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One billion dollars in two thousand eighteen for firehouse subs, public safety foundation by donating point, one, three percent every purchase. On today's show, Peggy Carter is in heaven. Does she have a plus one Clint Eastwood might attempt to put it back cocaine up as you know what? We'll get this image from pet cemetery. This is why I'm dog person movie talk stars right now. Same. Doc, Burke dot cats freaked me out. Man. They're create. I was. I was a cat person for awhile in between being dog product person early and my wife, and now I'm a dog person again. Hello to Molly who I'm sure is watching at home. Hey, that's just Neider over there is Mark Di Riley, I merely Mark Elson boy what a line of we have today, Chris Evans, sweet and a lot of stuff, and we're getting real nervous about it before we get to that. This is the last show of the week tomorrow. I'm going to be at New York. Comic con definitely checking out the Reckitt Ralph panel on Friday. Then I'm going to be going to New York comedy club at night in the east village. You can get tickets at Mark Ellis live dot com. One show only made a bunch of special guests use the promo coach mos- going to do a headlining set q., and a. afterwards it's going to be a whole barrel west. Probably a lot funnier than than you'll see in that so much because then it was actually pretty funny. All right. Let's move on serious stuff. Here. One of the best heroes of all time, our favorite from the MC you. He's just a kid from Brooklyn by God, his plucky desire to fight for his country. Let them from a skinny little being. All the way into a huge hulking steroid at mass, and that is captain America. He's been in teen number movies, played by Chris Evans all the way back to captain America. The first adventure through the avengers Infinity were hell. He's the leader of the damn team. But if a tweet today to be taken at face value appears that we might get our last glimpse of Chris Evans as captain America next summer during Infinity work from Chris Evans, his Twitter account said, officially wrapped on adventures four. It was an emotional day to say the least playing this role over the last eight years has been an honor to everyone in front of the camera behind the camera and in the audience. Hey, that's me. Thank you for the memories eternally grateful. Well, this. Mark Riley, I don't know what to make of this because I went to Chris Evans, his Twitter feed, and I like a lot of what that guy has to say on Twitter. I love all his cute dog picks, but this. I mean, it's just breaking nerd hearts. All over the place isn't true. Say it ain't so. RIP cap, or I p, I don't know. I can never say never in the MC you. You can never say never in marvel comics otherwise, but his contract's up. This is the vendors for was the last unless they pull the Robert Downey junior and backup Brinks truck and continue on. I would say that this might be the last one, but it's so hard to tell. Why would captain America of all people go on Twitter and show his hand and show everybody that that's it avengers for punching my ticket out of here. I don't think that's what he's doing. I think he's being very thankful to the fans. I think he's being very thankful to the crew and marvel and he's signaling that I'm eternally grateful. But if maybe we'd start talking after a vendors for you can bring me back. It was done in the comics. I don't know though. I mean there's so many rumors. There's all this conjecture. That he's not gonna make it out alive and avengers for. I don't know if this tweet is tip in the hat to that. There's a lot of different ways to read this honest with you could read this as some sort of public negotiation to get a new contract eighty. Be all part of the MC you and having them misdirect having everybody say, oh no, captain America's gonna die. Pay no attention to what's in the other hand that being Tony stark, maybe he's the one that's actually going die. They captured in America is going to be successful after all. Chris Evans has hinted a few different occasions that he may be ready to do something else with his acting career with his budding direct to'real career, Jeff Snyder, Chris Evans, maybe the second most important person to follow on Twitter after yourself. What are you have to say about this tweet that he meant to you? Take it at face value. First of all, Chris Evans is definitely third. Okay. You want go, Chris Pratt over. Yeah, that's traversable anyways. Yeah. Listen. This could be misdirection like you suggested. But it also feels a little sincere and I don't know why he would tweet this and let fans know that this is going to be his last appearance as captain America. Although obviously, I don't know what we were expecting like the contract is up. There's not going to be a captain America. Four like civil war seemed like a definitive end to that. I to me, it's not a day of sadness. It's, you know, the guy served this character well, and you know, congratulations and good luck with what's next. I don't think anybody would be grudge, Chris Evans the role of saying, hey, by I'm out of here, I'm done with this Chris Evans, unfortunately, his savviness on Twitter, I think hurts them here a little bit because he's just too good on Twitter to have something like this come out and for us to actually believe it. So it makes them so good on Twitter. It makes them better than like Ryan Reynolds, the rockets eighty. I love the way that he is able to have fun with fans. He just seems to walk the lines of being very political, but never too polarizing. I think that he post pictures of his dog. Yes, back to fans, he does a lot of charity work. So he's a guy who quickly is in touch with the fans and what they want from their movie star. So he's not one of these people that are super famous that just re tweet stuff or the just post, hey, my new trailer came out, right? He clearly knows. How to use Twitter in the right way. I think that somebody like that is just too smart of a social media user to give away the huge reveal that he dies. So either it's not that big of a plot line in the story where it maybe it'll be a big point for sure. Maybe it happens earlier than we might expect it or it's a total misdirect I because of everything. You said the savviness of this guy. I'm now leaning towards misdirect I am. I think that I don't think he would go on there and and I mean, because every reaction, I mean, I just saw that tweet went out and then I just watch Twitter like move like that thing when it was like tweet and then five hundred thousand retweets. It was just like an quote, tweets, and everybody losing their mind that this is at Saint so cap. I