SE EP113 Going All In with Body & Business Transformation Coach Lina Morrison


Welcome to the PODCAST. I'm your host Brusson. I'm proud to be bringing you the stories from Sydney Australia today. On the PODCAST. We have Linda Morrison from Linda. Marcin DOT COM. Are you now? Linda is I- audie transformation coach for women over forty. She's and she's a number one each national bestselling author. She's also a speak up. And the creator of the ageless body formula now if this is your first time here at the goal in show welcome. It's great to have you here and if you back for more welcome back. We love our repeat offenders here the Goblin podcast before we get into the show that I just take a little peek at your phone. That's subscribe button on the listening in on and if you're watching this on youtube to scroll on down and hit the subscribe button and to get to ring the bell there as well that why you always have a little bit of motivation and some goal in lum right in your pocket. Lastly if you luck when you eat tonight please share this episode with your friends and your family. Linda has an important message to share. And if we can help just one or two people to break through their barriers. Get on stock them. We would have done our job here on the goal aid. Podcast tonight or Audie. Let's get into this. Linda grew up and raised her Family in Williamstown in Melbourne in Victoria and coming from really super strong family roots. She was leaving the Australian dream in her. Life was tracking along really nicely in date that all came to an end when she separated from pot and Linda needed to one how to become the breadwinner and she needed to one. Had A tycoon. Really Successful offline business and turn that into an online business and going from a standing start of not knowing anything about computers websites the Internet how to sell stuff on lawn. She found herself on a learning curve. Like know about but like all goal in stories Linda kept pushing forwards and she kept on learning and eventually she found herself with more traction and more customers than she ever dreamed possible. Linda's golden story is one of persistence of determination. And doing whatever it takes to break through and to succeed you're GonNa love her energy especially a calming nature. I'm excited. She sees. Please help me. In welcoming Linda Morrison Linda Marston. Welcome to the PODCAST. It's great to have you here. Thank you for having me and thanks. Everyone listening I'm really excited about this one because what you do for a living in the people that you help very fabric of society and what we do is people and I'm really looking forward to learning some more about how you help people in doing not that before we get into all of that craziness. Let's it's now you'll get wet. Where are you from and how did you get into doing? What is your doing well. Step-by-step I'LL ASO. Try to not not go on and on about different decades. I live in Williamstown Osborne him children a city. That's national whistles. Yes Melbourne and Where right beside the bay here beside the beach? It's a beautiful little suburb. Were extremely lucky. The kids got great sports And my kids. Seven Generations Williamstown so so we unknown nowhere. We're known generally From this town and do not change to rematch Over the decades of the years that I feel very fortunate but I do work in my williamstown office but I I work around the world so I get talked to all types of people which is which is terrific. Non-stars seven generations of Williamtown. Do you guys must be like the first settlers of that something like that. I don't think there's too many convicts that they might be but now I really extremely extremely lucky. My grandfather used to joke that you know they getting used to now linger. I've been here for seventy years because he wasn't born Twain's Tan but A that it is. It is a very village feel. It's it's really good. I feel really good about that. Much women and coming up eighteen or twenty. They've had great experiences that they in the community here as an abyss. It serves a really really beautiful foundation to be added to work with all types of people around the world. I'm just having Nice from where it's thing very lucky to be all of that. So that's beautifully said. The strong roots are very very important for the kids in for a foundation. And stuff like that as well. You know I was out on my morning. Walk this morning all tonight. Wide morning routine knows out front door at five. Am and it's beautiful. It's nice and cool here and this little bit of sprinkle going on and I was walking by the beach here in Cornell and thinking how beautiful it is and I thought you know what this is. I'm so spoilt but I gotTA GET. Outta here suddenly had an urge. I haven't felt that wife many years actually thought you could just stay in a place like this ever because it's a bobble at such a beautiful place. Everything could ever possibly want. But after a while I think what I'm feeling is like a little bit of each scratched going expand my horizons a little bit. You feel about that percent. Yeah percent so the so when I started my own business I eight years ago I immediately global on because it will just resonated with I suppose. Modern women around the world with Who all have similar needs passions etc. Ends on so I was there for only snaking both live for able to to work with people in Canada America England pots of Europe as well as as well as parts of Asia and that has allowed me to the world whilst being look after my children are very important to me but now as you say they are gone. They're all pretty much on manifesting. Now I should be taking this global business as well. So that's just a kits may to rub it. I can't I'm not attached. Can actually I can actually go. Hi One say that's the beautiful thing about Running online business and for the ladies and gentlemen of the audience. That are listening if you haven't got an online business that the laptop nomadic lost all is not what you think. It's not how it's presented in will of these fancy Internet marketing ads and whatnot. Still gotta go to work. But it's enormously empowering to be able to pick up your laptop and just GonNa work anywhere you want. That's something there are really love about. Not only working for myself but having an online business. It's it's incredible and end immediately at New and more opportunities once you actually show your viable worth and value in the services that you that you deliver I had found that to be fascinating and on the on the forever. Teach also the only unpack a little bit about about that Korea. So I mean. I started up teaching swimming and aerobics and put myself through. University having incorporated pistol training businesses. And all the While at university studying human movement to know. Sociology The Way people interact with society and very much geic around behavior change So as long as I can create Mostra around What it is. I am wanting to teach. I feel I can take anything. And then of course that's When we go to the marketplace it's about the relatable to to that marketplace to drive that results and I find that estimating because each and every person has different motivations to want to get to where they're going and if someone's done it before you you can access online That person to be able to teach you Who Noise podcasting might be my next little little thing that I want to know. More about our yet So my career Offline and online as being very fortunate. But it's always the people Able to being able to drive a result soup for them that has fascinated fascinated. May We get paid for with the results in value that we drive not not