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This week on truth and movies, Jona hill. Go super rod for is their toil debut the coming of age skated around the mid ninety s. Do you understand me? Jesse Berkeley is heading to Nashville by way of glass. Go in the country music, crowd-pleaser wild rose something. There's no shortage of folk consensual fulfil club is back to the mid nineties once again for Larry Clark's controversial kits that you base look struggle. Yeah. Well, it's just been a bad day. Well, coming up in truth and movies. A little white lies podcast. Hello, there podcast listeners can truth and movies, the one hundred edition of truth in movies. I'm sure we can get some by week noises and providing sound effects this week. We have David Jenkins. Hey, I'm Beth Webb. Hi, welcome. Both. How are we feeling old? Temples? It's an existential crisis episode. Feel who sends us a silver spoon. Yes. The Queen and podcasts, David Beth. You can join us as well. But a quick quiz all the way back in April twenty seventeen we had the first episode of truth in movies. Do you have any idea what the films, we cut it were? I think do remember actually I think I remember one of them. And it was God is the galaxy part two volume to days in fulfilled club did American graffiti so with the Rosser to other new releases that week. A sequel in a franchise starring VIN diesel truck. Oh, I fear which one eight eight hundred to the furious. And then the other view that week was a British debut. Starring. Florence pee. Welcome Beth getting stealing the final point. Title. Fell short for MacBeth web. That's exactly it. From now. Anyway, that's the past. Let's look the presence or actually let's look in the mid nineties. We're gonna have a midlife crisis by revisiting coming of age movies from the nineties or set in the nineties this week, we have mid nineties and kids, let's krecko. Jona hell makes his dark toil debut with this coming of age drama set. Squarely in the middle of the nineteen nineties time of transition both for youth culture and for thirteen year old protagonist Stevie who's upgrading from a super Nintendo to a PlayStation and exchanging Renan's stimpy for rap the greatest change comes. When Stevie disco is a local gang of skaters their influence on the young lad proves to be considerable. But it's not all healthy. At least not in. The is was mom. I was getting. What is your name? What is your name? Jesus. Listen to me, you do not give my son alco, man. Man may not get my son drugs. Do you understand me better be cool, or whatever your name is stay away from my son? He's not like you Catherine Watson, they're being very frustrated with the nineties youth. David should we herald the coming of Jonah hill director? Going straight for the jugular there. I'm going to say the jury's probably out on this. Personally. I thought this was going gonna go down in the annals of great debut features. I generally have issues with actors who direct identify why they just always seemed to the films always into earth me in some respect to the other. And this one for me felt like a very very like if you just happen to be living in a bubble and not know who on earth journey hill was I think you could watch this film, and guess that he was probably a an active by day directed by night. The strength of the film. For me. That was a bit of a weakness. I mean firstly I guess how does vanity project element to it? That was always very president felt very kind of. It's a painfully earnest film. I. I don't necessarily mean that in like as of harsh criticism of it. It's Sean sixteen mill. So it has this kind of grainy feel to it. I I was watching the film trying to work out. Why that decision was made is shot in kademi ratio, which is square boxy? Look again like to see LA, and this kind of quite cramped frame is it's kind of an aesthetic choice. But I'm of lost as to what the reasoning behind. It was really it's interesting here that hill in writing the film. He's reference kids, which we're going to be talking about later England rat catcher, the sandlot there's a scene on in which sunny comes home after having been practicing skateboarding outside on his like kids cowabunga skateboard like pink. Neom skateboard, and he comes inside and Catherine Woodson's watching goodfellas on the TV and. And I think this is a film that wears its references. Only sleeve, I think, and there's definitely I kind of Henry hill vibe to sunny as he's kind of completely smitten by this kind of subculture that means he's going to need to own my split away from his family and take a kind of more independent role in his life. And it's almost like moving away from one family joining another family and in the same way that Henry hill in goodfellas. It's kind of almost like psychotically enthrall to the kind of gangsta lifestyle sunny to is this kind of instantaneously sees it and is drawn over to. And this kind of feeling that's if him he's not coming from a happy home that I think that's where he's coming from an incredibly lonely households. They're very close in the houses, very small, and they live in very close proximity, but cash remotest as his mom, she's incredibly lately to a chain