#WhoWouldWin: Chucky vs Tyrion Lannister


After a night of drinking and gallivanting about the town Tyrian Lancaster was ready to enjoy some slumber, barely noticing the strange doll in the corner of his room. He dropped into bed four, but a mere instant immediately piecing together that something was very wrong. He left back up in grabbed his blade. It was then that Chucky the plastic murderer sprang to life. And with a hi-de-ho grabbed a blade to kill for the simple pleasure of it all. It's the IMF versus the killer doll. It's the hand of the Queen versus the lakeshore strangler. It's Terry Lancaster versus Chucky today. And welcome to another episode of who would win. I show that completely ignores anything important happening in the world. And instead, focuses on a fictional battle between two characters from the worlds of comic scifi and fantasy. I'm your host James Gabby and is always, I'm joined by my co host race Aquinas. Ray how're you feeling these days? I'm hurting a little bit only because I feel a little robbed after the general grievous battle. I'm not gonna lie. This one's going to stick with me for just a little bit general grievous versus blade. An excellent fan suggested. And I want to do what's right for the fans absolutely that I could possibly lose that battle. When I've got four lightsabres on my side against against fan pyre, dude. I'm just I'm it's a little sour and I hope to write that ship today. Do do you feel like you know, the fact that you lost that kind of represents your everyday life? You try hard. But it just doesn't happen for you. Like you seem to be falling short a lot, given my record in these battles, especially. When you take into account take out all the nonsense battles that you won my record is very, very strong. So I would disagree with that statement on its base is strong. If you take out how let's see how good your masculine are. If you took out all the battles, I one, which are the majority, by the way, what's your record? It's very, very good. It is right? It's almost perfect near near. All right. Great. We're off to a great start to show whenever we bring math into the equation. Joining us is a judge is a writer, director and performer Joseph Pleasants Joseph. Thanks for being on the who'd wind show. Tell us about everything that you're doing where we know you from and mixed signals the show you've got going right now. First of all, I wanna say thank you guys so much for having me here. I was ridiculous. I didn't even sleep last night. I'll let you know in an hour how I feel about it. Okay. All right, fine. Yeah. You guys can catch me at the pack theater. Every third Saturday of the month APM for my show mixed signals, which is basically comedy from all sides. I'm the next Evelyn of Chapelle show camp. He'll keeping his diverse as possible, lots of risky edgy. Sketches. A lot of great standup comedians as well as I was just recently featured on comedy, central as well as I will be in the upcoming short film pimps about a group of Pinson seventies to embark on selling Tupperware. This sounds fantastic kills like I've heard this story before. A tie. A timeless tale of. Story often told the tales of him selling Tupperware, Mary, Kay spinoff, it's gonna be fantastic. As a Netflix series waiting to happen. This is okay. This is fantastic. Joseph, you know, you're very active on the who would win. Facebook ruben. We're so appreciative of it. Get why tell us why first of all, I believe I have some of the best taste and pop culture and nerd culture, but not just nerd culture. Cool. Noor culture and I love kung FU movies. I love anime specifically tournaments enemy, such as Rony Kinchen. You haka show dragon ball z. I love it so much. I almost I can't even come to words how much I love the Facebook group, the idea of forget about everything else is going on right now, because the government kinda sucks, the climate is just coming at us. So we might as well, enjoy our time here and have some fun and really figure out who's better, you know, Zayda witchy, or right. Uh-huh. Who you Busa, you know, and that's the entire point of the show. We, we literally ignore every single thing, that's happening in the outside world, to focus only on this battle the find the, the positive thing about the who would wind show because you're right. We do forget about all the seemingly, quote unquote, important things the only important thing as far as I'm concerned. I'll tell you why. I actually do believe is really important thing is because think about all the people that have come together through all the social media platforms our listeners, we're not horribly far from a million downloads, you know what I mean? Like we're, we're in this love to say it's because Ray is so awesome. And he is would like to say that as well because. Moving on. So what I'm saying here Joe's of is that the reason I think it's okay, just because everybody can come together with opinions. You know, like no one's from the same background is Ray with United live in a box, and we actually eat on regular basis. So, you know, our opinions a little bit different, but we can agree sometimes on, who would win battles. And what have you. So it's a really cool community. And I gotta tell you, I'm really I don't know if the right word is thrilled or probably thankful that you're kind of joining in on this on. No as you're here representing the people today. Yes. This is an extra gravitas. Like, there's like a monster celebrity in the I'm not even kidding. I feel like there's a Mazar slavery. So I can't thank you enough. Please continue to do everything you do by the way, keep acting directing writing in. Yeah. That's, that's okay. Real comments on Facebook. That's alright. Again, we do we are very thankful for all of the people who consume who would win in all the various social media platforms. Keep doing it. Keep reaching out to us. We are super receptive to that end. I would say, Terry and Lancaster. And one of the reasons why he is on the show is because he was suggested so often on the Facebook group now, we might not always take the specific battle. Although we did last week, we will take characters like we, if you put a character in the thing we will take an honest, look at that character. And even if we don't think that battle is exactly what we want to do for any number of different reasons which could be completely out of control. These characters definitely could spin on and have a life of their own. You're absolutely right. And there's a reason why I wanted everyone to put their suggestions for who invite within the Facebook group, not necessarily on Twitter or Instagram, or just in, you know, wherever else, the reason why is because I wanted a place where, you know, because he's see online sometimes people make suggestions for fights or groups or battles whatever. And then. Horribly inadvertently someone comes along and just starts trashing it and saying that's a stupid fight, or that's not cool. That's right. And I don't want that. So I wanted the Facebook group for who would win to be a place where you could suggest a fantastic idea or maybe an idea that's not thought up. Or maybe it's ninety that's maybe not the best, but we'll definitely consider it. Yeah. And it will celebrate the fact that you're suggesting awesome for even the stupid suggestions. So if you're going home thinking of giving us a terrible stupid suggestion that's already been done ten million times over do it anyway. I might still make fun of you. But you won't know. Yeah. Make what we call a race to Kane of suggestion. Thank you. Okay with it. Thank you. I actually think I can't remember who did it. But I've been thinking about subzero versus Darth maul for the past like two weeks. Not six rematch of that is a great match up. Now I'm going to be thinking about it for the next two weeks. He's sorry, but we were focused on tier Lancaster versus shut. That's right. So with thank you for. There you go. And we'd like to take a second to thank one of our amazing sponsors, final draft final drafts has been the number one selling screenwriting application in the world over twenty five years and is used by writers such as the kademi award winner, Guillermo del Toro, their newest release final draft eleven offers, great new features, including image support, a feature that is perfect in conjunction with their graphic novel template for creating your own comic series by on draft is happy to offer thirty percent off to listeners of the who would win podcast. Just go to WWW dot final draft dot com and use code WWW F D one nine at checkout. Again, go to draft dot com and use code WWW FD one nine in all caps to get thirty percent off. So with that said, is about that time Ray please do us the honors and announce today's matchup. Representing the game of thrones universe. The man who proves it's not the size. It's what you do with it, that counts Tyrian Lancaster and representing the cinematic, universe the dull who proves that murder is so easy. It's child's play Chucky. Well done Ray 'cause I I just like how your hands move very animated during the show. Yeah. Covering your face too close to him. You're getting anyway I before we go any further. Let's go over the official rules of a who would win match down rule. Number one, each debater. We'll be able to make three points rule. Number