Little Hedgehog and the Tunnel


This is ria welcomes little stories for tiny people. I have i know now. My studio is currently filled with teacups. Given to me by my neighbor who was an antique teacup collector but recently decided to move to antarctica and couldn't take more than what she could fit in a backpack so she gifted me oliver teacups. And here we are. Don't worry it makes total sense. The teacups make it slightly crowded in my very small studio. So i had to invite the kind of guests who wouldn't need much room. Thankfully my very own basement is home to many such creatures namely camel crickets. If you aren't familiar with campbell crickets. How shall i describe them. They are terrifying. Sorry did i say terrifying. I meant charming. They urges so charming the way. You can't really see where they are because they blend into whatever thing they happen to be perched on like the floor or a laundry basket you intend to pick up then they leap at you any kind of of aggressively affectionate sort of way. Not in a way that would make you. I don't know shriek and run out of the room. Now i'll admit the camel crickets and i have had our differences. Mainly we've disagreed about whether they should in fact live in my basement eight and you think they should not live in my basement and a tend to think that they should so it's out of enormous generosity and willingness to mend fences on my part that i've invited one of these awfully lovely creatures to be my guest for this story so here he is all the way from my basement and tonio. The camel crickets welcome antonio. Yeah you can just sit yourself way over there. That's great now. Remember the one rule right okay. Good will be just fine as long as you don't know know know why. Why are you jumping. We talked about this. Okay but don't jump anywhere near the teacups. Why why did you. That was the one rule. No now i can't even see him blending carpet antonio as i've said we've had our differences. Oh there you are look into what. Let's just get to the story. Okay and just please nowhere jumping because if you leave around. While i'm telling the story. I won't be able to focus. Okay okay tiny people. I will deal with this challenging situation that i could not possibly have predicted for our story. Today is called little hedgehog and the tunnel. Let's get to it. Take it away simone while man. Dan now says he has them magazine. Da- picks in your mind. You can imagine ever you want okay. That's go- little hedgehog. Can you free me from this bulletin board. It was a saturday night. Little hedgehog and bb her best friend of all time were in little hedgehogs room earlier in the night as they were searching for fairies outside sessile little hedgehogs neighbor offered they may large cork bulletin board. He no longer needed all have to find a different place to display. All my catchall bill to tickets. Cecil said sessile was also hedgehog. His pet cricket sat on his shoulder blinking. Jemaine number eight doesn't much enjoy. The coke bulletin board is now right. Jemaine said glancing at his cricket. I don't enjoy it. No i prefer science fiction trilogy. Novels at jemaine sessile looked his neighbors so would you like it or not little hedgehog and bb nodded and clapped their team see pause together sessile brought out the bulletin board thank you. We're most grateful mr sessile now then feel us. we left off on page. Eighty seven of germain's choice of science fiction trilogy novel. Little hedgehog and bb dragged the bulletin board. All the way from cecil borough which was no small feat for two very tiny hedgehogs. They propped it up against a wall as bb stepped away from it. Her tiny foot rolled on top of a glow in the dark marble and she went flying backwards. Her practical sank into the cork of the bulletin board trapping. Her little hedgehog turn to see. Bb flailing her tiny pause as she remained to the board. Little hedgehog giggled. It was my secret plan to trap few on my board so you can never leave me. Again bbc smiled. Oh me oh my. I am adhere to this board made of sustainably sourced material as a prisoner of my cheerfully diabolical best friend. They both giggled. It's creative. i'll give you that. Dad was in the doorway. Although there are other ways to get bb to stay over little hedgehog. Hey dad good evening. Mr hedgehog habe dad. Can you help me freebie from this cork board. That attacked her without warning beebees smiled. Yes mr hedgehog. Please save me from this sinister bulletin board together. Little hedgehog in her dad carefully plucked. Bb's pickles from the cork. She sighed with relief. I convey to you. my sincerest. Thanks bb you have usually prickly percolates strong to. Why thank you mr hedgehog. I cannot take credit for the strength of my trickles. My mom says i come from a long line of strong trickled. Hedgehogs my great great. Great great aunt vidal lia once un pinched herself from beneath an itinerant hit with the strength of her pickles alone. She was one hundred and two at the time and she only had one leg as for the prickliness that is likely due to the teaspoon of bee pollen. I ingest in capsule form. Monday at twilight. Mr hedgehog peered at bb. Never change bb okay. Hey so i have some things. I need to do tonight so i'm gonna go do those. Try not to get yourself stuck to any more furniture okay. Bye-bye did or of wellness or hedgehog little hedgehog. Where do you think we should hang. This dangerous bulletin board bb asked as she picked up the glow in the dark marble. She'd slipped on and returned it to its pouch and the bookcase. Oh i know. Let's move a book over and put the bulletin for their that way when we feel the board with pictures of her adventures. I