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Okay so basically. My kids are under house arrest. Because the corona virus. And we're making we're making do. We're doing our best a last week. I mentioned that there were rumors primarily Internet based a things that people were talking about like that could stop the corona virus. And of course. They're all actually false. The the most obvious one is drink. Bleach which might kill the corona virus. But you along with it so it depends on how serious you are about results or how literal you WANNA take. It kills the Corona Virus Bob. Here's some of the ones showed up in Japan Sort of Japanese twitter Japanese Internet The ones that have become most common. It's lukewarm water. So between twenty six and twenty seven degrees Celsius will kill the virus which doesn't make any sense because that is lower than your actual body temperature so clearly being really specific was the convincing point for this rumor like if it's warmer it won't kill it if it's colder won't kill it but this exact temperature for some reason stops dead but drinking lukewarm water does keep you hydrated which will help you so. I mean I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Don't drink bleach. I will say that drink water as you know. There's been a shortage face masks. So that's been really common problem. That's facing almost the whole world at this. Point is one of those ones that would have started in Japan really early on and so of course people they want to find ways to reuse the face masks a lot of people have been washing them by hand really gently in hopes that that helps Some people have actually been making their own masks So they can stick filters in and out of them things like that. These are all fine ideas that the average mask is actually made of paper. So it's not really do much for you. So people have been trying to sterilize. Their face masks by putting them in the microwave. The reality of doing that is that if you actually had corona virus and stuck the masking your microwave you if you turn it on you've actually just infected your microwave with krona buyer so that does not work some people. Of course hand. Sanitizer is now scarce. So what is an alternative? Well hand sanitizers really just gel alcohol so other alcohols might work so vodka. Apparently specifically Polish Vodka has sold out in Japan. And that is because people are thinking they will start using that as a substitute hand sanitizer covering your body with sesame oil. We'll block the ability of the corona virus to get into your body That does not work in fact. If you're all covered in oil I bet other liquids that stick to you which is one of the primary ways corona virus spread Means it actually stick better. I'm pretty sure we'll end up being a porn category soon. Now the one thing I mentioned last week I didn't actually understand what it meant because taking granted bath and I there was as interpret that make a bath. Tub Out of granite put granite into your bathtub or cover yourself with granite while sitting in a bathtub or something like that Really the only one that makes sense is putting a granite block into your bath that has been promoted on the Internet again. Falsely that that will kill the virus so you just have a normal bath. You just take a big block of granite and you put it in the bath. And that will that will do it. Then there was the mention of also which is a kind of seaweed is Green Seaweed. And they say that stops corona and it's technically true except it's a different kind of Corona. So what we're actually dealing with his cove in nineteen and the corona that this seaweed stops is actually an animal based version of the virus that we can't get in the first place anyways about this last one the Actual University of the did the study actually said this to try to clarify the issue the press released and its use of misleading language has ended up emphasizing parts. That were not based on facts. So there's the university actually did the study about this seaweed. Killing a version of a virus related to Kovic Nineteen but not cove in nineteen has said that the press has basically been misleading the public with the information. They've decided to emphasize with how they wrote their story to something that I've mentioned a couple times on various podcast because I'm always really big into how something is presented. And then if you actually get into facts the actual details on being plea different if you are caught reselling face masks so these might be newer use. You buy them in your resell them. It is now punishable with up to one year in prison and a one million yen fine last week. You also heard about a man in Aichi. Who knew he was infected with the virus and then decided to go out and go drinking anyways. The police have actually launched a probe to investigate this man. And they're trying to decide basically what to do with them because what actually happened is the owner of one of the pubs. He went to has contracted corona virus. And one of the patrons who is in the same bar has contracted Corona Virus. So basically we know for a fact. He's infected at least two people and the problem is because we know he's infected to people. Those two people unknowingly probably have infected multitudes of others. And that's because the whole point of this virus being so dangerous is so contagious. So easy for people to get because it's on the forefront of everyone's mind even drunk people what happened last week was drunk man was on the train station and he decided to start threatening people saying that he had the virus and he didn't he was just being kind of a drunk. Douche and he was arrested and he was actually arrested for interfering with business practices. Which again is one of those great laws that they can apply to anything as long as you disrupt the business. In any way you can actually be arrested and prosecuted for that so now we have one man who actually went out and seems to have actually gotten other people sick on purpose. Which I'm pretty sure is gonNA be punishable in some way and one man who just decided. Hey I'm not sick but I could least cause some trouble while I'm drunk and get some attention that my father never gave me because I've never been hugged handcuffs. Feel okay so there have been some since we of course want to get into the sexy dirty stuff about the corona virus. There have been some interesting developments in that. There's been a run on on a holes. One holes are a male master batori eight and The boxes can be quite complicated. The product itself. I've never used one but I've seen pictures of them on the Internet and they have Usually the represent an anime character to be honest and says this is what it would feel like if you had intercourse with this enemy character. The sales of sex toys so personal ones has increased by fifty percent in the last week. sex companies that produce sex toys or actually having trouble keeping up with demand and one. German maker of an a type of own a whole said people are exploring new ways to make the best use of their time available Because basically everyone is self quarantining so it means people are at home and they have to find something to do