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Hey, everybody, sheer boy, ride here again for another great episode of the anime pad podcast. Yes, I know I've been gone for a minute. But we've been doing a lot of stuff and I personally been doing a lot of stuff on personal life, but we are here again to give you another great episode and recap some of the stuff we've been doing some shows been watching some stuff that's coming up. And guess what? I'm gonna give it to you great today. I just I'm cited I'm happy to be back in the building doing the thing during the pike. Ask him. Sorry if you've been looking for another episode, and I've been missing, but I'm here back in the building. Don't forget to check all our platforms. I'm still doing a lot of stuff on other platforms on the YouTube E T W express team wave on the blog anime, Pat, that were press dot com. And of course, the podcast is always the enemy pay podcasts. You know, I'm still active on some of the other stuff to blog in tubes and popping men doing lot of stuff. But I've been in the pike has a little bit. But I'm back, I'm back. I'm back. So just as recap, we went to see to eat too, which is a Chicago's entertainment expo. And I mean it was a tenth anniversary. It was just huge magnificent. It's just crazy. Just crazy time. And I was invited out. So we went and. Cruncher Rohallah holiday at me and birth. They holiday me. Hey, come check out our booth when you get here, so like so that was the first thing I did it was between. It was March twenty second through the twenty fourth, I believe. So Friday was like, you know, Fridays of the Connie jozy, like they're either like the industry day, kinda like or like a slow day, just for the industry and press, and everything come out and like view to show floor and all that stuff. So it's like a soft day soft opening in, you know, Saturdays the Hughes day and sunny is like huge Dan, a tail off of Saturday. So so Friday I went to go see the crunchy row booth and verve booth in crunchy row. Taught to Lauren. She's a great great, great girl knows a lot about. Anime and we, we had some conversation behind seem just by enemies is a good time. But their booth was the tower of slime. So the tower slime, of course, if you know, anything by enemy is from the show that time I got reincarnated to sign. So basically, the main character REM rue the guy gets killed in. He's reincarnate into this slime slime ball monster thing. And but you notice show I talked about me as times on the podcast, but the they had a huge tower of like these being bags of him. It was just like this huge towel. You can sit on and it was coups like real comfortable. I even have a video have video up on a arrives media, Inc, page, Facebook page. So if you go to our Facebook pays rods media Inc. You'll find that of video I need to put that up on YouTube. I think it is upon easy. I think it's only two too, so you can find those veal's pretty cool. We did a did a quick interview and everything. Streamed live on Facebook. But at do it up on YouTube later, so you can check that out. It was fun. It was fun. We talked a little bit about the show, but I don't wanna spoil anything. So. But I'm spoiled a little bit on this episode. But then we went to verve, and you know verve as partnered with contro under relation and everything AT Augosto, but they have not only do they have crunchy row, but they have Nick splat, they have a bunch of these other instances, all into one umbrella that you can stream the have high dive, another anime of company has, like smaller properties. Some innocent, I foam work stuff, so they have a lot of stuff Nick splatters with a huge one if, if I were to spend a little extra money and give her our get IB, you know, spend a lotta time on splat but they have a lot of shows rooster teeth is on there. There's a lot of other properties like animation shorts and T V shows their biggest thing that they have out now is the. Woken, w Ziara D, which is like this wizard in community college. So if you can get into Hogwarts you go to this community college for being a wizard and they, they previewed their first episode which I didn't know. So I when I when I met the verboons, right? I'm talking to the guy. He's like showing me they had some sets set up for the shows and I'm looking like this person on this fire looks so familiar, but I don't know who it is. 'cause they kinda had like an his digital cartoonish looking way but is Dani Fernandez. And I'm like, oh, shoot I follow around Twitter and we I she crap it or sometimes and she likes it every night. But she's like this hut hilarious. Latina nerd and she's great. She's also beautiful. Shout out to Danny Fernandes Dani Fernandez, but she's Larry on the show and of its it's funny. So check that out verb as a lot of great stuff. A lot of great stuff you can catch, I think I did their panel. I think can kiss the video of their panel. Possibly on. Right media Inc. Facebook pays at believe is their eighth. Matt still good time, but I know crunchy rose panel is on their seek definitely. See that crunchers panels definitely on, on Facebook writes media Inc. So you can definitely see that there. But. Yeah, just see to eat to like, amazing Koss blaze mazing comic book now being the anime was there, but it was mainly comic books 'cause, you know, you had DC there, you had marvel there, you had ERI comic book of