just giving them a nice experience. I suppose it sounds. Yeah interesting near beautifully said and I WANNA I WANNA. I want to circle back to that point. I just note here my pad before we before we forget about that because I love that in introduced you about you saying what you do is at the very fabric of our society because money money money and financial reward comes from other people and when you study other people and you study how by work and how they interact and you understand. They want to needs. That can really help you and accelerate your growth as a business owner but it's enormously empowering to be able to do that and to help people at the same time on the percent. Yeah so my my background was very much about getting people's bodies of health Thriving and then I found the body. Women's transformations over forty online. I found that many of these women coming through these Janis where we're getting healthy and feeling sad but they made The they made The excuse to the reason not to keep moving forward in their lives at the head no money and to me. That was just not acceptable. When I had learned so well had make money so five years ago. I started Visas teaching and I never thought that I would do that. Thirty years ago. but all of my businesses my coaching businesses at arrived at great success. So I thought will there's a formula and then there's the recipe so as long as I can actually take that back and make that relatable to each and every one of these women my sleep I worked with men as well Businesses IN THEY GONNA get similar results If they do as you said the exact work and you're absolutely right about the laptop last offing accounts. Say The screen when you're on the beach with your laptop and then of course no one wants since since sandy and the cable so it is all of that is just storytelling. But but yeah it certainly does allow you to to create to create a space in the nation movie each that that area of expertise. Become a complete geek around men than drive to the marketplace. What what they're actually asking for And I find that fascinating because at every stage the game. It's all about what the motivations of the of the Piston passing with their hard-earned cash on down than we know we're onto something. He fought a really interesting. What you do and the way you described. Is that your Laka forever teacher. You can teach anything and that means that you are a forever loan as well and while I if you don't learning you dying and every all I have a couple of really specific type yaws that I don't really need to write down anymore because it's just part of the everyday condit doctrine if you lock the Y. Upright and what the most important KP awesome million why businesses need to engage with five people. That I've never engaged with before every night. And it's a hell of a lot of work to begin that wants to get a little bit of momentum behind it. It's rose easy and engagement types different forms. It's a text message. It's an email to Scott message message. It's reaching out with people that are having communicated with the wall and got a little tote that I have on a post at night every night. One two three four five and sometimes before ten o'clock in the morning of like I did it wash said it'd be a target but I'm like it's just that that's how because in y business money comes from other people in every business money comes from other people in order to keep it going and make it happen a lot of going with more people. So that's the re-met that I have in order to keep the cash flow going in y business but like you on I'm also Evelyn or if you lock not an invitation. 'cause I'm not really in a position where I'm teaching people stuff that I'm always always wanting to learn things and I'm challenging myself with new things and when I feel like I'm getting style actually felt like this just the other day as well looked at all. The podcast has gone from morning. Walk and my morning. Walk is a is a twelve kilometer round trip. It's about knowing about nineteen minutes. It's not it's pretty easy as a few hills and stuff like that. But it's really beautiful by the water and it's it's a decent enough time we can get a whole podcast in right or do chunk of an audio will. And I'll look through the list of podcasts that I listen to and I was like Oh man. I'm bored of all that stuff. It's the same thing over and over and over again and I asked myself as always walking. Along. What is that. Why feeling like that and I think what it is because on the bottle on those subjects on full bottle on that topic there of latest order out of that now l. up something gallison tries something. Something new is something new that your kind of exploring at the moment I actually. I actually am Because I work so much with women and women talk about emotions talk about not feeling it not wanting to step forward because they waiting for a certain feeling something to be perfect before. They'll make a move. That seems to be a theme that that keeps coming up all of the time. I being lending a lot more about relationships intimacy and love end to end starting out from self love when you talk about reaching out to five people a day. I'm Robert what I'd find that you need. You need to actually feel worthy that. You've got something to us before you're able to do that. And that comes from a filled up cop in place. So low CITRA fascinated by that journey at the moment. Non absorbing lots of Information about the about how people relate to themselves Because feeling good about self often drives abundance in all areas. So if you feel good about yourself then you'll go and make an effort to kiss your body be better. You feel good about yourself. You will know that you are worthy of fabulous relationship with a significant other or even friendships If you feel good about yourself you will feel that you are worthy of an abundance and and you know if a growing business for example so interesting actually comes from this Sort OF A. How would you say like a Filter of love and That's something that I've been exploring. More more more more after years working with women and their body transformations in you know releasing white and those sorts of things Nothing good is born of lack diets. Don't last when you need you say Chocolate which is just never realistic. Let's face it and I you know and and and and it's all about some taking away as opposed to what we do know about Rocking a vibrant body. Is You get more? You get more creativity. Get more clarity. You get more energy your new get shop with your mindset. You actually get more when you look after your audio. Have your body functioning at What it's biologically meant to see that you know your Ideal Body Weight. You know an healthy function all of that stuff. So so yeah. That's what I'm aching out at at the moment I can't get enough of it and taking Dada from people all the time so I guess I'm associated in that way that I cannot get enough so whether pistole chooses to work with me or not when I make some like like you. I've I sort of have a protocol of of meeting a certain amount of paperweights wakened and dumb on gathering data from the Mall of the TOT and and and not. That sounds creepy. Doesn't it by? Nah It's more that I'm scanning for what what's the rhetoric they've got going on. And where can I help them to to to to to move forward and I think sanctity when I first met you. I'm actually quite quiet and shy socially And that's I've had to Just have from my social time because because my my business time means that I do need to be Philly vivacious outgoing and and I've got the strive of being able to get results with people so when I wanted to sit