The Sutton-Taylor Feud Pt. 2


Due to the graphic nature of this families crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder sexual assault and violence that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen. Christmas Eve, eighteen sixty eight and Clinton, Texas buck Taylor, a racist, murdering outlaw confronted Bill Sutton, the lawmen who killed many of his fellow gang members Sutton, watched, as buck stomped up DEM his face red. He whispered in his enemies, ear leave town by sundown the Lauman's reply. Why wait? Till then enraged at Sutton's challenge. Buck drew his gun preparing to murder his enemy. He failed to notice as Sutton's fellow regulator, one doc white jumped out from his hiding spot in the back of the saloon pulling his own gun and firing at buck as Sutton. Watched buck ball limp on the saloon floor. A new outlaw caught his eye in the doorway drawing. His own weapon, sudden. Didn't know it yet. But this was dick Chisholm bucks. Fellow cattle thief before Chisholm got his gun up Sutton. Leapt into action, Chisholm flew back through the doors of the saloon falling dead into the street inside sudden dock white stood over the body of buck Taylor, just to make sure he was good in dead. Doc's bullet did its job, the outlaws glassy lifeless eyes stared up at the ceiling. Finally, they were making progress. Hi, I'm leaning hops. And this is crimes of passion, apar- cast original and the legal definition a crime of passion is a violent crime that occurs in the throes of extreme emotion leaving no time to reflect on the consequences. But in this show, we explore passionate crimes. How does marriage progress from husband and wife to killer and victim, or killer and co-conspirator if there's a thin line between love and hate what manipulates our relationships into deadly results? The Taylor gang of DeWitt county, Texas, terrorized estate for nearly a decade before law enforcement finally intervened. The gangs cruelty drove lawmen to respond with a passion that Brad even more violence beginning in eighteen sixty eight twenty two year old deputy sheriff Bill Sutton, and his fellow regulators systematic. Weekly killed every Taylor gang member. They could find before long the gang retaliated and a cycle of killing began. It would become the bloodiest feud in Texas history. At our cast, we are grateful for you. Our listeners you allow us to do what we love. Mud us know how are doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at parkas network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help. We also now have merchandise had depar- cast dot com slash merch. For more information. At the beginning of eighteen sixty nine the regulator law enforcement, posse boasted several notable leaders, there was a young Bill Sutton, who killed Charlie Taylor. And his cousin buck. There was also Charles bell, the former spy turned detective who longed for an assignment in the nation's capital. In addition, there was Jim Cox, the rancher determined to protect his land, Joe Tomlinson, the sage Texas ranger who in fighting the Taylor's was choosing to war with his own in-laws. And finally, there was Jack helm, the former confederate who now seem to be taking his bitterness over the fall of the south at on the Taylor gang. In June eighteen sixty nine helm track down the posse of Jim bell, who worked for the Taylor's stealing scores of cattle, and murdering multiple union soldiers and black, citizens, Jim managed to escape Helms attack, but his gang was captured helm reported that they were all killed in an escape attempt, which was becoming an excuse at the Taylor sympathetic public no longer bond into creed Taylor. The Taylor family patriarch continue to play stories in the press that helm was executing prisoners. A political divide was growing within the state on one side, there was the emancipated black population and the occupying union troops, including the lawmen and on the other the white settlers, who resented them this divide, so inflamed, the tempers of the region that bloodshed was inevitable politics. And the state were about more than taxes and infrastructure. They were about deeply held moral convictions that affected people on a psychological level. Before I continue discussing psychology, please note that I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. But I have done a lot of research for the show professor of psychology and social behavior. Peter Ditto wrote that genuine differences in moral sensibilities are dangerous when they become infused with politics in eighteen sixty nine holiday and moral sensibilities were completely intertwined as one party believed in slavery. And one did not Ditto also wrote that in any era, this dynamic leads to biased interpretation of events, the white settlers of Texas chose to interpret the actions of lawmen such as helm and Sutton, as murder because they hated and distrusted any representatives of the union government, finally did OBE wrote that politically segregated incense. Sation media can contribute to this divide, as Cree, Taylor continued to publish his tirades and rebel bias newspapers. This also became true for the