artists, you know, run DMC was there cause. He does a comic, this mazing stuff, mazing comic artists from all over the world where there art Allie was amazing. They had a Funchal pop claw booth there. There's only three in existence. And one of them was there. It was cool. I mean I mean it's just crazy had a lot of crazy stuff. It's just a whole. The venue was amazing. Just I had a good time. It venture center self just the McCormick place. Oh. Again, it's just a good venue, the hotel next door to the Hiatt. They, they had the it was sponsored by crunchy row. So they had food in drinks that were branded after anime shows. So the big shows were black clover. Let time I got reincarnated to slime and shield hero. So they had drinks that will based off. She'll hero food as based off all the shows like I had just to say, I had a few ahead a few drinks, and I had some slime potions one hundred percent does hundred percent potions. That's in the show year. I drank one of those, and guess what I was one hundred percent at at the had to of. I was two hundred percent if you will. But yeah, and then if you, if you bought one of these drinks, she got like this customary glass, based on an anime, so really cool, really cool. I mean, the whole experience of c to e to is amazing. I will be back for sure. Everybody was nice there. Well organized, I even got into this. We had after party on Friday, that was like for charity and stuff. So I went to that, and to be supportive and everything we had a good time. They had a conflict contest there. It was like a bar that was like, maybe like two blocks from the convention center. But it was it was a good time as a mazing I was I was even in this contest for. You had to pick out an anime based off, like. Maybe like thirty seconds of the opening song. And I was on a teen not knowing that I'm like, super anime press guy, but I was on his team with some, some local people, and for some reason there was only three of us on his team of, like ten that were like super anime, his it was me, a guy and a girl, and we will only ones that, like new new what we were doing. So we were in his competition with these other great teams like it was like three other teams three other teams and they like people that knew their animate openings like these people knew, and I'm like, and we're talking about, they their whole team is like part of this collective, and I'm on his team with just three people. And I'm like, man, if we have WalMart person we could win this. So we started off, like not getting anything like these. Other teams are beaten us out, and then my brain really got in motion, and I started clicking. And I got about. I think I got four answers right of our like teen. So I was really, really Inam like, yes, a no no know. No. You know, once my brain got to click in, I was all on top of it. And if we in the other two members, they really fantastic. And if we just have one more, we came in third place. You wind up coming in third place. It's one more team. We're on our team. We would want it all. But hey, you know is what it is. So but it was a good time. It was fun. See to eat two main food there is great. I mean, I don't I don't know what else to say about it, it, you know, they had the sci-fi of wire sci-fi and, you know, they're wired they're like, pock as a digital platform was there and doing interviews with some of the great guests, some great act voice actors, so many great come book, artisan, everything. So that was, I mean, man, you talking about walking on stage doing like these live interviews and everything and. Streaming it live. And it was just a magnificent time. You know, you had mazing actors Paul ribs. They're seeing punks poll to be there, but I didn't I didn't see him anywhere, the voice of Jeeva crisp Savitt, you know, all the all these great, people would air man. I just Goku Sean Schimmel, you know, just oh my goodness, a good time such a great time to be in the building. See to two I will be back. C TV, too. I will be back. I'll be back specified anime since they make a make anime a good portion of it. So I will be I would definitely be that be back for that also via was there. Viz had a huge panel would Robbie Damon, my boy, Ma boy, shutout Robbie Damon, Missouri Saint Louis zone with the groves Robbie Damon? He was there did a couple of years Ribe damning. If you don't know that's boy, but. He was there a data. He was at the panel. He did a great thing. They given out man at their panel was amazing. They gave out one piece world secret video games for PS four and X box on my goodness. They were given out some crazy stuff. They had like this bonus round at the end of the panel. Basically just showed out things that were coming out. You know, Bertone's really rob dam is Miskitos on brutal. So they gave out lot of and I can't think of other voice actors name the girl, but she's, she's Sarah voice actor, and they were given a lot of prizes stuff in had like a quick Hyun a Soza good times. Good time. Shout out to his media out to cruncher oshaf to verve and fundamental fun of Mason from sorry. Out fund a Mason forgot about you almost fundamentals there. Great panel. Great great panel Karcher, Royal, really shouted out the Jin lock anime that Jordan be is part of he's a he's the main character on that show. It's really not my forte because, you know, I don't do shale shaded threes. Not like if