two, the who'd want matches a random encounter in a neutral location with neither combatant necessarily knowing anything about their opponent or having any time to prepare for it. We'll number three the exact version of the character has to be specifically stated so you're going with Chucky from the child's play movies at his correct. And I'm going with the what I call the ultimate bad ass of game of thrones hearing Lancaster from the TV series, not the book. I think that's great. Cool. All right. Rule number four. The winner of the woodwind win debate is remember, the judges is has the best ability to incapacitate their opponent to the degree where they can safely walk away with no further threat being present. This includes completely destroying their opponent, removing them from the field of battle restrain them. We're knocking them out. The who'd went battles are not necessarily death. Matches rule number five the judge can disallow veto. Appoint made by one of the debaters, if they feel it goes outside of the scope of the battle or is a relevant to the fight. And lastly rule number six each us examples of powers, abilities, or weapons that are part of the specific characters continuity, or at least was with that character for good deal of time. One off examples of powers or abilities that were use only once in the characters history will not be allowed. And now, let's get to the tale of the tape or both of our combatants today sale. The tape is brought to you by race. It the hashtag raise right? Who would win t shirts or even better one, the classic hashtag, who would win t shirts. It's okay, not bad. Go onto Amazon dot com and type in hashtag, who would win or tag Ray is right to pull up our two assortment. That's all we can you say to for? I think you can in this race, by the way, there will be more hashtag, who would win shirts coming out in the near future. We're working on it. We're working on it. Cool. All right. So, right. Please give us the details on Chucky. Chucky is actually the vengeful spirit of a murderer named Charles Lee Ray he was created by Don Mancini. John Lafia, and Tom Holland. Not that one for the nineteen Eighty-eight movie. Child's play Charles Lee Ray was a serial killer, who was shot by police and hid in a toy store, where he used voodoo powers in order to put his spirit and consciousness into a nearby. Good guy doll modeled after the my buddy dolls of the eighties thusly. He was able to survive evade capture and continue on his murderous rampage. There are certain benefits to being trapped inside of a doll, namely Chucky is able to hide in plain sight. And most of the time as nobody expects the doll in the corner to actually hurt them also being made of plastic allows for a great deal of damage to be taken by Chucky without keeping him down for two very long, fun fact during promotion for the nineteen ninety eight film, bride of Chucky. Chucky appeared on the Jumbotron during episode of world championship wrestling's Monday night, nitro to threaten wrestler, Rick Steiner. This lead TV announcer. Tony shivani to ask one of the stupidest questions in the history of television. Wondering what role the fictional character Chucky would play and Rick Steiner upcoming pay per view match to anyone over the age of five. The obvious answer was zero and that is Chucky. I remember that. And the funniest thing on your thinking in that was Rick Steiner actually engaging Ziya, log wouldn't shocking, pre recorded Chucky for your current Chucky and saying junkie, if you come June when he's no nothing's happening because, as a wrestling fan, and professional wrestler myself that is one of the most embarrassing moments of my entire life cringe-worthy for other people not to me, but for the spirit of wrestling, and we try to keep it real to appoint, but when you have a character arguing with a fictional doll, and then the announcer wondering if the dull was suddenly going to come into real life in attack him during the match. I very, very upset. That's not the first precedent for WCW doing that RoboCop, RoboCop having sting from the case in the cage. Yeah. And stink. Going like yeah. What are you going to do with rubble? It's again, one of the WCW did a lot of very upsetting things back in the ninety when that character the shocker the shot. I call him the shock the shock Massar fell down. Yeah. That when that's not your most embarrassing thing. That's like fifth on the list of most embarrassing cringe-worthy WCW moments is I like where this episode's going all ready. You can say they got bought up other competitor. Yes. A I hear the details for Tyrian Lancaster. Now, Carolina's shares, a character, of course, created by George r r Martin appeared in the series of fantasy novels known as a song of ice and fire, the television version of Tyrian, which we all know and love first appeared in episode one of the game of thrones series titled winter is coming now Tyrian is the youngest son of Lord, Taiwan, Lancaster, the richest man in the seven kingdoms his mother Joanna died giving birth to Tyrian for which is bothering sister. She never forgave him being born a door of Tyrian has been underestimated as well as ridiculed and disrespected his entire life by both as immediate family, and most people, whom he encountered lacking, beauty or brother Jimmy's player with a sword grass from childhood. He could survive only by sharpening his intellect through guile strategy and being quite possibly, the most clever person in all of the seven kingdoms cheering escape death. Anytime at she powerful political positions and somehow survived the entirety of the game of thrones Sega years. Interesting fact. But Jerry in Lancaster. Did you know that he was written in the novels anyway? As an accomplished acrobat. It's true and aspect of Tyrian that's pretty much omitted entirely from his portrayal in the HBO series. Is that he actually knows how to do performance acrobatics? In fact, in his first meeting with John, snow and game of thrones. The book not the show, Terry and actually introduces himself by doing a flip off the top of a roof and landing in front of John, that kind of would have changed everything ever if he was in the series right at the acrobats when the series. And now you have the facts on both opponents Joseph. Do you have any questions before we get started? Okay. Wait. So you're only going off the TV series, correct, sir. Okay. That's on. That's my only question. Excellent question. Beautiful actually question Ray. Please proceed with your first point. My first point is just to bring up a couple of aspects of Chucky that I want to highlight one his general strength, given his diminutive size, and to his, absolutely psychotic nature. Let's begin by talking about the psychotic. Nature. Now Chucky is a psycho killer, Charles Lee Ray is the is a strangler, he murdered a whole bunch of people. So he has absolutely no compunctions about killing one thing. I know about Terry Lancaster is he has killed in the show a few times, generally speaking, he has major compunctions against it Tyrian as a character will often find any reason to not kill and come up with a way to talk his way out of a situation before. Eventually resorting to violence. Chucky does not do that Chucky goes straight for the straight for the hard parts to the, the meat of the bone every single chance that he can get. So when it comes down to actual acts of violence, that are going to happen Tyrian will feel bad, about taking a life, but Chucky will revel in it in the case of a one on one combat. Encounter. I think that psychotic nece and the ability to go, far and beyond levels of violence in the other person could even be conceptualizing. Absolutely will work in the favour of Chucky. To point out now. He's got his spirit trapped inside the body of this doll, which on the surface. It is a smaller. Dull it is, actually, I would say, maybe touch smaller than even Tyrian Lancaster. So he is actually going to be the, he's gonna be the underdog in this fight against Terry Lancaster, which is not always a place that Tyrian will find himself fighting from so one Tyrian, who's used to fighting a certain way from from behind will actually be the favourite in this match. When you first take a look at it. He's not used to that position. He might not know exactly what to do with that advantage. Secondarily Shuki is shockingly, strong. He has got acts of, of raw violence seated he's movies and a few of these, I'm going to bring to your attention right now. At one point, he cripples a teacher in a classroom, and then pulls out a yardstick. Now, we know yardsticks tend to break yardsticks, if you ever had the nuns in Catholic school or you're aware of that they will wrap your hands with them, repeatedly, and it will hurt a lot Chuckie beats this woman to death with a yardstick without break. Which just shows a certain amount of strength. But also psychosis is well, because he just keeps hitting her until she don't move. No more. Additionally. He's got a he's taken it an axe. And he's actually punctured a hole in a door and then put his face through in one of my favorite child. Maybe my favorite child's play Bowman ever he crushes into the door sticks. His face in, like Jack Nicholson from the shining and says, I can't think of anything to say right now. Bad job me in so many