can't. I can't handle my life. I'm going to lose my mind if he dies, blah, bub-bubba. That's a little too much off of of people reading. There are some shins and leeann logic, which at which I think is part of the calculated move. I think that's my point is at Chris Evans knows that people are going to read in it, I think, is calculated, and I think it is sincere as well. I think he's thinking everything for real Z's and then he cap could walk off into the sunset and vendors. Why can't he get a happy ending? This could be his last day of filming. It doesn't mean the cab dies. Maybe gets a happy ending and says, listen, I'm hanging up the suit or I'm giving it to falcon, right? You know, who knows? Right. Okay. Caps, happy ending is probably, you know, meeting Peggy in heaven. So that's his girl. You know, they're going steady at least a quarter of the nineteen forties. So maybe that is the happy ending, maybe that is the happy setup, but honestly, he's is there for captain do after in exactly. We've seen him do everything. So it's like how many more movies do we need with Chris Evans as captain America you have Dr strain is going to continue spider-man's gonna continue, black continue. So who see helping there? We all we kind of assume that Spiderman is going to have some sort of Tony stark influenced regardless whether Tony stark actually dies in the next one or not with Black Panther is captain America. Gonna help him build some some learning centers in America. What is there for him to do? Because Jeff pointed out, he's already closed a great tree. Trilogy. So what else are we looking for? Anything? Why you could ask the same question about Robert Downey. Junior, I mean, he got to a point ironman three avengers age of Altron, and then we thought he was done. And then all of a sudden civil wars announced and you're like, well, how is that going to work? Because Robert Downey junior is done, and then boom, he's back and low. He's back and then he signed up for a vendors of three and four and it's like, okay, so he's doing then. He pops up in Spiderman as a mentor, and you wonder if that's maybe he's gonna follow the same course like he'll pop in for a couple of things and cameo and be like a mentor, or he goes up to heaven and he looks at his God and says, that's the way you dress. Yep. I know you, Andy dances with Peggy Carter. Maybe we'll get that in a post credits scene. The big Evan see unit. Feel all vendors. There's only one God, he's pretty sure he doesn't dress like that. There's only so many times they can see Chris Evans throw that shield, you know, he'll he'll get vendors for go out with a bang, and now we get to see what else Chris Evans has in the hopper, what else he can do into that end. I'm stealing Ellis's line here, but he's joined the cast of Ryan Johnson's murder mystery knives out with Daniel Craig's. So that to me is an interesting next step. I, it's funny that that announcement came on the same day as this tweet that is what is next post captain America. I'm all for it. Yeah, that according to deadline is Chris Evans is joining Ryan Johnson's knives out. It's a murder mystery that he wrote this past summer when he was avoiding some people on Twitter, and so it's going to be Chris Evans and Daniel Craig are now going to be in that movie. I'm sure there's going to be more casting announcements. I'm excited for this movie anyway. I like seeing the other things that Chris Evans has the offer. I've enjoyed his work outside of the, so let me do some betting odds with. All you guys were going to go to Vegas and put some money on ventures Infinity war to. Would you say that just cap eats it? Just Tony eats it, both eat it for neither. Which of those four is five a lot. I think based on the source material, I would put it on or you coding tweets as source tweets are Dr now cannon shared universe of tweets that include my Twitter, his Twitter who, and Chris Evans. I'm gonna put my money on capitol mainly because of the precedent set in the comic keeping Tony stark alive. Yes. Well, because of the comics because we have lost cap. It was at the end of civil war. He he did die. The mantle was passed to Bucky. Kind of dropped off comics a little bit. So I know falcon has taken over. So we have two candidates right there, which personally for me, you've said it Sneider how many times can we see cap throw the shield. I think an interesting dynamic to play with moving forward after vendors. Four is to pass the mantle and to see what that legacy will do to a new character what it can do in the MC. You create new avengers with Spiderman as a part of it in Black Panther, and like we have a new crew, but I think cap is is the one that would feel that would hurt the most. I think it's going to be. I think it's the emotional weight is there if one of them goes as Luke that has made the stakes worth the emotional investment, right? Or do you need to see both in order to make this epoch to movie journey? I am going to Vegas tomorrow night and believe me. I do wish that I could bet on this, kill them, all you kill them, kill them, all reset. I think that you need to. Good. Bye to Chris Evans. This is not going to be the last kind of tweet that we're gonna see like this. There will be others whether it's Tony stark or Chris Android, or who knows. I think that you need to get rid of Tony Stark's so that the Spiderman movies take on a little extra own because there's no safety net now of ironman swooping in at the last minute to save Spiderman earnings at is how you sort of build that up. I know that that is not a Disney owned property marvelous involved in the production of him, but it's obviously still Sony site. I don't know how that would necessarily help Disney's MC you, but God rubbed engineers played Tony stark for so long. It's time to wrap it up. I think that that one of them is gone. I tend to think it's going to be boy. If after after today it's harder to make this bet, but I still think it's going to be just Tony. I think Chris Evans is going to survive. Now whether that means get other MC you movies is a whole different conversation, right? It's survive. I think Tony's gone. I think. The Chris Evans survives. I don't know if he tries to pull will Ferrell from wedding crashers with pepper Potts. Toni's funeral. We'll have to see that post credit scene. I think that it's not going to be both of them that might be too much of a blow for the fans the handle. So I think Tony seeing it, but I am. I distrust what I'm hearing out of these two young men on the panel today because they're telling me they're tired of how many times can capture a shield. I dunno, Jeff. How many times can Tom Brady throw a slightly deflated football, Mark