you if you do it on your anime. You gotta mix them to the air for me. It's gotta be some tutti or somewhere for me to, like adjust my eyes to say, oh, this is not, you know, trash to me, but I mean, I can't knock that I cannot I noticed the cheaper way to do the animation, I days, but it's just it's not it's just not pretty to me. I just sorry. But so Jen like they were really pushing that Michael b Jordan out, Michael Jordan. What kind of ever he's the main character on show Black Panther? So you can catch that. Uncontrolled course and then. We had the since Shiro wasn't Abby big director on afro samurai. So he invaded his new show. And I saw the trailer for in trailers out now. You by now. You've probably seen if you haven't go see that trailer. I forget the name of the show. I forget the name of the show, but it's like just few futuristic anime in to my disappointment. Slatter shell shady, three D in. Oh my goodness. I can't get away from it. Like, and I know he's a great director. And I know he's a notice show is probably amazing. But I just I just can't do the shelves say three. It's just like the ultra Netflix, ex I wanna watch it so bad. 'cause I'm a big Tokyo fan a big Tokumasu fan and I like Ultraman. But I just cannot do that shell say three. I just can't do it. I don't know. I don't know what else to do. I just I can't watch that. If you don't make to the inner, I can't watch it. Sorry, it just is not appealing to the eye at all. So I had to pass on that. And. But I'm pretty sure I'm I might have to just suck it up and watched his show by a sin Chiro, Watson Abby, because it's, it's probably going to be stellar. I mean he does della work, and I got I gotta check it out. At least I don't know. I don't know how to go, but see to eat to just amazed just flat out amazing even VU had water in everything every day. I mean it was just it was crazy. Good. I had a good time there sought asylum in Chicago. You know, that was my, that's my second time being in Chicago was possessed doing and may central, but yes e- to eat too. I will be back for sure. And especially if you keep that in a good portion of anime to, I will be there and also yeah, I got these really cool. Batman, eighty years peons. Yeah. I got some of those 'cause DC was big bear. So, you know, I got some paeans also adult swam issues used. They're all forgot so Adilson was used. They're also they were, they had his big Godzilla for the new, the new Gazal movies coming out. They had to Gaza likes big you statue from the show. I mean, from that movies come out that was nice. They had they had gun them. They had yes. They had Gundel a pretty good sized gun Nair. Like I can't even magin how many feet it was. So they had a lot of gun player or gonna play or gonna action figure playing. You know, you know, you know, the industry of, you know, put models together all this stuff, so gunplay. They had a lot of that there. And they had the big, you know, original Gundem you know, they're so that was amazing. I took a couple of pills that you could see all that. You know you see all that on rise me on Facebook, see those pitches. But yeah, that gun I want to clam up the legs and like see if I get into the cockpit. Now but his very, very well done like something you see only in Japan. So I'm very thankful for that. You know, I love my gun them. I love my gun so that was amazing. I trying to think of what else they had their, you know, have they are. They did the they had like this wrestling portion of it. So like Eric, Bischoff was they're telling stories and stuff. So that was they had a bunch of wrestling fans. That was part of it to power. Rangers was used because they had Walter Jones there and Billy Billy from arisen powering, does he was there, so Zack. And Billy from original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers day with their I, I went by Sables up, and I was their amazing is. And they still a good for being on that show and me Rimmer them like they look exactly the same except Billy has a lot, less hair. That's it. That's it. I'm besides like those guys are those guys from that from that amazing mighty. Fire engines, and, you know, Mayhew's pirate fan, huge supersede tie fan. So it was great. CNN also, you know, the DJ. His name's alkies. Koji. A koji. A Okey yet. DJ aoki's. He's got a he's doing a he's doing a comic now or he owns a comic company now. So he had a comic there that I got they gave an issue out. I got that have ready yet, but I got that I'm gonna check it out. Eventually see it looked really good. And then like they had to artists. They're the main artisan writer there and he gets sign and everything. So I got got his signature pretty cool, pretty cool. I haven't read the comic yet, though. So good times good times. I also like that. Also, like to see to you to has the official badges that you can scan it with the RF codes in them. I really liked that really a pronounced it. I'm pressed on the badges. I really liked that will or such a well organized, concerts will organize big big thing and I'll TV shows they were pushing so they were really pushing the Cobra KAI season two. That's that was really big there. And 'cause they had to guess they're stars from that show there Ralph Marchiano and the other guy can't take other guys name, suppose bag. Good guy. You know what I mean, Johnny? And then. Into the badlands so into the badlands