NFL Draft: Full-speed ahead? | Friday Roundtable


All right it is Friday. The weak side podcast is back in this. Is We promise a sixty five percent. Tom Brady free episodes. So just get ready for that. Let's let's get excited. Let's start right away though just like we did a couple weeks ago. Jenny wrote a great column on free. Agency should have been delayed due to the corona virus. Looks like the. Nfl is going to now barrel ahead with the draft. Despite very pronounced opposition from coaches and general managers people are legitimately concerned about this but the League seems to have the point of view that they're entertaining people in a time of crisis and that. They're the good guys here Jenny. I don't know what to make of this. That seems a little bit optimistic on there and I think it seems optimistic. I think at this point. They're telling teams operate under the assumption. That were going to go forward as plants. Nobody is caught unable to draft or feeling like they're not prepared for this to happen but I just don't know how you can project out a month and you know I live in New York. Things have gotten really bad here over the last couple of days reports from New York Times and other media outlets and I think what we're seeing here is a reminder that this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better and so. I think it's difficult to say that we know what the country is going to look like in four weeks now. I guess one of the counterpoint. Savat is the only benefit of herb. You you would only move back if you felt like at some point in say may you could be able to do business differently and bring players in for visits and start up with physicals again and and if you don't if you don't know about that you might as well just commit and go all in with this virtual approach and say we're just not going to have a draft that includes those you know pre-draft visits and Predrag physicals and those kinds of things. But you know if you don't have an offseason program. There's really no urgency to get the draft done. You know they. They moved ahead with Free Agency. And now we know where those players are going facilities are closed and offseason programs are unlikely to happen. I think at all we're we're now talking about right. If training hamper the season will be affected so there isn't an urgency to get it done so I think it's kind of strange to say yes. We definitely know we can do this a month from now when we know that the situation is going to get a lot worse in the coming weeks. What are they gonNA do like I? I wondered We've seen how robust some of these war rooms are like. I remember the Colson particular. There was like twenty people in there applauding after every pick and while not everybody serves a necessary function. I remember reading a few recaps of in talking to people who've been in war. Rooms coaches and general managers. There are various people that serve critical real time functions and with social distancing in effect. I don't understand how you could. For example have your director of football research funneling some information to you in real time and then your assistant general manager calling somebody and looking at trade and you know you're on the phone with somebody else in talking to them about an agent or something. I don't see how this could all be done as easily as it would be in a normal circumstance and I could see it leading to a lot of mistakes too. Yeah it seems unclear. Do they think that everyone will be separated? And only in a virtual war room but then there's also other things that come up right. There's talk of televising from the facilities. So that would imply that there would be people congregating which at this point in time we are not supposed to congregate outside of your immediate family whom you live with right. Also they're working out with prospects. If they WANNA be available remotely and again I mean. Are you sending a crew into these homes? How're you doing this? And again it's non essential non urgent use of resources and a requirement that people could congregate or travel. When that absolutely is not necessary. At this time. There's a quote from Goodell last week about free agency kind of applauding. The fact that they were distraction for everybody dealing with Corona virus. What do you make specifically of that? And the fact that they are kind of positing themselves as a bright light during a dark time. I've heard from fans that believe this that said that. Hey the Tom Brady. Thing was the first time I didn't think about my parents getting sick and a month and this was I. I'm glad they did it and I've also heard from people that said. How crazy is it that we're waiting on an economic stimulus? Check to get us through this thing and Tom Brady is making another fifty million dollars and I have to hear about this I duNno. Where do you land on this in? Do you think that that is kind of the driving force behind their their thought to go for full speed ahead with the draft to yeah? I do think the general public enjoy free agency. I saw both perspectives connor. I saw more perspectives. That enjoyed it than didn't but I also don't think that's a justification for the fact that they moved forward and I thought the NFL physician society releasing a statement that they would not from that point forward. Be doing any physicals as it pertained to free agency or combine her draft because they felt that those medical resources should be directed. Elsewhere was a strong one. They're basically saying we don't want to be involved in doing non essential business at this time and then I saw that you know the league through its. Pr Arm had said well. These are orthopedist. Who are in offices that are not associated with hospitals? I thought that was a really tone-deaf response rate. It was clearly the same statement that was issued to all these other outlets as a counter to what the physician society you know what listen to the doctors. This is what they're saying is not appropriate at the time. I don't think it appropriate for a Sports League saying. Oh it's fine. They're in different offices like no. The doctors are saying they don't want to move forward with that. Let that stand on its own. Like take a cue. We're I it's it's