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Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on today's episode of Ellen on the go Kris Jenner opens up about her son-in-law. Kanye west Jason sedate. Gus reveals his four year old son is a fashion icon, Ellen Pompeo shows us, she doesn't only like helping people on Grey's anatomy, but in real life too. And Ellen favourite and our favorite. Lisa Jarman makes a spectacular return to our show. I'm Ed glavin. I'm Kevin Leman. I'm Andy last ner. Oh, and I'm Mary Connolly, and I'm your host. Oh, went before you thought if I slow played you welcome to the podcast on the go jinx. Yep. Today. We'd like to talk about and we've had some great stuff on the show. Kris Jenner Christian. God tell you what. Yeah. The whole so Kris Jenner was on our show. Yeah. It was I believe to acts of television or maybe tutti knows to okay. And the first act I was we'll Ellen Chris our friends so dinner together, they spend time together. And they really like no each other, right? And I found the conversation about Kanye riveting, right? Fly. You know, Ellen has has had a relationship with Connie, and has, you know, had a friendship with Connie. And I remember ten years ago Kanye performed at our outdoor show in Burbank in the park, and he came into our came into Ellen's office while we were briefing with a Louis Vuitton backpack pulled out his backpack opened up his computer and said this isn't going to be out for a year. But let me play it for you. And he played a song by by himself and Chris Martin from Coldplay call I think called homecoming. And I was like oh my God. How can I hear the song? It didn't come out for another year. And he was just like young and blowing up and brilliant. Yeah. Fast forward ten years in a lot of water under the bridge and Konya is in a different place yet, an Ellen and Kris Jenner had a pretty amazing conversation about it. I thought. It is fantastic. Hawaii. I'm using. I am so good. Dr you, I am are you. I'm great. I'm great. I don't have a large family fantastic. I mean, it seems like is there ever a week when somebody says I is there ever a boring weak in your family? Is there a week that nothing is going on? No never never going on with someone all the time. It's I don't even sleep anymore. Like in the middle of the night Kim's out of the country right now. And I got a phone call it, you know, some godawful our and she's got a question. And I'm like, we're on LA time. So there's always something they know your they'd have. They just wake you definitely she's out of the country. Again. I thought she just got back. Yeah. We'll she's gone again. Oh, yeah. All right. Well, so let's let's just get this out of the way. Let's say, and I know you're in a tough position. Yeah. To talk about it. But it just seems like at some point we have to address what like what do you want to say? Well, here's the man you don't want to say anything. No, no. Congas, you know, an amazing son-in-law. He's an amazing dad, and and husband, and friend and brother-in-law. So we know, you know, my son in law, and my job is a mom is just to be there for my kids and be supportive and love them until you know, they they just you can't control what somebody else is doing. I can't always control what any of them do no time. But I think what I really want to do is be there to help him and be the best version of himself that he can be. And he knows that. We're there if he needs us, and you know, you're always concerned when there's controversy and drama and things are going on. And it's sometimes worrisome. You know, I mean when you have six kids and extended family and nine grandchildren. There's a lot going on. But I just want to be there and be supportive and be there if he needs, but it's. Leading you. I mean, that's that's my my question is because I think, you know, and I I mean, I've I've known for a long time. And and I know that side of him. But right now, we're seeing a different side of him. Yeah. And I feel like, you know, I mean when you see something like did you see the did you see when he went to the White House? And how did you feel when you saw that? I did after the fact we'll, you know. It was surprising that he was able to have that, you know. It was very spontaneous. You know, and the stuff that they were talking about when they got to the airplane. I was like oh my gosh. That's so that is so Conde. I mean, you know, he was sharing thoughts and things have himself. But I would rather he share some of that stuff privately. You know, obviously, it would be great. But you know, you I have to be able to show him that. I'm here. He needs me. We'll all here if he needs us, and we just want to help them be the best you can be. But he definitely has his own thoughts and opinions and he gets very excited about that. And you know, I don't know how else I mean, you know, him along Tom, I know him a long time, and he does have different sides