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WE Kitefin, ZT 0357, Emersons New Collaboration, Cold Steel Voyager Kris, Coated Aluminum SnaggletoothMFs and More The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 93)


Welcome to the knife junkie. Podcast your weekly dose of Knife News and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your host. Jim Person of the knife Junkie DeMarco percents. Well Nice Junkie and welcome to episode number ninety three of the knife. Junkie podcast. I'm Jim Person and I'm Bob Demarco. Welcome to the show. Welcome to the knife chunky. Podcast the place for knife newbies and knife junkies to learn about knives and knife collecting and Bob. Maybe you can tell. My voice is a little different. I don't know it's it sounding a little deeper and richer today Jim. Okay but also maybe a little nasal. I'm sorry you're under the weather. Yeah a little nasal definitely so I'm not going to be talking too much time as I normally do. But but but less talkative this time but Some knife life news coming up in this show. We also want to give you a chance to talk about the Cold Steel Chris and our buddies Stu who was able to come through in a pinch for you to satisfy that need that you had also promote a knife. Show up there that STU is going to be involved in As well as update on the state of the collection from the knife junkie as we mentioned the Cold Steel Voyager. Chris that'll be in there. But also some talk about some snuggle tooth ms that we're going to let Bob bloviate about you're listening to the knife junkie podcast. It's time now for the latest knife. Life News so. I was talking to Tara Todd last week. One half of Todd Knife and tool end zone. Rick Forty two on Youtube. He Co hosts often co host Thursday night knives and we were talking about this new. We knife drop called the kite fin another unique name from we knives. I like the way they've turned away from the the numbering and have gone towards Names any case I introduced the the knife as a topic of conversation. I said what's his name Kite. Fin- these weird names and Zell says will actually I named it and I was like oh I like it. What's a Kite Finn in an actually? It's a certain kind of shark and when you look at this knife It has definitely has the shark like lines. It's a very simple and sort of neutral. Adc with a with a three point. Two five inch blade. It's gotTa drop point with a beautiful Long running sweat John Top. It's hollow ground. It's kind of a continuous curve with a Choi L- Finger toil in front of the flipper and you have a neutral handle at first blush. It's not a very unique knife. But then you you look at it and you look at some of the specs and it comes with eight different handle styles. The the real trick to this knife is how you put together. They have the the one. I'm looking at right. Now is a titanium scale with a sort of SPIRA graphic at pattern but they also have carbon-fiber inlays. They have different Analyzing with the deep channel cut into it so there a number of different ways you can get this knife coming in at one hundred eighty bucks. This thing is meant to be sort of a well for we knives and for this For this part of the market a more affordable more sensible. Adc seems to me like a you know people give ADC size or range from three to three and a half inches to me. It comes in squarely right in the middle at three and a quarter. It seems like everything that that comes out at three and a quarter is meant for that. But that's just my own personal observation. you agenda to. I guess would be an exception in any case. the We Kite Fin. Looks like a really really nice knife. The Blade is reminiscent of the NOOSA. Vivey whose name I just can't remember. It's a weird one and I look forward to seeing this thing thing Go through the Youtube hands. See if it tempts me away. From one hundred and eighty bucks all right. Well you talk about Adc that transitions nicely into the next story and knife life news with the Zero Tolerance Z. T. announcing a new DC friendly models zero three five seven as we get our our name our number models right. We're getting our numbers back. Actually you look at it. You look at the specs of this and the specs of the we that I just mentioned and they are in the same ballpark that we forgot to mention is s thirty five. The news zero tolerance the zero three five seven Which is a three and a quarter inch drop point again Harpoon style? It's got a lot of style. It's pretty menacing looking but again we're coming in at three and a quarter and this is something that they're putting out there specifically as an ABC as a gateway ADC into zero tolerance. Line Coming in at one hundred and eighty five bucks much like the we Kite Finn It's it's meant to sort of You know it's it's it isn't expensive. It's not an inexpensive knife But for the Z. T. Line it's it is an entry model and it's meant to pull people in that being said this is why when speaking was oh ricky thinks. They decided to make this a assisted open. I couldn't figure it out. I'm like everyone knows. No one wants assisted. Open a you know. Why wouldn't they just put it on bearings but Zell mentioned well if you have people who've been lifelong kershaw owners and they're going to take the jump to Z. T. You might want to put something in that. They recognize and that is something that they've grown to lake. Which is the speed safe opening mechanism to draw them in and then once they have zero tolerance and and they see you know the quality and fit and finish the feel of it They might WANNA get another Z. T. and that others. E T is most definitely going to be on bearings and and they're you've brought another one into the fold so. I thought that was a very interesting way to look at it. the news. E. T. like most of them now are twenty is twenty CV steel. It's got a pocket clip. This