. What i was just saying that crates zero hold foot crag craig used to work out at eastern s- jim when he was in los angeles experiences. Resent mind-blowing okay. I don't know what you just said. I i love you so much. Can i can hold on. And when you're on the podcast when you were on the podcast. I you and your brother bill. The largest escalator you do member building an escalator with marty. You did the show with marty with over an hour. I love you. I love you thinking a little bit. I i wanna someone's gonna take this idea way. But i i would love to know what. Hr step-up doing now covid. Like lena words. Doing a trumper got news. That just came in. And it's not from steve forest that it's somebody it just shoot. Are you ready yeah. Donald junior has covid fantastic. Yeah nice nice sentiment. Beverly i got a question for you. We meant to ask you this last time. Tell us a little bit about working with the iraqi and the clint eastwood movie and every which way but loose a well. Because we we love we love to ask people about working with simeon's well Are you familiar baffoni back. According to ching old hollywood rich women used to train chimpanzees to go down really yet. They use the pro- These kinda links chimps well. I'd think somebody's getting a birthday present. Mr knuckles is on the way. Mr knuckles trained by Stockard channing. And i really can't wait okay. This story so we shot every which way but loose on location. And the way that clint this was you know it was nineteen. Seventy six and clint wasn't the clintons with it he came to be. I even thought. Like what am i doing. A movie with the right guy. With because i just unfair boba but militiaman said do it do so. It's but he worked at a really cool way a net. I never met him until he was onset in the shot just like he saw something this little paramount movement He shot two angles up down kind of basically and then we'd go out to lunch or dinner after it was rapid every day was done by five or six and everybody that he worked with was his friends. So we'd go out to dinner anyway and we really had nights shoes but we had a night shoot one night and it was a big scene where clint wins a fight and they rang a tang goes scrambling to the top of this big pile of bricks and makes the victory sign so the barra seaney brothers who were training the royal What was what was the ratings name in the move. Our think clyde clyde clydes real name was manacles. They were czechoslovak czechoslovakia and so we come time for the big money shot. Remember clint's like set it up. Shoot it and let's go out to dinner so anyway three times this rang. Chang gets the q it goes up to the top and he just kind of stands there or kinda messes run. He won't get it right and tinus burning so the the trainer said just a minute. It takes them away and he's gone. It's like What's what's happening comes back twenty minutes later. Manas has like straw. And he's kinda going like that and it's like where did they go and it's time is the shot. He gives the winning punch. And then clyde scrambles up to the top of the. We're ready for that. Shot was going to scramble up but what he did was when he's given the q. Vai vai it goes like this and enough. You can see it covering his dude on the radio covering his crotch coach. Yes yeah because he basically taking impact somewhere and just kicked him right in the balls like forever to get him to do that stunt. That's a story. We can't use that. We've got thanksgiving but you asked me you. I i i do. I strike you as filthy minded person. I'm not. I'm really not wall roddick of but but here's the reno radical but that was just the one i have their fourteen to those then. There's others diary you don't want to forget that. I don't even know what i'm gonna. That'll probably end up in the podcast. I have all these things that i never do. Okay but anyway. I wish i could think of a sweet gentle story about the ranga channel if not we're going to ask me. I have a photograph of me in the iran. Jiangyin and clinton jeffrey. That's sweet. yeah but i don't. It's way downstairs way over there. I know richard kind of show. You the don't get the richard kind. All people can't see this unfortunately since it's not video and where it is. Our fans would love to hear a little richard. I'm sure everybody loves to hear that. Richard i you know who is a wonderful musician was richard and he was very upset because he was at the next table at letter. I'm ray when somebody said richard jewell. That'll be the richard. I try imitate myself. We got very upset too. That's horrible. I was stuck in horrible routine. I had known him for. I think i may have told you the story. But it's not like you can only tell a story once on this show. Certainly not but but i i had known him for about fifteen years and we were sitting. We used to go to lunch all the time and he said hey craig and i said wait a minute did you. Just call me craig. Yes but you're doing. It's greg no no and i ha. I said richard. You wanna see my driver's license. All my god my god. Could you imagine there was they. Were going to make a film about people with. Because everybody's gotta richard kind story to known for five minutes. richard story. Do you know about this was