also a bad message when we're trying to get the general public to follow the advice of science and doctors and and even leaders in government and the NFL kind of counter and what their own physicians are saying so. I don't know that that kind of bothered me too. Yeah I think I'll go back to what I said a few weeks ago and that you know this time right now like everything is in a vacuum and I think everybody makes a decision for right now but I I still have. I'm still of the opinion that I think that everybody gets through this stronger. Hopefully you know and everything like that. But I think that we will remember the people who use their powers for good and the people who use their powers for selfish reasons and I don't know what the NFL's doing right now. If Roger Goodell honestly believes in the center of his heart that he is doing good then. There's nothing that I can say. I mean if you really think you're helping people then that's one thing but if it all is about capitalizing on this window where no other. Professional sports are being played and being the top story on. Every you know in garnering more attention for the League in these new players. That are gonNA come in and everything like that then. I think that's sinister it's just evil you know. I think it's a it's just a really bad way to business. Yeah and you know there has been a lot of support from people around the League today. We saw today on Thursday. We'LL RECORDING ON THURSDAY. Drew brees donated five million to help provide with food and other resources in the New Orleans area. Part of that money was going to the hospital system. They're so I think those steps are tangible support. Obviously a saying that free agency was providing a service as a distraction. I think is just another example of the League being tone deaf? Can I tell you one thing like Kinda Hokey that I fell for though that I really enjoyed Nfl Related Corona virus content. Okay the broncos. I thought did a fantastic job. They had their trainer on doing a workout tips. Which I thought was good and then the video of Vic Fangio in his own home making meatballs and just encouraging everybody to stay inside. I just I don't know why like I. I'm brawl live in minute to minute here and if you can crack a smile for thirty seconds and it did it made me. It made me smile. Yeah that's good. I like that I like that. All right let's get to a little bit of news here. I'll start off with topic number one. The Panthers Released Cam Newton this week after being able to find a trade partner during free agency the former. Mvp is thirty years old and recovering from Liz Frank injury than a shoulder surgery the year before that while the covert nineteen pandemic restrictions have undoubtably hurt his ability to sign because teams can't get their own medical information. Is it still weird? That Cam Newton is a free agent. That he's unsigned right now. Yeah just like the gut reaction to it while understanding all of the circumstances and the fact that it's not just the foot surgery but that teams who would be interested in him might WanNa look the shoulder to but yes. I mean this is like a transformational player in the NFL over the last decade and someone who despite the fact that he's had a lot of injury issues over the last few years has still shown that he has. These talents can unleash when he's healthy. And so obviously the one healthy has been a big qualifier. But yeah it's just it's weird to think about somebody that led his team to Super Bowl. Fifty is Kinda just unable to find a place to play right now I I. I'm of the opinion and I guess I'll give I think it was Kevin Clark of the Ringer. Who posted this? I but I've seen a couple of people kind of jump on that sense then too. Is that you know. Wouldn't you sign him anyway? Because you know by theoretically Bhai Week six or seven of the regular season. Whenever that happens he will probably be healthy enough to either. Contribute to your team or to yield a pretty nice return is at draft pick from team. Who probably needs a quarterback or someone who inevitably is going to be in trouble and you know needs a spark in their offense whatever it might be I mean. Wouldn't you just approach it from a pure value perspective? A little bit too and just get him on the roster AMIS. He's thirty years old and well. That's a lifetime Given the way that he plays the game specifically. I don't know I still feel like there's an inherent value there and having him on your roster. Yeah I agree. I guess the question is what are the conversations between teams in his representation right like what is he looking to sign for You know for the chargers for example right they could bring them in but might not want to pay him what money he's looking for to potentially being a competition or kind of be stashed. Let's say they start the season with tyrod and they draft a rookie in one move to him. And then what do you do with Cam Right? So you know if it could be that the the salary teams are waiting for like the salary requests to go down or don't feel like it's the right price right now but but yes like just in terms of the idea that you he either get healthier. Help you or another team. That would they're startled would go down and they'd be looking for someone midseason. I guess it's a question of how what he's expecting. Teams are willing to give right now. Lineup yeah I I got crushed for this. I got destroyed for my cam. Newton landing spots list Because I didn't put the chargers on there But also because I put the the Broncos and the Jaguars on there especially the Jaguars like why not oh I I think those are good picks connor. The bears absorbed. All of Nick. Foles is salary. You know you've got draft pick return you're starting to shed you know issues on the Roster. I mean why not you know. Do something similar to what the Ravens did bring in Paul Johnson. Learn a little. Bit of that trap blocking. And then you have Cam Newton and Leonard Fournette running downhill the rest of that division. You're a nice change of pace your harder to defend. I don't know I mean like some of these teams that are just like on the outside of being even remotely competitive and looking in. It's like what are you doing like I don't know I. I would get a little