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Explicit content is found in this episode so listener discretion is advised. Welcome back to the true crime. Fan club. podcast. I'm your host laney. Some of us dream of winning the lottery. You know having millions to make our lives easier to lavish extravagant gifts on our family and friends and to take time off of work but many winners of the lottery find that it's not all sunshine and roses and study show that seventy percent of winner's are broke within seven years of winning. Well for those who live that is okay onto the show. Abraham shakespeare was forty one years old in two thousand six. He was working at eight dollar an hour job. As a delivery man for food delivery service. He owed back child support and had been arrested for multiple crimes throughout the years. These crimes consisted of seven felony. Charges and three misdemeanors was living with his mother and did not have a car on november fifteenth. Two thousand six. He and his co worker stopped at a convenience store to pick up drinks and cigarettes his coworker. Michael ford asked abraham needed anything. And abraham asked him to purchase a couple of quick pick lottery tickets that night the winning numbers of six twelve thirteen thirty four forty two and fifty two were announced abraham had won the thirty million dollar lottery a few days later their boss told michael that abraham had one abraham took the payout in a lump sum of nearly seventeen million dollars after taxes abraham wound up with around eleven million dollars abraham. Pay the back. Child support do and created a trust fund for his son. He gave his stepfather. A million dollars and three stepsisters. Each a quarter of a million dollars. He spent nearly three hundred thousand dollars in paying mortgages for three different people. He barely knew he bought a lake house for one hundred and twenty five thousand although he had only seen at once he then rented it to people he had only met once he gave his nephews. Best friend forty thousand dollars then gave his own mother. Twelve thousand dollars and his sister ten thousand dollars. He paid to have people buried whose families couldn't afford the expense. Abraham bought himself two thousand six ford pickup and a two thousand seven. Bmw seven fifty. I and new home. The home was a lavish sixty five hundred square foot home in a gated community. The home had to two car. Garages a pool and surveillance system. Three months after he purchased the home. Abraham was sued by. michael ford. Who claimed the winning lottery ticket was his. And abraham had stolen it. Michael had demanded a million dollars from a ham. Saying if he didn't receive it he would sue. Abraham abraham refused and was eventually served papers. The case hinged on the testimony of the pairs coworkers each of the five testify that michael had originally stated he purchased tickets for abraham and then only changed his story leader. Michael said when he purchased tickets he put them in his wallet then placed the wallet in the glovebox when he searched for them later. He could not find them assuming that he had lost them. It was only later when he found out. Abraham had one that he realized he must have stolen them during the trial abraham brought a trash bag stuffed with thousands of lottery tickets he said he had purchased over the years the jury ruled in favor of abraham. Although michael appeal the decision which dragged on for several years the last hearing was scheduled for may twenty seventh. Two thousand nine abraham was a no show family and friends at last. Seen abraham in april. Two thousand nine on november ninth two thousand nine. His family reported missing the poll county sheriff's office and he similar two thousand nine. One of abraham's friends at dixon told reporters and investigators. They needed to ask quote that white woman about abraham's whereabouts eddie was talking about therese donnegan more otherwise known as d and two thousand nine. She was thirty seven and had met abraham the year before she met him through his realtor. Barbara jackson when barbara medea at a business conference didi was in a wheelchair. Barbara had just told a small group of people including didi all. About abraham and how his views on money had changed her own deedee told barbara she was a writer and wanted to do a story about her. And abraham she expanded and set it might even turn into a book. Barbara arranged a meeting for deedee at his house. Wendy arrived she was driving a hummer. She got out of the hummer wearing heels and walking. It had been barely two weeks since barbara had met de. Who told her. She had healed herself through scuba therapy de quickly inserted herself into abraham's life and december two thousand eight abraham liquidated a quarter million dollar annuity fund and gave the cash deedee. She deposited this money into a business account for american medical professionals. A business she ran. She told police. This money was for taxes. Abraham astra to pay however the money was actually used to make payroll and other business expenses. She purchased his one point. One million dollar home on january ninth two thousand nine for six hundred and sixty five thousand dollars. Allegedly giving him five hundred thousand and cash on january. Eleven th two thousand. Nine abraham signed quit claim deeds for additional properties on january fifteenth abraham signed an asset purchase agreement selling all of his unincorporated assets over to american medical professionals for one hundred eighty. Five thousand dollars. These were loans to multiple people when adding all the real estate and the loans together didi moore had purchased three and a half million dollars in assets for less than five cents on the dollar on february ninth. She became the primary manager of abraham shakespeare llc a corporation she created. She bought the deaths of people