season three coming out on Netflix. Now. Really used that was really Hugh's, you know, no longer. You know, we've been waiting on that at the season to wait on that. So long I forgot about this show, and I'm like, oh, they're, they're really pushing this into the badlands so and check that out on Netflix. I need to see that. I haven't started yet. But I the way ended I was like oh, shoot is really got good when I'm getting an excellent. We don't know until now so. Yeah. So see to do all my goodness. Great great time. They had this, you know, had to global cost play contest. Also yom's their course. Someone other major, major cost players that you see across a social media were there, some of the really big names were there. And I'll just it was just good to be there. Good to see all that. You could check out some of that coverage. Like I say, on Facebook Roz me, Inc. Also on the blog. And may. Now, we're press calm. You see some of that stuff, it's been a great stuff. I wrote opponent and pitches to and video so all good stuff. It was great to see to two and then I come back, I come back and we go to the world, Saint Louis. So boom we have back to Whistler Saint Louis. You know, we do his worth Saint Louis every year and did she was a little different? And so we walk in wiz world, Saint Louis, you gotta last smaller, like, really tiny. And so of big draw was Ottoman Jason momoa. He was supposed to be there and he's supposed to be there. All three days originally. And then he wasn't there, all three days he was just there on Sunday. So coming into Friday, you know, people got aware of it and coming into a refunded people's money only to Sunday and coming into Friday. It was like, really slow not a lot of people and it was just it was kinda like just turning along. And in Saturday came in it was a lot more people. But still kinda like it wasn't there wasn't too many panels. They has guest ours, like Chris ca- time. Sam. From lorraine's also, but from strange things Bob for change things of sorry strange things season. Two we'll see three was season two three I forget, but they were there and who else Tomini and Mikko Michael from a American pie. Was there. And also the Sherman ater from compile. He was there. They had the cast of charm there. So the Mary, Mary piper combs, they had, they had a some okay gas there. But if you think about it a lot of millennials, don't know, those shows Donald movies strange things, they probably know because they came out in their time, but a lot of the younger people don't really not show. So it really didn't really was. A draw necessarily, you know, guests stars are usually a pretty big draw, and then I thought that they were going to add some anime, and they really didn't. So there were no anime voice actors or anything, they had a anime section for video games and manga, which was presented by right stuf, but that was it as far as anime, subs, a little disappointed in that the anime and in their never some now, none, don't get me wrong over some great anime Koss plays. A few I should say, but it was mostly comic books and I was kinda hit. I talked to my great great great friend that I talked to every year Kurt later. We did an interview, Kurt Lanier has worked for marvel he's an animator. He's a cartoon historian, he's a artists August of he's original character concept for Franklin turtle, you know, that TV show, he, he came up that characters lined him. You know, he's big on gargoyles character designer for gargoyles oughta concept. Art for Gargo's. He's been part of he's animator on Space Jam a lot of good stuff. He's done mart, worked for marvel were closest Dan Lee. You know, August up. So he was there. We did a great interview talked about Space Jam gargoyles. Stan Lee and you know, August stuff we talked about. Great, great guy. Canadian guy, you notice Canadian gays great guy, so yeah, you could and you can check that video out on the YouTube express team way. And there's also preview on Facebook rise meeting. So great Kurt liner. Was there a Tim cook his buddy Tim cook, whose friends wit was there? You know him as the guy that came up with he man. Yes. The guy came up with the he man, and, and he row, which people don't know of was supposed to be, he may and son, that was a spin off by a dick entertainment, or, or D, C, entertainment, and income Riddick ethic. It was like five episodes, and I actually saw those episodes, but at that it fell off. No more. And so and Kurt learner actually did the concept art for that character. So I was able to get. Get that a print from him, the huge print get us. I am by him, but Tim cook. Yeah, he man. Hanna Barbera shows. I can't. I can't even remember all the stuff. He's been on she rug course August he was there again. He was last year. But this year he was more more. Well known more will receive. So he was there was a great time. And that was kinda Jason momoa came in on Sunday and had to play screaming and blown away his lion was, like wrapped around most of the Khan, and I mean, even after the con- close they were still doing signings for him. So. It was crazy. It was crazy. I didn't participate in Jason momoa stuff 'cause I'm not I'm not a fan girl. I commend was great. Great movie, but I'm not a fan girl like that. And, and I won't him swish my face or anything like that. Big do about away. But yeah good times. Good times wasn't where Saint