to him. And. Yeah. Decide that nobody seeing before. Yeah. It's getting and because I'm talked to you about it. I've talked to him about it. And you know, and I want to be supportive too. Because I think what we don't want is people piling on because he's in a very. Honorable state right now, I think and I think he needs help. And I think you know, you can say we wanna be there for him. But I just feel like it's got to be really tough for you. And for Kim for everyone because it's your family, and it's like it's now you've got so much going on anyway. But then now now you have to worry about that a lot, you know. And it's like, you know, Kim always says, I really, you know, I can't control what somebody else does. And I feel the same way it's really hard. When you all know like, you have kids, and they might have a totally different opinion about something or a different view about something and his very strong. He's very pin naked, and he has a big voice. And he you know has a lot to say. Yeah. And he has access to the White House, and and and their kids don't so that they like their their kids make say out after curfew or whatever. But like he's at the White House, or he's, you know, TMZ, and it's like, I know that that's gotta be tough. And I don't wanna go on. But you know, I just I love him. I really I love him. And he you know, he's got he's my kid. Is crazy talented. And and he's he's a good guy. The amazing thing about Kris Jenner is what she could do is say, I have a friendship with Ellen. I don't wanna talk about cognac. The the thing at the White House was a big thing that blew up in SNL story was a big thing that blew up lot of backlash on. And she doesn't do that doesn't take the easy way to say. Let's not talk about we can talk about anything else except and she doesn't do it. She she feels the questions and she answered them as honestly as she can. And I she's and she's answering them as a mother-in-law yet. That's a that's a tough spot to be in my grandkids. And she she answers it with compassion yet. I had renewed respect for Kris Jenner after that conversation. How funny is Jason today. A lot of our guests. But he is hilarious. Well, what he does is. He works really hard on his appearance, which shows up and wants to entertainer an appearance, and and he does he was so funny. He grew out his hair for a role that hasn't quite happened yet, and he had a whole bit where he compared his hair to two famous hairstyles would set up his own hair. Live on the show, and it was hilarious. And even know the hair sometimes looks nothing like the person he says, it looks like he's still just owns it. Yeah. He was so funny on the show this time true story that night. I went home and watched a bunch of his SNL stuff again. And I realized wow, he really is. He's a funny guy. He should be doing a talk show. As it been that long than you had time to grow your hair out that much. Yeah, I eat all the crust of my bread. I talk about main and tail he's a lot of Maine entail. Wow. I've never had my hair this long in my life. When's the last time you were here that your hair was really short? Your was pretty sure. Yeah. And then I've been wearing a hat like the last five months because I wasn't quite sure about myself whole reason, I grew it out was for a movie that was supposed to happen in April. And then it didn't and got moved to may moved to October. And now it's going to happen in January twenty nine teams. So I've just been just letting it go to see what the heck happened. How long was it supposed to be when you were going to do it initially now January it's going to be down to your? It's going to be who knows what I'll I don't know what it's going to the it was more of like grow it out to then take it away because I didn't want to wear wigs. Is it a period piece his seventies or eighties? I mean, what is the why do you have to have long hair? Can I you can't talk about it for? There's no real specific reason. I was just I literally I was like I was like I'll just let it grow. Because I have nothing else to do. Do you like it? I never looked at it. I've never really see. It's more important than Bolivia likes it. And she she she she digs it, she she she likes. She likes. When I do the the this thing. Bunch put it she'll she likes putting it every now, and then she'll just walk across the room and take the thing off her hair, and is come up and get very close to me and intimately and put a man bun on there. And then just walk away. Just go. You know, that makes me feel very nice. But yeah, no the rest of the time is me like messing with it. And putting it here. Are you gonna you gonna brush your hair during the this is how you do? It is how you keep it. So nice, right. No, no, I've been doing hair impressions. So like, so like, it's fun. So if I'm like, this do this kind of action than it's kind of like a a prince album cover. That is like a prince album cover. Barely. Prince