He Threatened to Cough On Everyone


with all the Pandemic pandemonium we get stories of people being stupid. Yeah especially when they have enough money to pay for what they need to pay for a long island. Schools superintendent reportedly threatened to cut off on everyone and spread the disease at his gm if they didn't extend a freeze on his membership amid the pandemic extend a freeze elite. Understand what you can. I do this at my gym. Like a pause. Yeah exactly puts off your termination day. Well no i mean like. I pay a certain amount of money per month for my monthly member gym membership. I can put it on on pres for up to six months if i get hurt. Or if there's some extenuating circumstances and those extenuating circumstances now is covid nineteen because you're too afraid to go to the gym so i pay sti- still pay like thirty dollars a month for the membership to hold it. But i don't pay. That's a fraction of what. I pay on a monthly basis for the membership for the family. Membership why what do you mean why you're not going because we haven't been going well. Why pay if you're not going because that's what it is to pause membership or else you have to re sign up and it's like three times as expensive to re sign up because i was one of the founding members of this particular jim okay but it's but i took it off freeze now because my daughter's been going You nobody's coughing on anybody and now technically that bill. Hendon reich is superintendent at the valley stream central high school district. He left multiple voice messages and texted the orange theory fitness last month before a freeze on his gym membership was set to expire in texas. Allegedly claimed he was a close contact with someone who has covid positive and in quarantine. He said i'm demanding. That you freeze my membership for another month. If you don't. I'm going to cough all over. Everyone allegedly said he wanted the voicemails. What a baby really on your tilt says. And you're a superintendent a school district. Of course you have standing in the community. Just just pay the membership so a little dignity dignity sir. Jim called the police but manages decided not to press the charges. And then here's another thing the the somebody With the with. Jim said he made our staff feel extremely uncomfortable and threatened. Well i doubt that really you know people to just be jerks but still i mean you're superintendent of a major school district on long island. I'm sure you make you know mid six figures you can probably pay arns theories that much well as we said at the outset of this segment you see a lot of idiots during the pandemic licensed medical community who stand on the steps of the oregon state capital and make statements that contradict the centers for disease. Control may soon find themselves unlicensed. A doctor by the name of stephen lot to leap. According to the salem oregon statesman journal who publicly dismissed covid nineteen as quote a common cold virus and said that he wanted to expose what. I call corona mania. I mean you have the right to be stupid. Isn't that freedom of speech to stand on the state capitol steps and say what you want to say the yankees license. That's not right. He said i hate to tell you. This might scary. But i and my staff. None of us wants war a mask in my clinic now. Maybe that's the basis on their pulling his license. I don't know he got a letter. From the oregon medical board it said at five fifteen pm on december third. The board voted to issue an order of emergency suspension to immediately suspend licenses medical license due to the boards concern for the safety and welfare of licenses current and future patients. Those very nice. But it's wrong if you're if you're if you go to your doctor during this pandemic for whatever reason i think it it it it's it's on you to find out what your doctors attitude is about covid nineteen and the protocol surrounding whether a lot of doctors that are homeopathic doctors that liked to do natural treatments on somebody rather than official treatments they violating rules to exactly because they have a different philosophy question should their license be pulled. This has nothing to do with kovac right when it comes right down to it. Let the buyer beware you. You're the consumer. You're you are the patient. You're the client if you were. You should know a little bit about your doctor to whether to know whether or not you're comfortable with his or her belief it's just like going to a restaurant where they're not wearing the masks if they're not wearing the masks in you're not comfortable. Don't go to that restaurant. Yes exactly because we wanted to go to a particular steakhouse for dinner. And i heard from someone else that they weren't wearing masks. They're the people working. There weren't wow and so i said to my husband. I don't know that. I want to go there. If they're not wearing their masks. Yeah yeah he said you could call and find out. I said but i don't want to be in a position of being there and then have to leave and not being embarrassed but just having to go through that whole thing yeah. Speaking of restaurants. I mentioned The beginning of the hour that we We went We went out with friends who were visiting from out of town and they wanted to go to the all the rodeo events in stock yards area so we did a little nervous about going out there anyway but i i would estimate that maybe i don't know twenty five to thirty percent of rather large crowd out there yesterday was masked up and everybody else was not and we went into a restaurant there. bar restaurant it was. It was ninety. Five percent capacity really. Yeah they couldn't find could have been and they weren't six feet apart. I would imagine it was impossible. So did you stay in there. Yeah we did because we had the eat. I mean we were starving. There was no place else to go. The the whole stock yards area was packed. And at that point you're going well. It's just us in our little table and i'll just hope for the best i you know. I don't understand people but that's the way it is just the way it is.

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