3045: The Beyhive w/ Wil Cope


Hey. Welcome to Keith. And the girl I'm Keith Malley and the game a deadline to write my standup. She said we have a date picked out April fifteen for yearly shout. Now. I need a deadline. Feeder right it and all yesterday that the computer that that that that what am I angry at then I get legitimately angry kind of making it up on the spot that and as soon as I wrote the beginning just between us to myself out loud. I go. Oh, this is good. I tricked. You. So I'm very excited. That's good. That's good. I like the days that you right? I can kind of tell that you're writing because you you act like everybody's there in the room with you. And they know exactly what you're talking about. So you'll text me something that you're upset about out of nowhere. But like in funny form, and I'm like, you guys keep that in your stand up. That's funny don't can texting. I know what you're doing ten. The by the way has a new episode out in your VIP program. Should my father-in-law says episode seven she keeps in touch with her ex father in law. She's divorced, but keeps in touch with the debt. Is that stupid? Is that crazy? Yes. Is at entertaining. Yes as well. And the continues her conversation with daddy o. Her ex husband's father, someone has to love me. Right. The talk begins with a discussion of his own dead in the hospital for seizures, which leads the talk of his death. Our own mortality raising children forgiveness and how healthy and harmful. Forgive. This could be what could that mean? You'll see some shit sons. It's every show we've ever done, including these spin off shows keeping the girl dot com slash VIP. Wreck says no joke if it weren't for ten does. What's my name episode entitled dating with HIV that happened to appear before me a week after my diagnosis? I'd probably not be here today. Hashtag fourteen years of podcast love him. So glad you're still here. The third crow rights. Thank you. Him. I'll be the Goodwin just saying love. Thank you. Keep them girl for saving my life. And then Keith are the real superheroes. This planet needs God damn Nita Cape. So thank you, buddy. That's nice list. My wishlist, ladies and gentlemen. Today's guest co host along with our favorite Courtney. Mcginnis of narcissist. Does a podcast for you about us. You're welcome. He's already shaking, right? Shake your titties? I'm we'll cope ya. He comes with his own insurance. I'm just so excited to be here. Thinking. When did you meet a Courtney for years on my God, we go way all the way back? We met junior year of high school of fashion field trip. Like, I like gave up a credit bust my ass, according to high school and actually drove a minivan and took this fashion class that was like, very bootleg. But it got us here. We're kind of school is this a fashion class. It was like a magnet class. It was. So there were so many there's twenty six high schools in this northern Virginia county, and so some of them had specially like classes, essentially could like do you could take Korean or you could take like hotel management or you can take like fashion design. So it was like if you had an idea of what you wanted to do what you wanted to major in you could give up an elective and like use that time to drive across county to thank another class, and you're a fashion designer now, I am. So it worked out for like a few of a slim on what's out there today. Oh, I'm interesting. That's a real question. Right. Just hold something out of his ass. And you're like, let me take this. To act like I'm talking about. Keep getting paid. What do you specifically designed? So I designed menswear. So that's where my head's going. And honestly the nineties are very hot right now. So you're not everything's been like skinny jeans and like, very Taylor and stuff. So like things are kind of getting bigger looser fit, which I appreciate because honestly, it's bulking season. You know, I'm talking about my low. So it's various news when he hears that tone. He has to go. Hello. We're already five, and that's very much the call respondent. I like, no. So yeah, it's kind of getting like Lucerne like brighter to color blocking coming back and logo all that kind of crazy shit. We saw now the late nineties, and I love ninety nine it's like seventies. Plus like a little more comfort. Exactly, sure. But like breathable fabrics and a little edgy me. So with all of that fashion. Knowledge, you're wearing a sweatshirt help me understand. It's just comfy cash. I'm trying to give this like noodles color palette. I don't know. This is like it's like a blush peanut butter. I see what you know words. A sweatshirt is fact exactly as long as you like. Swayne for those listening. Listening to Brown sweatshirt. I'm going to tell my girlfriend. I'm comfy. It's really about the finesse. You also designed shoes what's new in those? So. Get into the shoes they still have a soul. So dad's leakers are the thing. And I'm giving the ugliest shoe possible. It looks like my bones are broken it. That's the vibe. Sorry. The podcasts aren't like ads. Visuals. They need to be close. We'll posted on our website and the app, but they they're puffy in weird ways. Yeah. Right. Like, Billy fat. Exactly. It's very like. So what is something that like your dad would wear count him for like put that on and