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You are listening to the briefing first broadcast on the sixth of september two thousand nineteen on monocle twenty four the briefing is brought to you in partnership with rolex. Hello and welcome to the briefing coming to you live from studio one here at midori house in london i._m. Margus hippie coming up robert mugabe arrived in power in the regard of african decolonisation. Southern rhodesia was the last african country to be formerly freed from its former colonial alone. You'll overlord. He leaves this life as hopefully one of the final incarnations of the old school african tinpot despot zimbabwe's former ruler robert mugabe. He has died at the age of ninety five. We'll be crossing live to the nation's capital harare to discuss. He's legacy also ahead. We'll be asking whether weather an unofficial election. Campaign is getting underway in the united kingdom plus on hannah wilson monaco bureau chief in tokyo and i'll be looking at some of the stories making making the news in japan. Thanks fiona bless the latest on new york fashion week and fernando shaker. We'll have his global count down to all that right here on the briefing with me markus heap robert robert mugabe the former leader of zimbabwe has toys. He was ninety five in a moment. We'll be guessing reaction from the country's capital harare but i here's monaco's contributing editor andrew miller in this matter as in many others one can do little better than to defer to the judgment of archbishop desmond tutu speaking in two thousand and two south african nobel peace laureate offered an unim- provable summation of the trajectory chartered by robert mugabe during his interminable tenure in office. It is said to a great sadness what does happen to president mugabe. He was one of africa's best leaders a bright spark a debonair well-spoken i and well read person but he seems to have gone bonkers in a big way in the decade and then some that elapsed after two to offer this elegant epitaph tough robert mugabe did not improve indeed longer his rule lasted the more it reminded that things can always get worse mugabe's attitude to zimbabwe especially especially in his later years resembled little so much as a board and decrepit sven gali contemptuously contemplating his proteges. I made you and i can break you. Whereas imbaba was concerned. It is arguable that robert mugabe did both robert mugabe was born on february twenty first nineteen twenty four in zvimba district near nearest city then called salisbury in a territory then called southern rhodesia the idea that mugabe or the same color mugabe would one day command power over the region in salisbury would become harare or that southern rhodesia would become zimbabwe would have been regarded as preposterous it was indeed held to be unthinkable by my mini white descendants of africa's colonizers right up to and even in many cases after the moment it actually happened. Mugabe's death will attract precisely really no one of the lament and tribute earned by that of his approximate contemporary nelson mandela the two men had roughly congruent careers up to a point both took took up arms against the white minority government in mugabe's case briefly with zimbabwe african people's union and then with the zimbabwe african national union later known as zanu p._f. P._f. Both men spent time in prison. Mugabe was turned between nineteen sixty four in one thousand nine hundred seventy four both became the first leader of a hopeful new version russian of the country. They'd fought to liberate mugabe became prime minister of zimbabwe in nineteen eighteen and president in nineteen eighty seven there however the comparisons end mugabe albee altogether lacking mandela's chom humility capacity for forgiveness and common sense of lord acton dictum that absolute power corrupts absolutely it could be no better illustration than mugabe in office he imprisoned or murdered opponents real and imagined by the thousand unleashing his infamous north korean trained fifth brigade against political opponents matabeleland. He rigged elections reduced to beggary a country which had everything it needed to prosper at one point presiding over if the world's most swiftly shriveling economy and in the summer of two thousand eight hyper inflation comparable with the terminal thrashings of weimar germany in two two thousand nine shortly after zimbabwe found itself trying to fit all zeros in one hundred trillion onto a single banknote the currency was abandoned entirely in favour favor of money from many of the countries mugabe frosting lee insisted was still plotting against his revolution like there was any need symboblic having no worse enemy than its own in president what remained of mugabe's judgment deserted him in late two thousand seventeen when he sacked his vice president and long-serving consiglieri and masin managua agla within days mugabe was removed from office in what was effectively a coup d'etat barely disguised as parliamentary procedure the deal under which he eventually agreed ready to resign. They included a payment of ten million dollars that zimbabwe needed more than he did an immunity from prosecution which would have been as deserved as it would have been overdue. I'm robert mugabe arrived in power in the regard of african decolonisation. Southern rhodesia was the last african country to be formerly freed from its former colonial loan. You'll overlord. He leaves this life as hopefully one of the final incarnations of the old school african tinpot despot bound for the same corner of history's rogues gallery armenian twat mobutu bokassa and gaddafi thank you that's worse andrew miller now. I'm joined on the line from harare by craze. Return to <hes> who is zimbabwe and writer journalist stunned longtime critic of robert mugabe. Thanks for joining us grace. What has the reaction been like sued this news in harare <hes> confusing but <hes> in some cases we have hit some people who are wishing he's <hes> soul oh to rest in peace but other really <hes> saying that they don't see anything because e stole the future and <hes> the mostly the young people i said that he's going and <hes> i think because he is also died when when he's been out of power we he's become quite insignificant against kent otherwise it would have meant a bit more. Maybe two people in if he had died in power but most young people don't say anything at all. I've been speaking to young people this morning in something that they don't do anything they just feel like disrupt the future. What is robert mugabe's legacy. What is your view well. He's legacy is that he tried to discipline your whole tribe and that would leave long after his death. People will remember him is the man who tried to disengage the people in material and in the midlands you also to away comes from white farmers in they by killing the country's