proactive here. I think those are both smart picks connor especially the Jaguars right like. Are you really comfortable? That minhsiu is definitely a guy right. Like seems like you bringing campaign would make sense for a lot of reasons and I agree with you. I don't think he ends up in Los Angeles. I think their options were binary either. Go Tom Brady route or go. Tyrod Taylor undrafted rookie so Tom. Tom Brady didn't work out. They're going to tyrod Taylor rookie route. So I don't think he'll end up there but yeah they're just situations that you named where you maybe have a young guy that you're not sure about that makes a lot of sense to be. Can I just make one random aside before we go to the next topic always connor? That's what this podcast is about. I have found this might be in. Well I've been covering league for ten years and I don't know I think we've both been football fans for longer than that. I cannot remember two quarterbacks like drew lock and Josh Allen who have a more immediate blind fan following and to the point where these people are ready to defend them to the death in. It's like crazy like I got so much anger for suggesting that. Maybe the broncos should sign Cam Newton and everyone's like drew lock is our quarterback of the future. How do you know that or Josh Allen? Like pointing out the fact that he had one of the worst. I think Nfl Next Gen stats does expected. Completion percentage in good quarterbacks are above expected and he was like the third worst quarterback in the league last year and just pointing that out makes people very upset. And it's like I don't know what these people do to deserve this adulation. I don't know I'm not saying they're bad. I think they could both be very good. I'm not saying that but like Fan perspective like what happened there. I don't I don't understand that. Yeah I think in in engand fans have been so eager for quarterback answer that they seize on this very small sample size drew. Lock at but it's interesting. How people went from thinking like would they be in the Brady sweepstakes then John elway says at the combine that we think we've got our guy lock and then everyone's like great like elway figs? We've got our guy like let's let's move on from all the other stuff know so what could go wrong. I I agree with you. Connor like very small sample size for lock like showed some decent things at the end of the season. But absolutely no telling and certainly not enough to sell you at this point understand not going the brady route but cam different. This is a different situation. We're talking about surmise. Me Of when I was a kid. My Dad said that I could get Brown Jersey for Christmas. I was browns fan growing up and at the end of that season it it was like two thousand two. Maybe two thousand and three. I'M GONNA get the date wrong there but like out of nowhere This running back Lee suggs from Virginia Tech ran for like two hundred and seventy five yards in like a meaningless end of season game and I was like. Oh my God I mean that's the guy we've figured it out and I was going to have to custom make it on. Nfl shop because they didn't even have a Lisa Jersey and But then I was like you know what we need to put push pause here because even at the tender age of fourteen I understood sample size and I knew that M- maybe this wasn't exactly you know going to be the future of the browns and so I did the smarter thing Jenny Night. About the Jersey. The first round draft pick. Who was a defensive? Lineman BY THE NAME OF GERARD WARREN. So clearly I made the better choice. They're just another Jersey that aged fabulously well-nigh collection always a risk buying any Jersey for that franchise. I think that was the last Jersey purchase. I made two yet. Two Thousand and two two thousand and three. Yeah Yeah Oh well. It's a risky proposition to buy a jersey at all. Because you just never know you. There's really very few SAFE JERSEYS TO BUY RIGHT. I I have a quick story on that which I think is funny and I'll I'll let the person know that I told this story but my friend who covered the mets for the Bergen record in Yahoo National Baseball writer by the name of Matt halt a big giants. Fan and we were in college together working at the student newspaper and I remember him. Investing so much money into a authentic PLAXICO burress Jersey literally days before the nightclub incident days before the nightclub incident and it was like a red alternate one was very handsome Jersey. If I remember correctly. And it's just it's just the perils of doing this. I don't know man the Latin quarter shooting. I I remember well. I went to the Latin quarter. I went on the the stakeout near his home in Totowa because the police were coming and going. His lawyer was doing press conferences in his driveway. And one day there was a bear on the loose so I have a vivid memory literally a bear on the loose in the neighborhood. The police were coming car to car and we thought they had like an update for us and instead it was that we should be careful because there was a bear on the loose. So I just you know I also remember that time Connor. Todo a there's a dmv there in Totowa just in case anybody needs one all right. What do we have for Topic number two among the quarterbacks remaining on the market a former number one overall pick Jameis Winston a super bowl winner Joe FLACCO and a former number three overall pick blake bortles. Is there any remaining intrigue here or these quarterbacks destined to float into post draft limbo waiting for someone else to get injured I would say they all are in limbo right? Yeah I found it interesting. That Bruce Arians set on the rich Eisen show that he'd been recommending to other teams but yet in the same breath he said well we had the brady option and then we had teddy bridgewater. Freddie did it worked out and those two didn't work out. We were going to go with G. Whites an interesting to be branding as a recommendation. That was hilarious. It was like I don't know if you're trying to get the guy job. Why would you mentioned that? Not only was he. I mean I can understand. He was their second choice. Tom Brady but it's like no also you're gonNA go pretty hard at teddy bridgewater to try to try to land in there too. I mean with James. It's