people of Texas in eighteen sixty nine the powder keg exploded. As a Taylor, gang mourned, the loss of buck Taylor and the public became enraged at Helms continued violent tactics. Later that summer in eighteen sixty nine to members of the Taylor gang known as a piece brothers hatched a plan to get back at the regulators. The used to sympathetic local to lure DeWitt county sheriff George Jacobs Sutton superior to remote ranch. The local claim that the Taylor's recently stole some of his cattle and so share of Jacobs came to investigate little did he know the peace brothers were waiting in the woods next to the ranch. The merged pooling their guns and shooting the sheriff to death. Jacobs was venerated lawmen who had protected the county for years by killing him. The brother showed that the Taylor gang recognized no authority, but their own the law enforcement community. Immediately cried out for Justice helm began, roaming, the countryside. In search of the peace brothers. Meanwhile, they escaped to the ranch of another sympathetic local one John chote. He resolved to protect the men from Helms wrath going about fortifying the ranch. He also reached out to his neighbors for help defending the brothers, but in doing this he made a fatal error. One of his neighbors was esteemed. Former Texas ranger Joe Tomlinson, and a member of the Taylor extended family chill incorrectly. Assume that Joe was aligned with the outlaws. Joe Tomlinson was not a young man. His hair was grey. His face creased, but he had lived a life. He was proud of though. Sometimes it was a life that didn't let him sleep, too. Well at night dressed in a black shirt and tan vast with matching jeans and boots. He walked outside to greet the morning, Joe leaned on his porch and watched as his neighbor, John chote road up to the house, one did this old full want, he carefully shifted his weight. So his hand dangled subtly over his six gun on his hip after all, the Taylor gang had put a price on Joe's head and he didn't put it past chote to try and collect showed approached with a friendly enough demeanor. He asked about Joe's wife about his cattle, but he was clearly excited about something. Jill told him to spit it out nervous chilled revealed that he was harboring the fugitives, the peace brothers and that he was gathering a posse to defend against helm and the regulators. He wanted Joe to join Joe. Hardly believe his luck Joe his son Crockett didn't have half a brain between them. He replied that he would not join this foles errand that the brothers would get what was coming to them, joked, stammered and spit surprise at this staunch Texan cited with northern invaders, he told Joe that he was risking his life, but the authorities would punish him Joe allowed himself a smile and said that he would accept any punishment, the authorities deemed appropriate however internally he suspected that they weren't referring to the same authority. By the time word got to helm chilled ranch was reinforced with forty men dozens of firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition helm, and fellow regulator, Charles bell decided to combine their posses along with Joe Tomlinson records indicate they had between forty to seventy five men. Dozens of forces descended upon the ranch forming a complete circle around the house. It was a large building, but it was hard to believe there were forty men inside if they squinted. They could see only a handful through the ranch windows. In fact, they stared too long as shots suddenly rang out from the sides of the house. The outlaws cut people's into the walls, the regulators were horrified as one of their own a man by the name of kurkin dole till. A bullet to the head falling off his horse dead. Helm rached. He commanded all of his men off their horses, and up to the house. They unloaded their guns into the building. But it was impossible to see if they were hitting anyone finally several of the regulators reached the walls, Bill. They couldn't get the door open bell found one of the people's and fired his entire gun into it. Another lawman found a window and shattered it with bullets. Suddenly, all fell quiet. There was no more shooting from inside abruptly the front door was kicked open. John chote emerged hands in the air, he cried don't shoot don't shoot. Where's Jack helm? I surrender helm glared at chote. He was still on his horse having commanded. From the rear of the battle. Stepping down. He walked liberally across the prairie toward the surrendering old man chote relaxed putting his hands out to be tied. But instead of pulling out his LASSO helm, pulled out his gun shows is went wide with shock as he saw the barrel of Helms gun rise to meet him like so many, a Taylor gang member before him chote fell victim to Helms habit of being judge jury, and executioner, elm, blew the smoke from his gun barrel over at the house. Charles bell raised an eyebrow. But didn't say anything. Instead he led a party into the now. Open ranch house inside he found not forty men, but less than half a dozen all dead or injured. Chilton Crockett was among the dead, the family was wiped out. Regulator Intel said that