words, it's a great moment, but he's actually he's shown the ability to use an ax to actually shattered down a door if he needs to additionally, he's taken a straight razor to a barber, who was cutting military hair and in one shot Steve's been able to cut the men's throat right away. Very very quickly. He's deceptively fast given given what you would expect from him. So new one shot, he's been able to straight razor, this military, Barbara. So he was a soldier and he was able to kill him with that straight razor or right away a couple other feats. He strangled man to death with jumper cables. I mean, the fact that he is a two foot doll who's over. Powering grown adults means a lot to me in this battle, I believe when it comes to strength. He has strength beats that will exceed the things that Tyrian Lancaster has done, even though he's coming from behind finally, he wants took a hatchet and knocked off a man's, jaw clean off these like when he gets the moment. And he has that moment of violence. He's one of those guys who holds back and holds back. Then when, when it's the moment he's like a trap door spider. They act all innocence. Oh you can't I I would never hurt you. It's time for the stabbing dude gets to stab stabbing. And it hurts said he takes that person down one time after another. So and one thing that, I think both of these characters would have working towards them that will negative each other in this battle is the ability to not be taken. Seriously as a threat until it is too late. And both of them, I'm sure have great examples and I know this respect. I'm sure have examples of them taking that underestimation and running it to the moon and killing their target. That is my point. Number one here here's the thing. I actually think I read this that Chucky has the strength of. An adult male. Yes. Which it actually kind of impressive. Because he's, you know, this kid's toy you know that's about two three feet tall. So that's that is pretty. I'd say says pretty cool. You know, it's funny Chucky has red hair has, you know, some weird mental issues and kind of over exaggerates like hand motions and things that they're great and half psychosis. I'm just saying Joseph, if you take a look to your right, okay. Describe that character named rates me right now. He's. Yeah. I see. Ray is a shockingly handsome man. I've already shocking in that you would say handsome, or both shockingly, handsome, and handsomely, shocking. But yes, red hair Chucky had a beard, man. I'll bet ask other crazy, right? Yeah. I mean shock he's got good race. Got good arguments for what he says, in the show, raise handsome like the way you described, like a woman from northern Ontario from where I'm from, that's a very handsome woman right there. So I, I'd give that to them I give that to. All right. I'm not disagreeing with anything you're saying, really because these are great points. They're, they're okay points. I've heard better in my allowed to please. Yes. You need to because it was perfect. But if you want to ruin it. That's when you said, Cecchi, strangled, a man with jumper cable, jumper cables, I believe, that's in child, the first child play when he doesn't actually kill him, but he strangles him. And he's able to overpower him with the junk cables, and effectively eliminate him as a threat. Well, that cop survives, I believe. Yeah. Go on. So he you, you said he strangled him to death. I might have added the two. We should say great technical raise name. It's fake news. Okay. For middle name. That accident because I was in the moment. So I will. Listeners at home. Karma passionate. Also, to your point, though. What really happens break. It was it was a trained officer of the law, which actually would get me a little more credence. I would believe, but what that does bring to mind is that Cecchi was able to take a butcher knife through an entire car like a tire, like a driver's seat of a car. His grandma's impale and cash straight that, man. What you remember? That was a while. It was from a young boy trying void the, the, the mutilation of those areas when possible battle. But yes that is a thing. Okay. But I just wanted to make sure you said he strangled him to death. You know what I deserve correction there? And I thank you for it. Okay. You should deduct some points. All right. You don't have to I good call. Joseph by. All right. So let's go on my point, number one. If I may. Okay. I think you're gonna like this. I call this one Tyrian Lancaster kicks ass. Just that's just my point. So I get that he was overlooked as a little personally game of thrones. You know, all the realms kingdoms just as I'm sure a little person would have been, you know, had a really rough go during actual medieval times, I get it. But did some checking guess what I found out how many people deteriorate Lancaster kill onscreen like that you actually saw. Have three or four off the top of my head. Right. So I saw at least five that we see. And no, I'm not including that time. He accidentally gave poison wine to Joffe. I'm not counting at all. Yeah. By the way, is also suggest that he killed more people offscreen during battles. He's already involved with, like the battle of blackwater, when or what have you, plus, how many undid creatures to destroy in the crypt like the white walkers, where he was put in charge of looking after all, like noncombatants and during the attack the white white look. I mean he maybe one or two at that point. But I mean he actually took him on right with, like does look after my like that's a bad ass thing to do. See what people are saying is at Tyrian is actually a very capable fighter despite the fact that he suggested to have little combat training during the attempted abduction of Caitlyn stark. I think this was like in season, one Tyrian killed one of the would be attackers by grabbing a somewhat improvise weapon. But it was it was a shield it wasn't used meant it was meant as a defensive thing, but he grabbed the shield he knocked attacked her to the grandmas smashing in the head. And when he tired pulsa ground then smashes in the person's Ed by taking the edge that she. And just kind of completely ram it in over and over until the guy's dead. He did that with his hands tied. You know what I mean? Like this is not. This is not a regular. He's a hands are tied. And you actually saved Caitlyn stark by with the show. It's insane in the battle blackwater were Tyrian was actually leading troops. He killed what looked like a commander of the opposing army by firstly chopping off one of his legs with an axe, and as the guy falls, he takes the action repeatedly just like three wack. Wack Bom and takes the guy out. He looks like a commanding officer, and then he's like follow me and then all his troops. I got pumped up and follow him in a battle yet rarely he chopped off the person's leg Ray. While that person was wearing armor Ray. I mean, that's how strong Terry Lancaster is, you know. Yeah, gray. And again, that sounds really bad ass to me, who are Chuck is typical victims are the types who chop people's legs who command troops, during insane battles, or who kill attackers with improvise weapons, while their hands are tied. Absolutely not. They are schoolteachers, or unsuspecting parents or absolute non. Fighters. Most of the time, and are any of Chuck, is intended victims, capable of the savagery the beat downs and the ruthlessness when required by Tyrian Lancer. Absolutely not. And as pointed out later, we'll get. I make it as well. Let him finish his point. We'll cross all these arguments in just a second outrage to that's fair doesn't take much, though, as Chuckie doesn't farewell against people with less than half of Tyrian Lancaster's battery. That's my point. Number one. Oh, go ahead and dismantle that point piece by piece. So you said that Chucky hasn't killed anyone of kind of a kind of combat experience. So I'm saying, like in when Chuck, I'm saying, Chuck, he's typical opponent difficult Joseph because I know exactly where you're going, and I agree because I'm about to say it. If you don't go ahead, you say like commit like when he's in the middle of a battle, and people are wearing armor and are armed with medieval weapons, and he's in the middle, and it's a Malay time. Would you say perhaps Chucky record-breaking havoc and killing a bunch of people on a military base? Maybe we'd be an anti thing to your point of their facing. Okay. So are they armed and facing off against chocolate? Like, are they coming at armed? He made sure all the bullets were real. It check. He's been shot quite a few times. But I'm talking about talking about shot right now that I don't disagree with rim saying is, who does he like to go after typically typically I think he goes after who's closest to him who's ever the threat whoever whoever's a threat. So I think. I wouldn't per se use that against Chucky because he doesn't him, he's not going to go run up against a bunch of UFC five out of, he's not, they're not a threat at the moment. Then let me just as part of just this rebuttal. If I may just really quick to if I may take the baton for a moment he's cut you off just a big jerk is, you're talking about, you know, who is Chuck fought as if Chucky only praise on babysitters and old ladies. When the reality is in one of the entire the most of that entire movie