Riley, how many times do you want to see Reggie Bush? Try to lateral. You guys love your retire, but you said you're tired of watching cap, throw his entire. Did I? I said, I understand. We've seen his character. We've seen the growth of his soaring captain America's is fundamentally by I disagree with that. He became one of my favorite avengers over the course of winter soldier civil war, the avenger movies, but I, I'm commenting on the source material seen some interesting dynamics either Bucky or falcon what that does for the story rather than being tired of Chris Evans and or the character. So defend yourself. So they're I, I never. I always liked Chris Evans as captain America. I think he does a very good job in the role, but the character is a boy scout. There's nothing interesting about someone who actually boys, what are we talking about your quarterback right now, and my head hurt the compare. I don't need Tom Brady to be interesting to me. He just wins championship win. Yes. He's he's the leader cap, just wins seeking any rag dead group of heroes. Like what Tom Brady does anybody you plug in their Tom Brady is going to get them to the playoffs. That's so you're so when civil working out your team cap instead of team ironman. Well, I'm not going that. I'm not. I'm not obviously team ironman because Tony stark was more fun, but I don't know. Yeah. Why do you hate Tony stark. Yeah. What happens when you're the host of the show and they started attacking you, move on to movies are better than the book where we're taking this story. It was a nice thing to talk about. We've done it for fifteen minutes and now we're taking the Chris Evans news and we're gonna take it out to the graveyard. It's just on the other side of the road over there, bury it and hopefully doesn't come back to attack us. Although given the way that we break news around here, we're probably going to hear from Chris Evans's Twitter feed again, very soon on movie, talk. In the meantime, my long allegory was in a reference to pet cemetery got our first from pet cemetery. That is the iconic cat shirts. The first appeared on screens in one thousand nine hundred nine before that in the Stephen King source material pet cemetery, these are the images, hey, that's John Lithgow as the neighbor who says, sometimes dead is better. This is your first look at the Paramount Pictures remake. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly. The movie comes out spring, two thousand nineteen. Hey, Riley, we're less than a year away from this movie. As somebody who was very affected by the original pet cemetery. So when I was like seventy years old me and my sister convinced my aunt, we fudge the true said that are parents would totally be fine with us going to see this movie in the theater. She took us and I've never forgotten some of those images including Zelda who is going to make an appearance in this film. Zelda's going to be there all these other characters. The Patsy you know, gauge the kid. Don't let them go on the road Riley, April fifth, two thousand nineteen. I know where I'm going to be getting scared in a theater you there with me on there with you. I snuck into this movie the original. I snuck in never forget Santa Ana, main place mall walked in there Bata ticket for something else. I don't know what it was. I can't remember what it was. Eighteen eighty nine. I'm gonna guess you bought a ticket to Indiana Jones in the last crusade. Could be could be something else. I don't remember, but I do remember her sneaking in and it was a later showing. So it was kind of there's a few people in there. Snuck in went in the back and boy did that was a mistake, and that was mistake was Zelda. To got me Zelda. Got me gauge, got me. The cat got me everything got me. It was like member, Fred, Gwynne, and that tendon. I had nightmares on that for some reason. But this is this is a great movie for an update. I love the story. I director. I think the star star is is a fantastic horror movie if you haven't checked it out. Coaltion Dennis whitmire. Yes, they, it's a fantastic movie. I think it's a great idea to to tap them for this. We're in the renaissance of Stephen King right now. We are. We got pets, them tear we got it. Chapter two, we got the Tommy knockers coming with James wan producing. We got what else do we have signed or we have so many of these Stephen King movies. This is going to be the first one to come post it. And you know, in the middle of this renaissance, I can't wait to see these that church image stop it. Look at that thing. That's. I would take no, no. Yeah, yeah, that's just now even even with that, that that's out something the bath can care. Jeff's not. Are you adopting this cat? Are you adopting the remake of pets? I am. I actually think that this looks cool. I like the cast that they've assembled for this Jason Clark. It was a good get John Lithgow good get. And I like Amy Simon's to. I really liked the original pet cemetery. I think it's it's just super creepy gauge is really what what gets me. And I'm sure I saw that a young age and I probably thought like our pet cemetery is this real as possibility affect you the way that affected Riley and I or maybe you saw it on the small screen? I'm imagining I, I saw it on VHS. Yeah, exactly. The same effect probably not, but and I didn't love story is, but I respect those guys. I like kosher whitmire. I think if they were a good hire four paramount to do this. Yeah, I'm looking forward to this and and all the king Ribas because pet cemetery is good as it is. It's not a classic that shouldn't be touched like you mess with Kerry. You're not going to be able to to match that diploma original. We've seen a bad Kerry sequel and reboot and all this stuff, but pet cemeteries. The kind of king property they think is right for a reboot, and I'm looking forward to seeing what these guys do with it. Yeah, it's going to be going to be a hot time in the theater at April fit FU point. I'm already dreading it. I just I hope they don't show us what Zelda looks like I had a time. I think that's probably too much to ask because they're probably going to throw Zelda in a trailer and another one of these images. I might have to invoke my like my pass where occasionally, even though I hosted show, I can not look at an image or a trailer because I do not want to know what's out. Other looks like until into theaters chasing Clark is really interesting casting for this because I feel like he's been miscast and some big movies like Terminator movie like he's not that guy. But here you know, I think he has real acting chops. Like the photos that have seen him with this haunted, look on his face. He seems to fit that family man mold. So