Episode 06 - Two-Gun Sue: Part 2, by Isabel Ostrander


Hi Hi, my name is Jonathan. Pezzo and welcome to episode six of the weekly podcast pulp. Where we take a journey one page at a time through the literary underground of Pulp Fiction. Today, we're picking back up with the gang from the circle six ranch in the second part of Isabel Austr- anders to gun sue the novel was originally presented over four issues starting in the February fourth, nineteen twenty, two, argosy all story weekly. Now, pulp magazines kept their prices affordable in order to ensure that audiences in the working class could afford these low-cost luxury items. In nineteen twenty two when this story came out, the average income was just under thirty two dollars a week which when counting for inflation would equal four hundred and eighty eight dollars in today's terms much like today the majority of people in the US in the low to lower middle income bracket and in the years after World War One saw a steady decline in the quality of their life as jobs became harder to come by with little or no worker protections. We like to think of the roaring twenties as a time of excess and they were if you were one of the lucky few who were able to afford it. But for most people life was the constant push and pull of manual labor and stress without the social and economic protections we enjoy today it's easy to understand why these hundred twenty to one hundred fifty page magazines were such. Effective escapes that stress into worlds of fantasy adventure, romance and mystery. I can't help but feel that there is a deep connection between the culture and two gun sue and the time in which it was written. Instead of being set in the midst of the frontier expansion when life in the wilderness was a constant struggle between man and nature, we meet our main characters in the poindexter family just as the American. West has become largely tamed the intrepid men and women who worked so hard to establish civilization in these remote locales find themselves once again, being controlled by the old money eastern establishment that they had worked so hard to escape in coming West. Can this family that's worked so hard over two generations to create a life and a home on the edge of the world, defend it from those who WanNa take away everything they've built. Well, let's find out as we jump back into to gun sue. So. Sit Back, turn out the lights and let me tell you a story. Chapter to the hold up. At an hour before sunset another girl was approaching the circle six from quite different direction long loomed in deep chested with the superb lines of budding maturity her skin was tanned clear. Brown. And Brown to was the soft hair windblown now although it glinted readily where the slanting rays of the sun reached it beneath her hat. Her eyes were grey blue and steady with the depth which comes from looking into far vast stretches and her small Chin was firmly dominant. There was no hint of wariness either the girl or the mount though they had ridden hard and far. But as they came parallel with the first line of barbed wire, which marks the domain of the circle six, she leaned forward and murmured caressingly. Easy now, Moon Lady we're almost home now. In the last few miles are always the longest you know suddenly she straightened in the saddle shading her eyes with her hands for from the midst of a rising dust cloud upon a branch road to the right there came a sharp uneven pounding of uncontrolled hoof beats and the figure of a bay horse running crazily with empty saddle and swinging stirrups board down almost directly upon her. As it neared the girl, saw that the white markings upon its breast and shoulder were splashed with Crimson. Uttering low exclamation she wheeled the Black Mayor Leap forward beneath her touch and riding a wild curve upon the riderless horse. She sees the loose rein in a grip of steel and shouldered the crazy animal safely around the turn to bring him to a halt. Bullseye. Something very like, Saab. Tore its way from between the girls set teeth but her eyes flashed bullseye they got you. Where is your master the horse trembling in every limb winning softly with pain but the wild look faded out of the great bloodshot eyes and he rolled them at her. It was as if he were trying with all his might to speak. The girl examined the wound in the shoulder and then cast the rain-free Home Bullseye. You can make it old boy, go home and tell him what has happened to Lee responding to the urge of her tone as if to the sting of a whip bullseye gathered his all but spent forces in Sprang -standingly forward along the road which led towards the distant ranch gates. The girl felt an instant at the leather belt low hung about her waist, and then wield the black mayor into the by straining her is through the settling dust ahead. If Lee had been writing at the extreme end of the east section and he had been his badly wounded as his horse she might not find him in time. Even now, it might be too late. The state road crossed this a mile or so ahead, and it might be that someone had seen the riderless horse recognizing his markings and giving the alarm. But few of the neighboring ranch men would be traversing it at this time of the afternoon and the highway was principally given over to the occasional touring motorists. If. The