agriculture but you also destroyed the hill system. He is a man who destroyed the country still system in but but <hes> was <hes> fortunate enough to be able to get the best health treatment for himself died comfortably in singapore. <hes> something that's involved wisconsin ford ford we have good people who are dying from cancer and they can't afford cancer drugs because they are so expensive so his legacy has been mad by the fact that he must he butchered human rights peace on the he's pet on the rule of law and and <hes> mocked the very young people that slipped this country because they had no choice economy hit collapsed in the country to go either to the u._k. To to america because south africa to wake in sometimes in menial jobs and he mocked them he had no empathy. He was arrogant so it's hard to actually we. She's spirit <hes> <hes> to rest in peace. <hes> i am sorry that you've lost their pissing. They loved but <hes> discuss these rule will forever forever linger other many people in zimbabwe who were on robert mugabe's site until the end they way people in east patchy who on his side side but <hes> i don't. I think it would be wrong to say they were on his side. They were on the side of patronage. They supported him because they were gaining something out of him. Because the moment we stepped in they switched their support to mnangagwa's yet they had been condemning mnangagwa's just if if if we call so before four and the moment that got out of power they already now saying nasty things about him so it's hard to say that there are lots of people who support him but he's still some supporters because they people who benefited from his patronage system in those to support him in. I think they are feeding the pain rights eight now and just finally great how wilbur defor robert mugabe change things in zimbabwe. Is this going to help the country move forward. I'm afraid creditwatch <hes> robert mugabe alive into into place a system that was meant to suppress and to due to suppress these people that system continues to this day. We've only changed leadership but not the system that was put in place by rowbottom gabby so so i do not believe that he's going to change anything. It's not going to bring people together. It's <hes> it's not going to make our situation bitter the economic economic situation bitter grace onto our in the harare. Thank you very much for this. You're listening to the briefing on monocle twenty four now with a look at the day's other. All the news headlines in here is daniel bauge. Thank you marcus hong. Kong is preparing for widespread demonstrations including plan to block traffic to its international airport. The city-state's embattled later carrie. Lam has withdrawn the controversial extradition bill that sparked the initial protests months ago but the mu has failed to appease many activists. They say they will not give up on their other key demands including a call for an inquiry into alleged police brutality. Germany's chancellor angela merkel has said the trade war between china and the united states states affects the whole world and that she hopes the countries will soon be able to resolve their differences miracle made remarks at the start of formal talks with the chinese leadership in beijing and today's montel minute is taking a closer look at new york fashion week which is getting underway in the big apple later today. Stay tuned to hear our fashion fashion editor. Jamie waters explained how this season might throw up a few surprises. Those are some of the day's headlines now back to you marcus. Thank you very much l. You're you are listening to the briefing on. Monocle twenty four will be back right after this coming soon monica rolex. Bring you the pioneers. The pioneers is a brand new series that tells the stories of people improving the planet. You'll hear how exports these innovators with whom they share a passion to safeguard safeguard in the f- future generations gain insight into the fresh thinking that is disrupting received wisdom for the better and learn how phyllis action continues to be the crucial official. Try that a change the pioneers coming soon to be twenty four <music>. It is time now for more detail to look at some of the other stories aureus in today's news agenda for our panel. Today we are joined by the cold war historian researcher and screenwriter alex fong johnson and robert fox defense editor for the london evening standard. Welcome both through this program. Let's begin in the u._k. Where the embattled prime minister boris johnson has been making moves over the past twenty eighty four hours. That's have the distinct hair off the beginnings of an election campaign. He made a speech pictured trump like informed in front of an authoritarian lineup of police officers and he has also been visiting towns in the north of england to try and please crowds most stove. These crowds have told him to go straight back to london or brussels even hear us how some of those winds pay gains. Why people want asu is to leave the european union okay. Let's fantastic in your when you should be in brussels negotiating. Where's the negotiation association going on. Where is it. You're getting moly in these should be in brussels leading the british people to negotiate against leaving the european unfortunately playing games what boris jones respite doing looks like someone gearing up for an election but there's no election dates yet. What are we looking at over here well. We're looking increasingly at what looks like a mess. I mean boris. Johnson has said he doesn't want election then. He said he does want an election. I mean even sort of contradicting himself in in sentences one after another i don't want to do i don't <hes> i mean the truth. Is that obviously he does <hes> they're in a situation of deadlock now <hes> and i think he probably thinks the best chance of getting to this kind of thirty first deadline is to get majority now and he thinks he does done some chance of that gains jeremy corbyn the labor party of couse rose is now having wanted an election for time is now disinclined to support that and that's because they want really i mean the certainly a movement within the labour party to push that date date passed the thirty first of october so that boris misses his key pledge to take britain out of the you will not date <hes> so now we have of course the loss of the conservative majority the in house of commons means that they're really not in a position to force through legislation on that <hes> so it looks like on monday <hes> corbin will actually decline nine t push for an election and then then who knows what will happen next exactly. We just got the news the labor and other u._k. Opposition parties have agreed not to back prime minister shimon for general election before october's e you somebody's robert. What is your take on. What is happening right now. In