practically the whole Taylor, gang would be here. Little did they know Cree Taylor heard. They were coming and sent the peace brothers as well as his sons Hayes in Doboy, south to Mexico. He left the chose who had rallied to defend his cause out to dry by August. Eighteen sixty nine all the regulators accomplished since the killing of buck Taylor was to turn the people of Texas against them. Yes, they killed many gang members but not enough with the last name Taylor until Hayes, Doboy, and maybe even creed were dead. All of this would be for nothing. The Taylor gang would continue to terrorize the state. With that in mind. Bell had a plan. Next up the regulators make a desperate move to try and end the Taylor family for good. If you haven't tried best fiends yet. What are you waiting for? It's a five star rated mobile puzzle game about the world of minutia, and it's cute courageous inhabitants, and it's so much fun. I've been playing for two months now and I wanted to give you an update. I'm on level two twenty-seven, and I'm currently doing the ice cream chase challenge where I get to beat slugs and get gifts like diamonds and free gold. I also added an epic fiend my army bam. Bam. 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Now back to the story. In august. Eighteen sixty nine forty nine year old Cree Taylor sat in his office sipping a whisky. He was pleased with himself, despite the laws best efforts, they had yet to put an end to his cattle rustling operation, and they had yet to even catch either of his sons Hayes and Doboy, his leathery hand stroked his scraggly beard, scratched his bald head. He heard the sounds of his younger children playing elsewhere in the house of the women folk talking in the kitchen, but as he worked suddenly, he noticed that all became quiet the door was closed so he couldn't see into the hallway, he called out to his wife Nancy, but there was no response slowly. He walked toward the door. He stopped himself better grab a gun. He began to move toward a chest sitting again. The wall. But then a group of regulators burst into the office, their pistols, drawn create just steered them down and cried out, what in the hell then captain Charles bell emerged from the crowd holding his gun decreed face. Nice home, you got here. Mr. Taylor think the boys will come around anytime soon. Crea- just glared this offense would not go. Unpunished if the lawmen thought they could trap his son's here. They were sorely mistaken. He had sent them out of the country for precisely this reason. But he was underestimating his son's penchant for stupid decision, making and bell knew they wouldn't be able to resist threat against their father and shot at revenge against the regulators. He was more right? Then he knew beh-. Savior, investigator, Vanessa van Edwards found that brain activity actually increases when experiencing revenge related emotions, we've already discussed how revenge is also inherently selfish. It allows one to reclaim a sense of power or status. The regulators trap was irresistible to men like Hayes and Doboy Taylor. As with any major event and the sentence, Taylor feud, what happened next is subject to conflicting and fragmented reports historian, James Smallwood provided the most complete version of the account of the regulators had to wait but a day before Doboy came riding up the trail calling for his father immediately, regulator spring from the surrounding treason, bushes guns. Raised never the smartest of the Taylor's Doboy didn't give up. But instead pulled his own weapon, the regulators opened fire and Doboy took a bullet in the shoulder falling from his horse. He was better at running then fighting and before they could stop him. He climbed over a nearby fence and disappeared into the foliage. There was no time to follow him. However as Hayes and a few fellow gang members heard the gunshots. They arrived on the scene. The regulators were thrilled at the sight of him. This was the brother who murdered multiple union soldiers and Friedman. He killed major Thompson, those many months ago, and he stole more cattle and horses than could be imagined. He was if nothing else a loyal brother fearing for Doboy safety. He charged the regulators at full speed. They opened fire. He's shooting arm was blown apart and his chest erupted with buckshot, somehow he continued to live. He used his good arm to turn his horse around riding toward an escape route. Bell wouldn't have it. He took off after Hayes on his own running after the horse, obviously, he could never hope to catch it. So he did the only thing that was left him grabbing a rifle. He planted his feet and steadied. His aim he followed the departing Hayes with the gunsight the Taylor boy was already yards away. But then he took his shot in the distance, the back of his head exploded with blood and bits of skull. Finally, he fell off the horse. As Taylor was dead on top of that. The regulators could now charge creed with harboring fugitives on his property and arrest him. It was a huge victory, though a short lived one on September eighteenth. Eighteen sixty nine a few weeks after his arrest creed posted