darkness should come before she found -ly stifling an unmistakable Saab this time the girl bent low over the neck of the black mayor urging her to the limit of her speed. The lines of barbed wire gleaming in the last rays of the setting sun flashed past her on either hand like streaks of fire and the dust Rosen spiral world's behind. She neared the state road, and then all at once above the rhythmic beat of moon ladies. Flying feet there came to the girls ears a humming roar of a high powered car still subdued by distance but rapidly approaching with a light but firm touch, she slowed the black mayor into a loping stride and rode out upon the highway where she halted squarely in its centre with one hand upraised. But the huge oncoming car showed no disposition to stop it advanced upon her with undiminished speed while it's driver and the figure beside him waived peremptory arms and a masculine shout was lost in the roar of the engine. The girl did not move or lower her hand but the other crept to her holster and came away with something leveled and gleaming the car careened suddenly with a shriek of outraged breaks and came to a jarring. Stop not to lengths from moon ladies tense. But immovable figure. Sorry. But I'll have to borrow your car the girls tone rang out clearly and firmly above the imprecations of the man beside the chauffeur on the front seat there's a man hurt a hold up the hysterical scream came in a high feminine voice from the to Know Briggs why did you stop? Why didn't you run the rich down? It's a woman, the chauffeur began apologetically but. The girl on the black mayor was already returning her pistol to its holster. I. Didn't mean to frighten anybody but you wouldn't slow up and I've got to have your car. She explained there has been an accident drive on briggs a bulky form swathed in veils and a silk duster rose suddenly in the rear seat of the car take. Are you a worm briggs drive on I say if that creature doesn't get out of the? Road to hands flew to the girls belt this time there was a quick turn of slender risks and twin muzzles glean straight from her hips at the occupants of the car get out she spoke low but very distinctly, this is a hold up if you like, but it is a matter of life and death there's a wounded man out there on the range that I have to get to him get out all you except the driver. The large woman had shrunk back with a second horrified. Shriek, at the site of the guns. But now a taller more slender figure rose beside her and cold languid infinitely contemptuous voice drawled father are you going to permit us to be despoiled of our car and forced out on the road by any such flimsy excuses that the woman wouldn't dare fire a sharp bark and a single shot cleave ing straight upward into the air caught the. Word from her lips, the black mayors ears twitched but she gave no other sign not. So the occupants of the car, the show I settled matters for himself by promptly sitting back and elevating both hands above his head. The large ladies shrieked once more and covered her eyes and the second man beside the driver opened the door and steps spryly down into the road, sweeping off his goggles and cap as he did so to reveal a sparsely. Covered with grizzled hair we are at your service madame he remarked with grim humor and turn to the Tony Door. My dear you should know by experience that I never take issue with a woman much less one who has so convincing argument on her side the tall feminine figure alone had remained unmoved and now disdaining his hand it descended and stood waiting while the elderly man assisted the stouter occupant of the to know to alight meanwhile. Still covering them the girl had slipped from her saddle and replacing one pistol she turned to black mirror, and then touching lightly on the flank go home moon lady she commanded as she had to bullseye fail no I've gone for Lee the mayor gave one questioning glance from her mistress to the strange monster of the machine and then trotted off obediently backup the side road while the girl approached the car and the trio who stood beside it. If you take that road to the first turning on your right and then follow the wire fencing. It'll lead you straight to the gates of a ranch where they'll take you in. She announced your car will be brought back to you there soon as I've done with it, the bulky figure had shrunk back in horror at her approach but the Taller one away with mere shrug while the. Elderly man asked can you tell me how far it is to the hospitable gates you mentioned he spoke with an ironic courtesy, but the girl appeared oblivious to his sarcasm about six miles four. After you strike the fence line, you'll find a town with a hotel of sort a few miles further should you prefer that and they'll end you horses at the ranch if you can ride 'em. There was no hint of contempt in her matter of fact, tone but the elderly man read and slightly f this ranch you mention is the nearest I fear. We must endeavour to reach it and throw ourselves upon the mercy of its owner, but she seemed confident of are welcome. In this part of the country, we don't refuse our help and time of need or close our doors to anyone she mounted to the seat beside the show for the Pistol Still Resting Lightly upon hip furthest from him, turn this car and drive back as fast as you can until