Episode 48 - I'm A Little Chicken Nugget


What's up guys. We're gonna team g podcast. This is actually last week's episode. If you want today's episode that'll be on our patriot right now. You can get a week early if you contribute, it's patriots dot com. Slash tiny meet gang. So thanks if you do that and if not enjoyed this one who's ladies and gentlemen, welcome. If you're watching this on patriot, you'll notice that now we're in the corner of our insane asylum. All that's left is the straitjackets. This podcast is not real more room to do this. More rocking room. Here. Just you mentioning some guy walking by being like, yeah, they think they have a podcast. Or just insane. This thing six eighty six eighty. I'm gay. I want them gays. Down down. I'm gay fucking good. I'm I don't. I don't get him in that. What they're podcast is about being six eighty gay. I don't those poor poor soul. What happened to them? What they're doing. Have mercy on their souls as poor lad's the boys. So we are in the process of getting new furniture, getting a new look, look at new cameras. We're about to dress this shit up to look insanely good. Yup, we're going to, we upgraded the audio shit so that it should sound nice and crisp right now. Yeah, should sound a lot better. We actually do even talk about that. What buying that gear the record of the post? I think we did that. We maybe I mean, just the brief of rephrase it. Yeah, we just we ran around London to get. We're going to buy something does pretty expensive in the US and then we're like how we have to buy gear because we forgot gear only one record with post some ran out to buy it. Yeah, we we did tell the story, but I think the main takeaway for me was it was fucking thirty percent more expensive. Live in London and we're just like, no, no, no. But you can get all the city tax or whatever London tax. Yeah, but then we just didn't go to the London airports do that. Do you know how much of a bitch that shit is? I know you're like you have to mail it to them. Then they confirm it with like London tax people, and then they mail you the money, get the money, have three years half off on cameos by the way. That's our grouping the money in the morning. So yeah, my main takeaway from that whole Shay was that it was one Dinh's only audio store one the only place. So you can get anything audio related in London, zero musicians or just anybody doing anything audio related in London? I, I guess. I mean, that was fucking crazy when I told him I'm like, you can't be the only story he goes. I know mental in it is like being the full guys new only Gaza might music law in all of central London lot. All of the UK listens to offer. We produced for older Guam robbers. Everyone skept on scepter. You're white. Different type. It's like a branding thing. No skepticism planned artists that's bad an industry plants? No. They didn't have any choice. It was like digital five dudes. I make music. So. You guess. So we can of industry plants in industry in sales. Russ. Russels and end sell bro. He's a multi-platinum recording in cell. So it was like, this is the most confident, five, three, dude. I. He said. So he did like he did an interview on shade four, five or whatever. No, the breakfast club. The breakfast club? Yeah. And he's like, remains asking them about, you know, young bands and smoke perp like newly clown him on Twitter, young bands specifically. So I think Charlemagne brought those two up. I didn't see the whole clip. I'm are still. Okay. Okay. So. Yes, he brings it up and then he brings up, you know, rapper Saint, like, fuck Russ in that. And Russ goes on this leg Barry stutter- like long rant about like. I, they, I've seen him in person. They know what time it is. The time it is Bros they know what time it is bro. So what does that mean? Like did you is ice? They know what time it is, what the. Well, yes, four thirty. They know what time it is. So you know four while four twenty four pm. Autumn assay is I got like, he's he starts bragging about having footage of smoke perp getting jumped. No one of the two. Yeah, one of the two. And then young bands tweeted, you know, damn well, rushing. You might as flied to the video, you know, damn. Well, fuck. Russ herb didn't say anything. No russet if if they say fuck Russ one more time the video. Yeah. So in young fans goes on going, fuck Russ. The Dan while they didn't beat my. So then today academics put up a video of smoke per actually getting junk, and it's wack like the jumping isn't even like that solid. They get some shots in there, but I'm like, these are your shooters bro. The. Security does nothing. That's so English. That's so English, just stubborn and like, whoa, no for new contracts is I after getting away of these? So if you really, if you really want me to do on ima supervise to call me on my line and then and then I'll get it authorized and then I'll speak to the head of security. And then if he says it's okay. So as to layers before we go properly intervene. Oh shit. They've already club is live cheek Saugus over this little cheeks. I guess it's over. Sorry. Sorry, no belong there. Like one of them is like hugging perp like they, they do kind of beat the shit out of them. I mean, they beat his ass, but like the kind of like come on like Russell isn't even there that's long. And then the follow up live with Russ standard, be like you. You're gonna keep talking behind his eight people. Keep talking. You don't keep talking to look over his bouncers shoulders. Yeah, you're talking like on his tiptoes was that now h. l. all them dudes move out the way it and sale that she, you won't. So wag I know it's wack to going to radio show and brag about the fact that you're goons beat up. It didn't. He just incriminate himself a little bit. Like I mean, what was funny was, I guess a Charlemagne at some point, the interview, broader something about like suing or like pressing charges, and Russ goes like, they won't do that because that's not hip hop. Startled me goes, yeah, they will. This era doesn't care about stuff like that. Yeah, they will. And then like dude. And then like dude, you're not hip hop than Russell's like, well, whatever that's whacked. And you could feel it is really for a moment. He felt like lizotte you'll die. Just tell them, Phil, Joe light. Charlemagne, like edit that part out. Oh, this last. Damn. Good, no late. Like I didn't like I didn't know like, no, we think press charge. You really think so. Yeah, it is generational care about. Dan, and you can't ended up or down. Oh. The DJ envy. So so what's the new. He's always screaming. He's always away from his might unions. Phil tells about a. About that time. Gotta booting ass. Russ was on the fucking Forbes list though for most money in hip hop made last year or this year, I guess. Yeah, twelve million bucks, man. It's all like fortnight. Kids in college. Girls buying this shit. I think that's that's pretty crazy. Yeah. I mean, it doesn't surprise me. Let's see who else is on this thing. He still this up. He's still in sell though. Sort of fucks. No. I mean, yeah, you no, he probably is. I mean, he's, he's got money and all that. So funny. So funny if he didn't fuck. Like she was truly an end? Yeah. Like, okay, like I'm not like laughing at insult. Say, I'm just saying like if you had all that. Yeah, if he like the money and the fame and he's confident and he stays