Drake and Alex White: Country Artist and his earth angel wife talk about Drakes debilitating brain condition that almost left him dead after a stroke on stage and their intimate encounters with God.


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Coming in Shaw Cozy on the Evening Times eight o'clock at night. We've got our blankets. Wine I should have gotten wine. I didn't even get any. It was fourth of July yesterday so I drank a little bit too much for myself. I know that much kind of went for it yesterday. Yeah I trod bearded not. Have a beer like a really lot. michelob ultra something to sits. This is not. Like yesterday! It, up he loves our in the fourth of July. You get excited. It is holiday. Yet you've got a good place to shoot some fireworks two. Eliana definitely. Is a good place to do anything that that. You. Know just to go a little further than you might. Inside the city limits. That's right. Yeah, everyone, listening and people in National. They have a beautiful space called white would hollow that can be rented as an event space as a party space. It is just we had our friend. Amanda Satcher season. she's near to bill. Who's in the thousands? We had her baby shower there. It is literally the most gorgeous space every Yuba. Come live with some use it from white would hollow. Yes, I mean you know just adapted to the craziness of of the pandemic or whatever we. Actually at at Amanda. Amanda baby shower a man Michael in So the Guy Dale and some of the guys were talking about dislike missing playing. You know we're. Having, that's what. People a lot of people don't understand that that's what we absolutely love to do is just like playing baseball or you know something like that and like you miss playing, so we started talking about. Planning the barn. Men Alex built the barn in was finished in in subtle literally that next Wednesday it which was sixteen weeks. We've done at sixteen weeks in a row now. Yet. And it's been. It's been such a blessing for for us. Alex is cooked in Hong Out. You know our fans responded to in the music. You know the demand we've. We've stayed sharp. We've played. We've remained no fluid in Kinda Kinda, grease. wd forty. If you play every every week, so. Feels good do it. Does, it lives like live streaming. I had US go. Yeah, it's just a law broadcast I've got an incredible. Of. Social, dude named Zach canoed sin, and he puts it out on. Youtube, facebook instagram. Just all of our social blasted out. You know and and we just throw up a minutes live as it gets. You know there's no rehearsal. That a couple of weeks and just let it out pretty. Thank you yeah on. The events were canceled, so you don't have to worry about anything. Conflict, schedules or anything just set up. It's. been, it's been A. Unbelievable blessing for the guys you know I. I was unsure we'll get into, but we were. We were already to a point where affects injury having my injury. I just opened open the gates up like hey, if you own a tip, is you know if y'all got paid out? SEATTLE. In the fans, just the gates open in. It gave the guys you know. gave the gas a lot bill. You know the guys ability to kind of you know. Breathe a little bit in that that that's the been the hardest part about some of this is all of our crew in our or bands. You know just going out there in. Out Making it making it, so it's been awesome. Awesome to get out there in. In do something to to get into people's homes in MBA lights. and just have a good time in Kinda. Give people a little bit of A. Medication through music you know. So, you mentioned Free, so not what? Nikolai Wednesday night therapy, so it's like a therapy session every Wednesday with all the music. Ready hanging in playing in Talkin so. It is I KINDA WANNA. Talk to you about do talked about your injury. Drake, because for everyone who knows right, you are probably one of the most soulful incredible performers out there like it is a revival. No longer show. You have so much heart and passion just like wild energy, and so we're in the middle of performing a show. And you had a stroke in the middle of it. and. Everything changed their talks about how what happened and your? How you? The process of dealing recovering politics because I know it's been quite the journey. Yeah, it's been. It's been crazy journey out of our. Work now early, January two thousand, eighteen got a really bad headache ended up with A. Machine and found this. Thank on the navy. M Much is an arterial Venus. Malformation and it was here. It was about the size of a lemon are long. In, it's just a water veins in our as to have been that have been there. My entire life so the headache did not stop in. So we started the process of immobilising it. which is glowing. It shut which was. He said six five or six surgeries of. Running a catheter. Artery into the back of my brain in gluing this Wada are shut. So Caroline, we were four four. We were four surgeries through to that, and that was the cool thing about this surgery first of all his name. Is Dr Miracle? The Bird Sir that was the brain surgeons name and. He. He's ten minutes down the road. And he's one of the best in the world. Ten care these things, so it's just the perks of limited Nashville you know. So we get. Chip and through this and you know May Alba's lack heck. I considered it pretty cool like maybe after I do get adequate blood flow to my Brian. This thing gets MBA's. Maybe I can play lot Hendrickson rat Dylan I. Don't know. Maybe maybe it's something that's GonNa, be awesome, and what else is there to think of? Think of it like that I. Think of it negatively, so we started talking about you. Know may help us have a baby and it may May. Help play better right better. Who knows so? We get rolling on the procedures and we get seventy five to eighty percent of is we go off to Roanoke Virginia, which is about seven and a half hours away from music city in. s about ninety eight degrees in August and we've been playing all year. You know through these surgeries. And you. Know. It's not just like Oh. Let me sit in play. It is like you are like sometimes you like climb the Poles and like your wild energy in the its distance so much fun to watch you, so this is not just like oh playing standard in. You're all over the place. Yeah Yeah! They do a procedure on like a Tuesday, and then he would get on a bus at midnight on Thursday in play. The show Friday Saturday come on Sunday. and Dr. Like as long as he's taking. This medication kills cray low pressure medication. What Bay recommended to keep his blood pressure down. He. Go play in. He was just gone like every thirty days of procedure. Come back. That was a routine, and it would take him about two weeks to get back to feeling like he was one hundred percent in Seattle, and so we didn't really think anything about it until the fourth procedure when. You know he was on stage in it. It ruptured ABM part of the avian ruptured. So good snow ruptured. What does that mean? So mob mob blood pressure from Ben the. Eddie Better Garth Brooks topic perform that. I was jumping around in. Any other show in Started you know man blood pressure got up in. It spiked as as it always does, but this time. it got up in. felt like this kind of weight is like is wait was pressing down on my shoulders on my left shoulder, and then I heard something pop, and when heard something pop everything. I was holding on the Mike left hand in Addis remember gripping really. Tot to the mark but I I felt like I was about to drop the MIC in our member map monitor tech, coming up in my ears, and saying hey, you okay. In the next thing you went lamp in drug may off stage and I just remember thinking when I was backstage because I knew what had happened, because we knew that risk but the risks. Were percent. This is only a four percent chance of this happening. So. I get offstage. In is in the form of. It's like a stroke lock thing. it's a brain. Bleed is what was happening? It had ruptured ABM. It ruptured in. It began bleeding into the mobile cortex of my brain. That operates. My left hand left foot. On so. They. I was five minutes ten minutes away from trauma, one unit, which was a huge blessing America's. Big Deal like if you wouldn't have been near that hospital. This rupture is. It could have been serious right like it was. Of You died for sure right well, yes. I was close. There was some close calls anyway for them to get the bleeding. Stop nap kind of thing, but you know we play all over the world and I may have. We just played in Bahrain earlier that year, so in kind of a USO tour, so you? You just can't your blessings about being. It was supposed to happen. You know just. What was you're next to? heroin hospital million hostile on Roanoke Virginia. On that kind of injury. They were trauma into civility in had on staff neuropathy, which is not typical. Your typical hospital doesn't