time it's time for him to take a step back. I think in probably evaluate his career to this point and why he's found himself in this situation Both from what he's done off the field and The carelessness in both cases off-the-field in on the field. I think that he represents way too big of a risk. Especially at a time where we're probably not going to have off season programming. You're not going to have a quarterback assistant who can get their hands on him all off season and try to go through all the film and to narrow down why he seems to be making these mistakes. So I don't know. I think it's time for him to sit and kind of learn to be a quarterback from the ground up you know. I don't think he's never had that opportunity. He was always a starter. He was always a highly sought after player on a big team or an important role. And you know. Maybe you develop some onfield carelessness when you know that. You're not going to be benched for anyone in particular. Yeah it's just like a strange year right. Because there's an influx of quarterbacks onto the market and most of the seats are filled up. And there's another name not even you know Andy Dalton non this list. Because he's not tally but you know would either traded or release. Is he still in the mix for the Patriots? I mean a lot of different options there. But yeah there's just the supply as everyone has been saying. The last few days on twitter has outpaced the demand this year. And you have these. Kinda big names just kind of hanging out there. I mean we were just talking about Cam and saying it would make sense for someone I'd say. All of these other quarterbacks would be lower on the pecking order then Cam. So you know if you're not even sure and obviously cam as the injury question but if you're not even sure Camman's upward or any of the others end up. Yeah I just. None of them are really moving the needle for me. If I'm a decision maker and I don't know. Is it weird that al-Qaeda throw a curve ball at you here out of all the quarterbacks that were available after Brady after rivers after bridgewater? I I don't know I was most interested in like seeing Marcus Mariota in a different place like he was one player that I was like. Oh like if I was the bears or you know. The chargers of the broncos like that would be a player that I would go after and then he kind of just ends up in Oakland in this weird like limbo situation but Yeah I don't know this. It's been a strange off season. It's been a weird quarterback market but unfortunately I think a lot of these guys are going to have a hard time getting back to these established star roles. I mean especially someone like Blake Bortles or Joe flacco. I mean I think that both of them are going to have to accept long-term support roles at this point. It doesn't seem like it makes much sense. Otherwise yeah absolutely connor. I agree definitely a strange strange year. For the quarterback market very active for some very quiet for others speaking of Dak Prescott in the cowboys have reportedly re engaged in contract discussions. Nfl Network reported that the deal is complex. Which is why. It's taking so much time to get done. I will now ask you this Jenny for the one thousand times since early. September of two thousand nineteen. Are we optimistic that a deal will get done soon? I don't know if soon is necessarily the right word but I think a deal will get done before the deadline. What do you think conor? Yeah and it comes down to for me. They're just going to have to make him. The highest paid quarterback in league and. I do think that he deserves that. There have been way way worse. Quarterbacks that have reset the market with not nearly the level of playoff success or regular season success the Dak Prescott has had and it's not just about Ezekiel Elliott in the running game. Because I think that that took a hit a little bit. And we've you know the offensive line's been injured on and off and Dak Prescott was still the most efficient quarterback in football this year. And I think that you know you. Just have to buckle up and and pay him what you're supposed to pay him and get it done before. The Patrick Mahomes deal gets done. Because then it'll be even worse this a situation of the cowboys own making because they took care of the running back who's had off field issues and who plays a position where you really shouldn't bank for the long term. I E girly in the rams. They paid the running. Back Bay. Paid you know Jalen Smith all this other business before taking care of the quarterback and it should have just been the other way around and so now they're in the situation where yes. Just get it done sooner than later because the price is just going to keep going up. I never understood that like and I mean. Obviously we've written about this to no end. The cowboy's always have this idea that you should take less to be the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Because there's no state income tax. Do you have more business opportunities off the field and I think that there's some merit to that but we we're in different time? I mean Patrick. Mahomes is a visible superstar in the Kansas City market and I think Patrick mahomes playing for the Jaguars. He'd be visible superstar. I think it doesn't matter anymore. Now that we have social media and video games and everything that kind of can bring different players and personalities into your living room. It doesn't matter whether or not you're the quarterback the cowboys the giants of the chargers. If you're cool and you're popular you're good. You're going to get attention and so I think they need to let that go. I know that they like to haggle. And they like to play up the drama of this. That certainly something in Jerry. Jones's past that he's exhibited all the way back with his first big quarterback contract and Trae kment. But I I mean I just don't understand why you're letting this linger to the point where you could eventually upset the best player on your team. Right I agree connor. I think everyone's just kinda eager to get it done in and not be debating enemy. 