Louis? Yeah. I was like I say it is it was a last malter. I'm Lou concern about them. Staying in Saint Louis. I'm looking about that. I don't know what the numbers were. I haven't got an Email about it being like he's we get Email, the 'haves great time, we had, so and so many people in this at another they're only supposed to being Saint Louis for another year. I believe in the contracts. Kinda up. So I don't know. I don't know was was to feature. Wizards, Saint Louis here in town, last mall impasse years to gas were subpar. There were no anime of voice actors there. So now out of entering representation, but I mean I don't know what happens scary, but was worth saying Louis I'm looking forward to next year to see what they do. Look forward to hanging out with a boy, Kurt Lehner again. And don't forget, you can kirtland is Instagram is Kurt Lehner art, seventy seven follow him. Look him out. That's my guy we go out to eat. We hang out. He's a good guy. Does does amazing art has an amazing knowledge of cartoon in, in an anime and comic history? Just amazing mind on, I mean I sit there for our we, we sat we sat for hours, talking about anime. And like pass cartoons. The year before, like, we just we could just go for hours, talking about that. So that's my guy love him. He's good people. Oh, yeah. Great artists. Great gate. Great everything. Let's just great everything. Yeah. Mista guy already already. I got away. I gotta wait a whole year to see his guy rear. I might have to go to Canada and just seat. His duly. Can we hang out in Canada? I might just have to do that. But great times. Yeah. That was where Saint Louis kind of wrapped up pretty soundly like that. And so. Yeah but to get into these this winter season. This winter twenty nineteen season ended a little short short while ago, it ended and just someone shows that I watched over that winter season Ecorse black, clover black hole is getting is just an amazing show. There's no valley's, there's no peaks. It just stay steady a steady great show. Is it just a steady gray show? Escot death character death. Great everything power levels autograph stuff that, you know, anime in a great shown, in anime in it's just it's just steady being great of love and develop between Austin, you know, their powers the people that they're working with other magician nights. Just it's just so good for for show to have so many characters. And you really get invested in some of their back stories and their character development is so good is so key black lower, I can't speak enough about that asked as my boy and I am a black bul. Shoutout to black lower moving on boogie pop and others. I didn't finish it. I'm so mad that I haven't had time to finish I need to. I've been really busy, but I'm having finished boogie pop others. It started off amazing his startup so amazing. And I was like consumed by the stuff and other shows. So will you pop others? Check that out. It's, it's, it's an the sequel or spin off to the other boogie pops from the nineties, man back in the day, when when I was coming up and you had to watch boogie pop on a g fourteen eve you remember that. So, yeah, check that out Burto a caught up on Burto and this show is not that great. Is not that great at all of a size. When I see SaaS gay and Nardo come in to do some damage, besides that. I'm like, man. I'm so bored watching his show. But. Just recently caught up. And I'm just gonna send this boil out and so SaaS gate comes in town to you know, I'm back in town. And he he's hanging out with cider. And I've been waiting on this was so long, so long, I've been waiting on, on, on SEIs gay to MIT but he was wrong all this time in our toll and Arto Shuping, I've been waiting for him to say he was wrong all this while. And finally, he comes on any, Mr. Sira that. He was wrong about some of his past transgressions any hinted at Naruto being the one that really made him realize that by them, killing themselves almost for three or four times. And that's the only way you can do that. Apparently out of friendship is to almost kill each other. But he finally admits that he was wrong. And I'm like, yes, finally, you minute that bro, man, I've been waiting on episode long you either. 'cause like when he when he figures out that he's wrong. He just soaps but he's finally openly admitted it, and I'm so glad for that. I'm glad for that him actually developing as a character in everything. So that was brutal. I'm caught up with that. And that's, that's kind of all that took away from brutal at this point. Yeah. And auto steel Opie. Sassa is like half O P, if he would just go ahead. And like be okay we're getting a fake arm. He be Opie Opie. But yeah, then I caught this show out of the blue is on crunchy road. You know, I watch everything crunchy row caught to shell out the blue cod domestic girlfriend. And I was like this show looked trays e I don't know. It is allow. But it's this, this high schooler not soon who. He goes out on his like on his karaoke date with these girls and his friends and discovers, like, hey, come sleet with me. Her name is ruby. He's like, okay say sleep together. Never see again. Then. His dad. He's his dad is his mom died, and his dad is single parent. Whatever his daddy, hey. I'm getting remarried. I want you come meet the lady. And. Oh, we think about getting married. I want you to come. Meet the lady, and he meets her and. The