restaurant for Lucas hedges is eighteenth. Day, and she's over sharing about her love life, and she's talking to them as if she would talk to somebody her own age, which obviously sounds like she doesn't have anyone else. Ready to talk to and then leakers hedges, Ian, this is my favorite because hedges row. I think he's done a lot. I think he's incredible assist. Thickly built very lonely. Very angry. Young man belly says a word, I think for the. James Dean vibe, he's got the Eminem cleaned of get up with the chain and the shape head. He's very fistful it, but also they have a big showdown him and Stevie at the very of high of the film, and and Stevie of really lays into eternity friends. You don't have anybody. And that's what brings the big climate fight between the two of them. And you think yeah, there's no connection within this house necessarily. And so you can't really blame him for trying to seek solace in this this on two brothers my issue. The film is I thought with the family stuff with the N and with his mother the film goes from him hanging out with all his skates accrue. And then you get these scenes where he's returning home and doing little funny things like because even smoking he'll like pull mouthwashes mouth and cover himself. I think it was something kind is. Dem. But I almost thought you could take all the scenes with those characters out the family life, and it wouldn't have necessarily been a different film like for me that just wasn't enough of it to make it worthwhile. This is my main quantum with the film is because it say lacking narrative, I would really like to see them push because hedges and Catherine Watson that to you. Incredible at is in their own, right. But it's very prolific at the moment. And the fact that they didn't utilize them quite in the way, I'd hoped I would have liked to see more of a balance between the family strands. And then what he does with his friends. I mean, you can only speculate. Everything's this. But like the film is eighty five minutes, it just feels to me that there was maybe some more stuff in there that was out and decisions were made to have it in this slightly curtailed run time. Because because I think when you haven't got like a very strong three AC narrative is harder to keep the interest, retain, the interest even over ninety minutes. I think so. Yeah. I think the expensive that may be we've lost some of the I mean, there are lots of questions that going on said the film ends quite suddenly it's very much kind of slice of time rather than as the title infers just a moment in time rather than a developed story or a person reaching guy from one point in life, other even Stevie in the end doesn't necessarily apart from this big change that cousin the beginning of the film. He died necessarily feel it that he's kind of come through somewhere. I don't know it felt really slight for me. But if the family life may seem peripheral to the film, therefore, the focus is more on this community skates. His he falls into young Stevie. This is the third film in more feels like the last few months, we had skate kitchen minding the gap, which also looked to these young communities. Skaters banding together Beth how does this play as the Johnny come lately the say we have to consider that? This is the UK ready, this this film's been out. In the US for. I can't remember the US ready state was but it was embedded in Las yet quite significantly. It's that it's bonded together by skateboarding. And there are some moments. It's been done to death. But I am an absolute sucker for a static shore of a group of boys meandering down a highway to beautiful music that gets me every single time. And that is the film. It's best here. I think it's the most assured if the street, I mean, gee mentioned it's vanity project. And I think that's given with any. I mean, we've seen a star is born Bradley perhaps eating loves himself. But it doesn't take away from the power of the film. Very quickly. Actually a film coming in a couple of weeks book smart. To live via wild that. The me little teaser. But that is an exception. I think that is a great movie directed by an actor. What about Mr. Clint Eastwood one of your phase? But we should say stars Joan hill sister pin clint's director who used to act. But yeah, I think this is various should view. This is somebody who's had an acting career for fifteen years at this stage. If you wanna fill out, you know, he's Tarantino. He's what was Scorsese. He's what with the Coen brothers. So you can tell he's kind of absorb things on the way. He's couldn't favors we need to Sandra, Kim, right? But he's he's gorgeous score from trim Resonator and Atticus Ross, which is very much the air. I like that his voice is prominent in this. You can hear it in the script in some of them more kind of colloquial moments between the boys the humor feels very relevant to journey hill. And I think that confidence kind of exudes, and that's what makes it. I'd still like to see another film from him to kind of determine if he is a good filmmaker. But as a debut, I think this is very short. The soundtrack because that's maybe the thing that the most. The school or the pop music sound dry. Just felt