takes place, because his expected target goes to military school, and he had some going to this military training base. And in Rex all kinds of havoc making sure although he, he replaces all the, the dummy bullets would live fire munitions, so they will shoot each other because he's very tricky. We'll get into that in my point number two. But I would say he's attacking trained soldiers and trained a military personnel. I think that actually works against your point. I'm sorry. You didn't know about this. You'll lose James, I'm sorry. So we're saying in a chance. Encounter where neither one was expecting to run into the other person Tyrian Lancaster would represent like because again, it's underplayed material answer is an absolute bad ass when he needs to be. That's what I'm saying is that that's not the typical opponent that Chucky would run into possibly. All right. He, he runs the gamut recognize what you're saying. I knowledge it all. Oh, good. I was gonna say chuckling has killed multiple police officers in Chicago in the time before social media, when they were probably worse up police officers. Yeah. So you could kind of say Chucky is also gonna begin psychos. No, no disrespect to police officers, I thank you for your service, please do not pull me over. Absolutely. I would say actually, if I may just even to even I'm gonna give James a little bit of credit here, because I'm Terry and Lancaster is such an impressive character of all the battles that we've done up to this point. This is one that I walk in the door buried very nervous about because Tyrian Lancaster is one of those characters that when you sort of just look at him. And you think about him and he's the guy who gets drunk, you know, and he's just you don't think much of him, but then when you actually start to break down like I did. And I know like you did some of the feats he's done and some of the things he's put together disguise rough man. This is this is a this is one of the toughest battles. I think we're going to have. I think from my side, especially Tyrian Lancaster is is. Is awesome. He is awesome. And, and. To a lot of your points. Yes, he did a lot of those things. And I hope I have some point number two to counteract it because that is very, very good stuff. All right. Well, then hit us with point, number two point number two, we're going to deal with a little bit of Chuck durability, and his trickiness. That's really where I want to live right now. Because to your point earlier took he's been shot a lot of times Chucky is a supernatural being at the end of the day, Tyrian Lancaster, must stay in the realm of reality. Whereas Chucky can actually go to a non reality because he is essentially made of magic vote. Do magic. He's very, very durable. Here's been shot repeatedly. Here's been thrown repeatedly. He has he has had his a couple of examples right here. There's one point where he gets his arm cut off from his body. So if Terry Lancaster lands, one of those sort hits and cuts off Chuck arm. Chuck arm was able to act independently of Chucky, somehow, Tyrians got two things to worry about instead of one in the world. He's in and he's dealt with the white walkers before this might not be completely. Out of place. Still difficult though. I would say at one point he had his head completely removed along with one of his arms and his legs. And he continued to keep fighting he does not need his head, which is what I assumed Tyrian would maybe go for I given the proportions between them. He gets his head removed. Tyrian thinks he's won. The battle Chuckie knife, some of the jugular right there and takes them out for the battle, because Tyrian as clever as he is would definitely not see that coming. He's also been burned took his been burned almost to nothingness and continue to fight with just a black index terrier Hugh, to your point. He's been shot a lot. He's had half of his face sliced off by a side and was able to keep on fighting. His durability is not in question. I would argue with both of them take a similar amount of punishment. Chuck is going to win this battle ten times out of ten Tyrian is not going to he's getting his face cut and that was very very he got hit real hard in that shot to be fair. He did go down for the rest of the battle when that happened. Chucky taking a similar shot laughs, it off and continues on. So I think the durability. Here is massively in the favor of the killer doll finally the trickiness Tyrian, very, very clever, I would argue that as the series progressed, and I don't even think this is necessarily, but arguable Tyrian got considerably less clever, as every single season of the show past, if we're gonna talk about here, and we need to talk about the entirety of Tyrian and in seasons one through five, George Martin parts. Smartest man in the room. We'll think his way out of every situation season, six through eight we got a poke a little bit of holes in this veneer because he made constant tactical errors constant mistakes, trusted the wrong people to do the wrong things at the wrong times. And if it wasn't for a little luck, let's be quite Frank. He would have found himself dead at any one of a number of points during the season and probably should have been dead. And we have to hold that against him. Whereas Chucky on the other hand is a guy who will he will use anything his disposal to do. He's created gas leaks, which is then caused explosions when he when he kinda manipulated the situation, he's used a bag of marbles to throw on the ground when he. Is being pursued? So as pursuers would trip and fall. I mean he's using home alone tactics. And I think at its core the scrappy fighter who's gonna use everything at his disposal is going to defeat the guy who's going to take the fight a little more up front, ten times out of ten I think the scrappy or clever fighter will get that done. That is my point. Number two. Yeah. I say something to that. Yes, please. I think those were incredible points. Thank you, the durability of Chucky. That's I really I gotta agree with that. But in interiors defense, and I know I don't have to defend them here. But go ahead. He's as my favorite character in. Yeah. I think this could be a stretch. I could be reaching like Michael Jordan Space Jam here. I think that he was so clever. He happened to Allred understand that Denise shouldn't be the Queen. So he started to sabotage her interesting. And he also kind of started playing the fool so that people would understand man that much more throughout the later seasons. I think I agree with that a lot. I would just say, though, that it does whether we have to then read intention, into his actions that does not discount the actions themselves. Okay. I, I just, I don't know that I would go against his intellect because of how smart he was in the first five seasons. I think that he's smart enough to play dumb. It knew very well might be right. But it definitely needs to be put on the record. Well, here's the later seasons, right? He had to he had to gamble. So he had to gamble with you know when veneers. Veneers was his name the ball headed. Lord, Lord bears when he had to turn him in. It was a gamble. That was he was in for the last three seasons, especially when he was involved with what's her name Khalil's star, Gary Don deniro's? Right. He had to constantly do the math and gamble every time he said, okay. If I say this to her, here's what happens if I say this. Here's what happens, by the way. I'm not just weighing in whether or not a friend or a city gets destroyed or someone gets killed. I'm also in play here to the very fact that he ends up at the end of the episode. The hand of the king is a well played match where he gambled, the right way continuously. So I don't think it was luck when luck involved know and this is the thing like in, in fighting right? And got the comment's worse background. You know, there's, there's certain fighters who pull out weird winds and you're like, no way the math, I should've have you lose and that was lucky fight and. Then they went another lucky fight, then they went another lucky fight. And after a while you like you can't be that lucky that often that. Yeah, that's kind of how I see Tyrians might appear like one odds might appear luck purely lucky. But overall, he's got I don't know the tracker, you're gonna speaks for itself. So let me get to my point number two. This okay. I call this at, let's got revisited. I just call it Ron television, so perfect timing. So to say the cheering Lancaster is extremely intelligent would be a monster understatement to intelligence, right? He's an accomplished battlefield commander to such an extent, by the way, that his father, widely regarded as one of the best commanders in. I think it's a west rose acknowledges him for it begrudgingly, right? He doesn't really liked hearing. He has personally led troops during the battle of blackwater, and his intelligent politically astute enough to have served like as a chief advisor to two separate monarchs God, a king hand of the king hand of the Queen whereas intelligence, cutting really stand out, is when we see him easily manipulate and trick just like raising others time after time. So let's go back and season to in order to discover who is leaking. Formation to Queen or two before she became the ultimate wing cherry, and told