Good Morning I'm Alison Sawyer Monday July twenty seventh, and here your headlines from CBS Eleven News after Dallas County set a record for coronavirus cases, Saturday with more than twelve hundred cases, the number of new reported cases. Sunday went down. Dallas County reported eight hundred additional cases yesterday. The county also reported another death, a man in his forties who had underlying health conditions. Tarrant county reported four more deaths, including grand prairie woman, who was over one hundred years old Fort Worth Isd will virtual town hall meetings on its back. Back to school plan today and tomorrow, parents, teachers and students will have a chance to ask questions. Those town halls will be held on the district's facebook page starting at five o'clock each night fort. Worth ISD is scheduled start school virtually on August seventeenth, meanwhile, the Carroll Isd School Board will have an emergency meeting today where they'll decide whether to push the first day of school back five to Monday August, twenty seven starting tomorrow, a pilot program offering saliva testing for corona virus in Fort Worth is actually expanding. During its first week over thirteen, hundred people were tested at J.P elder middle school. The testing is less invasive than the nasal swab tomorrow. Testing at the school will increase from three hundred to four hundred and fifty people a day and a second saliva testing side has actually been added at dickey's arena parking garage up to three hundred tarrant county residents can be tested daily starting tomorrow through Friday. Now here's meteorologist annelies parks with a quick check of your weather. Good Monday north Texas starting. Starting off the day with more cloud cover again today, those mild temperatures, though at least or sticking around for the time being starting the in his seventies, we will get into the low nineties, though for a hot humid afternoon with some sunshine, and just a twenty percent chance of an isolated shower, better chances today we'll be east of DFW. As we look ahead through this week. We're talking scattered showers. Both Tuesday and Wednesday and that's the latest from CBS eleven the ones for taxes.

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