have in your staff on. You. Know there twenty four seven in so within. Ten minutes of falling on stage they were already. Had packed folder. This was the first show I admire got. A true Miracles that happen along the way and this was I. Remember Y'all time. Michael night a story. This is one of the first miracles because you had hacked. Randomly. Put this folder in Drake's bag. Yeah so I'd gone with him to every show all these procedures. Just you know, maybe in who I am, tap a person unlike gotta make sure I take his blood pressure, and he's got blood pressure medication, and he has water and I'm standing up stage, so the sweetest heart in the world for everyone listening. If you ever want to know what a walking Angel Excite. It's Alex White. There's no one with a better heart. Off things care. You're here. So this was the fourth procedure his crew team. They're all amazing. All the guys in the bandages so awesome in supportive in you know they knew big. Game Plan. They knew what to do. If something happened because I had this folder on to be a schoolteacher. Show you just organization is like number one to me so I had this photo with all information. When he had been through all the procedures he had had and what to do in case, he hemorrhaged because we knew that was a risk and so. His tour manager calls me and says hey. drake PESCE, von stage, Can you give me Dr Miracles number? And said I don't have you know the neurosurgeons personal number you know in by this time. It's probably six PM in Nashville Seven PM in roanoke. And I said what's happening and he can explain to me what happened in asset? Take his of his bag of medications that take his bag of medication in the folder that that's in the front gate English. Straight to the emergency room and he said okay. They've already got unloaded in the ambulance. What's in voter again? Search on, MSN just hand that to paramedics, and so they handed to paramedics, and they realize ability of what was going on. An 'cause even said these are distant. Country Voice from Roanoke Virginia you know. Checking on him, but they knew immediately to take into the Neuro Trauma Center because it was a brain injury, so yeah, just such a godsend that. Now, the photo was there. It had all information. They already had his doctors names in the facilities that he had had treatments at you, and so they were able to reach out and contact on on the hospital's behalf, so it wasn't you know anyone having to personally call the doctor from roanoke yeah in within. You Know Fifteen br when your brain starts to blade like that in the tissue in your brain starts to get affected by the blood. Like, it is just so important. The time is everything, so we're. We're there at the hospital. Within fifteen minutes of it starting bleed, and then decisions Dr Miracle Doctor here in in Nashville was contacted in in in directing them what to do in. They hadn't neurosurgeons looking at my scans, looking at my brains and they they administered this Abi that got the brain the blood. The blading stop! In that would. That's That's another miracle because we're talking, you know death is a is a is all obviously the worst case scenario, but it slack. This is a lot life. Death decisions in in permanent damage your permanent damage. Brain damage also. Yes if if that's till stroke patients now. I mean of course we saw the johns before that we didn't know with Asandra stroke like the numbness and the lack of spatial awareness in not being able to see so all of these things were tidbits of you know, a stroke. Yeah, yeah, and so now we know yes, certainly go straight to work when you think of a stroke you think of A. A Gut like Alison Allah would have felt like was the best shape of my life where I was working out hard to Feign in thirty five years old, and and just felt great man, you band. We had new energy new winner sales and all that stuff, but a- wasn't a hill thing. hours house, Angus shape, right. It was a result of this ABM. Rupturing in hemorrhaging. in my brain that that caused. The stroke is a stroke. Stroke is what they call it, so it was it was a direct. Result of that them ABM in warm debt, so it was just. Crazy had it until you got those headaches so now when you are in the hospital Dr. miracles directing what's happening then what what goes on in Alec. How're you feeling during all of this? Well hours in Nashville We were finishing up the barn, so I was constantly doing little. Thanks to finish that and check things off. Lizzo estate here and was actually on my way back home from Lowe's when I got the phone call so I'm driving drake's truck with the truck full of supplies citizen, thank stains and things with Barn. You know getting over there to work and I just turned the car and started driving north when his tour manager called. called. I was like I don't know how to get there. I'm going straight north to Roanoke Virginia so I. I never stopped at Apple debrincat set map Girona Virginia, and he, he sent me the address like three fourths of the way, there to get to which specific hospital at and and so seven and a half hours in just turn the car north in started building north in our brand, hallway and I mean I was trying to. Call his parents, and just let them know what avenue which was very little. You know at the time, so I just let them not be praying that directed fall on stage. They're not sure exactly what was going on. So the whole way on macarthur myself in house seven and a half hours to to driving. Pray while along with your thoughts. So long methods and you should do nation from the hospital. They wouldn't release any information. Yeah, and they went to a store manager anything because he wasn't family. So, You're so spiritual. You're such a spiritual warrior. What did that highlight right? What was that experience like for you? While equal. Hasn't lows. I was crying, but then would be like okay. It's GONNA be fine. God's got this got control. He's going to be there in the room. And not that I kept constantly praying that God was in the room that God was with the doctors and the nurses in that Lord would protect Drake asking word word to send his angels down to protect him Lexington angels down to protect him in then the night we got married There was a lightning storm like never rained on us, but we could see the rain in storm out over the ocean. We got married at the beach in. This is really cool. Lightning storm. It was like fireworks out in the ocean. And so on the way there about four hours into the trip, a lightning storm came, and it was just lightning the entire way, and so I was like Okay God's just reassuring me Latkes okay. He's GonNa be fine. You guys are going to be together shortly. You know so. It was just. Little things like that happening in I would pray like Lord Please let Dr Mural call me hours trying to get in touch with his own associate I work with him to that. We kind of had a connection with and so finally. I don't know four or five hours into trip. I get a call from Dr Beautiful personally from him. He was like this my personal cell phone. Call me if you need anything. Keep me updated on Drake's progress in. He told me what was going on. And he said Drake's a part of his avium. Get Rupture in east had. Called him radic show. In he said they're gonNA. Continue to do. cat scans in is the next forty eight hours are very crucial. Now like they right now he's still bleeding. And so that's what I heard. You know five hours into the trip Houston so. Right now Galazi scan the they showed His brain was continuing to Blade Shimano they had administered. If some type of salt solution at like stops the bleeding, but for some reason his continued to bleed, but by the time I got there. It had stopped. Leading already had like another sequel in so mental state from me. Was I was at a show. You know funnel cakes, Ferris wheels, and and in so I'm on a metal table backstage so I'm thinking. I go into prayer mode immediately lack. You're still all here. Yeah very much so and the pain is so much. It's like on a scale from one dance I thou- if. Those horrible out pass out, wake up, throw asset up though in, but passing out with dislike Alan member. Tell myself like keep breathing. As you're breathing. You're alive. Keep fat and keep when get Alex here in Can Stone tour manager. To, please. Get some kind of relief I was begging for relief in wouldn't give me any pain medication because they wanna make coherent because they wanted to make sure that that. They just WANNA make go here. They kept on asking me my name birthday where I was at. Move My left side can I do this can. Can do that in. So they didn't want to administer something that would put me in La La land in not Romney to be coherent so the pain. In The pain was just so severe in our just. I was just getting like in and out of this kind of spiritual journey on his lock