can see them for. My bid is a fall asleep. Excellent idea little hedgehog and bb began to push the bookcase with their tiny pause. it didn't budge bb. What you push with your extra strong pringles bb turned around and pressed her iron pickles against the bookcase. She gave one big push and the bookcase moved about a foot. Little hedgehogs is went wide with excitement. Here wait a minute. Little hedgehog scampered over bb. Oh what is that in the very spot where the bookcase had one stood before. Bb used her shockingly strong trickles to shift. It was the entrance to a tunnel. Little hedgehog and bbc stood on either side and stared into the deep dark of the tunnel. Where do you think it leaves. Maybe it's a portal to a magical world where all the trees grow those stocks that have the toes them toe socks. Yes and where hedgehogs ride on. Elephants can't read spiders thoughts. Maybe it's a portal to a magical realm where the animals where wooden clogs and live in yield. Diese you're maybe. It leads to an underground pond where there are little hedgehog and bbc came up with a few more guesses as to where the tunnel might lead a mushroom throat. Lozenge factory a honey badger anger management retreat then packed up some supplies for their travels. It was so obvious it didn't even require a discussion. They were headed into the tunnel as they left. Beebe grabbed the marble pouch off the book shelf and tucked it into her pickles. As soon as they were a few feet inside it became clear. They would not be reaching their destination anytime soon. Absolute darkness stretched out before them. There was nothing to see. They kept going at some point. They came upon a small bug heading in the same direction. Why hello greetings. The bug didn't respond. They tried again their greetings. The bug reached up and pulled off. Its headphones oh hi were you addressing me. Yes we were sorry. I was listening to an audio documentary about ignorance racks. Oh okay is it. The one called the rock that was magma before it was cool. Yeah that's the one the one that was produced by the same ferret. That made utter chaos. The definitive audio documentary about discord among others. Yep that's the one. I haven't heard it yet do. There is a moment of silence. We were wondering if you knew this tunnel leads. The bug blinked for example to lead to a magical land. Were hedgehogs frightened. Telepathic elephants and sparkly. Toa socks colonel. The trees or to an underground pond filled with moore hedgehogs or mushroom through factory or to a retreat or honey. Badgers learn to channel their enormous power intellect towards positive endeavors. Finally little hedgehog and bb fell silent up ahead. Day heard a loan cricket chirping inside the channels after what felt like minutes. The bugs spoke. This is a tunnel that that explains a lot. The bug nodded goodbye and put his headphones back on. Little hedgehog and bb exchanged a look then continued on. They traveled over slippery rocks at points. The tunnel narrowed so that they had to stoop to continue but at no point did they think about turning around at long last they heard voices ahead they also heard music and they stepped into the light. Little hedgehog and bb's is wind wide. The tunnel had opened up into an enormous cavern with an underground lake. Fake flap their teensy pause together with excitement. Engaged around in wonder peavy you. What is this place. It appears to be a cave lake complete with recreational water activities and a live band a small rat paddle by canoe singing as their dozen communities tracing through the water shimmering by the light of lanterns all along the banks of the lake a muskrat on an inner tube floated by eating a bright orange popsicles. A small rabbit dash passed on water. Skis pulled by some unseen creature. Swimming through the lake eight crow sped by on his kayak a band of rodent musicians performed at the lakes edge. Hey kids will can. I get you. Little hedgehog and bb turned to see a largish hedgehog standing behind a counter. We've got a canoe. Rentals inner tubes unicorn. Innertube snorkeling equipment kayaks and some scuba gear. But i probably stay away from that giving your size. Little hedgehog and bb blinked who's also doubles as my accounting office. So if you need your taxes done that for you to the hedgehog did a paw at a small sign that read. We also do taxes. Bb's is lit up all that sounds enchanting. We were just wondering if you a murder. Hedgehog buy new sheets only in my dreams skin only in my dreams will dig it. Inner do please. I will do the same. thank you. The hedgehog reached down and came up with two tiny life jackets and two inner tubes as they were getting themselves ready for the water. The bug from the tunnel appeared. He took office headphones and stared wool. The largest hedgehog turned to the bug. Hey kid what can i get you. You want to leave board. I've got one for your size. Also few you need your taxes done. I can do that for little. Hedgehog in bbc scampered over to the edge of the lake and launched their inner tubes. They floated out into the middle of the water. Dodging a large group of mice participating in a synchronized water dancing class. A graceful mouse dance. Teacher perched above them on e. paddleboarding directing near move beautiful. Just beautiful now pause. No no no. Don't stop sherpas up now jess baugh carlo. But a little more jazz in your boss please. Little hedgehog and bb giggled as they drifted towards the middle of the lake. It was the perfect night. It was almost too perfect with the music. The atmosphere the lake filled with happy animals lighting through the water. Are you thinking what. I'm thinking that it's strange. We've never