Bayless embarrass that mersal. I guess there's his daughter would be married away to different houses. So Tyrian told Pacelle should marry into house Martell. Terry, until VERA, she would marry into the iron born tearing told Bela she should marry into the veil and the end. Russillo, was married in house Martell, and pie sell turned out to be the leak. This is master manipulation on a master level, and he's manipulating people who are also masters of manipulation. Does this is crazy? I had to rewatch the scene probably eight times because I got confused by the names, I just really started getting into. But then when I finally figured out what we what was being written. What was being said? I'm like, oh my God. This is incredible really savaging this character as the ultimate manipulator, right? And he did it for the cause of good. Which is cool. So how does this intelligence gets an opponent like Chucky? Right. Because that's figure out. He plays it. Well, again, Chuck, he's a killer. I get it. But he's not the smartest killer. He's creative. He's clever. He's also got a one track mind, which means one hundred percent of his focus is. On murdering his targets and not thinking a few steps ahead to keep himself out of danger or to keep themselves safe while doing so, so example, I think it's during child's play to chug. It was supplying his murders rage that he easily, you know, he kinda got lit up this conveyor belt kind of thing that was going on. He was after this kid, and I guess his young woman who was looking after him. And he's coming after he's got a knife in his hand and the element kind of somehow closes the metal door on Turkey's arm and Chucky is so focused on his murderous, rage, which speaks with durability. He rips off the arm. So it's still pin. Now he's gonna stub and use his other hand to grab the knife. And then he does some local stuff after that. But I mean that just reveals his intent whereas most you'll be like okay, like, oh, the knife me. Get my arm out of here. Let me you this is it. No. I'm just tear this out to my own detriment, because I don't care. What happens in the future? And I know that was part of the storyline, but it was very revealing in the equally celebrated, and I'm using this term orderly. Iconic film masterpiece known as bride of Chucky. I love it, right. Like father had seen in that pantheon. Yeah. You know, a number of Meryl Streep homes, and then a brighter Chucky right there, you're done. You've seen all the top ten you. You don't have to remove ever again. So now both Chucky and his bride. Tiffany mate, your to, I can't believe I actually was watching this on you to get into a major domestic dispute while holding another couple hostage in an RV, otherwise known as race. It gains his dream home. And someday. I'll my house will have wheels, someday boyfriend, the boyfriend tells Chuckie that his wife should be cleaning up the dishes. I mean, this is a deep stuff, just as deep as the game of thrones narrow, I talked about the relation okay. So the boyfriend tells Chuckie that Chuck, his wife, Tiffany should be clamped additions dishes, while Chuck wife, Tiffany's being told by the girlfriend that she is being under appreciated by Chucky and with many other domestic disputes, that take place in RV's shots are fired which led to the hostages given the opportunity to escape. This is not so settlement aviation and trickery, or there's not so Mickley trickery was done to Chucky by two teenagers who weren't exactly like Rhodes scholars here. Right. Okay. So if they can manipulate and trick Chucky. What do you think here in Lancaster possibly the most clever person ever live in the seven kingdoms would do them? And I think this is really how he would fight. I mean because look chunky super durable, he can take on a punishment. He's got some frailties do, don't be wrong. He can't just take unlimited punishment, but can take way more than the regular human being. And I think you're right. This could be like all of a sudden tears, like, oh, damn this thing is really really you'll durable. That's when he's going to say, okay, how do I figure it out because he's a great thinker on the spot, and he's going to say remember, what that saying for the Lancers Atlanta, you're always pays their debt? He's going to call that into place. A hey, you know what? I know what you're after before you kill me. I know what you want, and I know where you can get it. Let me take you there and I'll get it. You can do whatever you want to be in chocolate. He's has at one track minds like, oh, okay. Whatever that is. I'm convinced he can figure that. Out at that moment, that's where I kind of see a huge advantage for Tyrian Lancaster before you ask your questions. I got a few rebuttals, and then please fill in any gaps that I will have. I he is. I would argue that it's not even arguable Tyrian Lancaster is a smarter character than Chucky. The killer doll does it. How do you feel saying that statement by feels real good, weirdly enough? I can't express why but it does put in the context of a one v. One battle. Now Chucky, absolutely got manipulated when whenever he's around Jennifer tilly's character. Yes. Things tend to go poorly. They have a very poor relationship, and they can against that weddings. Well planned out not. I mean he was the well he's the one who did it to himself. He's the one who put her spirit in the doll be companion, so bad job Chucky. But that being said she is not in play here. Any of these other factors are outside interference. I if there were other people, and there were other situations and scenarios at play, I think tearing would have a chance to manipulate people into do that kind of thing I would say. Chuck drive is single minded focus, I think in, in the overall context would work against him in this context completely works to his favor. The fact that you brought on the table, the fact he was able to rip his own arm off to continue the battle without even giving it a second thought completely works in Chucky favor, as far as this goes, and I would believe that Tyrian would try to use to use Chucky to think to himself like, oh, this guy's a monster. This guy's a menace. He's very durable. How can I use this to benefit my own goals? And I think that you think that's a positive. I see that as a wild negative because the second you try to manipulate Chucky. And think the second Chucky lets you think that you have control of the situation that's typically, when it stabbing time as soon as you think that you as soon as Chucky will play along with it, perhaps. He'll be like that's interesting. I am listening. Oh, yes, yes, yes, in the second the Tyrian turns to open the door takes out his achilles with a knife or something to that effect. I think you're I see your point. I think you're underestimating, you know, who Tyrians had to manipulate and trick. To survive. He said to manipulate them in a political environment, though. This is a battle environment that I don't think that the same abilities are going to help him in this. How did he survive, like battles where he's in there, and he's, you know, in the mix of things there's two main battles that I can think of, and there's the battle of blackwater spoke before, which is the battle, he got disfigured in and left for dead on the battlefield. So he didn't. I mean, yes, he did some good feats to open that battle up. But he did get men to lead him which does not come into play here. But that's also the battle that he got his butt handed to him because he really at the end of the day when fighting an army is not the guy, you certainly want to your frontline fighting an army, you want him planning the assault. Now, I agree with that. There's another occasion, where a dragon had to come in and save and actually scooped up deniro's and flew off with her. It was in that arena kind of setting I forget, which episode was season five or six or something like that. And he had to, like, I forget, who that person was a former slave, but now a confidante to deniro I think she she's got her head chopped off in the last second last episode missile. Andy, there you go. So he had to protect her because she was about to get killed. So he had to take out people there, too. He is the one who was like on the fly figuring. Okay. Where's the best place? We need to be. Here's what we're going to go. Here's over here. He's also a great tactical battlefield or in the midst of battle planner and think, and that's the thing he's the mastermind who can definitely give you a battle plan that will work to success. Does that necessarily transfer to help them in a one in one encounter? I would say not enough is the answer. They like I say, I have great respect for his military mind. It's just it's apples and oranges. These are two very different situation was talking about him in the midst of the fight. He had to take out someone he had to save this person. He had to figure out where we going here. Sure, you know, that's against a huge force of people who are now turning on them. In the was it the sullied and the whole thing. So. He's a great number of things. I just in this particular scenario against a single minded focus guy who can't really be. I would say Terry and trying to control him. I really do. And I don't think Chuck, he's gonna let him do that. Although he might give him the veneer