that correct me if I'm wrong here. But the film felt pretty much wool wool like this belly a sequence that goes without some kind of music in the background, and that's a mixture of ninety s pop music. That's just played over the top of very sequences. And then the school. I mean, it's hard to determine what was the school remote was pop music MTV t the school. The scores ounce have been listened to separate from the film. It's only four tracks long and Trent routes would compose it before or after gigs on a nice nails tall. And it really is only maybe fifty minutes of music. So they explain why you didn't feel it was there sometimes, but it's just for fun. Seems a bit weird to me that you got like this very maybe so of self-consciously small low budget in the film where clearly millions were spent on music rights because I mean, there's so much music in it like every single scene has some kind of light time relevant banger in the back. More season. They're very bizarre them Morrissey. He's just. Long-stay winding down the way to Morrissey. Like just in general. I think that that type of film making where econ rely on the images, and you can't rely on the dialogue. And there's always a feeling that it's kind of overloading the scenes there were so many things I was watching, and I was just like this is intended as a quiet moment between two of the characters, and it would it would feel like one. If there wasn't some kind of like drone or some beats in the background. You know, I was watching the film really really wishing it would just embrace the the quiet for a little bit and almost embraces sense of modesty. But it never did. Ryan till the end it was just very like full on music music music, for me, a textbook example of like know, how to not use music. Pushing my buttons when it comes to like, you know, pop music in films being interesting experiment. You should Recode it without the sound. Joel is really funny. I was actually thinking let's facts Steven Soderbergh and get him as little experiments. Re-cut without the music. I'll be really interested to see that. Because I think it would be a very different and possibly more interesting film. There's more focused on light the detail in the film, rather than trying to create an atmosphere is the detail there. That's why I kind of disagree. I think it remind two sizes because this is partly how the film sets off on quite romantic for is Stevie breaking into ins ream despite being told explicitly and with ins fists, not go in his room. And so you've seen as he leaves cedars into the room. And it's this shrine to the era, you can tell Jana hose just kind of lovingly crafted, and he's them mocking down which music. He needs to listen to you on these alphabetized. I can't even have that many discs that stage. CD's types of writing them down ordering this. This. Shelf of many that would have been an amazing five styles from Jenkin. It sets often this foot of really idolizing, we music of the time and then for that to be into the film as a kind of ripple effect from that one scene. I think is is really sweet let's finish up mid nineties with some schools. David. This is in anticipation enjoyments in retrospect for me, I probably gonna give it to across the board. They felt a little bit of eternal for me like a small indie skate film. And there was never really anyone from. I think it was at Toronto originally wasn't it. No one really came out to bat for in a way that was I felt was kind of meaningful so excited level never really arrived for me and ended up being film, which sadly confirmed my worst phase. So the numbers to choose to across the board. It was four and I really liked with Jana hills. Become like, I think he's going from Africa. Owl alumnus to, you know, working with these big directors. And now he finds himself haven't good behind the camera in and I'm for that four again, I really liked how he just took instant ship of this and what David vanity project? I think what to the strength of the folk. And then three I think the impact has does a little bit. But as I say I'd like to see a second film from him. Just to see what his filmmaking is actually all about outside of this kind of romantic notion of a time that he was growing up in everything we're much breath. We're over the hill now home to Jessie, Buckley, and wild rose. Jessie, Buckley stars has rose. Lynn, a Glaswegian single mom who has aspirations of becoming a country music singer. She's undeniably talented, but the stint in prison puts her dreams of making it to national in jeopardy is it time for rose to face facts. In terms with the responsibilities facing home for the second time this week. We have a mum having her say this time. It's the one Julie Walters. Hula these cleaning. I very good. Thinking Frankin was thinkin just go don't you worry? We knew wasn't. He just thinking about your kids. I'm going to Nashville. Manger tied. Disney off you're going through security. I in the moron going up three. I'm gonna get my job back, and I'm gonna walk for that. There's nothing for me here. See there can be holding my craft the community given night. Do you think of sacrifice than not for fantasy? Have. We all know second scientist