this country and what boris johnson is up to there are two things one is the immediate factor which is the personality of boris johnson whom i have known well in my journalistic career but he is behaving and almost more bizarre than any of us could have expected only the most ardent supporters know supporters very interesting how the conservative party follow boris has just left its moorings as a conservative party of more like a cult. It is actually what stood i think it was at whole called about thatcher's era gra gosh knits mild compared with this as <hes> <hes> authoritarian populism and that's why as we have seen boris doesn't really take parliament's column very seriously. It's really just a beauty contest for him. <hes> and for particularly for dom cummings who's not even a tory even by pays lip service but he's probably more concentrated more focus has to chief of staff. It's actually where the chief of staff is running the commander of the moment prediction yes the will be an election. I think that if the opposition is clever they'll push it as alex was saying beyond the thirty first of october halloween a deadline but that could be very dangerous because he doesn't look like much like one exception to some sort of wickham on dimension but it will be boris the martyr then i'd like to go. I don't wanna hog the conversation about the election. The dynamics of that election now look quite extra ordinary. Let's let's talk about that interested minutes considering that we would boris johnson has done already. He's made it quite clear that he's he's willing to try. Hey to bend the rules. Obviously this country doesn't have a written constitution but he's still being causing controversy with. Some physicians. Alex seem snow election day. It has been formally announced. Is it really so that boris johnson east northbound by election rules and regulations at all does he basically have have all the freedom to basically to pain however he wants. I mean that's the suspicion of what he's doing now but i think the past week has been so extraordinarily disastrous bruce <hes> that whistle to seeing why perhaps during the conservative leadership contest his handlers wouldn't let him speak. I mean you know even the speech in front of the police officers yesterday that you mentioned and which drew lots of criticism looking very trumpian <hes> and also one of the poorest fainted during speeches went on but it was a very rambling incoherent completely incoherent very unfocussed rambling. He tried to sort of repeat. The police caution couldn't get it right and i mean you sort of. I think boris is sort of built this reputation as somebody who is sort of you know this shambolic lovable rogue you know kind of affable of that but i'm not sure that really counts it for primary prime ministerial professionalism and certainly certainly not with such a big issue is leaving the e._u. So the question is whether this is really working for him. I mean i think that is what he's trying to do is to begin to build build some momentum but ameen and whether that will carry through i think an election campaign who knows what could come out of it i mean of course he is against corbin who also is very unpopular in some ways but it's i. I think the pieces could only go henny weigh robot. You already gave us some idea of what to expect from boris johnson next but looking at looking at what boris johnson stuns for you said that we didn't really expect him to behave quite like this as a prime minister. Do you think he may change his stance and do think we may get to know different boris johnson. Just give it a month or two. I've been looking into his eyes. I'm afraid he's looking like a drowning man and he's looking for a message theme and that's why the election campaign. He won't be the dominant figure curiously <hes> on his side. The dominant figure will be nigel farraj who will make it very very clear from very early on the boris. Johnson is his prisoner and the other person lost. My head is going to be jeremy corbyn because this is where to use bosom you could misunder estimate in very seriously precisely because the one thing that jeremy loves is out of doors campaigning the third element we have to introduce. This is dominic cummings and his game theory. I we go back to <hes> cambridge. Analytica all these mind games and they will do do that damnedest by hook. Oh by crook. I say even with the assistance of foreign powers to target those at the the kind kind of adaptable <hes> persuadable element that they identified so brennan in the brexit campaign and trump supporters so brilliantly the identified in his election campaign. Many people say that this is something boris johnson as worse as the time for the persuadable. 's it's only about one hundred thousand. There's so many people know boris say that he's been aiming to become the u._k. Prime minister for the whole office live. Do you think what do you think is thinking at the moment. Do you think he may actually come to realize that he must be very good in the job of being a prime minister. I mean you diesel to fill out the monkeys. Pour might be twitching. Don't you sort of be careful. What you you wish for <hes>. I can't imagine he's how to toby enjoyable week. I'm sure he's not loving it and i mean you know the public reaction. Him does not seem good <hes> he doesn't seem to do well unstaged managed or stage-managed appearances and his brother even leaving the government yesterday was of course rather rift and i mean we will have to see what it happens because it's such a volatile time that who knows how long he will even be in this job. I mean you know if <hes> if an election does come soon as i said i do think the outcome of that could actually go almost almost any way and i do think robots have city right to bring up the point about nigel farraj who knows whether <hes> restaurants nausea farraj already had talks done a deal of some sorts and what fragile demands and whether that will help mahinda three things against bro boris which not being factored speaking with an accent like this myself accent class and the region and there are a lot of people in the northern part of england forget about scotland forget about wales who just cannot stick him. Let's leave you can continue. We need to easily wear. The nation has a new coalition governments. The arrangement is between the centre-left democratic party and the anti-establishment five star movement. The country's previous government made up of the five star movement and too far right leak positively simply collapsed it means the country might now be able to rebuild some mm bridges with the e._u. But skeptics think the new coalition might north last long robot. Should we be optimistic about this. New coalition polish depends where you come from. It's moving in the opposite direction to boris brexit but if i could be just lapse into the <hes> of an