bail. He was free again. But it cost him ten thousand dollars which amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars today though he lost a son money and more. He was winning on the ideological front in February eighteen seventy the state legislature, finally drafted and acceptable constitution, an elected, a new, governor governor Edmund, j Davis was a pro union politician, which was surprising given Texas's rebel leanings. There were some whispers at the election was rigged regard. Bliss. If this new government was going to hold Davis needed to win over the people. His next move was controversial. One, a decision that seemed to play into the hands of the Taylor gang in order to appease gangs. Many supporters Davis disbanded, the regulators, our this ended up being a largely symbolic move as he then created a special police force that employed, many of the same law, men, such as Jack helm, and Bill Sutton, this began a cycle of unsuccessful policy decisions in which Davis attempted to please both sides of the political divide. And in doing so pleased, neither even so many in the pro union camp saw this as a win for the southern anti-union years, they had gone from being ruled by union generals, who gave no concessions to being ruled by an easily manipulated. Politician. Syncing the shift in the wind. Bell decided it was time to hang up his Texas Burs some accounts claim that he left after being turned down for a position in the new police force. Some say he ended up floating dead in the Rio Grande the truth was that he again, put his spice gills to use and quickly and quietly slipped out of the state. He took a president's in DC, or he fulfilled his aspirations of working as a detective in the capital before dying of an illness at the age of thirty six home for his part, somehow managed to stay on with the new regime. Not only that he filled, the vacant DeWitt county sheriff position this showed how helm a simple Texas sheriff was one of the most polarizing figures in the country. One side of the political divide saw him as a hero and continue to hire him while the other side saw him as a mass murderer, and wanted him dead Centene likely resented that helm continued to be put in play as his presence further inflame, the feud Taylor gang members were more likely to fight back then allow themselves to be arrested quietly bearing that. Helm would just execute them. Little did Sutton. No, he was about to develop a similar reputation using his new position elm secured an arrest warrant for Henry and William Kelly in the summer of eighteen seventy the entire Kelly family were infamous, outlaws associated with the Taylor gang. Henry in particular was known for raping young black women helm, signed, Sutton, to make the arrest, perhaps, hoping that the brothers would be incensed at the presence of a famous Taylor killer. It's unclear what Sutton's outlook was as he traveled with fellow police to arrest the two brothers. He was with doc white. The man who helped him kill buck Taylor, as well as two other men with the new regime, and with helm not directly participating he may have legitimately hoped to take the prisoners alive. Then again he knew what they were guilty of. And he didn't hesitate when it came to killing Charlie or buck Taylor. No one can say for sure what happened. But before either brother was brought into custody. They were shot and killed. Sutton and his men claimed that they had tried to escape during the arrest William's wife seethed with rage. She and her mother-in-law found the bodies lying in the road rather than accept that her husband's actions. Let the family here. She swore to get even with the lawmen who killed him the feud continued to flare August and September eighteen seventy saw an intense series of courtroom proceedings in which Salamun were put on trial for the murder of the Kelly brothers, governor Davis continued to try and seem impartial. And so he didn't offer public support for his law enforcement officers. The ideologically driven psychology of the times lead to gridlock pro Taylor. Jurors completely bought the story of the Kelly women, even though it was filled with logical inconsistencies. For example, they claim to be. Able to see the murder from mother Kelly's house when it was too distant for that to be possible. Sheriff, Jack helm refused to even reprimand his men, this only increased attention as a Taylor supporters feared that once again, there was no consequences for murderous law enforcement with this environment. Novikov was reached Sutton and his men went free. But in an attempt to appease the pro Taylor camp. Governor Davis made a decision Jack helm was to be removed as head of the police force. But the Taylor's didn't just want him gone. They wanted him dead for now. Helm return to his life as a civilian working to improve farm equipment. Though he was likely extremely disappointed at this turn of events. There was some good news early the following year in April eighteen seventy one Doboy Taylor was killed. However, this killing came, not at the hands of Sutton or other Lohman, but by his own stupidity by this point in time, Doboy