Day 1,406: Biden calls for unity as Trump pardons Flynn and attacks election


And good evening once again day. Fourteen hundred six of the trump administration. Fifty six days until inauguration day. It's been eighteen days since the election was called for joe biden and on this day one. Our nation lost over twenty two hundred people. What a contrast between two men the outgoing and incoming president donald trump in the space of a little over twenty four hours pardoned a turkey and a guy who committed a felony while today calling for the outcome of the election to be overturned. He said it out loud. Joe biden on the other hand gave what was billed as a thanksgiving address to the nation. Exhorting the american people to join him in fighting the virus and not each other or call for resilience while noting how tired we all are in the face of this battle against an uncontrolled. Pandemic countries grown weary of the fight. We need to remember at war with the virus not with one another now with each other. This is the moment or we need to steal. Our spines redouble our efforts and recommit ourselves to the fight. So hang on. don't let yourself surrender to the fatigue. I know we can and we will beat this virus not going to lose this war american holes fast and conviction that out of paying comes possibility out of frustration comes progress in out of division unity as the transition moves forward. Both biden and harris will receive their first presidential daily intelligence brief on monday. More cabinet nominees also expected to be announced next week. Politico reporting biden appears to be leaning toward appointing obama national security adviser and democratic party veteran. Tom donlan as cia director. Which brings us to today's rather predictable development concern concerning trump's first national security adviser. Michael flynn lied to the vice president and the fbi about his conversations with russians than who pleaded guilty twice. flynn also initially cooperated with muller's investigation as expected trump. Did pardon him today. Posting this quote it is my inexplicably capitalized. Great to announce the general. Michael t. Flynn has been granted a full. Pardon congratulations to flynn and his wonderful family. I know you will have a truly fantastic thanksgiving the justice department which had been trying to get charges against flynn. Dismissed in court. Said only learned of trump's decision a day but in the spirit of attorney general bar called the move and appropriate use of the president's pardon power earlier on this network of former. Fbi counterintelligence official had this to say about this. Pardon the president who claims he's a law and order president has just said in this. Pardon that it's okay to lie to law enforcement even if you admit you've done it so we need an attorney general who actually is about law and order. We need an attorney general. Who understands that. America is his or her client and who therefore relates to american understands what we've been through as a country in the last four years and irony of ironies. Sally yates the former. Doj official who. I sounded the alarm to the trump white house about. Flynn said to be on biden. Shortlist for attorney general as all of this unfolds. We can say yet again tonight. This virus is at its peak in our country right now. The new york times paints a dire picture of the surge noting that for the first time since the virus erupted in our country. We've added over two million cases in the past two weeks. Washington post adds to the story noting the daily death tolls reaching levels. Not seen since early may today as we said over twenty two hundred new deaths were recorded in our country new. Cdc forecast estimate the total of two hundred ninety four thousand cova deaths in this country by december nineteen yet despite pleas from officials and health experts to stay home. Millions are traveling for the thanksgiving holiday. Weekend politico says trump officials and the biden transition team today l. The first of several meetings about the vaccine and dr fauci said he's already reached out to biden's chief of staff now that he's allowed to. I've been in contact with ron clain. Just touching base with me telling me they'll going to be talking about this very soon now that the transition is in process. The pandemic is still taking a heavy toll on jobs. Weekly jobless claims total just over three quarters of a million an increase from the previous week. Tragic especially at this time of year with all this going on the outgoing president remains laser. Focus not on jobs or the pandemic mind you overturning. The results of an election. He lost today. The trump campaign touted pennsylvania judge's decision to issue a temporary order preventing further action to certify that state's election results pending a hearing more on that with the state's second senior official just ahead and trump's lawyer rudy. Giuliani was front and center today at an odd event that was billed as a hearing by republican state lawmakers on alleged election irregularities. No one was under oath. Of course it was held in a wyndham hotel. Ballroom in gettysburg trump. Who was rumored to be planning to make the trip with rudy and attend in person instead. Phoned in to the gathering to make more false claims about winning swing states like pennsylvania