ladies the lady has two daughters. The younger daughter is Rui, the gird eighty slept with took her virginity. And the, the other lady the other daughter. I mean is an older woman named Heena, which is his teacher? Yes. And so in sues a love triangle between these three. Oh my goodness. This show is not for kids. It is not for kids almost can't believe is on crunchy row, the should be should be like some parental controls on his on this show. But it's yeah it's. It's a yeah. It's, it's, it's, it's close to that, that realm. Ramble. You know. Ram of. Yeah. I don't know what to say about it. I don't know. I don't know how I don't know how that made it to crunchy role in light. There's no parental locks on it. There's some there's some some stuff to goes down in issue. It's a yeah. They're producer condensers wanted to producers on it bit promotion, DM pitchers, licensed by sin Taffin work. So you already know Sint how film worse gets all that, that juice juice. But it's a. So drama, romance, ma'am, it's if you if you're like in if you're into that drama, romance, a lotta some Hanky panky if you into that watch this show 'cause I started watching it. And I was like, okay I cannot stop watching it 'cause I like a good romance. I can I could with some adult like themes to it. So I can I couldn't stop watching it. And. Yeah. Every through the season. So no shame on me. Just let you know how row no shame on me. Good show. Good show if you like that type, and then I jumped in onto this show out the blue peacemaker, cruel Ghana, and it's, it's only, it's only one episode or I guess there's only I guess it's only gonna be one episode but it's like an hour and forty five minutes, some crazy like that. But I watched it, it's, it's one of those historical dramas. About, you know, shoguns and the Takao hours and Toko, shoganate, and the magistrates and all that keel tobe way back in the day stuff, you know, samurais and, and samurais going out. It's out of style in actual armies and armies with guns coming into the pitcher so that, that type era thing. Good show. I mean it will. I don't know what it is, is only is only that one episode on crunchy row peacemaker, cure Ghani. So it's like our some but it was good. It was good good. I wish I had another episode of it, because it, it, it leaves some hints, hints to some future stuff. But I don't get to see it apparently. So that's a peacemaker, cure Ghani, and they move in a swat, online allegation man, you talking about some crazy crazy. And I you know, I talk about this show every episode but man, okay, I'm just going to spoil forget it look. Okay. So you boy. Boy, curious Cuito and use yo and Alice, you know, they're, they're trying to fight this giant. Mech thing I guess you could call it. That's built of three hundred swords. That the. That the boss has created. And. I don't know. I was I was like there's no way you guys a winning. I was like it's just is not possible. It's just not, you know, administrative the ministrations like this evil boss lady, and she's like, yes, I've been killing characters like I've been letting them build up their powers and beat his ultimate ultimate like swore. Character. And then I kill them is still there power. And then I make this giant mic thing out of it to destroy the world. Yeah. She's crazy. So we thought use your head, turn evil. He was tricking. Well he, he DA kinda give away dig it up to the ministry, or a little bit. But he can't use. Yo made them come to census by putting that to sores on. I mean not not too. So bad about putting him putting extra work on them. But he comes back to his cell. And so they go against the administrator and. The pontiff the pots of. So the pontiff AAC has to come to their aid, 'cause they was getting worked. Ugeal tires. Today's huge swore. Mac thing he kills the other sore make thing, but then then he goes up against administrator and she worked at boy, and he's like I'm dead. But his his rose, Royce still alive. So Alice got worked early in a game. She got knocked out and depart effect. She's she did now. So it's just is as usual. I mean, it's just a Curio so usually like a take my sore and, you know, how, you know, Q toes will have to source anyway. So he gets. He gets extra sore. Now it's time to work baby. It's time to work, so. You DO gives that work. I mean, I use U outside I curious gives that work, and he sort of beast administrator, but he doesn't and I'm not gonna say anymore. I guess I need I need to rest toward online. We are dropping their next season. I need that e mmediately is about to get crazy about to get crazy and sort online. Yeah. Run with the win. Great sport anime. They great cross crunchy Renan anime that I've been talking about for longest I'll maybe into so beautifully. So I couldn't figure out how gas going finish the race. He had one guy that was sick and like had flu like unlike this dude is not go run like they don't have to drop out because they only had ten guys and you gotta have ten is run. So if he drops out there done do running, and even though his time, even though his time wasn't great. He finished. And I'm like all this show so crazy. So I had to feels that whole episode and then. I mean, they had a lot of issues and you got your boy. Yes. Boy, Hiji who you know hurt his knee in, in, like the pre qualifier hurt his knee, so's knee one hundred seat. He had to take painkillers