floating in just. Begging for relief in and then just thinking hey. got. You got me what whatever whatever's going to happen. Is GonNa Happen told my band depression ever boone his my drummer. WHO's very spiritual? Warrior Dude. Now's man. Star praying on. A lot of pain in. You know that that was it in. I was like where's Alex? In Alex wasn't there Mamata nobody was there except for my ban family. Which is your family? Out there, but I just remember thinking. that. If I can just if I can continue Britain and get Alex here I'll be, I'll be fine. You know if yet. Dr Miracle Obviously in. You know I didn't know that was trauma unit added no, I was in. I could have been you know in the middle of the sticks. It. The we were we weren't. We were in a a very good hospital and I just remember a lot of people gathered around may end. Now looking back. The the heads of the hospital coming back, check because it was such. A serious thing is what. I felt like I was in a fraternity house because there was so many people come antion Cambe. Coming in, he kept asking me he's like. Why are these young guys here? On Knicks at Teaching Hospital residents were there. And so he had I mean just hundreds of. People probably probably saw no less than one hundred doctors nurses in in staff, where whether it was like the physical therapists, occupational therapists speech therapist in the week that you that he stayed in roanoke. Wow! Were there for he was there for a week. Before we got transferred to Nashville in also this in the middle of all this, it really restored our. You know I've always been. She's always been A. Lot people out always been a glass half full dude, but this truly restored our thanking humanity. They were good people we met. We have good people around us debt that we're all angels. In because we had to for the. You know decisions. People making some really really quick smart decisions to stop that. Brian Blade stop that pain in the to get back to where you know. I was paralyzed for the rest of my life or dead, you know. Big Deal Alex when you get there. What is the situation like what is what is happening? His I guess are probably two in the morning and his tour manager. was calling me in met down at the bottom of the hospital, and he took me to the room in when I got in there. All I could hear were these MOANS and groans screaming sounds coming from director at never heard before. I mean we've been together. Twelve years. Now seen him choke up. Why so Elec I've never seen him in pain. You know anything like that. And so instantly address. On my hands, pray in next to him. in his suite were manager Andrew stayed until you know. He felt like I was comfortable. Reading there myself in. a red flag back to Nashville. I remember just I didn't have any clothes didn't have any toiletries anything and I just remember like the next forty eight hours literally sitting at his bedside in this. Will require like hands on him praying. In and our prayer all day even. I I, just constantly pray that the Lord would would protect him. Keep in healthy. Keep him safe when he would go into like moans and groans. It was like the pain came in Wade's with the medication they were were allowing in hat, so just praying that God would take the pain away like give him some type of comfort. Given piece on helium attitude, visual person, especially when agreeing, I just can't visualizing the Holy Spirit kind of just like covering drake spotty in covering the brain in the area that had ruptured in just healing, come into that place, visualizing the ABM shrinking in Him Ridge, area being held in shrunk in size, and kept praying that godwit place in Angel of Army, at Army of angels around him in kind of circle him in protection. In January rape gone on a mission trip to Haiti and the leader had asked that we go to every fence posts in pray that God would put an angel on guard every fenceposts to protect the land that the children were now living on in so that was something that always stuck with me. to be able to ask Guy Descend Angel on your behalf to protect you. And so that was you know Mamane? Prayer to just have been opened my eyes in having a hand on Drake asking God more Put an angel in this corner Lord Angel in this corner of the rain to protect the nurses in to be with help to know how to help. Drake in the situation in every corner was like a monitor and all the instruments equipment they were having a using. Workman and Angel this store the doctors come in give them the wisdom and knowledge on how to how to serve drinking hit and helped him in this situation. And in this corner to watch over me is I'm trying to rest in I mean. Even. Know if it was dinner. You know at by the time his parents got there. They were like. Hey, here's your dinner. You need to eat, you know. we can take. We continue to be in this state of prayer. His parents came. I, mean they? They realized in our realized the severity of it, and they were there within forty eight hours. And from that moment own as as long they would let us be in the room Madrid We were crying. We were just praying over him in with him as a family. In France! I really good friends came in. Ended the same thing in? You know brought me a suitcase. Came to the House and found something that I could wear. They wrote me some pajamas and closing and things like that, but. then. The cool thing about the story, didn't you wake up and say something about that? You have to tell the second part of that. Yeah, it was Kinda. Let now run with it, but. First of all. I will say that to everybody out there I, mean we we. We're spiritual. People are driven by. You know we love Jesus. We were. All in and but When you get phased with something like this, no matter you know. Where you're at. Faith wiles away. You're like you claim to something you have to do you just. Do our. Did you know I had to? Figure out. You know you find out real quick. How strong faith is how strong? Strong you are and. I just remember. Laying there in in fight like always considered myself a tough person like bringing on you know, let's let's go for it. So I was just kind of mode, and then our experienced this kind of peace. And looking back on its when Alex got their. Remember this real. Fast talking you know Dior. Please put the angels around that the come come. In I couldn't understand, but it almost was tongues, but it wasn't like Tom. Fox speaking tons, but it was just flat. I'll maybe who knows what it was. But our member Like I said a lot of people a lot of younger people if felt like I was in a fraternity house, but I remember this presence that this piece Kinda lifting. Thinking that everything was going to be fine. and. It was Alex there. You know praying gone over I new that sound of voice new Abbas. Abbas not brain I was not brain dead Akkad Coherent, but I was Kinda added of. You know what I mean. Wasn't completely blank there, but I wasn't completely gone and I just remember. Seeing these tall. Very Very. Nostalgic. Like statues of man lacked with their arms, crossed in the corners of the room with baby, peaceful lack small snot smiles, but just kind of shaking their head like looking, and that was. The Angel says she prayed for I get. Sears my I I cannot. I can't believe it, but like to hear these this story. That is so incredible that you learn saw them. He didn't tell me that until we we you know. He did thirty days at at Centennial. Skylon in Nashville in the Rehab Center so. We get home in probably two or three weeks later. You know a month and a half later. When we were at the hospital out ever told you this. We were watching something We watched him church on Sunday, and she was talking about being in Huron Room Jesus and she was like. How is this are thin veil that sometimes we forget that were that close to the Throne Room Jesus where we can actually approach him in sit at his feet back quickly in actual drake has said you know I feel like that hospital room was like the throne room because I had no other distractions in life other than praying and asking God. God to be with us in essence, the Holy Spirit to protect us with us in. He said you know I felt this presence of these like huge men in the corner that gave me peace. They were protectors in the room and I had cold chills all over because I mean we never talked about the prayers that I've prayed? You know or anything like that house like ask specifically prayed for there to be men I mean visualizing them as well as these men, these huge angels standing in the choir, protecting you so just one of the things but. He also How. You're talking about Carolina Story. where he stood up and said I hear you got. So at at the second night that we were there I was praying and fell asleep actually when he woke up. I was asleep on like on this out of the bed. In. he had not spoken had not said a word had not moved any part of