you come to a break in the fence where the wires are down on the right side of the road, then cut straight through it. Yes. Ma'am he responded with Alacrity it's back about three miles sought when we passed and there's dead horse lion there a a sort of Calico Pony. Without a word or glance at his employers, he turned the switch key in stepped on the starter with the first low humming of the engine. The car began to back in a sweeping curve to turn and shoot off down the highway in screening cloud of dust. A little later when garrison chandler having taken leave of Sylvia at the gates of the circle six was loping slowly toward the Bar Bardea for supper and a smoke with the boss of the outfit he came upon a strange group in the road. A tall willowy girl who's loosened veils revealed hair of a brilliant guy and almost classically perfect features was moving forward with a languid grace, which yet outstripped the pace of a small elderly man and a massively stout women who leaned heavily upon him and expelled each breath with a grown the unmanned pulled up his Bronco at the same instant that the trio halted and they stared at each other for a long moment in mutually astounded recognition Gary, the girl cried at last. Gary where in the World Chandler. By all, that's wonderful. The elderly man on ceremonies Lee withdrew his arm from that of the stout companion and hastened forward while she echoed weekly. Mr Chandler the young man had flung himself from his horse and grasped a hand each of the girl and her father daisy Mr Atchison. You're the less people I would've expected to encounter and Mrs Atchison to he advanced towards her is quick I in their motoring tire and generally disheveled appearance. You're not on a walking tour surely call it rather forced March. My Boy Dakin atchison spoke with the same grim dry humor which he had evinced a short time before we were held up a while back and our car commandeered by an enterprising young female road agent. Commandeered Mrs Atchison interrupted in hygiene. The car was stolen Mr Chandler and our chauffeur kidnapped we were compelled to abandon it and all our hand luggage at the point of a pistol. Two pistols mother daisy corrected. Do let us have all the thrills and we were fired upon supplemented Mrs Atchison her tones deepening tragically it was a miracle that we were not all murdered in cold blood. What's this Gary stared from one to the other of them. incredulous. Amazement you cannot be serious. There are no road agents left in this part of the country to say nothing of female ones. So I would have been willing to swear an hour ago, but I have had reason to change my mind atchison remarked the young woman most certainly meant business even though the single shot fired was into the air and our show for recognize the signs. You remember, Briggs I selected him to pilot us on this trip because I suspect him of an origin in the gangster element of the lower east side and although I did not actually anticipate trouble of this sword I thought that he would have had more nerve in a possible emergency. Then the impeccable Francois, he put up his hands without a murmur however and I cannot say that I blame him considering that the lady had US covered from the start but. It's all to utterly impossible to believe Gary exploded you have been mistaken for some other party and made the butt of some stupid sort of practical joke. If you think it could be anyone's conception of joke to force a person in my state of Health to leave her car at the mouth of a gun Mr Chandler and walk for Miles Mrs Atchison voice ended a grown. You spoke of two pistols Gary. Turned helplessly to the younger woman. was there an accomplice? How many were there in this gang which held you up? Only. One atchison replied before his daughter could speak the young lady was alone on a great black horse and she operated both guns most effectively from the hip from the hip to gun sue the thought flashed blindingly across Gary's mind and for a moment, his senses revealed. It was utterly absurd of course. And yet, what could be more unbelievable than the actual presence here before him in this Western wilderness of this astute. Wall. Street financier and his luxury loving wife to say nothing of the very girl who had been in his thoughts that afternoon as the EPA thome of incongruity with his own immediate surroundings choking back and almost hysterical tendency to laugh the young man I'd the older one speculatively. A girl on a great black horse hadn't. He heard somewhere from big Matt perhaps that Susanna Poindexter wrote a black mayor which she had broken herself if there could be some possible explanation. But didn't the young woman say anything Gary Stamford at last you spoke of commandeering the car didn't she offer any reason for holding you up in that fashion she blocked the road and drew her gun when Briggs wooden stopped the car atchison began again. But once more his wife interrupted the creature uttered some far fetched excuse about someone having been hurt and it being a matter of life and death by anyone can tell by the way she handled those dreadful pistols that she was desperate character. She pointed both of them at us when I ordered Briggs. Drive on and force her to get out of the way after he had stopped to avoid running her down I. consider it a mercy