I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do with a recognizable title and property, but not one that's like one hundred hundred fifty million dollars. I liked him in the planet of the apes movies. Yeah, that was great in that. Did y'all see Chappaquiddick? Yeah, Mischa was asked. Yeah, bad love that movie. That's for my dad. Movies like your dad moved today. He has wanted to dad movie really in anybody move a particularly dad movie. I man coming out next week. No, that's that's damn good. Dad movie. Yeah. Okay. Well, I want to remind you guys. We have a cool thing coming up Tober, thirteenth and fourteenth. It's an event that collider games is teaming up with Showtime and festival of disruption. They're going to preview the twin peaks VR experiences at the theater at ace hotel. So you go to ace hotel. You can just go to quieter dot com for all the details in southern California. Make sure you guys check that out and all new jed eye counsel drop today. And a slowdown was going to drop tomorrow just quickly. Before we move onto the next story. Jedi council was today. I just wanna get y'all take. I wanna to take the temperature of the room. The news drop today that the Jon Favreau Star Wars series. It's going to be called the man to worry, and it's going to follow the events of another warrior in the man to laureate the kind of like Django fit, kind of like Boba fett right after return to the jet, I, but not by force away consigned. So in that in between period, y'all like that? I love it. Okay. I love it. I love it, didn't. It's a great idea. It's Sean Fabbro. I love the man to Lawrence. I know that we're going to get your first real canon of that warrior race. I mean, sure. We had rebels in clone wars where we were introduced, but for me, I really, I love the idea of exploring it in live action with some great actors, great filmmaker behind it. And I'm hearing rumors Dave baloney will make his live action direct to'real debuts with some episodes in that series. That gets me excited, Jeff. You fair to the Mandal Laurien announcement today. No, I don't care. I start it made it sound like I remember that SNL sketches the Californians. I'd like to see the Mandal Laurean pixie son Mandal reaons man. I have nothing else said about this is like when you're on the highway and you pull over and you're just stop for gas and you just keep driving down that road. And yeah. What you've done that our cars broken. Continue? Yeah, whatever the mandatory and great sounds pretty cool for a man allure you gotta wonder if you're gonna get a Boba. Fett appearance in there did Boba fett because it's going to be is is going to get get the smiles on their faces. I just love that Star Wars brings you guys so much joy. It makes me happy to see you have good. Yeah, Star Wars, man. Yeah. I mean, not a sour is fan. The announcement. I'm not sure that there going to be announcement that would have would have made me say, I'm gonna wait. But this announcement today probably got me to pay for the Disney. I'm buying that thing. I'm buying it and now you just got me thinking to why not bring tomorrow Morrison back as Boba fett and see what happened. Him crawling out of the Sarlak and then something happens. Are you? Are you save it for the? Are you upset council taking over? Okay. Before Adam gets a cattle prod outlets, get back to talk about movies and the next one we have is stroke, but hold your. Horses. We're not having any news updates about row. It's simply the purported director of the film that was the star, Joe manganiello as the villain from the DC comics universe Gareth Evans was going to be directing it. And the raid directors quoted as saying that, although there were promising inclinations towards getting this movie off the ground, nothing really went beyond those conversations. Evans is quoted as saying, I haven't heard anything for a really long time, to be honest. Every time I've seen article written, I keep wanting to ask, what is it? You guys know that I don't. We don't know either Gareth because I haven't heard anything for a good while yet. So I don't know that will ever come back to circle. I have. I know I haven't had any conversation about that project for a long time now. So. Look, there's other movies that DC the DC you Warner Brothers in conjunction with DC comics are working on that, frankly, I'm more excited about than industrial movie. I'm a fan of Mangan Nello. I think he's a cool actor. Think he'd be perfect as de stroke, but you're talking about giving me that we're joker movie that somehow I'm excited about you're talking about aquaman wonder, woman, nine hundred eighty four. She's AM and birds of prey. These are all movies, maybe with the exception of Zams. I still want to see more from that to really give a crap about it. Like strokes of character that is built in. I'm going to be like, oh yeah, what's what's going on with this guy? She's got to sell me a little more other than that movie, though. There's four or five films that have been green lit and that are in production right now, Jeff, that I wanna see before the industrial movie. Where do you stand on this? Yeah, this was never going to happen all due respect to Joe manganiello who I who I love and adore, and hey, death lives. Say, give me they're doing attending. A New York comic con Tober six rate guy, but as far as what you what, what do we know that he doesn't know? I don't. I don't know. I could've told you this movie would never get made. It's just listen. They're spending what is it? Spiff thirty five million on the joker who's a marquee character with a with an actor like walking Phoenix, death, stroke movie unless you're doing it. And if anybody could have done this Gareth Evans could've made like a kick ass action movie on a budget like twenty to thirty million. But there's no way that Warner Brothers was going to spend fifty to sixty million like they are joker, let alone one hundred million to one hundred and fifty million like they are an aquaman and stuff like that. There's no way they're ever going to spend this on death stroke. So I know that these these talks, these meetings sometimes bubble up to the surface and because it's DC or it's marvel or whatever reporters, like myself at the trades feel like we have to report them, but I never ever thought this was ever a serious movie that was gonna happen. Well, I look at it less as a budgetary concern for Warner Brothers, but it to be, what do you mean it is if you don't know where your current universes going, that's why that joker. Is such a great concert because it doesn't cost that much to make and it also is its own standalone movie because they're still trying to figure out what the hell is going to