his body. He was just in so much pain. Other than like moans and groans, and when they would ask him his name, he could barely even say like. Drake he was just like a whisper and so he, all of the sudden monitors went from just like the the regular beep beep beep to did it in his blood pressure shot up really quick, and he stood up in he he shot his arm up in the air and he's like I hear you. I. Hear You screaming in the in the Are Here to God I. Hear You're GonNA GET UP WE'RE GONNA walk. I'M GONNA DANCE IN I was like you hear God. Where is where is he in the room with us, And he drake stat completely up in through entire body less side in all that was at this town, completely paralyzed over onto the side of the bed, sitting straight out. And the nurse comes running in there and she was like what's going on. I was like I don't know what he said. He's talking to God by God's in the room. and. She was like you're gonNA have to sit back down your. You can't get your blood pressure. Decide can't raise your heart rate I. Kinda monitor it. Make sure every she had to of like talk him off of that Ledge of standing up and walking dancing. Right I mean and Wild. Liz, up kid. I've always been drawn to nature in I've always felt like I had this. Ability to talk. You know to ga like to talk to. Really, Communicate! Almost like. I won't say it's not like dude standing there. That looks like a Gal Troy. Like that's not on talking about the statues it's like. Believing in saint like it was there, it was there because I know it was there in I have faith that it was there, but it was like it was like a smog. So thick risk. Race that was talking to you. And what did you hear well this? When the essence that she's talking about that, I was dreaming. And that's why I was going to like. My dreams have always been so vivid. That's why I've always been so passionate about my dreams, wetherby music or marriage or kids like I. I know exactly. What what's going to happen like I believe him Andre an-and. That sounds. Cliche but like I believe him because I've seen you know. I've seen what they what I'm such a dreamer. So what was happening is I was in church at. Our church had blue carpet lot baby blue carpet like this guy in the pews. Were Baby Blue and Yet House. In in there. I've always been like when like the preacher calls you down as like. If you WANNA. Come except you know. Jesus or whatever come down I've always kind of you know I went through. When I was a kid like too cool for school. Yeah, come down light, or whatever well I was in that situation, but I was talking this thrown luck in the them in the real deal throne room, lackner middle Jesus saying come come down in. It I don't think I was about to die I just think it was like A. It was just like this in and out a dream in Asia come on in a hesitated. In when I hesitated. Our remember feeling guilty like wanted. What am I hesitate like Peter when Peter. Denied God. You know in scripture when he did not in three times and I just remember thinking. NOPE, at can't walk and I remember thinking in my head to to God I can't, but I can't walk and he's, but I'm calling. In House Lot rhyme getting. I'm getting the hell up rot now in his Nazar vested in. The told him drake. You'RE GONNA have to sit down and she goes guide. He said God told me to get up and walk I'm getting. And he grabbed all dead. And know all things he was connected to in threw himself off the bed. Now's like like. Don't touch him. Don't touch him. God said to do. He's got get. Well. It's really we didn't get. She fell back down to the best. She didn't say anything she talks about. She's talking about the throne the Vail. Thinks this esoteric crazy lack. Thing, that is this facial separate thing, but we through this experience in Alex having this connection meet disappearances broad us to wear a weekend. I feel like we could wake literally lots of candles lots of chopper go straight there right now if we if you know in in, that's how cold it it is to walk. Through journey in I. Don't I don't WanNa live in this world. Anyway back outlive. We're in this world, but I. don't want to be normal. I and I never have thought. I've always thought that I was destined for something. Great in, so so she. Is Lack. This this veil. That I, guess I'm talking to the people out there that think that debt religion or this. 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F. O. L. Dot. COM Promo Code get real for Harris strong as you are. The Wendy you guys took the situation though. And made it a blessing on your because you've got into it and you. Cried for God so much. That is the difference because I feel like that is what has made. This the experience that I can shift y'all's live now in a beautiful way, it's become a huge blessing in your life, but it's because you you called on God. And that was a you know some you're talking about all the miracles that we've seen through this. It doesn't those are just two little things that happened that we're like. Oh, goddess, like so fateful, and we were able to tangibly see him in those moments, but since this accident, it's like it's heighten our awareness to him in how present he is in our in our daily last group, and so that's something that I mean. We say something now. We got a piece of mail and. Some of Kobe in because of his stroke and everything that's gone on in just you know your income basically cut in half. Things have happened where we have been obedient in our just in our giving, God said to continue to give in a certain things that we were doing within our church, just personally giving an like okay God we're going to. Be Obedient and trust that you've got this in open the mail and it's just. Blessing after blessing after blessing where he continues to show himself in a tangible way to us that I'll be like. Can you believe you know La La? In Drake's like Yeah, I can't kiss attract nothing. Nothing surprise anymore. It's not. Is like we asked for were allowed. And whether it be the relief for the Tornado stuff, Alex in you, and all these people on the front lines for that. Though in the tornadoes hit Nashville Alex. you went into the heart of it and found people who were the most damaged by tornadoes in you singlehandedly rallied up troop of women with able Tomlin. WHO's an amazing woman in so many other? Great Chris. Respite, you use her ended this rally to get resources for all these families that. Tell me what you did that were that had lost. Everything like you change lives. It was another one of those God. Things of like being in the right place at the right time because I get a phone call that morning actually. We Drake had to have an NGO Graham to Kinda. See you where we were at with the ABM and the Sunday before our pastors had gone on a mission trip, and she said you know we went down and we were. In the city and she said when our as have seen, we are now responsible for so now it's our responsibility. That's the heavy. Net revenue near what you're seeing you. You become responsible for like God puts it in your. Face for a reason and so She was specifically talking about which she had seen on her mission trip, but it hit me so hard because we had been to Haiti out. We've gotTA. Do you know like we were responsible for what we seems to continue our mission work in Haiti well the very next morning. We are taking him to an eight a M Angiogram Euro Sergeants at the national neurology in so our math loan takes us live in whites creek in. It takes us back route through wardell through north, Nashville, which was one of the hardest hit areas from the tornado and we had. Tornadoes the night before the tornado hit while we're in North Nashville at seven thirty that morning. And seventeen and we're like what in the world because we had not seen what was going on on the news I. Mean it was rotary? It looks like the streets of Haiti and so I mean just rubble everywhere. People in a panic and it took us two hours two hours to get wet normally would take us twelve minutes. And so we both were like God wants us. We were stuck in a parking lot for our bread. The two hours in all we could see was the destruction in the chaos in we began to pray for the people that we were seeing in all the situation around as I was like how I was like. On the day that you have this Angiogram, discard when us to see what's right here right now. Okay so then I think it was like Wednesday. I receive a call at eight. Am from Christian breast and she said Hey sister. Where are you? Can you help me with like a situation right now? I have a friend. Her friend Heather in Carissa had put on facebook that they knew some families that needed hotel room. Everything had been destroyed and they did not have any support. No, they did not have renter's insurance or homeowner's insurance in were basically stranded in homeless, and I was like. Yeah, it was a down day