who owed him money. Eight people in total over half a million dollars those people than owed the debt to her on february tenth two thousand nine abraham closed an annuity account with prudential and created a business account at bank of america under the name abraham shakespeare llc d provided bank of america with minutes of the board of the llc and had abraham's name added as a signatory on the account on february seventeenth. Didi contacted the bank again with additional meeting minutes. She was the only one who attended the meeting. These minutes documented the discovery of criminal activity by abraham which could result in criminal charges. Dd explains he needs to be removed as a signatory on february thirteenth. Two thousand nine. Dvd's seventeen year marriage was dissolved in divorce on february. Eighteenth two thousand nine. The first of many large withdrawals happened in the bank of america account to separate quarter million checks were written on the account. One was made payable to a stat and the other was made payable to the internal revenue service but was deposited into the business account of american medical professionals. Llc on february nineteenth and february twenty third to additional withdrawals were made two hundred thousand dollars and a quarter million dollars. These were both payable to american medical professionals. To twenty thousand dollar checks were written to judy. Haggi ends and de howard stencil. The irs was paid twenty thousand as well in april two thousand nine. American medical professionals used money from the bank of america account to purchase a home on highway sixty east for approximately two hundred fifty thousand dollars. A stat used part of its quarter million to an account at the navy. Federal credit union. An additional seventy thousand dollars from the aced account was used to acquire the residence on the highway. Sixty an additional seventy thousand dollars from the east at account was used to acquire the residence on highway sixty. Dd used shell. game for. Abraham's vehicles as well and two thousand seven abraham had purchased two thousand seven bmw seven fifty ally for roughly one hundred thousand dollars he also purchased a two thousand ford f one fifty truck on january twenty nine two thousand nine. Dd purchased a two thousand nine lincoln m. k. s. under the abraham shows fair. Llc name later that same day she treated the lincoln to abraham for the bmw then titled the bmw and her boyfriend's name on february twenty first. Dd two thousand eight corvette for her boyfriend paying nearly seventy one thousand dollars for the car using a cashier's check from american medical professionals on april fourteenth. Two thousand nine. She traded the lincoln and for a two thousand nine chevy silverado. She was given thirty one thousand dollars for the lincoln and paid the remaining fourteen thousand in cash in that same month didi concent- oria butler. The mother of abraham's infant son and told her abraham had left the truck for her d. picks in toria Ben took her to the truck however on may tenth two thousand nine one of dvd's associates took the truck back using power of attorney in june. Two thousand nine. Dd sold the truck at the chevy dealership for nine thousand dollars. She signed the title as the ceo of abraham shakespeare llc. She was not on member. Third two thousand nine. She sold the bmw for thirty seven thousand dollars at a dealership on december fifth. Two thousand nine didi took her ninety thousand two thousand nine hummer to the chevy dealership and said she needed cash fast. She offered it to them for forty nine thousand. They refused due to the economy. One of the owners friends was there and offered to buy the hummer. She asked him for three different checks. One for five thousand made out to her one for four thousand made out to her mother. Then another for forty nine thousand made out to her in the fall of two thousand nine. When news of abraham's disappearance became more widely known deedee told three separate reporters. She could arrange interviews for them. With abraham views never materialized on december fifth. Two thousand nine d contacted the ledger and sobbing. Lee confessed to helping abraham quote disappear because people try to suck money out of him. Abraham's mother elizabeth said. This could have been possible because he told her once he wanted to go to jamaica. Dd also explained. Abraham wanted to leave because he was being named as the father of a child born after he won the lottery and was falling behind on that child support. Dd cry to reporters. Not because was worried. About abraham but because she was worried about herself she was upset because they had interrogated her. They searched her hummer and they searched her home the home that had once belonged to abraham they were looking for blood or other traces of abraham investigators had also analyzed her hard drive. She had also taken a polygraph exam. As police delved into her background they found she had a somewhat shady background in two thousand one. She had a new thirty six thousand lincoln navigator and owed forty six thousand on it. She took her car to a garage in pasco county then had a friend driver to an area outside of tampa. The friend tighter up tossed her in a ditch and left climbed out of the ditch and stopped a car driving by. She told them she had been kidnapped and raped by three latino males who then her navigator obviously didi created the scheme so the insurance company would pay for her. Stolen navigator. Didi was oblivious as to the level of the investigation against her until mid to late december november eleventh two thousand nine cedric eat him was interviewed by investigators. Cedric told them. He was abraham's cousin and the last time he had seen abraham was in april of that year he said he had received text messages from abraham. But that was it. Cedric told investigators. The