known. There is a tunnel that went directly from your borough to an underground lake with water activity rental equipment any joyous atmosphere. Know that it doesn't seem possible for that. Sail boat over there to be sailing. Given that there is no wind inside this cavern yet. It is sailing and that presents a challenge to our current understanding of physics. No that that squirrel over there bears an uncanny resemblance to our gym teacher. Mr titles little hedgehog toward around to look at the squirrel. It was their gym teacher. Mr titles oh hey little hedgehog. Little hedgehog turned back. That was funny. Fidel wasn't what i was thinking. Okay well then. Maybe you were thinking that pop. Bb began to sink towards the surface of the water. Her innertube was rapidly deflating. She head popped it with her. Extremely strong unusually prickly prequels baby. I will rescue you. Little hedgehogs stuck a paul in the water and pedaled herself over to her friend. Phoebe was now bobbing gently. Thanks to her life jacket creole okay. I'm fine this was to be expected. Little hedgehog helped bb climb up on her inner tube. Bb carefully kept her pickles from pressing against the inflatable surface. So what were you thinking about little hedgehog. I was thinking. Little hedgehog said tracing a paw through the water. We are moorhead hawks now. Bb bb smiled. I believe we are. He'll little hedgehog. Do you think your dad. My toss be wondering where we little headshot bb. Mr hedgehog stared down at little hedgehog and bb from his perch. Honey paddleboard the music in the cave when silent because the bat had flown straight into the trumpet. The bat tumbled out cradling its head. Whoops sorry about that. The band struck up once more. Oh hi dad. Salutations bestir chop little hedgehog. You're supposed to tell me when you were planning to leave. The burrow. little hedgehog blinked. Technically there was no discrete. Point at which we left the borough mr head. The tunnel was in fact connected to the borough itself so really if you consider that mr hedgehog held up a paw thirty dad. I'm sorry. Mr chalk dad's side don't do it again. Then he looked around in wonder so you found the tunnel. This place used to be a jazz club. Weird wonder how they got. All is water in here. Mr hedgehog you used your frequent this establishment when it was jazz club. Dad chuckled. Well actually. I used to play the saxophone in my younger years. Little hedgehog in. Bb's is went wide for a moment. They both felt a glimmer of recognition. That mr hedgehog had in fact lived a previous life full of interesting adventures prior to becoming a dad. It faded quickly. I popped my inner tube mere minutes ago. mister hedgehog. my trickles of steel just cannot be contained. It was pretty funny dad. He should have been there Sounds like it's look. I'm gonna let you to hang out in the water for a bit. Apparently they also do taxes here. And i happen to have all my documents with me so i guess i'll just get that taken care of makes sense. Did it makes total and complete sense to conveniently have that. Hedgehog prepare your taxes at this underground water. Recreational facility mr hedgehog mr hedgehog paddled off to get his papers in order later after the taxes were done and the tiny pads on their paws began to resemble little raisins. The three of them headed back into the tunnel. Do not fear beebe said. I have left a trail of little hedgehogs collection of glow in the dark marbles to guide our way home. She held up the now empty marble pouch. she'd taken from little head chugs bookcase. Baby do you know me. Bb opened her mouth to take a guess. But dad cut in. Just tell us what it means. Little john little hedgehog and bbc grinned for the first time. Ever i can read collect a recollection if you will be collected not once but twice spe these prickly creatures fits my glow in the dark marble voice bb little hedgehog and bb giggled. Dad's smiled and paul on each of their shoulder trickles. The three of them made their way back to little hedgehogs. Borough collecting the marbles as they went. They made it back. She asked as sunlight began to stream in the window. antonio flees just stop jumping in tonio. There was one rule. Just one or just got an email dear. Your guest is interrupting our aromatherapy. Quiet time with his destruction of teacups. Please address immediately signed the studio beetles and spiders. I can see them up there with their tiny of rome therapy candles. That is not safe. They have actual candles up there. This is madness. i've got a camel. Cricket leaping all over the place destroying these beautiful antique teacups that i just happen to have oliver my studio for completely understandable reasons and now i've got insects lighting candles in the corner of my studio look friends. I have got to go this. Totally unforeseen situation is not gonna fix itself. I hope you loved the story. Little stories for tiny people is written performed and produced by me. Peter kay runs may website and puts my stories on the internet. For all of you to enjoy you can visit my website. Www dot little stories tiny people dot com to learn how to support the show. And if you love the podcast we share it with a friend. Also i am at work on my second picture. Book featuring little hedgehog please go to my website and sign up for the email list so that you are the first to hear when it's available thank you so much to simone for the super important reminder message at the beginning and thank you to z. Se camille madison and sofi for the sound effects. Used in this story. And thank you as always for listening in tonio. Let's get you back to the basement

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