impression. And then what else we got? We got. Oh, well this. I mean, this is classic and this friend of yours friend of mine. This is a good one that I've been doing this a little bit, you know, a little bit more. It's a little flatter. Body less body. But but but I would even argue more I- conic. This is this is the Rachel. I don't think it is Ross Wilbur Ross. That's all right. Then we got more than here. This is this is I mean, this is good for anybody has kids or was a kid. But this is like kind of a let's see here we go. If you go right down the center, then you get into like a from Shrek, you know, Lord, Lord Farquaad. Yeah. That actually is the close. And then. Daily shows topical. You do a lot of pop stuff on here. But this is a little bit more sparing with me here. Well, yeah, you got. I mean, it's it's for it's for the anything for you. Then he'd come back here that you do this. And then I am Bradley Cooper from. Yeah. Look at one more time. Rewrite. What he says? You look maybe that was it. That's the way that's different from what are your kids for Halloween. Is this like a big I would assume that Halloween is like the most fun when you have kids because they want to dress up and. I mean, we're we're still I mean, it changes every hour on the hour daisies too. So she just repeats anything that ODA says, but then Otis is in a real style. Phase right now he loves dressing himself. Yeah. Well there there there. There's otas me notice doing a staring contest, and then daisies camera shy. She turned away. No. But we he he's wanted to be a LEGO ninja ninja ninja wanted to be a skeleton. He just dances around Winston Churchill. No, he didn't say. But then he literally every single day though. A big a big thing in the morning is about him asking for privacy going into his room four and a half closed the door and then comes out and then just presents himself like enclose. And then we'll point at how his socks match like the writing on his shirt, and he'll just do it like. Only. Oh, yeah. Matches. And then the then he's like. Yeah. Okay. So who knows what he's going to come up? It's pretty cute, Andy. Yep. Use a busy family. Very busy family. How do you do dinner? Well, it's hard with our busy schedules to get home and put a fresh nutritious meal on the table. Take out is always a healthy option and traditional meal kit service requires way, too much preparation, and that's when Kevin told me about his solution. Yeah. You gotta use Gaba land. 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That's gobble dot com slash Ellen this week Ellen Pompeo surprised me how. So she's always lovely comes out. The audience is always thrilled to see are the audience clearly watches your show and his watched the show forever. My sister-in-law Robin loves the show watches it all the time craze anatomy, thinks Grey's anatomy, just is is a fantastic show. And Ellen Pompeo first of all talked about how meaningful being on Grey's anatomy was to her. Yeah. Love that. So take a listen. So you went to Europe with your kids. Yeah. Yeah. Two four nine. Okay. And so that's a long flight to go to Europe. How how is that? With those kids on the flight. Oh, it was folded adventure. Yeah. I challenge did they like to fly. Well, you know, the older I don't know how mothers did it before I pads because with the nine year old and a four year old you can stick an ipad in front of them. And especially when I have this trick, right? Don't let them use the ipad for like weeks before. And then when I get on the plane, I'm like. And they just completely freak out. And they're just quiet for the whole entire time. It's the two year old ally that is just learning to walk in super excited about meeting every single person on the plane. Oh, wow. And were they excited to meet him? No. Some some are and some aren't yes. Italy. That's -able. That's a door will. All right. So so he's two yen. Then you said four and nine. Yes is four right. I don't know if we have a picture of her there Sienna. Yeah. She's who's your and you had to say child if you had to say your favorite, which one would it be too generous? Don't you? They're not watching. All right. So. You owe you have one obviously because they're not. Answer should have been. I loved them. All. I love right away that should have been your answer. Okay. Let me not ask that who's the smartest. It depends on for what like smart like stella's smart. And like she knows how to go to our dad and get what she wants CNN is super smart because she'll just have a complete meltdown freakout, and you'll give her whatever she wants to get her to shut up. Right. And then Eli super smart because he knows how to bad is is at you. And you give him whatever he wants, even though he can't speak. So we can't really ask for anything. Right. So so they just all sound manipulative. Yes. Aren't all children? All they are hungry manipulative little creature. Yes. Yes. They're always hungry and the always want everything. Yeah. That's why I don't have them. All right. Let's talk about Grey's anatomy. This is the fifteenth season. Will there be a sixteen season? Yes. Of course. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah. I was wondering if you I thought that there was a pilot ability that it wasn't. Well, my contract is still season sixteen and so I'm completely obligated to do season sixteen and you know, these numbers there's just no end in sight with streaming and the show is so popular, and I have to say again, I love coming here. Thank you for giving me this platform because not only do we get to do great things. But we get to say, thank you. Because everywhere I go whether it's Italy. Whether it's France London, Kansas the people that come up to me with tears in their eyes. And tell me how meaningful the show is to them. You know, the episode the last episode that I directed. What was the first episode? I directed actually it was a teenager was in the show, and he was gay and he played a gay character on my show. And after we had filmed the whole entire episode. He said to me, you know, my whole life. I've watched the show with my. Parents and I've sort of used to the show as a way to tell my parents that I was gay and to show my parents that it's okay that I'm not different. There's nothing wrong with me. And Gray's really helped my parents to understand what having a gay son meant in that it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. And from my parents to now, see me. As an actor getting apart on this show. You know is just been everything. So I gotta keep doing it, man. Because you know, we're touching lives in a difference. Yes. Yeah. You are. It's easy when you're working in television to think of it as a silly dumb TV show. I know I'm guilty of this with our own show. And then you hear about people who are laughing through our show to get through chemo. Or it's the one bright spot. They have in their day with whatever they're going through. And she seemed to be super moved by the people that come up and tell her that grace has been that for her. It was awesome story about Kevin Leman. Yes. Pretty incredible. When you think, you know, we're we're a little older than Kevin. We are a little older heaven started his career pretty much on this show. Yes. Yeah. Now, he's created other shows. And so he's worked on other shows because he's created them. But started and is still in his career on the Ellen Degeneres show. That's pretty incredible. Yeah. We've had the experience of working on other shows prior to the Ellen show. Not not every experience is as is as our experiences here. We are really really fortunate here. This our staff is incredible. And honestly it all started with Mary CONNER. Only sixteen years ago wanting to hire a staff of people who are who were nice people. And here we are sixteen years later, we have this amazing stuff. But also because we get to do things that change people's lives. I I've had I've had the fortune of working on a lot of successful shows. A lot of good shows. A lot of shows that I've been proud of. But we've gotten to help people here in a way that is new is new to me saying it's new to me and seven years ago. Are you're talking about. I think it was probably around seven years ago. So here's what happened. There was a woman in our audience. She was in an I remember it like it was yesterday. She's you know, I'm in the control room with Kevin she's in the audience. She's in an orange shirt which stood out in our audience and just at the site of Ellen entering the stage at the top of the show. We take a cut away of her the director, Liz takes a cut away of her. And she so overwhelmed with joy at seeing Allen just seeing her enter the stage. She's tearing off I it was infectious. So we're like, well, we gotta talk to her after the show and just learn more about her. She's unbelievable. And in getting to know her we learned that she has you know, that she's this incredible woman that it was a once a year trip that she planned with some coworkers. This one was to the Ellen show. But anyway, she's just special. She's a special woman we had her on the show. I we gave her a car. No, no, no. So when else giving yourself, she says, don't do it don't do it. No, don't do it. Which by the way in anytime. We do best moments on the show any of those packages that we do where we review some of our she's always in our top ten favorite moments love. And then so then after that can't not love her after that, we gave her the at the time was the biggest single thing we'd ever given anyone which was we partnered with KB home, and we built a home for her house, and that was just like a game changer for her, obviously. Yeah. And then we stayed in touch with you. But a few years went by and she she had a life update this time. And she she was here to tell us about the update. Yeah. Lisa. I love seeing all those flashbacks and