acura <hes> cloth aroma manatt though <hes> roussell it was born in brussels this this coalition and it's been sworn in in in rome this deal was agreed at the g seven summit and bear rich curiously because it got the nod from from angela merkel as important both very close allies very coast market a bucket swiftly and from mccaw but the crucial sufa who seems to have her hand and she hasn't shown it too much but it's absolutely clear. It's there in many of the key appointments. Appointments is a vonda line. This is the italy that she can deal with. I must say this is not to diss <hes> to usc or or or or or the commission <hes> <hes> undergone care because they always really rather liked kante but what they have done don and this is want it curiously the party that emerged from the old italian <hes> p._c._i. Communist party the democratic party is really playing the european cod because you know use riling with europol the time as firefox kiss and the others did eighteen greece. This is what they've worked tied and this is. That's why you see these very very key. Figures is a former prime. Minister is going to be the commissioner dente loney and there is this man roberto guatieri who is a very important chair of the economics committee in the european. Parliament is going to be the finance minister. This has got the blessing. I mean even the pope has plastic tested but he's got the <hes> the blessing from brussels and its intelligent to do that because the main things it's got to do. It's gotta get unemployment down but above all it's got to get the economy going and got get investment going. I think if it lasts a year we'll have done well but it does look more solid than the league. The right wing left wing thing although these two have sworn at each other. I've been quite absolutely so in very bad language in the past. They are quite natural allies alex looking ashby happening in recent years. What's your conclusion. How strong is the european union considering. That's the union has been dealing with number of issues to deal with italy brexit and say also euroscepticism in many east european nations right and greece and all sorts of other things that you could bring up some fairly major crises and and how you you handle the euro. I mean i think the e._u. Is always going to face for have however long. It does exist. It will always face difficulty because it's such a huge aaron. So many different interests chryssa countries being brought together and it's always going to have to be an evolving project and it's a question really of how it can respond. I think to a lot of these changes and crises. This is that will happen and i mean certainly one of the current issues is the right riser sort of authoritarian nationalism and the fall right in populism across europe in various areas forms <hes> often that does come with a sort of anti u <hes> ideology and we'll see brexit is is kind of you know is really what real oh focus on but it is happening in other places like italy there is criticism and i think you know in criticism of the u. is obviously one level absolutely right and fair and should be happening so really. I think it's a question of how they respond to to that. How <hes> the e._u. Can perhaps make its appeal a little bit more obvious. I think perhaps it hasn't really you know a lot of people don't necessarily thirty note does do think of it rather sort of faceless agency and perhaps a very bureaucratic and perhaps it does need to be a little more responsive rob. You think the us actually strong stronger than we have thought yes it is and i think i think the british have hopelessly <hes> underestimated. I think it's it's a weakness of british culture which is way behind and european culture. I spend a lot of time and very enjoyable in profitably in both the netherlands and in italy which are going to be two of the really strong powers in and behind <hes> they'll take britain's position by the way those two together <hes> want. I think we completely underestimate is the the new leadership uh of the p._d. Which is nicola zingaretti younger brother of a very famous actor. Luca plays <hes> inspector montauban but very very bright very smart very european savvy in a way that only the british civil servants were boris was a correspondent in brussels. He really hasn't clue about how much a of europe works because boris's tendency was to see it as a joke. It's very interesting. The only thing that converges as alex twisting between italy and britain is the position of bar boris and matteo salvini who has taken this very bad of the right wing nationalist anti the migrant lead at he has tweeted this morning something which is pure boris. We will work more than ever. We will not <hes> ah we cannot escape. The judgment of the italian people we are ready at time is our gentlemen and on our side and that could have been boris because to answer a previous question doing bars on you. Boris always thought god knows why he was a man of destiny only this week he has has been comparing himself to the greatest roman emperors caesar augustus and has continued to germany finally where a couple of stories are generating mystery and intrigue possibly veering hiring into conspiracy territory hopefully our panel already to debunk a few of them and environmental monitoring station as being lost off of germany's coast with very little explanation about wars occurred. Some wild theories are flying around just really quickly. What do you think happened. Oh well i mean obviously i think it was a kaiji. I imagine it was japanese. Monster that just came up from the lochner team pacific rim. I'm sure it's a documentary yeah we got to the heart of the matter and spoke to the scientists in charge of this monitoring station and the truth seems a little more straightforward here is professor herrmann bunga off summa speaking to monaco home continuous cabled observatory so it works continuously so we are recommending <hes> and a high resolution the what the temperature salinity trace gas concentrations and occurrence in eckenfoerde which is close to kill in germany so we continuously monitoring the signals else <hes> from the observatory and <hes> <hes> in on the first of august we <hes> thing <hes> <hes> nations <hes> stopped upped and we were wondering what happened and this happened from time to time and we were thinking about maybe water came in also but then we went there to comfort obey. We had <hes> team of divers with us. They went down and had a look and then they recognize that the complete devices to frames were <hes> weapons on and <hes> i mean i i you surprised the international attention. Why did you think people are very interested in this really applies to international attention. I have to say <hes> yeah. I don't know why people are interesting because it seemed to be mysteries but it's not mr as at all i mean most likely fishermen caught