done in the works about. It was gonna be like it was going to be like a the aristocrats. It was that. Just i remember What's happened more than once. Like we're unknown for going into like voice silver sessions and throwing like all the candy bars and pegs of peanuts and soda cans in my bag and I someone saw me do that. And they said oh. Yeah i still stop from. And he goes no no. You're not the worst. And i said who's the worst. And he goes. Richard he goes. He says you're strictly in the amateur weeks. Tim richard in free last twitter. We love them. We love. I love richard ridge. He's a funny funny man. Oh my god gilbert since beverly Is interested in erotica and writes erotica and is is something of an expert on the subject of sex. I think we should run the cesar romero's story by her and get her impression kate. Okay you doing impression of see through our mayor. Yeah the orange. The oranges leaving. I'd like to know what she thinks. Cesar romero well like you know in his day he was like the lightning love her. Okay and della women were but he was gain real. He was yeah. Cesar romero was gay. Just was jim yonker. When he's like go. Okay mustache show. she's a row. What he was into was gathering up these young boy toys and he he take off his pants and underwear and ben dover and they would fling orange wages at his ass. No way that's has to. That's fantastic and then and then what was it that one and there are some people. There are some people who claim that he and this. I don't understand. It wasn't always oranges oranges. Orange wedges had to be with the skin on it. Some people argue that it was stained. Shoring sets the only argument. And somebody said. And i don't understand this at all that he would stand ankle deep and warm water. Hey one cent thing. That happened recently on now. Former podcast guest the coast. Rf one cheney junior and bela lugosi and ghost of frankenstein. The little girl. Janet dan gallo. Oh the y2k. Frankenstein the flower. That was boris karloff. On the original for this was in ghost of frankenstein where the little boys bullying car and they take a ball away from her. Throw it and it gets stuck to the roof and frankenstein scares the little boys off. And he climbs up with her in his arms and get yeah so jeep passed away research on the podcast and she passed. Oh i'm sorry to hear that. And she was just terrific you. It's very moving. How you have such regard for that that whole genre we do. I mean is it is it would cause i remember. I had many titles. I was trying to put it together because it was. I went to see it from my brother's birthday. Like way back. And i want to say it was like frankenstein versus the martians or something. But it was like it was it was asian and he was walking through the city and he was giant. It was crazy. I don't know that there was a movie franken. I think it was was it. Franken stein versus the martians. Yeah that that had our friend James karen you mean frankenstein. Frankenstein meets the space monster. Yes yes that's the one. He played some professor. It was of he turned into frankenstein. He was asian giant. Yeah that sounds right. I gotta find that. I've been looking on a buffer that for you. Frankel find it. I know. I know the play did very well and circle in the square. Beverly should we tell the story of of why you were up sending me a lovely plaque in the mail g. I see the bedroom. I'll gets in the hallway. I gave fank award after we did podcasts and Franklin you tell the story you were trying to remember. I heard you on with ileana douglas. Oh there was there. There was one of those genre movies where they have people from space and monsters. And everybody's getting chased. And i remembered. I was obsessed with this used to watch. Djilas llosa's szeswith this movie. When i was a kid. I even made posters for it and it was all i could remember is that there was this guy work colander on his head with vegetables hanging all off of him and he was chasing an astronaut and he kept going into the same cape. But you're to believe it's not really the same anyway frank. Said he'd seen it any started sending me the info so thank take it from here. Well you had said you spent your whole life. I did i did. Yeah it's called they k. Gilbert knows it it's called. They came from beyond space. Yeah gilbert nineteen sixty seven and there was so low budget that they put comanders on their heads of laar low-budget than in the big chase scene. You'd see the characters go this way across the open cave and then it would cut to like a tree and then you'd see them go down so he's thought that they were running through something that instead of going back and forth following me. Yeah but we finally solved it and so and so. I went to the mail one day and there was a plaque from beverly. Which is an award was an award is one of my prized possessions. And what what what. What did you win the award for. I i remember you were. It was a designation snake. Read a incredible movie knowledge or outstanding movie knives of best movie knowledge in the pulled off the wall. I i i'm going to ask you about it afterwards because i have so little information that it's no interest whatsoever but i've been looking for years for this seriously. I'll