pull it off? Keith, you're so in fashion doing it, right? Honestly, dad styles the wave check in the boxes L. I meant like fifteen years. Everything comes back around. Just wait it out honestly for real just don't up and you'll be cool. Yeah. I don't wanna take away your job. But just keep your same on. This leads drew a broken clock rate times. It's two times a lifetime. I'm coming around. Like, we mentioned we've been taught casting for fourteen years and once a year can deny go to steakhouse. We would never normally go to we find that a little extravagant, quite frankly, we're not that kind of people. But we're like, you know, what we're gonna spend too much money. We're going to get too many appetizers, and we're gonna have a good time. And it was so fun and the, but I think I'm over steakhouses in that these waiters. What is it? We're that's the Sharm to not give let Saint sit next to me with all your pieces of flair. But I am saying. How about a alot? Now, a lot of people are either they're like for business or like, you see a bunch of men's dinners because they can only mean at stake O's very testosterone in the room. But it's also like meant I thought it was meant to be romantic now, you know, he, and I are not dating. Yeah. Yeah. Off napkins. Yeah. But the waiters like their clothes don't fit right on them. And I'm only saying that because the career waiters were paying way too much money for everything so upstairs in a static. That's not happening. And even though like I'm going to say like there was no romance. I don't want romance between Keith. But I want a five an atmosphere Yelm. Yes, ace let me let me wipe off your table before we bring the next course, it was just like everyone's shit. I'm of shit. Here's some steak, and it's every ten star steakhouse that we've ever been to few lineup waiters from a diner. From a cafe I will pick out the steakhouse fucking waiter. Every single time. His hair is unkempt. No matter. What about it is? It's always an I have big ridiculous hair. But their hair somehow is just this is meat on that somebody's hair. No your hair over you want. But like it's a fucking steakhouse like at least be put together by the right size. Blazer? What is going on? Looks like when they left their house to Muslim it looks like machine wash the sue. And then put it on. Like in the back. You know, what I mean like with the cloud napkins. Gain and lose weight where the same sues aims as a matter. Now, it's a it's a definitely Kamaruddin attitude. And again, I guess if it's every stakeout it has to be part of the charm like it has to be classes, right, right? Like, you wait on me and we'll practice and they go Hello in the go cut cut for what? What's that training? Video like. There's something they're like, hey. So if you're feeling good, you should probably not you know, what I mean? You know, what you should just like give his like knock something around before you come. We've been in the steakhouse industry for years. And here's what we've learned when somebody asks for a crab cake. You don't say coming right up because then they're waiting for you, don't talk and walk away on the crab cake shows up there pleasantly surprised pride and then justifies a sixty dollar tip. Honestly, maybe there is that method to the madness like how about we actively lower expectations as the evening goes. So by the time, it's over you're like, it wasn't so bad. Seriously. They really did that by the time desert came we saw this thing on the menu that chocolate caramel some word. We didn't get me one that I feel like I should Google. But I'm scared to pull out my phone like, and I'm like, that's what I'll say. Say what is what is a caramel? Chocolate pot Hendel those pot so works. But we got a feeling based on their attitude. It's not pot. It's basically your classic pot. I have to find that on my own. It's moose of what's. Yeah. In moose was like not include us at all. Now, one word of moose, which is fine. You know, like you gotta make us talk to the waiter because we're an experience he doesn't know shit even doing here. Now also next us the table next us I had to use my flashlight on my phone to look at the menu relatable. Thank you. Jan I realized I don't realize that my flashlight is still on. I'm just holding my phone like an asshole. So I'm like flashing a light on this Dudek. And so he politely was like, hey, you're flashing the land on me. And I'm like, oh my God. I'm so sorry. He's like, no big deal, whatever. But then I'm like, he's a celebrity, and I flashed my light on. Oh, why I'm recording? You. Host shit. Meanwhile, I don't know what celebrity because I'm so bad. It's everybody's but you just know he's famous. I if I know who you look like you have got to be famous. So now, I don't know how to describe this to Keith I said normally he plays a Ginny older, I don't know possibly Jewish put nine. Zoe the character. He plays would also be at that steakhouse. Working. Yeah. Yeah. He's like in character. He's methods. Did you figure out who it was the I'm mazed that the knows this person because she doesn't know it's not Tom Cruise. Right. Not Tom Hanks now. So that's everybody to note. Basically nose of Brad Pitt. You heard of him. So for this not to be out Pacino. I don't know how she knows who. Well, so it must be a character