and for that matter the entire election. This election was lost by the democrats. They cheated it was a fraudulent election. We have to turn the election over because there's no doubt we've all the evidence. We've all the affidavits. All we need is to have some judge listen to it properly without having political opinion or having another kind of a problem because we have everything. Trump indeed invited some of those same pennsylvania state lawmakers who took part in that gettysburg gathering this afternoon to the white house. Tonight to be part of an indoor gathering on thanksgiving eve. It's a lot but with that. Let's bring in our leadoff guests on this thanksgiving eve. Peter baker chief white house correspondent for the new york times who along his wife and writing partner. Susan glasser is the author of the new bestseller on the life and times of james a. Baker the third jason johnson a campaign veteran and journalists contributor at the grio a professor of politics at morgan state university go bears and dr kavita patel clinical physician and former senior aide during the obama administration. She is now a nonresident fellow at brookings and his among our medical contributors. Well good evening. We certainly appreciate the three of you helping to tell our story here as we begin the hour peter baker. I'd like to start with you. And your beat kind of split look from the president and the administration today. This type of pardon is the type of pardon. a departing president makes though you wouldn't have known that to look at the rest of the campaign infrastructure. There was rudy. This time rhody with the matt finish non-drip appearing in gettysburg pennsylvania at a hearing. That was not a hearing in a hotel ballroom to argue for overturning. The election something we heard the president say out loud today so peter at long last. What is the state of the obama presidency on this thanksgiving eve. Well look at this point. It's just shouting into the window. Means you to sit in a hotel ballroom complain about the election all you want. But that's not going to do anything to overturn it in the this process is basically on paths to being resolved. The swing states are certifying. The elections his own administration is ascertained. The joe biden is the legitimate winner. And therefore deserving of the transition resources provided by federal law and everybody else except for president trump and his team is moving on The rest of the world is getting ready to deal with vitamin The new president naming cabinet officials senators are getting ready for confirmation hearings for Biden's choices and everybody is focusing on the holiday and on the bid You know Pandemic were seeing spiking at this terrible time except for the press. And it's it's it's qui- quite Stretch now you're gonna see. I think it's not only hard. You're likely to see what we're hearing from. Our our our sources inside the trump circle is it Almost certainly going to be on the way over these next some days With a lot of people who are seeking them hoping for them hanging out shingle waiting for them but one of the big question is whether or not the president tries to even pardon himself. You'll see him laying the groundwork for this with kind of hearing you saw today about how he's been cheated he's been robbed. He's been gypped he's been The system is rigged against him. You can see in effect a narrative that he is is laying out there. That might try to back up. The idea that he himself would try for the first time in history to be the first president to pardon himself or any Crimes you may or may not have committed against the federal government and to my friend jason. I'm aware muscle. Got the best of me and i asked our friend peter to sum up the state of the obama presidency obviously mistake. Obviously we all need time off which were about to get but it does. Bring me to my question. Do you talk about biden's remarks today. Tone and tenor and how familiar they were how we could trace them back to. Let's say forty four of our previous presidents. Brian joe biden has very successfully. And i this was even the case before he officially won the presidency of laying out a sort of tone and groundwork for we're going to get back to work we're going to focus on organizing this country and trying to put people back into the lives that they had gotten used to. I have loved the fact. Brian and this is something because it's a prevailing theme. I think it's one of the number one reasons that he's president the current president donald trump's management of covert open the door for joe biden and come in and he started this months ago when he said look. We're trying to shut down. Cova not shut down the economy and when he says look we're going to war against cove. We're not going to work against each other. I think the rhetoric of warfare whether it's the war on drugs or the war against terror whatever. The rhetoric of warfare has always been the kind of thing that rallies americans together so. I think that that is a very good and a very effective rhetorical technique. The question will be as to whether he can rally republicans around the kind of money and resources that are going to be necessary to establish these changes but again. I also like the tone that i've heard from like we're gonna move ahead whether trump helps not we're