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Back by going to Thera- gun dot com slash cadence for a limited time listeners. To our show get a free charging San with purchase a seventy nine dollar value. That's thera- gun dot com slash C. A. D. E. N. C. Thera- gun dot com slash. Cadence all right. What do we have for number? Four Ron Rivera said this week. That Dwayne Haskins is the clubhouse leader at quarterback. But that newly acquired Kyle. Alan will compete Rivera. Also highlighted Allen's quote knowledge of the system on quote. Which could be a simple statement or he coded way of saying that. The competition is much more serious than we envisioned. Do we think anything fishy is happening with HASKINS IN WASHINGTON? I do but I just I invent this stuff for myself. You know you'd think what nature like. What kind of fish are we talking here? Like Scott or like a Salmon Simmons like salmon right now is like the king fish because it's it's so healthy and You know wild caught. It's hard to come by. Can't even get to the grocery store. So yeah I mean I I think salmon would be on the high end of the fish scale. Maybe this is like a scallop. That's just sort of like you know it's small but also significant right scallops. Connor wanted to go low on the spectrum. Michigan's like a scribe. But I never I kind of just dance around scrawled because I've never heard of scrub. It's like similar to cod. We used our for like Christmas Eve Fish Dinner I. I'm not Italian. We don't do seven fishes where we'd have like the Polish fish dinner so we'd go with Scott because my dad like this is like a very bland whitefish. I'm pulling it up right now because this is a this is a baked squad with lemon herb Panko. This looks good Yeah you know it's fine. I mean it's my mother was trying to find a fish that my father would eat because he doesn't really like fish. So it's not like a super fishy fish. If you get what I'm saying it's kind of you know kind of bland so this looks good all right. I can do Scott. I could do Scott. I MISS. I'm sorry it's my fault. I derail the conversation but you think things are fishy in Washington. So I I think I need to separate things into one or two camps. I do think that Ron Rivera is one of the good people in the NFL. I don't think that he's the kind of person who would intentionally sabotage a quarterback's future in the NFL. I don't think he's that kind of guy which is why when he was talking about to At the combine. I think that he was doing it. Because I think it would be good for Washington to invite a team to trade up to number two and to reap that draft capital because they have a lot of holes to fill I don't think it was because he was necessarily down Haskins. He's complimented his work ethic you know. He said Nice things about him. But I don't know that that thing will well. He knows how we do. Things is what he said about Kyle or well. He knows the system. I don't know if I was Haskins. I'd be like well. I don't know that makes me feel at least a little bit. Funny that You know it's GonNa be a competition and this guy already quote knows how we do things. Yeah there's enough for Rivera to say he doesn't know at this point how. Haskins turn out and maybe he wasn't particularly encourage you know. I think he played better later in the year. But there were definitely some bumps his rookie season. So I think for Rivera. Alan is okay. We have a guy that I know I can put there and play and I have a second option here. If things don't go as maybe others hope would go. It's always difficult when a new head. Coach comes in and the team has drafted quarterback in the first round the year before that you were not a part of the process for and I'm sure Rivera had his own thoughts you know for many pro-death work that might have been done from. Haskins the year before when he was in Carolina on so perhaps he just wasn't his he wouldn't have been a pick of his but maybe they can make it work. And then if not we have Kyle Allen. I think curious your thoughts on this because I think it's really interesting on one hand. I thought with the cardinals did last year with Josh. Rosen was reprehensible and just the way that they let him twist in the wind You know there's a lot of pre-draft kind of character. Assassination stuff out there on Rosen and I think by letting everything linger as long as they did they kind of just made it seem like it was all true and this is the reason that we were going in another direction without ever being kind of upfront in in clear and I think that that was a bad thing but I think that the good thing about them drafting cuyler Murray was that that broke from tradition with years and years and years and years of general managers just burying themselves with bad picks. Because they think that. That's what you're supposed to do and we talked about this with foles too and I think that's the same thing but you know if I don't know where do you come down on that like. Is it a good thing? That teams are more willing to do this or is it a bad thing. That teams are less willing to teach and adjust and coaches. That's what you are. You're a coach. You're supposed to make people better right. Yeah I mean it's a hard balance right because we say that all the time. There's not enough development going on of quarterbacks and there's less development with less practice time that time is becoming even less and of course during this pandemic you're getting you're gonNA get maybe no offseason time. So I think that's probably another factor right like the Washington went into this off season saying we need some other option at quarterback even just as a backup but Kyle Allen makes a ton of sense. You're bringing in a guy that you're really familiar with in a year when you may get zero offseason with your players but in Turkey. Yeah so it makes it hard like well. You have the time in the ability to continue to develop Haskins. That's the question and that would be a question if you drafted someone else. I agree with you that there was no downside to Rivera's talking about you know to a meeting with the calm. I other than the fact that teams had fewer combine interviews so us one slot on that so okay Washington meets with two but you should be exploring an exhausting all options. But but yeah. I think it's a unique situation because you know you're not gonNA have an offseason. Haskins now and you don't know exactly what you have in him