that we were not all killed outright. The young woman said, it was a matter of life and death emergency Gary repeated slowly she compelled you to leave your car and then drove off with breaks. Yes. Addison confirmed after dismounting and sending her horse back along the road which she directed us to take and where did she say that road with lead astonishment had given place to eager interest in the young man's tones. To a ranch where she seems quite assured that we would find hospitality the financier was eyeing him narrowly luckier chandler you know something what is it? What did this melodramatic performance mean? I have no more idea than you. Mr Atchison Gary responded diverse enterprising road agent offer any assurance of returning your stolen property. She said, the car would be brought to us there when she had finished with it daisy spoke suddenly she also mentioned a town with a hotel further along if we preferred that to the ranch, who is she gary she was quite a remarkable looking young person who sat her horse like a man and issued orders as though she were accustomed to being obeyed I believe that you know her I don't he disclaimed I never saw her in my life but if it is the woman I think it may be I should feel inclined to believe that she had a very urgent reason which justified her in her mind at least in commandeering your car even at the point of a gun. To guns. This road leads to the circle six ranch and I have met the chap who owns it let me show you the way and I am sure that you will be received with all the hospitality of the world. And it is actually European in my car and hand luggage will be returned to me intact to say nothing of Briggs atchison demanded the ghost of a smile flickered and Gary's is, but he responded gravely. If I were you, I should feel quite as assured of both Briggs and the car as though they were in the garage at home. Chapter three unexpected ally. The heart of the girl in the car had given a wild leap of exaltation when Briggs spoke of the dead Calico Pony lying by the road where the wires were down lead been able to put up a fight at least an examination of the Pinto's body might reveal how far he could have run before he dropped so that she might calculate the approximate distance to the place where Lee must be lying. She did not even glance back at the trio left stranded in the road but covertly studied the part of the chauffeur's face which was visible beneath his visor cap and goggles his nose was. Short and didn't upturned but the smooth shaven lips were firm in the square jaw lean and pugnacious and healthily tanned the Red Brown hair beneath the cap showed a tendency to curl close cropped though was and there was a boyish. Johnny Nash to the set of his broad shoulders as if instead of being cowed by this adventure, he was thoroughly enjoying it was the man hurt bad. Ma'am. Briggs did not take his eyes from the road as he asked the question but the friendly interest in his tone was disarming after the strain of the last few minutes and the girl replied frankly I don't know. I'm afraid. So. His horse was making for home shot in the shoulder. I thought much when I see the other one lion there. I says to myself that there had been some sort of scrap and I and I would have stopped right then and there only well, you saw the kind of folks I'm working for man don't you think I'd have run you down though I'd have ditched this bus I he spoke with an honest sincerety there was. No mistaking and the girl relaxed her tense vigilance with sigh of relief I wasn't afraid and whatever trouble there has been here. Your people won't be molested. They'll reach the ranch I spoke of safely and be well cared for if that old lady can walk a few miles, the shoulders beside her heaved slightly in chuckle from Briggs, his lips it would be worth a month's pay to have Mrs Atchison here you call her that ma'am. And I guess she can make it though I don't believe she's walked a block in ten years. He added abruptly a change sober tone we're getting near there now and you need to keep that gun trained on me I'm I'm with you. You may want both of yours if there's likely to be any little mix up and I guess from what I've just seen that you're able to handle a ma'am. But if you feel you can trust me with my own it's right under your seat there. Of course, you only got my word for. It that I won't double cross you. He turned then for an instant to face her and the girl looked into the pair of deep Brown eyes as confident of being accepted in good faith as those of a friendly intrepid dog accustomed to quick decisions the girl nodded in slipped her pistol back once more into its holster. Your word is good enough. I'm sure but I don't believe that there will be any further gun play the man we've got to find and bring in his my brother and the only enemies he has or some rustler's cattle. Thieves and half breed Mexicans for the most part have been running off our cows she explained quickly, that is our ranch there on the other side of the fence g, all those miles, and my party thought I that you were sticking them up for the bankroll. He chuckled once more and then exclaimed here we are. I'll need the speed that we've got to hurdle that ditch but we can come back and have a look at the horse hold tight Ma'am the heavy car swerved tilted sickeningly, and