on my hands and going to have a quiet day there is. There is something inmate that just wants to help people so I said that You know I I really know about so exploring the some. This is a very long answer to question. Think that exploring this whole thing of love has seen has been interesting for me. I don't think it's a long answer at all. I think it's a very articulate answer and it's an Kinda demonstrates to me that you'd know what path you're on you know when you when you find yourself on a path and you gathering a little bit of momentum behind you. It can be difficult to have the self awareness in the emotional intelligence to know what you need to do to fuel that fire. All I had the I had the opposite experience in my business in the last couple of In the last couple of weeks where things weren't going the way that I'd plant I won't going the why that I anticipated and I had to really stop and reflect on why it wasn't getting the traction that I thought it would and what I needed to do is to to look at it and problem solve a while your you're describing is the other wife is when things are going really well. How do you pour on the calls? What are you doing? I can't get enough of that stuff. I love that stuff. And that's a really feels good because when you encounter sometimes happens to me like I'm watching a youtube video and something I'm like Damn webinars found these before and rallied. Some good stuff and I gave out about some. It thing with some analytics thing like wow. That's really good and I'm like that feeling. You need to do more of what he's doing right now. And that momentum going in the right direction your emotions of the most sophisticated guidance system in the universe. Oh Oh absolutely at absolutely. It's it's actually quite incredible. And even when you talk to you about Doing a sales coal and drawing in sales for your business I E even with this idea that this is ongoing to make this. The best thing dispersing does today. And many people say that sounds so self-important but actually what are we bringing to the table that this person actually is so attracted to to to your offering end the way you a being and what you are that they cannot get enough of Hugh and Now let's let's face it if we if we look at people who giving the most valuable bank paid the most Around the world people who are very talented at what they do and have had the and have got this connection with this Skill so if you look beyond say as a cro and they haven't got there by magic. They've got there because of their enchants on. They've stepped up there this strategies. They've worked hoddle if they scenes. But there's so much bad it in in who they being if every single day so say that that is a superpower that I don't think people realize I have an everyone can see when you're full up with what you are doing that you love. Everyone can feel and see that. So so there's the stricken in this cheap that directly right. We're going to do more of that and that will actually show us the way You know the rest isn't magic. You still have to have your strategies and systems and do the work. I show up an older. All of that stuff yet. Is he some baying being in laws? with with with south way you're going on what you're creating for yourself is is Pretty special of so beaut-beautifully said it's really nice to get a window into your world and in the way you think about it as as well and this is wildlife podcasting so much because you get to go deep in a conversation like this in people listening. Get to be the fly on the wall in that conversation so I really appreciate you sharing a little window into your world. Linda people come on over to the goal in podcast to learn more about others. That have gone all in so if you could. Could you please share with us in the audience? You'll be goal in story or stories and the lessons that you your commitment to success absolutely. I think By off-line businesses probably come quite easily to me Where can we people as a passion and health and fitness in running The wellness office in in delivery slots things that I did for many many years. became very easy to. May and People ride in front of me Win I separated and then divorced. I had to learn to be a breadwinner literally overnight to continue living in the home that my children were used to and all of those sorts of things so I brought my business entirely online and I had no ability in understanding technology at all it was. It was a rarity. If you've got an email from me even at that stage eight eight years ago it was pretty. I still linked to the bank into the bank into the store today to do my banking so I was I was really well behind. The eight ball didn't think I had an aptitude for anything technically and I literally had to put my my my work. Worke Bay had on and Lynn and under not only wanted to learn. I wanted to create Maastrict's everything that I've done in my in my body my health in my in my Korea parts of microwave oven apparently parenting. I was only I wanted to do it. The right way the best way and I definitely wanted to consume myself with how to understand how to get in front of the Papal Technology. And obviously podcast is. One is one terrific as well. Sorry for the bank and then what so what I actually did. was whipped. Not Dieting. Take a weekend for about six cheese and I learnt and I. I think I've said this a little bit that assist a youtube video. I Google do go to win onto youtube for was how to set up a youtube channel. So I and I I learnt a huge amount. I also got a great coach. that could really relate to to paint those anyways. A very stressful time fatigue is I. I used to work for a half an active at school. Go to go back today to rest. Because I wasn't sleeping for for quite some time in that in that stress and I can't what I did with with technology because a lot of people said I hate technology now. Technology is just a tool and it's not going away in fact it's getting more privilege now loss and we need to stand how it works and how you can bet at loss and bid up in your career All of this stuff also the way in which we get to communicate with younger generations as well. They're not they're not gonNA give it up sorry So I went will I need to learn? I'm very very good things like I can play golf and I never play golf tennis with you. If you want to play tennis rub it would be honey a diamondback hands. But I'll win all that stuff. I was always good at whatever I I I did. So I just thought well if I can out a+ they say it goes. Do you understand what this computer eat so. I literally wrote things down as I could understand them. I mean my life forties Wego with technology So I wrote down how to do everything and I went back to the basics and then I would watch youtube video over and over and over and over and over again to like got the mastery around what I what I needed. Then them business had to make sense to me because of online you can you can Get in touch with people in any different way but I had to work out. What are the funnels that actually bring the paper to me? They people they women over forty. Where are they at that time? They weren't necessarily on Instagram You know they were mainly on facebook so I had to find out how to be relevant to them and had had communicate with them. They love video. Most people do now anyway so I went straight to video this eight thousand videos of May working around the ensuing two waves as my daughter would say just bossing people around basically that's Sorry so I just I just did it end. I was told I wouldn't make any money By my ex and I ended up making over a million sales in the first couple of years from one funnel one on line six week program and We just helped many. I only know those numbers when I went back and looked at it because I so in Zion that my focus was to be well to look after my children and to have a really viable vibrant business that I could be very proud of so said this movement of Ageless spotty happened now. I teach that business model to budding entrepreneurs around the world. Many of them women and some guys will work with me too happy for For the way I talk. Be clunky with my language Iran technology. But I know what I'm talking about. Does that make sense yet? sorry out. We're generation is is my absolute gay cowed area because You know getting clients really in close to to To what it is that you have for them. is fascinating to me And their motivation. You know when they're going to step into chicken meat conceals yes they committing to our program. So they're actually committing to A A really beautiful future vision of themselves and I fall in love with that before they do. Sometimes that's beautifully said and thank you again for sharing that story. 