so I I don't know exactly what the what it makes sense to. I mean it probably makes sense to take chase young. See what you have if not you have Alan and then potentially next year you could re address the position if need be taken to A. Yeah I mean if you think too is like but the other issue with two of course is not being able to medically evaluate him now. Wall saw that video this week. Everyone was saying. Oh my Gosh it looks. He looks really good. But if you can't evaluate him yourself do you feel comfortable doubling down. It's even different for them right. Like the chargers of the dolphins may have difficult decision to make. But it's even more difficult if if for the second year in a row. Use A top pick on core rack. And you're not an you. Don't get to do a physical on him and he has an injury question right. Would you rather do that though or would you rather trust one of these over hyped? Ohio state players. That seem to just be filtering into the League. Disappointing at a at a rapid pace. We are no. We're no fans here we got. We got to balance out the rest of the Connor. Dan Penn State or you're from Pennsylvania so this is not we are no Buckeye supporters on this end. I just realized that I'm the only one who didn't go to a big ten school remaining in the in the M. QB staff of writers. Oh Wow yeah that's true you. Kaelin was northwestern Penn state know-how state So we're just out in. I don't even know what conference circuses. Any the eight the ACC we in the yeah we're in the ACC. I think right well. Connor I actually. I'm I'm pretty sure that Syracuse in the ACC. Because we played Clemson. Why else would clemson play us and we beat? Clemson once two or three years ago all right. This might be my favorite topic of the week. Like I warned you. Sixty five percent Brady so Jenny. What are we have for number? Five Joe. Montana said this week that the Patriots made a mistake by letting go pal Brady. I don't know what's going on there but someone made a mistake. Montana said of the team that is tied for the most Super Bowl wins and football history. Do you agree. Wow Wow I. Don't you know I don't agree? Well who knows? Better the bill belichick and who knows like he had a price he had an age he had An evaluation and that was it. I mean we really questioning the one guy who's spent twenty years with this person right. I taking all of those factors into consideration right what the price would have been. What the terms with the length of the contract all of those things you know I. They made the best decision. I don't know I agree with you. I think it's it's a fool's errand to doubt. Bella checks evaluations of players. And you have to look at the totality of the picture. It's not just oh my gosh. How do they not let him finish out a patriots? What terms was did he want to finish out? Did they want him to finish out on an obviously those things didn't agree and also it just seems like Brady was set on going somewhere else and taking on this extra challenge for the last part of his career. I was on the conference call and They did before I was unceremoniously. Kicked off And then unable to get back on so I don't know if there was a little bit of maybe shade being thrown up. Oh interesting thing. Okay and another conspiracy theory you know I love was ores line. Got All of a sudden just booted off. I'm interested in the fact that he's kind of trying to have this both ways in that for the last three or four years like it's been like. Oh this staged interview with Jim Gray. Were I say that? I don't feel appreciated in my documentary. Mention about how. It's not fun anymore. And how the team's not making fun for me and then you leave and then you just say oh no. I've got nothing but love for those people. And maybe that's not the time or the place. I think Tom may be saving all the juice for his next documentary project project about himself. And that's fine but I don't think you can have a both ways. I think you owe it to patriots fans a little bit to explain your side of this like it can't just be like well you know That's it you know you kinda spent the last three years passive aggressively setting this up and then and then you just say everything's Okay but that that's twenty years. I mean I. I think that some people are GonNa have a hard time saying you know to kind of just taking that at face value. I agree connor and I would also say that looking back on all of those comments I think it was actually pretty remarkable that they kept him for those those last two years and then it got one more super bowl out of it. I think perhaps looking back. That's what's more remarkable than the fact that it's over now. It looked like it could have been over two years ago and they were able to keep together And when when the sixth ring have you has your assessment. Since we talked about this a week ago changed or like are you. Do you think that he makes this team good or do you think it's just like I? I would sooner bet on the Patriots. And the buccaneers for twenty four. Same totally yeah. Yeah there's just a lot of uncertainty there you know. I don't know yet. Are we sure that this is going to be the the best system Blake I know arriens likes working with older quarterbacks and certainly did well with Carson Palmer but like are we sure this works like I think there was a lot of risk in being a team that ended up with Brady this year and I think perhaps that's why we saw market that wasn't quite as robust as we thought it would be. You know like if you're at the chargers like I think we mentioned the flu last week. Like maybe feel a little sense of relief right. You know you go forward you feel okay with tyrod Taylor. You're in a position to to draft a guy that maybe you like in this year's draft you know I don't know if you if you get Brady and things go sideways then. You're the coach that things went sideways with Brady with and that is a really tough thing to overcome one thing. I was thinking about Tom the other day when on house hunters the other day they had a a a woman who is starting over after Collapsed MARRIAGE IN TAMPA. And it's nice downtown. This is really spot on. Yeah so you know kind of a it seemed like I mean she was like a judge like a very like a power player so it seemed like