of doing it. I think Chucky might absolutely make think it's going away. And then absolutely not. Have a good guy driving an RV. Chucky to a point where he didn't flip and check. You went flying out. There was a loved one in the room with him. We've all been there with our significant other in front of other people and had moments of regrettable raise sayings, that he's been manipulated by teenage boy, while he's been outside by someone while in an RV using James. Yes. I know. All right. Before we do Joseph. Do you have any anything else to say about a turning point? Well before that he does have a question that I interrupted because I'm a big jerk. So we're giving we're giving Tyrian. We're not giving him the ability to manipulate others around him to defend. There's no, there's no on wanting currently went on. Okay. That's all I need to know if there were other people around Tyrian could literally turn to the humans and say, look a monster doll, and then those guys, but that's outside interference. That would not be good for this. Yes. In that type of situation. Yes. Tyrian. Absolutely gets it done. But that's not where we are. So now we're what's called the turning point, which means you're going to tell us who you think is a head in this battle, and what the other person has to do to pull out the victory. Right right now. This is such a tough battle. It really doesn't making both incredible points. I sure am Chuck durability. That speaks volumes right now Tyrian being a master manipulator. I love it. But Chuck, he's also he's not. He's not dumb. I think anyone that, that can one memorize an insane voodoo spell that will allow him to transfer sold his soul into Seoul, raving. He does that all the time. Okay. Got try that. That's, that's the body chosen by the way, the body chose to go in and happen. This temple. I know it was expensive. Up in your mouth and right now a little bit Joseph, you, okay? Let me just. Recalibrate. Okay, Chuck, he's murderous rage. I think does go against him at times. However, I think that also is an advantage. When Tyrian is going to try and manipulate them that murderous rage is going to almost not allow them to hear. I think a part of Tyrians charm and alert and his strength is a silver tongue and he's not listening at all. He's trying to kill is not going to skinny kind of screw things up Tyrians abilities survive. That's the thing that like, really, really, really that gets me. It's, it's tough. It's tough even thinking of him losing because he survived. So right now right now, I've got the advantage going to Chucky. Okay. Right now, I'm glad to hear that I, I agree with you one thousand percent just for the record you making great decisions. I hope that continues, hold on. Ray. James, would you have to do to convince me as I'm going to need? I'm gonna need to know. How Tyrian survives because I don't think I personally, I'm not going to going to reveal this. I think there's one way Tyrian wins this, I've needed to hit that point for me. He's got his vibe. And you need to you need to tell me survive. Great, great minds think alike. I need you to leave. I would say just keep doing what I'm doing because well. Well, you need him to what shower right hubris will. Let's see how it serves you sir serves junkie. Well, hopefully it serves me. Well, today, I'm ready for my point, number three point. Number three is talking about that voodoo that Chucky do so. Well, these two combatants and on paper as far as like tale of the tape would go Chucky has the advantage physically over Tyrian Lancaster Tyrian has the advantage, mentally over Chucky. But I think the physical advantage is much more of a difference than the mental advantages between the two because to your point, Chuck, he's not a dumb guy. He is also a survivor. He was able to. And this is two point my whole point. He's able to use magic powers. He is a mystic art of do he knew that he was had been shot by police. He knew that he was dying and had the wherewithal in his dying moments to be a survivor to your point about Tyrian heat is also a survivor. He was able to transfer his soul into the body of a doll, which is not like a normal thing. There is magic in the game of thrones universe. And there are white walkers and red mist monsters and fire magic and all that. Good stuff. Tyrian is not part of that world. He is part of that realm. He is strictly in the realm of human Chucky has magic powers to boost his already impressive combat abilities. So a couple of examples of this transferring soul into the dole in the first place. He was able to use a voodoo doll in another movie. There was a man that he wanted to kill, and he wanted to torture, and he wanted it to be very bad because he's a psycho. So he actually used his voodoo magic to create a doll of that person and stabbed. The dull repeatedly thus killing the man. This is a power that tyranny. Lancaster is not going to have an answer for whatsoever when it comes to using some of this do magic. I haven't seen him repel, magical attacks very well. He's also been able to split his soul. And this is a very excellent point. He was been able to split his soul into multiple hosts at the same time who those multi. Well hosts have been able to split their souls into multiple hosts going on and on and on. So if there is any sort of inanimate objects if there's any sort of other people around if they happen to find him he could then use whatever is in his area. He could put his soul into the spirits of everything around him in the room and have those things spring to life and attack Tyrian Lancaster from all directions at all times. So even if Tyrian lands huge shot on Chucky cuts him in half for stuff, we know that won't kill him. Second he's got the two abilities to reanimate himself in the body of something else. Whatever that looks like and continue, the fight Tyrian has a limited amount of endurance as far as goes chunky can keep going all day. Using the magical abilities. And finally, the last thing you can do in, in this. I think is also pretty big deal. He can transfer his soul into the body of another. So if for some reason he's able to knock Tyrian down, he can use his voodoo magic to put his spirit inside the body of Tyrian Lancaster thus kicking Terry and. Lancaster out and winning the fight because Tyrian soul will be gone. That is my point number three. Three points survival points. Absolutely. Are we going quick question? Are we going only by cannon from the first film of what's been told that Checky can do all of it, all of all of the engaging, that's the same character throughout? So we're going to go with it. Okay. Because he's been able to do a lot of different voodoo magic as the series progressed he has. And I wanna lean on that because I think as a magical being that puts him a huge leg up on a human being was he able to just transfer his soul to someone else. And he thought it was supposed to be the first person he revealed himself. He, he is tried multiple times with multiple people throughout the child's play movies, and generally, what's up. It hasn't worked. Well, the problem is he keeps getting interrupted by other people may problem that will not happen in a one on one. Encounter. Give me the power. I beg of you. Here's the thing, even if he does transfer like what's it's, it's Tyrian and Chucky. There's no one else there. Right. So who's he transferred any and by the way, when we when we did venom versus hell boy, how did we say, would work if then them, who's possessing Eddie Brock, venom, then possessed hell boy, does that mean then if any real nebulous real quick got real weird. The point came to be that if he took over hell boy for any length of time and Eddie Brock was taken out of that battle that help boy was gonna win that fight. That is what we agreed to in the moment. Okay. So I've got a question is there has it ever been stated because I'm not quite sure if this if Chucky takes over your body does that soul, then completely diminish, or, or is it like a trap, like, is it a whole Bruce banner type it in my mind the way in, I'm not even thinking that this is going to be necessarily the way he defeats in Lancaster. I think it's going to be stabbing. I really do. I think it's going to be stabbed from putting his, his soul in the host of a lot of other objects around him and attacking him on mass. If, if he can't just overpower immer trick him into submission to begin with. If for example, he was, too. I it's really nebulous, if he was to take over the soul of Tyrian Lancaster, it's not one hundred percent with the soul is trapped inside forever. Or if it just disappears in his pooped out of reality, but, I would I would I would just say, if he took over, Terry Lancers body and walked away, leaving the Chucky empty husky but Chucky doll behind that's kind of a victory, he has won the day. And I think you could safely say he achieved victory in those in those conditions. Not sure agree with that, but I can't bring a lot to disagree with that. And it's like it's, it's real nebula said, I'm not gonna lean on that, too heavily that to be known as a thing that's out there, not exactly where I think this fight is going to be won or lost. Okay. So example of power more than these specifics takes place in like the chamber room of Tyrian Lancaster, or in the game of thrones like root