'cause really kind of opens up a bit of vulnerability there. And what what you're describing. What I'm hearing is there was. There was a gap in your knowledge. Lock is a lock a not just a little one like the Tasman say between Australia and New Zealand A big big gap. But you didn't make any excuses you you went all in on it and you just go on with it. I just saw I just kept thinking If someone else's not fool may there is a way and I will access it and really destroy gle. My personal struggle samed less important when I was helping others and I think that the the biggest thing that many of our coaches actually have is that is that is that real. Drive to want to help people because they are that. I do believe this ways to make money rub it and then Purchase Day around the world. But I'M GONNA job as much as you recommended by gone. That's it that's the matters of never had a job Chelsea employed so I joined. I have that guys So therefore My commitment to Eleni ever learning again. is the thing but it's the people that that really That I'm really fascinated about and and I I thank my mother and my grandmother for that as well because they had all these coaching courses that I've done over all these years and the best people that I've actually got to being in front of to learn more and more what my mother and my grandmother has said an open to us is is really being You know the the biggest times. Yeah so so. They have listened listened. Toll can and it's not that you're talking about people it's about Boundaries and motivations and Way You WANNA take a loss for yourself and for your family And then once you taking care of that they seek. Beat you've you you get to sexualize and to take care of thousands in many and If People WanNA come on that on that road and Janney than than Love I love him up for that for what? They're saying they want for themselves. That's really cool. Then it was. Was there a moment of clarity? When I don't like it all came together lot. Suddenly the light bulb came on. And you said I've got this because people that listen to this show a get so much feedback or get so many emails messages back through Social Media and people are always teetering on the edge is the why describe it. I was about to do this but I didn't. Because as residents in this little bit of fear about taking not stepping in and doing that and in your story you just went and did it because you Kinda had to you sort of had no choice what we are going to otherwise and in spite of the hardship that was there and the gap. That was Aaron. You knowledge you went and filled that gap. How long did it take you before you got? Was it a years at six months three months that that's a that's a really great question. I think ahead Something like six and a half seven thousand applications into my six week online program in a couple of years. I literally hopped on the fine with every single one of those people if United States my cold because I wanted to ask bribing work that there's no other way to just do it. Just do it just do it and I ended. I admit I am a bit of a wick host in that way and that that is my background with being a physical trainer we can work hard and also in lava. You know that you you just have to like. It's your kid. You gotta get up to that key. If we're not felt the same about about these people is that they want to access me. How can we we have them? Having a wonderful experience and get the outcomes come to us for even even to This Day with business coaching. And you're absolutely right. There's many reasons not to this many reasons. You just gotTa get a job or of. I've got the pension or I'll just do whatever bats to me that that is unexplored and that's not acceptable. And I I think it's you know everyone would. He's listening would be familiar with Anthony Robbins. And he talks about you. Want a great loss. Get a a great a standard of of expectations yourself. Oil or raise. Your standards is what he says So at Age Stage. I just raised my standard so as I hit that goal. I raised my standards. Heat that cholerae stands by do a tweak this double double that will be really good now. I'm making it sound as if I might be really really good around visas concepts but business to me is simple if it's simple than it will work and and I think that that is Is a really important thing To going on absolutely a is always writing some copy for my website just yesterday I n rang my brother. And he's an absolute expert copywriter and I know that just from years and years of rotting Edwards ads and just being able to be super ultra sink now and we wanna kicking the can around. This is what I've ridden and we on the sentences and we rewrote sentences and we we rent them again and we went back and forth. Just use your process that we when he helps that and in the end he said you pretty close up gotta go. So you've gotta get something there on the sought and if you if you can think of something and pull out all the fancy and just might get a simple possible folk to people in plain English on trying to sell to them. Just be simple in plain English. Your Business Away. Because people don't want to buy because when I see your stuff. The explanation is so crystal. Clear is ambiguous about what it is that you're trying to do or you're trying to sell them in with some sort of answer in simplicity. I believe so macho along the same lines as you that. That's the Kate of business. Ride is just going to be simple on the APPs absolutely and that down and and live life is is is is actually quite simple if you if you break it down and if you're honest careful we're going to divide the audience badly. Maybe maybe that's a cab heavy to have a friendly chat about any of these concepts and be a dozen. It doesn't matter who's Rod as long as it works in that people feeling like moving forward and creating an creating what they what the way that they wanting to going so they feel like they're progressing towards where they want to guard and I was about this theory while performing Youtube Video. In fact it's cold. You Know Honesty. Get to your best buddy in your best life. So we must actually seek. We can start with honestly Where we're at so at that time when I didn't know about technology and stuff like that just went. I don't I don't know I don't know anything actually don't know anything. I know how to deliver my service. I just don't know how to do it online. I NEU- I know that I'm had certainty. Ron I'm better than anybody out there to get these results. These people and I I was very certain about that. And I think that's probably going to help you audience truth teetering on the