returned to Texas and was attempting to live on the street in narrow. But this proved impossible for one, such as he, according to historian, James Smallwood window boy was passed over for a job opportunity, he tracked down and attempted to murder the man who accepted the position. The man wrestled Dobos gun from him, and shot him three times Doboy died in the street screaming with all of the major Taylor lieutenants dead, the former. Regulator such Sutton, helm, Tomlinson, and Cox had some cause for celebration. Little did. They know the worst was yet to come. After another year of violence in which new Taylor gang lieutenants, competed for creeds favor in October eighteen seventy to a small gang of anti-taylor, locals lied in wait outside the home of Pitkin Taylor creeds brother though he was a historic criminal. And scoundrel Pitkin was now in his seventies and posed little threat. Nevertheless, he was learned from his house into a cornfield and shot to death, though. None of the chief lawmen were responsible Sutton, helm, Tomlinson, or Cox, this murder played them in the months to come at Pitkin Taylor's funeral the family gathered to mourn, the loss of yet another beloved relative, but Pitkin had a son Jim Taylor, who swore to the family then in there that he would get revenge. He turned to his mother saying, I will wash my hands and Bill Sutton's. Blood, Jim Taylor was younger than his slain cousins were and though he ran with a gang for years. He didn't have an especially murderous, reputation, this lack of outlaw experience, led Jim to ally himself with perhaps the greatest cutthroat of all John Wesley Hardin hardens name is familiar to many wild west aficionados. He is said to have killed dozens of men during his lifetime with his first kill taking place before he was sixteen even before, then he was violent young schoolboy stabbing classmate during the school yard fight for most Taylor gang members, their murderous. Tendencies were motivated by greed, toxic, family dynamics, and their own racial hatred. These are inexcusable, but nevertheless, human motivations Hardin was also motivated by all of those same factors. But that didn't explain. In why he began killing at a young age. Or why his body count was so high. He had killed around twenty men by this point in his life. If his autobiography is to be believed. With the hindsight, afforded by modern psychology we might label harden, as having severe antisocial personality disorder criminology, professor Scott, a bond wrote that the key traits of such disorders are disregard for laws disregard for the rights of others lack of remorse and a tendency to display violent or Grasset behavior, clearly just about everyone in the Taylor, gang fits that description, but Hardin appears to have exhibited these treats more strongly. Bon also distinguished that someone. With more severe antisocial personality disorder is better at manipulation and actually fits in hiding in plain sight, Hardin had a wife owned a law practice at one point, and was now becoming the second in command of a large criminal organization. The. Evidence seems to suggest that his pension for murder combined with his ability to manipulate made him truly disturbed Jim Taylor was out of his depth and joining up with such a psychologically, dangerous person, but his hatred for the regulators, outweighed such concerns. On may fifteenth eighteen seventy three Joe Tomlinson, and Jim Cox were traveling with a posse on their latest investigation. Suddenly Cox, and one other man were shot up their horses. It was an ambush Tomlinson, and the others saw no-choice but to flee Cox gripped his stomach in pain as he watched his friends abandon him. He turned to see none other than Jim Taylor. And John Wesley Hardin riding upon their horses. Rifle. Still smoking getting off his horse. Jim walked up to the dying Lohman cock sought back to the early days when it was him and bell, and all the others and no one could stop them. He never expected it to end like this go to hell. He spat Jew. Jim pulled out his knife and cut Kocsis throat open from ear to ear, the first of the old regulators was dead. And he was just getting started. Next up the bodies continue to pile up and Jim and harden go after Jack helm now back to the story. After finally electing a government and drafting a constitution, the planes, Justice of the regulators, posse was no longer needed. Governor Davis disbanded the group in eighteen seventy but unofficially, the feud lived on carried by Jim Taylor, younger cousin of the slain Hayes, Doboy and buck Taylor after his dismissal. Former regulator, Jack helm return to civilian life inventing devices to improve farming techniques on may seventeenth eighteen seventy three he was at a blacksmith shop in Queiro, Texas, where he sensed that something was wrong. He turned around to find that two men had entered the shop both had their guns trained on him. Apparently the first man tried to fire but his gun jammed seizing, the moment helm rushed the first man. I'm Jim Taylor almost knocking him to the ground. But the second man harden hit him in the shoulder with the shotgun blast gym