actor what I concluded. His he must be a character actor in a movie that I've seen a million times and TIMMY, he's famous because I've seen a million. Absolutely. Okay. Okay. Yes. Scene two movies and fifteen thousand movie moving and she really knows this guy. Get how everybody doesn't know the guy from drinking buddies. That's so reliable. I went through phase where I would literally just watch the same movie every fucking debt and be some shit that I like recorded on the wonderful world of Disney or something like anything. I get my hands on on my like bootleg VHS player. Like, the only thing I had in my room. You know, how many times it was my best friend. I've watched goodwill hunting at least ten times. I well, then one hundred says how about these apples is corn see ten times. I saw once and it was cute. I'm like that. With like weird things like it's like a fucking of Whoopi Goldberg movie where she becomes the coach of the New York Knicks. Why can I recite it you know, what I mean? It's just like now part of me weird thing the other day that he puts cigarettes on your chest. He only cried about a one not twenty times. Starring want. Sick. It's a classic rewind that bad. Live with your boyfriend do five years. Yeah. It's been five years. We've been together for six it's actually seem happy about it weirds, really wild. And like, I can't tell you can tell but we're gay. So it's like, no, that's engage. It's literally like we've been together for fuck in thirty five like your lesbian. Yeah. I know like when I tell gaze that we've been together for six years they gas especially because you're so young no wild. It's really wild. We and we shocked vast like lesbians to like, this is your new wild. I know. Yeah. It's really like, I should maybe I should have studied. I don't know. What the fuck know? It's it's been great. Like we live in Bushwick. Like, yeah. How'd you meet we met in the clerk? That's the club. Everyone. King. The. We've had in the club like in. They would look at me and be like those clothes aren't ready. All right. I'll be at the club. They come back in four years. You'll be ready. Lineup. Oh my God. Yes. No. So we met we met out just like in person believe it or not like all the girls classic. What apple is the club for real. No. It was my best friend forever. Like since we were seven, and we didn't know we were gay like, we were just boys. You know that also would sing split. The boy is mine equally. You know, thinking back to each other. That's going to be easy. I ate dinner conversation. Right. How you you? Both separately realize rega- the Toyota remind to yourself there's a lot. I mean, that's the other thing is like there's so many classic gay. I date questions like do your, parents know, do you like are you just like how out are you in general like where we add on this time line? Are you what do you prefer sexually like is this going to be exactly the questions where I'm on a date? It's if you can be any animals. Guys got that. It's harder for sure for sure. But the question exactly the interviews like stacked up at least until like three than it. Right. Okay. So are we? No. But are you topper bottom verse best of both worlds come on? You know what I mean? Like when I got up Sion's. Let's take full advantage. Yeah. That's why anyone's like to understand. I mean 'cause I do it. All check all the boxes. I it's blows my mind when people like are adamant one way or the other toll top or total bottom. Like do. They is it. I think they mean that or there's some people that mean it's wild hairy and what I normally here either suburb Dom. Aha don't you naturally do everything. And are they just trying to be hip in the grab it onto a word? I don't get it. I'm both do it. Right. I like it. Like exactly like, I don't think I would enjoy maybe dominating someone a little bit more land. I don't even I don't even swing all the way dominance, just like, I'm probably more in charge of this time more and try to next time for ugly. I kind of like that we get to have different sects. Keeps it exciting different mindset to like be the top two right because you're in control and a very specific way you have to come up with more. It's like the improv, but you're the prompt for sure, you know, and then like the ten areas, and yeah. And as a bottom like that's a lot of acting like a no I can't get out of those better. Hold me down harder. The whole thing to me like my favorite is. I'm gonna fight you. And hope you win for sure. I mean, I know that's the thing is love being both because there's like a bratty nece that comes along with aspects. Because it's like because we like have this lex ability and this like almost spontaneity it's almost like who what's going to happen this time 'cause yesterday is watching porn and new kind of porn came up hummy that I was like a fuck amend to this. God go, basically, and I I don't even think I clicked on this. It was this couple fighting, and they were just like fuck you in the start like actually pushing each other. And I'm like. I mean, that's what that one scene. Fucking. Mr. MRs Smith that the scene that fucking broke up Brad engine is so hot because they're literally like shooting each other and then fighting like beating the shit out of each other and then throwing each other around and then fucking