only person who had contact with abraham was didi more cedric discussed. How d- had purchased all of abraham's assets and was then living in abraham's house cedric expressed to the detectives that he thought something bad had happened to abraham and that. Dd had something to do with it. He told them one time. Deedee had paid him five thousand dollars to hand deliver a birthday card to abraham's mother elizabeth walker the card was allegedly from abraham abraham had given a white crown victoria sedan to his cousin as well as a home in early november. The vehicle was impounded by the police. Department didi more retrieve the vehicle but to return it to cedric. After she gave the car back to cedric his story changed about dede. Having anything to do with abraham's disappearance he leader admitted he was uncooperative and changed his story multiple times trying to get the car back and the house transferred into his name. Judy huggins was initially considered a person of interest in abraham's disappearance. She known him for about fifteen years and after he won the lottery had stepped in to help with collecting money from the many loans he provided to people once he disappeared. She helped dd with the same job except the loans had been purchased by deedee. She also drove abraham's mother. Sean chris nikki was dvd's boyfriend. The pair had met in october. Two thousand six and moved in together in january two thousand seven at the time of the disappearance he was not formally employed and worked for didi managing one of her many businesses. D howard stood soul was an attorney. Who claimed he worked for more. And abraham shakespeare he had created many of the documents for their financial dealings he told police he had last spoken with abraham on october. Six two thousand nine a claim later. Proven patently false. As the investigation progressed satori contacted the lakeland police and advice them. Didi moore had contacted her with an odd offer. D. had said she would sign over a two hundred fifty thousand dollar house to sin toria if she would just tell people she had. Seen abraham recently investigators urged her to play along and record any other phone calls with didi investigations into abraham cellphone records. Show that prior to april. Six two thousand nine. His cell phone was used consistently after this date at seven. Fifty eight pm. His cell phone was rarely used a review of deedee cellphone records. Show that after this date. She didn't call abraham cell phone for a month and the eight months that followed his disappearance and the investigation. She only placed four calls to his phone although she had made thirty six calls to his phone. Between april first and april six ds phone was typically inactive from ten to eleven pm until seven or eight. am each day on april six. Approximately four hours. After abraham's phone went silent didi received a call from her boyfriend at eleven forty eight pm. She then received a fifty three minute phone call from jeudy huggins at two oh eight. Am on april third. Two thousand nine. Abraham signed a power of attorney. Judy hagans. It was notarized by ambrose abraham who was present during the signing and said abraham was present as well. Judy never saw abraham again on the same day. Abraham and judy were at the notary didi was having a concrete driveway port at the home on highway sixty east in plant city. Dds the contractors about pouring a thirty thirty slab behind the home. She also purchased tobacco that day. The next day was the last time. Abraham was seen by his friends. Greg massey and poppy seed. This episode is brought to you by better help. Is there something that interferes with your happiness. Worst preventing you from achieving your goals. Trust me i have been there. And i still struggle with these issues but better help online. Counseling is there for you like it's been there for me. You can connect your professional counselor and a safe and private online environment which is so convenient for me and it really makes me feel comfortable. You can now get help time and at your own pace you can schedule secure video or phone sessions plus chat and text with your therapist whenever you need to. 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The thirty by thirty slap poured behind the home on ably teen papi received a text from abraham cell phone. That said i'm fine. Just got myself into more trouble than usual. My new bookie bumped my head real hard. I'll be back. Just gotta fix some things. I have power of attorney to collect for me. Just while i'm gone. If you can pay me off. It will help a lot of problems. As law enforcement began to investigate abraham's disappearance. They spoke with his attorney. D howard stitz. All who's law office just happened to be the same address on highway sixty east when they spoke to him on november eleven. Two thousand nine. He said he had spoken with abraham on october six. When asked how he was sure he was speaking to abraham. He said he knew abraham well and recognized his voice however on december third when investigators spoke with didi more. She admitted abraham's phone had been with her since april therefore the phone had been with her when she and d howard said they had spoken with abraham tober. Six didi said the attorney had agreed to lie. The law enforcement investigators had dv called d howard and expressed concern over the lie. He never admitted he lied to investigators but instead told deedee she needed to stop talking to the police on december eleventh. Judy haggen spoke with gregory. T smith a friend of abraham who was acting as an informant for the poll. County sheriff's office. Judy told gregory that. In march abraham had approached her and said he was worried about. Dvd's management of his money. Judy related this information to didi who told her not to. Let abraham go to the bank. Because some of his money was gone. Gregory smith