edge. It said get very certain about what you WANNA drive. Why you want to drive it and it was a lot of reasons why I wanted to drive out. Would look after my family. I wanted to abundant terrific life. It was unacceptable to me too late by marriage not be able to afford one. I wanted to afford to be a one. Look good in. An part of that was Part of self care as I told to women about ease having money available so they don't stress because stressed Mazda is not one that's operating From her best place. And if you're stressed about money and Australia is an expensive place to live in than than it. Some you know operating from the best place and there are options there's ways to make money and And yes all of the all of these things. I do find interesting fascinating to to talk about because a lot of the time people are polite to talk about embedded that actually you talk about love and relationships self. It's really important. You talk about I U Being satisfied in in your business a work life and your personal life that supported soap about and so two is having access to the bills bank. Pay you know in succinct manner that that seeks with your values that seems very important to talk about the lot of the time Way Women are not talking about honesty. Thing isn't it. The why are described that is for some reason On crabby cranky. And I come home. Emma Mrs What's wrong with you on the cranky about some on him know what I'm cranky about right and I don't WanNa talk about it. He that very often in a relationship and look. I don't want to talk about that. And people get spun up about that and and what I call body is is Yukon of leaving your problems in the fog then comes there. You know that you can feel them. You'll them in your body but they're not being addressed because you're not willing to fight them and not willing to fight them because in the fog over there when you walk in there. There's a really big ditch in the ground that you're gonNA fall in is really sharp edges and nods that fog clears and you face your problems. You honest with yourself and you'll honest about what it is that you're trying to do with your health with your finances with your life. Then you can dodge those digits you can feis you. Can you can fight those things. And it's as might just makes loss easier when you're tackle things head on and you'll honest with yourself. One hundred percent. Yeah one hundred percent and this this such great services out there people who've done it before a part of the reason I've I've made coaching as actually saying some perhaps well-meaning coaches trying to take people headed developing online business. I haven't done it before themselves. So that would be like me hidden down to Work with an accountant or financial advisor that Had homeless so I had no money. It doesn't make sense of all or or a train. Nah that's just out of shape or something like that so Yes so that's that that's Integral around all of that way. Extend in take type guy. But I'm I'm really excited. I ninety that I'm coming out. Forty eight in March and I'm really excited about the next ten years whereas known previous generations. That might have been a time to slow down a Ted more you know. Wait FOR GRANDCHILDREN. Yet thanks But I'm excited because I think it's a new coming for For Business and for women in Business. Who ARE MOTHERS End End for people who just want to make a shift a new career. It's unlimited what you can actually actually do. Now that's fascinating and we don't know what's next as well. I would agree and I would say the same. It's the same for men as well. You know you're giving that female perspective because that's the spice you work in but for me Tomorrow I'm about to turn forty three and I feel like I'm twenty three. Yep Honestly what forty twenty and and you you nudging up against fifty. That's the new thirty and much life to be lived in twenty four hours in one dies alone. Time for entrepreneur is a lot of stuff that they can happen. A lot of business to be done as a lot of places. You can do the things like that. It's it's definitely definitely exciting time and you paint a really good realistic pitcher audit as well into because you you share with us. A story. That is is hard but you just overcome those challenges and I think a lot of people think that they've got within them to overcome those challenges but when push comes to shove people often often give up an and. I'm just curious to know if somebody's listening to this and not on the edges of it in a hearing this guy. It's a rod for you. Go off you. You've got even doing eight years. You started youtube way back when it started. You know can't do it now. What would you say to somebody to encourage them just to give it a? I will excited hop on a conversation with other us to say because we're persuasive because as certainty around it working east working is extremely high. And I liken this to you haven't done it before you don't know you could do it. And there's a lot of scenarios that are lacking that show for example when I A my second best. I have children of Gillan boy. My second birth was at home and I didn't. Some success was in hospital in difficult. His birth was I wouldn't say easy but much end at Hun and I kept on saying to meet wise. I didn't know I could do it. I didn't know I could do it after he was born. I did not do it and she would just gently repeatedly because I was in you know in another world. Say Back to me. It's because you haven't done it before your clients and I think that that isn't as as really a fable Is that you don't know you can do it until you've done it But there is so much great information out there. If you commits to a process with someone jonquet get the. Don't listen to the free staff will or whatever new certain amount of it not the help you along the way bottom but but really go lean and Be Willing to learn and tweak the my my business clients have done the best of the ones that have been willing to tweak and let the ego at the door completely because a lot of that you need a lot of confidence in ego to do these top business. I find the more I stay grateful and thankful and in that space of love which has nothing to do with my egos. My Ego rises up by giving. That's when I get cranky in impatience. There's a big one of Linda's impatient doesn't work sorry so being willing to To tweak what your ideas are of one how this is going to look and then go for it and you're absolutely right. Rebel win win. I is some weeks and days joined flow as I would have planned. But the Tom get to get nothing. We get nothing. We get nothing for three days in. Thursday's payday is a boom it re things coming but that everything coming is because I held the vision three months ago three years ago four years ago and that's consistency Does actually get you a great viable business. The Opposite Dance of the twenty. Four hours Entrepreneur has loss Justin play that the ups and downs so holding the space. For for this for the success will come it just has its aren't. We did our time sometimes. Definitely it definitely does and I think would echo. What you're you're describing nad particularly by stretching yourself and you know yourself as a as a PT PTA for a long time as well in the and you know. I've I've run classes with all sorts of paper. Everything from bad awesome. Victory goal is to you know just regular normal civilian people and they were just. You just really never know what you're capable off and if you can if you're teetering on the edge of committing to something and going all in on something especially at this time of the at the start of the start of Twenty Twenty. That's sort of a calendar month that people love