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Morning Brief for Monday, April 15th


This episode is brought to you by GS K. For years, we have relied on antibiotics, but what happens if they stop working and a once treatable infection could be fatal at GS K. We're one of the few companies continuing to invest in a new generation of antibiotics through our own dedicated team and by working with other scientists because anti-biotics resistance isn't a problem of the future. It's already here. I'm Anne Marie for totally in the newsroom at the Wall Street Journal big Bank earnings role on this week with reports from Goldman Sachs and CitiGroup on Monday will hear from Bank of America, plus Johnson and Johnson and net flicks on Tuesday and Morgan Stanley and PepsiCo report on Wednesday. The White House is considering new checks on immigration, including a rule that would clamp down on countries whose nationals overstay their visas. The administration is also looking to tighten rules on student and investor visas. American Airlines and Southwest Airlines. Are canceling max flights into August. Following the grounding of Boeing's seven thirty seven max aircraft after two fatal crashes. The grounding is up ending flight schedules, and is likely to impact summer travel and Washington is waiting for the Muller report, which attorney general William bar said would be released within a week last Tuesday the report which is about four hundred pages will include reductions to protect grand jury material and information from ongoing investigations Democrats are calling for release of the full report for more details. Head to wsJcom or the w s j app.

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