is a g ten liner lock. Which is something. They haven't done it a little while but being in the three Series I guess that's where most of their liner locks have existed in their three series. So it's an exciting new drop. I WON'T BE GETTING ONE. If I love the design of it if it were unassisted and closer to a four inch blade. I'd be all over it. It's very cool well I don't think I have the corona virus I I haven't been to China I did but I did eat some Chinese food for for lunch the other day but anyway So maybe it's just the colder a flu but you know a lot of businesses lot of A Van Slot of organizing things a lot of sports. I've saw a soccer match the other day in an empty stadium so a lot of places are considering canceling events and that's trickled into the knife world as well Bob yet has We have we have Broadway tickets coming up this weekend the whole weekend plan with the with the kids in New York. I don't know if that's going to happen every day. It's like a bigger and bigger deal. I just saw that the Iwa Outdoor classic sets the Big European outdoor show. That has the kind of that has knife exhibitors That will be postponed until knows when and then the Big Spider Co Amsterdam meet. There's a huge European contingent of Spider Co collectors and they meet in Amsterdam every year to check out the new products. It's a big thing and a lot of products are announced there or or I seen there That's just outright canceled this year. So Yeah Nuremberg postponed and and the Spider Komeito Amsterdam cancelled it. Course it makes US WONDER ABOUT BLADE SHOW. This is going to be our first year and were excited and looking forward to it but you know hopefully hopefully by June. Everything's good to go and and will be seen everyone there. We'll we'll wait and see and see how it goes. This wasn't on list Jim but I just saw this from one of our One of our friends and listeners Edwin and callow PR. He is an an Emerson. Hollick at one hundred. Thirty one. Emerson Knives I would say he qualifies He sent me a message via instagram. to say that the This crazy new Picasso style knife from Emerson is a go. And it's live on the website and you can pre-order it It's it's an emerson knife. That's a collaboration which is a very rare thing for Ernest Emerson. It's a collaboration with a with an old friend of his Ed Calderon. That name may sound familiar. Because Ed Calderon is a counter narco agent who was working in Mexico and was recently on the Joe Rogan podcast and told some real harrowing stories. Some really sobering eye-opening stories about what's happening on the border and and in Mexico and As a field agent he always carried a knife as his backup From Terry rifle and a pistol and then he had this backup knife but the knife was a knife that his mother used in carried for when he was a kid and This thing was a utility knife a kitchen knife and she used it to save the family from from street thugs that were were jumping her and so he always carried this knife as his Ultimate backup and Recently came to earn Emerson and said. Can you make a folding version of this night? And so that's what they've done and when you look at it. It looks a lot like come. It's it's reminiscent of the Pinkerton and version or any number of pickles style that the Spider Copa Call Knife. Any sort of precautions style night for it. Looks like the edge is facing in But you have to go to the Emerson website and look up l. via that was the name of as the name of Ed Calderon's mother. The knife is named after her. And look at it. It's it's a little mind-boggling the design. It is very cool and it looks like the kind of knife you hold in your hand edge in and pair with like you you peel an apple with or You know peel an onion with and so you look at this knife. It's very menacing. It looks very effective as a tactical knife. But you can also see it's lineage. Back to utility kitchen knife hand paring knife and It just looks very cool so anyone. Who's a Emerson Guy? Emerson girl go to the site. Check it out. It is a very unique knife. Get on the list of you're interested and now that we're caught up with knife life news. Let's hear more of the knife junkie. Podcast all right back on episode number ninety three of the knife junkie podcast. It's time for the state of the collection with a knife junky. But for we kind of dive into that as you're GonNa Kinda talk about your Cold Steel Voyager Chris. A little backstory. They're about how you've been wanting to try to get it but Our Good Buddy Stu comes through for you. That's right. I ordered a new Extra-large Voyager Chris from the knife centre and I had the ominous message. Oh this'll take two to three days to ship and then I got the email saying well. Actually it's actually. I'm back order so it's GonNa take longer and then I got the call saying we'll we've canceled your order but when it comes in you'll be the first to get it and This this had me a little upset. My brother already had one and was I. Don't WanNa say showing it off. He's been very gracious about it but In any case I was getting a little envious and I had he's like you have to get one. Just go to the cold steel website and I was about to do that when I got a message from our good friend. Stu Up in Vermont. He owns stone and steel. It's a knife purveyor up in New England they go to gun shows and sell it. A lot of outdoor shows up there he says We HAVE IN STOCK. Act Can have it to you. for a it wasn't a fraction of the price but it was less than Less than I would have gotten it from knife centre and It arrived at my door. And thank you STU. This knife is really cool and before I go onto gush about it. Let me just say that Stone in steel stews company will be at the twenty twenty outdoor gun and outdoor sportsman show up in Essex Junction Vermont That'll be March twenty first and twenty second. That's the