it and by accident and we about to to have look andrea do some kind of search <hes> now and we are hoping to find it in the next week or so <hes>. Do you think that people just enjoy a mystery. They they kind of enjoy looking for something that maybe just isn't the it's interesting <hes> than just <hes> looking resigned from the torius sure there is out there interesting. Thank you so much. Y'all come. We seem so the truth wasn't wasn't that exciting after all alex what do you what do you think we also directed to believing the unbelievable well. I think she says it relates of course a bit of a mystery is fun and i think that's what people flopping with this story at anything. You want seriously thinks it's been stolen by aliens or japanese monsters. <hes> i do think that you know sort of the general kind of belief in conspiracy theories is perhaps apps some symptoms something slightly different is more about people don't really understanding how the world works and sort of assuming there must be some forces controlling it on that there must be secrets to be uncovered when quite often things sort of raises suggests things are actually just most employ- explanation is quite often true. We we should also talk about the german city of bielfeld who tourist aboard is now actively encouraging half truths in order to generate publicity. It's recently launched a campaign campaign based on a spurious local in joke. That claims that the city doesn't actually exist rob. What do you think authorised both missing trick over here <hes> yes i think so because it's it's very <hes> interesting because even a chance to anger burkle who for some reason in the u._k. Has a reputation of having no sense of humor. Everybody i know that knows how or even asthmatic quite casualties says privately she has an absolutely terrific sense of humor and she speech and i am in belfast said or not as you want to believe and she absolutely a buys into this the secret entrance to the lost kingdom of atlantis and so on good for baylor felt good for you good for mrs mirko to show we're going to miss out to there is also beautiful spiracy theory claiming that my home country finland doesn't exist either but i'm not sure if that has hugely benefited my country's tourism industry alex. Do you think post bricks in the u._k. Would need some conspiracy theories like this. Oh i'm sure we'll have a few and i'm afraid i'm not a huge supporter of them. Generally as a cold war historian i spend quite a lot of time trying to debunk punk them in various ways but yes i mean you know there are the fun ones and then the less on one but i certainly think in the case of bill. It's quite a fun thought experiments as well. I mean it sort of makes me think slightly louis of <hes> bojangles famous article the gulf war never happened. Which is you know is sort of easily contradicted in one way but another way actually is quite a thoughtful deconstruction of how do we know things things happen. How do we create our knowledge and i think perhaps in the era of fake news and all sorts of things that actually sort of critical thinking about how we construct our knowledge is is actually something quite interesting. It's very interesting. It's the seventeenth nineteenth century argument solipsism hasn't gotten hooked on bishop barkley. Did how do we know anything beyond our an experience by the way this will be tested to brexit to breaking point in the brexit <hes> campaign which will be dirty and messy and i think that the determining coming medium ugly will not be broadcasting or social media or electronic it will be print robert folk sons alex phone sons lament. Sadly we have to end it there. Thank you very much for joining us here in the briefing and let's take a look at some of the stories that are making the news in japan now. I'm joined cylinder lined by monocle tokyo bureau bureau chief wilson. Thanks for joining us fiona. Shall we start with the ongoing trade war between japan and south korea. It seems to be hitting japan's beer industry raw the heart that's right. There was some extraordinary figures that popped up this week that showed japan's im- the import of japanese bear in south korea it had dropped absolutely massively ninety seven percent <hes> it's gone down to the poultry two hundred twenty thousand dollars and it was up well over seven million at at the same time last year so it's just a sign of this ongoing spat between japan and south korea it doesn't take much to sour relations between between these two countries but this has taken a rather ugly turn because usually it happens diplomatic level but they're really starting to hit each other economically now we have. Have you seen anything like this in japan. Have we seen any boycott of south korean goods there. Do you know what's interesting. I think this story could be replicated. In many <hes> places across the world where you have the former colonizer and the former colonized. I think for the south koreans it's a much more emotional issue. They react very very quickly to anything a perceived as a slight by japan or any sign that they're not acknowledging what happened in the past they react very very quickly and i probably their absolute irritation japan generally generally. They don't really react japanese. People still go to south korea. They'll still by south korean music. They don't react quite so quickly so it's a bit one sided at the moment but <hes> shinzo abe's suddenly being aggressive in in his approach to this subject and you know he's really <hes> attacked south korea on on the economic front on and i think a lot of people are worried that will of course it could escalate beer is just one example but i mean you know very very critically. You know it's it's restricting exports of of chemicals <hes> a critical to japan took south korea's semiconductor industry which now south korea's making chips for all the people that that we products we use every day eighth apple whoever so it could have a global impact before too long. Is there any reason to believe that we might see the relations between saw screw and japan improve. Leave him in the near future well. It's it's an ongoing relic of a colonial past. Japan was in charge in south korea between one thousand nine hundred nineteen eighteen forty five and it still felt quite bitterly in particularly in south korea and really it stems back to that and really the heart of this this battle. It's historical grievance. Now that that quite difficult to fix those japan feels that it was all sold in nineteen sixty five when the two countries normalised relations an extended hall half a billion in dollars worth of grants and loans and they say japan says it's all resolved and careers shouldn't keep bringing it up in these court cases where people are demanding compensation 'compensation for working for japan during the war. Japan says the whole thing was resolved in