before the race. Unlike unlike man his dues Nago finished race man. I'm like, I'm like, let's go happen. So, you know, Kaku, the only like strong strong like this, this. What do you wanna say this prodigy of running? He's only one that can like, you know, do anything for real. So does the guys get pretty pretty good scores. You know, Eike Haditha Mussa you. Hey Joe zero and Joji row. They all get pretty good scores. Even king got a pretty good score and sew Kaku is he has to make up all those numbers that they left off because he's the best runner. So he has to make up and try and get them back into the standings. You had to was I think they had to finish tenth yet you gotta finish in tenth spot in a tense by to actual qualify for the next season and win. So Mike will qualify as. In ten spot. So. Kaku runs this amazing race, and he was beaten the other type guy, the top runner deaths in the country. He was beaten his time. He said, a new record for hisself in Kaku. Came in beat that record. I'm like, oh, snap Cocker's. They do in like, like I love when he runs they turn them into like this in luminated charactered, as just like blaze in, like inflammation is like the speed. It's like watching the speed force. If you know anything about the flash so that was great. And then Hiji actually run he he's the one that's gonna finish the race. And so he's running and the knee is like given out on him and his like, oh, it was, it was crazy, because they make this sound effect during him running. They make the sound effect of like something come. Unhinged like like screws coming on hands and is is supposed to be the sound from his knee while he's running, and I'm like, all, I'm like, I'm like, filling I'm feeling all these emotions man. He's supposed to finish this race in his all on him. And like how's the psych was go happy? He's like he gets I don't even care. He actually enters dissolved on sorta, like work were cockerel. Is he answers that zone? He's like, but it's not they have a slightly different color for him versus Kaku. Speed force and he like I don't care. I don't care about this need off. They had to cut it off or whatever, I I'm, I'm a run as best I can finish this, and they qualify for that tents by and his great Kaku gets lower veins on his old team. The. Sports complex team. You know that, that was the team he got kicked off of. So he gets a little a little revenge on him. And because he knocks him out of the standings. So man, great show. Great show into so great Kaku. He still running. He was being a captain as the other guys graduate and hygiene. He's coaching now. So Manny integrate great such great show. Great opening themes production Aegean since I film worse was the licensor on that good, good. Good. Good grace, boy, anime, it just ended in at once season, and like, like a Indiana's, like I wish there was more, maybe there will be. I don't know. They definitely do another season with Kaku being being the captain now the team, but I don't know is great. Such great Annemie but it ended. And moon on that time I got reincarnate to slam. So we get to the point now where all the fighting is kind of done in, in reincarnated slamming. I'm like, okay, so just out of the blue. Rimma. Ru was demand characters Sime Karrada rumored. Tempers tempests, his whole thing. Now is I'm gonna go for feel she owns dying wish to say these, like five kids or whatever six kids, so he goes, and he becomes teacher these keys way out somewhere. And they all had ease. You know, you know, the whole thing is when you get some into this world you, they. You get these powers day like this mystical power energy that each you live, basically. And so his job is to figure out how to slow that down in these kids will save these kids so loan story short. He finds out that there are spirits, and he goes to find these spirits. I'm spoiling, his soul all spoiler. He goes to find his spirits, and apparently, you can summon spirits. In this one place, you can summon spirits, and based on your like personality and traits. You can some in a certain level, spirit Anna's turned type spirit. So each wanted to kids, he has, and you had to go pray, apparently, or just be like crazy to get when he spirits to, like you in, in go into your soul. They they and they wind up like a habit in the energy that's placed inside their body and slows slows that decay down of the energy killing him or whatever. So, like all these key is get a spirit, but wanted a girls like gets dispirit that looks like date looks like the girl, she owned it died that Rouge was like, Mary, so she gets dispirit and I'm like that's weird. It looks just like old girl and. She kind of looks like oh girl, too. And I'm like. I don't know how to feel about this. So. That was like my huge takeaway from the show. And then there's like this ominous last. Couple episodes that I won't go into. So yeah, look forward to the next season that it's gonna be crazy. Crazy crazy crazy, so. Yeah. And then promise level promise Netherlands. So I watched the first episode Norwest to episodes that originally, and it was like, okay this is good. I'm gonna come back to it. And then I kept seeing little stuff on social media, and I'm like let me let me, let me stop messing around with this show, and then lowering at at C two two at crunchy row, the full four country as to who she was talking. We were talking about it. I'm