weekend so definitely go check them out for some great knives and great deals over there So the voyager. Chris is more than I expected from. Pictures it seemed like I want to see how this feels in in real life with this with this blade. Is it an awkward shaped played having that handle and I'm here to tell you no it is not it fits like a glove. This Knife comes in very sharp. I still can't quite figure out how they get such an even grind on these tight waves here but they managed to do it. That's their business. So one of the first things I did. After having this in hand Was Test out the sharpness and it is that weird sort of glide through as if it's not there effected is very sharp of but the interesting thing is how the undulations stutter. The the move through the paper and stuttering accelerate the move through the paper which which just goes to show me that When used on you know if you were to use this against a a person or a rabid coyote or something Those waves really come in handy for accelerating the cut and and really using those five and a half inches To you know really maximizing those five and a half inches of off ten so No experience with us a and I really don't think that my time with this. Voyager will give me much information on the steel. Because I don't plan on taking it out back in and using it. This is just a collection piece in an occasional carry piece. I immediately put on the snuggle tooth so that I could wave it out of my pocket but also on this blade. I really like the way the snuggle tooth M. F. looks because it hearkens back to the traditional Chris. The traditional Chris has has a big sort of lobe at the bottom of the blade That's sort of guard in. It's also sort of a symbolic thing. next week show. I have a bunch of information on the Chris that I want to synthesize and talk about because The Chris is not just a novelty. This wavy bladed Shape is not just a novelty. It is a it has a real Tactical advantage when pushing forward it. It will widen a wound and when slashing it will it will saw so. It is a very interesting shape and it has a a symbolic various symbolic meanings from the different cultures that employed it Malaysia Malaysia Indonesia Philippines and that whole area down there so I highly recommend you. Get your hands on Voyager. Chris I'm going to be I'm going to be looking for a four inch version of this and a four inch version of the tyler. Chris because it'd be interesting to see how they condense and compress the waves. Will there be fewer waves the same size or their be as many or more More tightly packed. It'd be interesting to see and very difficult to sharp in any case. I I mentioned. I'm going to segue right into the new snuggle tooth a. m. f. products that are in the offing. They are not out yet but rob. Penna our good friend over there at snuggle tooth tactical in New Jersey. Sent me a prototype of Of their new snuggle tooth M. F. That's a an aftermarket a pocket opener you know like a wave you you put it on a knife. That has removable. Thumbs duds and it. It acts as a a thumb. Rambotham stop and our I should say as a wave opener and be as a thumb rampant thumb stop. They are now making them out of aluminum. They were they were made They are currently made out of high tensile plastic like G. R. N. But they will be making them out of aluminum and I got to try one out and it's awesome. He sent me a pink one to go with my think. Broken skull that carry frequently. It's pink coated really thick coated with a beautiful shade. That pretty much matches might knife now. My life is a little grungy and it's never coming back. It's it's Perma grunge on that pink but in the spots that are pristine The snuggle tooth matches now. They're going to come out with a number of other colors to match a different models of cold steel and different models of I believe Bench made because they're making a smaller version. That will fit. The bench. Made Bug out in the mini bug out so aluminum. Check it out snuggle tooth tactical now. What I'm going to. It's not out yet. Put put be looking for it. What I'm going to be looking for is they're going to have a raw tumbled version of it too so it will blend into the knife blade. It'd be the same color as the knife blade so Yeah very excited about this. This new version of a classic snuggle tooth tactical product. Can we look forward to seeing a video on the knife junkies youtube channel about the snuggle tooth that yes we? Can we can indeed actually Yes coming up very shortly. That's the next one on my list are well I mean I? I've I've had it for a week now so I want rob to see that I've been using it. I want him to hear what I think about it and Here's a little spoiler. I like it okay if you WANNA see the video when it comes out the knife junkies. Youtube channel is the KNIFE JUNKIE DOT com slash youtube if you are not yet a subscriber to that. I've Junkies Youtube Channel. Go to the knife. Chunky DOT com slash. Y T. subscribe that way. You'll be subscribe to get the latest videos when they come out. Be sure to click that little bell notification so that you'll get notified when new videos come out all right Bob GonNa do a little promotion for Next week's interview show a big guests that you had the pleasure to talk to that you want to promote as well as some others such you wanna go ahead and kind of mention. They're coming up. Yeah well as you we just had Eugene Kwan. Great Guy. He's a youtube reviewer. I had a great time talking to him. I really like his his videos. He breaks things down in such a a a calm. Rational Way and So it was great to talk to him. I I'd like to have like others come you know rotate back in. I want to hear what they think of new knives as they come out so be looking for more. Hopefully Eugene will want to come back on the show coming up this week Ernest Emerson. I was GONNA try and