everything that we've done. It's been fun. It's amazing. Yeah. Been amazing. All right. It's good to see you. And when I heard about this, obviously we wanted to see you. And and find out. What's you look fantastic. Don't you worry? How how are you feeling right now? Well, good. By now. I'm here. This makes me so happy. I mean, everything you've done. I'm so happy right now. We'll happy anyway. So that's good. I'm glad happiness was making you feel good. So let's talk about the diagnosis. How? And when did you find out? Well, I mean, it was a fluke to me. I was one of my friend's house, and I come into this and hurt. So I went home, and you know, coach, you go home and take your clothes, and I actually saw a big mess. It had never seen it before. But it was there is huge. So I just felt that I knew that. So the scan and they found it in my liver. So that made it stage four okay took him on Monday. Yeah. And it's okay. It's okay. I'm getting through this a lot better than the other. You're a strong strong woman. I heard your doctors were really excited when you told them you were coming here. It's Larry is. I mean, I got serious MBMD's them. And I wanted to make sure that I could come, you know, fly after the chemo, right? And they asked me what are you gonna might? Well, I'm going to L Joe what? Yep. Go thank Google me Greek. Sorry. And they went Gooby MD's doctors, and nurses, you're famous you're famous, and they wanna know the show is going to 'em Dr Mara's he's oncologist. He wants to make sure that his wife knows when the show's don't watch every day. Wow. Yes. Well, I want Dr Ameris. Yes. All right. Take good care of her. Please. I want everybody. Really? I love this woman. She's our family you've got to take care of her. All right. So we're gonna take a break, and we have just well, we'll give it to you now. And then I'll talk about something what? Of like, they want to help you because you going through some some medical bills and everything so check for twenty five thousand dollars is going to help. I was so taken by how moved Ellen was. Chatting with Lisa German again. And how Ellen kept referring to Lisa as part of the family a little bit too, which which we have all believed and Ellen hasn't seen her in a number of years, and they just sort of fell back into this lovely little friendship that they've that. They've had all these years. One of the things that's amazing to watch producing the show is to watch the way Ellen is inspired by regular people who overcome adversity. Yeah. Versus really really moves Ellen. And that's really meaningful to us. Yeah. I think that's what's meaningful to our view. I mean, I don't know. See what drives through to do the show now. But yeah. Yeah. Fuel as loves to be funny. She loves to be entertaining. She also loves to be inspired and introduce all of us to people that inspire her and she really found Lisa's tackling her health issues inspiring. You know, as executive producers, we all know, everything that's going to happen in the show, we planet. We talk about it, except when it involves scaring one of us or something that's going to humiliate one of us, usually me. My question is do you guys ever have meetings and think because we're talking about inspiring people, maybe Ellen should give a Hindi. A shutter flight check. Not just asking I'm not saying it should happen. But does the idea at least come up? I'm going to be honest with you Andy never once had a conversation where we said Andy should give out that I showed her flagger. What about Andy should be able to sit in the audience for twelve days show? Also, no, no. We thought about surprising you with lap band surgery. This is what? This is what? The appointment on your own. So then we were able to. We were going to give you a seat in the audience for a twelve day show. And then we remembered you would not stay in the seat. You would leave to go backstage innovate and then stagger in front of a camera in the middle of. You should just give it to an audience coming up with lots of ways for you guys to come to the show. So keep your ears on our Twitter and Instagram and on the show for twelve surprises. Some lucky podcast listener is going to win all of the twelve days of giveaways. So you have a one in one hundred chance. What if it could be? Of course, you wins on this is huge news. One of our listeners will not win just one day. They will win every single thing. We gave out on all of the twelve days. And it's from listening to this podcast. And we'll tell you details in upcoming episodes. That's right. So please subscribe today on apple podcasts or have. You're listening to us right now. That's the only way to be eligible for these twelve days giveaways. You got to be in it to win it. That's what they say. Don't forget to watch Ellen weekdays or even more Ellen fund. Thanks, everybody. Thank you everyone. Grow. Could be free. But.

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