each other and like all this broken glass. And I was like, yes. Please. It may have to rewatch that because I remember in the l word. What's every one of the main couples? I forget the Tina and the other one. Talk. She just found out that the other one is cheating just found out. And they go home and cheat. And she's like fuck and they start fighting and then they have sex. No brain stop liking this. I feel like the common. I mean, maybe it's the way my algorithm set up a common trope in gay porn. It'll be like I caught you cheating at the gym like with like you just slept with someone else. Like now, we're going to fuck because I'm that from like. Got fifteen minutes. There's another one, and it was in Spanish, how did Spanish get into my porn. Going yet. Then she sees it by accident. And it's what you like this much like this. Now, she has to read all her porn, German never mind. What's going on there? Really? So there's this push. She's she's going like an how this started bless her heart. He dude rings the doorbell comes into starts like Levin. She's like, no we can't do this again and my husband's upstairs weeping, and I'm like. She's like, no stop touching me. You know, when you touch me, I get horny. Date. Counterproductive this friend comes in and starts touching tune. She's like, oh my God. I can't even. You updated dialogue. Time in Spanish way. She couldn't even till she blew the shit up. Of course. Classic. What you're making me. Do. Your next level. Now, my move is. I I'm submissive than the girl takes charge. Then I flip over. Thought. Wow. That's can I ask you. How old you are? I'm thirty. Okay. So you're with the guy with math 'bout twenty five twenty four years old. Yes, we met when we were twenty four before that were you on dating apps. Oh, yeah. For sure here sites all of it. They've apps when you were in highschool dating ups. No, they didn't they did not have apps. I will I didn't get my first smartphone. Two. Bill. College graduated college in now is when it really kicked in. But I was on like dating sites in college. 'cause like the original the OG in highschool, the Oji was fucking AOL chat rooms that was kind of where it all started. And it was very like. Ooh. Like ASL age sex location. What how old are you baba, blah, which is enrichment creepy because I was like sixteen like talking to like dudes our like twenty seven thirty and like that weird now, but then it moved into lake so many apps for that like or sorry sites for that. Like, it was very specific. Or like are you into black guys to bears daddy's or whatever? And then it turned into that Moberly with all these apps we have now we have the gay community to think for those over. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. I mean tender would Nabi here if grinder do not pave the way for sure Fisher, especially like the location driven shit. Like that was all us while we're the pioneers for sure. Sure for sure. You like being specific or or is it weird? Because now people are being specific about you like the twin thin thing. I did you start watching porn in Spanish. Guess actually. Eventually it. No. I would say that like it was to me. It was all ready set up that way like that came with the education because like my coming out, and like a sexual identity is so intertwined with the internet era because that you're coming out like I mean, I was so gay like my mom said she knew I was too because I was literally like putting pantyhose on my head like it was a we even spinning around for hours. So like I was like that little baby down like just like fucking vogue. Ing the hallway. Like she at. I was like I think she was stressed because what happened. Yeah. Like the eighties. And she was like this is going to be a fucking hard life for like raising black gay men in America like. Ex but they eventually saw vote and was like it was like, okay. Excuse me. What are we? Nobody was also just like how does this like how are we going to deal with the family, and what they think and like how are we going to navigate basically this path set out? I don't know. What's ahead? Isn't that interesting to me here watching the two year old going like he's going to watch this point? And that get his dick out of your mouth right here. His cousin exactly why is your uncle concerned about. That's what I'm saying grinder or Tinder what I'm saying. I'm going to go off folks from chick dreams taken away. Yeah. That's what is weird. I don't know. Like, I had like my uncles and shit like punch me in the chest to man up and doing all sorts of stuff like that. Like that was just how it was like hearing them discuss me when I was in the room or not in the room about like how what's the logic of the punch in to say like, hey, don't like men. This point like not even that like I was like six like I was like, I don't even think it was sexual. I just think it was like a soft thing and to be like a soft black man in America is like a scary idea for a lot of people because it's setting you back. I think from what the notion of the world ahead is and I mean, honestly, we're tougher in a different way because to be like. Authentic in your femininity as a black game in is like sometimes put your fucking safety in danger. But like all up saying wanna fight every time you open your literally that