going to move ahead where the republicans helpless us or not and i think he's going to go through with at least in the first one hundred days once he's in office and jason while i have you let me take one more to your accurate point there and that is all. The verbiage biden. News today was on the table and available to the incumbent president. We can beat this. Who's with me. We've had greater challenges before were the united states of america after all instead. He chose denial. Yeah well yeah. The current president is responsible for where we are now. His undoing politically was his inability to manage this issue and again his his son has gotten sick and herman cain and the fact that donald trump isn't just responsible for over two hundred and fifty thousand americans dying from cove it also probably directly responsible for so many people in his orbit continuing to contract cove and him not doing anything about him not even facility than the resources necessary to make these kinds of changes him not even saying. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw pictures of trump having thanksgiving meeting with his family tomorrow with all sorts of people running in and out every single doctor in the country has told us not to do for safety. Joe biden isn't just laying down the groundwork for how he's going to behave. As a new president united states he has set a contrast donald trump about modeling decent behavior. And how you select your administration how you organize things and how you behave in order to help a country through an unforeseen pandemic but a solvable one with a proper behavior and discipline and now the only actual doctor among the four of us and that's dr patel of this pandemic is at an alarming point and dr. I don't know if you're aware every night for the past several weeks we have. And there's no pride in this we've been able to come on the air and say the virus is at its peak right now. That's because it breaks every day's previous records. And i'll ask you what i've asked doctors for the past several days. Is it a given in your line of work that what's happening now. Thanksgiving with families gathering will lead us to a grim and dark set of circumstances and a potential bump in deaths and hospitalizations. Just in time for christmas. It is brian and it worries me because where as you point out not just in time for christmas but we're getting into a season where i think critically speaking we've got healthcare rivers. My brothers and sisters are literally giving their lives right now. I don't know how much more they can take. I we are all trying to figure out how to navigate with the next six to ten week. Look like and i'm ecstatic. The biden elect administration is already getting in the room and getting the planning going. I know what that looks like from the transition from bush obama. And it's a lot of work that brian. This is not just hobbling all records to be honest with you. This is breaking the back of the healthcare systems that we need day open day alive and vibrant and these are the same healthcare workers brian. Who are going to be involved in. Getting the vaccine out so they are not looking at holidays of loved ones. The way we are they're trying to think about dane alive. The make sure they get us through. Twenty twenty one and so i just hope you know. Listen bryan you've been doing this reporting every night. I really hope people tonight. The pawns wherever they are are to do what they can to stay. Say and i mean eh that their lives are on line and so are some of my friends who are doing this and hospital absolutely and thank you for adding that dr. Peter go to return to the naked politics of this moment. We do after all have an incumbent. President still trying to overturn the results of an election. Tim alberta picked up this. He was reporting about the situation in michigan and got this quote attributed to the president. I don't get it. The president said venting confusion and frustration. All these other republicans all over the country. They win their races. And i'm the only guy that loses. What is the president missing here. Peter well what he's missing isn't back that he has separated himself from other politicians for four years actually longer than that. From the time he started running he had made clear. He does not see himself as a republican or a politician. In general he is an outsider. He is somebody who is disrupt the system In some ways his nomination his presidency was hostile takeover of one of the two american political parties. That's the phrase by the way. Hostile takeover jared kushner uses. And so you know. It's not surprising that it will make a distinction between him and other republicans. It doesn't mean that they rejected All of his policy doesn't mean. They rejected all republican policies. A lot of americans still believe in the things that the president stands for but they are As they have told us in the voting booth they were disappointed in his handling of the cova. They were disappointed in the way he has tried to divide the country. They were disappointed in his twitter Style they're pointed in the various ways that he has been accused of of misconduct. And i think that it's not surprising that people could make a distinction between one and the other jason. I've got something to play for you. This is former