walked up to him, casually revolver trained on the infamous regulator, he asked with the southern drawl. Do you even know who I am? Helm, just glared at him with his black mean is Jim's, temper flared, as he considered how many friends and family helm took from him professor of criminology and criminal Justice. Scott, h decker wrote that violent crime is either instrumental or expressive, either it serves a material purpose, or it sends a message expressive crime, driven by love hate. Or resentment often features a level of carnage above and beyond, what an outside observer might be able to understand. Such was the case with Jim Taylor's killing of Jack home gyms mind was racing with thoughts of revenge. He wanted the world to know that he was returning every ounce of violence that the Lohman inflicted on his family, and he wanted men like Bill Sutton to know. He was coming for them. As hard and kept any own liquors at bay with his shotgun. Jack. Unloaded them remaining five bullets in his revolver into Jack Helms head all that was left of the Lauman's face was a gaping. Bloody whole Jim Taylor was an instant hero to many of the white settlers of Texas who saw helm as an oppressive instrument of the law as for Sutton. He didn't want to end up like Cox and helm, he brought a posse of half a dozen men with him wherever he traveled for the rest of eighteen seventy three. When the Taylor's instead turned their attentions to killing Tomlinson. They were again met with difficulties. He was barricaded in at his ranch protected by fifty men by August eighteen seventy three the back and forth, fighting reached a fever pitch if Jim Taylor in Hardin brought their seventy five or so men against Tomlinson's v. Fifty there would be civil war levels of bloodshed. The new DeWitt county deputy sheriff sat the two parties down and force them to sign a peace treaty. Everyone doubted that the document held any weight Sutton, refused to take part, however, for whatever reason Tomlinson agreed to sign Jim Taylor and Wesley harden signed as well. Many were outraged at the treaty those who saw the Taylor gang as murderers and criminals felt it legitimized their operations Sutton knew that it was only a matter of time before they went back to their old ways stealing cattle and murdering anyone. They wanted. And he was right though. It was technically the lawmen who first breached, the terms of the treaty. A New Year's Eve eighteen seventy three Wiley, Prejean, noon, Taylor, gang murderer and thief was cornered by eight lawmen outside of general store, among their number was the young James Brown who years before lost his father, at the hands of this killer with a decade of revenge fantasies, fueling him Brown shot, Wiley, prison, dead reigniting, the feud, the Taylor family saw this killing of. One of their own at the hands of lawmen as a sign that the treaty had been broken the demanded retribution. In March eighteen seventy four six years after he killed Charlie Taylor Sutton decided to take a break from the fighting to try and make some money for his family. His wife, Laura was now pregnant, and he wanted to be able to provide for the baby arriving at the docks in India. Nola on the Gulf Coast. He planned to take a steamboat to New Orleans after that he would take part in a cattle drive to Kansas. But Jim Taylor had other plans, according to story in James Smallwood ball of in the family lawyer learned of Sutton's plans through a banker and gave Jim the Lauman's itinerary. Sutton sat in the dining room of coastal restaurant, enjoying his wife's company before he departed for New Orleans, his friend. Gabe slaughter was with them with good company food and a cool breeze blowing in off the ocean. It was a lovely day. He beamed with pride when ever, he looked at his pregnant wife, their relationship remained strong since they first met as children. And now their legacy lived on in air, the meal finished, and the trio reluctantly made their way to the ticket office to book passage for Sutton and slaughter Sutton and Laura held hands as a patient, we waited in line, but then that all too familiar sound. Laura flinched as she was splattered with blood. She watched in slow motion as next to her, her husband fell Ford the back of his head exploding. She screamed and with no concern for her own safety threw herself upon him wailing with grief behind her. Jim Taylor and his cousin Bill smiled Jim's gun was smoking. He finally exacted revenge on the greatest of the lawmen the oath. He swore at his father's funeral was filled. Gabe, slaughter attempted to fight back going for his pistol. But gyms cousin was faster and ended the life of Sutton's friend. Thankfully, Laura was spared. Little the gym. No, he also just sealed his own fate, though. The Taylor gang seemed to be winning the feud on the physical front. They were losing it on the political front in January eighteen seventy four something astonishing happened at the state capital. The white supremacist pro confederate settlers wrested control of their state back from the pro union government when Richard coke unseeded, Edmund j Davis and the gubernatorial election Davis, the