if you want good Roseline good, listen. I don't care. What you do do something? And I'm gonna use nobody watching tally with Jesse Berkeley. I live someone's doing infra graphic or video essay or something putting together all of the British accents. Julie Walters is done over the years. I think she's it every single one. Now, you must have done to the point where I don't actually know where she's from. Sheva? No, she's from. Bending is a long way way. So bath, you call this a real foot stumper in your view little white lies tells us more about wild rose. Of course. So yes, Jessie, Buckley plays rose. Lynn who we join fresh out of a twelve month stint in prison. She returns home to Hamam people and her children was eight and one's five if memory serves, but she's always dreamed of the stage in Nashville, and the film kind of exposed this battle between her trying to become a good mom and kava path for a home where she belongs. I guess all pursuing her dreams to Nashville and she says in her craft and it worked for you. It seems. Oh my goodness. Yes. So on the big advocate for Jesse Berkeley. I loved her beast. Choose the best thing in that not much because I don't rate Johnny Flynn is an actor. But she was the best thing in that. And so I was really excited to see this put off by the initial exit look kinda cheesy. But there's this great. I think it's her debut feature script from co Taylor. He's written the story about this. This mother I was a little bit skeptical because there's a film coming out next month, folks, which kind of expose a similar sort of battle. Where it seems that woman can't seem to have a fantastic career. And be a fantastic mother at the same time. It always has to be one of the other vice versa, and in this they managed to reach a sort of compromise, which is good. But yes, it's about her kind of finding her footing now that she's out of prison, and it's just beautifully performed. We've got Jessie Buckley in the central role bookended by these wonderful wonderfully written performances from GD Wolters, and Sophie or Caen do Hugh plays. A woman a wealthy woman who Jessie Buckley becomes Davey woman for season. She's cool. She recognizes her talents and kind of takes her on a mission to try and get her to Nashville raised in hasn't Hoda. She's got children. So she's kind of the voice of hope and. GD would carry to is the voice of reason of how are her talents? People only seen beast or maybe smooth Jesse Berkeley's tally work might not realize that she trained as a musical theater actor so has pipes right? And then she's got the pipes. I am I review I mentioned she's got this kind of mythical strength to head. It comes out and she's performing there's is beautiful glass gay venue as she goes to perform. And when she's up there. She's not lodge in any sense of a wedge. She's quite an average size, whoever that means, but she kind of rose it's like a thunder that rose through when she gets on stage, and when she stomping and when she's grabbing the microphone it's really hypnotic to see David this. I must admit country music, not mind. No my back. Is it your back to this convince you? Yeah. Used to double. Back in the day echo. Beth just said about Jessie Buckley, and being a phenomenon I think like you watch films with music or performance elements, and you have these big list actors who are kind of mouthing along to someone else. Singing. And you know, it's the old of singing in the rain thing. And you can never not see it. You always know when someone is actually doing it. When is actually there's actually a connection between the sound and that you'll person and to see like Jessie Buckley, actually singing in this film. It just puts a lot of other similar types of performances in the shade. I think because like to see actually singing knowing as you're watching that she actually has that talent it just makes it so much easier to invest in in his story. So that for me was one of the film's big strings. She has everything I think 'cause she can do the singing. Ng and that side of things that you know, this kind of a result of her background in performance. And but she I think she's also a phenomenal actor. I mean, even in that little clip that we played before the way that she's kind of talks over Julie Walters is such a simple thing that you take for granted. It's like it feels like a real skill being intuitive trying to make a scene sound real. And this being signed to carry his head. You know, I think I suspect I hope that she's just like I hope that she doesn't go into X medicine. As usually is the path of these kind of is is like the pot of soup heroin samba, and we never really hate for them. Again. I I mean, you know, she would be someone who I would be of behind were she in some big Oscar film, but other than that, I think high-performance phenomenal. But like, I think the story sometimes a little bit all over the place, doesn't it how I think the films interesting when we're in Glasgow. And there are these two quite lengthy sections where roseland leaves Glasgow on a little kind of two voyages of discovery does find out whether this the feasability of her dreams and that both really bizarre in random, and I