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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Janine herbst. Authorities in London are still looking for a motive in the deadly stabbing attack yesterday near the London Bridge. That left two people dead. Three others wounded. The attacker was shot and killed by police. He was an ex convict. Who spent time in prison on terrorism related charges and was attending event near the bridge for former inmates? He reportedly threatened violence and was removed from the conference assistant. Police Commissioner Neil Bass who says they have lots of video evidence the public have shed nearly five hundred images and videos with the investigation team so pau. Meanwhile Dutch police arrested thirty five year old. Apparently homeless man in a stabbing in The Hague Hague which was packed with black Friday shoppers just hours after the London attack. Three teenagers were stabbed and were treated and released from the hospital. Georgia Republicans are sparring over. Who won the WHO? The governor rather should pick for an open. US Senate seat Susannah Kapalua from member station W. A. B. E. reports scopes after the news. The governor Brian Kemp doesn't intend to appoint the candidate recommended by president trump. It's no secret that president trump would like representative Don Collins to be Georgia's Georgia's new. US Senator Collins has been one of his staunchest supporters during the impeachment inquiry in the House but governor. Brian Kemp is set to prefer Kelly Leffler a wealthy a business executive as the GOP here wants to bring suburban women back to the party. Collins supporters have taken to twitter urging kemp to support trump's choice since trump helped him win the governorship Kemp tweeted that. It's ridiculous to think he'd picked someone not pro-life and one hundred percent supportive of the president for NPR News Amazon Caputo in Atlanta the number of jails in the US is rising and Cheryl Corley reports that much if that increases taking place in rural areas. Some of the country's largest county jails have actually been shrinking think rikers island in New York as an example. A new you report from the research group Vera Institute of Justice says while Urban County show a decline in jail population and construction. It's a different story. For suburban and rural counties counties. We think of it as kind of a quiet jail boom researcher Chris may says in those counties officials say they need to build to combat jail overcrowding or to provide space for mental oh health services but in jails are not healing facilities and it can also drain resources from community based treatment facilities may says while some counties also so think they can save or make money off their jails. It's often not a sustainable source of revenue Cheryl Corley NPR news. A powerful storm is moving from the West to to the east coast. Hampering people trying to return home from Thanksgiving travels storms dumped heavy snow from parts of California to the upper mid West the storms now heading east to the mid Atlantic states tomorrow. One of the busiest travel days of the year with a mix of snow and rain in some areas as it heads north as a nor'easter you're listening to NPR news. United Auto Workers Union says its tentative. Deal with here Chrysler. The union says the automaker will give another four and a half billion dollars and major investments bringing the total to nine billion dollars and that Fiat Chrysler will add seventy nine hundred jobs during the four year contract period. No other details were provided U. A. W. Says Union leaders will meet on the tentative agreement next Wednesday and then it has to be ratified by Fiat. Chrysler workers this comes. After a bruising bruising round of contract talks with General Motors which resulted a six weeks strike the cost. GM nearly three billion dollars. Before the two sides workout contract agreement astronomers tracking a comment from interstellar space that is nearing the sun. And here's Jeff. Grenville says they plan to study it as it passes by the Communists called to Borisov and it's only the second visitor to be seen coming from outside our solar system. Michelle bannister Queens University. Belfast says astronomers everywhere are watching all over the world. Been Looking at comet trying to figure out what it's made of that's because Borisov Borisov formed around a star other than our sun it was likely chucked into space. During the formation process maybe reassuringly bannister says. Borisov does look Qalat like the comments. Astronomers see locally. It's looking we should be similar to the kinds of comments that we see our solar system. The comment will pass near the sun in early December. Then it will head back out into Space Jeff Brumfield N._p._R.. News and I'm Janine Herbst N._P._R.. News in Washington.

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