then seemed for an instant to hurl itself through. Space landing with a crashing jar, which shook every bone in the girl's body as it plowed through the break in the fence and over the uneven ground for a few rods. Then with another protesting screech of the breaks it halted, it had scarcely come to a stop when the girl leapt from it and with the chauffeur close at her heels ran back through the gap with its trailing wires to where the dead animal lay. It was a Mexican Pinto a wretched specimen of its kind, the lean barrel and flanks Ronald and scarred from pastelle usage. And still flecked with blood lather blood had formed in a wide pool to from the mouth and nostrils, and there was a bullet wound in the chest. Maybe you recognize him by the Markings Briggs suggested he must have been stole to away back when he was worth stealing for it looks as though some sort of brand has been burned off him there and again there on the earth. The girl shook her head. Some of the punchers might know him. But whatever identification marks there were on the Saddle Ben ripped away. You can see the leather is newly cut. He was shot through the lungs and can't have gone far. She rose from her knees in the tram. Earth and stood gazing back over the range with straining is that gang was pretty bold about it or do they usually pull off a trick like this in daylight out here? The chauffeur was following her gaze. We didn't pass a living soul on the state road for more than fifty miles coming along though. So maybe they wasn't taken so much of a chance at that. They must have known where my brother was a ride in line today and lay in wait for them. The girl's lips tightened we ought to be able to follow their trail in for short distance anyway. There was more than one of them. you think Ma'am this tall grass is trampled down, but it's kind of a narrow line. The chauffeur paused uncertainly as his unaccustomed is roved over the patches of crushed mesquite. There were two of them they wrote in single file. The girl went slowly forward following the fresh trail. The other horse was bigger the Pinto lead. See where he circled around and doubled back. That's when there were looking for their man. G Briggs remarked again in immense respect it don't mean anything to me. Ma'am. I would think I was going some if I could tell the make of a tire by the tracks in the road, but this beats it. Looks though as if he had made for that hollow over there, Donut, the trail was indeed leading ever narrowing circles towards a slight depression in the rolling ground fringed with low scrub brush and as they neared it, the girl paused and her breath cotton her throat, the rank grasses at her feet were blotches here and there with ominous splashes of Reddish, Brown heads only where the circus pony back there. Got It. Ma'am Briggs ventured consolingly. The girl shook her head there are hoof prints of a single horse. It must have been poor bullseyes and my brother can't be far if her voice died away in her throat and Briggs asked suddenly in a lower tone, you know if there's a rock over there behind that bunch of bushes, she followed the direction of his pointing finger and her body tensed for through the elongated shadows cast by the low brush she saw that just beyond them. They're loomed a darker form as though something were crouched or lying motionless. Without a word, the girl handed one of her pistols to her companion. And then stooping low started to creep towards it but Briggs placed himself before her no man he whispered determinedly I'm going I. Cautiously crouching almost to the ground he circled around the clump with the girl following closely after until they came upon the body of a man. He was lying upon his back with his arm thrown across his face and one leg doubled oddly beneath them and at the first glimpse of the still figure the girl gave a little sobbing. Cryan darted forward to fall upon her knees beside it. Gently lifting the limp arm, she drew it down to the side of the unconscious form and raised the head to cradle it against her knee. The face. So revealed was that of a very young man scarcely more than a boy and its resemblance to her own was unmistakable. Even though it was cast in a heavier masculine mold. His hair however was yellow save wherein Crimson streak mad at dangerously close to the temple and the lashes which swept the cheeks unnaturally now beneath their Tan glinted like gold. Is it him briggs asked superfluous -Ly and then laid a practice thumb and forefinger upon the flaccid wrist. He's got a nasty side swipe on the head Ma'am and I don't like the way that leg is crumpled under him, but he ain't dead by a long shot. She glanced up for a moment and he saw to his inward relief that there was no tears in her eyes but rather a bright hard light and her voice was curiously even in steady. As she replied, it is my brother, his forehead and scalper just grazed by the bullet but his leg is broken. Of course, I've seen more than one of our boys like that and I know we'll have to carry him back to the car I. Forgot I've got something that'll maybe do some good I briggs rose and then hesitated. You Ain't afraid of being left here alone for a minute till I. Come back. Are you a look was his only answer and as she bent once more over the boy's body the chauffeur turned and sped away