realm in a room somewhere in that say, low tech environment, the higher ticket goes, the more. I think and this is up to the judge determine where it takes place. But definitely the more elect, because Chucky knows about this stuff to make it a little more fair. We generally in the course of these battles Damian, Wayne versus Arya stark for example, same kind of deal. We dumbed down the environment. A little bit to make it a little bit more fair both sides because if there's if there's a an Uzi, only one of them's really going to know how to use the jozy carrying. All right. So here we go. Let me go kind of counter all this with my point number three. I think you're gonna like this one a lot. It was called before even knew that. You said what you said about the turning point. It's called survivability. Okay. So how many times? Chunky been killed and slash ordered destroyed a handful. But I mean it's never enough to keep him down. It's been six times one of his movies. Yeah. That's a handful. I, I didn't know you could put a combination of six debts in your hand. That's how he thinks that small. That's that's weird that he thinks like that. So let's see Chuck. He's been shot in the head dispatch that way he's had his head inflated until exploded. My personal favorite sliced to pieces by the propellers of a fan. He was shot again. He was then hacked to pieces by an axe, a Jerry Linenger kind does that separately. Well, and then he had his head literally stopped in something that during lent. Nassar also can do to as done to someone with a shield and who killed him. Right. It was a very you know, various people who took him out with heavy. But the fact is he died. You know, it was dispatched six times, according to who would win battle, if you can walk away safely for two two minutes about the person getting up you win, so six times according to what he's been dispatched. So again, check his whole thing, I really think he likes to catch people by surprise when he's. More or less ready for the encounter. But his intended victim is not. And I'm not saying that's the whole every way, but I'm just saying that's his favorite. That's his MO. That's what how he preferred to be and each time he gets killed. He's typically facing off against someone who's, you know, sometimes ready to fight back. Sometimes not. And here's the deal. How would let me say, how Chucky do if he were somehow in westernise boy, that's hard to say, I, I think he would definitely do a lot of murder, and he would he would. Let's do this. Let's replace here in Lancaster. With Chucky Alabama Chucky isn't surviving season. One, I I'm telling you, I don't think he would be I do. Here's can. I just real quick. I think he survived season one because the terrible people all survive season one. I don't think he's season. Four somewhere down the road. It we'll catch up with him like it did every other terrible. Ramsay Bolton and King Jaafar and season, one though, remember, like he had to have that I forget that night's name who survived the whole series, who Brown. Yeah. Ron, there's only Chuck. Like, hey, let me tell you why you should fight for me or whatever, you know, he's bulleting. Would have survived the war of the five kings about blackwater being framed for king Joppy's, murder, the invasion of west rose in the attack by the white walkers, a castle winter fell, I guess he not a chance, not a chance and Elsie. Terry Lancaster has something some quality that surpasses physical strength weapons weapons mastery political power, and even magic he has something that even dragons, and like two or three dragons, and the white Walker master the super powerful. I think he was called the Nike and didn't have. It's the ability to survive interior. It doesn't just survive. He typically somehow ends up in a good position after surviving, something that should have absolutely destroyed him. But couldn't not didn't couldn't cheering has that same weird characteristic, that the joker has in a weird way, that Norman Osborn has that Batman has he survived things that destroy everything, and everyone else would somehow can't take him out. Call it the fates call. It some whatever it is, you know, maybe the God's intervention when I have no idea, but it just nothing is taking him out. He can get hurt but he's not being take. In out in six movies Chucky has been taken out six freakin times right in eight seasons on one of the bloodiest shows possibly ever made where everyone is significance died all the time. Terry, Lance are always found a way to survive in the end nothing. No creature no personal supernatural, being no army could somehow kill him. Think about that per second. Right. That doesn't make him like the ultimate rival again. He's the ultimate one of the bad asses. And how does he end up? You don't hand of the king. Right. This is crazy. How does Tyrian uses survive sort of, you know, let's talk about how does he uses survivability to win this fight? Well, again, I use it before I talk about psychology. Right. So Tyrian matches the violence that physicality and the fighting savagery and the conning that's needed for the moment he taps into it. Okay. When he killed the commander, I mentioned that before on the battlefield he uses insane savagery. He just runs up to the guy chops off his leg and then chops them in the bind till with an so he's dead. And just all right. Follow me man. You know that was cold. Calculating. He was a monster. He was absolutely psychotic. I mean he was almost like smiling when he kills his father with a crossbow he did it in a cold manner. Just like, yeah, no, we're done phone when he strangled I think it was his name, his romantic interest with, like just a scarf. Yeah, it was rough, it was right. He was crying while doing so because he was he did we had to physically to match, but just to see how the emotional content survivability and the tactics when it's time for him to be a monster. He's a monster when time going to be a psychopath done when time for him to be the hero. He's good to go. So he'll actually use that. The reason why survives because he matches what he needs for the moment. Right. And he understands how to play. He's that smart. So final point with Terry Lancers bad Asri is insane and ability to manipulate people, which I still think is a big thing. Chucky specific susceptibility to be manipulated and having ability to survive the gore and bloodshed of eight frequencies of games of game of thrones. I just don't see a way the terrier Lancaster loses to Chucky and that's my point number three. And that's a lot of goodness that you said, right there. Look, I am. I am not here to disparage, Tyrian Lancaster. This is a fantastic character. I just happen to believe in this particular case in this particular battle. He just doesn't quite have enough to win the day against a killer voodoo doll questions. I have when he attacked Taiwian his father with the crossbow, did he did. He meet him in a field of battle stand toe to toe and heavy fight with him or did he catch him on the toilet unawares? He pulled a Chucky and waited until the person was in a horrible position. And then use cold calculating non like, barely emotional registry to take them out. And this to my point, you brought that up that Chucky does those things as a negative. And yet, when you brought up that example you left out the fact that he did the exact same tactic himself. That's what I'm saying. He can match that savagery that, that killing whatever you wanna call it that, that, that instinct when the, when the when the moment declares for it to be necessary. And I would also point out, you say he survived eight seasons of game of thrones. That is one hundred percent. Correct. Spoiler alert. But he didn't survive it through his battle prowess for the most part. He has ski survived through politics. He got inside the air in the minds of the right people and manipulate them to do the things he needed them to do to put himself in a position to escape. Okay. That's not going to help them in this situation. We've established that he's really not going to be able to manipulate Chucky, a whole heck of a lot, and he's not going to be able to turn Chucky to some weird extra purpose that's going to serve Tyrian, and that's really his go to move a lot of these situations. The last thing I would say this before we render judgment is I believe that the way that this battle is going to go is Tyrians going to do his number one thing survive. I think that necessarily Chucky might not kill Tyrian Lancaster. But I think Terry and runs away, I think that when he sees a voodoo doll on the battlefield in a one on one. Encounter used to to your point to point. Number three Tyrian is a survivor. He does not tend to take extra risks that he's not forced into a position to if he does not have. Two and when dealt with a supernatural beating attacking him that cannot be reasoned with because he is a flat psychopath. I think Terry and Lancaster would find a way to maybe drop address, or something on Shuki and run away from the field of battle creating his own battlefield removal, because he doesn't necessarily like to fight his battles a face to face. He likes to survive he likes to escape and that would be where I would leave this set of thoughts. When does he do that? When does he do that in combat well, when he