happen in the DC you. So I don't think that they want to green light movies that are more farther ahead in the future than what you already have with aquaman than what you already have with wonder, woman nineteen Eighty-four. We still don't know what the hell's happening with Batman, but with one of them and and aquaman are any other characters in those movies. I would not bet that they are because it's going to be certain the water to one we do know what they're doing and it's not a universe in it's slowly splintering away. Yes, it seems to be doing that. I don't know. I think they were if these movies are a hit and I'm looking more you aquaman and wonder woman nights and ate it. No wonder, woman nineteen Eighty-four is gonna crush aquaman people walk out of that movie and love it. They love wonder, woman nineteen Eighty-four. All of a sudden you announce a good casting his Batman, you say, Henry Cavill, officially back, you can continue to do this. And then at that point, that's why. By Briley I'm telling Joe manganiello don't go eaten donuts just yet. Okay. Stay in shape. Sure. You will enjoy playing dungeons and dragons in the meantime, but have your phone near you because a year down the road they could call you and say, hey, remember that movie guarantee. Gareth Evans is free you. We want you to be free. Let's go make this movie now. Yeah, you both brought up good points on the business side of it on the fan temperature's what's going on with DC. I think that Evans probably had a few meetings, but nothing else, and then it's reported and what's happening is there's so much going on behind the scenes. They're throwing a lot of things against the wall to see what will stick. One of those stuck was Suzanne. They liked it enough to say, you know what? We're going to go and take a chance on Zan because out of all of them and you know me, I'm screaming and yelling for a man of steel too. But of all of that, your your big, three, Batman wonder woman and superman only wonder woman made it through, and then you're telling me Shas AM is going next. Okay. And I happen to really like. Trailer. I can't wait to see how that turns out, but this unlike again, I don't want to like originally. I was like boost just goes to show you that DC has no idea what they're doing. No, they're developing a lot of projects in the one that really is stick in is going to go through. She's Zam. Is that example? That's one of them. Wonder, woman nineteen four was an obvious no brainer because of wonder, woman, we have the Batman Comey, Matt Reeves, allegedly turned in a script that everybody liked now what I don't know. You're right. Then we go to your point Mark, which is don't eat donuts Manganelli we could probably bring you in any other characters inches Zam. No. I mean, that's the whole thing. Three movies, Zam wonder, woman eighteen hundred eighty four. That are stand-alones. That's what they're doing. Yes. No DC you anymore. Like they already blew it up and you guys just haven't noticed because there hasn't been a headline telling you, but if you open your eyes and pay attention, you can see what the strategy is. It's raining front of either. One of us are holding out some sort of hope that no police, oh, of the DC you I wouldn't argue with with anybody if they said we are blowing it up, but an official announcement hasn't been made, and I think it's fair the of DC right now to say, we're not sure we want to see what the box office results. We want to see where the fans have to say before we make an official announcement, so you're right. It could be trending in those offices right now. But it is not firm yet because they still have Cavill as of today and they could announce a Batman and you could be right back in business. If these movies do well, if they don't totally agree with you that it's just going to go off and drift somewhere else. I still think they're trying for that shared universe at least if you might, you might know more than this than niece Niner. But the Henry Cavill news comes out from t- HR. Says they were trying to work out a cameo inches and make it connected to make it connected, right? So, but Cavill seems to be walking because there's no superman plans and then in that same should. Right. Why is he wise Henry cattle being offered cameo roles in Kazan movie and not his own movie, preach preach. I'm like, no wonder, he turned it down, but I, but on. But I'm less to agree with you on a, they're blowing up the shared universe. But to take that point, I think they want to go and perform well on its own wonder, woman propel perform well on its own team and backups and then maybe down the line. Yes. Team, what indication we've gotten that indicate that indicates that they want to continue with a universe. Okay. Well, this is an gives you a metaphor where my belief is that with the current DC. Okay. I think that the current DC is like, let's say it's like the old Minneapolis metro, right? And they have it wired up there wiring the dynamite on it right now, and they are ready to hit the button to implode this whole thing and build it from the ground up. But if they have movies come in there and they start doing well, again, they have the right to say, hey, we. Made an official announcement. Let's start taking that dynamite back because all of a sudden people want to come back to this particular building. Yeah, I just don't think official announcements even mean anything like they announced, you know, we're making the cyborg movie and here's the logo of the cyborg with. They're not. That doesn't mean that they have to make a cyborg movie because they announced it, you know, right. That's what they've been doing. Wouldn't it be interesting though if reporters had to sort of put a rating on their stories as to how confident they are that it's going to happen. Like I have no doubt that Gareth Evans was at one point in talks to do a death stroke movie. But if that original story had come with like a nine out of ten Boris kid positive, this is happening or three added ten bores doesn't, you know, I think that would be erased just a meeting. So three out of ten exact. Let me ask you is this I do that rating idea. What does what does it news story like this or lack of news stories? It turns out due to a director light Gareth Evans because Gareth Evans, just from that quote, seems like he's really tired of people asking about this movie that he was announced as being attached to, and now talks have. What happened in forever does news like this encourage Gareth Evans to say, I don't want to work on these kind of movies anymore. Do you think that that could affected director to that magnitude where they're like, look, I am so sick every interview. I