for me in the kitchen and I was sitting at the computer, just working on invoices, and I said Yeah. Sure what you need, he. Tell me what to do. She said okay. Is there any way we can Get some money pulled to you so that you can facilitate as families getting put in a hotel room as Gavin most setup through my business account, they can did Mommy. That's cool, so then it spiraled, and we went to check on the one family, and then we went down to where the one family was. It was like a domino effect, and this family knew this family in across. This was going on with another family with children so when it was all, said dying out So God uses she. She used to teach kindergarten elementary school, so she can speak to kids very very easily, so alex can walk into a place. A Tornado stricken, place. And she finds kids. And says where's your mom? And then that's how that's. How this started like we was your mom, our friend yeah, Charissa Dylan. They have a van in so She was like. Let's just go down. There were heather is in check on the family will take this applause and we got out and reached started walking down North National. There's no street lights like generators have been of gas. It is you know in all se are here. Here are little giggles, so we get out of the van in a there's kids over here. You know like playing near these power lines down, so we go over there and said Hey, guys. I mean under the age of four kids under the Age Bay. Where's your mom? So? He talked to the mom in as you guys need hotel tonight, you don't have any power in your generators. Not Working. It was freezing. Nights were freezing. Is What March? Yeah, so? It was really chilly ENA. She's sorry crying and she was like. Yeah, let me go pack a bag and we're going so as do know anyone else. We've got some extra funds because at this point. More and more money hazard tripping just word of mouth, and then I thought you know what I don't care. I'm less than this out on instagram. And Drake blasted out on his instagram in instantly between word of mouth conversations. Everyone you guys you share on yours like. Within. Ami Twenty. Four hours we had like thirty thousand dollars raised route hotels in every single person. We never talk to families that are like the hotel is full tonight in all the other hotels are full. You know We don't have anywhere tonight, but check back tomorrow in, so we never really had to tell namely that they couldn't have a place to stay so some family stay for seven days. Something I would say oh. My Gosh I. Don't know if we have enough money like Lord how we're GonNa do this, and then someone would be more thousand dollars. And so I don't know just then he's. Apartments for a lot of families, yes, so then just guy connected the dots and April Tomlin calls me and she said Hey. I work with a lot of families with home straight home ministries a homeless off the street the maintenance history. In they're so used to this. You know routine of getting family setup in in kind of helping families get set up for success. You know for years to come so that in job training in. Helping them with job interviews than just support with getting a job allowed these families. You know lost jobs. Because of the time they had to take off from in of course Kobe it and so they were able to secure like a year reese in pay for the year lease on their apartment or condo furnish their entire house from donations I. Mean it's amazing. So I sit here and I hear these stories that you guys tell I feel like. How how I feel so. I WANNA do more my life because I see you guys now Mike. How do I get to this level faith that y'all have and I'm sure a lot of listener like how do I get to this level where I am so actively connected with God where he is? Guiding each an I. Know it and I have enough bravery to trust like. How do you do that? Because the work are doing in the situations that Yong counter, and that you turn into God, experience, it's really the nominal. No well. Thank you appreciate you saying that. One of the things you know for me. Personally is as. I talked to the Holy Spirit Anna. Ask Holy Spirit to lead me and guide me in everything I saying do, and so that's my daily. Prayer. Mike, Holy Spirit lead me and guide me in everything saying do and specifically say how can how can I serve in this in this moment? Or how can we use me? And then if you are intuitive, you realize he is using. Using you you know in like your platform was a huge part of now i. mean it would be you know caroline. Hobby mentioned you in her story. And then thousands of dollars with flood into my been now so even if you you think you're not doing something that was huge. You know in connections. It would create a through through social media and that's the way I feel like. Drake and really. Four months ago on a mission trip somewhere so started cranley guide you know, how can you? How can you help? How can we serve on a mission trip and then little tidbit conversation? I'm like you. Guys are on a mission trip breaking out in love to go on a mission trip in just God connected. The DOTS is just trusting that. Little things like that in trusting your intuition which our says. The. Holy Spirit with any trusting that end just saying yes, through a couple of little things, and then realizing that you can say yes. The big things, too because those are from the Lord you. So, yeah. You guys are such an example I. I definitely not perfectly. Don't do these things correctly or perfect or You the example is you, do them you just get your hands and knees. You pray the prayers in you. Ask believe you, and then you do the slut work and you say that Alex. you want to be the hands and feet, and you guys like here, Drake, you're almost dying. You're having A. Such scary thing happened in your life, and you guys are turning it all over to God. I mean that's your instincts. That's where you go, and that is. That is so what we all need to do. Yeah. I'll put it in on the so layman terms in this May. This may crash and burn this analogy is. But. Like I, said I've always loved nature. woods end in life when you're making decisions. Like if you're fishing and you, you look at a place near light off at there's official there. Will that it. That's a that's a a skit. Let's like. For me. It's like God. The God the fishing got the insight guide going though that lure over there their. Trust, your instincts like go for the note like when you're saying to a crowd in. There's little girl in the front in in. Saying to her go for that now are are go go down that path. It's a little bit. so the wind blows a certain way I'm going fishing here. The wind blows. A certain way is slapped. Oh! Could that be got talking in saying through delayed windblown. If you think that. Like I've learned. Follow that like follow the way the wind blows follow that little voice inside your head. That says hey, that guy on the street. You know, maybe if you don't have a dollar, five dollars just wave at our this. Follow that little thing that says hanging Najib's yeah, don't go down that Donda don't Don't go down that road or don't go to that party or go to that party or go shake that guy's Hanner. Shake that girl Santer asked. Go to dance. Girl Date I. Don't outline. It's like what Michael says to. We always say. If it's not a a hell yet are. The Hell No. Part employees trusting. You're set in your intuition, and that's the way we have kind of. We've kind of chosen to live that way. Where like if if we do not feel like God said you got to do this, or you've asked to go there or you know we're not going to do it. And does that feeling? Just feel like peace like when you know it's a hell. Yes, does it feel peaceful? Feel right to things like fall into place, even if it's a lot of work and it's hard work, it still feels like the right work like you don't feel resistance towards it. Is that how that feels? Because that's how I've started trying to tune into. It feels peaceful. I don't feel like. I'm totally down to do all the work, but you know there's a difference between working hard and then working against a force that you feel like you're knocking your head against, and it's not the right way to go. Is that what it feels like to you guys are. How do you know Hell yes? I Love I love that like the airstream is. Is there a stream analogy like get when you fly with the airstream? When you get the thirty thousand foot airstream and you're flying with it. You know your may be two or three hour shorter. Depending on how far the trip is lack the Holy Spirit for us. Is The airstream like in when you get up Bennett in you? Start Trusting in any start serving. at a level that this slack putting others before yourself every single time that you get a chance in in its. Alex's way better at it than I am. But I try to. If if giving the short like how can. How can every day go out and do