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#B73 (bear to bear)


Hello words welcome to a very special episode of this. Podcast called the dictionary. It probably sounds weird because this is the first episode. Well actually no. It's not the first episode. But it's the first episode. I'm recording at home during the quarantine I know that this is going to be posted like over a week from now but Yeah it sounds a little bit echoey to me Yeah so what's been going on with you. How is April first? Happy April fool's Day. Happy Birthday Sam I hope that things have been cleared up a little bit since Since last we talked This doesn't make any sense. Today is March. Twenty four th when I'm recording this and you know we're still in the middle. I've been working at home for two days My wife and I broke out the we a few days ago. So we played some we bowling and golf and tennis We've been trying to do some exercise at home. I hope that you all are doing the same. We'd been doing some push-ups and planks and squats and ABC things. And you know our our workout places. closed so it's really really weird time and I hope I don't WanNa talk about it too much because for all I know things could be totally fine by the time this airs. Chances are they won't be so we're just GONNA talk about some words Well actually we're only going to talk about one word. It is the word Baer B. A. R. We are going to read two forms of it and you know just to Well we're just GONNA leave it at that Okay so this is a noun from before the twelfth century number one could be plural as the word bear so singular or plural bear. I don't know it says any of a family of large heavy mammals of America and Eurasia. That have long shaggy hair rudimentary tails and plant a grade feet and feed largely on fruit plant matter and insects as well as on flesh. That's interesting I never really thought about how much they ate non meat but they eat a lot of fruit plants and insects. I guess insects technically could be considered meat. Although not really I guess that's the upper to beat up for debate and the the family name is Ursa Die. And it is of the order carnivorous. And then we have number to a surly uncouth burly or shambling person as in a tall friendly bearer of a man number three and we'll read the etymology of that after because it has its own etymology number. Three says one that sell securities or commodities in expectation of a price decline compared to the Word Bull B. U. L. L. The etymology for that one says from the proverb about in Italics selling the bearskin before catching the bear selling the bearskin before catching the bear. And there's another phrase like that isn't there like A. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. No there's another one selling the something before the something. I don't know Now we have number four something difficult to do or deal with as in. The oven is a bear to clean. Bear like is an adjective and the etymology for the whole thing is from the Middle. English bearer b. e. r. e. the old English Berra akin to the old English Brune B. R. U. N. with a horizontal line over the U And that means Brown and there's more at the word Brown. Yeah so that is bears. I think I can probably find a picture of a bear to post on instagram. Oh of instagram. I just you know. Eight days earlier I just posted a picture of me sitting at my dining room table with my whole setup saying about to record my first quarantine episodes all right now we have the second form of bear and this will be the last word of the episode. It is a verb. There are some other forms of it bore B. O. R. E. I think that would be the past form Another couple past forms are born with or without an e. and then bearing would be present form and this is like I said a verb. From before the twelfth century we are going to start with the transitive definitions and As I mentioned this is the last word. So there is a lot to read One eight to move while holding up and supporting one be to be equipped or furnished with one see synonyms are behave and conduct as in burying himself. Well one D to have as a feature or characteristic as in bears a likeness to her grandmother That's really interesting. I don't know if it's common but at least in my family. It seems that likenesses. Kinda skip a generation which seems odd when you think about it in terms of genetics. But my my sister looks a whole lot like my one granted when she was at that age like. We've got pictures of my grandma when she was maybe fifteen and when my sister was fifteen even today Sh they look a lot alike same with one of my cousins on my Dad's side. He looks a lot like GRANDPA. And then another cousin. My Mom's side looks a lot like my grandpa on that side Oh and then my cousin female those were both males and then my female cousin on my Dad's side Looks a lot like my grandma does on that side anyway. You were super curious about that. Weren't you but I I don't know is just interesting that I think this is pretty common in people and I'm not sure why now we have one e to give as testimony as in bear false witness one F to have as an identification and then. This is the past form as in bore the name of John One G to hold in the mind or emotions as in bear malice and then just as a reminder bear is a are now we have one. H Synonym is disseminate. One what I say one. H now we have one eye. Synonyms are lead or lead and escort. I think it could be lead or lead present or past and then escort is the other one. Now we have one J synonyms are render and give now. We have to a to give birth to to be to produce as yield to see one to permit growth of to see to synonym is contain as in oil bearing shale. Now we have three eight to support. The weight of synonym is sustain three B. to accept or allow oneself to be subjected to especially without giving way as in couldn't bear. The pain also is in. I can't bear seeing you. Cry Three C. To call for as suitable or essential as in it bears watching next is three. D. To hold above on top or aloft next is three. To admit of synonym is allow. Next is three F- synonyms are assume. And except now we have number four synonyms are thrust. And press those were all the transitive definitions. Now we have some in transitive definitions. Don't worry there's a lot less those but then we have some phrases and then we have some synonym information. So we've got all the things going on in this one alright. Intrinsic definitions number one to produce fruit. Synonym is yield to a to force one's way to be to extend in a direction indicated or implied. I just had a freak out for a second. I looked at my record to make sure it was recording and it is recording. I don't have to Redo all of this. Okay now we have to a did I say that to Force One's way to be to extend in the direction indicated. Oh yeah I read that one to to see to be situated. Synonym is lie to D- to become directed to e to go or incline in an indicated direction number three to support a weight or strain and that is often used the word up. Bear up now. We have four. A to exert influence or force for be synonyms are apply and pertain and that is often used the words on or upon as in facts bearing on the question. Our first phrase is bare a hand and that means to join in and help out right now. I think we could all bare a hand. Give a hand join in help out in any way we can because there are a lot a lot of people who really need help. I and my wife are Super. Lucky to have jobs and have good health in general and there's a lot of people who don't have good health. Who Don't have jobs who are struggling and please please please. If you can in any way financially physically going shopping for somebody especially the elderly. Go do that please okay. Our next phrase is bear arms number one to carry or possess arms. And those are not the things that are coming out of your torso usually have one or two of them Those are guns now. We have number two to serve as a soldier next. We have the phrase bear fruit and that means to come to come to satisfying fruition. I'm blanking on how this is going over to the second line to come to satisfying fruition production or development. Next we have the phrase bear in mind and that means to think of especially as a warning synonym is remember and then our final phrase is bear with to be indulgent patient or forbearing with so those who are phrases and then finally we have these synonym information. Bear suffer in deer or endure abide tolerate stand mean to put up with something trying or painful bear usually implies the power to sustain without flinching or breaking as in forced to a tragic loss suffer often suggests acceptance or facility rather than courage or patients in burying as in suffering many insults. No one should have to do that. Endure endure. I don't even know how to say that word anymore. Endure implies continuing firm or resolute through. Trials and difficulties as in endured years of rejection abide suggests acceptance without resistance or protests as in cannot abide their rudeness. Also is in. I am making this one up. The Dude bides tolerate suggests overcoming or successfully controlling an impulse to resist avoid or resent something injurious or distasteful as in refused to tolerate such treatment. Stand emphasizes even more strongly the ability to bear without discount. Discomposure or flinching as in unable to stand teasing. I am unable to stand teasing so I guess. The word of the episode will be Baer B. E. A. R. That was weird So that's that's all I got. No this is not a practical April fools joke. This is actually what we're going through in this world and that episode actually only had one word and yeah. I hope that you are all doing well. And holding up and let's see what April brings. I hope something better. So this has been spencer dispensing information. Thank you and goodbye.

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