to use to get started with something. I would say. Push yourself as hard as you can. Just go for it and then go down that path it and commit because unless you commit to something at some point in your life you forever going to be like languishing in floundering around wondering and watching. Everybody else do it. But actually it's not so bad and even if you get halfway down that path and Mike a right hand turn ninety degrees in Orange Immonen disorders not few. At least you've committed to something and you've given a go at something can you? You've had a really a dedicated focus. Try at something. Can you come out of that on the other side better for it because you got men? I never thought that I would be able to do that. And she still. Couch did didn't finish it or didn't get my goal. Actually wasn't what I wanted to do. You still have that sense of achievement in that sense of purpose as you doing it. That's that's excellent and great great encouragement. Great Way I I. I often like an to once you. You get more you have more. And there's there's more creativity is like the Sny I am. I am not a non copyrighted but I love riding copy and it seems to seek. Well we use Helping paper with my arm and and I find icon. Switch that creativity off. So so would I come up with a good idea. Eighties lacking addiction. Then there's more and then there's more access to more and And I think that that that entrepreneurial mindsets Needs to be practice training muscles to get stronger in that condition. He said he got a day to go there. And the state the state The State of operation that you require that I have access to now. I did not have access to a user generated. So that's amazing as a girl who's he can be a little bit vain about a body that I I'm going to age like it's going to age but the whole creativity thing and that And and doing more in your businesses and helping more and being quick more savvy more more trained that that's that's fascinating and you've all got that we will got that in you know if I if I was to try to Set up I wasn't that interested in I. I would run out of steam but because I'm so so so therefore you'll be talking to me and I say saving the Kittens or whatever. It is whatever it is. You'll you'll have unlimited range for and skype full because you're you're extremely student up goal in shows all about potential and it's about sharing stories of other people who have had a go at something and come out the other side and being successful at it in the end the audio of it behind it is to say if you're listening to this then you've got the potential to do that as well. We're all night at the same stuff. Uh stupid went pants on the same way as every other post and in the world you know we we all we all live in the same. We're all just human beings is the way we think about things the way we execute on things that are all slightly different and that's the nuances that we have. But we all have the potential for greatness in many aspects of our lives in whatever it is that we we choose to do. So if you're listening to this day doing on the edge don't teetering long. Just go in and and commit to it. I want to move on from from that. In thank you again. For sharing your wisdom and insights into the oval in mindset and your version as well but I love. This is Lois Body formula. Why Mrs laughed at me is got out of bed yesterday afternoon. All I had a shower early because I had a light the night. Five o'clock in the afternoon the goals were out or not lie down and I was just looking at my phone at the end of the day watching the watching the news on my phone and I came home and they like what are you doing and I got up off the bed and I was like. Oh my main. Mrs Laughed at me and I thought of getting. My Body doesn't feel walk on twenty years my birthday tomorrow but I feel like I'm twenty. My buddy my buddy says otherwise. I missed a paratrooper. That doesn't work the way it used staggered a story about getting to Jake on the Gulf coast With a friend and Just a just after Christmas for for a week and idead as look. I want you to fill me doing cartwheels on the beach. So I I d one Cot whale growed. I used to be outdated in a row and do the second call yet. That was really good. I thought come on pull up a bit. That was the DOJ second cat. We'll go. It'd be hard on the hot wheel did my heap and my my answering and you say you. Yeah you should have seen the age I rise out their in house really cranky and and I'm like oh he's been trying to cough in the South Sandwich Here which is still token to me. It's avenue quite well and And I thought yet they got. You haven't tried as and you'd think he can do them any angry any single day of the way. Now I WANNA be to get back to my ten in the row in a row which public could do about ten years ago and Yet I felt every bit of my years in in that moment ends my ego was kind of like Oh versing and it goes on film and it was on and it was on. It's interesting as as you get older. You your mind doesn't necessarily get older with you because you've been caught wheels in a row before you've done it before so I can do it again and now you signed on that. Seagal definitely get back to that. Oh I had. I had one recently as well. Mike I was in the gym. Just doing the same workout overnight in one of my mites. He's trying to their incomes. Auburn goes dude. You doing the same thing again. Challenge yourself flute a bit say asking me. What's the challenge for me? He goes ten sets of ten buffy puppies every minute on the minute. So you got to do ten buppies ten proper base. Jump Up and clapping hands bobblehead in sixty seconds and then when the clock hits sixty seconds ago again this wire he gets he gets off a couple of like maybe four or five tries at. It'll go to. He's going did you get it and this way or five workouts into it and what. You're an idiot man. I'm not even going to bother Toronto. That yeah yeah. I'm pretty good at the Bay Pizza Day. There was a yet. There was a challenge. I didn't know blackwell came out. My nine was on it. And then all of a sudden I got my attention for all the blackboards yet. They're gonNA write down. How many I'm going to do so I ended up Winning that and yeah the two rounds at forty two in the first round was sort of five different. I'm short shorts Sets Forty turn fist round and got like forty four in forty four or forty. Six in the second round was only important to me. There's others in the class who twenty but it was only important to me. But you're absolutely right if that if I wasn't measuring I wouldn't have done that many so not having yet at that articles strategies if someone's done it before and they go to certain amount. I mean those things are really really good staying staying a buoyant rounding Fairly competitive if I think is I think is a is a good thing it said isn't entrepreneurial thing I mean I think that's that's a big part of of that and we just really need to stay competitive with ourselves and do better than yesterday. That's what we're wanting is very very important and you you call your system. The ageless Wadi formula in my mind. On not ageless but unfortunately my body is aging in wearing out slightly new in the air. And I can't do that so much and is it still a six weeks challenge a little bit about it. We have Six transformation challenge most of the people that come through our women and they're women over forty and the average age is around fifty. But we've had younger women with had men as well. It's actually a really Structured Online delivery with live coals. Wants wake like on Zoom so. We can't very very engaged. Now it's it's Beautiful busy people. Because that's the majority of people at