something? Because we're meant for greatness, are no AR. I can feel it, so so just direct me. Show me where to throw the lewer now show me show me where to. To work in work diligently, and then you know, it's fallen that that that happiness in that bliss in knowing. Something as crazy as a stroke like I know for a fact I would do it again right now now. I don't want to, but totally do it again because it's made May. This made the plot Dick in. Deeper than a bathtub and the music going to be better, our family's going to better or kids are going to be. Our friends are going to be better, and you know it's just it's worse at you. Know struggle as a piece of the puzzle. That wow drink. How have you coped with your recovery 'cause? You. Have exceeded all your doctor's expectations like you're like feeling your left arm and hand way before you were supposed to thought you would like. You're reaching all these goals sooner than anyone thought, but still you were having to relearn how to walk. How do you use your body again? How did you have how how was that process for you? Going through all that, and how did you keep more a? It was really hard I mean. Said I've always been pretty hard hard nose in a hard worker. I couldn't have done it with that debt Alex End. That I know everybody says I couldn't do that. My wife, but like literally somebody that went out. Get Week. Outs will be like note you. It's getting better. You can't say, but it's like watching. trae grow life, nerve damage. And it, repairing in inhaling is lap is slow as a tree grown so. When I was now or when I was weak Alex with would pick me up. And then when when she would be like man I'm I'm. Fail right here. One day in slammed my head against this this. IS A. Table and she she lost, and I Akin I cannot do this I cannot do this like have kids I wanNA She didn't say this, but like she wants to have kids. She won't step success business I was on my way to you know. ACM see him as what grammy's you know, but. Data was when I said Hey. We're okay we're fine just. I'm actually excited because. Why would God bring us through this if he didn't have? Just magnificent things on the other side. What a way to look at it! And Alex. How is that for you? Though because he urged dray your sue? Healthy Strong, and now you're. You're seeing him. have to rebuild in. You know learn things that are me. I'm sure it's hard to watch the spouse, but yet you have this fade. Like how how how do you navigate? I mean I've had two days and bad days drew saying, but definitely more good than bad home. It's just you know. I know that I mean drake was he did everything he? You know around the house like all the outdoor landscaping. You know anything to do with the outside house inside the house. You Miss Mr fix it things like that, so you now that has kind of like come on democracy a little bit, so that's when things have gotten a little challenging hard for me to realize. Oh Yeah, you know he can't do that anymore. GonNa sure that I somehow figured out or take care of that, and so just navigating, figuring those kind of things out has been the hardest part for me, but other than that. He's the most optimistic person that. I've never known anyone more optimistic than you drake you. Are Your rebel. He really is in. He can always lower the end of the tunnel, and so just knowing bat has made me even more so optimistic in so I. Whenever you know I have does moments where my crush I cannot believe that my husband. Even your mother graphic used to or something that he enjoys so much. Go down there cast to. Fishing Rod or whatever in is just one of those things where I continue to refer back to? Lord in how gracious he has been with US integrase numeracy that we've received. A crowd thinking about this, but just seeing how quickly he is healed because of our we, we've kept the FE. He is never stopped physical therapy occupational therapy through Kobe. Through any of this I mean he's turned up stairs into a physical therapy room. You know minute site. All kinds of equipment in so he sitting here on the couch with Bat. Therapy Petty Amanda would be proud amandas. Occupational therapist was with US along the way. Skylon in, so you know he's sitting here. Given this in. It's coming back and just to see it. Come back, and now he's moving all the fingers. He's raising his arm and shoulder so visually saying things for me has been such an encouragement, and just knowing how faithful guys been us through this in. Just kind of like woven our marriage even closer together because a lot of people have said things like Harry. How do you deal with it now? You know a Lotta. People would have thrown in the towel or a lot of people wouldn't be able to deal with this hurdle through some therapy sessions. We've heard of a lot of families that are that are separated in struggling because of. You know bring traumatic brain injuries because it does you know change the person. For it for a period of time in, so it's just one of those things where we have to keep the fate in just you know that it was going to get better. In God, was doing something in us through us through the whole time in check check this out. Though how cool is it a slight? So I go down! Alex has to has to saddle up in just be a boss, which she was a boss before, but shed to get the the the bomb ready should complete it. She had to get all of our kitchen, so she knows that kitchen inside now. She knows the the wattage. The amperage coming into the kitchen. Let she knows. Walk as a business called milk and honey. That's a food catering service in also yells barn. White would hollow. You offer all the food services for the event space. You make incredible food and you deliver it to people national. It's incredible. Service in the food is so healthy in amazing. Yeah just a little side. So! It pushed her. It forced her to like get in in just. Even more to real. It forced her to innovate enforced. Mehta innovate wins. NAP therapies to to try to figure out how and if if code what happened? I'm kinda sidestepping, but if covered wouldn't have happened. had sixteen seventeen weeks to set here. Jam Play with my band. Who would have been probably a subbed out anyway because they got to go find work because I wasn't working. Now. Now from the comfortable home, Alex is making its forced her into these other innovative ideas me into innovations of merch in song ideas that would've never explored by what have been you know Oma back for a no six eight months and this space sitting right there that you do your Wednesday, Wednesday live therapies from your music session, aunt You probably wouldn't have been able. Able to on the road this year. Anyway. Distin recovery so now I actually playing music every week. which once again here you guys are finding the blessing and all of the things you're out, incur if people in the middle of of a hurricane to observe in the middle of Struggler, hard times I just stop for a second and observed in. Have the thought just think. What could? God Not Maker the universe. Be Trying to tell me right now through this. What could what good could be happening through you know? ON ADDICTION ARE A. Habit or A relationship bust, you know what could be happening. You know that is on the other side of this that we can look at in thirty years in Ango all that. Hustle piece bits amazing. In that blueprint. Is Amazing in and we Yeah, it's like I I challenge. People do that every day. It because nothing happens. Without. On accident nothing. I don't. I. Guess, that takes a lot of fakes. It takes a lot of faith to feel that way like drake. What have you? What you What would you say about your experience? Or what have you? What is what is? What is your experience of what you've learned by going through this by your brain injury in recovering and having to relearn all this stuff, physical things again and all? What? What is your perspective that you've gained? Man. Alicia had this. Crazy live Ted! Talk about it. All really learn. At a time, but it's really. All in your mind. It's all in your in between your ears. If you can caulker that that. Ten billion. Thing in your thoughts are not your thoughts or ten thousand years old. Everybody has hey mom Melinda of opportunities passing. I'm getting older, you know. Are we going to have kids? Everybody has those thoughts. Everybody has those thoughts so like it's okay to have him. Excuse him, say hey, thank you for protecting me thoughts. I appreciate your ten thousand year old thoughts here in. Thank you for protect me in. Help a male but. KISS MY ASS! I'm going I'm going to this side in and I'm gonNA. Get there and it's taught me to observe. In just to be grateful. Gratitude defeat in devait anything in if you get up in the morning. In battle battle. You're you're winning? You know, get up and battle and and and put people around you that they believe the