congressman and host of morning. Joe joe scarborough with nicole wallace earlier whether you like susan collins or not. The people of maine elected her. By nine percentage points they voted for joe biden by nine percentage points. They gave republicans. I don't know how they gave kevin mccarthy's house more seats but they did. They wanted to check democrats and they want a joe biden in the white house to check republicans. So i have confidence that you know. There are still some people in the middle. Who will work with. Joe biden whether it susan collins or whether it's lisa murkowski or whether it's mitt romney on the republican side whether it's joe mansion mark kelly was governor hickenlooper on the democratic side. I believe there. Six seven eight people of goodwill that will work with joe biden and will actually forge a consensus. Oh we can finally get things done in washington. It's been a very long time. Since we've had regular order and enable the pass bills domestically that actually could move this country forward into the twenty first century we are we are stuck in this this partisanship and we have to move forward and do it and i think joe may be the perfect man for the perfect time to work with republicans and democrats alike. Hey jason i wanted folks to hear that but former congressman really know how to talk. So i'm tight on time A brief reaction from you will that give people hope no look. I love jodi death. But that's not gonna happen. I don't know where this mysterious gang of eight is that he thinks is going to appear that republican party under mitch. Mcconnell has made it clear that they want every democrat to be a one term president and trump can be mad that the country is just not that into him but they're still republicans who are living off that trump is base which says destroy anything. Joe biden wants to do there will be no peace. There will be no comedy. It will be a battle. The moment joe biden ascends to the presidency and dr patel. Same rules apply. I have seconds remaining. Should the number one focus of the incoming administration be getting the vaccine out and getting it into american arms absolutely and at the same time reassurance that we can help people get the economy out and the two. Go hand in hand. Allow me to wish you all and yours. A happy thanksgiving along with our. Thanks for helping us out. This thanksgiving eve pekar. Peter baker jason johnson. Dr kavita patel greatly. Appreciate it coming up for us. The lieutenant governor of the commonwealth of pennsylvania has a few things to say about the incumbent president's claims of voter fraud in his state. He's standing by to join us and later down ballot. Democrats had a rough election night. Now they need someone to lead the effort to keep control of the house in just two years. Who would want such a thankless job. Well the front runner is standing by to talk with us. As the eleventh hour is just getting underway on this busy thanksgiving eve. Way are not here to curse the darkness. We i light a candle. I'm chuck rosenberg on my podcast. The oath i talk with people who served with integrity honor men and women who liked the way. Our conversations on the oath are thoughtful civil respectful essential. We bring these leaders in their struggles and successes to life season for the oath returns on wednesday with former. Fbi director. Robert muller your. I thought thanks in rinker is your men. I keep my men safe. I was there to take care of harmen. Join me for season for the oath and msnbc podcast search for the oath wherever you are listening right now and subscribe new episodes. Everyone's hey everyone it's true mainly msnbc correspondent and host of the podcast into america. Kamala harris made his three as the first woman. First black and south asian vice president elect in this week's episode explore the little known story of place that shaped her identity the rainbow side. It was a black cultural centre in berkeley california. That opened its doors in nineteen seventy one and welcomed the likes of james baldwin nina simone shelly chisholm and a young black and indian girl named carmela. Wasn't there's one person that looks like you but here you have a building full of folks in various areas of expertise who had performed so well and done so well sir for into america wherever losing now and subscribe. Election was rigged. And we can't let that happen. We can't let it happen for our country and this election has to be turned around the president speaking via iphone today repeating baseless claims of voter fraud at a stage so hearing with pennsylvania republicans in a hotel ballroom. President said out loud over the phone he wanted to overturn the results of the election. The timing is curious. Pennsylvania officially certified. It's election results for joe biden today. Judge there issued a temporary order preventing quote further action to certify results. The attorney general. Josh shapiro responded by posting quote. This order does not impact. Yesterday's appointment of elect ors we will be filing an appeal with the pennsylvania supreme court momentarily with us for more john fetterman democratic lieutenant governor of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. Thank you so much for being with us. We realize you've got a lot on your plate no pun intended. What in you know what is