like, I'm like, don't spoil it. Don't spoil it at shut her up at shut up quickly and some like, now I gotta go. I gotta go watch it. So in one day I finished entire season and I'm like and then well I finished most of the season than that I had to wait that week for the next for the last episode to come out, and I'm just like floored away from this show. Oh my goodness. This show is so amazing. I don't know. I don't know what to say about his show is so good. I'm not gonna spoil this one. I'm not going to bore this. When at all if you have never seen promised never land. What are you doing with your life if you like anime what are? You doing with your life? If you haven't watched promise never land, this show is amazing is so out of the blue off the wall and just the drama of it the suspense of it, it's just it's, so it's an intelligent show on top of it. And I'm just oh my goodness. You get the feels all that stuff. It's has everything. The show has everything promise. Never laying go go that go watch that and may. Yeah. Any plex of America. You did good on that one. You did great on our any place, America's been hitting lately with these shows. Maybe hitting big with these shows lately. I don't know who's on their team. But they're picking some great wants to put out, and then, of course, going into rise of the she'll hero, my man now for me. I love this show so much man like manage show has everything is, is gonna go it has to go down. It's between pro is between reincarnate us line promise never land and rise to she'll hero for anime at a year. I don't care. What you're talking about those three are in life animated year, and it might just go Raza Sheila hero. 'cause they show a so good the storytelling so good. The character Velma is so good. Everything is so good. It's complex. There's drama. There's, there's emotion. It's, it's everything is show is so good. Watch the rise of shoe here arising this year. If you're not watching that, watch it, and, you know, I get everything on crunchy row, so crunchy row. Yeah. May show. So, but I'm ended with I'm not gonna pull anything on on sheet here on just need. Watch that. Yeah. I like where they're going with the show. We we're getting a lot. We learned a lot about reptilian now. And now he's got the little Princess, the Princess, that's actually in line to be the next Queen. She's in the party now. So we got a whole crew. We got a whole set. Now what you won't come up against us. That's sister. The older sister owned rather ship, the older, Princess. She crazy. I want somebody to Mark her so bad. I need somebody to Mark her. But anyway, the last show, I kinda briefly started on was quintessential quintuplets. Yeah. So this shows about this character as really smart guy. He's really smart highschool and but he's broke. And he's trying to take his little sister and to get money. He starts tutoring and come to find out he's supposed to tutored his one girl. But actually he's supposed to tutor. Five girls because they're twins. And they're all not necessarily dumb, but just not interested in being great academically. Yeah. So he has figure out a way to get in the past high school, and that's the story but only watch one episode and I was like, okay, I'm, I'm gonna come back to that, come back to that. But it's kind of a harm and it may you know how they goes. But I think I think, in the end he'll wind up with just wanted to sisters, as when I'm thinking, you know five of them hot. Yes. So cools little show. We're gonna lot of shows now where where there's like this tutor guy disguised, this guy like -tunities girls. It's another show. Any place of America's coming out with pretty soon here where yeah, they're doing that. I wrote about it. It's on the blog. You could check that out. But yeah, that's kind of like the new thing in anime right now. But that's all my shows. I've been watching that's kind of everything. I've been doing anime wise in issue is which still looking too. We have enemies central coming up convention coming up anime Saint Louis coming up. So those two commissions, we got coming up next. So we're doing thing we're here, you know, I'm with you guys. I love you and we're gonna wrap this show. We're gonna rabbit 'cause I gotta go. And pretty sure you've been here for a while you might have to go, but it's been another great episode. And of course, you always get us on Stitcher. He'd get us on tune in app and get us on apple podcast Google play. You can get us on Spotify get us on a lot of platforms. You can go straight to our website with I is enemy pad podcast dot blueberry dot net. And B L, U B, R, Y dot net. You go directly to that. You can subscribe to any of those platforms with Google play. I tunes any that you can subscribe directly on my website with a click of a button. Or you can stream directly from my website. And you also download the episode directly from my website. Also comment feedback on that. Good stuff. I love talking to my fans. Yes, I do it all the time, also reach out to me on social media. I'm are these RD on Twitter. Also on Instagram and Facebook, it's rides media Inc. And that's our OB the media, I n c. Corporate because that's what we do. Maybe we in the building a love you guys. And I'll catch you later. It's been another Graham of the enemy pay podcast. I'm out in this ride. Being. Sure.

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