making like romantic songs about sex or whatever. No, he would know girl snow. He'd be paying the insult philosophy, which is you can literally have it all as a little dude. Yeah, and it doesn't matter. Yeah. Yeah. The five, three nece just doesn't. Yeah, it doesn't go away. Yeah, I gotta read this tweet. I got to read the short people, slander, crazy, wild. I was like if I was like Russ's high and I would be legitimately so self conscious about that. I got all right now, all that shit in like high school in junior high, and I thought it was done with and now net now, you know, to feels like it feels like. Whenever read those tweets, it's like when the teacher gets like Dietrich is in front of the class, and I'm like. Right? So this test was really bad. There were only ten passing grades. And I'm going to hand them out right now. And then you're like, when I when I read the five, I'm like. Open one is eight and my. When I read a tweet, I feel like I'm to like just get a fat, f- can just take a huge l.. As I'm reading it is soon as I know you're one inch away not digging hell. Yeah. Oh. Got plus on that shit that barely. So happy. Oh, God, damn. If they would've said five. Nine. How would I just in shambles right now he'll myself. Instantly. Again, this is the tweet. I went out with my five one friend and her five to boyfriend on Sunday, and it was like walking two pomeranians. It's still walked up man. So fucked up. It's yeah. I mean, it's wag its way. I mean, man, whatever everyone's five, three laying down short, slander as wag, wack, dude, it's consistent. It's whack. The same people that are short slandering are the same people that got mad at that Komono picture. Yeah, and claim that was cultural appropriation. You know what I'm saying? Like they're the people that jumped to be like all I'm offended. Fucking triggered shit. Yeah, but then they, but then they short slander. I mean, you know, pick and choose, man. I'm just saying picking to, I'm just saying. You think people who. KOMO people are. Okay. Bash on shore people you think that's their like that's the the the fuck in one little word I'm looking for the, oh, yeah, crescent rouse not the crescent rock. Colleen. You're thinking about the does juniper salad, whatever. I I give up polished who cares? Yeah, the universal. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And. I try sound smart. Stupid. I've seen so Arthur wrote the thorn in the side of the rose or whatever. Yeah. I don't think actually read a really funny tweet like which I think is the only an awesome clapback for like people who are like. I like Talmon, like some girl tweeted like men, five, ten to six, four. You have my heart or some shit, and then I saw all these little short dudes replying. Like that widened text me back. Oh, yes, dude. Yes, it is. Oh, that's why. Well, that too. That's why he's five seven. Any talks like that tweet someone about not calling you back. So what's up? See on Twitter, you're tweeting. It's like I did like a call an hour ago. So you phones on clearly you're on Twitter tweeting. So ex me back, what the fuck are we? When are we. So this this girl is like, I love my tall boyfriend. I love that. He's so huge. And I feel like a tiny little baby in his arms and calling and daddy ill feeling like a little baby in my tell daddy boyfriend's arms. I just love being so small and teensy. This real like a real tweet like wife does basically saying like curls like Tom have like a weird like daddy issue was like an actual literal. We love being small puny little. I will be a little miniature. Fucking, yeah, whatever, Honey, I shrunk the kids ice and my boyfriend's, mom. I love being a little six month baby getting spanked and fed milk from my daddy's biens, Jack, and the beanstalk, Jack, and the beanstalk love being being jacked by Jack's beanstalk, gigantic, green, monster. A little. I'm a little. I'm a little Princess and he's. Living at the top of his beanstalk carrying me like a little bean almost eating me like one of his little beans because I'm so small and his big gigantic hall cans. I wish the hulk would come and carry me away. I love being eaten almost eaten by my giant over boyfriend. I love being little piece of a little little piece of rice. I love a little World War. Two ration in a tin can for my giant me boy friend, big old man cake. Oh my God. Yeah. So that's going to be my response to any a woman who says that they like Toleman. Yeah, but you have a complex. Yeah, exactly. You'll be Jack in the beanstalk and get horny. Yeah. Yeah, because he's so tall tall and he can throw me across the room like a piece of food, be discarded food. I'm like a piece of trash. Just look a little banana peel in his life. It's just a little piece of garbage on the floor. They could pick up and hold and fold and Bush with his mom's sunflower seed. She'll be up and spit me out. Into and spit me out. Oh. I love being. I love being microscopic, my giant boyfriend. You know, forget I asked, you know, it's even school. Can't even see me doesn't even my. I'm so small and tiny NC wings e. So do you want whipped cream on that or. Cool. So. He said two pumps. Light cream. Cool. So you guys are in lane for just want to do you need shoes or. So yelich was saying, try not to throw the ball. Too far. I love being a little bowling ball and my daddy throws me down the lane. Also chicken strips in fear is for ninety nine until two am. I love being a little chicken strip, a little chicken nugget, and my daddy dips me. Dibbs mean plummeted. All right. Yeah, that sounds very good. It's really good. Wow. Speaking of shit, I seen on Twitter. I saw this book me, hold on. I gotta pull this shit up. It was. So it's one of these like fucking I follow this account. It's like cursed boomer images and it's like all like memes by boomers like they're like, like baby boomers? Yeah, like heavy like political stances. They have this guy how out of fucking touch. They are. Boomer means? Yeah, it's like they're so bad. That's good. So there's this one. It's like a two frame. It staff. The top frame is Trump and it's like it's supposed to be making. This is like a left leaning me, right? It's like making fun of conservatives. He goes, we're going to build a space force in the aliens are going to pay for it. And then the second frame is an alien going. We ain't paying for shit, and I'm like, don't you see a a small bit of irony in that like alien is also the term for like illegal immigrants. So it's it's not. It's a little like. I don't know. I really feel like a joke, I dunno, whatever. And you saw this on boomer memes? Yeah, it's like cursed boomer images. The first boomer images that are they making memes is like an old person on their computer like no dude, like like Slyke scraping Facebook for like bad. That's what I'm saying. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Are they like are the these are making them? Yeah, yeah. So some like old, I if dear old like mom named sue is like fires of the mean generator on her fucking iphone or whatever they all look and makes a politically charged mean. Yeah, yeah, damn, that sucks. Find that app on your mom's phone, your mom. My money of I-. Funny on your phone. She goes at your boy, skinny penis. She's like, what else? I mean, what else am I supposed to us to make do these? Like these are so bad like this one. It's it's Hillary Clinton bribing on, fuck and all. This is America's wrecking ball. It's like the Miley Cyrus. Yeah, but it's but her hell Hillary Clinton's Comte on. And then the boss is Email. Just bad dude, holy shit. It's like after like however long past the fuck in election, they finally figured out how to use memes generator like all. I'm going to kill it. Now I had all these jokes. I've been writing down on my ipad. And now this is my new calling. Just it's. I've been looking for a hobby, you know, like. Like like moms, they're like done working, literally hobby. That's their hobby. Been really getting involved in the mean community, and there's a lot of actually like, you know, local moms intern around, you know, this area rule inap- Alous just making also make memes great. Kills me is like imagining them fumbling through making a maim and their Facebook feed is just filled with like Russian bought like bad posts, and they just pressing urgency. But like combat like and shit, things I'm rushing Batas like Honey Sanders is is going to hell like, absolutely he's not. And then they're just like, how do I Sanders is gay. How do I anti mean this? How do I anti me m- this Michael. I need help with the I've had. I'm trying to do the picture on the ipad. He get tech. How do you get text over a picture? Mom, a met work. You can't call Scottish shit. Hi Han. Check out this new me. My just made. It's like, it's like Trump is bottom Tech's just I'd block my mom so fast. No, I'm good. I'm good. Good man. I want to hear it. I'm over it. Oh, man. Actually, speaking of Russ going back to Russ. Yeah, I listen to a couple of songs of his album. Yeah, and they're hilarious because one of the songs in particular, all lyrics are about how he's like shitting on these other rappers, and he's like, he can. You know, he's a better rapper than them. You can like beat them and all this shit. And it was just funny listening to this because like just knowing that nobody else gives a shit. Like nobody, nobody cares. No, you know what I mean? Like you could. You could say that to like it honestly would be like going up some on the street and be like, I, I could beat the shit out of you and they're like, I don't care. I don't know who you are. I want to. I'm going to come here. Why oughta come on. He would have worked. To work and you've just use me? Yes, get by their arrest. It's the most lyrical rapper in like history, drought, the album, distant, everybody. All everybody did was like. Oh my God, if he distrust, that would have been great Faulk that would have been great. It would have been great. Did you did you watch the interview? Now? I that I I have to fucking partout is so good particularly because they bring up the g k b. Eminem shits on him in Lega the best way I was sitting there cheese ING watching this video because of how bad he like he was like. He basically was like, dude, like the whole thing started because m g k said, Eminem's daughter was hot, like however many years ago she was also like sixteen at the time or something. So MGK gun some weird beef because of that. Yeah, he liked doubled down on it and it was like, I think this is okay for me to say this. So he did a press run where he was talking about Eminem's daughter, eminent was like, dude, I had no idea until like a year and a half ago wasn't even on my radar just didn't even know. And then I was fucking in a black hole on YouTube or whatever. And I bring up this video and I see he's talking shit about my daughter. So I'm like, wait what the fuck. That's how the whole thing started. But basically he was just like. He was like, and then I keep saying I keep seeing MGK on these radio shows talking about and I'm like, dude, shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up. I have no idea who you are. I don't care about you at all, and he's going on about he's going on about how his idols becomes enemies and blah, blah, blah. And I'm a better rapper dude. He's like, I don't give a shit about you're. You're not. You're nowhere close to good enough. There's so many rappers that are better than you. I don't even. I'm not even close to good enough. You're not even close to enough for me to even realize you exist and then and then the guy was like, so did you hear rap devil? Would you think of it? And it was like, oh, yeah, I heard it. He's like it's pretty good for him. I mean, some good lines, but like just such a great way just and he was being sincerely you could just tell he wasn't. He wasn't saying that should because he thought that he was just literally like, I don't. I don't know. I didn't know you existed like a year ago, so I don't. I do not care about you. I know I know you like I was your idol at some point. I still do not care about you. That's so awesome. Locking shit. It was unreal. Get wrecked by get racks. Get fucking Ponce, brother. Get bodied get bought. Yeah, I listened to like the I I think I sound like a sniff on worldstar and I'm like. Good brother for what the k. rap. Devil. Shit, I, it was pretty good. It was just like normal. I don't know. He just calls him an old a bunch of times. I've heard so many his tracks. I just it all starts to sound the same. You wrap lie shit. You'll get out the game. You just mad that like the young and coming up and taking your spot bre. Yeah, some personal shit. Oh, did that hurt your feelings will I got more so don't fuck with me. Dog. Single coming out next week piece. Yeah, that's the worst one is a beef out of nowhere to promote an album. Yeah, or something. Yeah. That interviews great though. Watched that interview. Oh, I'll pay. He's incredibly smart. Yeah, like it's just weird seeing Eminem be like sincere and just locker. Yeah. Like I feel like everything. Everything he does is so thought out and planned whatever. And he thinks too much about things. He just says, like talking to sway in, it's like he's so fucking smart. Yeah, really, well-spoken. I'm, I mean, I think he's just been at it for so long. He just, I don't know, but like everything that he says about like like revival and recovery and everything. It's just like so honest. And just like, yeah, he knows he knows he sees everyone's criticisms. Yeah. And he, he's. So I, I guess, to to come out with that many albums that people like talk show about talk shit about and then to come back and be back on top. Yeah, like that's got require just the craziest amount of thought and fucking, you know, he came out with Alvin said, try not to over think this one. Yeah, when really he did well. I mean. The whole reason why he came out with this is because he spent so much time thinking about the other people didn't like them. Yeah. Yeah. He, no, you definitely thought about requires so much thought. Yeah, and reflection. Yeah, it's just it's just cool to do fucking. He's a, he's a beast. I remember he's a beast. I mean, I don't throw that term around, but due to bees. I remember when I was working at the studio we had to do to come through and he would put down keys for Stu DJ Khalil and trae. I remember he was working on 'em project. The came over it was like two in the morning. He's like shaking his head and all like frazzled. And then the producer I worked for with seventies like. Do we were on his show with 'em and this hard drive just fucking cratered and like like they tried to, you know, the the back, like didn't back up. So it's basically some song or a couple