going on in your commonwealth tonight. What's what's going on. I mean it really the same thing that's always been going on with the election. You know This amway convention slash carnival barking and snake handling at the. Ramada doesn't change any facts about joe biden winning it. And there's no additional voter fraud. Aside from the two cases that i've been talking about for the last three weeks there is actually nothing new under the sun. Joe biden wine. And what's curious. Is that if the rest of these down. Ballot races certified. By november thirtieth. We will have house opinion. House and half our senate terms expire. On november thirtieth. So there really is no endgame or getting these results turned over this is regarding your state your commonwealth You took an oath of office to hear a guy like rudy fly into your state and make claims of sweeping massive voter fraud must piss you off at a very deep level is it. Take take seriously because no really takes you. Know mr giuliani stereotype. Everyone knows how this moving on. And like i said it's it's it's bad. You know like weird pyramid scheme. Marketing thing at a all room at the ramada and and like this wasn't an official function of the pennsylvania. State senate on the on the president of the pennsylvania state senate there is no no nothing official about this this was simply just some weird rallying in a hotel ballroom designed to spread more information. Because that's all it is. All they had is lies. They've had over three weeks now to come up with anything concrete and they have. Where's the where's the voter fought not one single case of voter fraud. Aside from the to establish cases in pennsylvania which both involved republicans trying to vote for trump with the relatives whether they were dead or doing well at least. You've got republican lawmakers at the white house tonight where they make the covid fresh. They'll becoming back home after that gathering this evening. How does this year opposition party the repub the republican party in pennsylvania. After this do you think they'll be healthier or poor for having been dragged through this process in some cases helping lead this process. I understand there's elements in the republican party that need to pander to this to this lunatic fringe. Death cult is part of the republican party. Now and now. I hope we had a good time at the white house. It's not going to change anything. So this idea that they have somehow uncovered any fraud or there wasn't any fraud is absurd. The governor certified the presidential election results for joe biden. Back can't be changed and these down ballot races if they're not certified we don't have a house or our state senate and those are controlled by republicans. So they're literally trying to make the argument that there was fraud with joe biden's race but my race that was there was no fraud in my and that ray so it's absolutely no basis in reality but that's never stopped them from lying but again we have long past the point of turning our backs collectively on this. This you know yelling fire in a crowded theatre when there is no fraud. It's absolutely ally. It's not a dispute. It's an absolute lie. Designed to damage the american franchise in pennsylvania. It's not going to change anything because we all know that. Joe biden is the president elect no matter how many like i said amway convention. They have in hotel. Ballrooms across pennsylvania avenue want to ignore what is the actual lead story in pennsylvania today. I'm very sorry for the game postponement. I am so looking forward to seeing those quarterbacks opposite each other. you're steelers are tannen. We get to see it on sunday. Were knocking on wood. Everybody's healthy Thank you very much. Lieutenant governor the commonwealth of pennsylvania. John fetterman for joining us. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family as well. Thanks for having Yes the steelers are undefeated so bad that we have to be thankful for for sure. Got that going for you. Thank you lieutenant governor. Coming up for us no pressure. Our next guest is said to be the front runner for job among his fellow congressional democrats that his party is hoping we'll be job that averts potential disaster for them in the midterm elections again. No fresher last night here. We featured an interview conducted by axios with congressman cardenas of california. He's in the running to head up the d. triple c. The democratic congressional campaign committee hugely powerful within the house because of its recruiting function and fundraising only problem was year humble and bumbling host made it sound like he already had the job. Somehow when in fact house democrats haven't voted yet and went in fact a good number of onlookers contend. The front runner for the job is democratic congressman. Sean patrick maloney of new york. He's just been elected to his fifth term in a seat. He originally flipped in a district. Where trump won but where the voters liked maloney's message and split the ticket and so with apologies for getting his irish up. We are happy. To welcome congressman. Sean patrick maloney back onto the broadcast tonight. Congressman you're good to come on thank you very much. Is it a and overstatement when you read the political politico headline that this job is the job needed to avert disaster for the