like just me showing up. Honestly, I've literally been on the street corner talking to a friend and been approached by someone who wanted to fight me out of nowhere that I had no concept of personal. So that is like a real thing that happened just like Megan coffee with a co-worker made you turn you turn up people's energy. Yeah. No, literally meet like just me being around like my presence in -rageous people. So that's fun. You know what I mean? But also like it's that is something that I know as watching a kid, and knowing that they have no concept of what that is a head of them trying to prepare them for that is a scary thing when you're your task to protect them. You know, what I mean, there's so many things that we teach kids not to do just for their protection. And if like leaning being gay or being soft is part of that. Have you been? Up for being not like bashed. No. So yeah, I would say, no. I feel like it sounded so the will hunting. He said, no. No, definitely like, no. I have not. It sounds like. So, you know, the sound of your voice and the feminity in full style. Like, my neighbors it makes an angry. But when I think about it men angry and women also like they own everything like an impression over woman. It's like this immigrant like this eating voice. And what I think is you're in the kind of body that they get to punch. So we annoy them like that, you know, the more for sure 'cause I relations, but but we annoy them kind of equally as much, but they get to punch you because it won't look weird to punch another like male male body, but the other side of that because absolutely. I think that it's like misogyny for sure like just the ants like the hate of women and women characteristics and femininity and everything comes around with that. But there's also the element of with men know how they think of women or how they sexualize women or what they how they they have. About sending their life exactly in the way that they objectify and sexualize them. And the fact that when they see a gay man, they know that that's flipped on them. And now they become the FOX them up. Like that is honestly, what is so terrifying. That to be the bait all of a sudden or to be the one that is like the lower on the food train in a way. That's like now, you're being pursued can be terrifying. When you know what that entails? Meanwhile, they're not even being pursued girl, I don't even want it. But like I just showed up and now you're like going on. I just tried to get a coffee and now you're insulting interested. Exactly. Like, they're like, how dare you not want. And I'm like, honestly pressure Tiv. I. That is to their so desire. Outgrow Mandujano you try. I mean, not with women we've proven that. But with men it looks like you gotta try honestly, I wish every was gay. I don't know what the problem is. But I'm very I'm very wake. He woke up before noon. What do people mean by that the? What age did you come out to your parents and your mom's like, oh fascinating? So I did. Literally it. So I didn't really have to like did you just want ice cream pie? Exactly. My my internet browser history. Really did the coming out because I was like thirteen lacking it all day that should a stack them. And I thought it was clear metrics because the family computer, you know, what I mean like it was very shifty. And also, I'm like printing out porn. It was a mess. I was like I need to get this to my room. This is like the fucking living. What I'm going to do? I'm like. Ooh. Print all. Binder under my bed, and it's a sprinter. Really was. My it was giving and all that shit was found grandpa. What was the internet lake when you were? Real stone age drug all the kids. Don't know. I mean, he's back in their day. They'd pick up a rock kind of shaped like a woman, but it was immediate with us. To do. So yeah, that was really. And so my mom would always bring up like tough conversations in the car because there's no escape if you're fucking moving doors where you could go learn how to enroll exactly. I did jump out of a car, but we were like zoom in. And she was like so does everyone know you're gay or like that was it. And I was like what eight. Minor forcing fourteen fifteen cedar mom, no girl. No. But I was like no you cry just because that's a big question that she casually drops. And like it exposes you all of a sudden, I I wanted to literally die in that moment. And like it wasn't. And she wasn't doing it harsher. Anything naked? Yeah. Exactly. Like, literally, laying me. Nothing's wrong was like someone snatched my whole wig balls. Like, I was not ready. But I was literally just like all right? Well, let's talk about this. Then I was like, no. And I honestly don't want to because at this point. I had decided that whatever school. I was going to. I was leaving this Virginia northern Virginia shit, and I'm going somewhere like a major city and I'm coming out. Then like that me move going to college will be the transition because like fuck these people in high school, no shade. But like the ones that are writer die will like love me. Then still and then it's like a new beginning fresh start. But you mom notice. Yes. And so you couldn't have been that what's the word subtle about? Sure. No. I was believing switching about it a little bit. Yeah. She goes when you tell me that