songs or like on this drive and like they're talking about like this happened, I think earlier in the day and like they gave it to some guys who like separated like the fuck in the plates, like in the drive and like they're like shooting lasers off to try to recover the data. I guess it. He said like Eminem was just like fully fucking just raging in the studio and everyone's like. Didn't know the do what the fuck the foot of fun to just like hiss because I guess he really liked the song or couple songs they're working on, and they're all like. Technology on. Sorry, it's like that scene from Atlanta. Yeah, yeah. Sorry. Man, like engineers like, sorry, due to crash guys like, well, don't make it crash. I, I love you. Shut the fuck. Like, don't he's like, I'm just saying like, I'm not the only one with hands out here. All right. It's all love. Yeah, man, it's all love. I stopped talking. All right, let's show it was great, so good. That's really good. You know, it's long. I feel like fucking was a missed shot for Eminem just like on the topic fucking up, fire them off. I remember that shit is off. I to shitty. I'll now I just remember some guys like playing it before had released like they came like peeling into that parking lot. That studio worked at like you. You'll does. You got to shoot like just crank up the volume on the fuck and in the car that beat is like pretty like, haunting. And just everyone in the studio, like came out like women. Just like the drums and just going through the parking lot. That was like a moment for me. Those like forty people in this parking lot dislike nodding their heads to like a basically a leak out of a stereo, Tam. That's crazy. Yeah. And we're all just sitting there like, yo, this sounds insane the album side. Would that song dweller? No, no, no. But it's the whole album sucked, but yeah, but it just like I remember like hearing that and everyone the party. Let's go back Evans back and then it came out like, no, he's not. Now. Where. Anyway. Damn. It's an interview though. A lot of Eminem. She shut. Probably a good time to take a break. Right? Yeah. All right. A patriots would be right back. All right guys today I wanna thank Nord VPN for sponsoring this episode of the podcast. Now you may be thinking, what is a VPN? What g I see that term all over the place. What is VP and well, now it's more important than ever. Yeah, it actually is stands for virtual private network. Yup. And a VPN is something that anonymous is your internet usage, which is very, very important right now. I remember a like a I opening moment for me was when I was talking to one of my friends who worked at a browser, a popular browser, and he said, yeah, we, we track every u. r. l. you go to every single one. So think about that every single URL and it's anonymous. Not really though because they're all tracked your IP address. You have one IP address every you are l. you though, too, is tracked to that one I p address, so they're going to your own Instagram page. On your IP address. Often enough people can tell exactly who you are, where you go and what other links you go to, which is a very scary thing. Yeah, I think I mean that whole thing with Rudy Giuliani or whatever would well, he was like, he was like, basically, dissing porn where like sex workers, his porn habits came out. Yeah, like that. That's sorta shit and that's all off his IP. Yeah, exactly. So so Nord VPN is is a what a VPN does. Is it anonymous? As your internet uses a uses other machines. 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So yeah, go check that out. Protect yourselves because you know it. It's I know like the default is like porn browsing, but it's really that if someone gets your IP I mean, it's like there's a lot that they can sort of reverse off of that. I mean, just think about what sites you go to like every you are l.. Ever ever. Yeah, that you go to no matter what it is even you're just like, well, that's somebody on not. I actually ended, you know, I'm not into four Chan I just into furry porn. I'm just going to click on. I'm just curious, right. I'm not in tracked, boom. You're a furry now. Sorry, I'm not into rust per se. Fucked. Because just, you know, someone gets my address yo, yeah, they'd be like, no, you're rearrest paint arrest fan. Five hundred links including Spotify music, everything that also Russ. Oh no, I'm doing it ironically. Oh, babe. You don't look at other girls' on Instagram. Yeah. Yeah, your IP says a whole lot different. Your IP says you look at everyone's profile, but mine ladies. I know you wanna browse those man, candy accounts. You don't want to get found out with that. Don't wanna get found. I'll look into the tiny meet men. Ackley is this. It's a joke. It's a pocket now. Exactly. You think you think you want fucking patriot dot com size, tiny, meet gang to show up on your fucking. List of visited your else. People are going to be like, what the fuck is this? And then you're after explain your guys. They do porn noses on the actual porn is so it's always it's a gang bang thing with with guys with like Portland audio porn basically, but it's like mostly comedy, but it's also partly because it's funny because they have tiny, what when did you start this. You know what? Yes, porn. Sarah five gases porn. Fuck it. Yeah. Go get you. A VPN is virtual private network. Sixty six off sixty six off a two year plan. Two years sixty six percent. That is. So yeah, nor VPN dot com. Slash, tiny meat do it, and we're back and we're back so rela related to the ad read what kind of I feel like now's a good time to talk about virtual penis net. We just did a add read for a VPN company, and now we want to get into the real meat and potatoes, which is the virtual peanuts networks. Now, what is a virtual peanuts network? Virtual Pena's now we're kind kind of interesting. It's a, it's a bought net. Basically. It's made up of a virtual penises. Okay, not real ones. Okay. Now how virtual ones? Sorry to interrupt how virtual ones differ from real penises. So excellent question. So you know, utilizing the blockchain, we went ahead and created a virtual penises that sort of extend off of each other. If you would think of a long sort of a branching tree of virtual penises it's just data. Okay. But what what it is is that the code and the route code reflects the DNA of an actual penis. Now, what is the use case for this? Yeah. Now what is the use case for this? So use case for this is that we're finding more and more that women don't actually like men. Okay. So we created a network of ideal. Penises that can be downloaded observed and even processed through three d. printers into a personalized penis. So you get a physical representation of that penis. But women, no longer have to interact with men were. What we're doing is we're trading software to replace us. Wow, very interesting. How does this benefit? Well, it is not supposed to men are just supposed to die soon. Oh, okay. Slamming. Interesting. Yeah. So when we expire, hopefully nothing comes next. And now today you can get sixty six percent off the virtual Pena's network, virtual penis number dot com. Slash tiny meat. So. A programmer humor there. Little programmer joke there for you goes swapping network is just assist tender. That's all it is pretty much. I wonder how like instant it is for women, the dick pics use it just like, is it message three, like yo, w? I ID dick out. I wonder how fast the woman could like if she was actively trying to have sex tonight. Yeah, how how quickly that would happen, like how quickly she could lock it down or actually how, how, how short the t. s. could be time to sex. So she decides, okay, I want to have sex today. How could how quickly can I make this happen? I think get on Tinder. How quickly would it take to lock down a session? I think minutes and minutes. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. The time would be depending on how fast tenders algorithm could like find a match. Like how quickly she can pull down the new people, swipe ripe done, you wanna fuck. Yup. Yup. Done. Being the dude on other ended. But what y'all fellas I gotta go dope just in the middle of a surgery mass. Yeah. Ios, a consumer cover me. Gotta dip. We've right now you can leave now, it's like a middle of a triple bypass. Like look at this car all do. Dan, she's fine. You'll. You'll just cut that one. This shit in the other shit. A million dollars was what to do after that part. You got it. All right. I'm not. I gotta go. No peace. I weren't yum. Cross this startup going. Joe JR is in her mouth, bam. All right. All right. Boy surgeon. Like like, like your heart's all fucked up and shit. Probably because like you ain't been with me yet. So I am a fix shit, and then like I'm a fix you. You know what I mean? That's so good. So good yo, you got a problem with your heart. Probably. 'cause you ain't been with me yet? And like also high cholesterol. And it year your heart's failing. So I'm going to have to prescribe prescribe. You have to prescribe you two things a little bit of vitamin may whites. Day with your boy. I'm after getting. Under prescribe you if a little bit of vitamin d. And blood thinners because like your. It's like really bad for you right now. Here's how the puck in. Here's how the is going to go, right? This is the fucking deal. All right. I'm gonna go down on you away. Now I'm gonna put you under shit. My bad Freudian slip, right anyway. That's a smart way of saying, like, I want to eat your pussy. So just to make things totally clear. So like, yeah, I'm gonna put you down under. Yama split you open. Oh, no. The surgery, sexual. So listen, I'm on. I'm gonna take my tool right. Been. I'm a split. You have straight up, go right down the center on computers. Beautiful as bottoms. Start digging around, you'll good. Let me just deep in there. Just be like all just like hand that shit, like just deep incised scrambling, shit assert. Can you just talk about delivering my tie. Can you just focus. It'd be up in them, guts, meal, appeal goods. You know what I'm saying makes that shit around. I mean. But did you hear, oh, now, did you hear? Did you remember? That's it from love island. When Dr Alex is talking about delivering a baby. No, he just like is casually, like what up you'll cut in Iran and then lie outcomes the stomach. And like he's like, just then he's like talking about like having to reach in a woman to like cradle the baby out like your, he's like, and then like Jack and like someone else are like, like you region side. He's like, oh, yeah, know your hands are fully in there like like for a c. section? Yeah, like grabbing the baby like and just that image of you being like forearmed or like risk deep in a stomach, pulling out of fucking child. I was like e. l.. And the tag is like like wigged the fuck out. He's like this law. It's a lot. It's crazy. That's his job. Couldn't shake it. Like just putting your hand inside. I so pens. Now if I could do that might. Yeah, yeah. Being a doctor or some. Doctor is something that's that's. Yeah, that's the conclusion from all that damn doctors are sick. Doctors are wild. You'll doctors be while ended. Doctors dead as. Are you being did ass right now on, let's not. Let's not do you being dead ass. A don't don't pick on. Mattie me. Don't pick on, Mattie, somebody else. Trying to bully him, don't bully the boy. He knows what he's doing. You know, he's a nice kid. Nice kid. He's just a little vague. God just let just let him let him do is thing. Harmless blows fucking clouds. Okay. I mean, let them vape. Let them as you got a little district. I think it's out today. When you're hearing this saying throw like on it, be ice. I wonder if this is going to happen, you know, you know, I don't know whatever. I was saying on stream. He needs the needs to sell shirts, capitalize off us. I wanted to defeat him and be like a listen. I know you want to do the to sell a shirt, and I'm saying, yeah, get get the bread LGBT. Let's get these beans. All right. Like like, get to the bag might do right, prince shirt that says, Mattie, fucking smokes. Number fucking in huge letters letters that certain number one number two hit. My Nick is over nine thousand. Right? That's a risky t. shirt. You should manage him. You should be as manager hold on now. To say, bro. He's are great ideas. I'm also saying mad. He just get on t. spring dot com. Slash he smokes k. his Nick levels over nine thousand and it's Mattie fucking smokes. That's like fifty, Nick. That's like fifty nine. There's another one, bam. Just just take all the fans get you some profit fam- make jewel Skains. He actually had a funny one where he like it's before we did the video. He like did like jewel pods like with his face Cavs. Like I wonder how would taste is. I'm like, I don't know. Got a weird weird question. It's a bit of a tiger. Oh, what flavor. Flavor? Am I. Skin flavored. All you bitches could get it tasted. Mattie, smokes, man. Yeah, big shot on Maddie small, big sport, man. So big shot. Liam vapes. They've stood unlikely, invade slow cheeky. I g post is like a big shout out to Cody. Man, really gladder collab- worked out the way we planned it. Video was super sick. I'm like, okay, that's one way of going about. All right. Yeah. Yeah, I watched him. I was started binging their content a little bit. You watch him and his boy, Nate Ripa fat. Toke thought I went to that was crying because they hit that and they're all hyped to make that video. And then. Motivation went down the drain. They are so loaded like like, Liam hits that fat one, and then the camera cut out. And I could tell Nate was like nine gotta hit another one on camera LIAM's like, yeah, for sure. You can see the fear in his eyes. They can't feel my feet dude. I'm not a bit. Yeah, man for sure. Yeah. No, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I burn. I burn do. Let's do another one. Oh, God fucking diet, texting. His mom. I love you. Maybe. Then he is. That bowl, I'm like, yo, this kid is Sola MFT. He's dead in like they get like just randomly cuts in the video and Liam just like on the bed, like wavering. He's like, dude, I'm like Anita. Like is fighting for dear life. I was crying and. This is man wanted you see, we'd like that in real time. Yeah, here like we're gonna blaze minute this that. And then like when they spoke some shit, that's too strong. They're just on the catch and you're like, y'all? So why did I come here? What are we doing. I've been here twenty minutes bro. Twenty. I don't. I don't get that. It's funny. It's funny, like be a weed vlogger and just like like, this is what we're doing today. We're going to smoke weed do like, yeah, that's the thing people are going to watch it. Do you remember that guy Chubb? No. Here's like