had started working with the police after investigators discovered that he had been making phone calls for de more to various people posing as abraham in one of these calls. He had called abraham's mother while she was eating with. Dd in january. Two thousand nine d. Ask gregory if he knew anyone who would be willing to claim they had murdered someone. An undercover officer met with didi acting as a man who was facing a lengthy sentence in prison. The officer told didi say he had killed someone for monetary compensation. Dd agreed to pay him. Fifty thousand dollars for admitting this the officer said he would need to know the location of the victim so we could tell investigators and didi said she would give this information to gregory leader. She told gregory she was in possession of the gun used in the murder on january twenty fifth. Dd contacted gregory and met with him three separate times at the first meeting. She advised him. She was going to get the firearm and give it to him at the second meeting. She handed the weapon to him at the third meeting. She pointed him to the concrete slab. And said abraham was buried under it. She then directed gregory to her white trailer on the property where he found several gallons of bleach gloves and a metal trough on january. Twenty six two thousand. Ten to search warrants were executed on the property at fifty seven thirty two highway sixty east and in the home investigators interviewed d howard stencil who had been renting an office at the residence since late may or early june. The interview occurred at his attorney's office since his office was being searched. Investigators determined that he knew about abraham's disappearance yet had conducted transactions and made court appearances on abraham's behalf therefore police believed he might have been involved in the murder but at the very least was possibly involved in fraud on january. Twenty eighth two thousand ten investigators spoke with james more. Dvd's ex husband. He told them she had asked him. What type of equipment. She should use to clear the land. He recommended a tractor with attachments. But she purchased a case backhoe she paid james one hundred dollars to pick it up with his trailer and deliver it to her. She also asked him to dig the hole and told him how big she regionally wanted the whole right at the back door but he advised against it she then elected to dig it farther back on the property. Once he finished digging he left only for her to call him a few hours later and ask him to come. Cover it back up. It was dark when he covered it up. So he didn't see a body thinking it was chunks of concrete deedee told investigators. She asked james to dig the hole for trash however after more questioning. She admitted abraham's body was in the whole. She insisted james was not aware of the body when he filled in an autopsy revealed that abraham had been killed by two gunshot wounds from thirty eight caliber weapon. Ballistics tests revealed that the bullets recovered from abraham's remains match round. Shot from dvd's pistol dd admitted. She was present during abraham's murder but provided multiple scenarios as to who actually committed the murder in her first account she stated drug dealers had accompanied abraham to her office trying to get around two hundred thousand dollars at abraham had stashed there while they're the drug dealers one of whom she recalled as ronald took her pistol which was unsecured in her office. They shot abraham and left the problem with this was. She had admitted to gregory. That ronald was a fictitious person. She also told investigators her fourteen year old son had killed abraham. She also said abraham's cousin killed him. She killed him in self defense and d howard. Stelzer killed him. Police found no evidence linking anyone else to the slaying ninth in got two strikes team. Okay i watch a lot. And the guy's name is so i just took to shoot them and i seen it happens to you. She said my son. Rj shot abraham twice. Abraham was trying to choke me. Rj walked in. The room grabbed my gun and shot him. He was only protecting me like any sun would do unsurprisingly didi more was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in two thousand nineteen. She wrote the judge a letter stating quote. I'm truly sorry to the prosecutor abraham's mom and others at i have heard for not being truthful. I regret my actions however she did not apologize for the murder. She also said gregory smith was the one who actually killed abraham because abraham was having an affair with. Gregory's wife dis attorneys. Never brought this up during the trial and never questioned anyone who could have verified this version of events. Judy huggins was granted immunity for her testimony against eating. More abraham's murderer is just one example of white. Many people advocate for the privacy of lottery winners. Abraham was a good hearted man albeit one who could not read and was too trusting didi more saw an opportunity and took it robbing the man of the scant. Winning see have loved when he started getting suspicious. She turned to murder leaving an intricate web of lies to abraham's family and friends in doing so. She stole more than money. Taking beloved son friend and father from the lives of many cave fan club members as i conclude this episode. My one question to you is how will you sleep tonight. Thank you for listening. If you enjoyed the episode. Please leave a positive review in rating on apple. Podcast or your podcast player of choice. It really does help. You can find some more social media channels twitter at t. cfc pod facebook dot com slash. Tfc podcast instagram. At true crime vehicle pod and of course our website is true crime. Fan club dot com. If you have an episode request send us an email. Tfc pot and she mel dot com. This episode was researched and written by. 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