and it might as well try something new while they're at it so I I don't think that's the worst thing you could do. I guess I mean you're not hurting anybody. Soft on demand an adult video production company. It's actually mentioned a couple times. Just because it's one of the biggest companies. Get to talk about it quite often for some reason the name now it just has always stuck in my head. If you WANNA go to porn joke or something in Japan you actually go to soft on demand from March thirteenth of Thirty First. They have decided to make two hundred titles free. Now you still have to sign up with your credit card but once you sign up you won't be charged a fee and then you can go and watch two hundred different movies without paying any money and the statement from the company is. We hope that our customers smile a little. I think actually hope that they do something else. There has been a tripling in the sign up rate since this offer went out and the problem is it actually ended up crashing the servers. So there's one of the newer developments of how the krona virus has affected the sex industry And People's personal practices is maybe the nicest way to say. It is last story this has got nothing to do with Corona virus which is sort of refreshing is kind of back to the original spirit of the podcast in that is just odd and it gives me a lot to think about a lot to ponder about life but in Japan there was a mandating a sex worker and they broke up and he said you know I. I don't necessarily agree with this. I'm not gonNA accept this as easily. I'm going to be romantic. And and not give up on my woman. And he went to her house and then the and he was warned that if he kept doing this kind of thing he would be arrested for breaking the Stalker control loss which is a really interesting title That the government is trying to control the stockers but because the woman was a sex worker and he knew this what he then did was go to a hotel call up the company and it's a dispatch service and the way they get around the law because prostitution sex paying for sex is actually illegal in Japan. But you can pray. Pay For a lot of other stuff. You can actually pay people to go on dates with you. So what happens is called a new service and what you do. Is You pay for a date and the girl comes over. And she goes on a date with you and I might just be a meal or just hanging out or something and then you don't pay for the sex. That happens next but there is of course an expectation that this is just a loophole and get around it that way but because this woman worked for one of these dispatch services all he did was call up and ask for her to come to his hotel and of course then she did so now. He was actually arrested for Japan Stalker Control and he said as he was arrested that the feeling of wanting to see her tops. The thought of being arrested which was a die hard romantic thing but also slightly psychopathic but it does lead to an interesting question. That of course sex workers should be able to choose the clientele. They should be able to refuse. I don't WanNa have sex with this person. I don't want to engage whatever ax. We have maybe talked about with person. They should always have the ability to do that. If he's already paid for the service will there be any sort of obligation of the woman to actually feel like she should go on. Day with a professional pride. What I'm saying and it's an interesting situation. Because this is how she makes. Her money is going out on dates with these guys and spending time with these guys who perhaps she doesn't actually like it. All that is probably the primary source of income is actually going on dates with men. You don't actually find attractive and now here you hit literal definition. Someone you've actually wanted to go out with again and should she professionally. Go on a date with them. Now you can see of course. The answer's no but there's a part of me. That goes well. I mean that is your job and so you. Kinda just refusing to your job now. There's a bit in the story that when she showed up at the hotel she screamed and kind of ran out on the balcony and was actually trying to climb down the side of the building. So I think there was a lot more to this story. That was actually just let on wasn't just like a break-up and the guy still likes the girl I'm betting he since he clearly terrified her there must have been some sort of violent tendencies or she was actually scared for a life or something. So it's a good thing that he's been arrested and put away for the moment Again Japan's punishment of these kind of guys tends to be very hit and miss The rules are applied very irregularly. But at least for the moments he's in violation of Japan Stocker Control Law and has been sort of put away for moment final story that has nothing to do with sex. I think I know it doesn't There was a man in Osaka and he wanted to go baseball now. I don't know if this is related to the virus or not but it actually seems like it isn't and what he did he. He reserved one thousand eight hundred seventy three seats in sort of one area of the in the stands of the Baseball Stadium and then he canceled them except for one the seat he was gonna sit in. This was in an attempt to get fifteen seats space around him. So with social distancing. That sounds like a good idea. The problem is what he actually did when he cancelled. All those tickets was. He caused the stadium. Ten point six million yen and the actual impressive act here more than anything else to do this because they don't sell like these tickets and bowl you because that's just how you get scalpers. You actually have to connect each ticket to some sort of identity. I don't know if it's a driver's license or just a social security number what. I've actually never bought these tickets myself. But I do know you have to provide some form of identification which means he had to make one thousand eight hundred seventy two false identities to get all these tickets reserved in the first place. We cancel them. So you can have that space around them so apparently if you watch this game on TV or news reports the camera sweeps then you can see this big circle of empty seats in this one guy. Sitting in the middle he was arrested again. I don't one hundred percent. Nobody's being arrested for this probably kind of fraud in. That's probably what he's going to be arrested for but the first thing he said was I wanted to watch the game with no people around and again with the virus scare. Maybe that was a sensible thing to do but then he said I wanted to stand on TV which means he wasn't thinking about the virus he was just thinking about doing something that was probably quite selfish and a bit of a. Dick move a bit. It was a dick move and he's probably going to end up getting arrested for it and I I really hope they put him in a crowded cell. Leave a text to a voice question or comment at Voice Link Dot FM slash. Veloce podcast. Click the link in the show description. You can tweet questions or comments. Adnan canoes Japan or join the facebook group on facebook. Such an engineer's Japan sexy at Hamas Some people as you know there's been a short f.

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