same thing. In In Win, you know go out to in win Try to win every day in in. You're not going to I. Don't know if I don't think I'm. Crashing. He always says when you when you asked that question, the first thing I thought of something that he always says he doesn't even really realize says it is when people would ask you know like Oh. Man. I'm so sorry you went through. That must be so hard must be you. Guys must be struggling. He must be going through. The first thing that you would say you know in this situation Allen I have chosen to be vitual or not. The victim and we choose to be victorious over this situation, and what the enemy meant for evil we will overcome and be victorious in so that was something that he said from the beginning like. You know if we even like with family, it can become an issue to 'cause. Your family can is around you the most and sometimes you're like Oh. Yeah you know yeah. Why are we going to Johnson? You know? Yeah, it is hard. You know you can get any salt in your head. And really focus on the truth of the situation. We are victorious situation and what what God has worked. Rush next is what we need to focus on. Not your current struggle. Because what's ahead is better so go go figure out. Absolutely. Go figure out. Go take a class. Go learn how to cook something go. On a trip go read a book. Go live. Home. I'm not preaching at at Creech like avenue at all day long because it's it's, there's two. There's the bad is always there. With. The goods always shot it. The good is a lot more fun and people around you. People want to be be around that energy and we're all energy that blankets energy you know. This dog is energy, and if we put good energy out there, you know it's GonNa. Come back, you know, Anna I'm no. We've been talking about a lot about. Fatan in God in our our faith, journey driven like we have dove so foreign into scripture in into the stuff in. Our maker is so powerful, and our God is so great that. It? Even if this is just. The the reason for going through the stroke, and all this stuff is just to get me an Alex closer because of the next thing the way after face, Bennett's work than it It's exactly what was supposed to happen and if you live like that. Just go just go read just go figure it out. Go Go, go get around people that are positive, but Dadgum it I'm not going to be negative. You gotta get up on it up in in rocket every day. I'm tiny I feel like I am in church right now. This is so right now. Because of you guys in your perspective, I would love to ask you this because. I struggle with feeling. I have a tendency to feel sad when I see things that. Alex, you said you're when you see something. You are now responsible or not never not seeing that again so. Social Media and all the things going on the world, and Cova it's so many people losing their jobs, and you know families falling apart and like the Tornado, and all the broken broken this happening and you know with. The march for equal rights in all that like they're so much. That needs change. Injustices, that need to be. Rights. Wrongs that need to be righted and all this stuff up I just start feeling super overwhelmed because I can feel all of the the heaviness of the sadness, and all the things that are wrong in the world and it. Weighs we down so much that I? I can get like sort of depressed about it. which is totally unaffected like that's not effective at all, because I'm not actually doing anything with that feeling I'm just feeling sad about it, so how do You guys were going to specifically talk to me and anyone else. Who's listening new maybe does swell. How do you stay proactive with your faith? When all of this sadness is going on in the world that you know about that, you know you can't get to all of and it's not one person's job to save the world. You know one of us are Jesus we can only do the best we can. What is your advice to not feel the weight of the world and all the sadness? Still figure out how to. Be Victorious in half faith in choose the good while knowing that is there like? How do you do that because I struggle? Look at me right now. Well first of all. Carolina. Praying Hey dot a watched. This are like I said at whatever it is, that is your. Your universe your power. Please help me I saw this on the news day. Help me with the help me with the the racial problem in this world today. Please help our leaders. Please help our you know. Our my thoughts exactly with sunny as as on rating her. This pressure that I feel that maybe I can't be good enough for this pressure. I'm just making stuff up this pressure. You know. Maybe I can't I can't do anything with the tornado victims or you know. The the covid situation are the political. Because, most of that stuff is out there. You can't control that stuff and I'm not saying. Don't go out there and. Help the tornado victims think we PRUT. I'm saying for us. This TV has not been on. It's been very little I. Don't watch the I don't watch the news were I get money I I do read and get the news from different spaces, but I do not stick in glue myself to the TV in in. Let the burdens be on my shoulder. At the start of my day, lack will get some some stuff. We'll get to me, but I think it starting with. Praying destroyed up I would wake up at like two thirty in the morning. Sometimes be lapped. Man I've lost my record deal. I can't semi left side. I can't feel this, and then I would go. Lord. Get in my hand right now. In put peace in sodomy. Help me go back to sleep. Help the you the help this racial injustice going on help this no help this broken world as Kobe stricken, pandemic, crazy world i. don't understand what's going on in this left-wing right-wing thing, but you do in you. Take it off. Take the burden off of me now, please. How do it now in in lack out? All got say it works. It works for me. It works for her. And it's not this is not this. The Duck, ish. Does, no good what I'm realizing is it does no good to sit under the burden of the world. Just feel sad. What does do good? Is You guys do in take action steps in your life where you feel called where you can help where your life can impact how you can make a difference specifically in your world. That's what makes the difference and if everyone follows the nudges in the God. Whispers and the feelings and like you're saying drake like where to throw your hook like following that instinct of where you can make your own impact. I feel like that is the way to do it. I struggle with still feeling so sad for the state of the world though I love that advice dislike. God Guide me. Tell me where I'm supposed to. To go like in new set Alex every morning like pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you and then I have to pray I'm Gonna I'm GonNa take your advice I have to pray for God to take this burden from me now because it's not mine to carry can't carry it, and it makes me an effective and everything else trying to do. Your positive influence, because if you're feeling sad on almost missing Julian Mile light because I'm just feeling sad. Everything making up in my head and I don't even know how it's playing out because it's too big for me to comprehend the whole thing that makes. One of the things that I love to do, and you had coffee share this, but is journaling in the morning during renovation town, and just found in a quiet time in the morning. Sometimes it's probably in the evening you sending us to sleep. You know just finding a quiet town. Actually sit in meditate and reflect on what God wants you to do in these times in this moment, because you know from what you're saying it. It reminds me of this friend of ours I wanted to read the says improvisers, so it makes me feel like you empathize with what's going on in the world. You take all hair. Yeah, and she says improvisers typically are really good at listening you are we listen to the hurting within their sadness, and we don't always have the perfect say, but our lack of words is made up giving your heart in sitting with you in your grief. she says here's the other thing. Empathy is not apathy. Empathy refers to the capacity to recognize understanding experience, the thoughts and feelings of another person apathy refers to the lack of concern or emotion. So you're empathetic, answer, you are taking that action of. Feeling everything else. That's going on in the world, but you're such. A good listener is just something that you know. We're trying to continue to do to to sit and actually listen to what God wants us to do in these towns in the. Know. Like with Drake with his music on Wednesday, not therapy he. He felt like God wanted him to talk about it on Wednesday night when he had platform. In God gave him that platform of the Wednesay not therapy where people are going to view this days after on Youtube channel in so. He can say you know we need to be praying in