build it up but I don't know what else to say Ernest Emerson. Someone I've been wanting to speak to for twenty years came on the show. What a great guy. We had a long conversation. Look for a nice long podcast and he regaled me With stories of the past and and also aims for the future and just you know philosophy and stuff what a great Guy Ernest Emerson. I'd love to hang out with him. And then coming up we have rob bixby. He's The apostle p. you know him from Youtube He's also an extremely talented and Sharpener He's got a he basically left his day. Job To sharpen knives which is amazing to me But he also sells knives weekly on Youtube has the most regular most Most watched and most successful youtube a knife sale video every every Thursday night. He goes live. Love him he's GonNa be on and then I'm going to be talking to Brian Tie and next week and then that'll be a show. That comes up a few weeks after that. So really looking forward to talking to all of these Interesting people that I'm mad. I feel blessed and honored that I got a chance to talk to Ernest Emerson and that it was in an UN rushed and no technical difficulties. No nothing to worry about. We just got a chance to dig in. It was great All right looking forward to that interviews. Bob said that's coming up this weekend on the Interview Show Junkie cast. We do two shows a week this mid weakest chance where BOB GETS TO TALK ABOUT KNIVES. A little more in depth new product drops Updates US hit on his collection. Kind of Goes behind the scene. Talk about knives and then The Sunday interview show is where Bob has a chance to talk again. Talk to knife. Makers knife designers manufacturers youtube knife reviewers anybody on the knife community and kind of hear from them Kinda go kind of go deep and learn their story and hopefully some behind the scenes stuff that people don't know about those guests so if you Would like to be a guest or you know someone that you think would be a great guest on the knife junkie. Podcast call the listener line at seven. Two four four six six four four eight seven leave us as a suggestion or shoot bomb an email at Bob at the knife. Junkie Dot Com and Bobby mentioned the apostle P in his knife sales. I Last weekend was able to purchase some knives and knife auction And so I was thinking maybe Put One or two of those up over the next several weeks on Thursday night knives. I think that'd be a great idea and if any of them need A little you know what I could. I could give him a little SPA treatment and make a video of it. Well that was my. That was my plan. Oh told you about it? I liked that plan C. GonNa put you to work really really brilliant minds. Think alike absolutely brilliant absolutely well. I'll put a spoiler out. I remember there was a cold. Steel Tie Light. There was a little buck knife that you would talk to me about. Unfortunately the auction picture which was online didn't show the other side and it has somebody did hand scrawling initials on one side of the handle. Says it was like? Oh darn it all but anyway. Hey well you know what I told you anyway that I was gonna probably by that knife. That doesn't that won't stop me to me. That makes it even Kinda cool. Oh cool okay. You know we'll see so one last thing I want to mention to you A little behind the scenes action going on with Alex too so looks like I'm GonNa buy two knives from Alex and I'm very excited because you know he always dotes over his knives But after talking with Ernest Emerson the Iron Dragon. Which actually we didn't talk about. But we talked about Richard Bustillo his his G. Cundo teacher and Jk De Cali teacher. He made the Iron Dragon after him. And he's a legend in that art and I've always wanted that knife so I'm going to be getting that from Alex as well as my first Medford so You'll be hearing about those on the upcoming weeks. I still need to sell a couple of knives But he's he's at granted me a couple of weeks to to get it together. Okay should look forward to look forward to that. Bob Is on his pre blade. Showed knife buying extravaganza. Yeah that's so stupid. Why am I doing this guy? Because they're the knives you want and they're available now that's right. Let's justified plus as I said the other week. It's a leap year. So you got a leap year again forgetting about that and by the way. Leap Day the twenty ninth of February was my Chris. Reeve Sibusiso birthday so this this is either a four year old knife or a one year old knife depending on how you look at there. You go all right. That's GonNa do it for this episode of the Knife Junkie podcast episode number. Ninety three. You can find show notes and other stuff at the knife jenky dot com slash nine three and as I always do. I let the knife junkie. Get the final word. So what is it this week Bob? Okay so this week selling knife. See how good it feels. You gotTa Take Your own advice. Yes I will okay. We'll find out next week if Bob put something up for sale. Thanks for joining us. Everybody for Bob. The knife DEMARCO. I'm Jim the knife newbie person. Thanks so much for joining us. Thanks for listening to the knife junkie. Podcast if you enjoyed the show please rate and review it review the PODCAST DOT com for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit our website the night junkie dot com. You can also watch our latest videos on Youtube. The ninth jokey dot com slash. Youtube checkouts. Great night photos on the knife. Junkie Dot com slash instagram and join our facebook group. The KNIFE JUNKIE DOT COM slash facebook. And if you have a question or comment email them to bob that the night joking dot com or call our twenty four seven listener line. That's seven two four six six four four seven and you may hear your comment or question answered on upcoming episode of the Knife Junkie podcast.

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