democrats and further. Tell the good people watching the package of life experiences that you would bring to the role as opposed to your friend and former classmate and colleague in the house. Well look i you know. First of all i don't. I don't accept the premise. That democrats are somehow or on their on their heels. Twenty twenty two. I think we have a message and a focused on kitchen table issues. That mattered most american families. Whether it's the pandemic or health care or jobs are good wages. I think we can. We can fight this battle and win it. I think we're going to have a popular president and the places we need to win. That's great. i think we're going to have a recovering economy and god willing in the rear view mirror so i think execution is not And whether the cockatoos is me or my friend tony communist We're gonna make a little history in terms of inclusion in senior house leadership but more importantly we're going to have someone who internalizes all the voices of our caucus develops a battle plan and and wins and that is what i'm offering to my democratic colleagues If they give me this job we're going to hold this majority and you can write it down. Okay you know. The math is steep that. You like your chances. You know that speaker pelosi. He's gonna get handed. The slimmest majority in decades you know what happens in midterm elections with newly elected presidents. But your point is that in the places where they love them. Some joe biden. You guys feel you can run up the score if you change your messaging and perhaps present a different face of the democrats in congress. I think it's too soon to make specific events like that You know. I ran the after action report where we were at a similar crossroads. We listen to all the voices developed about a plan. We won forty seats. I didn't do that ben. Ray luhan did it speaker. Pelosi did it. A lotta great candidates did it but we were able to architect the strategy. We can do that again. The fact is is that we are much more instinct with the everyday needs of working families like the one. I grew up in Then then the reading. And whether they picked my friend. Tony cardinal or or or. Sean patrick maloney a. We're going to link arms and go forward together because the red team is coming for all of us and we're not gonna let that happen. We are going to support this new president. We're going to develop a positive Kitchen table agenda around people's jobs and health care and and and and things like you know getting kids back to school and opening our businesses responsibly. And we are going to offer solutions and if we have to execute better and communicate like human beings well so be it I'm not i'm not. I'm not afraid to speak my mind. And i do believe that there is more opportunity than ever. This is a hopeful time as we gather around the thanksgiving table. And look how. Close close council horseshoes not in control of the house The republicans are acting like they one we have the gal the end and and yes a little closer but they failed and they failed. They gotta beat for the white house. They got speech for the house Mitch mcconnell better. Watch his back He he he's got to get out of the stone ages and start offering solutions now because there's a pincer movement that's going to happen between the united house democratic caucus and strong new president. And i'm excited about that final question and it's the dicey kind are democrats ready to own. How much damage. De-fund the police did as a phrase as a movement to races all over the country and to candidates and incumbents that nothing to do with it. Well i mean let's be careful first of all. The democratic house majority is not responsible for that rhetoric in fact no one's responsible except the minneapolis police officer who murdered. George floyd and a lot of people thought that was wrong. And we're right to point out the his historic and systemic problem with racism in america. And i think that about racism counts to a lot of my neighbors even though trump district and of course we're going to support good police but because there are our voices that call for for things that we don't support or because our republican opponents want to lie and caricature that And we should not confuse that with what we support if it falls on us to get what we actually believe in out better That's fair but don't blame us because they're lying about what we stand for. My goodness the fact of the matter is is that we held control of the house and and there are a. There are many things that we can do. Better lord note in the digital era in organizing and the community and addressing You know the the complexities of the many latino communities that differ in south florida or the rio grande valley or new york california and yes You know the justice and policing act named after george. Floyd is a good piece of legislation. I was proud to support it. In my trump district. I won by double digits for the third time in a row. That's a tall order as a gay guy. And i think we can communicate and win and stand for something so i'm not gonna run away from trying to change what's wrong in america just because of budget people on the red team we're gonna lie about it and caricature it and i'd ask that you not adopt their language. No i know. I was asking because it had been a fixed to candidates who