appeaser the one who fired home and generally failed to support. The woman was dragged out of his office, this development at first seemed like a positive for the Taylor gang who were seen as torchbearers for the confederate cause an actual -ality in meant that they were officially obsolete during the patient, by the union. The whites. AM assists needed the Taylor's to stir the pot and incite public sentiment against the northerners banal that the southerners had control of the government, they could implement racist legislation and in do the work of emancipation without the need for outright violence. Segregation laws were put into place, interracial marriage was made illegal Opole tax required citizens to pay to vote, which many black Texans could not afford black, people were also prohibited from participating and primaries, thus keeping them out of office with these now legal racists sanctions, the new government needed to secure themselves with a sense of respectability, this meant corralling the wild Taylor's who were still stealing cattle and causing gunfights and so- lawmen throughout the state were instructed to put the Taylor gang under arrest. Twenty two members of the gang were jailed by June. June eighteen seventy four that same month. Joe Tomlinson, and a mob of former regulators pulled three Taylor gang members out of jail and Lynch them this included scrap Taylor, a young, well liked member of the family, this could be seen as director sponsor to Sutton's murder Cree Taylor was outraged. But the governor did nothing to punish the Lynch mob and fact, he was sending more Lamin into the field to capture Jim Taylor and Wesley harden Tomlinson had done what he could to avenge his friends now, sixty three years old, his health was failing, and he didn't have the ability to go after the remaining outlaws he passed away peacefully a few months after the Lynch mob. The only chief member of the regulators to not divinely. Hardened saw the writing on the wall, and escape to Florida in September eighteen seventy four Jim Taylor continued to champion the Taylor. 'cause and together with his uncle creed. He kept a certain amount of public sentiment on their side. But the age of Cowboys was coming to an end by November eighteen seventy five he was trapped in the town of Clinton, where his brother buck was killed by Sutton, just a few years earlier, though, he had a large posse camped outside of town by the river. The lawmen led by deputy dig Hudson managed to circumvent gyms, men and occupy Clinton, when Jim and his men tried to escape they found that the locals lock their horses in the stables a shootout was unavoidable. And when the smoke cleared Jim Taylor was finally. Dead. Despite these victories. There were some members of the Taylor gang who never saw Justice most, obviously, creed Taylor the patriarch of the entire organization was still alive. He managed to keep his hands clean enough to where the lawn never again. Tried to arrest him after his first wife's death. He remarried leaving even more children to replace the ones who died in the feud he was pragmatic to the last dying of old age in nineteen. Oh, six. This is a dark ending to the story of the Sutton Taylor. Feud, creed though. Stymied by the actions of men. Like Sutton was never completely defeated even worse, any hopes for truly free Texas, were dashed and the state continued to grapple with racial violence and inequality for almost another century on. On a positive note, Loris Sutton. Successfully gave birth in August. Eighteen seventy four her daughter Willie. Slaughter Sutton had three sons of her own Bill Sutton was also survived by his brother jeans who having taken no part in the feud live to have children of his own, and therefore continued the family line. The Sutton in Taylor names, endure to this day with many descendants continuing to inhabit the same regions of Texas, though. The fighting has come to an end disagreements still abound, as to who was at fault in the conflict. However, as stated that's one debate that needs to come to an end, though, the actions of lawmen such as Jack helm were extreme. They were in response to years of violence and theft on the part of the Taylor family in a modern light, we can see how they're racist ideology, shielded them from sharper criticism by the white population of the time. But there is nothing sympathetic about the rampant killing and assault of emancipated, black settlers and soldiers who already fought hard for their freedom, the crimes of the Taylor, family were born of a racial hatred, that has reared its ugly head throughout human history. Feelings of inadequacy in the face of an encroaching big government the need for power and the memory of a sparsely populated frontier. Drove the family to become villains in the truest sense. But in becoming killers the Taylor's sealed their own fate their passion for theft rape and murder meant that few died peacefully at an old age as Texas saying goes to be Taylor was to die with your boots on. Thanks again for tuning into crimes of passion, we will be back Wednesday. 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