never find it. I remember going perfect movie. I remember where i saw movies. And with whom fault. That's my gift. That's impressed so rich cinema with my brother to see a movie about. It was two kids. Who could time travel. But it was kind of remember. One of the kids was blonde. If this would have been like nineteen seventy. And that's all i remember. They went back in time. I don't remember what happened. And i i look and i've tried. Every variation of our listeners will come up with it. I know it was real but that's not even interesting. I want to do more shows with you. it has. let's do more shows. We will return to gilbert godfrey. J. mazing colossal podcast after this. Obviously everyone's manley is adaptive a lot of chains here and This halloween may look a little different. The treats don't have to stop a candy though no tricks with a kiwi co hands on science and art project. The little julie's will not go batty with boredom. I liked that copy Instead they'll be inspired by ky-ko's seriously fun and innovative creative problem solving crates. Which are delivered right to your door every month. No bones about it. It's halloween copy asia mason. It's very clever. Now we talked before about kiwi coke. They send you a kit and they sent me a kid and you and max made a dinosaur. Did you not a robot. We made a rope. You made a robot that's working worldwide. That's right that's right now. Taken over abused with the scarlett johansson robot. 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We hope that it encourages all of our listeners to support these businesses as well as the black owned businesses in your own communities tune in for these amazing stories and others on spotify apple youtube. or wherever. you get your favorite podcasts. Greg ward Gregory ward one of our listeners. Says i don't have any questions. But i want to say that mr bianco is easily in the top three greatest podcast guests of all time and i love his dog boo. Oh oh where's phill- white boosts sitting right here who says we love as it is close to picture a boo on your facebook page house cleaned this act up considerably as it is thanksgiving and i asked you this on the phone. Bev and i'll ask craig the same question one one person and it doesn't even have to be somebody you necessarily worked with one person. One artist one filmmaker. One actor in the show is world. Yeah the showbiz world who you are thankful for. Militiamen me loesch. Yeah because as of everything because of everything yen you are a and tour. Who is i'm not at all. That's all you're up with. Come up with more than just because of everything. Oh that same more than just terribly guest. Today i'm sorry just giving you okay. Because i'd come to new york from canada with a a ill-fated musical version of hamlet played a failure. I closed right. Away is on the bomb wall. Crag and joe allen's or anyway all-singing all-dancing gower champion flop so I'm broke i'm in. I'm in new york. And the word out for all the little broadway. Babies was that militia foreman that was going to make a film of hair and they were looking for people who were too young to have been in it the first time around and preferably. Who'd never seen it. So i went down to a cattle call. I sang desperado written by john. Hanley which really stood out. Because it was broadway and everybody who auditioned for you know on broadway broadway babies god a chance so anyway i got called back to meet with twyla tharp and twice said walk across the room and then walked back so i walked across the room. She goes hold on. Hold on when you walk back walk. Walk exactly the same way that you did when you walked across her in the first place so i did and i remember. I'd read my hand to my hair and i said. Is that my dance audition. And she said. I believe the dances. Any thing that can be treated any movement. That can be repeated stance. Then i went in and i sang for me. Loesch and I finish my song. It was the big song from rocco by hamlet. 'cause that's affiliates strangled myself with a microphone. Gordon died on stage. It's very dramatic. I sang the song. And he took his glasses off. And he said you know camille her and it went to the little deaths and he says that you and i said no and we went out for dinner. And i fell in love that night. I really did. And which was very problematic because instead of just being able to audition for the film. I had to fourteen times because everybody knew that he just loved me bet and it was so bad that i went out to dinner with friend one night and he said i'm going to france tomorrow and i went to france because the thing that he had said to me was is that i can't keep i've everybody i've ever met and he said no. You have to prove you have to prove it. I said i. Who am i proving myself to and he said you have to decide if you want to be a good girlfriend or good actress and so i just took off instead. That's a whole other story. There drug deals involved. It'll a week. i'm in london. Seven seven seventy seven and We were celebrating. And i called him up and said at seven. Seven seventy seven. You know. just say he goes jewish. Where are you that. I'm in london and he said what are you doing. I've arranged for a screen test. Now