nineteen sixty five south korean government should shut down these cases obviously in south korea. It's far more emotive and they they look at it very differently. We're looking at some other news headlines from your neck of the woods sweeping hearing from uniqlo's billionaire phone deter sheehan now. He says that he wants a woman to succeed him telling me more well. This is an interesting to tadashi and i is. He's the richest man in japan roughly worth of twenty five billion dollars just to give you an idea <hes> and he's seventy. He's the founder fast retailing among its many companies is uniqlo. <hes> you know in uniqlo the these accompanies together we're making about nineteen billion dollars loss g._s. Oh it's a very very serious <hes> operation and you know sorry sorry to say but as he's approached seventy every interview he's pretty much asked who's going to succeed and obviously he doesn't want to make speculation <hes> too march the moment because he's he keeps saying. I'm not retiring you. I'm not retiring but interestingly a very recent interview. He suddenly said the blue well. I think the jobs more suited to a woman now. I mean i think the spirit of it was rather interesting and very positive his reasons were. I'm not i'm not sure women would be that thrilled because he said women. They persevered via the detail oriented. They have an ascetic sense may not may or may not be true but that was what he said. He's making a big effort to increase increase. The number of senior management roles are filled by women <hes> they've thirty percent which is way above the national average the national average for senior level execs tax cut <hes> publicly traded companies is running it really assad four percent just over four percent so he is making an effort but you know what he says has really matters because they have stores all over the world and everyone's thinking <hes> he must have someone in mind to their now looking for the candidate is interesting to see who that new head of that business is going to be in the future but now exciting news the hotel okumura is finally opening its new building. Many of us were part broken. When the original core of a stimulus back in two thousand fifteen via you went to the press review today. What have you seen well. It was quite an extraordinary experience so the hotel helping the south wing has been running continuously but the main building was demolished in two thousand fifteen being closed for four years open today had this very very famous lobby the we featured in monocle big fans of it. You know really amazing <hes> artwork really the whole lobby and they have recreated in the new hotel. Tell to salt to degree. I mean it took my breath away and i took a photograph. I just couldn't believe it. It is so identical to the old lobby. It's it's absolutely remarkable and and i noticed although he doesn't like to be interviewed <hes> sister taniguchi who's the architect of the the the new yorker and the son of the original architect of the okra he was walking around and i think he was probably just quite curious to see the reaction but you know the the absolute reception of so many members of the press turned out. I think every japanese newspaper tv crews and we had a good round. It's a remarkable piece of work. It's a billion dollars has been spent and it's now instead of one smallish building. It's now two towers one of them's forty one floors and the other one seventeen so it's a very different kind of setup it's shiny gloss now but they have tried very very hard to recreate the original lobby and go many original features and i have to say i saw many familiar faces from the old opera so the staff of all come back and forth so you know you've got these famous balls the orchid kit ball which is very famous the orchid dressed. They've come back. They look quite different actually but you know you still have the tea ceremony room and <hes> the the ghost ceylon on-the-go ceylon which is kind of japanese chest that they were features of the old hotel they've brought them back and so it's an interesting mix of absolutely new and very anybody familiar quite disconcerting today. Monica funeral soon have their thank you very much for joining us here in the briefing <music> after tokyo where go into cross to berlin to get the latest on europe's largest technology conference i._f._a. F._a. our very own david feeling is there. Welcome back to the program david so so we start so we start with some news in regard student you mobile phones new announcement by by sony yes this isn't necessarily the bread and butter of a show like if a witch focuses on t._v.'s and washing machines and audio equipment but the have been a couple of phones announced here and most notably the experience five from sony which is similar to the one that's the flagship they they launched earlier in the year apart from having slightly smaller screen <hes> but is significantly cheaper and includes almost every other feature from the more expensive phoning leading triple camera and a lot of very good battery techniques and even now an advice system so that if you're taking photographs in someone blinks <hes> it will tell you before you take the picture of you've got your finger in front of the lens. It'll say what are you doing. Oh you idiot not quite in those words almost and this seems to be have caught a lot of attention at the show today well as you mentioned mobile. I am not always in the focus. When it comes to comes to fair but what have you been seeing in the frontal of say television off your home appliances and so forth yes asses but there's been a lot of that as always is a pie masonic a completely transparent television. They've shown that as a prototype before well. It's just a sheet of glass in a wooden frame <hes> but they've now redesigned it a and then when you tell us on it it becomes a t._v. With with a really detailed picture the problem with the <hes> transparent these glass is you cannot get the contrast levels. You can't get deep black colors. Well panasonic has found a way round that and when it's working teams the t._v. It's every bit as good as the lead t._v.'s in their range and they finally announced that it will be coming to <hes> to to to mock it next year everyone <hes> hussein it the fourth oh well this is great but it's going to cost that much no more make it well. They didn't reveal the price but it is going to go on sale next year so that's something staying with uh stomach <hes> some other interesting broder prototypes when it comes to wellness gadgets including a head band that promises to re grow hair and head massage sanitizers the scarf how excited as the public over there in berlin. I had to look at it. The headband band is quite dull looking and i didn't actually get to to to to i mean my has grown backs inside are on because it wasn't actually really working <hes> but it uses