do people ask me about this movie that then attached to that. I had not heard a damn thing to good question. I think. I think that all directors are sick of answering the same question about this, these kinds of movies. I think that that presses getting feeling more and more like a responsibility to some of these people than something that they actually look forward to. However, I think that him simply being connected to death stroke a possible potential district movie at Warner Bros. was good for him in the long run because it showed that a studio was willing to hire this guy to to make a big movie signals the rest of the town that it is okay to hire this guy to direct a big movie because somebody else thinks he's capable. That's all I, it seems to me like when we were talking about Christopher Macoris quotes earlier this week that he's like, hey, man, I love answering these questions. I am ready to make a movie at the drop of a hat. And Gareth Evans is like, I did you see what I did with the rate and the rate to. I don't need all this other crap baby. I mean, I think you to your point about Christopher mcquarry. I think he had his. He had fun sitting on set with Henry Cavill, although this is what I do for superman movie. But then you go to the Star Wars thread. Do you remember Christopher mcquarry jumping in to help Bryan Johnson and then defended him. And then at the very end of that thread, it was like, Christopher mcquarry goes, you know, one time I wanted to make Star Wars movie. Nope, you'd be awful. I don't blame him one. I wouldn't blame any director any director whatsoever to look at social media and go f- vast scrutiny is insane. It is absolutely insane. I mean, you look at the enactment comes out. I mean, there's like, hey, about a comic firm. The penguin is like Josh data's depending win Makoni. He's paying win, and he's. It's this thing that is inherent in our business now is social media at its worst or finace. Your results may vary. I just think it's it, yeah. Why would he used to be able to make a movie and then you would present the audience and now it's their turn to to weigh in. But nowadays you have to make a movie in a pressure cooker, and I don't think that is an welcoming environment. They're judging that movie before it even comes out the first image from w. I mean or that Terminator salvation were Jenny Smith tended Terminator Jedi Genesis. The member when those images came out that movie sunk right away. The social media reaction on that, including all of us at net the movie talk table. We're like. You're talking about the stories that we just did. Like fifteen minutes son? Yeah. No, no. I mean, but, but again, you're results may vary pet cemetery where positive. We're like, great look at those, but it's it's determined by trailers by I look images by casting by director that movie is judged before it's even out there. Let your point Snyder before you can even see it. I'm totally guilty of that as well. I just think your original point LS. Yeah. What does Gareth really need with this? If I think he just simply this, he had a meeting. He had a few ideas he was attached already Manganelli was and I'll do a death stroke movie. And then this something that looks like you would bet if you were a student, had you'd put one hundred million dollars on or even seventy five million, not today, not today. Not with the. I think that I need. I need to know Wayne, Batman, I, yeah, me too. I think you could. If DC did not, let's say in an alternate universe, the Batman v superman was critically acclaimed and billion dollar grossing same assu aside squad. And then we get wonder woman and the Justice league crushes. I think they could put that up. He's coming out this movie's coming out just like earnings. The galaxy came out. Sure. That's the only thing, yes, that's there's your what alternate universe were say goodbye to your talking. Wolf. POWs in narnia are coming back down to earth because we have a scoop and this apparently is a ten out of ten as far as the credibility scale goes from our own Jeff Snyder. And it says that Eddie Marsan the character actor has joined universals fast and furious spinoff Hobbs end Shaw. So Eddie Marsan he's he's really good in the right Donovan show amongst other things, and he is going to be joining Hobbs and Sean. So Hobson Shaw is Dwayne, the rock Johnson and Jason safe them. It's a spin off of the fast and furious movies. It's spin off because they didn't really want to fight VIN diesel because he just takes too many damn naps. I'm not sure why they didn't invite him or why they even want to do this movie. But it does sound like a lot of fun at in the fact that David leeches directing it at in the fact that Vanessa Kirby joined the cast and she's playing Jason, safe sister who may have a romantic interest with the rocks character. So, wow, this is going to be. The one crazy version of love one crazy ride. It's going to be fast and it's going to be furious and it's going to be in that universe Jeff, the movie comes out August second, two thousand nineteen. Do you like the addition of Eddie Marsan to this? As I wrote, I think this guy is the consummate character actor elevates every movie that I see him in. He's worked with some of the top directors in town j.j Abrams Spielberg and your e too. He has worked with David Leach a couple of times now because he's in deadpool two and he's in atomic blonde. So he's kind of become David leeches like lucky charms. So I liked that he's along for the ride here. I don't know what the role is to me sources described it as small but significant. Like maybe when I late in the game, cameo kind of thing, I actually be given what a family affair. These movies have become with Jason stadiums, character. You know, Helen Mirren, Luke Evans, I was like, well, who who plays the Shah's father could we see his father? At some point, the character is supposed to be deceased, but maybe in a flashback or something, but it wasn't. Uncle and maybe maybe that's what it is, but I did. I did look it up just to see if he could play Jason seasons father. He's actually you're younger than Jason stadium. Jason saying this fifty one Eddie's only fifty brother. Some may maybe he's an interim poll agent or something like that. Who teams up with Dwayne Johnson age, and I don't know, feel free to speculate Mark Rowley. Eddie Marsan may be David. His good luck charm. Is he David Lee, twos Clinton? Howard. Look in that way. So far, I guess echo everything. You said the table. He's a great actor. Anytime you put a great actor in in a franchise that I'm lukewarm on. I'm a little bit more excited. I liked the idea of these two. I like the idea of Mars, and I like the team behind