kind of a pie for their YouTube relax sold. We'd you like he's like early YouTube and like he's the. Chubs marijuana, reviews dot com. Today, we're going to be hitting like a like a super like, you know, the dab setup is super sick Oji Cush that it up. All right. Cheers. Every hit had the same review yet. Really smooth going down. Oh, yeah, it'd be fucking hind second. Yeah. So like you can get this at my shop it. That's all all it was was just hi, I'm chubs. I'm smoking weed. You can get this week at my store. They were like ten minute videos and people like yo, dude, I love the way you hit that he was the Anthony Fantino of we'd pretty much. Yeah. And then every rating is good. Yeah, I'm gonna give this one at ten on at ten every time. And then he like as the review continues, he starts talking in slow motion as he gets higher and higher or moving pretty good, smooth going down. And yeah, no, I can. I get get kind of like a weird tunnel ago. Porno. Yeah. Then like I guess his store got robbed and he went through some other drama. So like out down chubs fell off. Did shutout Chubb zone jobs, marijuana views dot com. Cheers. Got to be honest guys. I'm going to have to give this one a ten of ten. There's, I mean there's bad time, this bad, we'd, but like in California. When are you ever smoke in bad weed? I don't know. I don't know. I literally don't know we'd here I have no idea. So seaweeds zooming. It's good BC we do talk about that BC but don't even talk to me about that. Shit, dude, even smoked weed until you smoke that fucking fresh dank BC bud Canadian British Columbian, but that's why it's so good because it's it's beast. BBC's censor butter cheese. Oh butter, cheese. We'd oughta. Yeah, that's well. I thought it was British Columbia, Colombian. Just putting an on the end, Bruce Colombian insane. Cheese, no British Columbian. Because it because it's Wedeman sprinkled with coke. That's all the we. That's why fucks you up real nice. All right. I'm wack. Wait, does it Joe? That Kelsey told me also everyone's going to be like, it's not British Columbian. Yes, it is. But our cheese aka British Columbia in Canada. I'm just trying to think of this joke. It's like this guy's this guy. His old man is wife dies or something. And he or she's like, she needs help. She falls down or something. She needs help, and they got runs outside and says, help help my in. The girl's name is, but it shows you never heard the bunches. Joe. Can you sound you tell because I'm butchering right now knows is basically like the kid is name is buddy, which is yeah, you gets hit by a car Elliott, right? Which is much is his mom comes running screaming on my book, which is my budget is, and then someone goes, well, then scratch it lady. Well, then scratch it. You fucking dumb ass. Well, it scratch it. Get dumb cons, Jesus, you pieces, shit pieces. Shit. Wade's son just got hit by a fucking car, but then scratch your ass. No, my child my child, so the call an ambulance, his ass. Sweet spot inches. It might be, but it just forgot to bring this up with the Mannlicher at. So some soccer players getting flak because he's like he walked like a shorter one and like made the symbol like your like up to here on me like he was like holding his hand out like your small which is like the dumbest way to tell someone their short. Yeah. Hey, dude, you're here must be here yet. I know like you're here though. Yes, I am. Yeah, you're hope to hear. It's the most like child way to describe. You're up to here on me. Yes, dude, I, I know next year maybe you'll be up to hear eventually. Hopefully I hope you have to here so then we can kiss. Getting. I'm going to stay down here. You're up to here. Man. I'm keeping track on my wall. So anyway, so this is long discussions. All these fucking moms and parents being like disgusting. Unsportsmanship like behavior. I'm like, well, you guys are clearly short like, yeah, yeah, yeah. But then I read this one tweet. Also short shaming his in. Maybe they don't know that that it's in Syria, trendy right now. So this guy goes like this is bullying bullying, some guys, like dude, this is bound to happen in a competitive arena. It's just trash talk. I think you're reading into it is no, it's not even my eleven year old child recognized it as bullying, and I was like, it'd be the guy responds, obviously nice. What would have been great if you're responded that like, see your kids up puss and you're short and you're short. So it's like two short ask pussies on Twitter right now planning. Oh man, good. This is bullying stopping? Little the base being a fucking short little mouse bids. You tiny little. What are you? Piece of food a little tiny little p. Colonel rice. Throw you around. I'd love that. I love my big media boyfriend. My my big boy. He's a big old boy, James, and the giant peach. I love him. I big boyfriend picks me up and puts you on the bed and puts a diaper on me and change is my poop and rocks me to sleep goo Gaga. Now a little baby. I can't even talk yet. So. Big when I suck on his nipples for milk because he's so much bigger than me and nurses me so nicely. Levitt. That me big as it has chicken and on the second frame, a USB outside of a lightning. That's good. Jamming it in there. This is no way, sorry. All right. After your. Really, I'll do with the small thick. I'm like, yo, he's getting skewered. Fucking beef kebabs just rotisserie chicken when they get down. Six, nine new teeth. Bro. The worst is when they don't even have bad teeth before like teeth were whatever ever noticeable. It's not like remember, young thugs teeth before he thinks they were bad. They were like, they were like, you know, fucked up from like soda and like d in the weird. Six. Nine. It was like whatever. Yeah. And so he like flew to Columbia to get a new smile from this dude that does veneers and. His fucking teeth, bro are so big. It looks like a donkey from Shrek. Looks like a face, tune paint a picture of him smiling and made his teeth bigger. He's gonna ease looks in the mirror now and he's like, yeah, I don't know if this was the right move. I think I think he probably die think he does feel a little bit that way. I wonder if they make them bigger because of like like a Rozhin from your mouth or something over time, maybe like, do you think they'd become more normal size just with wear and tear food and she'll like that. Yeah. No, I mean, probably not. I don't know why. Why? Why? Why? I don't know. I don't give an era. You can get new ones. Maybe. I don't know. I don't get it either. Man, it's too white. It's it's the perfect smile, but it looks fucking weird. Yeah, it said nobody. Nobody has a perfect smile. A little bit should do. They should distress it a little bit, and I'm saying, yeah, splash some soda on there. Just just run coffee through your mouth just like thousand times. Yeah, there it goes. Yeah, now. Good, good coffee stain in mouth. Like they have one of those things open your mouth and they're spring coffee inside. Yeah. Rebounding off. Can't wait till j Dodd and takes that right there. And then instead something about suck and dig or something like that. Damn it. Speaking of rafters before you look, those pictures I sent of smoke per meal. Fuck boy had dude. He was a fucking Viner. Yeah, you see that? Yeah, yeah, posts stupid vines. And it was like a straight up cornball boy is a cornball. Someone was