an. We. We need to be hands of Jesus in Scott how you can serve others in this town in wait for onerous lot. and. That's the hard part is waiting for God. Respond in its that intuition when the Holy Spirit Li Jian says I need you to go. Do this or or you should go do this or that so Manella journaling about it, too, because you can change, really say when God said something to you, and you can go back and rank the date next to it when gratitude journal Alex. Your Journal, to write it down and I love that and I need legit with that. I know I know because we were sharing a struggle that you know we. The struggle of. Entering into parenthood, it's journey, everyone and I I need to be more diligent with. That because I think you're right I needed to do some gratitude physical writing down gratitude steps be like okay. I'm praying for this I'm concerned. This is the my heart, and then you can go back and see how God answers it I think that's amazing. How do you deal with? Feeling the way to the world like the pain of the world. In sought soft, hearted person, anyways so Mike. Drake were saying like we keep TV off. Because I truly at truly empathize with what's going on in minutes starts to affect my daily loss in realize matt in tune with that, so choose not to look those things but I. I. Really. Kind of reflect in the mornings on what what is needed in what God needs me to do I have such a servant's heart. anyways, it's just that's what my name means. It means like how we're of mankind in so even as a little girl and knew that I was meant to help others in so I just always in the situations like award. How can I help any situations and I love to? Listen to podcasts in read books, and we right now read not awesome book called the opposite. The opposite way that are pastor wrote and just looking at things from an opposite perspective of what the world looks at it so like when the world says Mundane. What does the Bible say and Kinda going in the opposite direction with the world world says like not the flesh flesh Lee way so I don't know I'm just a constant I love to continue education in rating one. So I'm gathering from this. What you guys said steps that I'm GonNa, take. Follow the nudge on your heart. You everything as a blessing that God led you here because he didn't you here to leave you. He led you here to be victorious into turn this into blessing your life, even if it's so hard and so painful, and you don't know where it's going, or why are you going through it? You're still going to be the victor. Fear will not win. Follow the edge of your heart. Follow the lure that you cast the where you feel you. Throw your fish the line to catch the fish and let God guide you. And wake up Astra Spirit to guide you and then shut off the noise in. Do the best. You can to wear your being led. Grateful A myth I mean I feel like that's what I'm picking up from. You guys and I'm like okay. How am I GONNA? Put what they said into action. Steps for me. 'cause I need this. I need this in my life. and. Don't don't feel overwhelmed I. Get overwhelmed a bit because I'm like I. Need to do my gratitude journal is adding to do mouth. Cough any up here and my Peleton need. To there. You can get into into that late in that starts away down so like like I needed to this. I needed that. I need to do this I need to. Making a diligent thing of of black after like. We've done. We've done better light I've tried to do better lately. A black being done at a certain point like it's okay to watch two episodes of. Your favorite thing don't feel guilt like our feel guilty because I wasn't waking hour but my creativity. Has Actually went through the roof in the last three or four weeks because. There's no pressure on. Because everybody's on the same plane bill right now. You know what I mean. You. Don't have to go out there and be so competitive. There's no comparison. There's no there is not any of that. Stuff should not get weighed down by just just start small light. Rattan things down your grave before first thing in the morning. We appreciate our force the square journal. Added about several years ago in that was the main thing etchegarray from it. She said before your feet hit the floor in the morning. So before you hit the floor in before the enemy has any chance to take your day. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to guide you in everything you say and do throughout your day and so therefore only God has authority over your life for the remainder of your. Wow you asked him into that moment? So that's just. What did you say again every day? Holy Spirit read me in God me in everything. Say In do today. Were lead me and guide me in everything I say do today. Oh I'M GONNA. Write down revenue. Put that on. My Mirror is what? I see that every single day and I'm like Nope, not going down this rabbit hole of emotional sadness of the world I am trusting God is leading guiding me and that everyone else has access in that. We're all GONNA try to plug in I'm just even trying to plug in and do my part because this world is like your scientific, it's bad in. It's good and I have to start making that conscious choice to like be in only the good feelings because the bad feelings can just wear you down. And, they're always there. We're not I mean some Clarify that. We truly do realize that there is bad in the world. Around us, but it's always trying to find the silver lining in those moments. Even we're like you know if we do see something on television or news articles on our. Anything know in. Just witnessing. You know what does God want us to know in reveal in this moment in, how can we help? How can we? How can he use us for what's going on and then seeing the good in that? You know that we are historic and we're here and we receive that for a reason. Man You as our mazing. Thank God. I will talk forever. Thank you so much for talking with me. shearing else heart and wisdom such lights to this world. You guys means so much to me and Michael. We Love Y'all to death as dear friends near. You guys we when? We love up to Ya. We love your relationship. We love what you're doing with your lives in your platforms in your talents, and your gifts in the hands and feet like you say you are y'all walk that walk better than anyone I know, especially the couple, the very powerful thing, see you guys together and Y'all stay the way. The way that you guys share your faith in your love with the world. It's really powerful thankful to know you guys and thank you for coming on I always in my podcast with leave your light. So what do you want people to know? Engineer wet. Why do we want the world to know? What do you want people to know? that. There's more good people than bad people that. You can't. You can't hold the way to the world on your shoulders. You can't. There is there's a van thing working. And it's working for you. The world is for you. It's not against him. is working for you in all you have to do is switch and believed that in that one little switch can change your life. What are you out? The first thing. He said that all I could think about was just. You Know Robin one another in our math. One of my favorite things to say is just say like. Is this. Is this God's love? Is this love or always say that like you know? How can we show God's love to them? In this moment? If something's happening with our family or something's going on with Tornado victims always like how can I show them love this moment? In so I, don't know just you it all in love. Stock Bez really good. Stopping in asking observing that stopping and say to cast allure. Yeah, like that's a big thing that where can i? Where can I be the hands and feet? Where can we can go and then taking the time to stop and listen to the answer? Man. Drake and Alex President please I will vote for. At least. I mean I. Love You guys. Alex if you were President United States I mean what a world we live in. It would be. It would be the most heart driven kindness place honors. Both of you guys y'all are true angels. Thank you so much for on, air. Let me, let. I'm. We gotta make. GotTa See Sunny? I now. I'm out. There will come hang out at Whitehall and once again. Anyone who needs it remains. In national, this is the place there's no more no more beautiful and wondering needs catering or you want. WanNa have food delivered her house, checkout, milk and honey. MILKEN! What's your instagram? Alex is milking any food. And then check out drake white drape once your instagram. Require stop. Drake Lat`stop I'll take him out a love you guys. Thank you. Guys come in all shapes and sizes. There is no normal for everyone, but there is a normal for you. If like thousands of other guys, you find that your normal isn't so normal anymore. It could be an addressable medical condition, called Peronist disease or PD. 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