you know you're gonna get screened as a prophet. So i go okay because you've got to come back and i said for what why as what as a girlfriend or an actress and he said just come back with decide later so i i came back act. I did the screen test. And i got the role and very quickly. This kind love affair that we had just kind of decimated. You know what i mean. It was like the now. We've got to make this movie. But i had. I was in love with him. And i and i thought you know. This man is so possessed with this film. That the only way that i can even be with him or even show. My love is to give him what he needs. He needs is an actress. Needs an actress to star in that movie and we remained friends to the very very end and I really loved him. But he took my hand and walked me into filmmaking identity couple. I've done one movie before. Then i'd done the sentinel and then a little movie called. I love but i thought i wanted to be a singer. I didn't. i didn't get the movie thing. I didn't lift on communism i didn't even watch. Television is so you'll feel you feel your acting career to him hundred percent well and therefore and therefore i wouldn't burden him with like a kind of not such a hotshot career but i also met my first husband zoo him the italian and he He gave me a life before i met ronnie. I was singing a bar with run before i met miller. Show seen bar with ronnie arkan's than i was in a bomb on broadway. I could have gone way way down another road but he brought me into this world of imagination and a life. Because it's my. It's not like i had i've had a i've had a life and the movies have come in and out for all kinds of different reasons. I've never gone. I've got to do this film. So that therefore i can win an oscar. Never even thought like that the Just two is the first director he was a you know in in that way. Art art art art are good. Answer are cherry. Busted the art jerry. You're thankful for me. loesch craig. Same question see that you did see. I talked too much great filmmaker by the way. I'm glad a minute. I didn't know how funny he was. Two very funny guy with the guys on saturday night. Live with based on in his munich. Guys steiner trivia that. I'll do a fun. I'll do a funny one. And then i'll be back and then i'll do a series but the funny one is this was actually said my favorite person most grateful for his the audience. Because you know in the words of angle burnt complicate and this is true. A friend of mine went to see engelbert humperdinck and concert and he said you know. Applause is the food of the artisan and i wanna thank all of you for letting me starve. How weird way. The sun wind thanksgiving. That's my thanks. And it's important to remember. I've been told by a few people. England bird humperdinck. Is that you. Hey don't a yes. Oh my god you just made it even more of a and then the real the real one. The obvious ones i can say real one is hitler. Although kerry gave me a hitler. Hitler in gathering okay. She also used to hide. I'd come in her past house. She would know she'd hide pornography of big fat black women. She short sheet my bed and hide in the bank. That's hilarious terry. I was greg. Because she actually achieved was somebody who she wrote. She read something that i wrote. She said you're right wrong. Gave me that gift of beverly. I feel the same way about the three o'clock calls three. Am on town. And if i may gentleman. I had a really when you guys first started the show i happen to have had. I was coming out of a really bad year. Not even worth going into. But a bad year and i had to go It ended up. I put on a lot of weight. And i had to go down to florida to take some weight off because i was doing his show. I wanted to come back and look and while. I was down there and i was. I was truly miserable. You guys had done. i think like only three episodes. I think you tom leopold. And then maybe it was the first maybe fifteen. We both was more. But i listened. I was. I was like how like with your down. And there's like no pleasure in anything. It took me a couple of weeks. I had to eat well and lose a little weight and then it started slowly coming back but during that two week period i listened to the show constantly i had listened to music or sweet and it got me through hell and then to actually be a part of the family which is the way it feels. I love that. I really appreciate. Don't take for granted the fact that you would think to have me back horse. And i love the show. We're thanking gilbert. And frank for thanksgiving while i did mine has no no no no. That's not true. that's not true. I remember. I used to live closer than i do now to gilbert and i remember i would see him on the street and he was always great. I don't know if you remember. We took a couple of walks around the block and it was really nice memories because it was just two two guys two guys having a nice conversation and i cherish the memory. Appreciate it and. I love getting to know you guys. You have known a little bit longer. Okay i just want craig. To tell one that's please tell the story about the unreal when you were doing the real show or the unreal show or whatever it was. Would you watching the monitor. And you said you gotta listen and then