had nothing to do with the messaging and some of them very little to do with the movement. Your house colleague. Max rose down in staten island. It got hung around him in a very effective ad campaign that he tried to counter but Too late this necessarily means we're going to have you back on to continue this conversation The man the latest casual knows count as as the front runner for the d triple c job. Our thanks to congressman. Sean patrick maloney. Congratulations on your re election. We wish you and your family. The happiest thanksgiving thanks congressman for coming on thank you. They said coming up for us. We'll talk to the noted historian who famously said just weeks ago. Our country has just survived a very close call even with all the damage. Still being done. I had to describe president obama and one word just kept doing a word. Word empathetic tough pragmatic. Calm the minute sir. Well no. I'm not gonna say that on tape. Nice guy complicated wisdom with compassion. That will be steady. I would describe rock. Obama single word. American people asked to describe the former president. And let me explain. Why what that's from beginning this friday. This network is presenting a multi part primetime documentary series on barack obama and his legacy as told by those of us who covered him those who know him best. Those who worked for him served alongside him. Let's talk legacies with the most quoted man on this broadcast the celebrated author and presidential historian. Michael beschloss his latest work is president of war. It is part of what long ago became the beschloss shelf in our house Michael great to see you. Thanks for coming on. I was thinking of you today. Vis-a-vis a photo. I have ready to show you and our audience fairly well known. As the last time our country had five presidents in the oval office and the big deal when this was published was that to the far right. Jimmy carter was a man apart. He was the which doesn't belong in. Why in this photo. Because he is different fundamentally in so many ways from his colleagues but go forward from this. Can you see donald trump pun intended standing for this kind of collegial event. This kind of post presidential tradition. No i can't. Brian and the main reason for that is that as tonight. Donald trump has virtually no relationship with any former president. He's john them he has said he doesn't need to go to them for advice because their failures and i think the result of this may very well be in the future that when there are gatherings of former presidents. He will not be there. That's what happened to richard nixon after his resignation from the one thousand nine hundred seventy four until his death. Nixon was never included in a republican convention. Nor did he attend inauguration. I haven't had a chance to debrief you after your comment that you made on this network when the outcome of the election became apparent. You said we come close. Tell our audience what you mean. Well i think. American democracy went through a near death experience. I think donald trump has been elected to a second term without the constraint of having to run again you would have seen authoritarianism in. This country tried in a way that we had not seen before. There were a lot of hints of it in the first term and i shudder to think what it would have been like especially in a second term when the senate was still held by republicans. Who even at this point after he's loft lost the election are amazingly deferential for the families have been affected by this virus even for folks who will gather tomorrow just as couples missing. Their kids missing their extended family. This is a dark thanksgiving. But i also following you on twitter these past several days. You've been chronicling. What was happening. What was thanksgiving nineteen sixty three. Like just one. We think we're living through a dark thanksgiving ourselves in this country. Well american emotions had brutalized by the assassination of president. Kennedy was forty six years old something that people had not seen in their lifetimes the assassination of a president especially one so young with young children and image after image of his widow who is thirty four years old. Jackie has two children caroline who was six years old and john who is three on the day of his father's funeral. That was the kind of thing that americans had not seen before. In retrospect all these decades later. I think americans look back and say that in all sorts of ways. America has never been the same since. And let's end this segment where we started. You can use more than one word but especially in hindsight that four years on the trump presidency has given us. What's the first draft of how you look back on. Barack obama as president. Well look what his contemporaries of just done this month. They just elected his chosen vice president joe biden by millions of popular votes. People are voting for barack obama with their feet. And i think the result will be important for him because no longer. Will you have a president. Falsely saying for four years when i came in after obama is heritage a mess and falsely saying barack obama was spying on me and all the rest. You'll see a president of the united states. joe biden. Who treats barack obama with the respect he deserves will welcome back to the white house for the