to where they had left the car just the fence when he returned bearing a vacuum bottle in a small bag he found that the girl had somehow managed to straighten her brother out upon the ground and was cutting away the stained and sodden cloth from about his. G. That's bad briggs knelt beside her got another ball through the KNEECAP didn't he? It's Lucky Mrs Atchison was such a bug about carton a first aid kit with her She's got enough in here for a young hospital and there's hot coffee in that bottle. Together they bandage the boy's head and shattered knee and then raising him to a half sitting posture they forced a little bit of warm coffee between his lips. He gulps and moaned faintly but gave no further sign and the girl looked up once more at her companion. It'll be just as well. Perhaps, if he doesn't regain consciousness until we get him back to the ranch and one of the boys can ride into Dexter for the doctor she remarked still in that level unemotional tone. Pain is likely to be pretty bad in that knee we can carry between us to the car. No ma'am. Briggs dissented once more you stand aside and I can carry him easy. Is Dexter the town you spoke about a while back to the old man. Mr Atchison I mean. Yes hadn't you better get the car out into the road again before we put my brother into it that hurdle over the ditch I did already Ma'am when I went back for the kit he paused and added slyly I wouldn't be surprised if the ranch were headed for is the same one you directed my party to it is it's the circle six. The girl looked somewhat doubtful from her brother's recumbent form to the chauffeur. Are you sure you can carry him alone? Watch me Briggs smiled, and with a swift gentle movement gathered the boy up in his arms and strode off through the gathering dusk while she followed with the bag and bottle. The car was at the side of the road headed once more in the direction in which it had originally been travelling. The girl settled herself in the now supporting her brother in her arms the chauffeur east him down beside her and they started slowly upon the homeward way as they turned into the branch road briggs glanced over his shoulder. All right Ma'am. Ain't. Shake him up too much. Am I know my brother hasn't moved? For the first time she smiled faintly. You've been awfully good. I don't know how out of managed without you. Anyone would have done as much that portion of his face which was visible beneath the goggles reddened however at her praise. The reason why asked you about Dexter was because this bus can travel faster than any horse and you'll send a man with me to show me the way. So I won't lose any time. I'll drive in for the doctor as soon as I get you to the ranch. The twilight was deepening into dark when just before they reached the gate of the circle six, a whirlwind cavalcade swept from it and dashed furiously down the road towards them with West Hayward in the lead and Tad. Mason. Link Dole and several more strung out behind him. Briggs. Slowed down in the group separated as they came on and drew up on each side of the car. Mizzou West. gulped found him Gosh Almighty as he heard bad. I'm afraid. So a shot just grazed his head, but there's another through his kneecap Susannah responded who done it. The others had crowded there broncos closer. I don't know but there's dead Pinto back there on the state road where are wires down she shifted her burden slightly in a low moan came from the boys White Lips, some of you might recognize him by the markings I. Reckon we don't need to see him to figure out what outfit he belongs to West turned with a quiet menace to the chauffeur and. You you're the filler that had to be held up to make stop. We've been hearing all about it from the gray muzzled old kyle that blue in the ranch with the two females you an ominous murmur arose from the others and Susanna cried no way s he only obeyed orders at first and he's been splendid I never should have been able to bring Louis. Without his health let one of the boys lead your Bronco home and you get in with me, the change was effected and the car started off slowly once more the others fell in behind except for Tad Mason who had assigned from the former galloped off down the road we'd have been out looking for you before this. Miss Sue but clint brawner word that the. Wires were down away over on the Ridge to the West section beyond the creek and we kit it out over there west explained that must have been just a blind to draw as many of you as possible way from this end of the range Susannah had lowered her voice. You think it was Jake brower him are some of that Greece are outfitted his and sheriff. Deputies hunting him now, but they say you ain't showed up around Dexter for two or three days or federal res or be looks mistake either we just naturally got a run that outfit added a country, but we can't do it on the say. So of he hesitated and Susanna finished for him of the del Rio girl. She can't be so bad wes remember how she worked over the boys who were hurt when Montana Dan tried to shoot up the whole town good or bad. Miss Sue Felix mishegas mixed up with this business with Jake for shore. When we got back to the ranch house, we found that Bullseye had come in shot through the shoulder and then moon. Lady. We knew you must be with Lee somewheres. Then we was just