you know like Brady there. There is a lot of you know. strengthen moving on So happy for obviously but I never seen downtown Tampa Bay before For some reason in any of the teams that was a beat writer for I never got to make a trip to Tampa Bay but seems like there are a lot of lovely modern waterfront condominiums there. Which is what she was looking for. And I don't know I. I think I could talk myself into a two seasons in Tampa Bay interesting. Yeah I don't know much about the real estate market. I've only one game there I think so Don't have a great sense but we could always pull in bet former editor who is a Tampa native and she gets really give us a lay of the land. Maybe maybe we'll have to get some Tampa tips from bet for. That's so good I love that Okay so we're going to move onto the Oracle and like. I said this is part two of our brief Brady discussion. Which was brought on by Jenny? Who did a beautiful job while we were setting up the show and discussing the topics and she said Connor. This is right up your alley. What do you think about this and I said I thought I thought you were kidding? I thought this was not. I thought this was a joke. And so we're just GONNA talk about this for a second so I'll just read the tweet from pro football talk That sort of sets this up when introducing Tom Brady last week. The buccaneers posted a video using the phrase T. E. X. T. B. Brady. Liked it so much that he filed a trademark application so that he and only he can sell things bearing that slogan my God. What a weird foot to start out on that. It's very bizarre. Right very bizarre. Like and I don't begrudge players promoting their profiting off their likeness at all. I think that is a good thing. teams for far too long. Have taken the lead on that and taking away players ability to earn a living but it's a different circumstance when you're the greatest player in fell history in the team is clearly utilizing you as a marketing tool You know to bring people to this franchise and bring young fans into the stadium but while what a weird power play that was right. I mean it's just like a strange like you know it's like when you make a new hire at the office and the first thing he does is open the fridge and and take the Tupperware that says sandy out and take a bite out of sandy sandwich you know and then it's like. Oh who's this guy coming in here you know. Maybe it'd be like if I tried to trademark the Oracle. I don't know I'm trying to think of thing. It's a little odd. I mean who knows what conversations went on behind the scenes but they were very probably proud of TB X. Which is pretty good like it. Hits all the right notes and then. I don't know there's probably a sad social media intern or something and then the buccaneers organization. That had come up with the idea. Yeah if you're that person reach out to us we want to talk to you at the weakside podcast. I mean I you know the other thing that I guess I should have thought about before. I just got totally self righteous about this. There's going to be like he's going to have his own merchandising. Space in the store right in the team store right. I mean if if Jalen Smith has his own merchandising space in the cowboys store certainly Tom Brady will have his own independent way to generate a revenue revenue stream from the buccaneers Thing I'm I'm sure that was worked out in in the contract. Yeah I mean I imagine that had to be part of the conversations right I mean. It's not maybe the most important part but I imagine if you're making a pitch to Tom Brady you say well we know. Tb Twelve and patriot. Place right like a whole center there. And so this is how we foresee. Because that's part of the package with Brady is right. You know. You're not just interacting with his agent you're interacting with his team you know. His marketing team has branding team Toward the end we saw kind of some of the tension with him bringing in Alex Barrow and saying He. You know the Sweden and the stadium and then they ultimately work that out which allow them to extend the partnership with Brady for two more years bites but yes. There's a lot of auxiliary things that I imagine. Were part of the conversation. Yeah no it'll be it'll be interesting. I don't know I I I'm guessing he will have one of the highest selling jerseys in the NFL this year. If not the highest It's probably safe to say. Yeah one one of Din. Dan Patrick mahomes surpassed to the top spot. Last year. Right So yeah I don't. It'll be interesting I will not personally be wearing a T. B. X. T. shirt but you know I could see. I could see neighbors sporting at around the neighborhood. Maybe maybe we'll get you an oracle shirt connor. I think that's what we need to do. Our Own merch yeah we weakside merge maybe maybe we should just give up the give up the fight and just kinda get in on the merch game. I know two sets of parents would lovingly by sweatshirts lost four sales there. Or maybe your daughter could agree on that and what else With our rent all right Brenda's consensus all right so I noticed that giants new giants cornerback James. Bradbury said he's going to buy some home. Gym Equipment was concerned about places to train. He's still in Charlotte. Not all of the gyms are showdown but certainly that seems imminent up here. All of the gyms are closed and so really puts into perspective where these guys training and I was thinking the other day. That James bradberry decided new sizable contract. So he will be fine although some gym equipment manufacturers are probably out of it right. I mean there's a run on home gym equipment. I mean I couldn't buy dumbbells. From target DOT com. So I I can imagine a lot of these. Who's a run on Jimmy so okay? Connor used a couple of weeks ago. That like certain teams will have to figure out where they can get an advantage. And I don't know exactly how they could do this. I guess if you were to buy gym equipment for players that might be some kind of like salary cap like violation but if teams can find a way to make sure their players have all the equipment they need whether it's like delivering it from team facility or like using contacts with fitness suppliers. Would the smarter team should be making sure that all of their players have robust home gems? In