got hit in the face, and the battle blackwater? He stayed down in the mud, the entire debate, will he didn't engage more enemies after that point when he had the ability when he again. Yes, by by not taking part in the paddle by running away. I think this makes a lot of when he killed when he killed his father Taiwian. He ran away. He. Right. And just like Chucky runs to have all of a sudden he's discovered. He doesn't stay there to take on the hordes of people that come his way to appoint a Chucky gets himself out of situations. Tyrian oftentimes need somebody else to come rescue from the dungeon that has happened multiple times over the course of the series. That's not going to help them in this battle, no outside interference allowed, but let's put it in the hands of our. Let's do it. All right. So you've heard both sides of this battle tell us who do you think wins this battle, and give us your process? Tell us what my God. Okay, do you want. Do you want who wins? I walk us through the process, and then tell us the process. Okay. So because I am a samurai romanticism these to meet on a completely barren dirt road and Eto Eto era, Kyoto Japan on. Yes. Commend aside these to meet in Japan. They're walking both on road. They spot one another. They both know they have to do battle. So I think that cancels out in my mind that cancels out Ray your equation of Tyrian running away. I think he knows he's got to do battle. He's got a defeat this guy. So I think that the lens to yours, James, where terrier is going to eventually survive, try and figure out a way to win. He's gonna do his best to figure out a way. Now continuing figure out a way before Cecchi stabs him up gives them stabbing Tom. I, I really see that check. He's going to do the best he can. I think I think equally they both are probably equal physical strength Chucky, having the strength of a, a man, a Tyrian showed incredible strength quite a few times. I've never done it myself, but I don't think strangling someone is, is he easy task like how he looks at you Ray when he says that not me let go. He knows my history. Oh my God. The need of these can access weapons at all, if they have have weapons if it's part of their standard profile, or something that they are commonly seen with Chucky, the butcher. The butcher knife years, and I would say that there's always something zones. There's always always something serious. Okay. So check. He's got a butcher knife tunes going to have a dagger. You boys have put me in a quite a conundrum year. Tyrians pretty good with an axe. I just don't know of an ax is going to be lying around. I don't think it axes present. I think they both are carrying what they have with them. So butcher knife versus dagger mass manipulation versus pure psychopath was this, what we news. You're gonna play some type of tumbleweed music. Hold west. We'll talk amongst ourselves. Man, you raise your new raise right shirt? Hashtag raise right. Shirt is very bright. It is really, really bright. It's brighter than the standard red stag, who would win shirt have I vamp enough. Are you ready to render your verdict? Yes. Okay. So I see Chucky Chucky Chucky does major damage. He's doing major damage Tyrian is somewhat hanging with them. I think Chucky gets Tyrian on the brink of death and because of Tyrian superior intellect and survivability he figures out that after probably cutting, I wanna say cheque's arm off, Chuck, he's probably lost a leg may or may not have lost a head at this point, and is still going Tyrians gonna face. I don't think he's going to be scared at the of the supernatural. I think he's probably seen a white Walker this point. He's going to figure out these gotta go for the heart, and I think that's going to lead Tyrian two. Probably in a very last. Gasping breath, stabbing Chucky in the heart. I think he's going to, I think Terry is gonna win. I, I am in a state of disbelief right now, are you kidding around now? Yes. And stabbing him in the heart. Not gonna do anything the six ways that Chucky been defeated twice being shot not going to happen in acts not going to happen. Inflating the head. Not gonna happen. The guy tells at the child play taking it back to the first one. The blue man tells the cop was named Norris or something like that tells them that the only way to kill Cecchi is to or to kill Charles at that point is to stab him in the Har, meaning the heart and I think, yeah, I think I think Tyrian figures that out. I can't believe that ability of Chucky cheese pudding, Syria, somehow, he's going to have the strip, this is this is disgusting. How does this flat disgusting shamed? Of you right now. How so in correcting at home must be outraged and throwing things outside the windows of their cars. If they're listening to this. Warning people on the freeway right now, there is obstacle in the road because people are so invited by this decision. I said, what does it say Joseph, I gotta tell you. I think he made a great decision great process. I think you stabbed Ray through the heart right now with his at her hers Ray doesn't it doesn't it? Disbelief right now. I cannot believe how obvious this decision is to screw it up the way that you did. Joseph you're looking at Ray right now. What do you what what's going through your head? Like, what, what's the what's the process of like how disgusted you are with raise behavior right now? I mean, this is not a classy way to handle a loss. I'm not discussed it he thought put a lot of a lot of passionate to this. And in a very admirable attempt because being corrected. All things is admirable Teva ripped from you inconsequentially is not. Do you know what was on the line, listening to any point? I made today on the line for rate today. Joseph was nothing. But the point is the point is that he's have to wear as raise. Right. That's right. He's gotta wear. No. He's got it will just wear the regular shirt. That's the punishment. Actually. It's a very what they give it this way. You may have lost the battle again shockingly? But how good you look in the shirt, I look great in the shirt shirtless. I've said raise right? Is a state of being in a state of mind, not necessarily a day to day decision. Joseph, I am. I am very disappointed in you right now. I think you have to be like level. Nine in Scientology to even wear a hashtag raise right shirt right now. I mean that's how like it's Ray and Tom Cruise that's it. Unlike being level nine and Scientology this costs a lot less. True. Okay. Well, yeah Ray Bradbury, Joe civil, thank you very much for being on the show time, we're gonna let you do Joseph remind me next time, I invite somebody from the Facebook group to not do it because to me, why the Facebook group is so awesome. You did a great job. He's always doing. Tell everyone, again where they can find you guys can find me on Instagram at Joey is famous, I have a at the behest of race to Kansas reactivated my Twitter account block is find me at points off wins on Twitter, Facebook me, friend me, you know, enjoy all my that I put out. I sure did. Be on the lookout for the, the pimps short film. You can catch me in the latest comedy central original sketch LeBron versus MJ, as well as every third Saturday. Eight pm at the pack theater. Sixty four seventy Santa Monica boulevard. Come out and watch mixed signals and of China to vomit from laughing too hard. Love it vomiting. All right. It's not from laughter disgust you could find Ray crying in the fetal position in the shower while eating chocolate. I don't know. Ray where can people find you the confessional? Telling my pastor how disgusted I am of the evil thoughts that I've had flowing through me for the last three minutes, there's no church that would accept you come on. I mean if you pay them enough out. Well, okay, let's you and. And what about what on Twitter where can you want? You can find me out almighty Ray again, I don't even know what to say at this point the outrage through the people and the people are really all I can lean on right now. Because Joseph, you're obviously just making poor decisions and I just I feel bad for you. I feel terrible for you that you would. Shame yourself in such a way. It's such a public stage being a fan of the concept of being a fan of the show, you would come in here and quite frankly, embarrass yourself in front of the entire world is outrageous to me, so you can find me somewhere mad correct? Correct me wrong, but would Rabi like the perfect audience member for like a Maury Povich show. Right. Like this is man for casting. If you need an audience, member, who's gonna like just jump to, like crazy conclusions. Right. Like you're not the father, then. Absolutely expect to be an audience plan at one of my shows, I love it. I love it. All right. Well, you can find me pose my question of the day on Twitter at James Gavin. Remember to join the official who would win Facebook group to make a suggestion for a matchup for the show and be part of our growing community. And check out the hood win website at www who would win show dot com to access all of our podcast episodes as well. It's check out some great articles on behalf of myself race again and the rest of the amazing would win team. Thank you for listening to another episode of who would win. We'll see next time.

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