it. Never been a big fast and furious guy. So maybe that's because of in diesel. I don't know. He's always just like find to me so this to spin it off. Give me the first trailer, then I dunno. Sure. Really a movie with the rock though, and stay them getting the majority of the screen director wick. That's fun. I think there's a lot of potential interest Elba is is going to be that gets me excited address. Point, but so does this movie sound better than what you have gotten from fast and furious? Not absolutely. Every time every time with this Hobson shos spinoff the Cassie when it was Intersil Bose. Well, yeah. Now. Now we're talking. David Leach. I've been enjoying his work. I really have Herbie was good mission, impossible guess. Exactly. So you know, that always gets me a little bit more excited because when you're on the eighth of the franchise and you tell me that one of my favorite directors working today at Gary gray is coming in direct, I'm just like, oh, sorry, what? A waste of talent like Gary great could go dude lake men in black, gets me excited because it's like a fresh start and Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, and that that's more exciting. But again, I've always going back fast and furious is just not my jam, so. All right. Get me excited with this. That's that's fine. Mark Riley does not like it fast and furious. He prefers slow and steady, slow and steady wins. The race for you. Move on this movie is technically supposed to open the same day as new mutants. I saw that August is the blinks in moves new mutants again now. Yes. Yes, I do. Yeah, absolutely. These two movies don't open the same day. Even if they hate a new moons and what the re-shoots are happening and they're currently underway, or they just finished with according to Josh Boone. That movie has so much riding on it that if they don't have a lot of confidence in it, it's not a movie that you just release and berry and forget about right something you want to make it the tent pole for that weekend. So there's probably some other fertile ground in August of that next year. And if not, you push back to September. Yeah. But you know, you remember that movie that I thought was a cold trail where darkest minds it came out at first weekend in August, and it just, yeah, I saw at for that. It was coming out on on Blu Ray or via whatever it was like, oh yeah, I totally forgot about that movie. Kinda wanna see it. Yeah, and FOX has no problem putting a trailer out there with a date and then changing it as we've seen even in fine even the same day. Well, we're going to save some time for your Twitter questions. Gotta do it quick. So tweet us acolyte or video use the hashtag collider movies off. We got one more store to get before. Jeff Snyder can go Drake and watch the New England, Patriots probably beat the crap out of Indianapolis called today, I think. Yeah, let's hope so. Let's hope they can. Juliette, Jillian, almonds back back in the saddle, almonds back and saddles, Josh Gordon. He's speaking to Sangma, saddles, settle up a meal. You want talk, horrible segue. You put more more knapsacks on that. I did a tear more likely to water buckets, leave jokes to you. The segues than me. King John sixty new trail or the Clint Eastwood directed film hits theaters just in time for possible award season consideration in the middle of December stars going east. What is why it starts going what? And it's directed by Clint Eastwood plays an aging drug mealy had another career. He wants to feel important and do something with his life based on a true story Bradley Cooper plays the fed hot on his trail trying to crack the case. It's kind of an impressive cast sandy Garcia, Dianne Wiest, Michael pain in their Laurence Fishburne. I am excited to hear about this movie and then what do you couple with a trailer? That trailer was really well done. There is speculation from even people on this show. Maybe the one talking right now, the movies coming out because it got pushed up and are we thinking is in a word consideration or is just because Bradley Cooper is going to be having a hot name because he's going to be coming off. All the consideration is gonna get first star is born after seeing this trailer movie looks pretty darn good in its own right. Mark Riley, I love this trailer that that opening of the trailer. I was invested really good. It's really good because then it's all of a sudden you're like the dog searched freaking out. I'm like, oh shit nerve in a situation where dog starts at the airport. I've had dogs freak out around my bag and I'm like, I'm pretty sure you don't want to go to the airport and they say so many times they remind you like, did you pack your own bags? And it's going through the TSA thing I dish. Did I pack my own bags, yes, I always packed my own bags. I've never tried to bring coke into the airport, but I get nervous about it when the dog start smelling Sieg Heil dog dog stops. Dog stopped me once. Yeah, that's a story for another time. It sounds like Mark Riley too high tune into the Riley round. The dog. The dog sniff me out and I was like, and they're like anything you want to say. I'm like, slept in my fraternity house last night. And seen it was a long night at that airport. All right. Next week's going to be Riley and special guests the dog that cell. What do you think about the trailer, Jeff? I think the trailer looked awesome. I think it looks great. I questioned why they would release this movie in December since they already have Auckland coming in like five days after they've dated this. But I think Lenny's would really was unhappy with the February release earlier this year for the fifteen seventeen to Paris, and rather than hold this over an entire year. Like it's either you go into the year, you go the beginning of next year and that didn't work out for him the last time. This is a really interesting story about an elderly drug meal. I think you're right. That Warner Brothers is probably angling to capitalize on the stars, born buzz with Bradley shooter. They've got him in a supporting role and this what's also interesting. I think this is probably more of a commercial play than an awards thing, but if it isn't awards thing, if it turns out to have that kind of moxy behind it, you got Clint Eastwood going up against Robert Redford both playing aging criminals, which I think is kind of interesting. The old man of the guns really fun. I'm glad you liked both saw it. That's you should check that Riley. Really, Robert Redford's super charming. But I wonder if he's a little miffed at at Clinton now that he's throwing his hat in the in the old man, Oscar race. I want them to see each other's moving and be like, you know what? We