never thought that interesting really 'cause like having her not reacting with the other actors and just like looking around and of gazing and being quite happy in a way. It was not as interesting as the more for stuff at the beginning is spoiler to say who she goes to me. In Nick, fury comments. Hey, I'm I was just watching this going what? She she references like her heroes being whispering. Bob, Harris of old grey whistle test and BBC radio. He's probably done shifts on every channel. And she has this kind of weird obsession of like is my dream to meet whispering. I'm watching the film going. Oh my God. Police say this is the Phil. Janney to meet whispering bulbs. And I think that's what saves those particular moments this, especially cheesy point in the film, wet she's gonna tatty, and she's honest to something like, oh why country and she says I'm not going to do the accent. It's three chords in the truth. And she points tattoo that raises three the truth. And if anybody else said that I'd thrown up, but because you see Buckley is so sincere and committed to this performance. And this woman's love for music and powers, then you've just get swept up in with it boils down to the emotional confrontations on the performances, which light this is Tom hop directing who Jesse the collaborated with on Warren piece. I think is big on heavy work. I think is his CV Germany, but he's very good at documenting the performances. There's one original song in the film. That's written by Mary Steenburgen, which. Among other things we'll say half of one of the best Hollywood couples of time. Hey, K, Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen. But yeah, there's this gorgeous performance piece that's really beautifully captured by Tom hawk Perrin. If you don't cry them. What's the matter with you, basically? It goes in quite sweet way is with three calls in the truth. This kind of like Besigye of country music being primal, simple, emotional direct. Whereas I think this film could have may be taken a bit more of that advice just been a bit more focused people leases you, but then it somehow brings you back in and I think is down to Jessie Buckley, I mean, it's one for the for the annals of like a really great performance in quite not perfect. Phil Thompson in the children's at chestnut back that that's another one. That makes me think if they like for that one. It was more. Like, I admire you're taking the seriously because because I sure as how con- whereas this one is like, yeah. You taking seriously? So I'm gonna give you the benefit of out and dive in as well, Beth what scores. Give. Dissipation purely of her performance in beast. Like it was that good performance. The I was right. Well, you do next Akon? Wait, see what your next for for enjoyment? Describe my view, I think human Baraga tablet, just like a fizzing stream of edgy that just didn't stop and then four again yet foot-stomping as the way tonight, especially the final scenes of so uplifting, and sweet and sincere. Beautiful performances. I haven't seen genie Wolters and say fee Canadian do something this good in a while. So I'm glad they've had some interesting the even so. Yeah. Across the board. Similar anticipation per Biko for fours. Well, because I I also love based we send that you didn't like Johnny flare. No you do. I like, Johnny Flynn. We can talk about that later. And probably threes finally too. It's like I definitely thought the greatness of the performance was keeping me that. But there were lots of little nagging things throughout that was that was drawing me back a bit. I seen a similar films before should we say? Okay. Well, that was wild rose in cinemas this week up next week film clip, which is taking us back the mid nineties fa- kits. Controversial released back in nineteen five this debut from Petach for Larry Clark follows largely street cast on some bull across Manhattan as they overindulge in drink drugs and protected sex. The screenplay was written by Hani Corinne, he'll go on strike them. Oh spring break. Among others launch the careers of Rosario, Dawson, and alternative it. Go khloe seventy his clip in wish like cabdriver takes a shine to seventies character, Jenny. I was wondering. Could be venue system. Maybe kill you up or something. Thanks, okay. Okay. Game because you don't look, okay. Let it pretty young lady. That you face looks trouble. It's just been a bad day. Would I be prying by what wrong? Would I be prying? Everything's wrong. Everything. Sunny spiel shining. That beautiful day. Somethings are okay, right. Guess break up with your boyfriend. Are you in trouble with the law? Am I getting close? That's better. Prom when you smile glam ago. Clip from kids. They're so which way we go in the who or offspring the kids. All right around. They David less. Read some listener comments. This is Ben from Devon. Hi, guys. Congrats on one hundred costs. Reclad you talking about kids. I saw as a thirteen year old. My dramatic force that letters. I'm just thinking it's shocking, and it had a profound effect on me. I'd never seen anything hedonistic or nihilistic onscreen. It was equal parts of pulled fascinated have to revisit to see if it still has. But it's just