ultraviolet light and <hes> that that's apparently what will cause your head to go from twenty percents of your scalp scalp coveted head to eighty percent often ninety days. That's what they're claiming <hes> so in that sense if anyone can create a cure for baldness. I think that will <hes> generate a loss of excitement fisher the i'm not sure about the <hes> the massaging and sanitizing of the scout. I'm sure it's very good for you but yeah it's part of a wellness range of prototypes that they say a three to five years away from manufacturer. Tell me also what some songs air dresser is all about. That's another interesting interesting product scene in berlin. It's quite curious. I've just been looking at actually if you can imagine a a sort of a wardrobe <hes> and indeed you can't use it just hanging space but it's not just a wardrobe because it it's you hang your clothes up and it cleans it doesn't wash them but it uses power food jets of add to clean them it it it uses steam to sanitize them so it gets rid of <hes> germs and then it's got heat so it dries them gently in a a deodorizers declared as well so it's sort of brilliant but of course the problem is you can only put a few comments in a time and so it doesn't substitute not for real wardrobe and it is quite big <hes> so it takes a lot of space and <hes> i in your i guess in your bedroom <hes> but i'm not sure that everyone will want to give that much space but it is a cold. It's a collider and just finally david. It's the fortieth anniversary of walkman the portable sociable music player how much or how to which extent on how has that been celebrated over there where you are this a special fortieth anniversary walk. I and i think seventy have been taken aback at how much attention this is received. It's it's very cool. <hes> it looks just like a a it's retro designed signed with a cover and you can see through the little people <hes> window in in in the cover. You can actually see the cassette turning on the cogs. Um antonis the music's playing when you open it up and you tap the cassettes cassettes <unk>. It's a touch screen. <hes> just made to look like very convincing cassette cassette player inside so then chose you track it is you can change the track and then when you close the cover again it reverts to looking like a cassette but brilliantly rav like the mix types types we had when we were kids. It's got the track of the current. <hes> the song playing <hes> emblazoned on the cassette. It's very convincingly really done. The only thing he wishes that the fun looked more like you'd scribbled it in a pencil rather than an actual typeface but i'm sure they'll adjust that probably so clever david maybe to feel and that's fine berlin. Thank you very much. You're listening to the briefing on monocle twenty four coming soon monochrome rolex bring you the pioneers for the founder of rolex hands build stove the world was like a living laboratory he began to use it as a testing eighteen ground for his watches from the nineteen thirties sending them to the most extreme locations supporting explorers who ventured into the unknown but the world has changed as as the twentieth century unfolds exploration for pure discovery has given way to it peration as a means to preserve the natural world to make the planet perpetual let more with the pioneers coming soon to monocle twenty four <music>. You're listening to the briefing with me. Markus be new york fashion. Week is upon us monaco's fashion manche. Jamie waters joins me now the studio to tell us all about it all at least most of it jamie being controversial lead up to this new york fashion week wise that yes so it's because of basically because of the fashion weeks connections or association with stephen ross who has made a lot of headlines recently. He funded the huge. He was behind the huge trump fundraiser but basically you know the company. That runs has many properties. He's in new york. Including its behind hudson yards and hudson yards is basically been there a couple of venues that basically we're gonna host fashion shows there and it was people thought it might become the new home of new york fashion week so because of of what happened in the connection to trump a couple with brands poo that shows from venues there <hes> and then the other the other whites connect. He's he's ross's wife car ross. Who's a jewelry designer is on the board of the council the fashion designers of america the f._d._a. Which which runs faster so all of this means that you know a lot of connections people in the fashion industry of tend to not supportive of trump and it's kind of created this kind of furor in the lead up to the to the event and other big news from this season. Is that various new head orange show off new york fashion week. Tom ford was will he do for the events. Yes tump was head of the f._d._a. Replaced down diane from furstenberg and he he has a lot of ideas and i think he's going to be really good for the fashioned way. He's he wants to make it feel more global and more international in outlook and i think what's happened with new york is it's become there's a lot of big american brands but it has felt quite american and i think over the years increasing the dynamic brands aunts have gone to paris to be to show instead if they want to get more international press obviously that you get what the american press but the more international flavor power kind of attracts everyone so ford has teamed up with brands to get basic to get more international editors to go to new york diseases so he's teamed up with bronze to to provide accommodation accommodation and and cars and hotels and everything four editors so i think he wants to give at this more global feel and i think he's a very smart man. I think if anyone can do it comp- forward and just finally jamie was other shows. We are looking at for this season and someone missing a quick roundup. Yes i mean the big brand that species calvin klein so they basically the report that runway line which rough simmons was famously helming <hes> poo that so there's no chemical on one of the clinic american brands but there's a lot of brands watch. Tom ford of course his brand showing monday night. I'm always very glamorous. <hes> you know the roy. One of my personal favorites by the twins is always amazing. This season mahjan my john gabriela hearst and devroy is another brand to watch so skewed jamie waters. Thank you very much for joining us here. On one twenty four <music> breath it is twinned to fifty in tokyo. Fourteen fifteen helsinki earns twelve fifty here. You're in london. You are listening to the briefing monocle twenty four hours. A particular has just joined me in the studio which can mean only one thing it's time for for our global counts down fernando good afternoon. How are you today good to know marco's today. I think is the first time i'm doing this country in the