you're getting. It was it was very. But I mean, like when Courtney I met me, I was straight quote, unquote. You know, what we hear you try to do that? Street boys. Like, it was I think I was giving like maybe like trying to be here. All the time. Like, hey, guys. Did you see new brianna video? I cried in the car on the way here. I was getting like my to polos and like. People like you cry because you so focal exactly like my like my locker covered in beyond say every binder beyond say covered. Like, I'm fucking like we like, I'm like, I'm sketching fucking girl. Clothes all the time. I'm the so I'm flicking so gay guys. Like listen to me right now. Okay. She makes penis so drippy. Yum, like, she's. Whatever. But Courtney say when when the shoes like Doug Earl. She was a little shocked, but also Courtney's like cheese a magnet for the games. But has also clueless. Like our favorite instinct bitch was Lance Bass like number. She wanted to fuck Lance Bass. Now, Courtney mcginnis is true. Oh, she finally gets to case. Novum for real like like who she is. So late here. We. I was like the girl you guys have narcissistic, she's only paying attention to herself. She's not gay. So she was like I look at the black guy. When I look at your booths. Look at your bio that obviously you wrote as an Admiral in the beehive. Yes, that's me. Are you are you are you a card carrying member? Like, I'm not joking is this a fan club. And you really have position. It's not is a fan club. Right. Don't have fish. Okay. But I appreciate you taking that. It's a serious. The kiss could call me up at any day. That's what I'm saying. Maybe you are. I think I mean, maybe I am maybe. I think maybe a little election coming up soon or something. Reads beyond say is not a subject, we'll take slightly. So let me ask you some things that I was wondering. I'm ready. First of all did beyond set physically have that baby. Which won any of them the first one, I think she physically had all of them. But there was a foe belly attitude time. Okay. And this is what I think happened for sure. So there is that moment where the belly like straight up collapses. So if you guys were call the MTV movie awards of two thousand eleven the the mic drop in the belly reveal Konya after she around like a ballerina. So now, we're just nervous. He I know you can't shake baby. So let's assume it's fake. Well, not that wasn't very low keeper for it. But she was honestly just like like temptations to step, very cute. She's keeping it mild for beyond say standards. But I appreciate you respecting the choreography to shape up. Randy. None of that. None of that level and top. It was that very like grandma song the people. You know, what I mean like they played at weddings? So so that's what she was giving. But then literally a week later, she shows up in Australia doing press, and she's fucking. She looks huge. And that's what she sits down some. And I was like, okay. Like. Exactly like, I really think it was literally like caves slowly made a Neo pre or something like it's so weird. And she just kept going because I split second thing. So I go. Exactly, Dr then she didn't. But then the twins. She was all about showing off that belly so much. So I know that those babies where for sure, okay? So we don't know how we're being played. But a little oh, we're definitely being like when cheer for the Super Bowl not me up when she did the Super Bowl and Destiny's Child and she want them there. Yes. I think so those are the members of Desi shot that she did want there because not everyone gets invited. When when she with the other two main ones and did you come on? Oh, I know. Members and siblings. I know I know the one the one in detail, right? So too are there and you saw right? Oh, absolutely. Definitely for breakfast. You definitely every day. Saw how threw shade to her pest. Right. Thank you bye stage. She she she does her saw her all then sings with the women. Yeah. And then when then like halfway through the one thing and then halfway through. She starts doing the most. And then she just like rolls her eyes in half as the most by bitches kick them up. Also, this was that route. I don't think so because it was the beyond say Super Bowl performance out the Destiny's Child Super Bowl performance. So there's that. But I think. Right. But the true shade was that she had them sing her famous song that was just her with two backup girls AK single eighties. But they were not included in the original. So she was like you can come out here, and like we'll do a little quick showed. And then you'll help me sing my song much for coming. Thank you. I love you. Now, here's another question for me. It seems that Jay z for better or worse. I've heard out her best music. Okay. Interesting. Is he going to cheat on her again as a favor? I don't know if it'll be a favourite this points. It'll just I do want consistency in a relationship. -solutely? Absolutely. Absolutely. I just hope that he continues to piss off in some way because my favorite beyond angry beyond say, it's always been that way. And she's always been pissed at him. Like question. Tell me what you think about like, independent women style. She's talking about fuck, Jay z. Like, it's like she's always mad at him. It feels like whenever he cheats. Yeah. She comes out with like record of the fucking central got. It's so fucking good. Yeah. 