should do some sort of crime moving together and then that's our respective swan song. Love that. All right. Well, I would remind you guys once again, you can always tweet us acquired or video use the hashtag quad movie talk, and you can get this as a podcast watching us on YouTube right now. Thank you for your patronage subscribe right here in a collider video. And once you get us as a podcast, you can do so through apple podcasts or through the podcast, one app, you can also check out mailbag on the weekends. Where answer your viewer E mail and you can check out afterthoughts with Ryan and j they love themselves some fizzy water. We're going to do one tweet and then we're going to day and you get one tweet and it is from Robert Reynolds. And Robert Reynolds says, if you could attend a house party by music. Mission or famous celebrity, which one would you choose and why? Fact about me. I don't go to house parties. I loved the movie franchise. I hate house party. I hate being at somebody's house at a party. I'll eat at a bar in public. I can come and go as I please, you go to a house party. There's rooms. There's bathroom lines. There's it's just I, there's, there's everybody's taking each other's the year hundred percent opposite of how I feel, which is that I haven't been invited to a great house party in years. Somebody invite me to your house party. I missed them, am I should on no ugly sweater party at the Riley's this year. Are you doing inaugu sweater? Probably I couldn't go to the last one. Yeah, jet I premier, you're at the last shed. I premiered I was there too. Sorry, miss that. Where does often Toronto seeing movies and going to premieres you had a party. Yes, I had a party. And it was great party was the greatest party. I was gonna I was gonna come after you came, I thought you met us later got kicked out because we were so loud. I was going to, but I texted you guys from the whim o on the way back to the student who there was a Luma was there was a big limit too, and it was going to be me. And I think Perry and Wendy and knapsack, but the problem was we didn't hear back from before twenty minutes, and so we were already going to Burbank. And then he's Texas. He said, you got kicked out a noise violation, and. Home that we will shut down. So if you're having your house part of this, your first of all, in star movies going to be a constantly. I'm not taking the Mary Poppins premiere. No. Your house party? What musician or celebrity I want. I want Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds is really fun. He's he's got some good peeps in his life. Blake lively, we got. We got a great couple. They're power couple coming in and they got Jin. They got a gin company. They can just throw that in their house party Ryan Reynolds. He peers drunk later that night in deadpool things get wacky. Okay. Did you have to bars been set? Pretty high. This is an easy one for me. I definitely want to go to Seth Rogan's house party going to be a huge Bong. I know there's gonna be some chill peeps there. My girlfriend loves Seth Rogan. I like Seth Rogan's wife. It seems like she'd be a good hosted a party ever heard you, son Morgan, undercover cop, then there's going to be a huge Bonk's, some cool peeps where's the party at its Seth Rogan. You call me next time you're having a party. I'll help you throw down south Rogan Jeff, because barely he's a narc. So I'm going to take for celebrities. I'm obviously taking kid in play. I want them back. At my house party to have a house party. If I'm taking musicians, I think you guys know the obvious answer. It is a risk, inviting van Halen to play your party nowadays. Eddie versus Dave. I don't know. I think they're getting along. Okay, but that might just be when they're on tour. So I'll take Sammy Hagar and the circle it Sammy, it's Michael Anthony. It's Vic, same as guitar player and Jason Bonham the son of John Bonham the legendary drummer for Led Zeppelin, and they're pointing the fairgrounds, this Saturday, and I'm gonna miss it, a New York. And that's how you wrap is show about everybody New York tomorrow night. Thank you guys for tuning into this week of collider movie talk. I want to thank Jeffrey. The kids find you at the Snyder if you dare ride playing the day of the Snyder this weekend in fantasy football, right? Dude, I'm, I've been on a losing Sergei. I take you down. I have to make some switches because I'm a little nervous about Mark Riley work and all the kids find your invites to the house party at Riley round Twitter and Instagram, and by the way. Breaking news. I look at the man to Lauren revealed just now man loan. Oh. Minding their disease? Yeah, just say that. So he would start singing. I'm no doubt it's for real for real there at Twitter dollars officially announced the directors and Lorient. With no name. We leave the mandatory. Oh, dear. God, I just saw myself and guess parental pretty. Pretty cool. Critical baloney, definitely directing. All right. Well, we gotta go look at pictures. Weakened everybody be safe. See him on this is firefighters Rafael poor yet for firehouse subs. Introducing the new firehouse pub stakes up with savory steak, crispy, fried onions, and are rich Belgian beer cheese sauce on top for a limited time order. Yours at firehouse subs dot com. Today, remember a portion of every sub you by helps lifesaving equipment for I responded, firehouse subs, joy, more subs, save more lives, limited time, only plus tax participating locations. Firehouse subs donate a minimum. One billion dollars. The two thousand eighteen th firehouse subs, public safety foundation by donating point one, three percent every purchase FBI and cavenaugh. I'm Tim Maguire the AP news minute Senate as a confidential report from the FBI on the latest background check supreme court. Nominee, Brad Kavanagh. Protesters went to the supreme court and appear Senate office buildings today, divorce their disapproval of cavenaugh. The Democrats to now see calling it a sham and a whitewash minority leader. Chuck Schumer fears have been realized that this is not a thorough investigation according to Dr Ford's lawyers and miss Ramirez lawyers. There were many, many witnesses they wished to be interviewed, and they said they were not interviewed Texas Republican Senator. John Cornyn says to him, the Democrats don't want to hear the truth is a search and destroy mission. This is not a search for the truth. We've done everything we can to treat both judge cavenaugh and Dr Ford fairly and treat all allegations made seriously. That's been exhaustively studied by the FBI as well as judiciary committee staff. There really isn't anything else. I'm.

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