like, yeah, he like no one in south Florida respects him because they all know he used to be like this. And then he started like just pretending to be like a rapper and wearing expensive clothes shit. Whereas when I was like, how long was that transition? Like four months? Yeah, I read that same thread. And then like, did you go further like the dude bringing up ex now? They're like, yeah, ex like used to be like like he was not a raffle like he was just a dude on i. g. and was like, like, take shirtless pictures, and they little girls like loved them. So that explains to me why he has so many women in his fan base. That's crazy. Yeah, because there there are a lot of like I to at least my knowledge. There are a lot of young like female listeners listening shit. So I would assume that's where it's from. They're posting pictures of him just like doing like the fucking length within is he's. And he's wearing like pastel polos and shit. Yeah, right now I'm talking about. Oh, like open like like open sweater, like flexing on the toilet, like. The ones that smoked purple really funny that. So like he's like legit wearing pastel polos like, yeah, like hearts and shit. Yeah, cute. That's self edited. I'm pretty sure no town a bummer. We ought to bring that back. Yeah, let's do it. Let's like, let's let's rebrand our Instagram. Yes. Oh boy in cigarettes in twenty. Fourteen. Or we'll fuck in photo editing. Yeah. The picture where it's like mirror down the middle. Faded as fuck is horrible. Being alone, looking for your true love. Of us have friends. Rebrand. Single says, yeah, single sad, sad boys. So damn hard. It's just hard. You know, we didn't even set a timer and his biz I did digit the looking for, like, where's my phone? Yeah. Later my phone man. I'm excited to get all the shooting here. Yeah, we're not. We're going to dress this shit up. It's gonna look, good. It's fuck and I'm excited. I fucking God new furniture for my place. So. Yeah. So it looks dubbed now we got like like, you gotta come over and see the shit, but and I'm gonna do a little proofing in there too. So we can actually like it'll be a real studio is a couch in there. Now that converts to a sleeper, two Samuel pretty sick if basic just for SAM's, just refill. The Sam bed. We're going to move into the phase house and fucking. Yeah, that's that's should be our planet. Yeah, dude, we'll be phased. What would your phase name be? Like Zaifah with an x. Nice. I like that thing really gamer phase short king. Okay. That's me. Now you gotta like get abbreviate it. No phase blaze phase plays phase plays. It stays fucking blaze, bro. I'm pretty sure there's a pro for it and I play with plays, but he spells it be l. a.. Really be elevators. I s e like blaze blaetz lace lace. What's up? Its place. Blakey east Blace place. I'm like, I just fucking put z. in there. Come on, go all the way with it. Damn. I just had some shit. I was going to say. Fuck will. Was it what we're talking about before that phase blaze phase blaze a letter dammit, note up, dude, it's phase blaze, what's up phase blaze here. And today I'm going to be doing the eating marshmallows challenge. I love the dudes like phase rug you've ever seen that do house YouTube channel, no lives in this big ass mansion. He's super rich from YouTube. He's got like ten million subscribers, but he just does like challenge it has. So he's not a gamer? No, he's not. Tell me like maybe he was, maybe he still does it, but not his main thing. Sure. It's funny like YouTube just takes your like passions or whatever. Just like destroys everyone ends up doing fucking, yeah, videos and reactions, and it's like damn how much money they make from that video. And all I did was sit there in a tub and got slime. I'm gonna guess that's my new shit. Now. Then you can make them a stake of making it your job. And then you're like, oh, I have no creative integrity. Yeah, at all anymore. So what's up guys? I'm doing the tenth episode of steamy tweets today. That does have creative integrity. So yes, that's fucking great. So as love island. Okay, right. Fair enough. I'm I'm digging up some extra spicy tweets for the next episode palm shooting that bath way pretty soon. I was like trying to. Yeah, yeah. Sorry, keep going. I re. I remember what I was gonna say, I'm gonna go for it. I don't know. Keep you on now just saying I'm trying to find like like horny started threads like like by individuals versus accounts. Like, you know, some like fucking Twitter. Girls, like ten k. followers is like, yeah, like if your man doesn't like liquor, Cl, I'm like also like tongue, puncher pussy. Is it even a real man? And then just all the replies on that shit open Indians girl. Let me let me show you what like a real tongue punch is all about. I mean, it depends if he's over five eight. Yes, yes. Yes, did oriented. So you're saying we're going to go through the threads. Yeah, like people being horny, yelling, like a serious horny convert Corvo. Yeah, a series like two sided morning debate. How about sometime punching far boxes or like I'm trying to like get like when someone thirst traps and then like when they try to converse off that like openly like, oh yeah. Cody Daniels or whatever. Yeah. Oh, this so funny man. Hey, this just so crazy. This is so crazy. What can you you want to talk about this finished? What you're going to say? I was just gonna say, I made this beat and I wanna I wanna play. We don't have an ox core, but I'm gonna just play it real quick and because I want I want someone to kill this beat. Okay. I'm specifically probably cosmic laugh, but. I thought I would just play it just because I actually really like it. I was listening to it. I was listening to it in my car. Again. I actually really like it, let it ding, and then we'll talk about Cody Daniels, the void Cody Daniels. Info awards dot com. Tom dot com dot com. So janke. Yeah, maybe you should just link. I will. I will. I just wanna hit this little little. Here at all. Yeah. Did. It's a heater. I'm sure everyone got the feel. Yeah, get it off those like God, you got the vibe. You can hear ten frequencies there. Yeah, I saw some Asian in there. It's like, wow, that's really abstract. I liked this is a new genre of music. It's noise. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, we play the beats through the microphone. Yeah, that's it. And then compress them even always reduction yet. Let's play them again, deep fried beat. Based deep fried means baseball is a. All right. Yeah, the boy Cody Daniels road this is this is crazy actually. One was kind enough to link me to a Facebook distribution of tick tock posts, which has just musically because tick tock owns musically. By the way I went on take talk after that and just started browsing users. I've never been on musically. There's no reason for vine to, okay, music tick. Tock is fine to really. It's like it's like, oh God. Is there comedy on there? Yeah, but it's like the fucking it's what vine ended up becoming. Okay. Like now, like the whole feed is like shoehorn challenges because it seems like they arranged deals with record labels and stuff to have like those songs just ready to go and adhere and breathe. So it's all like it's all manufactured like, yes, key challenges and she'll like, yeah, yeah. So like like some people were posting one like the bad boys challenge. Like is that one like you re tweeted or