'cause she's like his, and that's the thing is when she wins. Does he get producing credit go on stage and accept the award? He, HUD, right? I'll react as. Now, did they do? Intercourse with RIA. I don't I don't think. So I don't think he had intercourse with riana blasting each other probably or something like that. Like, it would definitely got gross with rounded for a little bit. When he initially signed her like oh six time because this is the t- everyone freaked out about lemonade is like this pinnacle of beyond say, finally addressing the cheating and all this shit. That was the Nucci exactly. But if you go listen to be day, like the sick the fucking irreplaceable that whole ring the alarm that whole the whole album is her just yelling at men being like green light. There's green light. It says you're holding traffic remains go get the fuck outta my life freedom dress when you man acts up you pull out your slutty stress, and you go to the club show that other dudes. We'll Satch you up in a second like that should left. My phone at home. Good. Exactly. It was all the med- like there's a song called kitty cat. It's literally talking about her postseason that like we can go. That's fine. Are they are they happy together like the Clintons? No, I think that they are happy together happy together because she was a child when they met she understands this to be a relationship, but is she like diva happy diva life. But you know, she's just I think kind of a regular wife in that the only regular thing. She does sure she takes regular shit takes regular fucking cheating regular lying like a regular bitch. That's the real nece is like if beyond say's out here still putting up with like. Yeah. For men like what the fuck just getting lemonade. Thanks for the lemonade. Hell is limited urine. I haven't heard the Hoyle. It's so deep it's there's a lot in their current. Let's go over some topics. We covered the last week in New York City. Okay. Our mayor was trying to is trying to has to work with Albany. And I was saying how amazing New York City has the respect. Honestly Lau the rest of New York state, but we do and the mayor saying, I would like it to be if you get caught masturbating on the subway, you get kicked out if you get caught twice because you know, I come course we've been here. Of course, you get bent. Everyone's lips up banned from the subway, but has to work with the work with Albany on that. So give that time banned from the subway that you think that's a lot right? Yeah. That's like a hard concept for me to wrap my head around. Right. Hide concept to take your dick out and train know that I've seen. So I understand it. No, no, not so much. It's not my favorite place damage for sure. But it's not fair to not take the subway. Yeah. Or just like how who's like policing that? There's not like a bouncer at the subway. You know what I mean like this? How are we gonna catch these guys like, what's what's the method? Well, who cares? So if I shoot twice somehow fair, you didn't you did it twenty times two thousand for sure. And you and you're still doing it as cops were coming over one hundred percent. Like you want to be caught. I put up the poll how many public masturbation offenses before? One should be banned from the train. Good question. Okay. Thank you question. What are the people said? Well, we're options one two. Okay. Three to five six or more. I have course, said one eighty five percent two times. Because again, we all make mistakes. Everyone slips up ten percent. Ten percent three to five. Five percents. Okay. Six or more zero percent. Okay. I love that that one. However, I have a message here from pumpkin. Okay, bunka. This is going to be an unpopular opinion, but says unpopular ping. Check, the weather and then report, right? I tend to disagree with the punishment that involves banning people from public transportation. It's a lot like the driving laws in the mid west. Yes, Keith jerking off in public is different from traffic violations, and like when people correct themselves. Exactly n throw your name. As me is key. I hear you my point is when you take away people's way to get to work or to therapy or basically live their lives. It can do a lot more harm than good. Sometimes the punishment doesn't fit the crime slipper slippery slope alert in though, punt, then I would assume this person would say, okay, six or more. Why was that zero percent it? Yeah. You decided six or more, sir? But yes. So I'm picturing this person in the subway. You think he's jerking off on his way to therapy? The irony. Are we going to get him help? And by the way, I don't want him go into where I work. Well, there isn't after that post come clarity that you were there. I think if you wanna get the most out of that is the worst, by the way watching porn, I'm just like so into this. And then I come and I'm like, what am I what am I? This is a terrible thing to do. Totally that fuck it's getting hot again. Well, it's browser. For real. I don't care if your job is busting boxes at the bottom of data. I don't really there. They it home and jerk off for real get that done first priorities. But put I don't have a reason to live. So sorry. I'm good grows. This would be a suicide machine in your