and they lose more and you went to a place and it but the name of the place was chained shiri appleby known for sharia myself on the monitor and i thought put on a little weight. But you know it's it's more you can't really but it went the opposite way some sitting next to sheree appleby you. I've known a long time. She was the star of the show. Along with constance zimmer cheese. I love her and she's incredibly frank. Don't ever ask a question if you don't wanna know exactly which thanks so looking at the monitor and i went put on a little weight. I need to take a little weight off and she went. Yes i said what would you say like what would you say. She said lift fifteen pounds. She went fifty. I went down to a place. I found a place and it was called fitness ridge and i figured grade with the fatigues pushups. I'll send pictures to friends down there. Yeah i get down there. And they changed it. From fitness rigid have been bought and it was now owned by the biggest loser. And i got there and the people who were there i you know. I was fifty pounds heavier than i. I mean i needed to lose weight but you look great by the way thank you. There were people there who They there was no they balls. They were what they were just ball they were. They were completely falls. Little girls and and i watched a couple of them really really taking off. It was amazing and that was an amazing experience. But while i was there are happy times getting back to it. I don't know how i would have gotten through the first couple of weeks. I listened to the tom. Leopold one eleven six. it was like it became. You know like sony man. How many becomes like jazz. You know it already but it's like musical. It doesn't matter well here. We are three hundred and thirty episodes later. Craig is this three three hundred somewhere in there. Can we do over again. I feel terrible filthy. i have another. I have another question. And i want to enjoy. How fifthly she feels. Let's keep that suspended in the air for just a moment before we care. I wanna ask you over to question. Because i still can't believe i haven't seen you live. I asked is great. You've seen me i. i the Roast of chevy. Oh okay oh that's right. Well no but i mean live in an audience. Like a whole half. Oh which everybody said like no. That's what you've got to see. So i i was doing a play and the play closed two nights later the covert thing. Everything was all show business shutdown. And and so. The a that's upsetting. Because i wanna see it. I want i want to and an al all my activists to get back on stage myself included. But what is this like for you. Because you're you're a creature of the stage aren't you aren't you. It's it's weird well. It's weird for everybody but now it's it seems like it's been going gone so long i out have thought sell go how we are getting on planes so at time and and do i remember my act. I'm like thinking. I'll think of a line go. How how did i lean into that line. And and how did i you know go. All of it seems so crazy to the airport switching play. He is yeah. It doesn't seem weird. That like what you. Because i was watching the chapelle thing and i thought to look into an audience and not be able to see the via registers but would you do something like that but he did outdoor performance. Would you consider that. Yeah i don't know. But i just just recently i was gonna be working a theater and i think they said like the audience wouldn't be were didn't have to wear masks. Which is and so. I postponed that theater. one railway. How would they do now. I don't know soon plexiglas boxes. And that's see that's another thing. Eight used to be like energy of book people's we stick together and now it's going to be out one person over here and ten feet away is now the person you know. What if it's only gonna be one person. Go to india. I'm considered i chaplain. Also the plaque the deep dive carry on his head. I want to thank you for something to i. Love craig's jericho. i never. I never imagined that spend much time by with. Do not actually being in your apartment because every time we taxed or we talked on the phone. It's never enough. And i love very much gilbert. You're my hero. how sweet. it's even better a hangover. I your show. Thank you so much for being back. Please cut everything. I really do know. It's baffled buy i. i don't think i really love. We love you. Gilbert's gonna sign off. Stick around for a second okay. We we've been having fun with the the l. It's pronounced ryan reynolds. I hello ryan. All these years. I've been you know because i remember taking walks you and all these years. I still don't know big trouble. Two syllable gilbert. It's on the terrace has looked as a kid. We've got to keep them off. The ledge act doesn't matter that's thank you. Thank you for the night out. Beverly and greg. We missed you was. We just went right across the street. Yeah we would. Sally murphy was okay. Gill let's get outta here and happy thanksgiving everybody. Thank you all for the questions. Thank you beverly and craig. We love you both thanks. I'll never be with a woman again. Last i love you huh. Uh-huh whole hughes new Also someone new then sweet he.

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