global countdown. Actually it's stone here. Yeah why estonia what's happening now. Actually no more marcus had a very good relationship with stones and they always have very good eurovision entries. Ed decided to say you know what what they're listening and i discovered. They have a very good hip hop scene basket so haven't been recruiting your decision to actually find out what's happening over there in the small country not at all. You know what i'm not a hip hop guy. Is you know but for example number five <hes> these guys called new blue and i'll explain after listen to distract it is hip hop but is also quite talaat of electronica. Let's listen to it. It's new blow with rotterdam in term <hes> so that's worse new blow from estonia with rotterdam. What's your record under what was goes over there. Besides about rotterdam i did translate taught rotterdam will play a big part in summer not really just a romantic song of on a weekend trip. It's rotted and so you know it's it's it's a good city to to you know to name a song with and why he called nuba lamarcus apparently it is a very famous a children's book stone in one of the main characters is new blue and he's a dog <hes> and you know he decided what my name is going to be new blow than is very. He's very witty and very catches. That's why he's doing so well in the charts but you think nuclear would have some international appeal should he look into coming up with with material in english. I absolutely think so. I mean this song rotted and is just screaming for a remake in english. Let's continue. The song. Rotterdam was indeed number five on the estonia seven years singles trouble. Let's continue now position number four what you have for us a little bit more stolen in hip hop and this song marcus correct lami. I dunno easy to finish. Lami is is basically summer right or warm or something like that. I think so according to my you know very very good research skills so we have a listen is the hip hop band kubat anoc and carmo with lami. Eh no man dining at toes guber knock the easy listening. I would say and i i thought of because even the cover of their single is like three shirtless guys in a car close to a lake is that your kind of music could be even reminded. Perhaps a little sublime from the ninety s or maybe maybe i'm going too far here marcus but so far so good <hes>. Let's see what you have for us next. What's number three this this week number three. I'm sorry listeners but this song is big. Everywhere have been stolen. It's not stone in i have to say is shown mendez and camila cabello with perhaps apps one of the hits of the summer everywhere santa rita in june shawn mendes and senorita there. I was observing your body. Language and my wrongs claim that out of the three zero zero two so aretha use your favorite well. Actually i do like rotterdam by the finger of singer. Rita think he's such a clever pop song. There makes you move your your hips or in my case my shoulders at least compete over there as well what i was watching that twenty second concession. Let's continue to number two what what do we do have more estonian music knowstone in but australian and that's quite interesting mark was her name is tones and i <hes> you know to be honest. There's many or the artist that topped the charts around the world of course we have kylie <hes> few artists here and there but tones and is doing so well in continental in europe and of course in her home country australia issues to be a busker as well and this song that we're about to hear call dance monkey. It's actually about how difficult it is to do. Live performances because the public is always asking for more and song is in a way about that pressure you feel as an artist i mean i'm explaining this but actually it's quite a fun song with an ice. I selectric beat. Shall we listen to it is interesting. Never seen gene off bombing. What's also interesting about about this is that actually it's quite a newcomer like active excuse since two thousand and they absolutely and you know what she's just fun. I think you know from what i've been reading about her evening the video clip for that song dance monkey. She's dressed tupac an old man <hes> and these old man's playing golf. There's all sorts of kind of funny situations happening in the video and you know what this is going to be her. You know her breaking breaking hit everywhere even hearing u._k. Some raiders are starting to play a little bit of tones and i so i i predict a very good future for her. It's amazing. Actually i'm just doing my own research. Toss monkey was released in may already reached number. One on the australian danish finnish irish norwegian also swedish singles charts so there is a lot of great music link from australia. Now it saves absolutely perhaps next week will be number one in stony as well but not this week before we reveal number one from estonia this week <hes> from estonia to want to give us a lead of what we're gonna be getting next. It is from the stony who's back. It's new blue at this time. He has also game boy tetris. That's the name our our tell me about game boy tetris all the history of the game boy game really but yeah no he's another stony rapper but he sings in russian so our next songs actually bilingual song so it's in stolen and also russian and it's called feud oxana show here it. She's not joking. Take now. If an unknown music by new game boy tetris <unk> oxana that was as you mentioned that song was both in at bars in estonia and some parts in russia and and and i'm wondering if you are in estonia in a country that has a significance russian minority think it makes sense to release songs like that into languages do think that's one of the reasons why we song. It's number one or two think it's number one simply because the track is just so great and it's catch. It's it's a mix i. I think it's a very smart idea. Especially in stone is very small countries aw but you know to be honest because new blue is there. I i became a fan you know what from today. I'm a fan from today. I mean he's he's a great artist. <hes> <hes> very very catchy songs and i think he's the most popular artists in stone yeah at the moment wow you've really become fun boy so so who three in your life now of this madonna now there's new bluegrass world and who else who's who's the flu in chat who who else that's. That's the best thing you can have a fair enough. Well thank you very much. I don't have a great weekend with with your madonna music shamir's against new blue music as well that was this week's global countdown and that's all for today's edition off the briefing. The broker was produced by reese james sons. Tom hall and researched by janaka fan to wheel he can both of them are a student money. She was mainly evans. I am marcus. Hey a big. Thanks for listening and have a great weekend.

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