whatever way. They're allowed to do that within the rules. So I think that I'm GONNA be interested to see which teams kind of take that on. That is fascinating. Maybe not but I think so. Yeah I think that's really interesting. The flip side of that right is How did The greats like Ladainian Tomlinson prepare for a season. They ran up the hill behind their house. Shirts that they did. That's true you know to do. You need to have that rustic rocky four type setting or do you know. Would you get a You know make sure everybody's gotTa Peleton or something right. I mean there's obviously other ways to train that don't involve lots of expensive equipment bites a you know. I think there's still a need for Roy weights and you now I don't know but if you've got some of the roster guys that maybe don't have the availability and don't have the contacts and maybe you can help them get a better home gym but yes. There are a lot of body weight exercises. You can do connery goal. Push up you don't need any weights for so true. I've been I've been jogging a lot. I feel like that is a good stress reducer and it's interesting because if you run to reduce stress instead of running because you think you need to get out and have a workout. I feel like your time is a little better because you're just like I need to run fast or else. I'm just going to be stressed about corona virus. You Know Yeah Yeah. You're probably more motivated to go on the Ron. It's hard like You know living in the city running is not really a great option because there are so many people nine. It's difficult to distance while running in a crowded urban setting like I went for early morning. Walk in the park today. Seven thirty and even that was like an obstacle course of making sure. I kept my distance from people veering on and off of paths. I think it would be a challenge to do that. Wal Running but you know. I think that's more of a specific challenge like basically in New York. I mean I saw in Chicago. They're they're closing some of the paths to because they were Kinda swarmed with people so again more packed urban settings. It can be a challenge but a lot of team facilities are of course in the suburbs and there would be plenty of running areas. That wouldn't be crowded. So it's a bummer. That comes from this. Though is the we had talked about the Peleton thing around. Christmas is is the haughtiness that comes from the Peleton. People who have spent the last three months. Sustaining the backlash taking it in. And now they're like guess what suckers we have the world's best home equipment Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. And and. You gotta hear that now and it's like now now you need a Peleton. I saw someone posted a meme of you. Know the the woman from the commercial who Was the very panned. Peleton commercial where it looked like. She was basically being forced to ride this bike and document her progress But it was a medium of her and it says aren't will now. I'm glad I have a Peleton and it's like oh it's all flipped like everything's flip right back on us now. One of the risks of this time is you know when the country's in a crisis facing like when you're facing a pandemic you know obviously basic needs shoot to the top of the list but like we things like sexist ad campaigns or like fighting back against. Hey let's not use this kind of language or present a controlling husband right sure unfortunately like the battle against that kind of becomes less important and so now this organization that had a terrible commercial in December will have sales through the roof. Now because people need it so It's interesting to see how things change. Connor I tried to set up a a bike trailer. You know so that I could drive my two year old around and get some exercise and relearn to ride a bike. I haven't ridden a bike in eight years or whatever and SUVs putting it together and I was filling up the tires on the bike trailer and were in the backyard. And everyone's just kind of hanging out having a good time getting ready to attach it to the bike so we can go somewhere and then all of a sudden it sounded like a gunshot went off like it was allowed in piercing. And like you know. Everyone was freaked out and I looked and I must have overfilled. One of the tiresome. It's just exploded. So we're landlocked here. You know we're we're not getting anywhere. Well I'm glad you said that. About needing to relearn connor because I tried to ride a bike about a year and a half ago and found that I was unable to I the last time I wrote a bike. I was probably a child so I don't know it's for you know twenty years or something and I don't blame you. I couldn't do that. I panicked and like I Yeah I was. I was with a high school student that I was mentoring. And She She was taking off. And I didn't want him when Peter so I essentially ran alongside of her with the bike so I i. I didn't want to return the bike. We were renting them in the park. So I ran alongside or like wall like and then the pedal on the bike kept like hitting my ankle but I feel like I had to keep up because I didn't WanNa like slow her down and ruined her experience because of my aptitude huge bruise on my ankle. Ha Man it is. It is way harder than I remember. Yeah like as a kid. I remember tight turns flying everywhere. You know all that stuff. Not so much anymore. Yeah you know. That's saying connor just like you know just like riding a bike you never forget. I mean that was a really. I open the experience that same. He's just simply not true for all people. It's different for us. It's like it would be like. It's like writing a game story or taping a great podcasts. Right that's right this. This was a good well. Hopefully we provided people you know about an hour of escape from a lot of the scary things in the world so we appreciate everyone listening this week and We will be back next week. I'm more regularly soon. So we hope to continue the conversation then the QB weakside podcast is me Jenny. Rentis and Connor or we are produced by shelby royston essays. Executive producer of PODCASTS is Scott Brody. Ben Eagle is director of editorial projects and product mark. Murray VIC is a meredith executive director of the QB. 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