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Live. From NPR news in Washington I'm Windsor Johnston. The Nation is marking the nineteen th anniversary of nine eleven today NPR's Brian Man reports. Ceremonies will be held in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D C nineteen years ago terrorist US commercial airliners distract the Twin Towers and the Pentagon also bringing a passenger jet down in a field in Pennsylvania New York. City Mayor Bill De Blasio says that heartbreaking day showed his city's resilience. People all over this country and all over this world were in awe of New York. City and people grieved with us but they also admired New York City because of the pandemic names of nearly three thousand people who died will be spoken today at the nine eleven memorial museum. In Manhattan using audio recordings made by families a separate ceremony will include a live reading of the names of those lost Ryan men NPR news president, trump rallied supporters. In Michigan last night Quinn Kleinfeld her from member station W. D. E. T. reports trump took credit for revitalizing the US auto industry and also defended comments. He made during interviews with Washington Post columnist Bob Woodward trump called journalists, Bob Woodward a wack job, but acknowledged as Woodward wrote that the President Knew Cove nineteen was deadly but did not want to say so publicly trump quoted historical figures who like him he says kept people calm amid crises. He also claimed his trade policies and pressure helped bring auto plants back to Michigan though only a relative handful of new major factories are being built or retooled in the battleground state Queen Clientele Ter- reporting hundreds of thousands of people have been forced from their homes and Oregon wildfires continue to burn. Oregon. Public Broadcasting's Conrad Wilson reports the state. Department of Corrections is evacuating more than thirteen hundred inmates from facility in the north western part of the. State the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility is about fifteen miles south of Portland. The prison is almost all women. The inmates are being sent to prison on the other side of the cascade. Mountains. Annabel does says she's an inmate in the minimum security portion of the prison smoking. All morning we started complaining about it bill does called well, she was waiting to be evacuated. She says, inmates were handed a plastic bag to pack any medications and personal items. We're all nervous and scared and we want to know what's going on earlier this week. The Oregon Department. Of Corrections evacuated more than fourteen hundred inmates from three other prisons near Salem Oregon. From NPR news I'm Conrad Wilson in. PORTLAND. Firefighters are working to contain a massive wildfire burning in northern California. The North Complex fire has claimed the lives of at least ten people and rescue workers are searching for more than a dozen others. The blaze butte county has scorched more than two, hundred, forty, four, thousand acres. It's about twenty three percent contained. You're listening to. NPR News in. Washington. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is traveling to Qatar. Today he's scheduled to attend the opening ceremony of Afghanistan peace negotiations. The start of the talks follows intense diplomatic efforts including the US Taliban agreement and the US Afghanistan, Joint Declaration which were agreed to earlier this year. China and India's foreign ministers have met for the first time after a deadly clash between the two countries troops along a remote Himalayan border. This June NPR's emily reports. The two sides have pledged to disengage their troops there and work toward peace agreement. The unmarked two, thousand mile border between China and India has long been contested this. June. Those tensions turned deadly with troops pummeling to death twenty Indian soldiers both. Countries have sent in thousands of reinforcements to the border, and this week accused each other of firing warning shots the first time in decades. But when the two countries foreign ministers met on the sidelines of a summit, this week they pledged to work towards a peaceful resolution put distance between their troops. The current situation in the border areas is not in the interest of either side, they said in a joint statement. Emily Chang NPR news Beijing stocks across Asia traded mixed today. Japan's Nikkei average was up one hundred, seventy one points at the close of trading China Shanghai Composite Rose Twenty, five points. All of the major indices on Wall Street closed lower yesterday the Dow Jones Industrial. Average lost four, hundred, five points the S&P Five, hundred down fifty nine. I'm Windsor Johnston and you're listening to NPR news in Washington.

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