around that age collectibles in the either either got kids empty nesting or blended families will work can travel. Whatever they've got so so. It's very doable for people who are busy from that. We we have day retreats and health traits as well because a lot of people wanted to be extended and have a whole block of time where they where they very much paying attention to their wellness on interrupted and we roll out the plans of how they're going to approach the health and the next twelve months a lot of people when they think about health. It's because they hit the hip or they've Gotten seat or they're trying to get Some some conditioned back because they don't fit into the clothes but other than that they don't have a very good Attention to or protocol around. What are they doing with the with? The spotty and the body is quite amazing and this whole thing around Edulis sports that look ten years younger so a lot of I know that is true too for me because one. I chose my parents right. Robert Sawyer is a good thing I think. Try that try to do that. Thank you mom and dad but but my teenage is friends. Say Oh my goodness how old your Mama. So if they're saying that in doing something right that said I rest really well more than ever before a slate law I pay attention dislike more than ever ever Gucci number. How many hours do you need to feel rested months? Seven exactly seventy seven and we're on the time sometimes on two third and it's going to be the kind of the same seven on the beat. Robbie shops for about nine PM at NAS. My Son teases me going on sleep on the couch. You know like an old woman. So it's sort of that. Tend to five kind of thing an end to end maximizing. Not that is really important. So we'll talk a lot about those sorts of things one of the hats of done. I've actually talked to sixteen so You know we know a lot of hacks which we bulk the trends. This is not about trends. It's actually about what works on Moist. People WANNA drop a couple of dress sizes or Jane sizes are getting getting that into an entity with this whole issue of stress in autoimmune disease. That's on the rise in in modern Western society communities. And that's quite the worry. That's quite the worry because it's it's causing some some real ill. Health take a holistic approach to your programs like a spiritual nutrition and physical or is it just kind of many many upsets me say it's an empowerment program so there is a lot a lot around. This is a lot of language around me actually saying Gee realize you're the see your your family. If you go down the whole family goes down. Now that could be the men and women but a lot of women feel put upon. They're the ones whose health has gone at window because it taken the kids to soccer practice since to the to to the NIP is in an everyone's taking care of except for themselves so I I take on this approach that you give me forty minutes a day in six weeks. I'll give you back your life and so so yeah. There's a lot around that Showing up for yourself so you can think show up for others in a way that version of you that you're super happy with and we all know when we're feeling how game it's it's not a good day alive or year will it's getting on your game. We say simple strategies is really important. So I've been a wife a mother a business I now. I know how busy last again and I still on that space and time to do my own workouts on now on down the gym jumping about with some twenty year olds and doing wrought so do something runs which is a lot of fun but I suggest that you stop that way. We start with baby steps so I'm able to take H. People through whilst in a group situation the group is not cheap thousand people. It's it's much more Friendly you know our numbers. Keep those large end. The whole rhetoric is is around banging empowered modern Gal. Who WHO HAPPENS TO BE? I always wanted my catch. Cries is your way too young to feel these old so I love it because that is just unbelievably true especially when I get out of better black Monday but I'm too young to be feeling all like that. I've been doing a little bit of Doctors de Martini stuff. Yeah he he says a lot of really good things and if you've never heard that before new listening to this really encourage you to look that up. It's a bit of a neuroscience biased version of what we're talking about and one of the things that he talks about is your conscious mind in your subconscious ended and the vast majority of what we do die tonight by Sec- subconscious in fact science proves that ninety five percent of what you do is subconscious. And he has a really good way of describing. How you go through you die and when you think about it most of what you do on a daily basis is unconscious when get outta bed up more training gear on because it safe from the night before I put my shoes on a guy at the door and I'll go out and try? I really think about it. I come back. I know what I'm going to eat for breakfast was already know what I'm GonNa eat for breakfast and I'm really think about it of a shallow. Get READY FOR WORK. Because it democracy will begin working on the really thinking very much about it the first time during my die where. I really have to think about something is when I have to write something on communicating with somebody but the nature of what I do is. The communication is just answering questions and answering. It's not really thinking about that. Why not just that? I was the first time in about a week. Were actually had to really think about what I was writing. Because I was riding a copy for a webpage for south spike and it had to be on point and it was. It was hot. Thinking is hard as difficult to do because the vast majority of what we do is is unconscious in Montana. He talks about how a you did. I did all of the activities that you did yesterday and today you gotTa hyave in almost exactly the same way as you did. Yesterd- I and that's part of the reason that people struggle to change is because physically. They used to doing the same things physically. They used to be getting the same tried off the signed payoff from the hormones and they brine and from what happens when doing activity you drink your coffee at the same time of the die meals at the same time tonight and your body's expecting these things and you have that stimulation as you do it and it really helped me to understand y you behave the way that you do. And today's behavior is actually being driven by. Yes that is a high via. And if I continue to live in that world and to not be self aware of that tomorrow's behind you will be the same as yes. That is in the Siamese. Today's and nothing is really going to affect China. And one relationship thing thing that I'll on ninety five percent of what you do is subconscious and that's almost like a six hundred pound gorilla. So what do you? What do you feed six hundred pound gorilla by whatever the bloody hill at once is? What do you need to do to effect change? You need somebody external to you to help you to understand why you behaving the way you do and somebody externally to you to help you to keep moving forward whether that's from an accountability. Perspective from a love perspective or spirituality perspective for me I. I just don't believe that you can do things by yourself in this world and we're GONNA bring it full circle to saying right at the top of the show. He that what you do is at the very fabric of our society. Because I can't do it by myself. Anita handle need some. Yeah yeah one hundred hundred percent and I feel the same to extend me as well so you know I am. A coach believes in coaching Semitic Cape accessing. Next more. I need someone who's no higher that you know