shock. Can't wait to hear thoughts, perhaps Gummer could be a future film club. When the beach is reviewed another hard films. Forget on related you from there with the story of how many Korean he wrote kids when he was eighteen getting banned from Letterman as the titular host core trying to steal from Meryl Streep's handbag. This was the height of his addiction issues, regardless. He's an interesting guy who seems found his way. I mean, that's one way. This is a message from BJ Summa's. Remember a gang of fifteen euro teenagers walking out of the latest rounded by shocked and disturbed adults. Except for the HIV. We saw selves shrugged and search for a sneaky place to smoke a bowl. What she now is an dot dot dot. Yikes. Tastic closed circuits clocks. Wait one always felt his holding up to youth. Stick was rather tempered by the sense that he gets off voyeur same Principato goofy. But I will say this collaborators tend to shine each Ed Lachman shooting Ken pug and last one David fakest. The film is still very truthfully display of the internal if being a teenager, while the specific expression of the teenage angst portrayed in the film is exploitative outdated. Does not compromise the honesty with which portrays a teens psyche. I love the fact that we have to people. Hey, watching the film in their early teen years. Yeah. Join that game. I mean, I saw in ninety five so I was like fourteen and did you see your life reflected on screen? Yes. No. But my desire to see the film was purely the result of the moral panic of sprung up around it. It's hard to think. Now. Of a film that would cause a similar kind of ruckus. I mean when we talk about like problematic films now with social media films go under the microscope, and they stay there for a very long time. Whereas I think film like kids, it's a really banal thing to say, but it's hard to know what film like that would have been like had just been this kind of churning contra conversation, I think so provocative. You know, it's hot so second guess, whether it still has the power to shock like does for me a law. So rewatching it yesterday. I was a bit. Like am I short during I remembering being shocked? Oh has this kind of worn off for me? Now is is all just very performance. And is it transgressive in a way that of the formative will not since it was a very very weird one to rewatch Matthew say you was shocked. I was for the first time a few years ago. I went to it hominy clean exhibition in London and wanted to find out more about him. And what should that was absolutely devastated watching it? And then revisited for this podcast today. And it's just such an uncomfortable experience. It's bookended by two very upsetting depictions of statutory rape. I think it's worth actually came back to mid nineties, which we didn't cover quite a scene that's been considered by today's standards a little bit controversial. Stevie is taken away during a house party by Otago, the age of hurries isn't quite nine, but she takes away and attracted to him because she says that he's the age before men tend to be seen which I think is Jona hill tipping the hat to this England. Actually, he says that that scene. Yes. Looks at problematically. It say one of the sleaziest Navan ever. Yes. So it's incredibly uncomfortable. It begins with one of the Curtiss telly. I think his name is it's west Newton as well. People were so convinced that this was a documentary. He had to move to London because people found the skate show where he what China and harass him to the point where we had to move away. But it begins with him seducing, a very young girl in a very obvious way. And then ends with another case of date rape, essentially. So it's very tough watching. I think is is worth noting from the off if you've seen mid-nineties upset by that do not watch kids dome. And it's ridiculous. And it doesn't seem to be any sense of consequence. It's a very harsh talev of being young and being poor in New York. It is beautifully shot. I will say it's very sensory or those. Sometimes it's not the best thing you can basically over smell, the musk of the boys is as it's very hot in there kind of rolling around on a bed together and it's over sweaty. But yeah, just a really uncomfortable film to. One of the things I got from every war. She was so hominy Korean wrote this famous. He writes age eighteen and Larry clock, film the script. Larry Clark is come from a photography background, very. He was old. And he he was but he sort of embedded himself in youth coaches. This was a very natural progression for him. But what struck me now is how in a strange ways, quite a kind of conservative film, like an dunno. Whether this is how many Corinne all Larry clock. But it's everything the kids. Do I think he meant to fill disgusted by their kind of immorality like you meant to feel sick. And even the way they kiss each other something court, there's something very like repellent about it like the sound effects of like slurping a very high in the mic. So like, you're almost like repelled disgusted by everything. They do it all myself takes that moral panic and build itself. The ending of the film, essentially says what's happening is terrible. It's almost like a kind of a call to arms. So it's like a charity appeal is that we need to. In fact, I believe there's an credit at the end of the film, I need to check the same fracture. The profits of the film. Will go towards helping kids in his city. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So it it actually is weird to see that. Because it is like there is of charity appeal element to is like behavioral ethnography, let's look at these kids and observe and then you know, we as middle class adults. Can so out the problems. This is case study really fascinating where you're just present transgressive nece, but without any radicalism in the violences towards ten people characters the black mandates assaulted in the in the park by the skaters. We have women being sidelined rate soared, you know, that's true. I think this film could be cool boys Rodley. Because the focus is on the male transgression rewatching get an I watched it as a teenager because once they reach certain age. This was a film that was being pushed it this is the real stuff. This is the single fencing in gritty about this film. But watching it back now, it really feeds into that American independent cinema trend of social tragedy being the highest form of drama and looking back now this has been enshrined almost as the bad boy of of coming of age teen cinema. You know, Jona hill can cop to it. And nearly every film is now taking notes from it soundtrack, and they even to tie in with sue prrime street way. Go almost can Rian shoes to new generation, but it really is fits in with recommend for dream and films like that wet tragedy and people going down spiraling down through drugs is seen as high aunts. When really this is very exploitative, really in retrospect, but fascinating to see that. This was a time where now we have. A definition of what teen movies and coming films are there hashtag relatable or they have characters who have their stuff together. And they know what doing and film last year like block is no your fun of that film bath where the kids into this. Navigating similar of drugs and sex and true, but they are more together more aware and hit and their parents. Whereas in this one you are watching for the position at the middle class moral majority thinking almost in more Flanders from the Simpsons type way won't someone think of these children helping out. It's interesting. I think that like, Larry, Clark and harmony Corinne for me both went on and did much more interesting things. Okay. Like as mentioned before. I mean, I think gum. Oh is amazing. And I think captures something bit this more objective and poetic that kids may be shooting full in kids ride the end of the film. This kind of really nauseating sequence of rape sequence. The is prolonged, and you know, just grating an awful and suddenly cuts away to this. Very strange little montage of like homeless people in New York or Saudi mad people like walking around the part like. Grabbing the air and Gumbo is more like that as the film trying to sort of capture some trick you into thinking, you know, what you're watching Israel, and then Larry Clark mid from bullying couple years later, which is very similar to kids in a way. But actually is far more morally interesting about this idea of is it right to take vengeance. On a bullet. You know, like a asked the question, but doesn't give you an answer. It's a true crime film. And this something this really really like bullies is a really amazing fill. Whereas this feels like the kind of very easy one for people to get like upset and annoyed and aggrava- about and right horrible screens in newspapers about both of the films. They went onto do. I superior in every way that was kids a one one loss thing. I wanna mentioned if anyone can remember we found the Adam and Joe show. Yes. Yes. Do you? Remember, they did like if they do kid the kids the toy kids. They really might God. I'm a shout out to my friend Francis. Who actually reminded me of this and are searching high and low on the internet for it. But the toy kids might be better than kids. I think it's worth looking up. They nailed that. Phil fantastic. Let us know if you do find a link or whatever it is some some clips and so on at truth movies on Twitter truth movies at TC, Ellen dot com. Via Email or comments section elderly lies dot com slash podcast. Well, that's the films. This week. Beth david. Thank you so much for joining me, celebrating his hundredth episode. If you know who the Queen of podcasting is that we need to write to for plaque. Let us know. I think maybe Helen Saltzman or Terry gross from fresh air. Let's try and get in. Fantastic. Next week. We have a bad cop Bill head dragged across concrete than you Craig Sala film, starring Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn, and in film clip, we have Deti Harry starring that guy who used to be an active directory coins, David Jenkins Clint Eastwood, and then also Greta Neil Jordan's film. Starring is about you pair. Let's not think about that, Harry, usual channels. Thank you for listening history of the hundred I might leader as always this has been seven digital production.

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