house. Wave. Big microwave, honest, kid abutting. Lahtchi crushing. By the way, I saying say, of course, I like the idea of people that need help to get it. But I don't think you could fix these pedophile for people that start jerking off on train a bigger issue than you know, there's I said to the audience I said, you can write a letter anonymously won't kick your IP address. And let me know hey, are used to kids. But I ended up getting some how here's why you're wrong. So I'm gonna check my Email now it's been a full weekend. Oh, kurt. No hold on. I'll check the junk folder heels apropos. Nope. Nothing. All right. That's interesting. Oh, yeah. Kief would be the one I would tell if I was a pedophile. Let me report myself to Keith Malley. He's Mark, Molly. I promise I won't even say you're in recovery. I would say that you are recovered or coverage was just let me know how it happened, and we can help more people you'd think there'd be more spokes put a bow on it feel you. I'm here to help by the way. This brings up this poll is this idea nobly last week's poll in general. Okay. General who do you usually side with more Keith? Or now the look on his face as it's Keith so far. Now, if the pull continues guy, you ripping that apart folding it up and handing it to you. Oh boy. Wow. Fifty fifty exactly. That's beautiful. Wow. Let's go. Beautiful. Oh, well, balanced. We should do. We had like about ten years ago. We went up to Canada we had like a dodge. Walter nement US against Canada's cooking. Now, we should do dodgeball Keats people against my I love that. Right. Keith the the girl. Yes. All of our side will be stoned all of key will be recovering alcoholics hasn't who haven't done anything about their mindset. We're dead my. But we'll have we'd after I love it. My son is going to be so much fun. Your side's gonna be like, oh, here's did you drop the ball. Yes. I'm out. I'm gonna go smoke. We exactly. Our bench is going to be fire. Our side would be like oh my God. You guys look so strong. Really trying to be on that side. He's doing the Bollock real hard. We'll be talking at them try to hit my but. Points for the but it's gonna win the subs against the Dom. What halfway through? We put on our leather. Exactly. Then one. We fucking flip. It. Fucking come back into this. April thirteenth through the fifteenth. Like, I was saying it's four events. It's twenty comedians here in New York City. Okay. That includes my annual standup show will cope will be there. Sure. Well, we're going to do you can't say that. You'd better not you'll be there with Courtney mcginnis your podcast and co host playing against her boyfriend's podcast. I'm so fucking excite taste, no way. You're not going to beat them. We have to beat them. And they have trouble speaking. I know like I'm concerned about like dislike as three straight men to get done with references like note. Thank you grow. We got this. We accept the right in forfeit right now. Absolutely. What's exciting? Is that? Of course, it's two people get to people. All right stay she'll be three rounds. Okay. Okay. Okay. Minimum. Johnny don't get kicked out fair. Right alad. So you will read you will give the clues to this game which cross between trades and taboo to Courtney. Yep. About horny. We'll give them to you. And for the third round, you will decide who gives to now these three men have to figure out what they wanna do each time. Maybe one wants to stay out. They don't know communication at all they got option. So a lot of infighting interesting. But I'm looking and love that. I like to watch him crumble from within you know, that's gonna be great. Yeah. We did you can't say that. And everyone's like, really jokey. Throwing out bullshit. And then it started getting competitive, and you guys will turn on each other quick. I'm more concerned for Courtney because it's fucking Cornelius, Casey. And I am I competitive Astle into Bruna this relationship and the second I love it, even Keith. And I went and he starts getting mad at me for giving the wrong because I didn't didn't even watch that movie. Why? I mean, depending on where the clues at there's something's according I can get with some just a my contact. So we'll see. We live together for five years. So we know each of that so come on by Keith girl dot com slash tickets. All the information is there, and we appreciate it. We'll is gray meeting. You come. So much fun. You guys the fucking last you Soma J should follow. You guys definitely to their podcast narcissist. Our website narcissists dot com. Spelled in a RCA I s I s s dot com. Do you have to learn how to spell that? For your punk for sure for sure it's kind of like our Alto. But now, it's just like a thing it tattooed on your chest. Why not? Yeah. I had to learn how to spell entrepreneur because people started calling me one and nice still don't know. How to do that? I would for sure. Drop the ball. Now. I'm so glad they're spellcheck. Right. My bugaboo was available which is so weird because it's literally a veil Abol about like I every time. When I type it. I don't know. Why brain just like is like no me so deep because you're not available. Maybe you guys come see us there. April fourteenth, go to keep him. The girl dot com slash ticket. John.

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