experienced. Leda as well. And that is the way you had the good stuff. I believe. The hege change is not easy. It's not easy for anyone in and I've met day Montana a couple of times having run a car. Practical Fees News in. That was one of his fist disciplines. On Montaigne another great guy to to to say as well as Dr Joy dispense out. I really loving that stuff. Because I've actually had A bit of the healthy. She had respiratory problems and pneumonia. Those sorts of things to getting back. My fitness is extremely important but of course I cited people the twenty one workouts nieces. Exactly Twenty one day twenty one. I actually felt so emotional that I felt I was backing group again. After banks seeking losing so much condition is like three weeks. Twenty-one workouts and that's the same with things like Laying A twenty-one Sales Kohl's twenty twenty one times of running your business in you weigh your online or delivering that service all of those sorts of things if he'd Biz kind of that rough time and to get to that feels Gucci. It feels awful. You don't have the sign APPs available in your in your brains out there to do it so it does take someone else to actually go feel. Really Thankful I've met Roberts that there will be a day. I'll go gone out. I can do this guy yet. Now you'll silly you can't if you concentrate on x wines it and then go okay because he feels when you're bringing together something new it feels like you're bringing together. Five thousand paced puzzle. Don't have the ways and the methods to be able to think that you can. You don't have that certainty that you can do. You have done it before So so yeah old. Need each other to walk other harm and A example if I can share this of this happening to me recently because I've been so focused on my children my business growth etc. I haven't really had much of a boyfriend lately and these what's actually come off. Is this person to my life. Asking me questions at the answers to join sign up to be out and then haven't been there before so it feels. I feel like a dummy but I'm not a dummy I'm just I just haven't been here before with access to this style of Linda. Try this so he will allow having relationships on not avoiding relationship story avoiding. I gross within our relationship that we already have and we don't necessarily want WanNa grow because it doesn't feel rot but and that's why I talked about a love thing that the Fertile and definitely the Self. Love 'cause if you see with that and you got everything. I need within me. I just need to know how to access it into Confidence to listen like you saying about emotions. All that got feel all those sorts of things that that is the way that is the way that's knauss. It's a nice sentiment that you kind of sharing with us there and and and thank you thank you so much as way bumping up against an hour here are just again. I just want to thank you so much for giving us a little window in she will. That means a lot to me that you I'm on this show and share that with my audience and I'm absolutely certain that they're going to get something out of it and connect with you because you've been so giving here in a really appreciate that. I can't let you leave the goal in podcasts. Without putting you in the goal in podcasting hot seat Fred random questions. It's a little bit of fun. It's not really related to what we're doing now. I made all sorts of people from all walks of life from parts of the world and one of the favorite things I like to obstacle is. Do you have a favorite holiday destination that you get a white too? Yeah well I'm well in. Australia is suddenly becoming goal. Cost but in the world across the world I really love a Europe suspended France. My my daughter's going to live in France at the end of this year for six months and site very nice for each for a little while. I have been looking forward to doing that as well. Have you been? Have you been that you've been about three years ago? I Madrid in San Sebastian I wasn't there for too long but I definitely place I would go back to for sure enough close it. sank other great places to electrons in Portugal in different weight loss. Yeah Jim Close. Nassir knows what's I What's skill that you haven't yet mastered? I'd have to say Gulf. That's potential a very humbling. That Sport Yeah. Yeah exactly and for being patient doesn't I'll save it for when I'm old. Maybe I I I have a seven on that in in my car and it sits next to the driver seat door so wrought next to the door and every now and then went on driving home from the city here in Sydney. There's a driving range just on the way home and all during the around there it's like Bob Wa Ataba Bolster Twenty Boxing. Gallons smack one hundred. It's actually with attain. Is Boy too? It's the thing that I actually do with him. Quite often and and We really enjoy that. Him and he's sport is Lacrosse just five days of the tournament for the end nineteen so. That's not my sport that I'm really good lacrosse. Mom Soccer Mom Lacrosse. Mum Runner Lacrosse Mom. Which is more American? Bits Strat Lean level so he's doing good northbound or last question for the podcasting Hudson. What's the what's best place of business advice that you've received disdain consistent so even when you're not feeling it in the day just to do an amount that will will take you forward that consistency will will really pay off and it does chipping away at it no matter what every back well into that just about wraps it up for the show tonight if people want to connect with you? What's the best way to do that? Vostochny easiest ways Marson on facebook with into Marcin H. Space and send us a message today. That's the that's the fastest way Yeah probably the easiest that way studies in some instagram and Youtube. Is Linda Morrison? The face looks the quickest awesome. And if you're listening to this show on your phone just title Show notes and all of the links to Linda's website and her social will be right there. And if you're watching this video on youtube to scroll on down and you'll see the links to her details right there in the show nuts before I let you go. I'd like to give my guests the opportunity to leave us with a parting comment or potty bit of wisdom. What have you got I? I would decide to say that if you do have a wants to to build a business to help people to APP absolutely secret that and go for. There's a way to find out how to do that. And it can be your side hustle. You don't have to give up your day. Job Gets though I loved going. Only myself this way actually accessing. You know I really am amazing business and people that can actually help you so two absolutely Explorer and go for it. You're not going to know how to do it. Straight away that that's that's okay. Yeah you'll be said and thank you again for sharing and thanks for coming on the Goalline Show. We look forward to speaking with you soon. It's by for now having everybody while they avid folks. If you want to connect with Linda just take a little bit. You find in all of the links to her website and associates right there in the show notes. So you don't have to poke around in Google form and watching you saw on Youtube discolor on down and all of the details of right there in the show notes as well. Now if you've got a message or some feedback for the show you can reach out via the goal in socials. We can send me an email at anytime. Just visit goal in DOT COM dot EU to find out more. Well that wraps it up for the show today so whatever it is that you're working on whatever you do get busy. Get to it and go all in. I'll see you next on Habits Oh bird third added. Show don't Sir.

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