first time in four years hang his portrait hang the portrait of michelle obama and i think the full circle will have been completed and bronco baba. We'll get the kind of hearing front of history that he's deserved since he laughed but because of the last four years has not got happy. Thanksgiving my friend to you and yours my friend. Thank you happy thanksgiving to your family. And you brian michael beschloss our guest tonight coming up for us for the few the proud the brave. Those who are traveling to be with others on thanksgiving. We have a guide how to stay safe if you must right after this. Hey everyone. it's chris. As you know these days i find it helpful to just take a step back from the day to day onslaught of news and take a broader. Look at the issues. I haven't had time to cover my tv. Show all in everything from the legacy of racism in america to community and creativity can flourish minster. Pandemic i do at each week on my podcast. Wise is happening. And i'm joined by uniquely qualified gas like pulitzer prize winning reporter nicole. Hannah jones progress does not mean justice or equality or that. We are right after four hundred year. The black people being in this country the time for remarking incremental progress in patting ourselves on the back of that has been long over author rebecca solnit. How do we take care of each other in the context of not being able to physically be with each other in ordinary ways and many others. Who helped me make sense of what's happening in our society and our girled really enjoy our conversations. I hope you to join me for new episodes. Every tuesday just search for wise's happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe. Despite urgent warnings. Millions of americans are traveling. This thanksgiving eve despite a virus real enough to have canceled tomorrow night's nfl game. They'll play on sunday. Folks are traveling at pre pandemic levels. This is a live. Look at air traffic over our country right now. Every one of those icons as a plane load of people are report tonight on how to stay safe if you must be out there traveling from nbc. News correspondent tom. Castillo despite a raging pandemic skyrocketing death toll. Americans are on the move. This thanksgiving from miami headed north. So far this say everybody's following an ordinance to new york headed west my family. My dad would really sick so it just needed happen. Roughly a million people flying each day. Since friday. Even as the cdc urges americans to stay home triple projects. Forty eight million people are hitting the rose. The kudo family keeping a tight bubble. Drive into wisconsin. We wanna stay safe. And that's why we're absolutely staying within our inner circles and just going to our cabin while cars and planes maybe lower risk experts worry about airports restaurants trains rental car shuttles and meals with family and friends. The nation's top docs worn. We will likely pay a devastating price if hospitalization sore as they did after memorial day. July fourth and labor day. This is clearly a super spreading event and we can see a surge cases on top of the current surge in a couple weeks. Eighteen states plus. Dc now require out of state arrivals to be tested or self quarantine but the cdc is now considering dropping the recommended self quarantine time from two weeks down to seven to ten days. The accumulating data suggest that we don't have to wait fourteen days. We know that the average person will get sick about five days after their exposure. Meanwhile back at the nation's airports. Tsa agents are behind plexiglass and keeping travelers separated. Our thanks to tom. Castillo for that and coming up for us different kind of message to take us off the air tonight last thing before we go here tonight during the rough and tumble of the campaign that i think has ended by now. We often featured the ads by the lincoln project. The current former lapsed and weaponized republicans. Who got together and set out to be trump and trump is tonight. We hear from them again. In the closing minutes before thanksgiving begins here in the east but with a very different kind of message for all of us Lincoln project giving. Thanks and allow me to add this on behalf of the nice people who put this broadcast on the air every night during a pandemic no less have a happy and safe thanksgiving in the true spirit of the holiday. Good hi it's msnbc's she know these days. There's just so much news to wrap your head around. It's hard to know what's most important. That's why we're updating msnbc dot com with a special feature on our homepage called msnbc daily. It's a place where you'll find the same type of expert analysis. You're used to getting on tv. But now with a new written perspective section all neatly organized in one place so you can go beyond the headlines and get a deeper understanding of the stories that matter. Most you'll find perspectives. Written by people uniquely qualified to write them people familiar with from our network like barbara mcquade writing about legal matters dr kavita patel weighing in on public health liz plank giving her take on women's rights and gender issues and i'm excited to share that i'll be writing pieces of my own so visit. Msnbc dot com today and look for our new feature msnbc daily.

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