guys like it's like, why do good girls. That's kind of what that guy was going for. Like with the whole like ladies, you wanna bet. Get you a guy, who can you know do it all, or whatever video was so perfect. So good anyway. So it's like, so it's it's like the Bush challenge that that challenge and it's like all songs as puns. So it just looks like vine and they have a bunch of people on there. You know, with the like like shitty, like fifteen second puns and stuff in their bedroom, like making jokes, it's it's, it's just fine. The like the guy when the when the crater vinyls I go, I can't work on fine to would. You should have said was like, just go to musically. Okay. It's basically that. Yeah, anyway, so tick. Tock is originally it's Chinese. So I think they just set up like this auto posting on Facebook as like a social thing. They just didn't like may just got forgotten about guys. Someone linked me to this Facebook page is just auto distribution. It's just links. Okay. And then some of them have five views and people like what the fuck is this? Others have like twelve thousand shares like this is hilarious. So I was watching them on stream came across the Cody Daniels dude with the crooked smile. And I'd like I posted it described the guy though video. So this puck and video. Yeah, I guess not. Everyone follows. Twitter, this dude, it's like some country song and like he's like, he says, back turned to the camera, and then it's like about a country song about a boy with a snapback any like turns around and his his fucking hat is reversed and he's like walks up to the fucking cameras. Like is like, fuck pointed a little bit, and then he smiles. His smile is like dumb crooked. Like he looks, but that's a country smile that smile at a one. Yeah, yeah, yeah. House like to face Duke nukem yet. I guess there's a reason he smiles that way, whatever. And so he's like a southern thing though, isn't it the the sideways smile, a medical reason? No. I mean, I don't know. He just smiles crooked because that's what country boys do. I guess. I mean, they do this. Well, someone tweeted, they said, specifically him. There's a reason he smiles like that. Like I dunno, it's like they said like something to do with his jaw. I don't know now really wrong. I don't care the the real humor is at. So like this fucking this shit got bit blew up. It's like been re tweeted times, got a ton of us on it. People like made their own means out of it. And so I go to his page and he's like, he's like doubling down on it. He's like upset like, no one knows it's him. It's like as most recent tweet is him like quote tweeting like one of his like tick tock videos, and he goes, don't worry all there are seven more videos like that one, and it's got like four likes and I, I was going to read tweet it, but I'm like, is it dick? If I like I don't wanna clown him, you know, saying. I feel kind of bad because he's like he's got a kid and like. Trying to fuck it him like that like, but it was funny. Well, young though, right? Yeah, people were like he goes like the fact that people are like making fun of me like is so crate for having a crooked smile is so crazy to me. Then someone goes, I don't think anyone cares about your smile. I think it's just that you made a cringely sexy cowboy video and I'm like, God, dammit. If that isn't a fucking awesome category for content, you know, let me just browse the cringes sexy Cowboys videos right now. See, that's why you need a VPN right. See, you don't want to fucking sexy Cowboys showing up on your IP address. Why do you consistently visit Cody Danes? Twelve thirty at night. Why are you on the cringes sexy cowboy Subrata? No particular reason. Just just research. He search. It's so funny, man. I was on his rampage and, okay. I'm not too much either, but like he's got. The American flag tattooed sideways on his arm like from here to here. Yeah, and I saw the post where he was like about to get it. I want like way back, I always go deep man, fucking I'm stalking. I'm stock for real. I'm going back to the start. Yeah. Yeah. I start from start from zero and I go up and it was like to get this ship blasted on my arm can't wait. And it's like like a like a picture of a dude with the same tat that's kind of weird thing, copying tattooed to like that somebody already has ex exactly the same. It's like yo, that's sick. It's like kind of part of tattoos are that they're unique, personal. Yeah. Yo, what's on your leg right there are. I p mom that's book can fire. I think we get that some somebody got my tattoo of because I had it. Yeah, I got a DM from someone that was like, yo just got just got blasted, and it was the fucking ship's wheel on my leg. You're like, why did you do that? Yeah, they were. They were like I was drunk and whatever, and then some girl got our fucking name tattooed on her ask. We talk about my name to, and then she got to remove. We have not sit out of here. Yeah. That's that's an accomplishment. I've never got my name. Ted it on an ass. That's crazy. I think the next level truly when you've actually made it as when they're went peop-, that's yes, someone gets your name tattooed on their ass and then leaves it be someone gets a photo realistic portrait of you tattooed. Yeah, yeah, that's the next thing. Yeah. Yeah. Bro. Speaking tattoos or some British show Qadam it. It's like it's not MTV like post clips of it, and it's like some show where people get to choose your tattoos. Okay. And it was like these two boys getting like like their homeys like they get in like a beef because one of the homeys picks tattoos like in the style of like Batman, where you know like those cut scenes words like bang, Zing Powell. It looks like that font and it's like I have committee unlike like, I heard he's and shit like all around his dick and like on his thighs. They pulled down his pants and he looks at TAT's and he's like. Oh my God. What is this on? It's like it's like on MTV or some shit. He's like. Oh, the fuck made. I walked off. He was like crying. The other boys like crying always blow me, oh flow. Like for you. You don't hang out with me anymore. Like one day. Something's going to happen to you all this shit. I'm like, you'll son you just ruined your boys like game because you're jealous that he don't hang out with you anymore. Tell him you love him. Yeah, seriously, kiss. Do do you that to get into that to just tell me fucking love him. I couldn't believe that dude. Do crimes like, no. Fair fair. That's fair. Like that's not fair. I mean they must be able to get them removed. That's fair. Come here. That's fucking crazy. I hope that's fucking fake now. They'd probably get them removed like there's no way they leave that shit on dude. This. These Ted. I mean, I'll find a screen shot. Yeah. Bad wanna, see bad. All right guys that about does it? Oh, we we had a time. How long are we go for? I think an hour, ten. Something like that is it's crazy when you don't have the fucking clock and I know it's great. It's nice. I wanna thank Nord VPN one more time for doing this VPN dot com. Slash tiny meet sixty six percent off a two year plan. Go seriously anonymous. Your shit real stay safe. We don't. We should in the song. The n. b. shit, that's in the remix remix yoda's all about technology. All right. You'll love you guys see as soon piece, but he's.

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