Transparency Can Build Brands - If Youre All In #676


Gay Transparency can build brands. If you're willing to go all in day readings from the Haneda Airport Hotel just about the jump on a plane and head up north for the day where. I'm just checking the weather forecast. It's about about four degrees C up there at the moment and I've just come from thirty four degrees C and I'm not necessarily a for the day so I think it's going to be a bit of a long day for me one one way or another today but in this hotel. I've just learned a lesson. I think in branding and transparency when it comes to building brands and and it's come from this simple bottle of pump soap and as you would have seen with a lot of these pumps in public toilets in airports and those kind of places they come out as a phone but as you can see from this liquid if you're watching video it's actually a liquid inside the bottle. It's not a farm and I never really thought about it before but the liquid starts as a liquid would comes out as a farm like that now. The interesting thing about that to me is it's only because of the transparency of that bottle quite literally that I'm able to see that it's a liquid if that bottle is sealed like most of these bottles tend to be. He don't sealed but Opaque so that you can't see through it I would actually have no idea see. That's a liquid and it's something I've never thought about but now that I stopped thinking about it I think to myself will now. I can really see what goes into it now. I can really see how it's made and I think the same thing happens with your brand the more you let people inside of your brand to see what goes on behind that opaque cover because remember normally these bottles Calvin that you can generally see through and so if you let people inside you'll brand they start to understand how things really work but the reason I say you've got to be prepared to go all in these because the more I looked at these I thought well hang on a minute. The magic is actually in here because this is liquid comes out. What is fun and so somewhere in here is the magic? How does that magic work? And so the secret. I think to building a strong brand connection much like this pump bottle lies in that magic. Beat that little bit in the middle. You've gotta be prepared to let people see a little bit your secret source to be able to understand Dan. Hey you can turn liquid into fun just me. I don't know if it's just me. Maybe just me but the the sort of things that I look at and I think there's a lesson in that somewhere and I found it. It's a lesson in transparency and branding already. That is it for today. Thank you for your time and I will be back again tomorrow so yeah.

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