riding now to find you and out of the ranch house comes this little cuss matter than Bob cat with a yarn about being held up by words evidently failed the foreman and again, Susannah. A woman road agent, you knew, of course that it was I. I suspect. Before he said ten words of course after them hostages had come in and and the look on. His face when she followed him out, what had told me anyways, he pauses they turned in at the gates and added I o on the boys would have strung him up. There weren't time no wis-. Susannah replied gravely these people are guests as long as they remain at the circle six and they must be treated with every courtesy. So please pass the word onto the boys when. We get LE- into the house link or one of the others must go in the car here with this man to Dexter and ordered show him the road and bring out Dr Rankin if the DOT. Gain off on one of his bootleg trips or hitting up what's left in the last one west responded sceptically he's the only one near mammoth city anyways. So we'll have to chance it. Briggs had brought the car to a gentle halt, the door of the Ranch House and as he descended an open, the Tono door, the light streamed fourth and Sylvia's voice quavered Oh. Soo. Is that you has something happened to Lee. There are some perfectly wonderful people here from New York. City and they told me of the dreadful thing you've done. Go back retorted Susannah briefly please hurt but not badly. Keep those people out of the way and I'll call you when I need you. Lee Is my brother to there was indignant protests very close to tears and Sylvia's voice but she retreated nevertheless leaving the door wide and briggs began tentatively if you'll let me carry him in Ma'am. I O pond that we contend to that without your help young feller, interrupted West jealously as the rest of the escort drew up on their broncos. But again Susannah intervened of course you in the boys can west but I told you before that if it hadn't been for this young man's help and kindness I could never have brought home. Let him give you a hand and we'll put me on the couch in the living room till Dr Rankin comes together West End Briggs carried the still unconscious boy into the spacious room while the punchers dismounted in crowded about the doorway muttering and subdued fashion among themselves. Then, the grimly taciturn link Dole started off with Briggs for Dexter. The punchers their broncos into the corral and made their way to the cookhouse and Suzanne was left alone with her brother but not for long even as she bent over him to moisten the bandage about his head a quick. But light step sounded behind her and the little elderly grizzled man appeared. It seems that we owe you an apology mme he spoke in a subdued dry tone. My name is Dakin Atchison and I trust your brother has not been severely injured. Had you explained we should have been only too glad to take you back to the scene of the. Accident. And subject your family to the possibility of a real life shoot and party Suzanne coldly as I remember I wasn't given the opportunity for an explanation of any sort. That was entirely the fault of Amelia. My wife Atchison said quickly but still in that subdued tone with a side glance to the still figure on the couch, she has most positive disposition. However, you'll admit my dear young lady that your argument was most effective. I understand that my chauffeur has gone for a physician to attend your brother. But in meantime my object in intruding upon you is to offer my services if I can be of use to you in any way. Thank you. Susannah pointedly I hope that my sister has made you and your family. Comfortable. Quite he hastened to assure her and then hesitated. I have learned that the hotel in town a few miles away which you suggested while excellent of its type would not Be Pleasing to Mrs Ashes, our daughter, and the nearest one of the sort which we are accustomed to is in a place called Mammon city will you be so good as to tell us how far that is and if the roads are quite safe at night Mrs Atchison is you now is nervous and highly strung and in spite of her appearance far from well Mr Atchison, Susannah interrupted with a calmness bordering on exasperation such hospitality is the circle six can boast we offer you gladly. Until. Mrs Atchison feels able to continue her journey. Please make yourself as much at home as you find possible in these unaccustomed surroundings, Cook will serve dinner in a little while and in the meantime I, feel that my brother needs my undivided attention I hope that under the circumstances you will forgive my unceremonious appropriation of your car this afternoon, and if you require anything, my sister will be only too glad play and master. Stammering his thanks the elderly little man accepted the hinton withdrew. A moment later Lee poindexter opened his eyes sue it was Jake Brower He got me. This episode was co produced by Melissa Star The music in today's episode was provided by Epidemic Music Dot Com. If you like pulp, please check out our sister. The curious matter anthology, it's a series that adapt short stories from famous authors in Science, fiction and horror into full cast cinematic produced audio dramas including a five part miniseries. Presentation of Philip K Dick's second variety. 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